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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 35 · 1 year ago

Gratitude: My Mom, Melissa Shea - The Basement Lounge: EP #35


Throughout the month of March, I'm showing gratitude to everyone who's been supporting this show through Patreon & Anchor. 

This week, I'm shouting out the most important person in my mom, Melissa Shea.

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...people who have been supporting thisshow on Patrion and anchor. Now originally, we were only going to dofour of thees. It was going to go through the the end of March and thenwe had a new patron come on. who was a good personal friend of mine, so hepushed this one back. The Grand Finala gratitude episode here to the week thefirst week of April and that's fine 'cause I'll, show gratitude whenever Ican any chance that I can anm this final person that we're goingto talk about on the show is a very special person to me. She has beensupporting this show, drew patrion and outside of Patrion.Since its inception, she's been supporting everything I do since myinception. The first time I decided to try doing stand up the first time Itried h going into theater th first time I got into radio. When I firstDSAIHT I was going to get into podcasting. She supports everything I do and she ha supported me since the day Iwas born because she was there the day I was born talking about my motherMelissa. She, my mom, has been a supporter of thisPatrion for a very long time. She expects nothing to return exceptfor stickers, and I think I finally did give her her stickers M. my mother is been a constant grounding in my life throughout the whole thing, Iam very much a Moma's boy. I make nobones about it. I love my mom. My mom is the most important person in theworld to me: Nothing shatters my world more thanwhen my mom is upset or sad or angry or frustrated or just impeded. In any way, I wouldmove mountains for my mother. My mother is so supportive that shelets me live in her basement at the age of thirty one. Her very nice finishedbasement.

She lets me live here and- and there isthis I know there's this stigma about people that live with their MOMS. Butlet's, let's be clear about a few things. I Mama's boy who lives with hisin his mother's basement, but I don't ever expect anything of mymom now that can sound a little negative here. But let me let meclarify him. I don't expect my mom to take care of me. I know she will, if I need her to, but I don't expect her to because I, mymother did a damn fine job even before she and my dad weretogether when it was just me and her. My Mother did a damn fine job ofinstilling good core values in me and teaching me to be self sufficient andto be independent. Yes, I live with my mother, but I do my own laundry. Iclean my own bathroom. I make my own bed take care of my own bedsheets. I cleaned my own floors. I even cook my own meals. On occasion.You know I work nights, so my mother does a lot of the cooking around thehouse anyway, but my my dinner is usually the leftovers from the next day,but the nights where I am home, I try to cook I'm always available to give her oreither of my younger siblings, a ride anytime. They need it, I'm here to helpout whenever it's needed. I make myself available, because I don't expect mymother to take care of me, but I also know that I can rely on herto take care of me if the need were ever to arise, becausemy mother is probably the most kind caring person I've ever met in the world, and I'm notjust saying that because she's my mom and I'm not just saying that, becauseshe does nice things for me, it's because I see the nice things she doesfor everyone else. When a friend of her is at work hassuffered a tragedy. My Mom will, you...

...know, bake them cookies or make themfood. When someone in the family, you know is reaching out, she stays incontact with everybody and keeps up with everybody and make sure that youknow everyone gets a happy birthday and that everyone feels loved andappreciated, keeps up with all the nieces and nephews names and birthdaysand everything andshe's a great daughter as well, howmuch love and attention and care she shows to my grandparents. My mother is just a very caring personin general and you can feel the love and the carethat she has for everyone in the food that she cooks in her laugh in the way that she talks about currentissues, Jstin the way that she introducesherself to Peopl. I remember the day she met when I, whenI did the first, when I did when I did the first roundof the wily's firework competition last year. We know Jodi mcdurma, JD mcdermat wason the same night as me. When we went home, she was like. You know that JodiLady. She was funny I liked her and then I got to have jodieon the show afew weeks later, and it just so happened that she cameover the same day that my mom happened to be home and they got to meet eachother and- and my mother just fell in love with Jodie immediately and viceversa, and now the two of them are friends on facebook and they talk goodLord, but uh. The way that my mother is just she just has such an open, open, openheart. Her heart is so full, but she always makes room for a little morelove to share with people, and I have been the recipient of the loveof that heart. In my entire life, she's always been so excited anytime. Ianytime, I have a new undertaking, a... endeavor she's always like go, you know, youknow that's great. She listens to my podcast every week she listens tomixdtape radio. She listens to this show since she's been stuck at home becauseof the the quarantine she'll be sitting on the couch and I'llcome upstairs and s'ldl be like Oh you're. Oh that's! Right, oh it'sMonday. That means I got to listen to a new episode, a mix, Tae Radio andshe'll. Listen to it right there in front of me and tell me how much she likes it. Whenever I have a comedy gig booked intown, she always finds a way to go. She sometimes can't make it, but she alwaystries her damn ust. She always apologizes when she can'teither- and I know she means it. I know she wants to be there. My mother wouldgo to every show I have if she could even growing up she. She almost nevermissed a show, but even when she did, I knew shedidn't want to. I knew she wanted to be there. She is my as the absolute foundation of mylife when I was living on my own down southaway from my mom being away from my mom was the hardest thing in the world notbeing able to see my mom every day, and I think about that all the time too,as I get older, I know that my career is going to take me to different placesand in different directions. That's always the one thing that always justsits in the back of my mind is like, but I'm going to have to be away frommy mom and I'm going to miss my mom. I don't know she's going to miss me too, and I love my mom. So much andshe's been supporting the showthrough Patrion for a long time. I never asked her to I never expectedor two one day I just woke up, and it said you have a new supporter onPatrion. It was Melissa. She, and I was like you gotta, be kidding me. I almost wanted to resend her membership like mob. No, no,no, no! No! No Dou't!...

I almost TI. I actually did at onepoint tried to talk her out of it. She don't made to shut up she Ostlilittally, shut up and take my money just any time. I try to talk her out ofhelping me. Sh Sh puts her foot down like no don shut up, she's, just so generous and and UH. That's why I try to make surethat I earn that you know like some people will say. Well, I go.Oh, your son, you don't have to earn it's like yeah, but if you kind of feellike I do, I kind of feel like I do have to earnit, because I look at everything she's done for me for thirty one years, and I just want to make sure that I can.I can repay that individends. You know I wan. I want to make sure that sheknows that her sacrifices and her contributions were not in vain. THAT'S R! That's that's part of thereason why I don't like to give up on things my mom's, not a quitter andshe's, always as invested in what I'm doing as I am, and so I feel like. Ineed to see things through to the end, so I get her her return on thatinvestment. You know, there's no amount of thank yous in theworld. I Cun ever give to show just how much my mom means tome. I can sit here and talk for twenty thirty minutes and it wouldn't be enough. I've seen my mom go through some of thehardest things in in a person's life through the passing of my father teloss of other family members through my baby brother H, having a convulsionas as an invant Du to a spiked fever, my younger brother, having a nastyaccent and breaking his arm. Remember when I had my first car wreckand my mother met me out at the site of Iraq and Iwas fine, but when she ran up and the first, you could just see in her eyesthat fear that something was wrong with... now once once she realized. I wasfine. That's when that fear turned to anger in terms of what the fuck did.You think you were doing. Look what you did, I'm glad you're! OK,'cause! I mean not kick Youor assing myself, it's one of those where theparametric are you fine. I was like I am now, but once my mom gets here, I'mnot so sure she might kill me we'll see ilove my mom. I really do that's just the kind of person that sheis, though, and I always wanta she always is alwaysable to come through on the other side when we lost my dad was you know just it was so hard not just because I knewI was losing my dad because of what I knew. What it was doing to my mother and all I wanted to do was you know, be there for and find a wayto Um. You know, ease her pain in any way thatI could and justbe there for her like she wasbeing there for everybody else, and that was hard. It was hard for all of us, but she wasstill so together through everything Andi know.I know she was struggling inside 'cause. How do you, how do yo, how Di you preor somethinglike that, but she was so attentive to everything going on with my dad allthrough his illness that when the time did eventually come,you know she already had a plan in place. She knew what all the steps were. Sheknew the right questions to ask and she did what she knew. She needed to do to keep things together, not just forherself, but you know for everybody else, and you knowseeing your mom go throughsomething like that.

It not one it humanizes your mom,because a lot of times we hold our parents in this high regard. The same way we dolike with celebrities where sometimes we don't always see them as people. Wesee them as this like infallible. You know next level being, and weforget sometimes that you know our parents are people just like us. Theyfeel a lot of the same things we do and to be able to share. In that kindof moment, with my mother wear, we were all feeling e. We all knew wewere feeling the same thing and to be able to just be there for each other,but at the same time, to still know that my mom, my mom, I knew my mom was going to be ok, because I knew that she was such a smart and resilientwoman that she she had already howd. I put this. She had all shealready had put into reality. What could happen andplanned for it just in case and and that was so evident when my dad did pass away, because just you know for her telling useverything that had already been said in motion and and what she was workingto do and how hard she worked to make sure that we got to Um. You know have our moments of grief whenwe needed it, and now it's been, you know it's beentwo years and she is still just as smart and strongand wonderfully compassionate as ever andevery day. Now that she's home all day...

...every day, I think we're all getting alittle stir crazy. They tired of each other, but at the same time, um gettinggetting to see my mom every day is like the best thing ever to me. It really is getting to be at home,watching crap T v with my mom and telling stupid jokes about stupid,stuff and playing with the dogs is just the best thing ever there'snothing. I love more than just getting to spend time with my mom and so with her being such a constantsupporter of this show and everything else that I do and ust te Constansupporter of me. I really wanted to make sure that I saved her gratitudeepisode for last because M as much as I love all the rest of youwho are helping support. This show it's my mom and I love my mom and I'm soglad she's, my mom, so mam. Thank you for everything. Ican't even put into words how much everything you've done for me overthirty one years has meant to me. I would not be the person I am today without you anything else aside. I would not be where I'm at right now without you. So thank you for always supporting me.Thank you for always sticking up for me. Thank you for always helping me when Ineeded help. Thank you for always knocking somesense into me when I needed it, and thank you for just being you. Ilove you so much 'Llseeyou guys next week.

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