The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 3 · 2 years ago

"Things About a Vasectomy" with Don Smith - EP #3


Don Smith, actor/comedian/club owner, sits down uncomfortably and opens up about marriage troubles, business troubles, and...ball troubles.


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...semipermanent cohost H, one in it adisaster. One just ended Andyeah, but that happens. Sometimes you gotta, yougotta, try. You got to at least try trying to relax here your trying toreayea a cow sise. It's IT'S IT's well! So here's t e question.I used to ask people when they first would come on the old Po cast and Ihaven't asked anybody yet on this show, but it's a good icebreaker of aquestion Don. How are you bals? My balls are recovering terincident, still a little swollenuhhuh, you know T at's, it happens, it happens. You you had the you had aprocedure done. I did to make them just for show. Yes, why H, because I'm getting ready Single Agi. Iknow condoms are expensive, getting ready to be single again yeah and, likeI always say, cause I'm losing weight too, because you are, you don't put aused car back on the market without at least giving it Atuna. I decided to add a safety featurebecause of the sectome. That's like the Antaloch breaks, it makes sure nobody'shopes and dreams come screech into a halt is ry. By that we mean yourse,exactly that's yeah or hers. You knowoican cause trust me. It could ruintheir lives. Were you just we just never into the idea of kids or I wewith my second wife. We tried for a littlewhile and it just it just wasn't happening and there's been. There havebeen some issues right there. She kind of moved out h couple of months ago, soyeah I it's not really it's not really in the cards and UH. I have too muchgoing on to to have a I already havean dog I I can reglect. I don't need toneglect children too, so Eros, a tat you're, a busy guy, I mean runningruning. A comedy club is Teit's, wonderful thing. It's e reatestdecision I ever made in my life ye h glad I didn't I'm glad I had the I'm glad. I had thefinancial instability to be able to say. No, Oh believe me. I do now 'cuse thanks to not saying no. I nowhave the financial instability it would have taken this I know before, but Wiley Sunday comics has been, hasbeen picking up and doing well and it has it has when, when we're able to have them yeah,I had a couple of couple of things lately that we couldn't have them we'llget into that in a sec. Oh yeah, but 'cause 'cause. When you took over, Imean they were they were I mean I don' was theydwindling, but they were dwindling. Well with th the one guy there it was. It was onthe road to Lov itself yea. It was on the road torepossession y reposition or yeah repossession. That's what I mean sureadit that out I sound like an Idio, then we're just not going to have ashef, I'm eiting, that's true UM TT' yeah! I mean wh n you. When you came inajus The Sunday comics I mean the club itself was just. Was it a bad place? Yeah it wasn't it?It's still not. You know booming, but it's definitely in a better positionthan it was it's. It's almost to the point of sustainable MHM almostlook.It's it's still. It's still in the situation where a couple of badweekends and we're in Troubleso, but it's it's definitely better than it was,and I'm hoping that our September's going to help us out a lot. 'cause RyanNemiller is kicking Ayes, Aeriaan September twentieth. Twenty first he'sat the club Ma ing to push that already 'cause, that Brilliant Guy Anyway andTisone of the sweetest t such a Nice Guy, absolutely so yeah. If you're notvoting for Ri on America's got talent. The Fuck is wrong. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, Igave M. I gave him ten votes, Ame, it's great! When it's a somebody, youknow and 'cause you see a lot of you see a lot of comics gon on those talentshows, and so many of them are hacks. Oh they're se there they such hacky lolow hanging fruit material and to see a guy like Ryan who's. Oh, you are everytime he shifts in that couch that hit's it's te couch. Its is my backhard. No,that care thats. I was really oping to have the new fro. I'm getting newfurniture and I was upand O- have the new furniture an before you got here,but I haven't had a chnance to get a truck yet so that's we're Gett we'regetting some new ferature donated from the from fixe. Forty five there. Thereare a lot of things about about atomy that they don't tell you I and, and one of those things is uh whenthey snip the they keep it keeps producing. It just has nowhere to go.Oh, so it's kind of like having blueballs for a month at a time. Youknow it's just it's yeah, it's not a it's, not a pleasant thing. It's really!It's like okay! I I'm full...

...takes pot, no way to get it out of this o yeah. We know I didn't have a problemwith generating, but th the difference is another youknow a month or so and and it it's back to normal, as opposed to a kid that youhave those little fuckers for Hem. You know, even in their thirties,they're, probably sie going to be hanging out in your basement. Doing APOD CA YOU! I love it. Look! The roast of the Inter mediciteis low. That's SI king. That was so much fun that was so much fun. I wen'tdo another rest. That was my first rest same here same well, my first roast inin that kind of a setting. I did one for my brother's birthday. Okay, tenfifteen years ago, before heven started performing comedy and we we destroyedhis self esteem, which was totally worth it for me not to got realt. He didn't have a lotto be going. herethat didn't help. We should. We should do a roast once ayear. I think o Yeah Ontha looke good. We did one for cow not too long ago forMalwester that last year, the year before it was a year before yeah the CA.I wasn't at the cow one either I wasn't a Gu yeah I I might have been bannedfrom there at the time I don't well, that was that was one he who shout uphe named was still running the place and there was a whole fiass ecause. Iwas supposed to film it. I couldn't make it so. I sent one of my guys to gofilm, it Um and he got video and then I guess he h promised everybody to give him thefootage and then just never sent it out to them. OHNISO I fo. I found that outlast year buty, it was like me get the footage from cals ract and I was like Imean I got it. I can send it to everybody, I didn't realize nobody gotit. Um Yeah, those are fun. I think, once ayear y you find somebody Mayewe're going to have to do that. Maybe we likeroast the winter or fireworks or something like that or that could be just j St something I thi.I think Karin is paste to for a res. Yes, absolute CARRINIS, passing Yo forECAUSE. That would be a fun rebuttle, Oh, as opposed to Andrews Weras. Justto somebody else's jokes. I didn't want to say 'cause. I have watched every comedycentral Rost. Ever I c they just started promoting the one for AlicBalden. I can't wait for that. One eventhou h, the Bruce Walls. One was aPilo Shit. Well, Al Alec Baldon's kind of humorous. He could l, of course hehe might be able to pull it off. I don't know how much of his humor hehe's a good comedic actor yeah, but there's a big difference between thatand being a ECOMIC. There absolutely is, and you can always tell when somebody'shad a great rating theme right in their jokes fere right, like bievers rest,bebers rabuttle was really funny sesob. He had somebody EA, but he had somebody.I actually liked his roase. I think hi was one of the last few, like real goodones. The problem with Bruce Willis is rost was nobody on there like was funny like nobody on theactual roast was funne. That's that's what you run into th, that's what Ithink comedy central destroyed the Friars Club roast they did 'cause. Theythey took it independent and there there were some of them that were funnylike t deral, Derardo, Wi, Ada draado was onall of Hem. He was always a great, but you know yeah even after he I mean like hed to say I thdonald Trumpon wasreally funny that roast was Kindi. It was really funny. There's there's somethere's some epic foreshadowing in that roast, but h ecause. That was when hewas first running for president. The first time Oh briliant and andSemcfarlin was the host and it was like by the way Donald it is pronounced. I'mdelusional not. I am running for fucking president and weallsaw how thathappened, but hes still delusional Ma. He made I tdepresen e. look even abro and clock is right. Once a day in there you go um but yeah for the mostpart like ever since they really broke away from the friars club ones and wentindependent with them. They just they've been so hit or miss. I think wecan do a better job, but a at least at fucking lamp and Elly ain't. All themanymore o hit Jesus. It sond like the it's. It's like Andrew dice claywithout a penis. That's the ony difference right there and I neverthought that fucker was funnyit. I felt like Lisa was just basically justrewriting his jokes half the time it was just how many times can I call aguy gay how man and how Man I was going to talk about how much black Panus I'veMuho her material right. There summed up in two two phrases: Yeah Pretty Yeah,iyeah Y T 'm moving on they're showing about this yeah. I think I, I think Haran afpispast you for a roast. I think your past to for a rest. Honestly, I I don't knowyou don't get to be the partial owner of the club and not get roasted. Dothat's true. I kind of I kind of figured I'd, get itworse at Andrew's, roast yeah. No, I think everybody was a little afraidsince you are the partowner of the Co Eashit, but it's like have you. If youknow to on you, fucking no dawn, you should know one of my favorite H, jokesat the roast, was actually aimed at me, not just at me, but then that was onethat h John Morris. It was John Morris...

...that sait it, but he he gave credit todusty, Harvey Wach Dustias Fantastos. He he made me feel bad about myself andthat a I swore I swore to myself. I'm not going to feel bad at this is roast.It's all in good fun and his shit was funny, but it still was Kindo like O. that's that's! That's what I love aboutdusty Yo can do that. No, I I I'd be fine with it, but yeah yeah. I don'tknow I I wouldn't want to request my own roast 'cause. I don't think I'mthat special welcome to a new episode of how manytimes can we take a shot at Intemedicai. I love interh alhe's, he's lklook. Igot a fucking film award because of that Guy, so there you go um. I need toget you on another one. I mean. I know you already do a whole bunch of M. mymy favorite, my favorite joke at at the roast was John Morris. Said H, e t e talking about me. He said Uh.What what the Hell Do. He say said: Don's Benon, moviehs done D sa. Itradio show for years is oncomedy. I've done a lot of theater, but he'sprobably best known for the FUZZ. That's on his chin, her name's Charliehswas T at I rethat was my favorite one that one about floor me. I Wasoh San, it's, your your you're, a you're soonto be exwife, never comes that to never came out to the shows for anything sheused to long before I I was part owner of the club Sh. She hasn't gone to oneof my shows in about three years, completely a lost interest ineverything and she sh PTT Mutch. Every fushing thing I was doing at that. Sheshouldhave come to the roast for that exact joke yeah. Exactly exactly at Iwasn't gointo sign the divorce pape t at would have been storming out right.There L K it's a fucking, JOMP B t. You know, you know how that is Um. I thinkthat's why she doesn't come to comedy shows Syeu can't take a fucking joke tobegin so well, since that fucking cat's out of the bag, which one's that that'sgood question we let 'em all at at once now I take him up one a time. Um, youknow divorce can be good and bad depending on the situation.It's it's IT'S IT'S ONE! That's one of those things that this one's beenbrewing for some time. I still don't know where it's going.Yet we haven't decided anything were t. The consensus is we're just taking abreak right now we're taking some time apart to figure out. What's going on IW, we we had a decent time. Togetherthis weekend, her parents were in town, which I wasn't going to abandon,abandon her to her parents because of some things, some issues there that Iwon't get into on here sure, because after conversations with them, they'retrying to look up some of my comedy on you tube, which some of t some of thestuff on there is older stuff. That's all about them, so I thought wellthat'll be fun and I thought about taking it down that I thought no. IfFUC UT, if they're going to look up my comedy they're, going to see what theygetthis is Hodat Hill, exactly. Ah, I can make fun of myself and everybodyelse involved. I don't care, but whe IC Noe, we're tr we're trying to figureout what's going on W E we're both in counseling right now, we're not incouples counseling, because I basically I only want one personblaming me for every fucking Tim Right now. I don't need a counselor to run. That's why I got my own counselor andjeeze. On my side, everybody's got to have a QuarnermanEXAC got TA, have a Tim Man, but yeah yeah t wwe'll see what happens we'llsee. SHES signed a year lease on her apartment, so we got at least that longto figure it out where I want to tell her. You know renew the lease or comeback home, but that's that's good that you guysare are taking that that initiative to at least still figure it out 'cause. Somany people nowadays, you know they say that the divorce rate is, you know,fifty percent. Now Marriage N Horse. I think a lot of that's because so manycouples these days they hit US snag and they're, just fucking done and WtreeOhi our Shar of snags along Ye and I'm just this past year I've been so busywith the club and so busy with comedy I've been going out of state to do alot of comedy. There are some insecurities that developed uh, just a lot of, and- and I understand fromher point of view, a lot of these things- look suspicious Sureapsa,fucking, lutely yeah. You know ecause every time I went out of state to do acomedy show or to go to a festival as industry I'd run into the same person, and that would look bad sure, absolutely so optics erthing, yeah, absolutely yeah,but agai again, like I sayin. That's...'s good that you that's theperception. I I understand and it's it's good that you're able toarecognize that. But when things started to fall apart, I turnd more tocomedy. I turned more to anger and a lot of vodka and that's, unfortunately, not a joke'cause I spent most of my twenties drunk and I don't want to fall backinto that, but t there for a couple of months. I was heading in that direction.Do you just not drink anymore altogether, or I still do I'm trying tolimit it? I you know I I I don't know. I need to just drop itall together, but I mean enjoy it so fucking a what I don't want to, but I Idon't want to get to the point where I'm I'm puking and running around outside.With my pants around my ankle said Ri, you know yeah, so don't go to Hanzocright right, but it's that'is. One of the reasons why why I respect you somuch Thoh, because you're you're not like e most comics. I think a lot ofcomics get into this mentality of just this is the way things are they're,always right. 'cause there there are people who have micropoleholdmicrophones for a living ND when they're on stage what they say is the Gospel Truth, but you're at thesame time able to recognize there are two sides: There's multipleperspectives to any issue I try to, and in my comedy that's all about me well,when you're on stage that time is yeah offstage. I I try to see things fromother perspectives. I don't always give them their due and I that's that's apart of that's part on me. As far as the relationship issues is, I know Idon't always give credence to to what I should in in that department,but I'm trying to recognize my ownshortcomings. ELTHAT's, that's good and you had two of them snipped, the other.Yes, why? Let's? Let's move onto something alittle more, a little more positive Lat's? Let's talk more about doingstand up 'cause we W W ve we've beaten around that a little bit. I I hope to do that someday hop that Ihope to perform standup. No, I my I was busy as shit in July you hadi. I wasall over the PLAC hat a busy summer for doing start. I have not so much inAugust, but actually last week I I had no shows planned in August and lastweek, Thursday afternoon ell, it was about four thirty on Thursday KavinRupert sent me a message because somebody dropped out of the show at thebarrel. So I was like well shit. I didn't really want to go back on stageunless I had some new material nd, so he sent me a message at four thirty. Igot home from work about five thirty and I started writing some new shit.All about my recent snippidy snip and I got on stage with basically a handfulof notes about ideas I wanted to cover- and I did seven minutes of pretty muchcompletely brand new shit at a book show which was isn' always a great hardD, a good ide and there were some slow moments, but at the end they brought itback and really had them, and at was that was fun 'cause. It's the barrel's,a great fucking his to perform anyway. I didn't really want to turn that onedown and then on the way. Actually, as I was leaving the barrel that night atabout ten thirty, I got a message from Brian Sweinhart who, as a nationalnational headliner, he's a outanbased out in la now, but he's originally fromCuvington Ohio and he was back in town for his birthday. So he was doing ashow Saturday, and he asked me if I'd do a feature spot for him. So I si Welfuck. Yes, I will so my Saturday. My Saturday was book now go up and do afeature spot for for swinehart. You Know Fun guy. I like Rian, really 'cause'cause you're, the guy, who usually goes like months between between openthere for a while, I was yeah h July man, yeah J, like I said July, I thinkI did like eighteen. Nineteen shows wih for me is, is hitting it yeah and thinkwell, th this year I've been getting out a lot more. I think. Just I didn'tthink I was ano o this year. I've done I've done the barrel four times. Ihaven't done a lot of the open mikes. I've hit several UH Sunday, comics I've hosted the clubseveral times. I've hit H jokers over an Inde a handful of times, of course,performing out in Zanes in Chicago or sint Charles for the world series. Uhgot out to go it Hans it all yeah. I have not. I need to get down there, NHoam. They want plans. Have you ever been to Gobananas? I have not. I wentthere on partly because it's around Mason a I. It is a little out of the way I wentdown there once they do. They do um kind o like what we originally thought.The comic sangs are going to be, which was work, shopping, jokes they're,that's they actually thes they're...

...they're. They do feedback shows andit's literally they open up the club on a day where it's closed and they turnthe lights down and, like everybody, goes up, does one joke and gets, or onebit or whatever and get cradsorte feedback on and they basicallyeverybody gets like five minutes to workshop a bit and that's the one timeI've been down there and it was actually a lot of fun. It's a nice clubIl have to. I L have to go down there for that, and then we'll steal thatidea and AV so ad at the Comic Han. We did that once and I came back and I waslike this is t fuck. We should be doing Sunday nights at Wiley. Why not see Hand that's the thing I I left it open to no format O aeverybody.That wants to come in and say, hey here's what we should do come in and dothat yeah? Absolutely I'm I'm up for whatever I open the club up to you guysto come in and do whatever the hell you want in there so long as you're, not onstage screaming in the microphone grab Hem by the Pussy like seven hundredtimes that doing seven minutes of abortion right. You know that kind ofthing. Well, that's fine as long as they're funny, but I just just one person in particular thatwas yelling the same thing over and over again into the Mike and love thatguy to death, really sweet guy, Really Nice Guy Uh really fun on the radio.You should have him in here yeah. He talks he's a good talker he's good fora live radio. ECAUSE, there's, never a moment of silence the Guygrabb, thegrab by the PUSGA You'r talking about the the abortionjoke. I was like now: I've met him, Fuck Tauy! No! No, they they uh Neilgriffin is is who I'm Ta, O yeah,really good, tod him and he yeah he he was he's been. He actually cohosted thelife with me last night, and no did he did a great job. He I mean he'sfantastic on the radio UH as comedy needs work, admittedly, and wha what hewas doing h on stage at wileys when I finally yelled at him and told him toget the hell off the stage with that sh, because what he was doing is he's doingwhat a lot of people do when they're trying to get a certain phrase justright and how they say it, but that stuff you should like do athome in your bathroom mirror, not on stage and cl Wen. Other people aretrying to have a conversation. That's with a comic! HANG IT'S RIER! Well,that's what he was doing at the comic. Oh otherare, you n doing that! Aa! Okay!You know now e yeah, that's, but I I get that that's apart of some folks process to where they want to repeat the same line tillthey get it down. But you kno that at home yeah to get the phrase right, yeahyou're not going to get the same you're not going to get the same thing you'relooking for on on a stage from an empty room and right you gotto Syk yourselfup to it, not not wo for crowd, F, Eback, which way it's Funnier to saythis guys 'cause, we're gonna that wasn't even a question that came up. Hejust repeated t ohe, just Kep doin yeah for for his own self. That'sthat's! Why that's something you do in your bathroom and Youa a Broadwaymethodactor sh there you go um, but I will say it, butI do like what the comics hang is 'cause. At the same time, I think it'salso nice that the comics have basically a two hour window to go intothe club and because a lot of the ones who go to the the comics an are goingon the show later that night right to go in and have those that those fewmoments of just o just e got to get some o get some of the nerves and getsome of the shit out of your system before the people come in and either way either way it wwe used to wewell yeah every now, and then somebody will go up on stage and they'll then,and we do kind of work shop, jokes every night, but it's a very just: It'sLoosean Wormat, it's whatever. If anything goes and a lot of times, wejust sit around and MK and fund each other and that's fun too, and then Ed John Asked you. Why is thatfunny and and and Travis tells him he's a shaty comic yeah and he should quit.That was a that was a weird fucking day, weird fucking day. I I kindof miss it.I do too. There are days yeah, Theare Day, thirdays I Li ad was a good dude.I you know what I liked the NE. I liked the knee cap bit, I'm goinphlike inCACE. U I don't Geve FUC! I like I like what the NICHCAP joke became yeah I,like n him in Travis. I I like how that became such athing to where it's likeEd, was going to do that, every fucking time he got out there dadly a Travier,Oh man, y. Ah that yeah, I I like the the newcap joke. Tak took on a life ofits own gethead back here, fucking roster, so human travis can fucking the two ofthem both time. It's going to be well, do a roast and Travis and e ill be bothbeyond it. Travis will only talk about Ed and Ed will only talk about TravisAagai, Oh yeah yeah. One of them has to be the themaster ceremonies. The other one has to be the the h man of the hour. Uh Thi Travis would be a good roastee, Gooyeah, I'm not I'm not sure. I'd want to haved as the man of the hour no...

...well he's he's got some good stuffgoing on out in l a does he I I haven't kept up with him. Unfortunately, Ohyeah yeah, he he's doing stuff he's, had all kinds ofauditions out at the T. E comedy store. Oh He'sreayhe's got spots out there nowso y CAS okay go her ha some stuff going on out there soorhim yeah yeah. Igot. I got nothing bad to say about it. I I don't ive, never had a problem withthat. A just like why no h he's he's got some good stuff going on out there.That's got happy for him. I just like one O, my fucking dog bark anyway Um,that's that's the risk you take doing ta show in your mom's basement, and I noticed that in the last fewmonths you you on stage you're Yur your PRSONA, your your cadence hasum shifted to a bit angrier and it haswell an like. It's worked a lot of times. It Ha where that started, andactually the first show I did at the barrel uh. Basically, that's when things werereally kind of going downhill at home and we had. We had gotten into a badfight like an hour before I had to go on stage at the barrel. Oh, and when Igot there, I was real close to telling Kevin Look. I cannot do this man, I'mnot in a in a good headspace, but I went up somewhat angry. I used thatenergy, but it didn't come to a head. It didn't really really get there until I was beginningin May. I was actually hosting that weekend for Charlie Hester at the club.Okay and h. We we were trying a Wewe were we were trying out a newhotel for our comics to stay in because I was trying to work on a new deal, getus a better rate and that hotel did not have our credit card on file. So I hadto go in person and Chack Charlie into a hotel. Ou know anybody, that's notfamiliar with Charlie Charlie is a a very attractive blond, Yep, H, yeah and well little did. I know friend of mywife's happened to work at that hotel, called her up right away and said yourhusband's checking into a hotel with a blonde woman Jee so that Kindof went south right there and that whole weekend. Of course, I'mhosting the shows Friday two shows Saturday, and I was on the Sundaycomics that weekend that same week, afterward and not a single show thatweekend that I want to go on stage, not one and I couldn't hosting you can'treally do angry. Not really hungry does not work hosting you're the height manyeah, and so I I still Friday and both Saturday shows I had a decent set. Imean I didn't let it get me down, although when I came in, I was about tohand it off to somebody else. I was about to ask John Morris if he wanted ahost, because I wanted nothing to do with being on stage any of those times and the same thing with that Sundaythat Sunday I had so many things going on through my head with, but because,basically that Saturday night, my wife told me not to come home, Oh wow, andit was one of those things that I W. I was more mad at myself that I almostdidn't go home mhm, because it's like wait a minute. That's my house right!All my stuff's there. I pay all the bills there, a fuck of Mi not goinghome Rit, so it it was. I mean it was. It was a rough weekend to get throughso Sunday. I thought I'm just going to cut loose on stage. Usually when I do a new set, it's stuffthat I have written out a week two weeks in advance. I haven't committedto memory. I don't like going on stage with notes. Okay, well, that Sundayagain, I didn't want to go on stage E h. A biscuit came in Uh uh, Chris Coran biscuit o came in forSunday comics and he wasn't he d. He ww didn't have time on the S on stage, soI was trying to give him my set. I was trying to give him my time because Iagain, I did not want to go on state yeah and he didn't want it either. So I ended up going on stage with stuffthat I had scribbled in a notebook just some random ideas about all thebullship that I was dealing with in my personal life, and I mean it was stuff that I wa it was,it wasn't even full sentences. It was just random ship that I put down inthere about everything, that's been happening and there was stuff. I I putnotes in there as as close as five ten minutes before I went on stage and Iwent up there angry and just frustrated and ready to yell and I cut loose. Infact, I think the comic that I followed,...

I kind of Shit on Hima a little bit. Idon't no because he was he was very boring when I was I didn't. I didn'tget too bad after him, but the first thing I did I said giving up for so,and so I'm going to go ahead and keep his energy going. I'm just going totake a fucking nap up here for ten minutes, and I just I just went off. I think Ieven I think I even did a shout out to neelgriffin. While I was on stage thatnight because tefes something he said during the comics hang t. It me hit mea certain way, but I just I just let it fly. I let every bit of that energy outand that material and uh it was by the time I got off stage I wasshaken. I mean I was just emotionally and I was physically standing at thebar shaking when I got affl staged, because I touched something deep,deeply personal that night on stage and at just it w. It was a weird moment,but at the same time it was. It was also one of those moments. It'slike okay. This is why I fucking do this, but you know Travis Charles, is somebodythat's really almost impossible to get a complimen out of no shit. That's one of the things I appreciateabout him is because being a part owner of the club, I don't know who's kissingmy ass when they come up and say good set, but I know if trafvist comes upand says good set, you had a good fucking set and travis actually,because when I got offstage after that set, I just I headed straight to thebar for drink 'cause. I didn't I just no Fugandella dellying. I was out ofthat room and Travis comes running out. There he's like dude, you're, fucking,brilliant when you're angry, that that was that was probably themost meaningful complomellion. Yet because of who it came from 'cause,it's almost impossible to get a compliment. I've never got one exactly, but no it was I've been trying to carry some of thatenergy. I haven't haven't been able to touch quite thatsame level sense, but it was a Fethit, I'm still kind ofboiling up underneath everyhow and then, but you can't, you can't trigger of yeah. You can't yeah, you can't triggera near near emotional break. Tohal fuintime you go on stay, you'll, neversurvive. No, I mean lielois black doesnit, but that's a IM thing. That's yeah, and you can'ttell u: You can't tell your wife, okay, I got ta show this weekend, so I'm Goinneed you to like threaten to divorce. ME. L, well, THA! The the thing is, itseems like almost every show I had there for a while. She would. She wouldstart sending me messages like a couple of hours before to not because but totry to I, it almost felt like just to purposely fuck up my shows and ithelped well the UH, the H, fireworks competition yeah that Fridaynight that I went up because I that was one of the best sets I've had for andthat that got me into the finals. But I I think I blew up on dusty and Nickand John Before that set Uuh 'cause. I had so much bottled up still, Oh gee,because again before that she started sending me messages and yeah. It was aship that was Eng in my head and again it's it's Kinda helped my comedymuch the same time at what cost man at Wan lost. I know that is the tangled web. We weave inthe road of Standa, O Abso, our darkness and our anger and our the shitthat we go through like it sucks, but at the same time that's what wellthatw'll go on stage for that's that's one of the things I tried to explain tomy wife at one time: it's for one. If I'm going to go throughthese things, I'm going to talk about them. Yeah, I'm Goin, to try to findwhat's funny about them, I'm going to try to make some kind ofsense about hem and then bring it up and that's the one thing she doesn'tlike about. What I do is that I talk about US D. it's like well, that's whatthe fuck! I'm going to do it's gonna, Hae 'cause. You know that I try to besomewhat personal and there was somewhere. I was going withthis, but I completelthe fucking laws. I I've had that conversation with everywoman I've ever been with is like look at. This is what I do if something ha comes up in ourrelationship: good, bad, stupid, whatever. If I think I can makesomething funny out of it, I'm going to tell it on stage in front of a hundredstrangers and if nfonny I'm going to keep telling it hen, here's the thing. This is our art yeah. Some people don'tlook at it that way, but...

...o UCIF. I was a musician and I wrote asong about my wife, she'd fuck and love it sure. But you write a joke about heryeah. It doesn't world so aint, funn Wa. So our marriage is a joke to you. Well,you know how many times I've heard that you know how many fucking times. I'veheard that in the last six months so get e jout to you anyway, as long asyou get materiat yeah, Yeah Yep and I'm Writin Ishin as you're saying it like, like it's not like. This issomething I decided to do halfway through the relationship and you'rehaving Ru. This was me when you got into this this I wasn't doing comedy,but I was still doing I I was acting at that, but still it's like you knew whoyou know who who I was when we met. You knew that it's yeah people have a hardtime. E Y Eoue have a hard time accepting standup as our art form. Thisis our reative process right and it is and and we as comics, I think we we thinkdifferently. We see things differently and that's a part of it. We try to findthe humor in the things that most people get sad about. It's our way ofprocessing it like well a after the the event on August. Fourth, an the Oregondistrict. That's one of the reasons I wanted to make sure that we stillopened the club that night. We still had the comics in there for the Sundaycomics and for the comics hang. I wanted to make sure we had that because,as comics we process grief differently and I know during the comics hang we'regoing to be in there doing what we do and if there wassomebody off the street that walked in and heard some of the shit they weresaying man, they would have been upset. anclutely, that's, but that's us! Imean we know what happened. We know what it meant, that's how we deal with,but that's how we process and get through it and that's th. I think that wasimportant to open up especially that night for that, because that thatplaces home to a lot of us, that's W. that's that's our church, that's our!You know like I'm, I'm. I know IAM fortunate enough to have a job that,like L, affords me like health insurance. I can go see it there. AstLot of the comics don't have that a lot of them are working, Taco Bell or crappy retail jobs andthe're, but that's how they that's. Tercatharcisis is don as Tellin Ra,jokes, O matter how fucked up it might be, or or at least hanging out withlikt minded people t aren't going to get upset. When you tell a really darkjoke about an event that just a tragic event that just fucking a yeah, itdoesn't mean, were it doesn't mean we're disregarding the tragedy rightevent if it right, otherwise, we wouldn't honestly the more the morefucked up. Something is the more we need to talk about it, e thats, howwe're going to Cope Gand, like you said, I think it's just it's a differentmindset all right there, there's there's a longer length of time beforeyou can talk about it into a general audience o absolutely like. Nobody wasgoing up on Sta Right, Rihday Nights, Al Ri by withthe next year, it'll happen O I'msure and I'm sure PEO will get pissed off al N and that's that's fine long asthey pay their bill ar Um. So speaking of speaking of like whatwent down the Orgon district Um, there's something else going on in theOrgon district here soon hat's kind of got from what you've been telling me.I've just started hearing about this. Today. It's got. It's got people alittle, divided Welin, the Co. There are a lot of people that are reallylooking forward to it and that's fine, but Lok. It's not like you listens to thisshow so t'we'llwe'll go ahead and say it and I I get what they're trying todo or what they're writing people to think they're trying to do. There'sbasically, this Sunday, starting at four from four to ten they're, going toclose off the well they're going to close off the Oregan district as earlyas like six am Sunday morning, oh Jeez, which is going to fuck a lot ofbusinesses up down there. You know, like the any of the businesses that areopen up for Brunch and lunch or thewine lobs. Four one s exactly, I meanexactly h. We had a show plan that Sunday uh, Mark Gregory was supposed tobe in there who had to cancel that because nobody would be able to get inthere, because if you don't have one of twenty thousand limited tickets, youcan't fucking go to the Orgon district so that Dave scpell's, doing a big show thereand there's going to be a lot of other artists and musicians and whatever a PS from thispart of oidaves orpelsfrom Yellow Spring Yeah, hasn't been to the Oregon district. In fifteen year at took nine people getting getting killed for him to show any fuckinginterest in it at all and Al he's doing now in his attempt to say: Hey, let'sreclaim and that's what he's calling they're they're calling it. I don'twant to say it's just him, because it's probably a publicist but they'rethey're, saying we reclaiming the...

Oregon district. Nobody fucking took ityeah the same people that were going there before are still going there.Yeah nobody took it. It's still us. I was down there a weeknly, not thecelebrities that want national attendant for being good guys, and youknow my thought is basically they're going to be sellingbeer on the street and most of the bars most of the clubs most of the placesdown there don't have the license to do that. The organizer told us that Wilyswe you don't have to have a licence to sell beer on the street. You can justgo ahead and do it we're told everything's fine bull shit. We can'tdo that. They didn't want US selling bear MM, they didn't want, U selling onthe street, because that was going to cut into what they were going to make fuck them. But you know- and that's that's basically, what wewere told is all you were fine and fortunately uh our general managerlooked into it and found out that we still had enough time to get the permitto do it. So hopefully we'll have that we'll have a beer truck in there and wearen't going to be totally fucked because of course we can't have ourshow on Sunday. So we're we're losing money right there, so in their littleattempt to reclaim the Oregon district, they're h screwing over a lot ofbusinesses that are there and that's not the fucking point yeah and besidesthat, a lot of people that are go that go down there every weekend, andthey'rethere all the time. Well, if they don't have a ticket, they don't they can't goto their normal place. Like my brother is I on Shit I mean they're freetickets, but you still have to register. You have to be in a certain you have tobe from from the Dayton area and if you don't live in Dayton like me, I live inAnglewood. You can't get a ticket. Well, I'm going to have an employee passbecause I own a fuck Otrail, but if you didn't- and I dare the mother fuckersto stop me Rigt, but I it just- I find it insulting yeahthe whole reclaiming the Oregon district, because this we we're, wedidn't fuck and go anywhere yeah. We haven't gone anywhere in the lastfifteen years, dawhere the fuck ere you you want to do something nice for abusiness in the Orgon district. Why don't you perform at the club? That'salready fucking there don't close it down, so you can have your own speciallook at an show. I'm a Philanthropisto, especially not when he's got he's, gota new fucking he's he's promoting the new netflix special and it's right goodfor you, man. You know what your picture hangs on the wall inside awily's comedy club, along with fucking ldegeneroust Cat Williams, drew carry alot of fucking people. People that have been there years aregoon there. They were starting out who you know a place where you you mightmayor, may not claim help. You get your start or whatever the're Dave. Howabout you go there, don't go like don', don't go to the other club in town WHOs,I'm not going to say on the show right now h what he does show up there. Hegoes there. All the time he's been there. Several time yea never see himat Wiley's no and when he was coming up that other club did not exist in thistew. That's exactly right e bigger than because, because we had, you know bewhat did exist was wiles and wily Sunday comics, where he used to.Actually, you know fifteen years ago he would actually come do stuff at WileySunday comics that you would then see him do on some of the late night showslater on that week and that's you know, yeah, I it's j you get to a certain level. Iguess you're just detached from the reality of what actually happend. Ifyou want to do a nice show, and you want to raise money for for the city odate and raise money for the victims. I applaud that fantastic yeah. Do It in avenue that can handle that amount of people? Don't do it where you have toshut down and hurt the businesses that are fucking there going to surviveafter TCU'cause. You know people that the people that live in that area thathave been there the whole time that were affected by this. It didn't affect,yellow springs, it didn't affect you, Dave 'cause, you know 'cause, you knowwho else I know, I'm just o tacking on o Pell An. I have a lot of respect forhim h this this is this is a Crocke Shit. Is I mean 'cause one of thebusinesses who's not going to be open. That day is the business that was shotup that night right. Ned Peppers isn't going to be able to be open that day.So that means there is a business. That's not going to be taking any money.There are bar tenders and servers who a're not going to be making m moneythat day not getting tips that day. So unless he is going to shell out the COP,the people who aren't getting to work that night, which we all know, that'snot going to Haveen, you know I look at like my brother and his girlfriend wholive in an apartment above ned peppers, it's like cool, so they live there. Sobetter hope they get a ticket like. So if, if they don't get a ticket, do theyjust like not get to leave their apartment all night? Do they O lik go a?They can't go home, they got com spend the night over here it t it t itboggles my mind. You know John Legend was down here and he didn't close. Thefucking playekil him performed in blind bobs. He performed in an actual placejar. You perform John fucking legend right, set up a piano and blind bobshung up a curtain in the window and said: Hey, I'm going to go, play you'llcome watch right! That's how you do it Dave Wilese, we'll welcome you in it's not like it was going to be like atrouble R. It was like E. Listen, do you guys have any book that day, don'tCare Dave? If you want to COMEP Nono,...

...he didn't want to perform in front of ahundred and eighty people in hi Sol. He wanted tem perform FN pronted twentythousand out on the street because, hey you know it's better to promote no raintatflicx special O it rain. Well, I don't because we're going to have abeer truck of food out there. Now I got on we're already taking enough not beable to open our shows for fucing Martin gravory show but isucking by theway when's this when's this going to Airis gr her before the weekend. Ohyeah, this Wi'll drop on Friday, okay, cool uh, Friday and Saturday get outand see Kent Raider, fucking, Brilla, clean, clean comic, it's going to be aclean comedy uh, Friday and Saturday. Kent Raider is funny, as Hell he's beendoing this for twenty something years uh. He started back and Tday used totravel with ron shock a lot. Oh Wow yea hic as t a Aly Shani guy. It's it's a good possibility. Ron Shack was one of those that uh I I saw I stuff years ago and he wasfucking brilliant, but he h- I don't know if he's with US anymore. No, Ihave had no idea, but no C cent. Raider has been doing a lot of uh. He he hedoes. A lot of theater shows a lot of big shows. Uh does several of those amonth throughout the year and he he's starting to get back to where he'sgoing back to comedy clubs. Nowand he's always loved wile. He he hasn't been inLily's for like six or seven years, so he's Beenhe's been trying to get backinto the rotation and we welcomeing back funny. Guy Ray Hensley's going tobe doing Ho host slash feature spot because it's just going to be a two man,Shoerso Yeah R ray's, fantastic he's he's one of the top one oone for theWorld Series Main Oldisharan, so ray was the headliner the first time Ihosted it. Wiley's Yeah I love Ray yeah, Rais, grays, good dude. So what's we'reee we're running we're R starting run at a time? You're done what you know.We W we mentione that you've had what's what's next for you for me,pernext for you right now, comedny wise personal. What W, as going to say, I'mGoingta go home, probably have some Vodco I've Gotbodka Um, don't drink, adrect,Yit, no H W! What's he nexter you, man, H, I I don't know man. I got a lot ofgot some movie things that are coming up here shortly, H, we're going to bedoing some filming Saturday morning at Wilys 'cause, we haven't even talkedabout your acting stick. Well, there's so much IAM! I am such an enignather.You auch to talk about here. I'm I'm a fucking rubics cube. No, I I'd Li I'd like to get into doingsome more acting I'd like to I mean it's everything's, a time constrained,I'd like to get out and do more comedy I like to hit the lottery and O have togo with my regular job, because you know as much as I love hospitalmaintenance. I really like to not have to do that.anmore hospital maitence. He don't want to do hospital being tright right, but no, I I we have, I know uh wellkill Mama kills getting ready to be released, as well as the gootersgetting rid of the cuture HANDF handful of movies. I've been in they'restarting te're, getting ready to rerelease uh six feet below hell undera different name. I getting ready to release Uh straight out of hate under.I think burning down Babylon is going to be the new name of that one. So YeahBun Bunch of movies that I'm in with William Le They're getting ready to berereleased h. let's see all who follow, I I got to do a a fun death scene inthat one with autumn Hatcher and mcaylaquillen, that's getting ready tocome out, nd, hopefully hit some uh, hopefully hit some H, festivals and stuffecause right. Idon't I don't. I don't really know what's next. For me, I've been I'vebeen flying by the seat of my Pant Yeah along. I don't know any other way atthis point t's. You know what I think it's good to be able to say you don'thave much of a plint on now 'cause Gelin's, not good. I wish en goingebeen going so fucking hard this year altogether. Man I mean, I think it'sgood, for you be able to sit back and say you know what I I got nothingbooked right now I mean, if you I do have August thirty dolars yea Wirelese,I'm going to be in a showcase. There are you on one of those or I am not. II have had my work situation is a little up in theair right now. I just got I like positive sid. It just got promotedseconds the Sucky side. I don't want my don't know H my schedule's going to beright now, Okbut it pretty much puts the nail in the coffin that I won't begoing to dayshift OHSO second chafter. Third, I'm now thesecond shift. Yeah Hat, I'M NOT L LAT operator on the shift leader for forsecond shift. Now 'cause I've been there for four years N on that shiftand my shifleader is leaving, and they said well, if anyone's going to get itits Yi'm like okay 'cause, it was ta they're, goingto give to the guys ht's been ther for like a year, and it's like- let's not,let's yeah so but yeah S, I'm not booked on anything for the time being'cause. I don't know my days off are going to be 'r TSTHAT's. The next thingI have booked O s August thirty first... Wieas- I'm going to be in a showcase on there with lot a lot of other good comics. It's hosted by KarandJaffy UH. Let's see who's on Mine and O dwitmccormacks on it. Luk Capasso, Jeez, yeah, there's heres. Some somereally really funny comics on that. When I I'm drawing a blank on all therest. F me, I think there's UH eight of US altogether, so I that'll be a fun,show other there's one there's one on Friday night and in a differentdifferent group of people on Saturday night. That's o the Thir Augustthirtieth and thirty. First Thirti and thirty first e IES comedy show Ge tpull itup yeah now hee SSee here event description biography.I don't think I put anything in there as far doesn't look like tha have tolook look a he johni Johnson C S C Adrian Adn Miller, Scotty, Mais, Caran,Jaffy Mike Wells that Nicktalor, I think xlory graves yeah, a Rita White.IS THAT NAT? THAT'S NOT NEAT! I don't Kno. I think I'm not sure I'm notlooking at it with you. You Guygo you guy an go to Wilys, comedy dotcom Clickon the calendar August thirtyet and thirty fir and Ryan Ne Millers ComingRyn Nemaller enbersrilliant on get to get out and vote for him, yeriouslyuptow, es gotton folks. That was the agt p. You can vote fion there as well.Yep Club, nubs, soethe, cripple tether cody, but yeah Riny, mailer he'll, be at whilhe's on the twenties and twenty first of September, Um Don Smith host of thelife radio sh think we talked about the life ut, not really man, Ey got re, goto the life Hon Os, six, nine dot com or you can go t likeus on facebook,it's the last one O as six nine. I follows on H, Ontwitter Im et Don Smith,comedy on UH instagram. I think I'm hat the fuck amI I don't even Kno I now the life hier Iliwen, o life wilisn there, an Yo othe life, one of six, nine on Instegrama, also wilys C Wiley's Daytonon instagram also, I believe, wile's Dayton on twitter, yeah and yeah. Justfollow everything good stuff man and whatever you do just follow it. Yes,yea Ma, I do. The life is on Pozon podcast form on. As far as I know,pretty much anywhere. You can get pocast pretty much Um and we'veactually in the the month of August. Right now, we're almost double H. Julysdownloads et our facebook page, is nearly doubled inthe past two months, Herso I've been pushing it. A little bit. You've beenthat show is, is just especially to five years Itis, just taking on a lifeof its own man, yeah, it's so much fun at the same Tim, becausethat's one of the fun things about it being live, as you never know, what'sgoing to happen, but I can go in there completely drained from working all dayin a bad mood, and I'm on here I'm on the Ar for two minutes and I'm laughingand having at all. It is so much fun. The only reason that I kept doing itbecause believe me, I've wanted to quit. Ay many Ti. In fact I did quit once forabout a month we haw, then I came back, but that was when I lost my firstattempt at a cohost. Well, you know that was a whole. That was a whole finthing on its own. So then my second cohost quit d just broke my heart. You'll find your glass slipper done.That's okay, Wei'm! I'M gonna M! I'm going to trackher down UH in a few weeks and I'm gonna I'm going to track her down andwe're going to get an interview anyway. We're we're going to do an episode.goosothat'll be fun. Well Don. Thank you for coming on theshowman. Thanks for Happini E man, strecking out here t the basement. Inyour basement. Yeah K, you see Aro Park and a half block down the street 'causeyea phrase. Yeah. You live across the street from a fucking outdoor music.Ven eyi got to get out of my car one time and try to anels this fucking plan.Over there. I got to ditruck a sit in my Carter. There you go an listen tofucking DOVL, one down to Georgia from my poorte drinking, a beer eing worse,you could live in the orgon. This should not have a ticket to get home onSoneday. Oh Man, Ell Tas are coming on man. Iappreciat all rig guys that is going to do it for us today on the basement.Louge make sure you guys are falloing us on twiter and Instegram, a thebasement, Lanch pod and on facebook. As well make sure you check out donsmithon all the social medias go to wily's, dotcom for all your tickets and Infofor what's going on at Thewies, Comedy Club, and we will see guys again nextweek with another guest until then live well. Take Care Rock on byebye.

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