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Season 1, Episode 38 · 1 year ago

Mike Interviews Mike - The Basement Lounge: EP#38


Using our handy-dandy PodDecks, let's listen as Mike interviews his favorite person...himself!

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Aguys its Mike just wanted to apologize.This episode was actually supposed to drop last week on the twenty fourth,due to an error on my part. It never got published and then I H adoriginally planned to release it the following week, along with an actualnew episode, so that we didn't miss a week, but unfortunately, my workschedule and everything else with the show just got a little busy. So we areoff by a week which is unfortunate ecause I had hoped to go withoutmissing a week, but it just seemed to happen. But that being said here is theproper episode that should have dropped last week, for you guys to enjoy andwe'll be back on schedule next week as promised and also don't forget, to makesure you guys are checking out the morning show every day so enjoy theshow and thangs Jur. Stick it around obysee on Yu to three: Oh okay, itsready for you, Artur Hay, some guys Exaterte Siknat like for me, you'reListeninn to the basement, Louge Whyo coart thank Micky e Guy. This is WikeSha, and I want to talk to you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brand newfreeway for you to get your pod cast career off and running without any cost.To you simply download the anchor avor go to ancher DOT FM to get started.Anger is the easiest way to make a hodcast Tay. Give you everything youneed in one place for free. You can use it right from your phone or yourcomputer. Their creation tools allow you to record and edit your bodcast, soit sounds Tlay Magifiki without and having to worry about all the costlyset of you'll even distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heardeverywhere. Spotify apple, podcast, Google pod cast stitch. Your Hall ofthat in you can easily make money from your pod cast with no minumlistenership thet sent you up with awesome sponsors. All you got to do isrecord a script kind of like what I'm doing now, throw it on your show andstart making money once again down will be anchor ap or go to Agordot FM andget in your podcast career, loft and running right. Now, just do it already rabb a drink, pull up a chair andsettly because you're in the basement low everybody welcome to a brandnew episodeof the basement. Lounge, I'm your house Mike Shay. As always, and we're hangingon here in the basement, Lange Studio, bringing you another quarantinedepisode, forentine episode on the basement, lounge, don't have a don'thave any guests this week. Actually the guess were this week is going to bemyself. I decided to h pull some questions out of the ine outof the interview deck from pod DECS and we're going to I'm going to interviewmyself a little bit into some of these. Some of these fun questions and havethesethese are a lot of fun. So I thought I'd do one of Thesse to keep itsimple this week, don't worry Thatgh, we got more guests coming up foree thenext few weeks, we're coming up close, we're getting closer and closer toepisode. Fifty everybody we're hitting our we're hitting our fifty episodegoal, we're going to be having Don Smith Ray Jackson, Andrewmedicitis BenHoward, on the show we got weere lining up guests for the rest of the rest ofthe season and then we'll probably take a small season break just for maybelike a month or so. If we come back with season two, but we're still doingthe live streams, a weekdays at eleven am if those guy those have been a lotof fun. If you have not yet checked out ourdaily morning, show brunching the basement on twitch. You can do so now.If you don't have twitch you WAN TA somlwant, to watch the show we posthighlights on our facebook page every day. You can also go to stream labs,dotcom, slash, basement, lounge, pod and watch the show through there. 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We might uh have a few days here and there based onscaduing, they're different, but typically Tuesdays at one PM, when wehave recordings for T he b for the basement lounge, those are thoserecordings are going to be live streamed into the Patrion, so you guyscan get the show as it's being recorded on our patrion feed and then you'llstill be able to get the early episodes on Thursdays and get the regular showon Fridays as well as well as a few other changes coming through as well.Also guys the discord, the basement lounge discord server if you're adiscord user is now one hundred percent public. Ninety five percent publicwe've got great chat channels in there foreveryone to access, but there's also, if you're a patron, don't worry ifyou're a VIP. There are plenty of patron, only cha Um cat, the channels in there, aswell as a voice channel and will be doing more stuff for the patrons inthere as well. So there's still plenty of things for you hus to benefit fromas a patron, but we're still making the discord open to everybody 'cause. Thetwitch thing is going really well, an we've been doing some games streamsinto theirs and and this hasbeen it's been a lot of fun, so make sure you'rechecking out that show everyday and, like I said, if you're not able tocheck out the show Wie, the videos do live on on twitch and we posthighlights to the facebook page every single Tam. So let's, let's get to this.Let's get to this fune interview, then we're going to interview myself today'sepisode Mike Interviews Himself, so I've got F. I pulled five random cardsout of the pod deck. Second Edition interview,Deck Um, I'm going to order some more pod decks here soon. These are a lot offun and they've got some they've got some new decks out. So let's get intothis first question here: Lats pull: Let's pull n one of thesecards, and this one says what is something that people think makes them look coolbut actually makes them look ridiculous. So I used to mention W I used to talkabout one of these a lot when, when I was still working in radio Thursday nights we'd be I would I was aremo. I was a remote teck and a board operator and the remote Tech meant Iwas the guy that drove the the radio station van down through the bars for,like ladies night and hand it out, you know Free Shit, and so we would did itevery Thursday ih I'd go down with R DJ Matley. He and I would go to this placein in Colombia called blue and it was. It was kind of a fancy place. You knowT Y, they had a dress code and T had an ice bar and it was it was cool, but youknow it would be the middle of winter. You know thirty degrees outsidefreezing, cold and you'd see these women come come inwearing, basically nothing wearing. Basically, nothing, I'm notjudging a woman for dressing. ' Let's call it risque, but when it's thirty degrees outside you just look cold, you don't you don't look hot, you don'tlook sexy, you look cold and you look dumb becausethen you sit there and Shiver and complain about how cold is whut you'rewaiting for the bouncer to let you in and it's like. Well, you know there wasa way around this. There wis a way to avoid this. You gotto just put somepants on or warn a coat um t trust me. It is a hundred percent possible tolook hot um and still and still be dressed warmly T it's. It's doablesomething else that people do that. I just I don't I've, never understood itand I sent like such an old fuck when I say this, but the sagging pants. Look, I've never understood it and I'm fromthe generation that like made that,... huge and I've, never understood it.It bothers me when my when my pants are hanging low just a little bit when theystart to just Dr. you know 'cause as Y. U I, the Dag, goes on your Pant Sang alittle bit an you pull them back up. I don't understand why I I remember inhigh school being in Pe and we're doing you know our our cals are warm upcalastenics and we're doing our jumping jacks, and there were guys who weren'teven doing the jumping jacks the right way they were. They were jumping up anddown, while holding the wastbands of their pants 'cause. Their pants werefalling down so low put on a God, Damn Belt jses, Um yeah other stuff, peope people makethem look cool but actually makes them look ridiculous,um trying to think F. There's anythingelse. Really I mean you know, go to Walmart any anything anybody'swearing at Walmart Um. You know I M gotta. Remember I'm a guy who's on TikTok, so I do stupid shit for the Lulls, all the God. Damn time.Let's we go on to another one led's do this: who or where would you haunt? Ifyou were a ghost? I love this question. I loved this question so much I wouldhaunt the shit out of. I don't think it's open anymoreis amoss. A amosis southend was this music venue in Charlotte North Carolina? I don't know if they're still open, Ithink they may have closed no there're still open. Okay, I would haunt theshit at amose southend. I really would Um, I it's a great concert venue, but thefirst time I ever went to Amos's southend- and I don't know if I've toldthis story on the show before Um Ni'm not going throgh today, it's justthe case I haven't. I don't think I have but H. tefirst time I ever went to Amos'ssouth end was was not a good time it W s. It was it wasn't a good time.Anything and everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. The the kindof event I was there for I kindo got tricked into going so. I've had some great and someterrible memories there, but it's just it's the kind of place that would be somuch fun to haunt. Just because of that first time I wasthere I would. I would want to haunt any concert. VENU really. People, though I wouldn't want to hauntpeople necessarily nobody. Nobody in my life has really screwed me over like bad enough that I would want tohaunt them. You know like I've. I've had some people. Piss me off. I've hadpeople get on my nerves. I've had people screw me over, but notnot to the extent that I would want to haunt them for the rest of their lives.ECAUSE. Typically, if, if somebody has screwed me over that badly, I don'twant to be around them and if I'm a ghost who's never going anywhere, Idon't want to spend the rest of my eternity in the afterlife with somebodyI hate not even to bother them. I would Iwould you know: Ow I'd, go hang out at a Victoria secret or something I don'tknow hit. Call me crazy, Um any other place that I would haunt,though there another place, that I would haunt there's some really cool abandonedfactories around Dayton not abandoned, but just close down factories. It wouldbe cool to Ha. You know an anywhere againany anything for the LAWSAT'sgoing on. Everybody just want to interrupt the show briefly, to give aquick shout out to the folks that are supporting this show. Your anchor andPatrion Mike Wells is currently supporting this show through anchor andthrough a patrom we've got joly, Craig...

Jodi mcdherman, Whitney upchurch and mywonderful mother Melissa. She helping support the show. If you want tosupport the show you can do so through Ancor or you can go to Patrion dotcom,slash, Basement Lounge pod join our VIPZ EAR for only one dollar a month,get access to all kinds of cool rewards like stickers. Our discord server, getyour name shouted out on the show, a d anything else that comes up along theway as well. You even get the show early and commercial free, both invideo and podcast for m once again, do it through anchor or go to Patrion DOTCOM, slash basement, lounge, pod and help support. This show speak ing ofthe show. Let's get right back to it, dohin Ro, H, here's a fun one! If youcould only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be a Chinesefood hands down? I, like, I, don't think people reallyfully Gra only people who really truly understand how much I love Chinese foodare the people who have dated me Oy. So when I was first out of college M, mygirlfriend at the time was still finishing school I had I had graduatedand Um, but on weekends I would you know 'causewh, where we went to school Wa. It was about hour and a half two hours awayfrom from where I was living and actually, where I was working at thetime was about half an hour closee, so itwas about an hour drive whenever I had. I was working atWalmart at the time. So whenever and S I didn't always have back to backdaysoff, it was rare to have like two days off back to back, but whenever I did, Iwould always leave work and drive straight out straight back to thecollege to go to go visit the girlfriend and h. So I would go seo nowso 'd go spend. You know a couple of days and a couple of nights there andit would o it'll be a lot of fun a good way. You know it 's a good way to spendtime with her, but any time he'd be in town she'd, always say what d you wantto do for dinner, and I you know I tell her to make somesuggestions, but I always made it an understood rule that unless she wantedChinese food, she was not allowed to suggest Chinese food because, as soonas she said, the sea word the seaword being Chinese. That's where we weregoing once the idea of Chinese food was put into my head.That's what we were eating. I will eat Chinese food everyday of the week andtwice on Sunday. I love Chinese food so much and so and so andso did she so there ere a lot of times where shewould suggest it just because Um, because she knew you'd have a good time,but but yeah I mean that's any woman who's ever I've ever dated. I mean thathas been an outstanding rule. Is that unless you want Chinese food, don'tsuggest it B'cause? If you suggest it, that's what we're getting Um. My my exfiance was a vegetar. It is eshe's, a vegetarian and so going out to eat. For us, especially B'cause welived in the south was really tough. 'cause everywhere had you know veryneat heavy menus, and this this was before, like nowadays, 'cause you knoww culture's a bit more of a thing. You can get a lot more vegetarian and Veganoptions just about fucking everywhere, even at a steak house, but you know twothousand an eight that wasn't really much of a thing, but so there were veryfew places. We could actually go out to dinner that she would eat at Um, but Chinese was always a go to. I meansschinese food in general is actually pretty vegetable heavy when you thinkabout it really, but so s o there was a place in town called the Red Bowl RedBowl Asian bestro. We would go there a lot ecause. They had a lot ofvegetarian options. H We'd go out for Italian a lot, but but Chinese was kindof a big go to for us, so Um Yeah Chinese food man. I will IAM nevernot in the mood for Chinese food. I...

...don't care if I had it for lunch andit's three hours later and it's dinnertime a for dinner. You WontChinese, You Know What Yeah you know: Kung POW chicken Mugo Guy Pans, sessmechicken general SOS eggrolls. I love Sushi. You now give me some beef ofLomaine. I love Chinese fo crab Rangoon, eggdrop soup. I love it allman. I loveChinese food so much, I'm I'm never not in the mood for it. Let's see here what is something that people areobsessed with, but you just don't get the point of upuntil a month ago, Tik Tok, I'm man, I don't I I hate how much funI'm having with it, but I really am M. I don't know again up until a year agowhat IV said the bachelor, but I'm still going to say the bachelor andthe Bachelorette, and I don't get I I I I don't get owhy. Those shows haveexisted for so long and why they're so God, damn successful and w now that I'mworking in television and part of my job is to deal with with those shows.It's like I'm hooked on Hem now and I hate how addictevd there it's like acar wreck Um something else, Shdon't see the point.I mean I'm not a big sports guy that that that's kind of a load of questionfor me because I e said I'm not I'm not a big sports fan. I Love Baseball and Ilove hockey but, like I don't you know when I had to run the commercials forthe superbowl this year. For the L, the local for the local market, I mean Ithe whole time, I'm shaking my head T, I don't get it, I I don't get it it's kind of a case by case thing.There isn't like one blanket thing that people get into that. I don't get likelike movies. For example, there was a movie that came out lastyear called hustlers that everybody was raving about, did not see the appeal. Ididn't see the appeal at all. I saw the movie, I actually hated the movie. Ithought the movie was actually really irresponsible. I I have a lot of issueswith that movie, but it it's just one of those. It's like people wereobsessed with it and I I didn't get it. I just didn't get it. You know thereare something there are some things that people love that I'm not into, but I get like rockyhorror picture show. Okay, I I'm a theater, I'm a I'm, a former theaterekid. I've seen the rocky horror picture show many times many many times with crowds with small people by myselflive and theater movie, whatever I'm not into it at all, not my thing,but I get it. I get why people love it. Iget why people love it. It's it just doesn't do anything for me same withlike the Beatles, I'm not a Beatles fan at all, but I get it like the Mus, I'm notsaying the music's bad. It just doesn't appeal to my personal taste in music.Now Nirvana that one I don't get. I can't stand ORVANA and I don't know whyeverybody loves them so much that one I don't understand so it's kind of a casebycae, but there's not like one blanket concept or or entity out there thatpeople love that I'm not. I don't total that I don't understand it's it's kindof a case by case thing, but Ber Min I'm also the guy that dresses op like apirate every summer and goes camping for two weeks and lives like it's the and lives likeit's the Middle Ages. You know I I'm that guy, so not exactly one the judgeeither. Let's do one more of these one more ofthese. What would be the worst movie sequel ever made a sequel to cat woman,obvious no um again, I I don't think it depends on on where you're going withthe movie. It depends on how the first movie ended so M. I thought that waswas a movie sequel that Wa s, that was Pointlas M. Okay! Well, I'LL! Give youone right now, that's bugging! The shit out of me is trolls world tour. I don'tlike the fact that there's an attire movie dedicated to the concept that upthey're into rock and metal, they must... evil Um. So there's that one I can tell you someof the worst movie siquls that have existit, but it's hard for me. Anythingthat's is transformers. Equal, obviously is going to be terrible, butyeah it's hard to say what would be the worst movie. Let's come up with oneright now: Let's come up with a movie seguel right now, so let's say it's a sequel to Um: Let's do a sequel to shit is a hard one. I never had one with a bad movie onpurpose. I don't want to ruin something I like Um fuck it. Let's, let's come upwith a brand new seak wol to to the dark, nightls Porten, the darknight rises, never happened, let's go up with the different sequels to thedark night ondk. So in in in this version of the dark night rises. Um we open with you know, Batman, hasn'tretired he's just been on the run, still fighting crying but having toalso avoid the police on the side, and then he is now trying to work with commissioner, Gordon insecret and now it's it's still been. Ten years later and H, we've gotGordon's daughter who we've seen in the first two movies is now a teenager andshe you know she keeps suspecting that that you know she knows that h. She knows that her dad is still workingwith Batman and that it's going to be and that everything's fine, but she hasto keep it a secret, but she know she's like eighteen nineteen years old nowand maybe Sh, you know we're starting Tossis, Barbara Gordon, so we'restarting to plant the seeds of bat girl. I think- and then in this movie,Commissioner Gordon just dies like he faked eyes in the dark night and thisone he actually dies and uh Yeathi OES s sound like a good movie dmI'm I'm Screwin Thi. It sounds like a good movie, actually screw it Um, Idon't know the worst movie Sique ever made would have to be a sequel to analready bad movie, like afe they trying to make on other cats movie. Why verse?First of all, there's not a sequel, two cats. It exists. Why would you make aseguet to that pilof garbage any transformer's moving at this point?Yeah it man way to finish of strong here Mike,let's pull one more out of the deck N on thaone kind of blew P in my face.Let's pull one more out of the Deck H: Where is the deck wheres wheres itwheres it wers it where s 't. where is it okay hear it? Is it's pulled thisone? Okay, if you got stuck in an elevator and we're forced to listen to only onesong, what song would you pick it would pro? It would definitely be ajudish presong and it would probably be it would probably be probably e. Some heads are going toroll off of defenders of the faith. It's either going to be that one orit's going to be between the hammer and the anvil off of painkiller. Those aretwo of my favorite albums two of my favorite songs. I can. I can jam tothose songs anyday any time a day, um any time I make a traveling playlist,as I do often when I travel those two songs go right on there. I've seen and I've seen them play. Someheds are going to roll alive and it's just it's killer Um, if other thanJuda's Presto, maybe something by camelot. You know like a march ofmefisto or H, maybe um o Elizabeth. If I could listen to it'stechnically three songs, but if I could...

...listen to the entire three part sueetof Elizabeth by Camelot, I think that would be fantastic ecause, a that longas fifteen minutes long grand total and it's it's such a. it's such a great,powerful story. The story of Elizabeth bathree that'd be a good one, and then maybe is it just one songreally Um. You know what just for Shitzand gigglesis throwing a little piece of heaven by avenge seven fold, it's a nine minute. Rock opera show tune about ZAMBIS andNecophylia buckith this one of that. One too, I mean that's. I can list there's a lotof song. I can listen to, but h yeah. I think that would do it, so I thinkwe're going to call it there, like I sa D, we're keeping the episode shorternow with everything going on and keeping them shorter easier to digest,and it's just US hanging out today. So it did a little little five questioninterview of myself and this was fun, but h, Hey, we'll do this again nextweek for another brand new episode of the basement. Lounge. Well, do thisagain remember guys you can still check us out. Weekday Mornings at eleven amon twitch and stream, labs, dotcom, slash, basement, lage, pod and a checkout brunch in the basement or weekday morning. News and nonsense show make sure you support the show onPatrion, become a VIP, go to Patrion dotcom, slash, basement, launch podJointour viptr get ato cool new rewards, including the live tapings of theseshows going forward, and until then guys we will catch you next week as always live well rock on take careand bye, bye.

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