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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 39 · 1 year ago

"Now We Have Murder Hornets" with Ray Jackson - The Basement Lounge: EP# 39


Comedian Ray Jackson has some unique thoughts on the current state of the world.

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...there's nothing going on, just meand my computer. I know, some time to amen. I got tosee this shit at work. I walk through the office and it's just theyou know, the the sales floor is empty and dark and nobody in thebuilding. Yeah, I had to had to come in. I had totake my temperature. For some reason. My temperature was like six points somethinglike. I'm a superhero there, if I don't know about and that's ayou know, you have to wipe down everything and for the mask on,you know, this reading everything. So yeah, the world is the worldis different. And now, since people don't want to stay in the house, we have murder Horn. It supread. That will be that will be gardento make sure you stay where you're supposed to like, that's go.I guess that's the new big thing this week. You know they're coming orit's like it's like I'm stopped. It's like God was saying, like Ithought the plague was enough to keep your asses inside. Find who you gotdeadly bugs. Now, seriously, stay the fucking side. Yeah, shootthat will. Here are fifty net it's trying to shoot that. I see, you can stuff. That isn't that? The crew ironed this whole thing,this protesting and everything, and then I'm like you again, is nogood a givest the murder horn it. So I'm like, why are youhave a gun anyway? What? What is the gun supposed to do?I mean it, it almost takes the credibility away from your message. I'mlike, I would listen to you, but I'm too worried about the gun. So it's just, man, it's it's it's different stuff, man,and I'm I've been watching things on TV that I would have never watch before. So it's just, you know, I don't I don't have a regimentedsleeping time, but this, you know, that's where I had to get upand kind of try the regiment myself. Like the first few weeks. Man, it was like Waked up at ten, take a nap at three, watch TV till three in the morning, sleep again till about six in howeverelse the random process would be, man, just each next like it'slike a fat kid. Man, just it's the wild time and just incrediblyboring, incredibly wild. Mentally. Out Put it like that. Yeah,I was before all this shit started. I was I was looking at apartmentsand looking to finally move back out and, you know, then this shit hitand I was like, all right, I'll hold off on that. I'mkind of glad I did, because I'll I kept thinking like man,if I if I had moved out and I was by myself every day,stuck at home, not able to guy, would have gone absolutely bad, shitcrazy by now. Yeah, and I'm alone. But now I don'twant this to sound did this. Let me said, I don't want tooffend anybody, but I live next door for some Mexicans going to like Igot like twenty roommates anyway, because there's always through lays or there's a babycrying and there's it sounds like a festival or something over there, because theygot their music to hide. So yeah, it's like I'm alone, but there'salways somebody there because and then below me there's an Asian lady that speakEnglish, so I could say how to her. She just put Seppi everyday that she's outside. There's an old, tired couple that you know, theyjust moved back from, think South...

Carolina. Very next couple, youknow, we just it's American man, Black Guy, Asian Lady, hiredliberals. You know, that's that's what I'm living with. So you,you, you do, you do work with with a lot of the youthin the area, and how is this kind of situation affected like how yourjob goes? Man? Well, really, I work. I work with subcontractedwith job cort of dated and what's whole quarantine thing after or shelter,a place, the booky. It was like college. They all have togo back through there. You know it. We're staying. They resided at thejob court. So basically, I think who it's like being like alike a telemarketer man, just trying to find young people and make sure thatyou're there, you know, hanging in there, the one doing things,and I'm trying to figure out how Google crash will work. So I couldgive them a feel, assign it to because they will work for me andstill the how to be able to supplemit them with income based off some ofthe skills that they would learn. We would be to give him a stipend. So it always helped out. So it's just been a tricky time.Like I just got off the phone. I was trying to find one younglady who resides in to leave, though, and I finally got a hold.All the phones would disconnect. Finally got all the one that was herfather and he said she knocked on my door and she says she was goingto lakes or moving the Vegas. He said. I haven't seen the since, but I was just like food, Hey, I'm not going to eventry to find out more information. Numb where I called it, they didn'task. I said the TEX message. Their reply back. I don't knowher. I don't know if I'm getting catfish. I don't know what's goingon, man. I'm just I'm just trying to keep the shake coming in, man. So I got to document something. So somebody's going to lagbecause I don't know if they getting married, stripping. Don't know. I don'tknow. I don't think. I don't know how she's getting the Vegas. I don't know if it's a good time to be going the vegas rightnow. There's there's the same amount of David in Vegas as are are here. Very few. Yeah, probably. Let's you know, with the Casinoand the tourist trade pull out there. So yeah, man, it's butit's a great time to fly if there's somewhere you could go. I sawwhere the the mayor of Vegas was talking about wanting them to go ahead,let us open up. Vegas will be. That will be the test group tosee if this actually works. And I'm like, like, I knowit's Vegas, but you really want to gamble with people's lives, like that'sjust the responsible lady. And it's it's been in and it's been an incredibletime. I'm not really a political guy, but sometimes you just I watched thepoliticians in everything and it's incredible how they they moved to go clost fromthe number of depths all, from where it's started in March to where itis now. And I'm just by wo this thing. This keeps going upand up. They're like and what's the One guy who was? Jared Kushner? Man. Yeah, man, Sixtyzero died in you know, we feelthat's it's a success. When I was live, I don't think he shouldhave said that. Oh, I don't think that was boarding. Like Hey, me, only six thousand. We did pretty good. We did prettygood. We we since as people die,...

...guys, all right, good fory'all, good for everybody, good for everybody didn't die. Good foryou. We lost them. We lost them. It's getting back. It'sgetting back. Yo, lost you. Yeah, I don't know what happyare we still good? Yeah, we're good, man, okay, butyeah, it's just to say, yeah, Sixtyzero people died, good for everybody, all right, could job everybody. We did it. Yeah, like, yeah, well, man. Yeah. So, you know,I'm just wondering what the next phase would be like. We have we're allin to the comedy and a lot of people learn to the music. Howis good? How is live entertainment going to change from all this? Yeah, and I'm not afraid because it's like far as getting back on stage,and I know a lot of people got to be afraid, because I've doneit where I've taken significant amount of time I'll stage and it's a it's aheck of a transition to get back up there and get going again if younever had the even even though I've done it, I know it's going tostill take time to get my chops back. You know the type rope and everything, but if you've never had that experience in you're a looke new personor even maybe even older, it's it's going to be a wild riot fora while, man, and and and I'm like, I don't know ifI'm ready to do a show. Looking at to the audience and everybody's goton the face mask, like a bunch of Ninjas out there something, becausenow I can't see who's laughing. Is hard to see facial expression. Youknow who's going to keep mask and during the show you know it just naturallyit may come off or some people this in you can't. Can you evenbe socially distant in a club? Is it possible? I don't think itis, man. I think it's just the very nature of wanting to packthe house and have that close proximity because that's what helps the laughter get contagiousor the excitement whatever event you're at I don't see how it would work.Yeah, because how can two people be, I mean I'm talking about comedy clubsright now, like, but any club. How can two people be, like if that's to say limited the two people at table, there's notable with a six part and list like this King Louie and his wifer.There's something I don't know. But yeah, it's going to be. It's goingto be a tough transition, man. or or go to the bar andbecause you know, once we get a little alcohol, Ority know you'vethat, man, fuck that, Colona. Shit, man, I'm talking downhere. I see look good. You know, it's it's a crazytime because I'm a I'm a little bit older, and I see people getupset at the younger generation and always say to myself, you know what,if I was in my mid twenty or younger or whatever, I would bethe same, ignorant way though I would be, because you don't think aboutrepercussions at twenty. What. has there ever been a group of twenty yearolds that were like hey, maybe we should think this through? No,let's just do it. Whatever happens, that happens. You know. That'sthat's that's it's been that way off through like to me, that's so it'sjust going to be as this going to be a tough transition right now,man, but I just hope we all...

...can, you know, do whatwe need to do and hopefully this we could get a vaccine or something.You know, you something happens then that we can all look back on thisand we use just like part of history and not be history. Yeah,it is, because, you know, this is the kind of stuff thatyou read about in your in your history tech books in school, you watchdocumentaries about but it, you know, when's the last time anybody, Imean this, this is something that will this will be talked about in historylessons. There will be entire college classes talking about the coronavirus outbreak of twothousand and twenty and like this is the first time that anybody in a coupleof generations as had to actually like sit back and watch history happening. Likewe're we are a part of history right now, and and that's not somethingthat we're used to. We haven't had big, a big thing like thisin a while. We've had big things happen that were kind of instantaneous.You know, you look at something like like n and eleven, like thatwas a big deal, but it was, oh, in one day and then, and you know, that's one day, this is months. isgoing to be an entire year of history, of human history. That'll be talkedabout for for I mean we're going to be in the same conversation asthe Spanish flu, in the black plague at some point. Yeah, man, it's actual. It is just amazing with all the technology we have,how how borable we really are. It doesn't really even matter. And youknow, I just I just want back to make it like twenty years fromthere. I could just be like yeah, that Shitbout, but there's some key. You were born doing that Shit. Look at the ever respousible parents.They hey, they fuck you out of boardom or something. And Cologne, he's Damn Cologne there. You know how they say the crack babies wouldbe like damn colna babies don't want to do shit with their lazy ass.Is Born how a wedlock. You know, kiss my we're going to have anotherbaby boom. It's going to happen in about nine months. been then, about November, we're going to be having another big ass baby boom.Yeah, with no jobs. Wow, this up them depressive states. Thedollar, the dollars worth seventeen fit now, and you know, and then thetop of off is doing an election, right. So now we got toelection year. You know, we got we got another woman talk aboutI got broke thirty years ago and God, you know, we got people protestingwith guns and you get work. Tiger team came out and that's Iwas like that, that's like before. I got black people standing in linefor Jordan's even though this can't just you know this, it's just wild.It's just it's a different time. It's a bit it's you know, wewe're here, man, will we are in the movie. That's what Itell people. We're in the movie. Be there, m you now watchingit. You're in it. So there will, there will be a moviemade about this and the next ten years, once this shit's over, once they'reback to making movies again, there will be movies made about this.And I want the other movie industry going to change. You know, it'sit's busy, going to be like the fit over here, over there.That you know, because we now we're just we're at the point where we'relooking at like public health versus the comedy. You can't at this point. Youcan't have both right now, right.

So which one choose? And that'sthat's where the I think that's where the country is. Some people arelike, we get it, we get to do what we get it tothe stay healthy. And there's another group is like, Damn that, weto get out here and get this money moving again. We got to getthis ton of me going. Somebody's got a diademic good look to you.So it's it's hard to it's hard to fault the folks who are looking atthe economy side of things because at the end of the day, like thestuff that we need the money for, we still need the money. Like, like I'm more on the public health side of things, but I canalso sit there and say, but I still need my paycheck because I stillgotta Pay Rent, I still gotta pay, you know, for my cell phone, I still got to buy food. So it's it's hard to say,like, you know, the economy side isn't important because unfortunately, eventhough the jobs are pretty much gone away, everybody still want, you know,the bill collector still want to us. Don't want their want their share ofshit and I was talking to a bill collected just today and we wereone of the nicest conversations we've ever had with a bill collector. Anyway,he's like, I'm gonna work with you. I said know, I'm gonna workwith you. That's how about that work in the lifetime to actually usuallyI would be in jail or something out. That's how that's where I got.Now I was at the point where I didn't care bill collectors would comment. I'd be like, I'll be back in six months. He's he's inconcerrated. So you want to keep calling back, go ahead, but obviouslydo just do the craziest thing with build collective, snack everything. But I'mgrowing up a little bit. Yeah, I just I'm just trying to saystuff off W I can and I got me a stimulus check. Have theweight that really it's crazy, man, because I kind of felt guilty gettingit, even though a bunch of people are already having so I haven't evenI just put it in a savings account that I just put it over therebecause it was like, you know, I'm still getting a Che I'm stillpulling up, you know, I'm still pulling a nice nickel right now.And No, I'm just trying to be more conscious about things, but stillpaying stuff off. And then you look at TV man and you just seelike lots to I'm innocent, are working people, man. They you know, they basically just lost it there. They lost everything so far. Yeah, and you know, I just be B wow, you know, Ido. You know, I just feel fortunate right now that I'm still hangingthat. You know, maybe the still hang in there, man, butwe're not through it. That's really I hope, you know, we cannow get back to some normal seat one of these days. And it's roughpounding for people. That is rough. I know what you mean. Yeah, I still I still get to go to work every day and you know, I'm living at home with the family and my mom, you know,she got furloughed from her Gig, and then you got my brother and sisterwho are in high school and college and you know, their home and tryingto figure that side of things out. And Yeah, I got my stimuluscheck to and I felt a little weird. It's like, you know, Idon't I don't need this as much as everyone else does. I'm stillpulling in, pulling in my my monthly income. I was, you know, like you, I was able to you know, between that and thetax return and you know, I had built up a little bit of savings, so that went to just kind of paying off a big chunk of mydebt, which was good. You know, I feel a feel a little betterabout that. But yeah, the same time it's like you look aroundand there's people I you know, I got friends who have been out ofwork since day one and and yeah, they're trying to put any for theunemployment but you know, there's no guarantee that's always going to be there andthey're not always sure if they're going to...

...have the money from one day tothe next, you know, by the field or stay on top of thebills. It's a lot of uncertainty out there right now. Yeah, man, it's crazy. And then you you know it's so it's just this wildtis and but it's been I've same things that I've seen things. I sawa group of girls that lived in the projects that they they for some reasonthey get bored and they they had pool party in their living room. Butyeah, they took this whatever kids. They took one of those little kittiepool not even it was a nice sense blow up pool and I guess theymoved their twelve dollars of furniture that they had in there and decided to blowit up and put a pool in the middle of the living room and geton facebook live and as they smoke weed and danced around in the cess poolof period piss there was. Yeah, man, it was. It was. It was the most earthly disgusting thing I've seen since the colong. Thestarted as like wow, you is sect you they all stars, whether youdon't. Right now. Let's why? Why is this happening right now?And Shit, I would God. It was disgusting that it was in adifferent went viral and I was sitting there like somebody's going to get evicted forthis one. This was like wow, I had never seen nothing like it. I was like. And then right after that I saw tiger king andI was like, okay, this ballances everything out now. I thank dad. I needed to scales or really tilted for a minute in the hood andI said we got it. Okay, okay, we're red necks are weget it. We get it right back. We get it back. So Ithought, yea from the South Man I thought I had seen I thoughtI had seen everything when it came to fucking white trash, hit town redneckbullshit. And then I saw tiger king and I was like, I hadno idea how wrong I was. I have I haven't seen a damn thing. I thought I'd seen it all. Haint seen a damn thing yet afterI saw tiger king, man, I man. You know the craziest partof that? I looked at it and I saw how much jolly jolly decidedwas paying them, like a hundred and like thirty dollars a week or something. I was like that's crazy. These people are doing this stuff for onlya hundred than thirty dollars a week. And then they they zoom over thecarrol basking, and I don't think that was worses that today were volunteering right. They weren't even paid. And I was like you got to be fuckingShit me, man. What type of shit is it if she didn't theylike when was it you hit? They were known by the color of theirt shirt, like yeah, through there like the Queen, like I don'teven know. You said it shit, like some type of rock star something. I was like, this is from a. This is some new gameof thrones bullish shit. I love the I don't know if you're a starTrek Fan, but it cracked me up that she had these the new peoplewalking around and red shirts, and I was like yeah, Alla, makehim feel better. Yeah, put them in. The red shirts will bethe first ones to go in a tiger pain. Good for you, we'regoing to be fine, but you're going to get eating. Then you hadthat, what was his name? The guy with the fucking with the Haremfull of women. Yeah, this Sufterlina,...

...yeah, which when I lived,when I lived down there, you know, we we would go tomyrtle beach all the time and there was one summer my dad was like weshould go check we should go check that place out, and but it waslike three hundred bucks a person to get in. Or you're like fuck that, that that. Yeah, it's so expensive to get in there. Butyeah, they's got a cult. He's got just this little sex cult goingon, riding down the street on an elephant like it's no big deal.Wow. Yeah, and he he'll change, you know, gets the ladies andhe changes their names and everything and tells me, you got to getsome new boats too. You know, you need new kitty. Be aveterinarian with the Flat Kitty. Who can't get you some pids and being thereright you name, can't chairs in the hell. The one like that onegirl who was like yeah, getting to when she was like I was onbed rested after the BOO job. was like it was the first break I'dhad in like three years, and I'm like, who the hell, wait, why? What part of any of this has you going like ass whatI want to do? That's what I want to do. What the fuck? Hey, my favorite world was the I just called her. Called calledher pat the one that get our arm eating off by the tiger. Well, yeah, get, yeah, and the she just said just cut itoff because I got to get back to work. I feel what right?I say, yeah, she was like this pay because I got to getback to work. I'm like that, I said that had the thirty eightdollars. Was Calling your name, that you had to get that. Andthey end up being the most normal one in the whole damn show, becauseit's every time they cut back to this, she's drive the car, just sayinglike yeah, just just working. You know, I just I wasjust going there to collect the paychecking more like they were the most normal oneout all of them. Everybody else was, you know, talking about how,yeah, I got this suicide pack with Joe and we got bullets witheach other's name is written on them and and I'm going to Y'all do himfirst and then do myself. And I'm like, well, you guys,you guys are making a hundred bucks a week for this. What? Yeah, wow, yeah, it's it's been quite quite interesting, man. Butyou know, I don't know, I thought I would never get so boredto the day where I didn't want to rub it out there like even that. Now you're just kind of like, I mean, I guess you aroundto it later. A Hey, like I gotta write. What's the rush? I ain't getten to do it a day. Had to shit, man. Well, Damn Ray. You know, we've been the stand up thing iswhat's really got me, you know, worrying. Is it's just because it'slike, you know, I want to get back to it, butyou know, I'm also thinking like, like, I know they're doing thethe online writing sessions right now in discord, but it's like I can't even Ican't even put a thought together like like to try to write material aboutthis shit. It doesn't give you the same endorphins of the life of just, you know, hearing somebody doing this thing here in the last the energyis just not saying. I mean in all respect, everybody this that's doingthis sying online and they having instagrams and now that all let you know it. There's no substitute for live art. There's just no substitute for it,not even a little bit. Man,...'s there. You're right. Meanssomething about that, that live feedback from the audience that you know really Aa. It lets you know what you're doing is good and be it's just that, just that thrill you get and not having that right now it you knowit's not going to lie. It's a little draining, like I kind offeel myself getting. I was talking to Jodie McDermott about this. Is likeit's it's exhausting trying to continue to try to write stuff right now, becausethe hell knows when I'm even going to get to try it out in frontof a proper audience and if it'll even work. I could spend the nextsix months right in these jokes and then come out of it was like,well, none of that shit worked it because you don't you don't know what'sgoing to be accepted after this and you can't. Like for me, Italk about just things about life anyway, so I don't try to steer toofar away from this or that or that or this. You know, andI mean we all have a story to tell, but how can you tellthe story in that include this? Yeah, like this is part of all episode. None of us know what the baseline is on what's going to work, what's not going to work, what's going to you know, what?What? What's everybody thinking about? What's unique? What's Hacky? You know, it's all that. That's the end. Then the crazy thing is we're allgoing to go back at the same time. Yeah, like what's thewhat's the open MC going to look like? What's the show's going to look likeonce we all start? I mean, so it's like if the club evergoing to be able to be filled up, or is is it goingto just be like if the club's going to have like this, like touringcomedians? Is the other are the younger cat's going to get a really givea shot? You know it's going to be. It's going to be veryinteresting to see how this whole thing works out, how it just shakes out. And I'm also they could we don't want the sorry, we don't wantthe Club School Cup can only be halful. Yeah, and I'm thinking about it, like you know, so many of us, you know, wepull from we pull from life experience and you know, we try to getthe audience to relate to us. Well, you know, I'm looking at thislike a year from now, say we're all back to going up.Every single one of us is going to have the same damn story from thelast year. We were stuck at home. Like what are the open MIC's goingto turn into? It's going to turn into ten comics telling stories abouthow they were home and all the time and board and the got pissed offat their girlfriend. Like that's going to be every comedian and all the audienceis going to be like yeah, no, we went through the exact everyone's goingto have the same life experience from the past year and it's going toit's going to make it that much harder, which can be a good thing.Is, you know, it kind of forces you to try to bea bit more original. But yeah, you know, we're all living theexact same life experience right now. All right, yeah, it's just fullof see, you know, it's the same. But it will be differentbecause people will be talking about you know, there their kids, you know,like you, you live with your family. I lived the row.There'll be self sub subtle differences which you're going to have to dig you're goingto have to die. Yeah, you know, you know, like theygot the chicken factory. It's like you got to go back to work student. Yeah, you get your ass back in there, and good luck toyou, for we ain't getting nothing. There's no one employment for you.So it's either chicken fact and nothing.

All right, right, we gotto gather's right. Who can sell a car right now? Rom Selling thehouse right now, like nothing's moving right now. So you know, they'rethat Wi all all, we'll all be able to relate. But how differentcan your story be about the same topic? That's where I think is going tobe. Yeah, like we reft her in school. Okay, we'regoing to. I'll write a story about your quarantine. So get your pantsare paper out and let's all right, a quarantine story it was fucked up. That's what I guess that. I couldn't bitch shit. I wore sweatsevery day. I'm going for my wife being okay. Smoked a lot ofherb, but you know, young people, we smoked a lot of her Ihad a lot of the sect sex. I don't we raise money for anabortion. I don't know many. Soon it's going to I spent thewhole quarantine drunkers before the probably would turn money into it. Go from me. I don't know about something about the clinic. I don't know. Givehim a dollar. Shit, Shit, well, Ray Jackson, man,thank you so much for calling in. Man, I appreciate this. Allright, man, whow we ending? On an abortion, Jubber, andthat's very man. I'm A. I'm an end on the big laugh.And Yeah, I'm not going to end on a sad ass we were stuckin quarantine. No, I'M gonna end on a laugh, man. Right. So, yeah, that's cool, man. That's and that's how wego do it, man, we do. Hopefully Mother Nature will pay. Thewill pay the heating deal. Man, we can get some damn some somereal warf in here. Man, I like Shit. I'm like it'sme and I'm still get that Teenis is still small, like he's been inthe pool warm up for a minute. It the turtle down there, likeit's still cold. I fucking I grilled out last night, but I stillhad to wear a damn hoodie while I was doing it. I'm I shouldn'tbe cold standing next to the grill. Damn it. Yeah, I meanit's cool during the day, but like right around and the carts life.Well, that's the end of the day. So I don't know, man,maybe it's the government man between. We're going to keep the cold andwe're going to have murder for it today. That should keep for me here.That's I don't let it warmer and keep them keep the corn. Itcrop again the going. Maybe we can get them to sit out. That'ssomebody's going to have a spiracy coming. Like you know, it really ain'tno range. It's out there. That's just to keep people in the house. So I'm going to go out. If I got my a of fifthingby the AUT I'll shoop. That's from a bitch. I'll put the off, put the laying thing in. It is a little zipper. It'll stoutshoots as back to Asia. Shit, man, it's always good, alwaysgood talking to you a always good talking to you about appreciated man. Wego have to hook up real stone, man, we we haven't even beenable to do. No more road trips and nothing. Man, yeah,misdriving to Linma, Miss Driving a Lima for the MIC and hanging out.And once this shit, once this shit's over, it's just going to beman, I'm going to we're going to be seeing everyone's going to be suddenlywant to hang out with everybody all the time since this shit's over. Whom? Bye, Yaina, that Shit. Three weeks later, I'm gonna beright. You know, I still don't like it. Man. I forgothow much y'all piss me off. Shit...

...going vack and see, Yep yMike, man's been a pleasure, man, as always, buddy, I'll talkto you soon. All right, man, you stay safe out there. Till everybody else and they say so we can is over with me.I want to go swimming in two thousand and twenty two, man, wegot. I want to be ready for the pull WEEGAD. Hell, yeah, stay safe, brother. All right, thank you later, Man, lightAli. Guys, that was our interview with Ray Jackson. Thanks tohim for calling in, and that is going to do it for this week'sepisode of the Basement Lounge. You guys can always check out randew episodes onall your favorite podcast APPS, stitcher, spotify, apple podcast, all thatgood stuff. Remember, guys, you can join our patreon joined the threedollar a month of VIP to or get this show early and commercial free.Hang out in the live streams when we're recording the shows, get stickers allkinds of cool stuff and follow us on all the social media at Basement Loungepod on instagram and facebook, tbl underscore pod on twitter, and check outour weekday morning show on twitch every day at eleven am eastern standard time,Brunch in the basement. It's our Daily News and nonsense show. My nameis Mike Shay and guys, will see you next week here for another episodeof the Basement Lounge. Until that is always live. Well, rock on, take care and by bye.

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