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Season 1, Episode 38 · 2 years ago

Mike Interviews Mike - The Basement Lounge: EP#38


Using our handy-dandy PodDecks, let's listen as Mike interviews his favorite person...himself!

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Hey guys, it's Mike. Just wanted to apologize. This episode was actually supposed to drop last week on the twenty four. Due to an error on my part, it never got published and then I had originally planned to release it the following week, along with an actual new episode, so that we didn't miss a week, but unfortunately my work schedule and everything else with the show just got a little busy, so we are off by a week, which is unfortunate because I had hoped to go without missing a week, but it just seemed to happen. But that being said, here is the proper episode that should have dropped last week for you guys to enjoy, and we'll be back on schedule next week as promised. And also, don't forget to make sure you guys are checking out the morning show every day. So enjoy the show and thanks for sticking around. Well, the same on wow, will be sleep. Who Are you? Two? Three? Oh, okay, it's ready for you, Arthur, hey, but some guys thanks or checking out mics for me. Say you're listening to the basement lounge. Why else? Great Job, Ark, thanks nicky. Hey guys, this is Mike Shay and I want to talk to you about anchor. Yes, anchor is the brand new, free way for you to get your podcast career off and running without any cost to you. Simply download the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. Anger is the easiest way to make a podcast, to give you everything you need in one place for free. You can use it right from your phone or your computer. Their creation tools allow you to record and edit your podcast so it sounds tolay magnifeek without having to worry about all the costly set up. They'll even distribe get your podcast for you so it can be heard everywhere. spotify, apple podcast, Google podcast, stitcher. All of that, and you can easily make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. They sent you up with awesome sponsors. All you got to do is record a script kind of like what I'm doing now, throw it onto your show and start making money once again. Download the anchor APP or, go to anchor DOT FM and get your podcast career off and running right now. Just do it already. Grab a drink, pull up a chair and settle it, because you're in the basement lounge. Hey, everybody, welcome to a brand new episode of the Basement Lounge. I'm your host, Mike Shay, as always, and we're hanging on here in the Basement Lounge studio bringing you another quarantined episode. Quarantined episode of the Basement Lounge. Don't have a don't have any guests this week. Actually, the guests for this week is going to be myself. I decided to pull some questions out of the inner out of the interview deck, from pod decks, and we're going to I'm going to interview myself a little bit, Nancho some of these, some of these fun questions, and have a little fun these. These are a lot of fun, so I thought I'd do one of these. Keep it simple this week. Don't worry that we got more guests coming up for the next few weeks. We're coming up close. We're getting closer and closer to episode fifty. Everybody. We're hitting our we're hitting our fifty episode goal. We're going to be having Don Smith, Ray Jackson Andrew Medicitis Ben Howard on the show. We got were lined up guests for the rest of the rest of the season and then we'll probably take a small season break just for maybe like a month or so. If we come back with season two. But we're still doing the live streams a week days at zero am. If you got those, guys, those have been a lot of fun. If you have not yet checked out our daily morning show, Brunch in the basement on twitch, you can do so now. If you don't have twitch you want to be still want to watch the show, we post highlights on our facebook page every day. You can also go to stream labscom Basement Lounge pod and watch the show through there. You can participate in the show through that site. However, it does come with a tip jar. Tips are always appreciated, but you know, the money that goes into...

...that tip jar, all of that goes to us and that helps us keep the show running, as does your continue support through anchor and Patreon. If you go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod. We've been announcing we're working on making some changes and getting it updated and and retro fitted from May. One of the new features were adding is that now going forward on Tuesday's at one PM, which is usually when we take the show. We might have a few days here and there based on scheduling. They're different, but typically Tuesday's at one pm when we have recordings for the butt for the Basement Lounge. Those are those recordings you're going to be live streamed into the Patreon, so you guys can get the show as it's being recorded on our patreon feed and then you'll still be able to get the early episodes on Thursdays and get the regular show on Fridays as well, as well as a few other changes coming through as well. Also, guys, the discord, the basement lounge discord server, if you're a discord user, is now one hundred percent public. I'll ninety five percent public. We've got great chat channels in there for everyone to access, but there's also if you're a patron, don't worry. If you're a VIP, there are plenty of patron only chat chat that channels in there, as well as a voice channel, and we'll be doing more stuff for the patrons in there as well. So there's still plenty of things for you guys to benefit from as a patron. But we're still making the discord open to everybody, because the twitch thing is going really well and we've been doing some game streams into theirs and and this has been it's been a lot of fun. So make sure you check out that show every day and, like I said, if you're not able to check out the show live, the videos do live on on twitch and we post highlights to the facebook page every single day. So let's let's get to this. Let's get to this fun interview. Then we're going to interview myself. Today's episode Mike Interviews himself. So I've got five pulled, five random cards out of the pod decks, second edition interview deck. I'm going to order some more pod decks here soon. These are a lot of fun and they've got some they've got some new decks out. So let's get into this first question here. Well, let's pull. Let's pull one of these cards, and this one says what is something that people think makes them look cool but actually makes them look ridiculous. So I used to mention what. I used to talk about one of these a lot when when I was still working in radio, Thursday nights we'd be I would I was a remote I was a remote tech on a board operator, and the remote tech meant I was the guy that drove the the radio station van down to the bars for like ladies night and hand it out. You know, Free Shit, and so we we do. I do that every Thursday night. I'd go down with our DJ, Mattlee he and I would go to this place in Columbia called blue and it was was kind of a fancy place, you know. I think they had a dress code and had an ice bar and it was it was cool. But, you know, it would be the middle and winner, you know, thirty degrees outside, freezing cold, and you'd see these women come come in wearing basically nothing, wearing basically nothing. I'm not judging a woman for dressing. Let's call it risk a, but what it's thirty degrees outside, you just look cold. You don't you don't look hot, you don't look sexy, you look cold and you look dumb, because then you sit there and Shiver and complain about how cold is what you're waiting for the bouncer to let you in and it's like, well, you know, there was a way around this, there was a way to avoid this. You got to just put some pants on or worn a coat. Trust me, the wee it is a hundred percent possible to look hot and still and still be dressed warmly. It's doable. Something else that people do that I just I don't I've never understood it, and I sound like such an old fuck when I say this, but the sagging pants look. I've never understood it and I'm from the generation that... made that like huge and I've never understood it. It bothers me when my when my pants are hanging low just a little bit, when they start to just drew, you know, because as you give the day goes on, your pants sang a little bit and you pull them back up. I don't understand why. I remember in high school being in Pe and we're doing, you know, our callous are warm up Calistenics, and we're doing our jumping jacks and there were guys who weren't even doing the jumping jacks the right way. They were they were jumping up and down while holding the waistbands of their pants because their pants were fallen down so low. Put on a Goddamn belt. Sis. Yeah, other stuff. People people make them look cool, but actually makes them look ridiculous. Um, I think there's anything else really. I mean, you know, go to Walmart. Anything anybody's wearing at Walmart. You know, I'm I gotta remember I'm a guy who's on tick tock. So I do stupid shit for the lulls all the Goddamn time. Let's go on to another one. Let's do this. Who are? Where would you haunt if you were a ghost? I love this question. I love this question so much. I would haunt the shit. How out of I don't think it's open anymore. Is Amos is? Amos is South End, was this music venue in Charlotte, North Carolina. I don't know if they're still open. I think they may have closed. No, they're still open. Okay, I would haunt the shit at Amos is south end. I really would. I it's a great concert venue. But the first time I ever went to Amos is south end, and I don't know if I've told this story on the show before, and I'm not going to today. It's just the case I haven't. I don't think I have. But first time I ever went to Amos is south end was was not a good time. It ever it was, it was. It wasn't a good time. Anything and everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. The the kind of event I was there for. I kind of got tricked into going. So I've had some great and some terrible memories there, but it's just it's the kind of place that would be so much fun to haunt just because of that first time I was there. I would, I would want to haunt any concert venue. Really, people, though. I wouldn't want to haunt people necessarily. Nobody, nobody in my life has really screwed me over like bad enough that I would want to haunt them. You know, like I've had some people piss me off, I've met people get on my nerves. I've had people screw me over, but not not to the extent that I would want to haunt them for the rest of their lives. Because typically, if somebody has screwed me over that badly, I don't want to be around them. And if I'm a ghost who's never going anywhere, I don't want to spend the rest of my eternity in the afterlife with somebody I hate, not even to bother them. I would, I would, you know, I'd go hang out at a Victoria secret or something. I don't know. Shit, call me crazy. Any other place that I would haunt, though? Is there another place that I would haunt? Um, there's some really cool abandoned factories around Dayton, not abandoned, but just close down factory is. It would be cool to haunt you know anywhere again. Anything for the Lulls it. What's going on everybody? Just want to interrupt the show briefly to give a quick shout out to the folks that are supporting the show. Your anchor and Patreon Mike Wells, is currently supporting the show through anchor and through Patreon. We've got Joey Craig, Jody McDermott, Whitney Up Church...

...and my wonderful mother, Melissa Shay, helping support the show. If you want to support the show, you can do so through anchor. Or. You can go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod. JOIN OUR VIP to here for only one dollar a month. Get access to all kinds of cool rewards like stickers, are discord server, get your name shoutow out on the show and anything else that comes up along the way as well. You even get the show early and commercial free, both in video and podcast form. Once again, do it through anchor or go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and help support this show. Speaking of the show, let's get right back to it. Do any with alls. Here's a fun one. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? A Chinese food, hands down. I Like I don't think people really fully grap only people who really truly understand how much I love Chinese food are the people who have dated me. Okay, so when I was first out of college, my girlfriend at the time was still finishing school. I had, I had graduated, and but on weekends I would, you know, because where we went to school was, it was about hour and a half, two hours away from from where I was living and actually where I was working at the time was about half an hour close with those about about an hour drive. Whenever I had I was working at Walmart the time. So whenever, and I so I didn't always have back to back days off. It was rare to have like two days off back to back, but whenever I did, I would always leave work and drive straight out, straight back to the college to go to go visit the girlfriend, and so I would go se a couple nights there. It would all ots be it will be a lot of fun, a good way, you know, is a good way to spend time with her, but anytime you'd be in town, she'd always say, well, what do you want to do for dinner? And I, you know, I tell her to make some suggestions, but I always made it an understood rule that unless she wanted Chinese food, she was not allowed to suggest Chinese food because as soon as she said the sea word, the sea word being Chinese, that's where we were going. Once the idea of Chinese food was put into my head, that's what we were eating. I won't eat Chinese food every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I love Chinese food so much, and so and so and so did she. So there are a lot of times where she would suggest it just because because she knew you have a good time. But yeah, I mean that's the any woman who's ever I've ever dated. I mean that has been an outstanding rule, is that unless you want Chinese food, don't suggest it, because if you suggest that, that's what we're getting. My my ex fiance was a vegetary. It is means she's a vegetarian, and so going out to eat for us, especially because we lived in the south, was really tough because everywhere had you know, very meat heavy menus. This was this was before like nowadays, because, you know what, culture is a bit more of a thing. You can get a lot more vegetarian and Vegan options just about fucking everywhere, even a steakhouse. But, you know, two thousand and eight that wasn't really much of a thing. But so there were very few places we could actually go out to dinner that she would eat at. But Chinese was always a go to. I mean because because Chinese food in general is actually pretty vegetable heavy when you think about it really. But so, so there was a place in town called the Red Bull, Red Bull Asian be stro. We would go there a lot because they had a lot of vegetarian options. We'd go out for Italian a lot, but but Chinese was kind of a big go too for us. So yeah, Chinese food, man, I will I am never not in the mood for Chinese food. I don't care if I had it for lunch and it's three hours...

...later at dinner time I waiting for dinnery on Chinese. You know what? Yeah, I guess you know. KUNK pound chicken moogoo. Guy Pans has me chicken general. So it's egg rolls. I love Sushi, you know, give me some beef, Loo Maine. I love Chinese food, crab, Rangoon, egg drops, soup, I love it all. Then I love Chinese food so much so I'm never not in the mood for it. Let's see here. What is something that people are obsessed with, but you just don't get the point of? Up until a month ago, Tick Tock is man, I don't I hate how much fun I'm having with it, but I really am. I don't know. Again, up until a year ago, what I said the bachelor, but I'm still going to say the bachelor and the Bachelor at and I don't get it. I don't get a why those shows have existed for so long and why they're so goddamn successful. And we're now that I'm working in television and part of my job is to deal with with with those shows. It's like I'm hooked on him now and I hate how addicted there. It's like a car wreck. Something else I don't see the point of. I mean, I'm not a big sports guy. That that that's kind of a loaded question for me, because I guessid I'm not. I'm not a big sports fan. I Love Baseball and I love hockey, but like, I don't you know when I had to run the commercials for the Super Bowl there this year, for the the local for the local market, I mean I I the whole time. I'm shake them my head, look like I don't get it. I don't get it. It's kind of a case by case. They though. There isn't like one blanket thing that people get into that I don't get. Like like movies, for example. There was a movie that came out last year called hustlers that everybody was raving about. Did Not see the appeal. I didn't see the appeal at all. I saw the movie. Actually hated the movie. I thought the movie was actually really irresponsible. I have a lot issues with that movie, but it's just one of those it's like people were obsessed with it and I didn't get it. I just didn't get it. You know, there are something there are some things that people love that I'm not into, but I get like rocky horror picture show. Okay, I us. I'm a theater. I'm a theam a former theater kid. I've seen the rocky horror picture show many times, many, many times with crowds, with small people by myself live in theater, movie whatever. I'm not into it at all, not my thing, but I get it. I get why people love it. I get why people love it. It's just doesn't do anything for me. Same with, like the Beatles. I'm not a Beatles fan at all, but I get it. Like the music. I'm not saying the music's bad, it just doesn't appeal to my personal taste in music. Down Nirvana, that one I don't get. I can't stand nirvana and I don't know why everybody loves them so much. That one I don't understand. So it's kind of a case by K but there's not like one blanket concept or or entity out there that people love that I'm not I don't told you that I don't understand it. It's kind of a case by case thing, but bear mind. I'm also the guy that dresses up like a pirate every summer and goes camping for two weeks and lives like it's the and lives like it's the Middle Ages. You know, I I'm that guy, so I'm not exactly one to judge either. Let's do one more of these, one more of these. What would be the worst movie sequel ever made a sequel to catwoman, obviously. Now again, I don't think it depends on where you're going with the movie. It depends on how the first movie ended. So I thought that was it was a movie sequel. That was that was point love. Okay, I'll give you one right now. That's bugging the shit out of me is trolls world tour. I don't like the fact that there's an a tire movie dedicated to the concept that up there into rock and...

...metal, they must be evil. So there's that one. I can tell you some of the worst movie sequels that have existed, but it's hard for me. Anything that's a transformer sequel, obviously is going to be terrible. But yeah, it's hard to say what would be the worst movie. See, let's come up with one right now. Let's come up with a movie sequel right now. So let's say it's a sequel to let's do a sequel to shit. It's a hard one. I've never had to up with a bad movie on purpose and I don't want to ruin something I like. Fuck it. Let's let's come up with a brand new sequel to to the Dark Knight. Let's pretend the dark knight rise is never happened. Let's come up with a different sequel to the Dark Knight. Okay, so in in in this version of the dark knight rises, we open with, you know, Batman hasn't retired. He's just been on the run, still fighting cry but having to also avoid the police on the side. And then he is now trying to work with Commissioner Gordon in secret. And now it's still been ten years later, and his we've got Gordon's daughter, who we seen in the first two movies, is now a teenager and she, you know, she keeps suspecting that that you know, she knows that, she knows that her dad is still working with Batman and that it's going to be out and that everything's fine, but she has to keep it a secret. But she knows. She's like eighteen, nineteen years old now and maybe she you know, we're shortened to see in it is Barbara Gordon. So we're starting to plant the seeds of bat girl, I think. And then in this movie commissioner Gordon just dies like he fake dies in the Dark Knight and this one he actually dies. And this is actually sound like a good movie. Damn it, I'm screwing this. This sounds like a good movie. Actually, screw it. I don't know. The worst movie sequel ever made, but had to be a sequel to an already bad movie, like if they try to make out of the cats movie. Why? First? First of all, there's not a sequel to cats that exists. Why would you make a sequel to that pilot garbage any transformers movie at this point? Yeah, it's man way to finish off strong here, Mike. Let's pull one more out of the deck, and one kind of bloom in my face. Let's pull one more out of the deck. Where is the deck? Whereas it? Where is it? Where as it? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Okay, here it is. Let's pull this one. Okay, if you got stuck in an elevator and we're forced to listen to only one song, what Song would you pick? It would probably would definitely be a Judas priest song, and it would probably be. It would probably be, probably be. Some heads are going to roll off of defenders of the faith. It's either going to be that one or it's going to be between the hammer and the anvil off of painkiller. Those are two of my favorite albums, two of my favorite songs. I can I can jam to those songs any day, anytime a day, anytime I make a traveling playlist, as I do often when I travel, those two songs go right on there. I've seen and I've seen them play. Some heads are going to roll a live and it's just kids killer. If other than Judas priest, though, maybe something by Camelot, you know, like a march of Mephisto, or maybe Oo Elizabeth, if I could listen to it's technically three songs,...

...but if I could listen to the entire three part suite of Elizabeth by Camelot, I think that would be fantastic because a that song is fifteen minutes long, the grand total, and it's such a it's such a great, powerful story of the story of Elizabeth bathory. That'd be a good one. And then maybe is it just one song? Really? Um, you know what, just for Shits and Giggles, is throw in a little piece of heaven by event sevenfold. It's a nine minute rock opera show tune about zombies and NECROPHILIA. Locket listen to that one too. I mean that's a yeah, I can listens a lot of songs I can listen to. But yeah, I think that would do it. So I think we're going to call it there. Like I said, we're keeping the episode shorter now with everything going on, and keep it them shorter, easier to digest, and it's just US hanging out today. So it did a little little five question interview of myself and this was fun. But today we'll do this again. Next week for another brand new episode of the Basement Lounge will do this again. Remember, guys, you can still check us out Weekday Mornings at eleven am on twitch and stream labscom Basement Lounge pod, and check out brunch in the basement, our weekday morning news and nonsense show. Make sure you support the show on Patreon. Become a VIP. Go to patreoncom Slash Basement Lounge pod. Join our VIP tier. Get acts to cool new rewards, including the live tapings of these shows going forward. And until then, guys, we will catch you next week as always. Live well, rock on, take care and bubb eye.

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