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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 34 · 1 year ago

Gratitude: Joey Craig - The Basement Lounge: EP #34


Throughout the month of March, I'm showing gratitude to everyone who's been supporting this show through Patreon & Anchor. 

 This week, I'm shouting out Joey Craig, a long time friend and fearless individual.

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Hey guys, this is Mike andBefore we get the show started, I wanted to let you know that youcan now join the basement lounge team by supporting the show on Patreon. Rightnow we have a one dollar tier that is so full of cool rewards you'dbe a fool to pass it up. Just go to patreoncom slash basement loungepod to sign up right away. And now on with the show. Heyguys, this is Mike Shay and I want to talk to you about anchor. Yes, anchor is the brand new free way for you to get yourpodcast career off and running without any cost to you. Simply download the anchorAPP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. Anchor is the easiestway to make a podcast to give you everything you need in one place forfree. You can use it right from your phone or your computer. Theircreation tools allow you to record and edit your podcast so it sounds tolay magnifeekwithout having to worry about all the costly set up. They'll even distribute yourpodcast for you so it can be heard everywhere. spotify, apple podcasts,Google podcast, stitcher. All of that and you can easily make money fromyour podcast with no minimum listenership. They sent you up with awesome sponsors.All you got to do is record a script, kind of like what I'mdoing now, throw it onto your show and start making money once again.Download the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM and get your podcast careeroff and running right now. Just do it already. Grab a drink,pull up a chair and settle it, because you're in the basement lounge.Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Welcome to another episode of the BasementLounge. I'm your host, Mike Shay, as always, and thisis the show where we have conversations and we enjoy life and we try to, you know, shout out to the people who have been there for usand have done a lot for us over the years. This is our ongoinggratitude series, showing gratitude of the people that are helping support the show onanchor at on Patreon, and we actually have a new entry. This wasactually going to be the last, the... gratitude episode of the series,but we've had a new entry, a new person has joined the Patreon fold, and so we're going to be shouting them out today and saving our grandfinale gratitude episode for next week, unless more if you joined, and we'lljust keep putting it off and putting it off. We'll see. Eventually we'llget to the grand finale. We'll find out who the grand finale is eventually. But today, yeah, we're shouting out our newest Patriot on the patreonand we're going to be talking about a guy named Joey Craig, a guywho I know very well, that I've known for a number of years.Before we get into that, hope you guys have been enjoying the morning issue, the eleven am live streams we've been doing called Brunch in the basement,but having a lot of fun with those. I posted something in the Patreon theother day talking about how, you know, this morning show is somethingI've wanted to do for a long time and kind of felt like I neededto build up to what there are certain things I wanted to have first beforeI went full steam ahead with it. But with everything going on in theworld, with the coronavirus and and you know now in Ohio were in thatyou know, safe at home order has been put in place, and withpeople being stuck at home, I felt like it was a good time tostart turning out some new content for everybody. So we've been doing the morning showevery day, week days at eleven am for about an hour. That'sbeen a lot of fun. I'm also doing starting to do some other stuffon twitch as well. been streaming some elder scrolls online. Got To bedoing some other stuff on twitch as well. We're going to be moving we're notmoving the show to twitch or anything. We're still going to have this showvery much and and we're going to get this show back to regular formhere soon. It's going to be a little different, only because now wecan't have guests in the studio for the time being. So we're working ongetting some guests in remotely. I believe we've got Don Smith coming up oneday soon and we'll yeah, so we'll see what we have going on.We're not going anywhere, though, but we are Internet some extra content ontwitch. So if you're a Gamer, you're into gaming streaming content, alsotwitches to great platform for us to do...

...these live studio shows. So we'rehaving fun with that. So make sure you check that out. Go totwitch. DOTTV slash basement lous pod. Check out the live show every morning. We've had a couple of guests call in. We've had some great conversationsand it's just something to do middle of the day, right before lunch,while you guys are stuck at home. So, but our guest that wehad on yesterday is a guy my name of Joey Craig, who has beenfollowing our morning show pretty religiously and he joined our patreon. He became aVIP. Joey's a guy. He and I go way back, actually backeven further than we originally thought. So I'll start off with where. IA rich thought. I thought I originally met Joey was about two thousand andfourteen, two thousand and thirteen, two thousand and fourteen, when my friendAshley, who was A who was a CO worker of mine at Walmart,you know, she knew, she was like, well, Hey, Fridaynights I go hang out in party with with these crazy these crazy motherfuckers whoturned out lived a mile away from me now, if even that, likeup the road from me, and I show up and people are dressed inpirate garb and their drinking and they're smoking and they're eating and there it's justall around debauchery and Shenanigan's. This was my my SCA pirate crew. Theseguys became like my second family. These guys became a brethren the likes ofwhich I've never experienced in my life. And, you know, kind ofsitting in the forefront of all that was a guy by the name of Joey. Joey is very much a peacock. First of all. Joey is allabout showing off them tail feathers and letting everybody know that he's the bad asmotherfucker in the room, and a lot...

...of times they're actually pretty right aboutthat. Joey had knows no bounds, he knows no limits, he knowsno fear. He will do try anything once. Maybe fuck, I don'tknow, I haven't figured it out yet. Joey is just one of the thecraziest motherfuckers I've ever met in my life. He is also one ofthe kindest and warmest guys I've ever met in my life. We he andI like to tell a story about the great first of two thousand and fourteen, the great the great drought, as it were. It was a wasa particular party where he and I were sitting on the couch and there werea couple of really goodlooking girls at this particular party. Man, there alwayswere, but and suddenly all the guys in the room, we're like justwanted to be up this girl's ass, like just wouldn't leave her the fuckalone. Well, Joey and I met. She was cute, but Joey andI, you know, we were secure in our and our single timeat this single tim at that point, we were just there to party andhave fun. We were we weren't there to like make moves, because becausewhat happened was it brought the party to a screeching halt, and so heand I just kind of went and Saturn on the couch and watched this thirstfesthappen, and so we just mean endlessly and we just kind of commentated onit throughout four four hours. I don't know which of these is more sad, the the thirstiness happening or US commentating on it. But yeah, werefer to that as as the great drought of two thousand and fourteen and Iremember a couple weeks later it's such a great this is great. It's agreat memory that I have that I'll never ever forget and I hold this Ihold this memory, I hold this story in my heart. It was upwardsthe particular weekend. You know, Joey...

...and I were just looking for somethingto fucking do on a Saturday night. I was like, man, let'sgo find a bar, let's go find a bar and just drink, youknow, like everyone else is busy and out of town and doing shit.Let's just go find a bar. So we started off at at our BuddyJay's house, which were usually party on Fridays, and he was there,but he was just kind of relaxing. So we kind of pregamed a littlebit of his place and I was like, well, you know, there's abar right the read the road. Let's go there. Now. Granted, we got a little bit of a of a late star, but it'sten o'clock on a Saturday. There should be bars open. And we pulledthis bar and there are losing they're emptying out, and I was like well, okay, because we can't go to that one. So we drive upto another bar. Now this bar was open, but this bar was oneof those bars that has the sign out front that says, you know,we have the right to refuse serviced. It was. It was one ofthose bars where it's just kind of like a this is a this is aracist bar, this is one of those racist hit bars where they especially becausewe're you know, we were at in South Carolina, where they put thosesigns up so that they can, you know, boot black people out.Is basically what it was. So we're like well, it's not going therebecause just no, it's bad place. We drove, we got in mycar, we drove all over, I swear, every inch of Columbia,South Carolina, all night. We couldn't find a bar open to save ourlives. I don't know what was going on this particular weekend. Everything wasclosed. So we all just saying fuck it and we just drove around Columbiaall night. We rolled the windows down. It was a beautiful night and wejust drove and we just talked, man, for hours and hours.I think we drove until basically my gas tank was like, motherfucker, turnaround and go home. We just drove and talked because Joey and I cansit and talk for hours, just hours, especially Joey, but the two ofus man who can just sit and... for hours, and so wepull we finally get back to to Joey's apartment and we discover some random bottleof something in the back of my car. The bottle was for a bottle wasfor Captain Morgan. What is what's was inside of it was not captainMorgan. It was booze of some kind, but it was not captain Morgan.So we went up just polishing off whatever monstrosity was in that bottle andthen we went up stairs and played halo for a couple hours. I saywe played halo, what really happened was joey played halo and I died alot. He it was, it was, it was. It was a massacrein a game of Halo. But we played until the sun came up. I think finally about seven, six, seven o'clock in the morning, Itook my happy ass home and slept the rest of the day away.But that's a night that I'll never ever forget. That's a night that Iwill always just look back on fondly as a wonderful moment between two guys,two brothers, just enjoying enjoying life, enjoying the simple things in life,good conversation and good company. Some cheap laughs. I mean the fact thatwe can look back on that like we drove all over town, there wasnot a bar open. It's such a great thing to look back and laughon. It's such a ridiculous thing. Then only really that's the kind ofthing only ever happens to you once as a night like that. Now,we came to find out later on that Joey and I had actually met aboutsix or seven years beforehand, because this is because we we first, quoteon quote, met in two thousand and fourteen, but back in two thousandand eight, two thousand and nine. It was two thousand and nine.My I had a friend who was a...

...trying to set me up with herfriend, but who was having a party and they need someone to Dj theParty. So I went and, you know, got music and I djthis party. Well, there release two crazy motherfuckers there who were getting wastedand getting at the Shenianagans and starting Shit, and that was joey and our otherfriend, Jake. Joey and Jake aren't fucking thickest thieves and Joey andJake were really good friends with the host of the Party and we met there. We thought I remember US talking and drinking and doing shots and hanging outtogether and then we just never saw each other again for seven years. Sothe friend who had been hosting the party. Unfortunately the passed away in in twothousand and fourteen, and I remember Jake and Joey take it, takeit hard. I didn't know the host very well, you know. Youknow a lot of my friends did, so I kind of felt for herloss through them. I didn't know her personally, but I remember Joey andjake talking about this friend who would who had passed, and they started talkingabout her and they talked about this party and I said, can you showthem and I said, like I don't want to be real, but canyou show me a picture of this girl? And I was like I know her. And then I we talked about the party and I realized. Isaid, I think it was at that party and I said I remember becauseI was there and I was Djing and I like at one point I playedlike Rob Zombie and we were projecting videos onto the wall and she was dancingin front of the video and it's suddenly just hit all of us. Wewere all at that party seven years beforehand and didn't even it hadn't occurred tous because at this what we've been friends for a year and it never occurredto us that we had met all those years ago, all that time hadpassed and it showed just like it's almost like it had been foretold. Itwas almost like it was the Prequel to... the adventure that would be ourfriendship later on. Joey is. Joey is great people. Joey is fantasticpeople and it you know, it breaks my heart that as as happens.You know, I moved away from South Carolina five years ago and when youmove away and you don't see people all the time, you know the contactdwindles a bit. There are people who I used to see and talk toevery day and every week I don't. I don't talk to as much anymoreand I hate that. That's kind of a thing with me. I'm reallybad at rate. I'm really bad at staying in touch with people. Iwork in the communications business, have a communications degree and do this shit fora living, but I'm still really bad as staying in touch with people.But when I started doing the live streams, Joe Joe put Joey popped up inthe chat and he subscribed to me on twitter, on twitch and hetunes in every single day and after like the second day of doing those,he subscribed to the patreon and now he's in. Now Him and our BuddyRyan have got their own youtube channel called two whiskeys, which is of logchannel about their shenanigans, which is funnier than fuck you get. You've gotto go watch this stuff. Just watch the video he burned my chair andyou'll know what I'm talking about. It is, it is just, itis just. You'll see what I mean by the guy knows no fear,no bounds, no limits, no restrictions. He would make a great comedian inthe sense that he's always in it for the bit. He'll do anythingfor a good laugh. He'll do what, he'll embarrass himself, do whatever whackything he can for the sake of the bit. That's that's the makingsof a good comedian right there, Joey. You know, we were, we're, part of the same pirate crew for the longest time. In thetime that I've been gone, and not... act of a member of thepirate crew, there's been some breaking off and Joey's kind of gone his ownway. I'm still figuring out my place and everything, but there was agreat moment this past Penzic. I hadn't seen Joey at all and we weredown as I was down at swampfest with our Buddy Vigo, whose name isalso Joe Actually, and just randomly ran into Ryan and Ryan. Ryan's abig motherfucker. The guys like eight feet tall and as tall as he iswide and just bear hugs and the he lifts my fat ass up and Iwas like hey, yeah, I gless you down here. I was likehis Joe, you know, it is joe around rich you know, ishere, around anywhere. He's like Yay, see you're somewhere. So I waslike okay, I'm going to go. You know, if I see him, I see him. If I don't, you know, I'm gonnatry to find time to come up to your camp and see you guys anddon't nfortunately, I never did and I hated myself that I didn't that year, but it just randomly happened. Five minutes later I just randomly run intoJoey and and I hugged that motherfucker like my life depended on it. Andfor the next fifteen twenty minutes we just kind of we walked around a bitand and and and saw some shenanigans and and got caught up and I justmiss that motherfucker. I Miss I miss I miss all my pirate people.I don't get to see and talk to them enough and I'm trying to dobetter about that. But getting to have joey, you know, back inmy life a bit more now now that he's, you know, following alongwith a stream. And you know, we had them on it yesterday totalk about, to talk about, talk about Penzic and the SCA, becausethis wasn't originally the episode that was going to drop today. I'm recording thisat one o'clock in the morning that night before it's supposed to drop, becauseoriginally I was going to just do jellies next week, but after the conversationwe had about PENZAC on on the morning show yesterday, I was like Igotta, I gotta talk about Joey Tonight...

...because all day, all day allI was doing was going back after getting off the throne of Joey and justreminiscing about Penzic and the parties and and the Shannigans, and then that nightin the car driving around looking for an open place to get hammered, endingwith me getting my ass handed to me, and in a onesided game of Halo. It's nights like that that I will remember forever, and those kindsof nights you don't get to have with just anyone. It takes a specialkind of person. That makes a person like Joey Craig so joey, fromthe bottom of my heart, thank you for your friendship, thank you fromyour for your camaraderie, thank you for your brotherhood, your kindness and yourgenerosity. Thank you for the laughs, thank you for the conversation and thankyou for just being you at the end of the day, Joey Craig,thank you. That's going to do it for this week's gratitude episode. Guys, thank you so much for tuning in. Will be back again next week withour maybe our final gratitude episode of our gratitude series. And less morepeople join the PATREON patreoncom slash baby much pot. Will see what happens andwe'll just keep this shit right on going. In the meantime, everything going onout there in the world is crazy right now, but please don't panic. Be Safe, be smart, be well, take care of each otherand, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bye, bye, Y.

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