The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 39 · 1 year ago

"Now We Have Murder Hornets" with Ray Jackson - The Basement Lounge: EP# 39


Comedian Ray Jackson has some unique thoughts on the current state of the world.

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Lounge we've got a returning guess back on the show.We've had 'em on once before and always good to get to talk with this guy,because once you get him started, he don't stop and it makes my job a loteasier. We got rayjacksand comedian, Ray Jackson on the phone. How you doingran what's going on, might good to pee backman just uh. You Know Gon a whole lot of nothingright now: Right Man, you, ah Yo 'r you're, still working at least right yeah for the most part, but Um basallywork working from home, I'm in my office RIHT, not my HomeOffice. I mean my actual office because they aw ye. So why how you know e SOM restriction, so I got to come inhere and ger a few things that I couldn't get before an but Um. It'sjust me right now, so it is kind of a good thing, but it's kind of a harything to Thereis, nothing going on Igis... and my computer. I know I anmen. Igot tcin at work, I I walked through the office and it's just you know. Thesales floor is empty and dark and there's nobody in the building year. I have to have to comein a takemy temperature. For some reason. My temperature was like six pointsomething I was like: I'm a Sopheron men and thats. You know you have to wipedown everything and Avet put a maskoand. You know just readining everything, SOCyeah, the world is the wiadis different and now, since people don't want tostay in the house, we have murder Hornit Ras. That will be. That would beUm Garden. Make sure you stay where you're supposed to. I guess I guessthat's a new big thing. This week you know the theyre, comin or t'slike Tuf.Think God was saying like I thought the plague was enough to keep your assesinside fine. Here you got deadly bugs now seriously stay the fucking side, ut yeah shoot at with you ar fi plan EOShek that a group GE people stop that. I they met the cruel ironate, okaypdos,cotesting and everything, and then I'm like your gun is no good itgives, themurder on it, thou oin, I'm like. Why do you have a gunanyway? What what has begun supposed to do? I mean t. It almost takes ecredibility away from your message. I'm like I will listen to you pim too worriedabout the God. So it's justmes, it's it's! It's differentstuff man and I'm I've been watching things on T v that I would have neverwatched before. So I is you know I don't. I don't have a regiment sleepingtime. I just I you know, that's why I had to gete up and Kindo try toregiment myself. Like the first few weeks, man, it was like wake up at pen. Take a NAK at Dre WatchTV til three in the morning, sweep again til about six and, however else the random process wouldbe man just each nax like Microfat Kyd man, just just a wildtime, an just it creo beboring an probably wild mentlly. I put it like that yeah. I was h before all this shitstarted. I was I was looking at apartments and looking to finally moveback out, and you know, then this shit hit and I was like all right- all holeoff on that. I'm kind o glad I did 'cause. I I kept thinking like men. If,if I had moved out- and I was by myself every day stuck at home- not able to, Iwould have gone absolutely bat shit crazy. By now yeah cas I'm alone, but yeah- I don't Idon't want, I I sell Um, you did just. Let me S, I don't Wan to offend anybody,but I live next. doorise of Mexicans. Goin, like I get like twenty roommatesanyway, because there's hotway from loy or there's a baby crying, and is itsound like a festival or something over there 'cause they got their music toohigh. So yeah, it's it's! I I'm alone, but there's always somebody there causeBei anen below me. There's Asian Lady thato speak English. So I ti to say howto her she just looks trappy everyday, that she's outside a thes old etar couple that just youknow they just moved back from. I think...

South Carolina very nice couple eitowwe dust it's American man, Blak Guy, Agien, lady Um, hired liberals. You know that's that'stwhat I'm living with a d. You do work with with a lot of the youth in the area andhow? How is this kind of situation affected like how your job goes? Man? Well, really. I workso I work withsubcontractd with Childcourt, updated and Wach the whole quartine thing, apyor shelter place, T buke. It was like college, they all had to go back tothere o. You know they were staying, theyrevided at the job court. So basically I do it's like being like, like atelemarketer man, just trying to fire young people and make sure tht they're,you know hanging in there doing doing things and I'm trying to figure out howGoogle Class ROL works so ide, I you assign it and they they wild work formetiel. I would be able to suppement them with incom thesed, O some of theUM skills that they would learn. We wouldbeto give them a CYP, so it always helped out so its it's us been a trickytime. Like I just got off the phone, I was trying to find Wor Yon Rady, whorevived in to leave O, and I finally got a hold all the falls. We disconnectfinally got all the Pun, a was her father and he fail. She knocked on mydoor and she says she was going to Begus Soim. Moving to Vagas, he said I avesame six ias just like Fol AK, I'm not goin to even try to find out moreinformation number. I called it. They didn't age, our Seko sex message, therepriant back. I don't Rol, I her. I don't know if I' geting cat fishd, Idon't know, what's going on man, I'm just I'm just trying to keep a checke comingand ther. So I got a doctogen something so somebody's going to VECAS. I don'tknow if they'r getting married stripping. I don't know I don't Kno, Idon't Thinki, don't know how Shes Ein e Vegas. I Don' O it a good plan to begoing to vacus right, nown, heas heas, the Samimo Down N Vegaesar, ar herevery few yeah, probably less Deow, with a casino and a tourist trade o outthere. So yeah man it, but it's a great time to fly. If there's somewhere, youcould go. I saw where the the mayor of Vegas wastalking about wanting hem to go ahead. Let Us Open: U Vegas, we'll, be thatwe'll be the test group to see if this actually works and I'm like, like, Iknow it's Vegas, but you really want to gamble with people's lives. Like that's, jus t irresponsible, lady AAy, it's it's been. It's been anincredible time, not really a political guy, butsometimes you just. I watch the politicians and everything and it'sincredible how they they mov go cost one number of depths o from where itstarted in in March to where it is now and I'm just bi. This tin just keepsgoing up and up er like ther was the one guy whowas Jeer cushiner mal year theres sixty thousand died intether week, Ot tha its Jus Asuccess, an I like. I don't think he should have said that.Oh I don't think I was porting like He. We only los six thousand. We it prettygood. We did pretty good. We, we six tos people, Igus all right, goodfor yoall good for everybody, good for...

...everybody, Thidn't Doit, O Foryo h. WeLost Hem o. We lost hem t'sgoting back S, geting back ye that lost you. Yeah, I don't know whet happy. Are westill good yeah we're good Amin, OKAYBT Yeahisa Yeah Yeh? Sixty thousandpeople died good for everybody. AIT could job everybody. We did it yeahlike Yel Man Yeah. So you know I'm just wonderingwhat the next pase will be like. We we're all up to the UH. The the comedy and lot of people areinto the MUSICIC IAS that I was alive, entertainment, Gon Change from all this Ya Andi. I'm I'm not afraid because it's like far as geing back on stagenow a lot of people ot to be afraid, because I've done it while taking significantamoter time I'll stage and there's a it's a heck of a transition to get backup there and get going again. If you never had an even though I'vedone it. I know it's going to still take time toget my chops back. You know the typewope and everything, but if you'venever had that experience and you're a new, a new person or even maybe evenolderit's, its going to be a while Rit for a whileman- and I and I'm like I don't know- If I'm ready to do a show looking intothe audience and everybody's got on the face, Masit's like a bunch of dingesout there or something 'cause. Now I can't see who's lauging it's hard tosee. pacial expression. You know who's going to peep of mask going doring theshow you know it just naturally. If they may come off therre some peopledisn and you can't Um. Can you even be socially distant in ina club? Is it possible? I don't think it is man.I think it's Jus, the very nature of wanting topack the house and and have that close proximity ecause. That's what helps thelaughter get contagious or the excitement whatever event you're at Idon't see how it would work. Yeah 'cause I tel two people see I mean, and I'm talking aboutcomedy cubs right now like but any club. I cul two people be like if this is say,limited Te. Two people at cable there's no pay a sixty part. A liveslike iin live Q, liuly and his wiper thereor, something I don't know, but Um yeah, it's GOINGTO, be it's GOINGTO, bea tough tranition, then or or gog to t a bar and 'cause. You know once we weget a little alcohol, I dyou o. You Got Man Buck, teck, Calona Shit, an I'mtalking down here. She looks good. You know its just it's a crazy ca 'cause,I'm I'm a little bit older and and I' see people git upset at the younger generation andalways sai to myself. You know what, if I was in my lit twenty or younger orwhatever I would be the Sane Inwar Waygo. I would be 'cause. You don'tthink about repercussion at twenty ot, but havethereer been a group of twenty year olds that were like hey. Maybe weshould think this through opes just doit an whatever happen, Gat that that's that's. It's then thiht wayIl do like to macet. So it's just going to be. It is going to be a toughtransition right now ten, but I, I guess hope we all can ow. You know dowhat we need to do. Hopefully, just we...

...could git a vacciine or something. Youknow something happens, man that we can all look back on this and we use s likepart of history. Tay Not be history, yeah, Caus, 'cause. You know this isthe kind of stuff that you read about in your your history, taxbooks inschool y. You Watch documentaries about it, but it you know when's the lasttime. Anybody I mean Thi. This is something that will this will be talkedabout in history, lessons there will be entire college classes talking aboutthe corona virus outbreak, O t thosand and twenty nd like this is the firsttime that anybody in a couple of generations has had to actually like sit back and watch history happening. LKe, we're we are a part of history right now and and that's notsomething that we're used to. We haven't had big a big thing like this. In a while,we've had big things happen that were kind of instantaneous. You know youlook at something like like nine eleven like that was a big deal, but it was ohin one day and then- and you know that's one day- this is monthsis goingto be an entire year of his of human history. That'll be talked about for,for I mean we're going to be in the same conversation as the Spanish fluand the black plague. At some point, yeahmaage- and I feel, was just amazingwith all the technology we had, how howavoiable we really are. It doesn'treally even matter ten. You know I just wont I could make it like. Twenty yearsfrom now a I could do t be like it. Yeah Hat Shit, O othe Tik of some key.You were born, doing thats, look at irresponsible paent, they a yo they w e,but you out O bordem or Socoloe, Dom coon. You Know How he dad a crack babyhe'd be like Damn coone day. He don't want to Dosi with the lazy asses bornout o wedlock, Youn Kiss my we're going to have another baby boom. It's it's!It's GOINGTO happen in about nine months. Man in about November, we'regoing to be having another big ass baby boom yeah, with no jobs, es it, a Avpe, presit state, O dollar.The dollar is worth seventeen now and e Kid Kid. You know, and then the topoutis doing any LEC right. So now we got alecton. You know we got. We got another womantol about. I got qot thirty years ago and H God, you know we got peopleprotested with guns and you get Wat Tiger can came out and that's what Iwas like thatthat od before he I there you go. I got black people standing in line forJordan, just couldn' just byou know just it'sjust pild it', just a it's a different time! O It's a I it's!You know we we're here, Ma'N, we'll we are inthe movie. That's what I tell people we're in the movie, Man Yonot watching it you're ind. So there will. There will be a movie madeabout this in the next ten years, once the Shit's over once they're back tomaking movies again. There will be movies made about this, and I wonder how the movie industryit's Goin to change. You know it's. It's is Goin to be like kit. He fitover er over ther that you know 'cause. We Now wer just we're at a point where we were lookingat like public health, versesle ECOMEDY. You can't at this point. You can't haveboth right now right so which one choos...

...and that's that's where the I thinkthat's Whar. The country is some people are like we gotta. We gotta do what wegotto do to stay healthy and there's another group Thatis like them that wegotta get out here and get this money moving again. We gotta get this economy going.Somebody's Gotto die. They make good luck to you. So it's it! It's hard! It's hard to fault thefolks who are looking at the economy side of things, because at the end ofthe day, like the stuff that we need the money for, we still need the money.Like, like, I'm I'm more on the public health side of things, but I can alsosit there and say, but I still need my paycheck because I still got ta PayRent. I still got ta pay. You know for my cell phone. I still got to buy food.So it's it's hard to say, like you know, the economys side isn't importantbecause, unfortunately, even though the jobs have pretty muchgone away, everybody still want. You know the bill. Collectors still wantstilt want their want, their shareshit and H. I was tout to a bill collected justtoday. We were a on Te, nicest conversations we've ever had with abill collected. You know, like I'm, going to work withyou te. No, I'm going to work with you that how about that wok in e life,actually usually I would be in jail or somethingthat's. That's where I got knew. I was at the point where I didn't care billcollectors would call me I'd, be like e'll, be back in six months, hehe's inconcerated, so you wonty keep calling back go ahead. I used to just just knew the craziestthing. would be a Colnectiv Snackeebay, but all grown up a little bit now yeah,just I? U Try to pay stuff off. While I can an and I got, the estenish check had a weightat really. It's crazy Mer, 'cause. I I kind of feel guilty diit, even though a bunch of people alreadyhave 'em. So I haven't even I just put Inin a sitment account an I just put itover there because it was like you know, I'm still getting a CH, I'm stillpulling a Yeu. No I'm still pulling a nice nickel right now, an no I'm just trying to be more cautiousabout Bheings, but still paying stuff off and ten. You Look Gat TV man, youjust see like Naching, a inyting ar working people. Man andyou know they they basically just lost it there. They lost Everydin so far,yea and you know Gess, we ot O o. just I just you kno. I just feel fortunateright now that I tat I'm still hanging back. You know maybe the Stell hanginin there bad, but we're not doing that Wer, not re Eo, so I just hope. No, wecan all get back to her sonormously one of these days. My infent is, iswell value for people. AASI know what you mean: Si still get to go to workevery day and you know I'm living at home with the family and my mom. Youknow she got furload from her Gig and then you got my my brother and sisterwho were in high school and college, and you know they're home and trying tofigure that side of things out and yeah. I got my stimulus cheqk too, and I Ifelt a little weird. It's like you know I don't. I don't need this as much aseveryone else does, I'm I'm still pulling in pulling in my my my monthlyincome. I was you know like you. I was able to you know between that and thetax return, and you know I had built up a little bit of savings, so that wentto just kind of paying off a big chunk of my debt, which was good. You know I feelfeel alittle better about that, but yeah at the same time, it's like you, lookaround and there's people. You know I got friends who hade been out of worksince day, one and and yeah they're trying to put inonemployment, but youknow, there's no guarantee, that's always going to be there and they're,not always sure. If they're going to...

...have the money from one day to the next,you know buy the fe or stay on top of the bills. It's it's! It's a lotuncertainty out there right now, yeah ma it's crazy, er! Ten, you! Youknow, I it oit. Just just mild pim EEES, ten I'e Seen Things Im sang thing. Um. I saw a group of girls that they livein a project that they tey for some reason they got bored and they theyhade the pool party in their libing rol yeah. They took to w whichever kidhthey took one of those little kitty pools. Not even it was a nice lowerpool and I guess they moved there. Twelve dollars o furniture that theyhad in there and hecided to blow it up and put a pool in the middle of theliver room and get on face book, Lie and hope to weed and danced around and a sespool o period.Piss um it as just yeah EAN it was it was it was. I wasoterly discussing thing Iad seen since BECOONA started a I like wow, do justfectonate all stars. Well, a es going right now t's. Why? Why is thishappening right? Now? I work, Oh God. It was disgusting thatit was an Adiff way, biral and O in there, like H, somebody's going to getAnvicty for this one. I just was right wow. I I had never seen nothing like it. Iwouldn like and then right up, ter o self tiger king, an I as like. Okay,this bouched everything out now isuld thank tod. I needed toti thescales ere really tilted for em in an in thehoodand. I we Gott, okay, okay,we're were next o. We do we geting right back. We get it back, but Ithought Yefrom, the South Man. I thought I had seen. I thought I had seen everything when itcame to fucking white trash, hittown, redneck bullshit, and then I saw tigerking and I was like. I had no idea how wrong I was. I H I haven't seen a damnthing. I thought I'd seen it all Hain' seen the damn thing yet after I sawtiger Kang Man Iman, you know the craziest part ofthat I've looked at it and I saw how much joly Soi xodic waspaying hem like a hundred and like thirty dollars aweek or something I was like. That's crazy. These people are doingthis stuff, Onlya hundred and thirty dollars a week, and then they they zoomover Tho, Carol, Baskin and I dn't think T at was worses that they werebotir charing right. They weren't even Gett paid, and I was like you gotta, BeFuck Shit me or what type of shit is I if she didnt like what was it e? Theywere known by the color of their teeth. Shirt like E, a o e like teen, like Idon't even know, Youteti Shet, like some type of rock star something I waslike this is some I see this is some new game of Tron go shit. I love, I don't know if you were a starTrek Fan, but it cracked me up that she had these. The New People walkingaround in red shirts and I was like I will make him feel better. Yeah put Hemin the red shirts het'll be the first ones to go, and a tiger pen good foryou, yeah we're Gongta be fine, but you'regoing to get eating a I socke. Then you had that what was his name, the guy with thefucking, with the hairmful of women,...

Yeah Doi' in South Carolina yeah, which,when I, when I lived down there, you know we w. We would go to Myrtle beachall the time and there was one summer my dad was like. We should go CH. Weshould go check that place out and but it was like three hundred bucks, aperson to get in an your like k that M aw. It's so expensive to get in there,but yeah the's got a cult. He's got just this little sexculp, going on riding down the street on an elephant like it's, no big deal, wow gdum yeah and he he'll change. Helook it the Lady Han. He changes thei, Mang and everything and Ti that you go ges me new boat cool, soyou know o a nokaty. A can be a veterinara. It eflactity whocant get you some Pid a an iny unite cat cha in the house e the one like that one girl who waslike yeah getting when she was. I was on Badrest after the BOO job. It wasthe first break I'd had in like three years and I'm like who the Hell Lik. Why? What part of any of this hasyou go like CAS? What I want to do? That's what I want to do. Fuck my favorite one was be uh. I just calld it Al Oder, PA the one that get an arm eaten off by thetiger. well, T yeah and she just say just cut it off 'cause I gotto get backto work. I said what right Atyeah I sees I did PAA. I got to getback to work, I'm like that Actua e Hundre, thirty eight dollars wascalling your name and you had and they ended up being the most normalone and the whole damn show is e. every time they cut back this.She driving the car just saying like yeah justworking e, I was just goingthere to collect the paycheck more L K. They were the most normal one at all ofHem. Everybody else was, you know talking about how yeah I got thissuicide pack with Joe W en we got bullets with each other's names,written on 'em and and I'm I'll do him first and then do myself, I'm like w. You guys, you guys, are making ahundred bucks a week for this. What Yeah I cu sa Im wow, so yeah M it'sit's, it's been quitequite interesting than but you know I I thought I would never get so bored tothe day wher. I didn't want to rug it out ther like even that now you're, just Kinda,like I e, like H, I get around to it later, an Ta like I got a Wa Wa to rush. I ain't gotenothing to do with today. I had to look Qitr shit man. Well, Damn Ray Um, you know, we've been the standup thing is: What's really gotme, you know worrying. I it's just 'cause. It's like you know. I want toget back to it, but you know I'm also. Thinking like, like, I know, they'redoing the the online writing sessions right now in discord, but it's like Ican't. Even I can't even put a firtogether likelike to to try to Bryant material about the shit. It doesn't give you the same endorpenseof the life ofjust. You know, hearing somebodydoing a thing here in the last. The energy is just not the same. I mean in Ilrespect everybody that Tet doingthat they gonline and and the pace having extagraums and allthat all. But you know it there's no substitute for live art. There's justno substatute boyt,...

...not even a little bit. Man, it's it's!It's the' You're right, I mean ere's something about that that live feedbackfrom the audience that you know really a a it lets. You knowwhat you're doing's good and be it's just that step thrill, you gait and nothaving that right now it you know it's it' not going to lie it's a littledraining. I E I kind of feel myself getting was talking to Jodi mcdermanabout this is like it's. It's exhausting trying to continue to try to writestuff right now, 'cause, who the hell knows when I'm even going to get to tryit out in front of a proper audience and if it'll even work, I coul spendthe next six months. Writing these jokes and then come out of it was like.Well none of that Shit worked Eh 'cause, you don't you don't know, what'sGoingto be accepted after this and you can like for me. I talk about thustthings about life anyway, so I don't try to steer too far away from this orthat or that I you know, and I mean we all have a story to tell. But how canyou tell t a story and not include this yeahlike? I part of all of is so. Noneof us know what the base line e is on. What's going to Barkwas not going towork, wer's Goin to you know, but whtwhat's everybody thinking about whatyou weak, what' hacky. You know it's all to that's Te. An the crazy thing iswe're all going to go back at the same time Y, like once the Wat the hopin might Gonto look like.What's the show full of look like once we all start, I mean so it's like if the crub is ever going to be Abe tobe filled up Aras I itg to just bee like if thiscourbs Gohad, I justlike troring comedians. If the the R, theyounger cats go to get a really get a shot, you know if it's Goingta be it's going to be very interesting tosee how this whole thing works out. Ow just shakes out cause animal. You knowthey could we all want the CSIDE we all want to toSPOC tonly be Hafpo yeah and I'm I'm thinking about it. Like youknow so many of us, you know we pull from. We pull from life experience and youknow we try to get the audience to relate to us. Well, you know I'mlooking at this like a year from now say we're all back to going up. Everysingle one of us is going to have the same damn story. From the last year wewere stuck at home, like what are the open mikes going to turn into it'sgoing to turn into ten comics telling stories about how they were home andall the time and Bor and and got pissed off at their girlfriend. Like that'sgoing to be every comedian and all the audience is going to be like yeah, no,we went through the exa everyone's going to have the same life experienceh from the past year and it it's it's gonna, it's going to make it that muchharder which can be a good thing 'cause. You know it kind of forces you to tryto be a bit more original, but yeah. You know we're out living the exactsame life experience right now, yeah, so it's just Gono. Be You know it's thesame, but it'll be different because people il be tal about. You know thertheir kids and you know, like you, you Yui with your family. I live alone,they'll, be so subs subtle, pempreses, whic, you're, going to have to digyou're goingto have to de yeah yea. You know I, I e Te Goy to ShakerFactory Itas like you got to go back to work. Excuse me, yeah! You get your heads back in here. Goodluck to you, O you ain't, getting nothing! There'sno unemployment for you! so as either shakaback tick, enoug e, the rig Horits right.

We gove to gather right who can sell up car right now. EreSelling the house right now, like nothing's, moving right now, soyou knowthey'll th, we'll all we'll all be able to relate. But how different can your story beg about Thi same topic? That'swhat I think as going to be yeah, but I grew UPO school. Okay, we're going toAL write, a story about your quorantine! So get your pans and paper out andlet's all Rit a quorentine story. It was tocked up. I guess that I cun bit hit awar sweatevery day, wat my wife B, okay, so smoked a lot of her. Ok Young people.We smoked a lot of her, have a lot o Shak Idon't Um. We raise money for anaportion, I don't nomen son man. I spent the whole carathinedrunker nmore than port o. We would turn money. Inoi go Pon me,I don't know. Oh Sh osomething about the CONICAO, nogive hem a dollar Shet. Ah Shp, well Ray Jackson. Man. Thankyou so much for calling in man. I appreciate this man whie. We ended on an te portion,gebner Andman, I'm I'm I'm an end on the big, laugh and and yeah I'm notgoing to end on a sad ass. We were stuck in Quorantine Oi'm end on alaughman right, O yeah, that's cool man! That's that'show we Gonto do it now. We just hopefully Um Mother Nature will pay the UH we'll pay the eating vew man. We cangive some dam some some real wartin here, Ban Ili Ashape, I'm like it'sMayand, I'm still got tha CA, Ho's still small. I can bet in the cool wamup for me: It tartle don there. I it still com. I Fuck I grirled out last night, a Bistill had to wear a damn hoodie. While I was doing it, I shouldn't be coldstanding next to the Grill Din it yeah. I mean it. It's cool during theday, but like right around in a cares like well, that's the end of the day.So I don't know man Maye. The government may betwe we're going tokeep a cold and we're going to have murder on Itata Qek on er afer go ETI, warm p. They keep them, keepthe corner propagaino going. Maybe we could get 'em to sit out tsomebody's going to have a cosper. Shecome like. You know, e, really, ain't! No ORANGGE OUT THERE! That's just tokeep people in the house. So I'm going to go out. I got Myo Fifteen, but ilI'll stoop that from a Bich I o, I put a lad thing in is: Go ZipperE, Shu, a as back to Asia. Ah Shit Man, it's always good, alwaysgood. Talking to y Auray, always good. Talking to you, byd appreciated man,we'r Goin, to have to hook up real ston man. We we haven't even been able to dono more road trips or nothing man, a missdriving Telim, a Miss Driving Alimafor the Mike and and hanging out and e wants to shit once the Shit's over.It's just Gong to be man, I'm we're gongto be see everyone's going to besuddenly wanting to hang out with everybody all the time, so the shit'sover con Byyaanda that Shit every week latI'm Goin, be like you know, still don't like you...

Tan. I forgot how much o'll pissed meoff Shit Gog back in ere, Yehi might mave been a cleasure man, asalways buddy I'll talk to you soon, all right now you stay state out thereto everybody else, ten they say so we can is over with me. I want to goswimming in twenty twenty Toman. I want to be Reybody for the pool again hellyeah, they say brother all right! Thank you. I letterman AI guys. That was ourinterview with Ray Jackson, thanks to him for calling in, and that is goingto do it for this week's episode of the basement. Lounge, you guys can alwayscheck out brannew episodes on all your favorite podcast ass stitch, your spot.If my apple pod cast all that good stuff, I remember guy, you can join ourpatrion join the three dollar a month of VIP T R get this show early, indcommercial free, hang out in the live streams where recording the shows, getstickers, all kinds of cool stuff and follow US onall. The social media atBasement, lounge pod on instagraman facebook, tbl underscore pod on twinterand check out our weekday morning show on twitch every day at eleven am EasterStandard Time Brunch in the basement or Daily News and nonsense show. My name is Mike Shay and Gus. We'll seeyou next week here, forother episode of the Basement Lounge until that isalways live well rock on take care and by Bye.

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