The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 36 · 1 year ago

Trapped in the Basement - The Basement Lounge: EP #36


It's a whole new world since the last time we had a real chat, so grab a drink and join me for a conversation in The Basement Lounge.

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Hello theres is ladys far and youwere.Listening to the basement, lounch e guys this is wike. She and I want totalk to you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brand new freeway for you to getyour pod cast career off and running without any cost. To you simplydownload the anchor Afror go to anchor DOT FM to get started. Anger is theeasiest way to make a bodcast. They give you everything you need in oneplace for free and use it right from your phone or your computer. Theircreation tools allow you to record and edit your mocast, so it sounds Tlaymagnifikawithout and having to worry about all the costly set up. They'lleven distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere. Spot ify,apple, podtast, Google pod casts stitch. Your Hall of that Ind. You can easilymake money from your podcass with no MINUM listenership. They sent you upwith awesome sponsors. All you got to do is record a script kindof like whatI'm doing now, throw it on your show and start making money once again downlol, tbe anger, aft or go to Agerdot FM and get in your podcast career, loftand running right now. Just do it already rabb a drinking bull of a chair andsettly because you're in the basement, wowwe Sai, it's it's PRESCO Tasti, justlike abing in Split, Oh hey! What's going on GUS WELCOME TO THE BASEMENTLOUNGE! This is the cool relaxed space or we have conversations we talk about.You know what's going on in the world, we talk about movies and music and we talk toComedians and actors, and we talk about just everything. Man. We haveconversations to show about conversations and today en have aconversation with you guys us kind of about man, the Hell's going on in the world rightnow, it's crazy! It's absolutely crazy! You know, we've been, we just gotfinished, doing our gratitude series, which was a lot of fun. For me, you know five shorter, more focusedepisodes showing some lo some love and...

...some appreciation to the folks who aresupporting us, Threir Patrion, an anchor I want to thank you guys. Youknow my mom and Whitney, and Mike and and and jodie and joey it'Syeah, it's a it's great to happy gas support, an orasfor new support as well. So a lot of things have changed since we did a areal, proper episode. It was h. You know just a few few weeks ago, whereyou know all this corona virus, not not nonsense, but insanity broke loose and and has been taken overour lives. I threw my job and considerd anessential employee, so I haven't been affected too much. My mom is workingfrom home right now. My brother and sister are both doing you know schoolvia e learning, h systems at home M, but it's it's a chaotic world out thereright now, where you guys are taking care of yourselves taking care of eachother being smart staying home. You know, Sta, you know, staying hygienicand just being safe and being smart. You know don't be an idiot on go outthere and hoard toilet paperand shit. That's just Um!Don't do that n? I would you ever do that Um Yeah! It's IT'S CRAZY! You know. We'veseen the film industry effectively shut down. The music industry is pretty muchshut down. Our Way of life is, is Kinda had a halt right now and it'.It's it's been a very eye opening experience getting to see how the onesaround us are dealing with the situation at hand. I can safely say that there are a lotof people who are no longer in my life, not because they died from Covit or anything ut. I've.I've had to remove a lot of people from my life in the last few weeks because it really kind of became clear to me...

...just how toxic they were and how you're responsible andshortsighted they could be in a crisis. I've had to I've had to eliminate somefriendships in the last couple of weeks, people who were just unwilling to get past their own egosand their own Um. Let's call it. Let's call I conspiracytheories for the sake of the greater good and UH. You know as you go through lifeH, you know relationships change, and sometimes you find yourself in asituation where it's just best for your own good h to not associate with people anymore. Yourown mental health we've been buckling down, thoughhopefully you guys have been enjoying the morning show we started doing so.I've talked a lot about this and I've ventioned it on the patron a few times.I really love like old school morning, radio, where it's a lot of fun and alot of nonsense, and so I ad wanted to roll out a show likethat for a long time like a daily, not early morning showbut like a mid morning, midday show liketen or eleven am D with everybody being stuck at homeright now I figured I would try to create something that people couldenjoy while they're looking for something todo at home, so we started doing the morning. Show we do it live on twitch.We we experimented with a few different ways that we would do. The live. Showthought about doing it, threuto been doing it through facebook and then mybuddy evinte from high school actually had the idea to set up a twitch streamand we've been streaming on twitch almost every day for the last couple ofweeks. Right now, the time you're hearing thishis episode's been recorded days in...

...advance, but I'm in the process ofdoing some rearranging in the studio. So I haven't done US stream in a fewdays, but it's been a fun way for me to do a morning. Show that's makes it easyfor you guys to be involved. It makes it really easy for you guys tobe involved because of the the chat on the twitch stream, and it's just it's a lot of fun and it's alot it's a way for you guys to listen to watch or listen. However, you wantto do it yeah. It's been a lot of fun and I like playing video games- and I Ido have you know I don't what little going out. I was doing I'm not doinganymore, so I'm spending mar time playing video games at the House and now it's all that time that I spendplaying left for dead or mine, craft or the new doom game. Now I can stream itonline through our ooh Excusey through our basement loungetwitch stream D. You guys can enjoy that as well. I'm working on getting itto where I can interact with you guys during the playstation 'cause right now,my computer, you know I play left for dead and mine craft on my computer. So,like I have the camera right there and I can talk back whenever I'm playing doom. I don'treally get to do that because Havet rit set up for it yet, but that'spart of the rearranging I'm going to be working on so B, we've been having a lot of fun.Doing that and and it's growing it's involving it's- not what I wanted it tobe. It's it's. Definitely not what I imagined it being right now, because I,with everything going on with the covid quarantine and the fact that I kinda threw ittogether at the last minute, it's it's growing and evolving, but we're slowlygetting it to I wantit to be and we're having a lotof fun with it. So so that's what's been going on with that m. As far asyou know, like doing regular conversation interview, episodes goesstill figuring out how to how best to do that, you know, can aobviously we'vedone them in the past. Had somebody... in and and those are fine, you know I'vewead, it sucks 'cause. We had just started integrating the full video system withwith this show in having the guests here in the studio.You know we did the Valentine Special withandrew, N and Claudia, and then wehad we had Savannah web on. We had dusty harvion and those were goinggreat and now I can't have beple over to the studio anymore. So it's back to having people do a lot of Collins, so I'm working on Schedul ing some ofthose and and how we're going to do those I'm probably Gon. It's probablygoing to be shorter episodes. You know they've been going up to about an hourhour and a half H, they're, probably going to start being more like thirtyto forty five minutes, ecause one when you're on the phone with somebody, it'sjust not as personal unless it's a really good topic, andbut also just you know the hour an hour and a half episodes. I know that for alot of listeners that can be a bit much it's a lot to get through. So in try tokeep hem around thirty to forty forty five minutes going forward from here.Just O it was a little more easy to Digest Tan, it's a little more littlestraight, more straight to the point, but we're still going to keep the showgoing. The show's not going anywhere at all she's got nothing to worry aboutthere. I'm still doing mix tape, radio over it, cinnescate media, that's beena lot of fun. We've also added a new show to seisgate media called Mikes ofthe round table. It's kind of like a roundtae, and it's a roundtablediscussion show that we have with all the different personalities atSenescape. It's me and Sean Harrigan and bill and decks and and other peoplecoming in and out and and that's been a lot of fun 'cause. It's such a huge bigclash of personalities and we get to have h discussions on there that arevery real world. Very sociopolitical nd ll cover all kinds of topic, so we'vebeen doing that and that's been a blast as well. I got to call in be a calling guest onDon Smith's show the life a week or two...

...ago so go check that out. It was such afun fun hour, fun episode with Dawn as always, but ye H, I've been gaming, a lot moreand I'm starting to Dodnd session here soon. So that's going to be a lot of fun too,been playing a lot of game board. Games at the House, wit, the family, T's,doing a lot more family stuff around the house. We're definitely gettingstirk crazy. I can say that right now, oh we're getting stir crazy. You know G, you know for me, like I'mlucky enough, I'm the one person in the house who still gets to leave the houseevery day to go to work as chaotic as my job is right. Now Istill get to leave the house and Goig to work MOM's working from Home Uh. Youknow she goes for walks and- and you know we'll like leave- to go to the groceryshopping, but, like the kids are stuck at home, it's stough so we're doing our best to get by, butwe're definitely we're definitely getting a little stir crazy. But it's just kind of t a situationwe're in right now, there's nothing we can really do about. It is the thing you know. I know people are frustrated and R ready for this to beover, but you know when you think about it in the grand skin things we haven'tbeen doing this very long. It's only been a couple of weeks now, we'll say acouple of weeks was enough for me to finally give in and join Tik Tok. Thatthing e never thought it' ever do, but I'm not going to lie. I've been havingsome fun with it. I got a few videos up just goofy Shit, nothing like of anyreal substance or anything like that. Just just you know it's something forthose moments where I really am bored or just have a really quick short funnyidea for something, and I just wanto give it a shot. But you know it's it's just a weird, weird, weird world.We live in right now the world where I use Tik Talk M,...

...but I hope you guys are doing good.Like I said, hopey guys are hanging in there and not getting too stircrazy, I hopeyou're being safe, because it's it's scary, you know we can joke about itand say how man it's so insane, but it's it really is scary and it was a lot to be scared of andand but understand that, like that's normal, it's Oky to be scared of.What's going on right now, and there is conspiracy theorieseverywhere and everyone's looking for you know the next big hot, take andlooking for a way to try to seem like they're, they're,they're, smarter or that they can outsmart whatever's going on right now,and this is one of those times where I this is just me person. I think a lotof that needs to be set aside like I know it's easy to try to politicize. What's going on and right now it it'sit's a situation where, like it doesn't matter this, this virus doesn't care ifyour black white man, woman, Democrat Republican, rich, poor, whatever Um. This is a time where all that shouldneed to be set aside, and we really need to just be thinking of ourneighbors and the people around us, and- and youknow this is one of this- is one of those times where society really isgoing to be tested and where you know, in a hundred years,people are going to look back on how we reacted and how we handled all of this, and we will be judged in retrospect forit. I was talking to a friend of mine, John Roca, the other day I was apotcaster and and film film, Punden and and and actor out in Los Angeles, andwe were talking- and he said you know it really feels like this quarantine status is covid. Nineteenthing is really does feel like. It was almost like,... it needed to happen like this. Wasthe universe h forcing us to slow down, because the world at large the entireworld had to slow the hell down to combat this thing, you know, becauseto kind oquote Shaw, shegredemption like the world had gone and gottenitself in a big damn hurry, and just the amount of staying insideand slowing down we've done, and just a couple of weeks we've already seen itmake massive massive differences in the world at large. You know, we've seenthey they've been able to actually like, like measure like significant a changesto the CL to the the Climba, not full blown climatechange, but just to the atmosphere in general and and animal behaviors, andyou know, they've been able to say like this is actually like us. Just notdoing anything for a couple of weeks as made a significant effect on theenvironment as a whole, and that's there's something to be said about that and yeah it does suck, because this ishurting the economy, there's not a whole hob. We can do about that, though,and you know we will bounce back as the thing like. I don't think peoplerealize like yes, it sucks right now, but we're going to bounce back fromthis, where we're at the point right now,where we're about to really hit the outler about to get over the peak ofthis mountain. I really do feel that I really do feel like we're we'reapproaching we're approaching like the worst and then the worst will be overbefore we know it and then we'll start that will start that real journey backto some resemblance of normal see. But something I've been saying on a lot ofshows lately is that we, I think we are going to see a paradime shift in theway our society thinks and acts. I think we're going to see a because we're going to have to.

I think I I think it's going to turnout to where people are going to be forced to realize the way we've beendoing, things isn't working anymore and it's time for a change and n. Thisis going to be such, but I will say that's me being optimistic. This isgoing to be. This is going to ha we're going O, see a proof, o concept and I feel like if we as a people,don't make that paradime shift that it'll th the recovery is going to takea lot longer and again, that's something that we will be judged for ahundred years from now in the history books, when everybody's looking backand judging us, based on how we dealt with things, they'll they'll either belooking back and saying hey they that people came out of this and they turnedtheir shit around and they got their shit together and they did somethingabout this or they're going to say man. They came out of this and it was justdownhill from there. You know what happened to Rome: Romehad their packs Romana and people have been suggesting for years that Americashit their Patromana in this generation. So it remains to be seen. I didn't planon getting oll philosophical about this. I really didn't but uh, but this is theworld we live in right now and I'm I'm staying surprisingly optimistic,I mean again it's it's scary times out there, but I do feel like this is the kind ofthing that shapes generations, and this is the kind of thing this is the kindof global experience that will knock a few bolts loose in people'sheads because, frankly, if this doesn't, I don't knowwhat will. But this is the kind of thing that gets people moving and andgets their brains in a in a place where they can say you know what it really is.It really is time to change. It really is time to for a new approach to things,because we can't let something like...

...this happen again and something like this only happensonce in a lifetime, and if we're not careful and we don'tlearn from it, we can see it happen twice. So that's that's my thoughts on all this. I won'tknow what years are so you know please by all means reach out. Send me a tweetHev me up on facebook lets know how you guys are doing. I want to know howeverybody's doing so, if you're listening to this, it is up ontwitterat tbl under score pod, e're on facebook and Instegra at basement,lounge pod. Let us know how you're doing let us know what you're doing tocope. Let us know just what things are likefor you right now and, most importantly, let us know that you're, ok and that you're staying safe, lovey guys thanks for listening nextweek, we're going to have Jodie, mcdirmitt Callin and we're going to doan episode. 'cause there's a lot of you out there right now, like me and LakeJodi, who, amidst all this quarantine and coved nineteen fear, are alsohaving to combat mental illness, were having to combat that stuff along withdealing with all of this, and that can be. This is, can be really overwhelming.It's been overwhelming for me, that's for sure. So next week we're going tohave Jodie mcdermant on and she and I are going to have a conversation about coping with mental illness during a global pandemic, and so you know, Ihope you guys tune in for that. As always, if you wanted to become a VIPjoind, the Patrion Patrion dotcom, slash basement, launch po dollar dollara month. Get you the VIP to her or you can support as your anger as well, butas always just like and subscribe, and share us and come back every week for anew episode. It's all. I can ask love Yo guys and is always live well rock on take care.

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