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Season 1, Episode 37 · 2 years ago

Mental Health During Quarantine with Jodi McDermitt - The Basement Lounge: EP: 37


Our good friend Jodi McDermitt is back via phone to talk about coping with mental health issues during a pandemic quarantine.

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All you got to do is record a script kind of like what I'm doing now, throw it onto your show and start making money once again. Download the anchor APP or, go to anchor DOT FM and get your podcast career off and running right now. Just do it already. Grab a drink, pull up a chair and settle it, because you're in the basement lounge. Hello everyone, welcome to a brand new episode of the Basement Lounge. Doing things you need little out of the ordinary, current worldwide circumstances being what they are, this is the place where normally we have people over for a conversation and a drink and a laugh or two with today we're doing it all over the phone, because Hashtag social distancing, and we've got one of our favorite people in the world coming on the show. It's jody McDermott. How you doing, jody? Hey, how are you one? Fine, thanks for having me always, always good to have you here, always good to talk to you. Haven't seen you and fucking forever, I know, down health for us. I guess I've been deciding to stand one from a while. You know how much happening we're we're practicing our quarantining and our social distancing, and you know stuff like this is is hard for people. We've been talking for ten minutes now before we even started recording. It just it's a lot to deal with right now and when you're someone who struggles with mental illness and mental health, things like this can be especially hard. You're you know, we tend to be creatures of habit. We tend to be creatures of you know, we like knowing, kind of having an idea of what's going to happen day to day, and right now that's all been thrown for a curveball. There's no really telling what's going to happen one day to the next. Right card and I find myself, you know, like what we're talking about. You and I are both were going to work every day and if I was staying home and working from home, I would be it would be really hard to you know, just because pajamas and I would I find myself when I come home and I just I just want to retreat and just it's more it's saying that the more that I am not able to talk to people, I still like, the more I pull into myself and I become more antisocial. It's weird. I you know, I usually am not as much of a social butterfly. You know, I like talk to people, but I tend to be a bit more introverted. But it's like I knew. It's like there's a certain level of social interaction. I need just to kind of keep my sanity and what little I was able that I what little I needed, I'm now no longer able to get and it's just that little bit missing for my life is driving me a little nuts. So...'s I know it's crazy. I where who I work for? A Fan closed position and I work out our corporate office and so we are promily. There's about thirty people that work in those seers go in the eye work and we are shut off from the front of the building and there's about five people in my area and my boss comes in, probably my boss, who is about for usually four days of the week, and there's one other full time person that works in my department and she's working from home now. And so when my boss comes in, I just I jumped all over him like a like a puppy, and I'm sure he's like, okay, there in your office and shut your door. So we you know, it's just I I I just I need to human interact. I just miss I missed people. I missed being able to go just I go little line granary or go go sit in a coffee shop, though, sit in a church to with five people. So, you know, working I'm lucky that I have a lot to do a work. However, they are very long days with with no social interaction, and you know, who wants to work for totally eight whole hours of work? I want to have some last book my co workers. Yeah, I've been on tact. This is on task and totally working. You know, for me we're going to working in the control room at the station. You know, it's just three of us in the room and any given time, but it was close quarters and you know, we were able to spread the workload out evenly amongst the three of us and kind of converse throughout the shift and have laughs and it made the day go buy a lot quicker and it just again you had enough to do and enough to say, enough to think about that you didn't totally snap. Now they've got us all. We've emptied out of the control room and they've got a split up in three different empty offices in the building where we're remoting into the control room computers and now we've each got a certain portion of the workload. That is only our portion to do, because there's not as it's not as easy to communicate. And then I'm just sitting in this tiny little room for eight hours by myself in a office that used to be a broom closet, basically, and once I get all my stuff done, and only takes me a few hours to get all my work done for the day, then the rest of my day is just keeping an eye and making sure that the station doesn't go off the air, and then the rest of the time it's just me sitting there twiddling my thumbs. And that is that is stressful, because a I'm stressing it like that, I forget to do something. It's like, no, I've just done everything now, because nothing else to do but do what I have was, which is less than you know normally is. And then there's nobody to talk to. I know, I know, that's and I love to talk. I love you. So, yeah, I've been having a great conversations with myself and I find myself if I the great the great thing is I've been doing a lot of task works. The Libby audiobook APP has saved in my life because I listen to a lot of podcasts and I listen to a lot of books on taste, which is good. I do find myself making a lot of talk back a lot now to what I'm listening to in my headphone or my my ear bud and I'm you know, the other four people are walking around around the cubic pools. I'm sure they think, what the Hell is she doing and that there's one side of competition whom I...

...wish I was even all have headphone. Might See, I'm not even allowed to use headphones. I have to listen to make sure that, like, the audio is good for the TV station I get. I get major trouble if I have headphones on. Its like if I just had I that, if I just had that, my life would be so much better. But I don't even have that right now. If I if I did not have any ear familiar friends, any sounds, I would go. I'd see that more so than I am. I I have noticed I'm noticeably become a lot more irritable at work and they like, what's wrong with you? It's like I talk to people, I can't be around other people and I can't. And whenever I'm not around people, I like to listen to music. I can't even do that anymore. So I have nothing to keep me, no comforts. Right now. I have nothing. I know, it's crazy. It's crazy. How so it's you know, I just one of the things that we, you and I, have talked about a lot in the time we've known each other is finding, is finding the little ways to to main to maintain some semblance of mental health when when things are just kind of at their worst, and and this is definitely been like the biggest test of test test of my mental health stones where I have become increasingly aware of, you know, I I said, I just mentioned that I've been getting a lot more irritable with circumstances what they are and I've been having to try to find new outlets, things I hadn't normally considered, because what I had been working with just isn't enough anymore. Have you if you had something similar? Well, yeah, I well, normally, no, really, I carry a notebook with days all the time and I'm usually like all my mind this is working all the time, and I made the writing jokes for I, you know, think of a little tile of something that I want to write or you know. So I said, I haven't taken I have I don't have my creativity. It's just it's just not working right now. I did one thing that's kind of funny and I think there's like four people that listen. But on facebook I've been but once a week I've been to entertain myself. I've been going live and I have said, having me and appropriate grown up story time. where I have read there. They're like soils. Books were grown up and funny stories. Any one for my bad one for your birthday. I love the most racist, the most frequent one. I did. There's a I think the author's name is John Kenny, but he wrote a book called Love Poems for people that have children and it's and so I read a few poems, but one of them was like to the ladies who was behind me at tds too, gave me advice on how I raise my coddler. No offense, but you're an asshole. Well, I mean basically, I've been trying to I've been just entertaining myself doing things like that, but I just I just I just feel overwhelmingly said right now. Yeah, my friend, well, my my oldest child. I'm now the mother of a man with some mortgage, which is really strange, but he will go out. But he did get a new puffy, so everyone's a while if he brings the puffy over and we get close puffy up. I just you know, my house is smaller by one person now. We've only up we feel...

...about our sensis and there's only three of us living our house anymore. So that's really weird. So it's I just yeah, I'm listening to a lot of I'm listening to a lot of comedy. I'm trying to watch the funny, funny things, watch funny things on TV. I just feel said, yeah, I, and I. You know, I like I. So you know, we I want to use my time. I want to use my time wisely and use the fair time that I have to try to do something creative. But it's just not coming and I inder to do no, no, you're fine, but you know where are you? I'm I'm kind of I'm kind of in the same boat. I like you. I keep thinking, like you know, I do somehow seem to have more free time than I normally didn't. I say that because this hasn't really affected my my day to day a whole lot. Wasn't going out a whole lot to begin with, which is can been kind of an eye opener for that. But it's it's just, it's weird. How yeah, it's like somehow I seem to have more free time now and I just constantly stressing, like am I making the best use of it, the answer to which is absolutely fucking not. No, I'm not, and I kind of kick myself for it. But then when I like, when I sit down and try to come up with waste, I just I can't. And then what I what happens is I get so caught up in the fact that I'm not making better use of my time that I kind of just start spiraling. And I mean I've had entire days like in a row, like two, three days in a row, where, other than getting up to go to work, nobody in my house sees me until I walk up the stairs at, you know, quarter three. I was like, Oh, did you just wait home, and it's like no, I've been awake all day. I just could not, for the life of me, find the motivation to get out of bed, to get out of that yeah, okay, you know, it's every days to thank get up in the morning, to charge, get right for work, go to work, they work, go home and get ready to go to bed and just relate to go to bed. And because before I I have gym membership, I was I'd be going to the gym at least for a night a week, the meetings that I had, the weekends, I was running around hi, want an and is maybe me my friends for dinner, do an open mine in. None of that's happening, though. And then so when everything I send us again, it's I think it's going to be, you know, reginally so excited to go or you out of the house again, but it's like are you lot? I think it's going to be. It's going to be culture shocked to be able to go out and publicing in. It's going to be like it's like you know the joke about or you know you watch war the world's and about how the aliens weren't used to our atmosphere and are in the bacteria and it killed. was like, yeah, I'm going to walk outside and suddenly I'm gonna like not be able to stand in our own atmosphere anymore because I'll have forgotten what life on the outside is like and it I really and truly I'm just kind of in this in this mentality of like how do you like how do you how do you move on from something like this? Like what's what is the next step, like one day I's going to wake up and there's going to be a news... like hey, let's cool to go outside. Now it's like you walk out here just like what do I look? Somebody's like someone who retires after working for fifty years, like what, what do I do? And I equate it kind of to, you know, Shush and redemption and brooks gets out of prison and he's like, Oh my God, he's got all this freedom and then he hanged himself because he can't take it. Yeah, because easier on the inside. Yeah, you know. And so it's like I I'm I'm surprised that, well, I don't know. I worry about the people who who are so, you know, the isolated by themselves. I am surprised that so far we haven't heard of a rash of suicide, because it's hard. It's hard. Yeah, it's it's really hard when you're, you know, when you're like it's one thing if you go, if the doctor says okay, you know, you you've done a medical condition, now you can't eat whatever, but or you're on a diet, you think, I just don't want to right. So there's this is between someone telling me. You can't art that. You don't. You know, it's your choice text to it, but I you know, the people who are usually very socialized. I mean, at least there are people that are living in our houses. I don't know about the people who, you know, the only social interaction you have all day is going to work and then you get laid off, you're in your house, fall by yourself all day long. I's that I worry about. You know, under it, I'm really surprised that we haven't heard of a bunch of suicide I something I've been thinking about is, you know, when this does all end, I wouldn't be surprised to kind of go with the analogy to Shosshiko you're talking about. My fear is that we're going to see it happen after the fact, that everyone's going to get the people. The people are going to get so overwhelmed by this sudden urge to return to normalcy that they're gonna overdo it. Well, it's into a bunch of rash behavior. I maybe the like one. My God, I've got. You know the bucket was than the bad way I've been post up. Oh, I got. There's all these things that I want to do, I'm gonna I don't know, and then don't. They'll be reckless behavior and I don't know, it's going to get worse before it's going to get better, I think. Yeah, I don't think a lot of people keep saying like, Oh, this is got to be the peak, this is got to be I don't think we've seen it yet. I really don't think we've seen quite just how how bad it could possibly get yet. And I know that sounds pessimistic and and maybe it's the maybe it's the mint, the the the miss wired brain talking, I don't know, but just somehow it feels like things haven't gotten as bad as they could get yet. I think you're a realist. I mean you know and you but but you you work for a TV stash and you see the news every day. You know, you're you're in the you know what's happening and what's going now over the media airway. It's you know, every want to or no, yeah, yeah, you see that every day. So it's just, I mean it's I usually I'm about I'm ninety five percent optimistic and five per time less optimistic.

Right now. I just, like I said, I guess I just feel say. You know, I try to try to find fun, temore and something, but it's just now so dark, humor more so than normal, right. You know, it's just my foot a humors worts anyway, but I just it's just like I'm just sad. The yeltbreak of covid nineteen. Many people are being dismissed from their work. Such a group has affected is independent music artists. They're losing my OPAIN AKS and sales of their music being disrupted, and it's too no fault of their own, which is why this year's Dayden's in the music madness is now a fundraiser to give back to the music artists who have often came to the aid of other causes in crisis. From right now until the end of May, you can donate to your favorite artist. You can also help them win a championship tournament trophy. To donate, please visit Gofund mecom search dadon's in the music madness. Listen to the Hio is on fire podcasts and in your ot FM Slash Ohio is on fire or any place you get your podcast. Let's going on everybody. Just want to interrupt the show. Briefly to give a quick shout out to the folks that are supporting the show through anchor and Patreon. Mike Wells is currently supporting the show through anchor and through Patreon. We've got Joey Craig, Jody McDermott, Whitney Up Church and my wonderful mother, Melissa Shay, helping support the show. If you want to support the show, you can do so through anchor or you can go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod. JOIN OUR VIP to year for only one dollar a month. Get access to all kinds of cool rewards like stickers, are discord server, get your name shoutow out on the show and anything else that comes up along the way as well. You even get the show early and commercial free, both in video and podcast form. Once again, do it through anchor or go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and help support this show. Speaking of the show, let's get right back to it. Let's let's let's try, let's try and pick ourselves back up here. Okay, I hope so. I've been putting together a post quarantine bucket list thin things I'm gonna do when I can get the hell out of this house. Okay. So I've got five items on my list and I want to see and I want to see what kind of things you have as well. So, okay, first for me on the or okay, first for me as I want to get a new tattoo, okay, because I've been putting it off way too damn long. I have the one on my arm. Been Dying to get more, been dying to get that one touched up. So I want to get at least one new tattoo, and a fairly sizeable one to not like not a rose on the other on the under side of my foot, like, you know, something, something, something that I would have to to save up for that if it was a card at to make payments. Nice. Number two is I want to go camping in at least three different places in Ohio, because there's a lot of great places just in the in the Miami Valley area, a lot of great places to go camping and hiking, and I want to go camping at least like three three week three different weekends in Ohio. Then I want to write. I want to take a week and and go out to either loss Angeles or Las Vegas, because I have friends in both cities and I want to. I've never been to the West Coast and I've been saying I'm going to take im one of these days. I'm to take a trip out there. I want to take a week and go out west and just live it up for a week. Number four is I want to close out a bar in the Oregon district, like I want to show up at a bar and just stay...

...there all night drinking until it closes and I have no choice but to go across the street knock on my brother's door and begging to let me sleep on his couch. And then number five is move the fuck out of my mom's house because, because that's a good funny story, is I was shopping, I was looking at apartments before all this shit started, and then when it started, I was like, you know what, I'm a back off and I'm gonna be honest. I'm a hundred percent and glad I didn't move out before this shit started because, one, I'd be sitting at a pretty much barren fucking apartment right now because can't get nothing, and too, I'd be by myself every day. Yeah, Oh, yeah, yeah, I would have lost my shit. But what about yea, what getting the hell out of getting the house? What? What's some things that you argued like? God, I am going to get my teeth plate. Okay, it starts my story book. For I love to go to the DNA. That is weird, my dad. This is a true Sir, and my dad told me. We're lots to keep you up and I want to keep all my piece. I always personally. Okay, so I can't wait you back to Thedenna. I I also want to sit in the bar and tell or I want to get back. I want to get back on the stage and get back into cry, because it's just it's just sets really from it. Yeah, let's see that. Three for I go on a big, long motorcycle ride and go to a rest have some good barbecue sore in so other Ohio. I know the perfect place. We'll talk in a minute. But and I love to go to Chicago for the weekend. That the culture. I Love Chicago. I do too. Oh I love Chicago so much. Chicago actually, and actually like five and a half. I want to stack. No, never mind, I wasn't going to be. What is it? I want to spend a day without my husband here. I want, I need to love them from a bar. That's too funny. That's twenty pause I have to hear. I'm sure he wants to love me from a bark. So that's it's that's the sorry. I met you after the Chicago thing. See, when I met you last year I had just got, I just been back for maybe a couple of weeks from a big trip to Chicago. So I love Chicago. It's such a you know, my favorite part about Chicago was was the fact that there was a different hot dog place on every fucking corner. I just thought when I were a long time ago, a friend I used I'm husbands would go, why I was called us a broke back fishing check, because they would go to they would go to Canada fishing for a week and they never came back with any says and you know the documentary. But back now and the guys want fishing and they never came back to Anny Tis. But anyway, and so he would go out and...

...he would go fishing for a week and then I would go on a long weekend it go to Chicago and go shopping and, you know, go out to the bars and piano bars all stuff, and last year. Kind know it was. It was too. I think it was two octobers ago. With my three best friends, we went to Chicago for the weekend. We saw Hamilton and just it just was so much fun. And whenever I in Chicago, you know the down Pamii or walking around the air is kind of smelling. MMM, I would said that's the smell of fun. And so when I heard, when I smell that smell, I can tell when I'm a frea kind of gross, but like a smell steaky. It's Chicago and it's going to have it's going to be a good night. I want that kind of see. See the too. Should I've been Chicago twice. The first time I just went to like the suburbs outside of Chicago to visit a friend for a couple days. The second time I went, which was last year, I went and I went for kind of very specific reasons. The first night was to go see this podcast I'm a big fan of. They were doing a live show, so I went to that. Then the second night was at the same place, this comedian I'm a fan of was taping his first his first comedy special, so I went to that and then the last night there was this big movie Trivia show that my friends and I are big fans of. They were doing a big live show at the the anthonium theater, which she's one hundred people and was completely sold out. So it was like I went for three really specific reasons, but during the day it was mostly just because, unfortunately, this when this trip fell, I was kind of broke it and have a whole lot of money to spend, and because it was also during it was a star wars convention in town that week that I wasn't able to go to, but everything, all the price of everything was jacked up, so I might up getting stuck. Study Yeah, I was stuck staying at a hostel, which was, oh wow, the worst experience I've ever had staying overnight. Like I've stayed in a lot of shitty hotels, you know, this was the worst like staying experience I've ever had in my life, like zero out of ten. Would recommend never again. Oh my gosh. Yeah, so so next time I go I'd like to go again and like spend like a whole week there and just like do like you're talking about, like do the shopping and taking some of the culture like I'd love to go to the beach because the whole time I was there it was cold and Rainia. Couldn't go to the beach at all. And just really just see Chicago for, you know, for what I've always heard. It is because just I will say, just from what I've seen, I fucking love that city. I got the museums. The museums are amazing. The museums are great and there's little galleries and piano bars and just pe. I love two people like that's princes and navy peer and just, Oh my God, everything is I just I just let everything at I love the so called I would want to love there like the rudle it like. I was there in April as freezing cold. Then it's perfect in in June, July and jude soul as a little breezy, but July and August it's perfect. And if I love piano bars, and this is a really good one called the redhead on that's like on Tate Street or something, but called the redhead canno Bar, and it's my God. When I was living down South we briefly had a dueling piano bar and two green pianos on the stage and...

...the guys would take turns playing, you know, playing songs, and they would yeahs the crowd it was. It was the best. I would tell you what. You never saw more white people in one place than he did anywhere else in the city. that it was doing piano bar. But it was one of the best right, the best times you could spend for a couple hours and about a hundred bucks. And I haven't been to one since. I wish there was one around here somewhere, but I love a good piano bar. I surprised Dayton doesn't have one. If they do, I have heard heard about and if I haven't heard about it, then shame on Dayton for not telling me about it sooner. He's a game she needs. Cool that's the kind cannon. Yeah, her, her playing, her playing in the rooftop bar is the closest thing to a piano bar we have in Dayton Ohio, and you know that's something also they do, because I've never seen her play at the rooftop bar. The one time I was actually going to get to go is I taken my birthday weekend off and I was like, she's playing at the piano at the rooftop are to night. So and then she she wasn't there. I was with Don Smith and we were like, let's go see her, and we get there and she'd alread left. We were like, damn it, she's right. Yeah, what the Hell? That's it. That's something else. Is Like I told myself I was going to pick my Basse back up because I can play. I haven't touched my Basse in years and I was going to pick him back up and get back into it. And they're both there, all three of them are just staring at me, collecting dust, like what the hell, man, you said you were going to see. You haven't touched us in years, Mike. That's what you need to do. You need to write, you need to write a one man, two three guitar show. It's just like the myologs of the night. Touch today. There we go, written, written, like feel too lovers. Apparently, there's there you go. I'm looking on I'm looking on line right now. There's a there's a place on Vine Street called Schwartz's point, Jazz, an Acoustic Club. Jody, when this is all over, you and me are going to a jazz club here in Dayton. All right, ready to cut my head like a flapper. Yes, I'll get my piano, all right. So I look at plan. I love it. So before before I let you go here, jody, before we before we wrap this, before we wrap this thing up, I do want to ask. I'm trying to make a point of asking everybody right now. You know, with all the downtime that we have, we're doing a lot of listening to music, a lot of watching TV and movies, a lot of book reading. What are some things you're watching and reading and listening to right now? Um, well, because I am an over forty white woman, I used to a lot of true times, I like sit but music that really makes me happy. I don't know if he's ever heard of take that food, Daddy. I have you heard of them? Oh, yeah, they I I could probably. I like this group because I've seen like ten concerts. Say Yeah, been all of the place and the best one pop my that's that's friends puts me on the NAPAL wine train and we saw that it has been here. Best the story for another time. That's pretty good six player at but that their music. I'm I'm listening to them a lot because their basics is really makes me happy. I think if I was born the era it would be at in the forties. To that I who, you know, just the usual. Oh, my husband introduced... to the Netflix show big now yes, which is hilarious and appropriate and it's it's pretty dance frene. It's launchiest thing you could ever watch and it's so funny and Nick Cole are just I love that show. And then my until podcast, of course, the face that lounge, and I like Karen Jaffe's podcast, everybody dies. That's really good, good, and there's a you know, the pot, the pot. I'm going to call the pod people. I love my pod people. I've got the I really like to NPR podcast. I like wait, wait, don't tell me, and Oh, what's the other one? Why can I think that? I listened to it every week with some oh my yes, wait, wait, don't tell me and ask me another. I love those. Yeah, kind of. I've got one of Ye on too. Was it called? Oh, shoot, you got me onto it, and I can like the hilarious the hilarious word of depression. Yeah, like that one. Yeah, that's that one's over. That was really good one. I'm hidden brain. Those two are good. We Lost Jodie. They're jody there, we lost you. Did you meet yourself? Jody? No, we were so close. Did you mute yourself? Jody? Oh No, no, we lost jody. Now I gotta call it back quick I can't believe that just happened. I gotta call her back real quick. This is funny. I'm not editing this out. I'm leaving this said, leaving this out. I don't care. I don't know. Wow, I don't know what happened, but I'm leaving that in. I'm not editing that out. That's fantastic. Did you hang out on no, I think, I think it. I think the call just dropped. I don't know what happened. Mica, I'm not even holding my son. The same thing happened. I was talking to my mom the other day and she's like how are you do? One right, so I'm it's really sad and I was having a for me a minute and then the call is connected. I'm like, I am up on me call her back. I was sorry things on it and you fell up on me. Laugh. Well, I guess I'm glad it wasn't the sull a whole right now. That's funny and I'm like, mom, when you when you ever think this is changing us off, it's changing up all that. She said some time to sit alone and reflect on it. She's like, you know what those are. Yeah, she's my Dun Spring to light. But yeah, so, see, now I'm just trying to know, you gotta get have to find the brightness, the bright moment here. We all you know, it's just things are. It's the same groundhog day every day. But you know, it's not going to be forever. I hope and if aunt plank survived for two years in her situation. But what Americans that we are, with ours and our we were eat and our Netflix, I think will be fine. I think we'll be fine. To Jaddy, we're going to be just fine. We'll we'll come out of this and we'll be better for it. Maybe. Yeah, well, stay tuned. Yeah, but yeah, so...

...glad. I'm so glad that we were able to glad we were able to work through this a little bit though. We were able to to vent some stuff and yeah, just just I talk about I owe you the twenty hours cope that I would give my fire stuff. I have one. I'll put that in the mail. So save it and you can you can pick up twenty dollars of the Bar Tab when we when we close out the jazz bars all over with. All right, I like it too, jody. I'm so glad you call. Thank you so much. Yeah, thank you. I have nice to talk to your voice. I I feel like this has to do what Lens Do, low hands. Alt likes doing your hair. Drinking too much wine. Has To get pretty soon, Amanda binds is going to make all the sense in the world, like, you know what, I get it. Yeah, Oh my God. All, yeah. Well, make sure you guys check out seriously jody question mark on facebook and and she's on she's on instagram a little bit, not a lot, but a little bit. Yeah, but hang in there, jody. We're in this together and we'll get out on the other side. Yeah, you too. All right, pick up that bass today. Yeah, we'll see. Maybe tonight, maybe we'll probably not. All right, guys, that was Jadie. It was Jodie McDermott and that's going to do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. Make sure you guys check us out online, www dot basement lounge podcom and all the social media at Basement Lounge pod and as always tune in weekday mornings at Zern am for our morning show on twitch, twitch dotv slash basement launche pod. And until next time, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bu bye.

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