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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 37 · 1 year ago

Mental Health During Quarantine with Jodi McDermitt - The Basement Lounge: EP: 37


Our good friend Jodi McDermitt is back via phone to talk about coping with mental health issues during a pandemic quarantine.

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...wrel. I work for fiance onstitution andI work at e corporate office, and so we are um normally there's about thirtypeople that work in the CETRA Goin to Iwork and we are shut off from thefront of the building and there's about five people in my area and my wosk comes probably Te. I dotaabout four, usually four days of the week and there's one other celpineperson that workes in my department and she's working from her now, and so whenmy box comes in, I h J. I jump all around like a like a puppy and I'm surehe's like Oa Goin here sa and Shao or but we you know it's just I H I I just iecam it in Aacton I just Ne. ILe People I miss being able to go o dont a libraary or go go sit in acoffee shop. Thoy sit in HA church too, with five people so um you know working. I I'm lucky that Ihave a lot to do at work and, however, they are very long days with Um, withno social interaction and Um. You know who who wants to work fortotally eight whole hours of work. I want to have to Blask it my coworker YhI've been ontack on Ontask and to working. You know forme we're working working in the control room at the station. You know it s,it's just three of us in the room and any given time, but it was closequarters and you know we were able to spread the workload out evenly amongsthe three of us d and kind of converse throughout the shift and have laughsand it made the day a go by a lot quicker and it just again. You hadenough to do and enough to say enough to think about that. You didn't totallysnap now they've got us all H, we've emptied out the control room andthey've got a split up in three different empty offices in the buildingwhere we're remoting into the controlrim computers, and now we'veeach got a certain portion of the workload that is only our portion to do 'cause itwas, not it's not easy tocommunicate, and then I'm just sitting in this tiny little room for eighthours by myself in a office that used to be a broom closet.Basically, and once I get anl my stuff done, it only takes me a few hours toget all my work done for the day than the rest of my day is just keeping aneye and making sure that the station doestn't go off the air and then therest of the time. It's just me sitting there twiddling my thumbs, and that iso. That is stressful, because e I'm stressing out like I forget to dosomething. It's like no I've just done everything now, 'cause o nothing elseto do, but do what I have, which is less than you know, normally,is and then there's nobody to talk to. I know I know that's and Ilove to talk, and I I do Soyeah I've been having Te Tradconversation to look myself at. I find myself. If I I, the GTHE great thing isI've been doing a lot of tat work. The LIDY audiobook at has saved my lifebecause I listen to a lot of pad cast and I listen to a lot of books on tape,which is good Um. I do find myself making a lot of H. Italk back a lot now to what I'm listening to in my headphone or my h,my earbud and UM s. You know the other four people thatare walking around Arong the cubicles, I'm sure they think Wan e Holis. Shedoing an anthen there's one side of conversation to Wen. I wish I was eve,have Headfo Mus, I'm night even allowed... use headfel ime? I have to listen tomake sure that, like the audio's good for the T V station, I get I get inmajor trouble if I have headphones oi. If I just had Li that, if I just hadthat my life would be so much better, but I don't even have that right now. If I, if I did not have anyirtanulation any found, I would go I'd be tat more so than I tan I ha. I havenotice. I notice that we've become a lot more irritable at work and they'relike what's wrong with you. It's like. I can talk to people, I can't be aroundothe people and I ca't, and whenever I'm not around people, I like to listento music, and I can't even do that anymore. So I have nothing to keep meno comforts right now. I have nothing. I Don' Know Wat's crezy. It is pretty H, so it's youknowondrone of the thingsthat we you and I have talked about a lot in the time we've known each otheris Um. Finding is, is finding the little ways to to demean to maintain some semblance ofmental health when Um when things are just kindo at theirworst and- and this has definitely been like the biggest test of test test ofmy mental health stones. Where I have becomeincreasingly awareof you know, I es Ai. I just mentioned that I've been getting a lot moreirritable with circumstance what they are and I've been having to try to findnew outlets things. I I hadn't normally considered, because what I had beenworking with just isn't enough anymore. Have you have you had something similar, wow? Well? Well: norally nonally. I I carnot Boe Day all thetime, and I I'm usually like all my mind, just is working all the time an.I need a writing jokes, so I you know, think of a little title or somethingthat I want to lite or Um. You know like that. I haven't taken. Idon't have my creatirity is just it's. It's just not working right now.I did one one thing: that's Kinda funny and II think, there's like four people that listen that on Tayie been about once aweek. I've been to entertain myself Ave en going wive, but I have said havingmeappropriate gown up tore times. Wherei have read: Um they're they're, like Um Children'sbook for grown up and WO munny STORI. You have a one formy punk Anyo Wan for your birthday. I love the the most race O peple. What Idid thereas A. I think the author's name is John Tenny, but he wrote a bookcalled Love Problems for people that t have children andit', and so I went a few proems out,but one of them was like to the lady who was behind he tbs, whothey say, advice and how I shuld Pras my poder Nilitar, but you're an Ashole to I mean they coul say I've beentrying to I've, been justapaying myself doing things like that, but um I I I just I I just feel overwhelming by sat rightnow: Yeah Um, my friend well, my my oldest child, I'now the mother of e Man with a mortgage which was really strange. U, but hemoved out, but he did den Ni huppy. So every once in a while ik he trings tePuffy over and Wey get close coppy tat Um. I just you K, O my house as smallerby one Thirteo. We've only got we Tel...

Oter sentist and there's only thre OESLovin, her house anymore, to e forward, but it I just go in I'm loskening to a lot of I'mlistening to a lot of comedy Um. I'm trying to Um Watch liten to funny pay Things Watchfunnything on TV, Uh II, just a a yeah H, and I you know I, like I thout youknow we I want to use my time. I want to use my tind wisly and se thesame time that I have to try to to do something creative, butI isjust not coning and ieacted you! No you don't! No, no, your Pon, but Younowwha! I I I'm I'm kind of I'mkind of in the same boat. I I like you, I keep thinking like youknow. I do somehow h seem to have more free time than I normally didn't.I say that because this this hasn't really affected. My my day to day awhole lot Um. I wasn't going out a whole lot to beginwith which s been kind of an eye opener for that, but Um, it's it's it's just it's weird how yeah it'slike! Somehow! I seem to have more free time now and I I just costantlystressing like am I making the best use of it, the answerto which is absolutely fucking. Not No! I'm not, and I KINDOF kick myself forit, but then, when I like, when I sit down and try to come up with ways I just Ican't and then what what happens is I get so caught up in the fact that I'mnot making better use of my time than Ikind o just start spiraling, and I mean I've had entire days like in a row like two or three days ina row where other than getting up to go to work Um. Nobody in my house sees meuntil I walk up the stairs a at you know, quarter three is like o. Did youjust want on, and it's like? No I've been awake all day. I just could not,for the life of me find the motivation to get out of bed yeah, but you know Ever Day e Ting toget up in the morning to jar, get way for work, go to work, tey work and gohome and get ready to go to bed intofe to bet an Mein before I I HAV G membership. I was I'd, be goingto Bedem at least four nights a week. Um I oe meeting Tai had the weekends Iwas Anin Oundall, the time Wan, an Arab, A. Maybe me my friends for dinner, Um,doing open night Um and no not of that happening now and then, when everything is in desagain it', I think it's going to be. You know. Ergoin be so excited to go throughout the house again, but it's like. Are you allawad? I think it's GOINGNA, be it's going tobe culture shock to be able to go out and pub up again it's going to be like uh Um. It's like you know the joke Ab r. Youknow you Wach War of the worlds and about how thealiens weren't used to our atmosphere in our in in the bacteria and it killedm yeah, I'm going to walk outside and suddenly I'm going to like not be ableto stand in our own atmosphere anymore, because I'll have forgotten what lifeon the outside is like, and I it I really in truly was kind of in thisin this mentality of like how do like how do you? How do you moveon from something like this like? What's what is the next step, like onedame's, going to wake up and there's going to be a...

...a news report like hey, it's cool to gooutside and now it's like you walk out you're. Just like what do I omt's like someone who retires afterworking for fifty years like what do? What do I do and I I equated kind of to Um. You know sthacanpredemption infork gets out of prison. He's like Oh, my God he's got all thisfreedom and then he hangs himself because he can't take it. Yeah is easier on the inside Yoah, and so it's like I, ah I'm I'm surprised that Wolo, I don't know I.I worry about the people who who are so you know the isolated by themselves.I I'm surprised that. So far we haven't heard of a rash ofParhart. I sn coin it hard yeah it it's it'sreally hard. When you're you KNO when you're like it's one thing: if you go, if thedoctor says okay, you know you you've dote a medical condition. Now you youcan't eat iwhatever but or you're on a diegotic. I just don't like to right.There differen ion someone telling you you can't sor that you don't you knowit's your choice, tat to it. You know the people who are usually verysocialized Um, I mean at least there are people thatare living in our house. I don't know about the people who you know the only social interactionyou have all day is going to work, and then you get laid off youre in yourhouse all by yourself all day long. I it tose people that I've worry about,but you know I, I I'm really surprised that we haven't heard of Avenecati type. I something I've beenthinking about. Is You w when this does all and I wouldn't be surprised to kind of gowith the the analogy to Um Teshashig we're talking about my fear.Is that we're going to see it happen after the fact that everyone's going toget peop the people are going to get so overwhelmed by this sudden urge toreturn the normal sea that they're going Ta Overdo it? Well it into a bunch of lash behavior.I mean like on y Gid. I guess you know Buck. It looks in the bad way I've beTru, Ste Al, my God. There's all these things that I want to do. I'm gonna, I don't know, and then the therewill beWek with behavior andm. I don't know it's going to get worsebefore it's cing to get better. I think yeah. I I don't think a lot of peoplekeep saying like. Oh this has got to be the peak. This is Gotto, be I don'tthink, we've seen it yet. I I I really don't think we've seen quite just how how bad it coul possibly get yeah. Iknow that sounds pessimistic and, and maybe it's th e- maybe it's the themiswired brain talking. I don't know but j St Somehow UK things haven'tgotten as bad as they could get. Yet I think you're a realist. I mean you know and Y B T wut you you work fora TD Fishan. You see the news. Every day you K, ow you're you're in th. You knowwhat's happening Um in what's born o over to the media airway, you knowerones who wer Yo, know yeah yeah you you see that every day Um so it's just I mean I usually I'm about I'm ninety fivepercent optimisican five percent aobtinisid right now I just... I said I guess I just felt down youknow. I try to Tryi to find some humor ar somethinghat. It's just nowbo dark, humor, more so than Normalat Um. You know it's just h might Tus to humor worts anyway, but Um.I just it it just tee. I understand was the oltbreak of Covet nineteen.Many people are being dismissed from their work. Such a group T has affectedis inapendent music ardis. They are losing live, pain, gigs and sels oftheir muser co being disrupted its to no fault of their own, which is whythis years Dans any music man is, is Nowlik third raizor to get back to themusic artist, whoive Olten Kane to the aid of other causes in crises fromright. Now, until the end of May, you can donate to your favorite artist. Youcan also help them win the chammionship tournaments ropy to donade, pleasevisit gofinding, DT com, Serch, datns, n music man is listens. H was on Mirpot,yes, an incerdid at HM. I howit was a vir any place. Ou Giin my gest ago on everybody just want to interruptthe show briefly, to give a quick shout out to the folks that are supportingthis show. Your anchor and Patrion Mike Wells is currently supporting. Thisshow through anchor and through Patrom, we've got Joly, Craig Jodie mcdherman,Whitney upchurch and my wonderful mother, Melissa, Shey, helping supportthe show. If you want to support the show you can do so through Ancor or youcan go to Patrion dtcom, slash, Basement Lounge pod join our VIP EARfor only one dollar a month, get access to all kinds of cool rewards likestickers or discord. Server, get your name shouted out on the show anythingelse that comes up along the way as well Y. U even get the show early andcommercial free, both in video and podcast form once again, do it throughanchor or go to Patrion DOT COM, slash basement, lounge, pod and helpe support.This show speak ing of the show. Let's get right back to it, let's, let's,let's try. Let's try then pick ourselves back up here. Am I so I've been putting together apost, quorantine bucget list a things I'm going to do when I can get the hellout of this house, Um, okay, so I've got five items on my list and I want tosee- and I want to see what kind of things you have as well, so okayfirstformilion Ma. Okay. First for me, is I want to get a new tattoo. Okay, 'cause I've been putting it offway too. Damn Long, I have the one on my arm been dying to get more, beendying to D, Get that one touched up, so I want to get at least one new tattooand a fairly sizeable one too, not like not a rose on the on the onher side ofmy foot, like you know something something something that I would have tto save up for that. If it was a car d hat to make payments nay number two is: I want to go camping inat least three different places in Ohio, 'cause there's a lot of great places.Just in the in the Miami Valley area, a lot of grat places go impinand hikingin I want to go camping at least like three three week: Threedifferent weekends in Ohio. Then I want to HR. I want to take aweek and go out to either Los Angeles or Las Vegas 'cause. I have friends inboth cities and I'm want I've never been to the West Coast and I've beensaying I'm going to take. ' One of these ISHAMATA tace a trip out there. Iwant to take a week and go out west and just live it up for a week. Number four is: I want to close out abar in the Orgon district, like I want... show up at a bar and just stay thereall night drinking until it closes, and I have no choice but to go across thestreet an knock on my brother's door and begging to let me sleep on hiscouch and then number five is move the fluckout of my fam's house, because a goodfunny story is, I wasshopping. I was looking at apartments before all this shit started and then, when it I, like, you knowwhat I'm a back off and I'm Goinna be honest. I'm a hundred percent glad Ididn't move out before this shit started. 'cause one I'd be sitting in apretty much barren, fucking apartment right now, 'cause. I can't get nothingt en too I'd be by myself every day. Yeah, Oh yeah yeah would have lost myshit, but what about yea W Gettin the hell out of getting thehihouse wh w?What's something that you argued o o my God? I and thatit GE my teethplane S, Mies O Forin, O. I want to go to the Dena thats o I o H,so my dad DOPP Tis, a e Tuer and my dad told me ad ver littl but Ioregresh tokeep you ofyo and I, like P, all my Keac ialay personal oor to I can'tlikyor back to the Dentis. I I also wantd sit in a bar in public want to get back. I I want to get backon the sage and gite back into comm. Tocas is just it'sjust sad feelway from that yeah Um let' see that three uh or e Gong, a big long motorcycle ride andgo to at Lestar have some good barbecues Om here in southern Ohio. Oh,I know the perfect place, we'll talk in a minute Um and I I would want to go to Chicago for theweekends theculture Ilike Chicago I do too. Oh,I love Chicato, so much last Chicago ACTN. Actually like fiveand a half Um, I want to uh no, never mind at that. Wasn't going to be very what isit Whati Wan to spend a day without my husband II Wan? I need O on them from e far. Oh,that's too funny. That's twenty Pi Atal! I have yearToi'm sure he wants to love me for O or cop. So that's I at PYTHOTIC R EI. I met you after the Chicago thing,Um see when I met you last year I had justgot ihad just been back for maybe a couple of weeks from a big trip toChicago, so I ha Lach, Ta Cigo, it's such youknow my favorite part about Chicago was was the fact that there was a differenthot dog place on every flucking corner. I just tot WAC. When I we're a longtime ago, Fendie Hav Ben, to go Um Y. I was callit the pro BAC fishing creckbecause they would go too. They would go to Canada fishing for a week andthey never tame back with Anythin, and you know the documentary bok back nowthe Duys went fishing and they never cared back with anything...

...but anyway, and so he would go sho. He would do fishingfor a week and then I would go on a long week then ago toChicago and go shopping and you know go out to the bars, inh pianobars all stuff and h las her O. No, it was it was to. Ithink it was two afteryears ago h with my three best friends. We went to trialfor the weekend. We saw Hamilton and Jist. It just was so much fun and UH. Whenever I in Chicago you have adowntown W O walking around that air is kind of smelly Um. I lways said TAT to smell of Stut,and so when I, when I mal bat now I can trable en anhave a cakten, an t kindo go but i's like the air. It's so stricky it s Chicago,and it's going to happen. It's going to be a good niht. I I want that kind.Ofsee, the twosh I've been Chicago twice the first time I just went tolike the suburbs outside of Chicago to visit a friend for a couple of days, um. The second time I went, which was lastyear, I went, and I went for kind of very specific reasons. The first nightwas to go see this this pod Casti'm a big fan ifthey were doing a live show. So I went to that then. The second night was atthe same place this comedian, I'm a fan of, was taping his first, his firstcomedy special. So I went to that and then the last night Um there was thisbig movie. Trivia show that my friends and I are big fans an they were doing abig live show at the the Anthonian Theater, which hes like twelve hundredpeople and was completely sold out. So it was like. I went for three reallyspecific reasons, but during the day it was mostly just 'cause. Unfortunately,this T, when this trip fell, I was kind of broke. I didn't have a whole lot ofmoney to spend and 'cause. It was also during. It was a starourworstconvention in town that week tha wasn't able to go to, but every all the priceo fverything was jacked up. So I wind up getting stuck Ou. I was stuckstaying in a hostel which was o wow, the worst experience I've ever hadstaying overnight. Like I stayed in a lot of shitty hotels. You know this wasthe worst like staying experience. I've ever had in mylife, like zero ut of ten, would recommend never again Um, oh my gosh yeah, so so next time I goI'd like to go again and like spend like a whole week there, and just likedo like you're talking about like do the shopping and taking some of the culture like I'dlove to go to the beach 'cause the hole time I was there, it was cold and rain.It couldn't go to the beach at all, Um and just really just see Chicago, foryou know from what I've always heard it is 'cause. Just I will say just fromwhat I've seen I mucking love that city. I got the museums, the museums,arbazing Heteseans are great and there's little galleries and piano barsand M. Just Pi Love the People Lac that we teTeto and baby pere and Um. Just, Oh, my God, everything I I just Ijust woat everything about it. I will say the Wener so called I would want tolite ther I o like Erl. It's like I was there in April, owas Foan io an an itsconfect en in June July, W and Jur. So a so little brazy but D in August. It'sperfect and F. I love piano bar a theres, there's a really good onecalled the redhead on a like on trate feet or something butcalled the redhead Pano Bar and Um. It's Oh, my gosh. When I was living down south, webriefly had a a duling pianobar and two... pianos on the stage and the guyswould take turns h playing you know, playing songs and they the crowd it was.It was the best. I would tell you what you never saw more white people in oneplace than you did anywhere else in the city that a doing peabar, but it wasone of the EST the best times you could spend for a couple of hours and about ahundred bucks, and I haven't been to one since I wish there was one aroundhere somewhere, but I I love a good piano bar copier datin dot't have oneif they do. I haven't heard about it and if I haven't heard about it, thenshame on Dayton for not telling me about it. o Loo po o ADN HE COR. That's the ITA hader Pein yeaoway. Her her playing her playing in the rooftop bar is theclosest thing to a piano bar. We have in Daton, Ohio and h. You know that'ssomething else: e like to D ecause. I've never seen her play at the rooftopbar the one time I was actually going to get to go S. I taken my birthdayweekend off and I was like she's playing at the Pian at the rooftop artonight. So I e Ke I on E. I wasn't there. I was with Don Smith and we werelike o see her and we get there d shed already love en. We were like im it. He T ot. I sae playly right yeah. What O that's that'sSOTHING ELS is. Like I told myself, I was going to pick my baseback upbecause I can play I'v touched my bays in years and I was going to pick hemback up and can do it and they're both they're. All three of them are juststaring at me. Collecting dust like with the Hellan. You said you weregoing to you haven't touched us in year anymore. She should COUC, U O Sei! Oh that's what aned to do you need towite? You need to wite a one man. Three Guitar Show it's just like th, themiralogues of a of an untouch day. There we go w written like a Jilto lover, ppaently Ao, I'm lookingi'm. Lookingonline right now, there's a there's, a place on Vine Street called Schwartz's Point Jazz, anAcoustic Club O Jodi on this is all over. You and meare going to a jazz club here in Dayton. I be ready to cut my hair like aflapper I'll get my CION OTI right. I like that Mok a good plan. Ilove it m so before before I let you go hereJodi before we before we rap this before we rapped this thing up M. I dowant to as I'm trying to make a point of asking everybody right now. You knowwith all the downtime that we have h we're doing a lot of listening to music,a lot of watching t, V and movies a lot of book, reading, wanter some thingsyou're watching and reading and listening to right now. Well, because I am an over forty white woman, I lisinto alot of true time I like to Ta artebut. How Much Reymakes me happy. I don't know if you've ever heard of that Tay Daddy, I haveyou, heard f them e. They I COLPROBA. I I ight Grepi at that, because I've seenlike ten copper, TA, a Ha than all oe play and the bat one as Ba. My bestesentook me on the NAPPL wine train and we saw that Er as Ben Er desisor for Notatime. That's pretty Nantantic to say that, but I that the Meanik I I'mwoking to them a lot because their busic Ta really makes me happy. I think,if I was borner of the era, it would be intoin the Fortiet tred Um, I'm protingto that Um I Elyou know: Jus Usualmy, husband, Um,...

...introduced me to the Netflix, show bigNou, yes, which is hilarious and inappropriate, and it it's pretty Dansit's a B launchiest thing you could ever watch and it's safelianlany and NICKCO. Just I I lovethat show and then my MPR Practasto, of course, to base te Louch and like Umher and Jaffe's cotast everybody dies a real low, good and theres. You know thePA th the part I' necomte pad people. I love my pod people. I've got the Um, Iwuld like the MPR pod cat. I like Weightweigt, don't tell me and Um oh what', the other one. Why Can'? I think hat I listen to itother week with Um. Yes, WTEWAIT. Don't tell me, and afterme another I love those Um Yeah. I just ie got one a Yearonto um.What was it called? Um? Oh shoot! You got me onto it a I canliht an a thlary te Hilarious word of depression like that one yeah thatsthat one over that wasn't really good one IM hidden braiing and those two eregood up. Aodi there Jodi there we lost Yo. Did you meet Yourself Joni? No, we were so close. Did youmute yourself? Jodi? Oh No, nowe lost jody now wee got tocall her back, can't believe that just happen, O carher back rear, quick. This isfunny. I'm Nott editing this out on Teo, so leaving the sen. I don't care, I don't know Wy. I don't know whathappened, but I'm leaving that in I'm not editing that out. THAT'S FATASTIC! No! I think I think it. I think thecolleges dropped. I don't know what happened. MYI'M, not even holding mytown go sathing Haen! I was talking to mymor the other day and she was like how are you doing t? I Baid I'm just SOAsad and I want haven e for me a minut and then the call disconnected and I'mlike I R on up on me, Hi call he back and I'm like Iw. I wasTaingo. Oh sorry, Angome and you com up on me. If you can laugh at like wellAga Gad, it wasn't the suicide hollight. I cal I sut down whol Oso Hes Lik eenoa money and I'm like mom whe. When do you ever think, Tho soitranging tat,all it' Chai at all. She said sometime to sit alone and reflect Ou. Er She's,like you know what those okay for Yeh Tash she my daughter, springs herlight Nak but yeah. So Yon, Ow Undercaa, I I you knowyou Gott you! You have to find the brightness the bright onit near theall.You know it's a singer. It's the same grandhod day every day, but you knowit'. It's not going to be forever. I HOD TAT if Antflik Um Survived Fortoyears uh in her situation, Um, but what DosAmericas that we are wit, O e Ive and our wevereat and Oure Netlok Sye eve.Fine, I think we'll be fine too jotty we'regoing to be just fine, Woll, we'll come out of this and and will be better for it, maybe well Dow, well se too, that Qeston...

...yeah but Welm so glad s Aa ar workedthrough this a little bit, though, we were able to t tovent some stuff and yeah just II, Ow you to twenty Hollrscopay that I would give my SEF iff. I had one that in the nail just save it a en you an you, can pickup twenty dollars wit the Bar Tad, when w, when we close out the jazz bought Eras all over with Al Right. I like a too Jodi, I'm soglad you'R Ole. Thank you so much yeah. Thank you! Hav Nic to talk your voice.I I feel, like I hap, to be what Lindo our hand thought Lii er after I not doing it ha oen too muchwine a Ye. Pretty Soon Amandobin is going to makeall the sense in the world like you know what I get it yeah, Oh my God, yeah well make sure you guyscheck out seriously Jodi questionmark on facebook and and she's on she's oninstagram a little bit, not a lot but a little bit but uh hanging in there Jodin we'rwe're in this together and and we'll we'll get out on the other side. Hat O Tel Yo'll pick up that day, then te Deto,Dat yeah, we'll see maybe tonight teprllrigt guys that was it was JodieMcDermott and that's going to do it. For this week's episode of the basement.Lounge make sure you guys check us out online ww, dot, basement launchpod dotcom and on the social media at basement. Lange pod and is always tuned inWeekday Mornings at eleven, am for our morning show on twitch switched out T vslush basement large pot nduntil next time, as always live well rock on takecare and Byby.

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