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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 34 · 1 year ago

Gratitude: Joey Craig - The Basement Lounge: EP #34


Throughout the month of March, I'm showing gratitude to everyone who's been supporting this show through Patreon & Anchor. 

 This week, I'm shouting out Joey Craig, a long time friend and fearless individual.

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Eguy this is Mike and Before we get theshow started, I wanted to let you know that you can now join the basement,lounge team by supporting the show on Patrion right now we have a one dollart year, that is so full of cool rewards you'd, be a fool to pass it up, just goto Patrion dot com, slash basement, laungh, pod, to sign up right away andnow on with the show Eguy. This is Mike. She- and I want totalk to you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brand new freeway for you to getyour pod cast career off and running without any cost. To you simplydownload the anchor Avr go to Ancherdot FM to get started. Anger is the easiestway to make e Lodcast Tay. Give you everything you need in one place forfree and use it right from your phone or your computer. Their creation toolsallow you to record and edit your lodcast, so it sounds play magnifickawithout n having to worry about all the costly set up. They'll even distributeyour podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere. Spot ify apple,podtast, Google pod, casts stitch. Your Hall of that Ind. You can easily makemoney from your pot cas with no MINUM listenership. They sent you up withawesome sponsors. All you got to do is record a script kindof like what I'mdoing now, throw it on your show and start making money once again, Downlote anger, AP or go to Agerdot FM and get in your podcast career, loft andrunning right now. Just do it already rabb a drinking bull of a chair andSettlin, because you're in the basement wow good morning good afternoon goodevening. Welcome to another episode of the basement. Lounge Iam your host MikeShay. As always- and this is the show where we have conversations and weenjoy life- and we try to h. You know shout out to the people who have beenthere for us and have done a lot for us over the years. This is our ongoinggratitude series showing gratitude of the people that are helping support theshow on anchor a on Patrion and we actually have a new entry h. This wasactually going to be the last. The... gratitude episode of the series,but we've had a new entry. A new person has joined the Patrioon fold, and sowe're going to be shouting them out today and saving our grand finalegratitude episode for next week. Es More of you joind, then we'll just keepputting it off and putting it off we'll see eventually we'll get to the grandvanallee we'll find up wot the granfedallius eventually, but todayyeah we're shouting out our newest patron on the Patrion and we're goingto be talking about a guy named Joey, Craig, a guy who I know very well aI've known for a number of years. Before we get into that hope. You guyshave been enjoying the h the morning ish the eleven am live streams we'vebeen doing called Brunch in the basement, but having a lot of fun withthose posed tos something in the Patrion onthe other day. Talking about how you know this morning show is somethingI've wanted to do for a long time and kind of felt like it needed to build upto it. There were certain things I wanted to have. First before I, I wentfull steam ahead with it, but with everything going on in the world withthe corona virus and- and you know now- in Ohio- we're in that you know safeand home order has been put in place and with people being stuck at home. Ithought it was a good time to start turning out some new content foreverybody, so we've been doing the morning show every day a weekdays ateleven am for about an hour. That's been a lot of fun, I'm also doingstarting to do some other stuff on twitch as well been streaming someelder scrolls online. I going to be doing some other stuff on twitch aswell we're going to be moving we're notmoving the show to twitch or anything we're still going to have this showvery much and and we're going to get this show back to regular form. Heresoon it's going to be a little different. Only because now we can'thave guests in the studio for the time being so we're working on getting someguests in remotely. I believe we've got Don Smith coming up one day soon andwe'll yeh W we'll see we have going on we're not going anywhere, though, butwe arte ave some extra content on twitch. So if you're a game or you'reinto gamextreming content, also...

...twitches the great platform for us todo these uh live studio shows so we're having funwith that. So make sure check that out, go to twitch o TV, slash, basement,louspod check out the live show. Every morningwe've had a couple of gas call in we've had some great conversations and it'sjust something to do middle of the day right before lunch, while you guys arestuck at home so but our guest that we had on yesterdayas a guy, my name is joy. Craig who has been following our morning show prettyreligiously and he joined our patrioon. He became a VIP Joey's, a guy. He and I go way back actually back evenfurther an than we originally thought so I'll start off with where I rthought I thought I originally met. Jelly was about two thousand andfourteen o thousand and thirteen twenty fourteen. When my friend actually, whowas who was a coworker of Bine at Walmart Um, you know she knew she waslike well, Hey Friday nights. I go hang out and party with with these crazy esecrazy moter fockers,who turned out lived a mile away from me. If, even that, like up the roadfrom me- and I show up and people are dressed inpirate garb and their drinking and they're smoking and they're eating andthey're, it's just all around debauchery and Chenanigans. This was my my SCA pirate grew. These guys became like my second family. These guys became a brethren, the legs of which I'venever experienced in my life, and you know kind of sitting in the forefrontof all that was a guy by the name of Joey. Joey is very much a peacock. First ofall, Joey is all about show off them. Tail feathers and letting everybodyknow that he's the Badsmothe fucker in the room and a lot of times, they're actuallypretty right about that. Joey Nos no...

...bounds. He knows no limits. He knows nofear. He will do, try anything once baby fluck. I don't know. I haven'tfigured it out yet Um Joey is just one of the the craziest mother, fockersHa've ever met in my life. He is h also one of the the kindest and UH warmest guys. I've ever met in my life.We he and I like to tell a story about the great thirst of twenty fourteen. The great the great drought as it were,there was was a particular party where he and I were sitting on the couch, andthere were a couple of really good looking girls at this particular part.I mean there always were but m and suddenly all the guys in the room were like just wanted to be up. Thisgirl's ass, like J, St, wouldn't leave her the fuck alonewel Joey, and I she was cute but Joey, and I you knowwe we were secure in our in our single Tim Singledem. At that point we werejust there to h party and have fun. We were we weren'tthere to like make moves 'cause'cu. What happened? Was it brought the partyto a screeching halt, and so he and I just kind o, went and sat her on thecouch and watched this first vest happen, and so we we we I meanendlessly and we just kind of commentated on it throughout for forhours. I don't know which of these is more sad,th, the thirstiness happening or US commentating on it, but yeah. We preferthat a as the great drought of twenty fourteen- and I remember a couple of weeks later- issuch a great greats, a great memorythat I have that I'll. Never ever forget- and I Ihold this- I hold this memory. I hold this story in my heart. It was upward a particular weekend.

You know Jey and I were just lookingfor something to fuck and do on a Saturday night I was like Maam. Let's go find a bar.Let's go find a bar and just drink. You know, like everyone else, is busy andout of town and doing shit. Let's just go find a bar, so we started off at atour Buddy J's House, which we usually parted on Fridays, and he was there,but he was just kindof relaxing. So we KINDOF preegamed a little bit ofhis place and I was like well, you o thise's, a bar right, T, R, the road.Let's go there d granted we got a little bit of a of a late star, butit's it's ten o'clock on a Saturday. There should be bars open and we pulledto this bar and they're closing they're emptying out D. I was like well, okay, guess we can't go to that one. Sowe drive up to another bar now. This bar was open, but this bar was one ofthose bars that has the sign out front. That says you know we have the right torefuse service it was. It was one of those bars where it just kind of likeAz is. This is a racist bar. This is one of those racist hick bars wherethey, especially because Yo know where we were at in South Carolina where theyput those signs up so that they can. You know, Theboo boot. Black people out isbasically what it was. So we were like. Well, it's not goingthere 'cause. No it's bad place. We drove we cut inmy car, we drove all over. I swear every inch of Columbia, South Carolinaall night. We couldn't find a bar open to save our lives. I don't know whatwas going on this particular weekend. Everything was closed, so we wefer,saying fuck it and we just drove around Columbia. All night we rolled thewindows down, it was a beautiful night and we just drove, and we just talk man for hours and hours. I think we droveuntil basically my gas tank was like mythe fucker turn around and go home.We just drove and talked 'cause Joe, and I can sit and talk forhours just ours, especially Jelly, but thetwo of US men can just sit and talk for...

...hours, and so we pulld we finally getback to to Jelly's apartment, and we discover some random bottle ofsomething in the back of my car. The bottle was for a bottle was for CaptainMorgan. What is swittens was inside of. It was not captain Morgan, it was Boozof some kind, but it was not captain Morgan. So we went on up just polishingoff. Whatever monstrosity was in that bottle and then we went upstairs andplayed halo for a couple of hours. I say we played halo. What reallyhappened was joey played halo and I died a lot T I W S, it was it was. It was amassacre in a game of Halo. We played until the sun came up. I think, finally, about seven six seveno'clock. In the morning, I I took my happy ass home and slept the rest of the day away, but that's a night that I'll never ever forget that's a night that I will always just look back on fondly as a wonderfulmoment between two guys, two brothers, just enjoying enjoying life enjoying the simple things in life,good conversation and good company, some cheap laughs. I mean the fact thatwe can look back on that like we drove all over town, there was not a bar openat such a great thing to look back and laugh on. It's such a ridiculous thingthat only realy that the kind of thing at only ever happens to you once is anight like that. Now we came to find out later on thatJoey and I had actually met about six or seven years beforehand cause this is ecause w. We first quiteq met in twenty fourteen, but back in two thousand and eight two thousand andnine Hinkit was two thousand and nine H. myI had a friend who wa e trying to set... up with her friend but who washaving a party and they needed someone to d j, the party. So I I went- and youknow, got music and and D J this party. Well, they raised two crazy motherfuckers there who were getting wasted and getting into Chenan agains andstartand Shit, and that was joey and our other friend Jake Joe and Jakeraret fucking thick as these and Um Joey and jake were really good friendswith the host of the Party and we met there. We thought, remember US talkingand drinking and doing shots and hanging out together, and then we justnever saw each other again for seven years. So the friend who had beenhosting the party unfortunately m passed away in Um in twenty fourteen, and I remember Jake and Joey- take it Iclal ar I Ididn't know the host very well Um. You know I you know a lot of my friends didso I kind of felt for her loss through them. I didn't know her personally, butI remember Joey and jake talking about this friend who had who had passed andthey started talking about her and they talked about this party and I said, can you show- and I saidlike I don't want to be Rudbi. Can you show me a picture of this girl and I was like I know her and th. Wetalked about the Party and I R A A. I think it was at that party, and I said I remember 'cause. I wasthere and I was djying l at one point I played like Rob Zombi and we wereprojecting videos onto the wall and she was dancing in front of the vide and itsuddenly just hit all of us. We were all at that party seven yearsbeforehand and didn't even it hadn't occurred to US 'cause itIswat we've been friends for a year and it never occurred to us that we had met all those years ago. All that time had passed and it showed just like it. It's almostlike it had been foretold. It was...

...almost like it was the Prequel to tothe adventure that would be our friendship later on. Joey is Joey is great people, joy isfantastic people and it you know it breaks my heart that, as as happens, you know I moved awayfrom South Carolina five years ago and when you move away- and you don'tsee people all the time, you know the contact dwindles a bit. There are people who I used to see andtalk to every day and every week I don't. I don't talk to as much anymore,and I hate that that's kind of a thing with me: I'mreally bad at a I'm, really bad at staying in touch with people. I work in the communications. Businesshave a communications degree and do t this shit for a living, but I'm stillreally bad as staying in touch with people, but when I started doing the livestreams, Joe Jojoy popped up n in the chat andhe subscribed to me onto on twitch and he tunes in every single day andafter, like the second day of doing those, he subscribed to the Patrion, and now he and now him and our BuddyRyan have got their own outube channel called two whiskeys, which is a logchannel about their Shenanagans, which is funnier than Fok. You you've got togo, watch this stuff, just watch the video he burned. My chair and you'llknow what I'm talking about it is. It is just it S. just you'll, see whatI mean by the Guy Knows: no fear, no bounds, no limits, no restrictions. You would make a great comedian in inthe sense that he's always in it for the bit he'll do anything for a good laugh.He'll do he'll embarrass himself, do whatever wacky thing HEU can, for thesake of the bit that'. That's the makings of a goodcomedian. Right there Joey, you know we were wewere part ofthe same pirate crew for the longest...

...time in the time that I've been goneand not as active a member of the pirate crew. There's been some breakingoff and joy's Kindo gone his own way, I'm still figuring out my place andeverything. But there was a great moment this past Penzic, I I hadn'tseen Jeley at all and H wee. I was down at swamp, vest with our Buddy Vigo, hisname 's, also Joe, actually and Um. Just randomly ran into Ryan and RyanRyan's a big mother fucker the guy's like eight feet tall as tall as he iswide and Jus Barhugs, and he he lives. My Fat assup Um and I was like hey. I gless you downhere I was like Jo. You know it was jo around uric. You know s her aroundanywhere D he's like Ye er somewhere. So I was like okay, I'm Gon. You know.If I see hm I C m. If I don't, you know, I'm Goin to try to find time to come upto your camp and see you guys ununfortunately. I never did, and Ihated myself that I did it that year Um, but it just redomly happened. Fiveminutes later I just randomly run into jemly and- and I hugged that motherFucker, like my life, depended on it and for like e next fifteen twentyminutes. We just kind of we walked around a bit a and Sauce Sim,shenanagins and and got caught up and- and I just I miss that motherfoter I miss I miss-I miss all my pire people. I don't get to see andtalk to them enough, I'm trying to do better about that, but getting to have joey. You know back in my life a bit more now now thathe's you know falling along with a stream, and you know we had 'em onyesterday to talk about to talk about H, talk about Penzic and the S ca 'cause.This wasn't originally the episode that was going to drop today. I'm recordingthis at one o'clock in the morning the night before it's supposed to drop,because originally I was going to just dojellys next week, but after the conversation we had aboutPenzic on on the morning show yesterday I was like I got a I gotta talk aboutJeby Tonight, 'cause all day all day,...

...all I was doing was going back aftergetting off the phone Jelle enjust reminiscing about Penzic and theparties and and the Shanagans, and then that night in the car driving aroundlooking for an open place to get hammered ending with me getting my ass handed tome n in a one sided game of Halo. It's nights like that that I wil'lremember forever and those kinds of nights you don't get tohave with just anyone that takes a special kind of person that takes aperson like Jelly Craig, so jolly from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your friendship. Thankyou from R for your caaroderie. Thank you for your brotherhood, your kindnessand your generosity. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for the conversationand thank you for just being you at the end of the day, Jey Crag. Thank you, Tha's, going to do it for this week'sgratitude episode guys. Thank you. So much for tuning in wll be back againnext week with our maybe our final gratitude. Episode of our gratitudeseries. andless more people join the Patrion on Patrond, docos, Lifpaon Pod,we'll see what happens and we'll just keep this shit right on going. In themeantime, everything going on up there in the world is crazy right now, butplease don't panic, be safe, be smart, be well, take careof each other and is always live well, rock on take care and bye by.

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