The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 3 · 3 years ago

"Things About a Vasectomy" with Don Smith - EP #3


Don Smith, actor/comedian/club owner, sits down uncomfortably and opens up about marriage troubles, business troubles, and...ball troubles.


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We're back here in the basement studio with a repeat guest. We had them on in the first iteration of this show. He was one of the first guests we had and it's good to get him back on because life is changed a lot since the last time we've had them on. It's good to give people on, and you can hear him shackling there. Don Smith, comedian host of the life radio show, co owner of while he's comedy club. Don Welcome to the Basement Lounge. I think the only thing about life that hasn't changed is the life. Is the life here, and it's still ridiculous. It is only thing that hasn't changed. It's one of the it's kind of like the bachelor. It's a show that should have been canceled a long time ago but still going strong. Oh Yeah, I've been trying to get canceled for at least the last four years and it's pushing five now. Oh Man, almost five years old and still nobody listens to but but you've had you've had some changes with that. You're on a you're on a different day now live. You do live on Tuesdays. It's what's been on Tuesday's for a little while. But okay, Ben It's bounced around over the years. But you have a you have a cohost, producer. I know Patrick is my producer. Patridge your producer. Yeah, I don't consider him a coast is pretty sutter, because we go we do facebook live and always make sure the camera is not on Patrick. Not Personal that. I love Patrick to death, but that's that's just that's part of my thing is he never gets a camera on it. He's sometimes it doesn't even go to get a mic. If I have enough, guess I take his mic from him. So that's funny. But you got him kind of. I've always been saying, like you need to have him with like a soundboard just doing dumb sound effects her in the show. He has it. When he has a microphone that's pretty spent. He is a do but see, see, the life is all going on almost five years and when you look back where it started to where it is now hasn't make you feel man, it's well, I think as as a host I have improved a lot. Okay, I mean just I mean I listened to some of my older stuff, even a couple of years ago when I first started it out, putting it out as a podcast, to listen to some of the older ones. I mean it, they were bad. They were just bad. There were bad, awkward moments and and now, I mean we get at awkward moments every now and then still, but now at least I know how to talk and fill it with bullcrap. You know, sure, wait, I can say shit on here. I don't give a fuck because I'm here because I'm used to being alive on Oh, I'd actually, yeah, are way. This is where you can make you stretch and bring it a little bit. You Ain't get way. Been Actually, yeah, it's a five years. That's a long time to do that same format and it I mean it's changed up a lot. I've had my share of cohost. Now I try to just have guess cohost. Right. I tried twice... have a permanent or semipermanent cohost. One ended in disaster, one just ended. One just ended. Yeah, but that happens sometimes. You know you got it. You gotta try, you gotta at least try. Trying to relax here. I'm just trying to really yea cow sucks, it's it's it's our well. So here's the question I used to ask people when they first would come on the old podcast, and I haven't asked anybody out on this show, but it's a good icebreaker of a question. Don How are your balls? My balls are recovering there. There's still a little swollen. Uh Huh, you know, there's it's it happens. It happens. You you had the you had a procedure done. I did to make them just for show? Yeah, why? Because I'm getting ready single again. No, condoms are expensive. It getting ready to be single again. Yeah, and the like. I always say it's I'm losing weight too, because you are. You don't put a used car back on the market without at least given a tuna. Well, I decided to add a safety feature because of a sect. To me, that's like the antilock breaks. It makes sure nobody's hopes and dreams come screeching to a halt. It was really that's all, and by that we mean yours exactly. That's yeah, or hers. So I could, because trust me, it could ruin their lives. Were you just three? Just never into the idea of kids? Or we with my second wife, we tried for a little while and it just it just wasn't happening. And there's been, there have been some issues right there, as she kind of moved out a couple months ago. So yeah, it's not really. It's not really in the cards and I have too much going on to have a already have a dog I can neglect. I don't need to neglect children too. So here goes with that. You're a busy guy. I mean running a running a comedy club is nest. That's it's wonderful thing. It's the greatest decision I ever made in my life. Yeah, glad I didn't. I'm glad I had the I'm glad I had the financial instability to be able to say no. Oh, believe me, right, I do now. But it's too because it's that's thanks to not saying no. I now have the financial instability. It would have taken this a no before, but while he's Sunday comics has been, has been picking up and doing well, and it has, it has, when we're able to have them. Yeah, I had a couple of a couple of things lately that we couldn't have them. We'll get into that in a SEC. But because, because when you took over, I mean they were, they were, I mean I want to see dwindling, but they were dwindling. Well, with the the one guy there, it was. It was on the road to club itself. Yeah, it was on the road to repossession. They yeah, reposition or yeah, repossession. That's what I mean. Sure, yet it that out, I sound like an idiot. Well then, we're just not going to have a shove. I'm at an A. that's true that? It's true. Yeah, you mean when you when you came in, not just the Sunday comics, I mean the club itself was just was it a bad place? Yeah, it wasn't it? It's still not, you know, booming, but it's definitely in a better position than it was. It's it's almost to the point of sustainable. MM, almost almost. Look, it's still it's still in the situation where a couple of bad weekends and we're in trouble. So, but it's definitely better than it was and I'm hoping that our September is going to help us out a lot, because Ryan Ne Miller is kicking ass. Yes, America's got is and September, twenty, twenty first he's at the club. May starting to push that already, because that Brilliant Guy Anyway, and this one of the sweetest people, such a nice guy. Absolutely. So, yeah, if you're not voting for Ryan on America's got talent, what the Fuck is wrong? Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, I gave him. I gave him ten votes last night. Same here. I just well, it's great. What it's a somebody you know and because you see a lot of you see a lot of comics going those talent shows and so many of them are hacks. Oh yeah, they're such there, they such hacky, low, low hanging fruit material. And to see a guy like Ryan, who's you are, every time he shifts in that couch, that that's it's the couch, just as my back hurt now. That catch does suck. I was really hoping to have the new from getting new furniture and I was hoping to have the new furniture and before you got here, but I haven't had a chance to get a truck yet. So that's her we're getting. We're getting some new furniture donated from the from Fox forty five. So they're there are a lot of things about it, about of a sect of me, that they don't tell you. Yeah, and and one of those things is when they snip, they keep it keeps producing. It just has nowhere to go. Oh so it's kind of like having blue balls for a month at a time. You know, it's just it's yeah, it's not a it's not a pleasant thing. It's really it's like, okay, I'm full, thanks bull what. No Way... get it out of here. So this this, yeah, well, you know, I didn't have a problem with generating, but but the difference is another you know, a month or so and it's back to normal, as opposed to a kid that you have as little fuckers forever. You know, even in their s, are probably still going to be hanging out in your basement doing a podcast. I ha, ha ha, you asshole. I love it. Look the roasty INDRO MEDICI as well. That's a good bed. That was so much fun. That was so much fun. I want to do another roast as my first roast. Same here, same well, my first roast and and that kind of a setting. I did one for my brother's birthday. Okay, ten, fifteen years ago, before he even started performing comedy, and we destroyed his self esteem, which was totally worth it for me. Not a good relationship. Didn't have a lot to begin with, so that didn't help. But we should, we should, we should do a roast once a year. I think, Oh, yeah, that wants to be good, but we did one for cal not too long ago, for Cal Wester. Is that last year? The year before? It was a year before. Yeah, the COWR I wasn't at the cow one either. I wasn't got yeah, I might have been banned from there at the time. I don't remember that was. That was when he who should not be named was still running the place and there was a whole fiasco because I was supposed to film it. I couldn't make it, so I sent one of my guys to go film it and he got video and then I guess he promised everybody to give him the footage and then just never sent it out to them. Oh Nice. So I found I found that at last year, but I was like, let me get the footage from CAL's roast and I was like, Oh, I mean, I got it, I can send it. Everybody didn't realize nobody got it. Yeah, those are fun. I think once a year you find somebody we we're going to have to do that. Maybe we like roast the winner of fireworks or something like that, or that could be. It's just something I think. I think Karen is past you for a rost. Yes, absolutely, Karen is past do for a right, I could. That would be a fun rebuttal Oh and as opposed to Andrews, where was just to somebody else's jokes that I didn't want to say because I have watched every comedy central roast ever I can't. They just started promoting the one for Alec Baldwin. I can't wait for that one, even though the Bruce Willisone was a pile of shit. Well, Alec Baldwin's kind of humorous. He could, but of course, yeah, he might be able to pull it off. I don't know how much of his humor. He's a good comedic actor, yeah, but there's a big difference between that and being a comic. They're absolutely is and you can always tell when somebody's had a great writing team right there. Jokes for right like Biber's roast. Biber's rebuttal was really funny. See Somebody had somebody, but he had somebody R I actually liked his rose. I think his was one of the last few like real good ones. The problem with Bruce Willis is roast was nobody on there like was funny. Like nobody on the actual roast was funny. That's that's what you run into it. That's what I think. Comedy central destroyed the Friars Club rose. They did because they they took it independent. And then there were some of them that were funny, like was Gerrald Girardo. Well, Gerard Gerard Great Girard Gerraldo was on all of them. He was always a great but you know, yeah, even after he I mean like he to say up the Donald Trump one was really funny. That rose was good and it was really funny on there's there's some there's some epic foreshadowing in that roast. But because that was when he was first running for president, the first time. Oh Brilliant, and and set McFarland was the host and he's like, by the way, Donald it is pronounced. I'm delusional, not I am running for fucking president. And we saw saw how that happened. But he's still delusional. But they is side the point. Maybe he made it to president. It look even a broken clock is right once a day. And there you go. But yeah, for the most part, like ever since they really broke away from the friars club ones and went independent with them, they just they have been so hit or miss. I think we could do a better job, but about least it fucking lamp and Lilly ain't on them anymore. No, damn it, Jesus, it's like the that's it's like Andrew dice clay without a penis. That's the only difference, right there and I never thought that fucker was funny either. I felt like Lisa was just basically just rewriting his jokes. Half the time. It was just how many times can I call a Guy Gay? How many time? How many times going to talk about how much black penis? I've think exactly much her material right there summed up into two phrases. Yeah, pretty, yeah, I've seen. Yeah, it's an yeah, but moving on this showing about that, that Fush. that. Yeah, I think. I think Karen Jaffi's pass do for a rose. I think your past do for a roast. Honestly, I don't know. You don't get to be the partial owner of the club and not get roasted on. That's true. That's true. That's I kind of I kind of figured I'd get it worse at Andrews Roast. Yeah, now I think everybody was a little afraid, since you are the part owner of the club, give a shit, but it's like the I have you want. If you know, they're gone. If you fuck get no dawn. You should know one of my favorite jokes at the roast was actually aimed at me, and not just at me. But then that was one that John Morris it...

...was John Morris that said up, but he gave credit to dusty harvey, which dusty is fantastic as hey, ha he. He made me feel bad about myself and that was I swore. I swore to myself I'm not going to feel bad at this. This is a roast. It's all good fun and it shit was funny, but it still was kind of like, Ha oh, that's that's what I love about dusty. He can do that. I love that. But no, I I'd be fine with it. But yeah, yeah, I don't know. I I wouldn't want to request my own rose because I don't think I'm that special. Welcome to a new episode of how many times can we take a shot at Andrew Medicitis? I Love Andrew so much. Oh, he's a good dude. Look, look, I got a fucking film award because of that guy. So there you go. I need to get you one another one. I mean, I know you already do a whole bunches at my favorite, my favorite joke at the roast was a John Morris said he just talking about me. He said, what the Hell did he say? Said, Don's been in movies, done said the radio show for years he's done comedy, done a lot of theater, but he's probably best known for the Fuzz that's on his chin. Her name's Charlie Heather. That was that. I remember that one. My favorite one, that one about floor me. I was and see you're at. You're soontobe. Ex Wife never comes down to never came out to the shows for anything. She used to long before I was part owner the club. She because she hasn't gone to one of my shows about three years. Completely said lost interest in everything and she shouldretty much every fucking thing I was doing. At that point. She should have come to the roast for that exact joke. Yeah, exactly exactly. That would I wasn't going to sign the divorce paper. That would have been storming out right there. It's a fucking joke, it's but you know, you know how that is. I think that's why she didn't come to comedy shows. She can't take a fucking joke to begin so well, since that fucking cats out of the bag, which ones that? That's good question. A little you let we let them all out at once. Come up one of the time. You know, divorce can be good and bad, depending on the situation. It's it's it's it's one. That's one of those things that this one's been brewing for some time. I still don't know where it's going yet. We haven't decided anything, where the consensus is. We're just taking a break right now. We're taking some time apart to figure out what's going on. We had a decent time together this weekend. Her parents were in town, which I wasn't going to abandon, abandon her to her parents because of some things, some issues. They're there that I won't get into on here. Sure. Yeah, because after conversations with them, they're trying to look up some of my comedy on Youtube, which some of the some of the stuff on there is older stuff that's all about them. So I thought, well, that'll be fun and I thought about taking it down. Then I thought no, fuck it. If they're going to look up my comedy, they're going to see what they get. Exactly. This is who don is exactly. Yeah, I can make fun of myself and everybody else involved, I don't care, but when it can mean but Noo, we're trying. We're trying to figure out what's going on. We're both in counseling right now. We're not in couples counseling because I basically I only want one person blaming me for every fucking thing right now. I don't need a counselor to right making shop. That's why I got my own counselor and she's on my side. So everybody's got to have a quarter man exactly. I have a Parman. But yeah, yeah, we'll see what happens. We'll see what he's she's signed a year lease on her apartment, so we got at least that long to figure it out to where where I want to tell her, you know, renew the lease or come back home. But they you know, that's that's good that you guys are are taking that that initiative to at least still figure it out, because so many people nowadays, you know, they say that the horse rate is, you know, fifty percent now if while marriage is in a divorce. I think a lot of that's because so many couples these days they hit us snag and they're just fucking done and they we have hit our share of snags along here and I'm just the this past year I've been so busy with the club and so busy with comedy I've been going out of state to do a lot of comedy. There are some insecurities that developed. Just a lot of and I understand from her point of view a lot of these things look suspicious. Sure, APPs A fucking lootly. Yeah, you know, because every time I went out a state to do a comedy show or to go to a festival as industry, I'd run into the same person and that would look bad. Sure. Absolutely. So, optics are a thing. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, but again again, like I said, there's that's it's...

...good that you that's the perception of it is. I understand and it's good that you're able to a recognize that. But when things started to fall apart, I turn more to comedy, I turned more to anger and a lot of vodka. But, and that's unfortunately not a joke, because I spent most of my s drunk and I don't want to fall back into that. But do you there for a couple months I was heading in that direction. Do you just not drink anymore all together? or You I still do. I'm trying to limit it, you know, I don't know. I need to just drop it all together. But I mean, yea, enjoy it so fucking Nice that I don't want to, but I don't want to get to the point where I'm puking and running around outside with my pants around my ankles. That's yeah, yeah, so don't go to pensic right, right, but it's this is one of the reasons why it why I respect you some of thoughts, because you're not like most comics. I think a lot of comics get into this mentality of just this is the way things are. They're always right because they're there are people who have microphie hold microphones for a living and when they're on stage what they say is the Gospel Truth. But you're at the same time able to recognize there are two sides. There's multiple perspectives to any issue. I try to in my comedy it's all about me. Well, well, yeah, when you're on stage, that time is you. Yeah, off stage, I try to see things from other perspectives. I don't always give them their due and I don't know that's that's a part of that's part on me. As far as the relationship issues is, I know I don't always give credence to to what I should and and that department, but I'm trying to recognize my own shortcomings. Well, that's good, that's good. And you had two of them snipped the other. Yes, yes, all right, let's let's move on to something a little more, a little more positive's let's talk more about doing stand up, because we've beaten around that a little bit. I hope to do that some day. Yeah, I hope. I hope to perform stand up come now I might. I was busy as shit in July. You had I with I was all over the place. Had A busy summer for doing stead I have not so much in August, but actually last week I had no shows planned in August and last week Thursday afternoon, well, I was about thirty on Thursday. Kevin Rupert sent me a message because somebody dropped out of the show at the barrel. Oh. So I was like, well, Shit, I didn't really want to go back on stage unless I had some new material. So he sent me a message at thirty. I got home from work about thirty and I started writing some new shit all about my recent snippitty, snip, and I got on stage with basically a handful of notes about ideas I wanted to cover and I did seven minutes of pretty much completely brand new shit. Had A book show, which isn't always a great always a good idea, and there were some slow moments, but at the end that brought it back and really had them and that was said. That was fun because it's the barrel's a great fucking place to perform anyway. So I didn't really want to turn that one down. And then on the way, actually, as I was leaving the barrel that night at about thirty, I got a message from Brian Sweinheart, who was a national, national headliner. He's out and based out in La now, but he's originally from Covington, Ohio and he was back in town for his birthday. So he was hit doing a show Saturday and he asked me if I do a feature spot for him. So it's like well, fuck yes, I will. So my Saturday, though, my Saturday was up. Now go up and do a feature spot for for swineheart. You know that's a fun guy. I like Brian Really Cause you're the guy who usually goes like months between between open mind there for a while I was yeah, July, man, yeah, just like I said, July, I think I did like eighteen, nineteen shows, which for me is hitting it. Yeah, and I think well, that this year I've been getting out a lot more. I think just I don't the beginning of this year I've done I've done the barrel four times. I haven't done a lot of the open mic. So I've hit several Sunday comics. I've hosted the club several times. I've hit jokers over an Indie a handful of times. Of course, performing out in Zany's and Chicago or St Charles for the world series. Got Out a good bananas it all. Yet I have not. I need to get down there and never been there. Who Am they want cleans. Have you ever been to go bananas? I have not. I went there once, partly because it's around Mason and I's going to me. Is it a little out of the way? I went down there once. They do. They do kind of like what we originally thought the comics hands are going to be, which was workshopping jokes. There's are that,...

...but that's okay. Yeah, they actually there's there, there, they do feedback shows and it's literally they open up the club on a day where it's closed and they turn the lights down and like everybody goes up does one joke and gets or one bit or whatever and get scratsurce feedback on and they basically everybody gets like five minutes to workshop a bit. And that's the one time I've been down there and it was actually a lot of fun. It's a nice club. I have to go down there for that, and then we'll steal that idea and stop seeing that at the comics. And we did that once and I came back when I was like, this is the fuck we should be doing Sunday nights at Wiley's. Why not say that? And that's the thing. I left it open a no format. So anybody that wants to come in and say hey, here's what we should do, come in and do that. Yeah, absolutely, I'm up for whatever. I Open the club up to you guys to come in and do whatever the hell you want in there, so long as you're not on stage screaming in the microphone grab him by the Pussy like seven hundred times. That doing seven minutes of abortion job right. You know that kind of thing. Well, that's fine as long as they're funny, but it's shoot just just one person in particular. That was a yelling the same thing over and over again into the MIC and I love that guy to death. Really Sweet Guy, Really Nice Guy, really fun on the radio. You should have him in here. Yeah, he talks. He's a good talker. He's good for live radio because there's never a moment of silence that the guy, you're the grab the grab by the Pussy Guy, are talking about. Okay, but you're talking about the the the abortion joke guys like now I've met him. Fuck that guy now they Neil Griffin is who I'm talking Oh, I think. Yeah, really good to him on and he yeah, he was, he's been. He actually co hosted the life with me last night and no, did. He did a great job. He I mean he's fantastic on the radio. His comedy needs work, admittedly, and what he was doing on stage at Wiley's when I finally yelled at him and told him to get the hell off the stage with that Shit, becaulse, what he was doing is he's doing what a lot of people do when they're trying to get a certain phrase just right and how they say it. But that's stuff you should like to do it home in your bathroom mirror, not on stage at a club when other people are trying to have a conversation. That's what cuts what the comics hang is right. Well, that's what he was doing at the comics. Oh, other time you were doing that. All, stay, okay, you know, and yeah, that's but I get that that's a part of some folks process to where they want to repeat the same line till they get it down. But you do that at home, yeah, to get the phrase right. Yeah, you're not going to get the same you're not going to get the same thing you're looking for on it on a stage in front of an empty room. Right, you got to psyche yourself up to it, not not wait for crowd feedback. Of which way it is funnier to say this guy's because we're going to that wasn't even a question that came up. He just repeated the so he just kept doing it. I just do that. Yeah, for his own self. That's that's why that's something you do in your bathroom mirror, Broadway method actors. Shit. Right, there you go, but I will say it. But I do like what the comics hang is because at the same time I think it's also nice that the comics have basically a twohour window to go into the club and because a lot of the ones who go to the comics hanger going on the show later that night right to go in and have those that those few moments of just who just that. Yeah, gotta get some of the get some of the nerves and get some of the shit out of your system before the people come in. And either way, either way, it were we used to we you, cause well, yeah, every now and then somebody will go up on stage and no, then and we do kind of workshop jokes every now, but it's a very just it's loose format, it's whatever, if anything goes, and a lot of times we just sit around medican funny each other, and that's fun too. And then Ed John Ask you, why is that funny? And and and Travis tlls me he's a shitty comic and yeah, and he should quit. That was a that was a weird fucking day. Weird fucking day. I kind of Miss It. I do too. There are days the other days. There days I like ad was a good dude. I you know what? I liked the NIE. I like the KNEECAP bit. I'm gonna I liked the knee cat joke. I don't give a fuck. I like. I like what the Niche Cap joke became. Yeah, I like between him and Travis, I like I like how that became such a thing to where it's like Ed was going to do that every fucking time I got up there, jadly a travis there. Oh Man, that. Yeah, I like that. The KNEECAP joke take took on a life of its own. Get Ed back here to for fucking roaster. Say just so, you mean travis can fucking just the two of them both times it's going to be all well, had to a roast and Travis and Ed will be both beyond it. Travis will only talk about Ed and Ed will only talk about Travis, and I get oh yeah, it will be better for all that. Yeah, one of them has to be the the master ceremonies. The other one has to be the man of the hour. We Travis would be a good roast. Ye, good. Yeah, I'm not sure. I'm not sure I'd want to have ed as the man of the hour.

No, but he's got some good stuff going on out in La does he? Yeah, I haven't kept up with them, unfortunately. Oh yeah, yeah, he he's doing stuff. He's had all kinds of auditions out at the was a comedy store. Oh, he's got really, he's got spots out there now. So, yeah, he's Balk. He got some stuff going on out there. So He's absolutely good for him. Yeah, yeah, I got nothing bad to say about it. I don't look, I don't know. I've read a problem with that. I just like why? I know he's got some good stuff going on out there. That's good. Happy for him. I just like one of my fucking dog bark. Anyway. That's that's the risky take, doing a show in your mouth's basement. And I noticed that in the last few months you you on stage, your your persona, your cadence has shifted to a bit angrier and it has, well, like it's worked a lot of times. It had. Now where that started, and actually the first show I did at the barrel, basically that's when things were really kind of going downhill at home, okay, and we had we had gotten into a bad fight like an hour before I had to go on stage at the barrel. Oh, and when I got there I was real close to telling Kevin, look, I cannot do this, man, I'm not in a good head space. But I went up somewhat angry. I use that energy, but it didn't come to a head. It didn't really really get there until I was beginning of May. I was actually hosting that weeknd for Charlie Hester at the club okay, and we we were trying a I lolla. We were we were trying out a new hotel for our comics to stay in because I was trying to work on a new deal get us a better rate, and that hotel did not have our credit card on file, so I had to go in person and check Charlie into a hotel. Anybody that's not familiar with Charlie, Charlie is a very attractive blond Yep. Yeah, and well, little did I know, friend of my wife's happened to work at that hotel called her up right away and said your husband's checking into a hotel with a blond woman. She's so that kind of went south right there. And that whole week end, of course I'm host in the show's Friday, two show Saturday and I was on the Sunday comics that week nd, that same week afterward. And not a single show that weekend. And I want to go on stage. Not One and I couldn't hosting. You can't really do angry, not really angry does not work hosting. You're the hype man. Yeah, and so I I still Friday and both Saturday shows. I had a decent set. I mean I didn't let it get me down, although when I came in I was about to hand it off to somebody else. I was about to ask John Morris if you wanted to host, because I wanted nothing to do with being on stage any of those times. And the same thing with that Sunday. And that Sunday I had so many things going on through my head with but because, basically, that Saturday night my wife told me not to come home. Oh Wow, and it was one of those things that I would I was more mad at myself that I almost didn't go home. MMM, because it's like, wait a minute, that's my house, right, all my steps there, I pay all the bills there. A fuck, am I not going home right? So it would. It was. I mean it was. It was a rough weekend to get through. So Sunday I thought I'm just going to cut loose on stage. HMM. Usually when I do a new set it's stuff that I have written out a week, two weeks in advance. I have it committed to memory. I don't like going on stage with notes. Okay. Well, that Sunday again I didn't want to go on stage. Yeah, biscuit came in, Chris Corwin, biscuit, okay, came in for Sunday comics and he wasn't he did. He will wouldn't have time on the set on stage. So I was trying to give him my set. I was trying to give him my time because I again, I did not want to go on stage. Yeah, and he didn't want it either. So I ended up going on stage with stuff that I had scribbled in a notebook, just some random ideas about all the bullshit that I was dealing with in my personal life. And I mean it was stuff that I was it was it wasn't even full sentences, it was just random shit that I put down in there about everything that's been happening. And there was stuff. I put notes in there as as close as five, ten minutes before I went on stage. And I went up there angry and just frustrated and ready to yell and I cut loose. In fact, I think the...

...comic that I followed, I kind of Shit on him a little bit. No, no, because he was he was very boring and I was a I didn't I didn't get too bad after him, but the first thing I did I said given up for so and so, I'm going to go ahead and keep his energy going. I'm just going to take a fucking nap up here for ten minutes. And I I just I just went off. I think I even I think I even did a shout out to Neil Griffin while I was on stage that night, because it's something he said during the comics hag that the hit me, hit me a certain way. But I just I just let it fly. I let every bit of that energy out and that material and it was was by the time I got off stage I was shaken. I mean I was just emotionally and I was physically standing at the bar shaking when I got off stage because I touched something deep, deeply personal that night on stage and that just it was. It was a weird moment but at the same time it was it was also one of those moments it's like, okay, this is why I fucking do this. But you know, Travis Charles is somebody that's really almost impossible to get a compliment out of no shit. That's one of the things I appreciate about him. Is Because, being a part owner of the club, I don't know who's kissing my ass when they come up and say good set, but I know if travis comes up and says good set, you had a good fucking set. And Travis actually because when I got off stage after that set, I just I headed straight to the bar for a drink, because I did. I just no fucking Dylla dalllying. I was out of that room and travis comes running out there. He's like, Dude, you're fucking brilliant when you're angry. That that was that was probably the most meaningful complimenttional, not because of who it came from, because it's almost impossible to get a compliment. I've ever gotten one exactly, but now it was. I've been trying to carry some of that energy. I haven't. Haven't been able to touch quite that same and level sense, but it was a Suchi there. I'm still kind of boiling up underneath every now and then. But you can't. You can't trigger a you can't. Yeah, I can't trigger a nearer near emotional breakdown fucking time. You go on stage and you'll never survive. No, I mean like like Louis Black does it, but that's that's a him thing. That's yeah, and you can't tell you can't tell your wife. Look, okay, I got to show this weekend, so I'm gonna need you to like threaten to divorce me. Well, it's well bad. The thing is it seems like almost every show I had there for a while, she would she would start sending me messages like a couple hours before to not because but to try to, it almost felt like, just to purposely fuck up my shows. And it helped. Well, the the fireworks competition. Yeah, that Friday night that I went up because I that was one of the best sets I've had for that would that got me into the finals, but I I think I blew up on dusty and Nick and John Before that set. Uh Huh, I because I had so much bottled up still. Oh Gee, because again before that she started sending me messages and yeah, it was shit that was in my head. And again it's it's kind of helped my comedy, but it's the same time it what cost, man, it was cost. I know that is the tangled web we weave in the world of stand up. Absolutely our darkness and our anger and our the shit that we go through like it sucks, but at the same time that's what well, that's go on stage four. That's that's one of the things I tried to explain to my wife at one time. It's for one, if I'm going to go through these things, I'm going to talk about them. Yeah, I'm going to try to find what's funny about them, I'm going to try to make some kind of sense about them and then bring it up. And that's the one thing she doesn't like about what I do is that I talk about us. It's like, well, that's what the fuck I'm gonna do. What's gonna Happen is you know that I try to be somewhat personal and there was somewhere I was going with this, but I completely fucking lost it. I've had that conversation with every woman I've ever been with. Is Like, look at you, this is what I do. If something hat comes up in our relationship, good, bad, stupid, whatever, if I think I can make something funny out of it, I'm going to tell it on stage in front of a hundred strangers. Right, right, and if any funny, I'm going to keep telling it. And here's the thing. This is our art. Yeah, some people don't look at it that way,...

...but fuck that. If I was a musician and I wrote a song about my wife, she'd fucking love it, sure, but you're right, a joke about her, yeah, doesn't. We're also same fucking way you. So our marriage is a joke to you. Well, you know how many times I've heard that? You Know How many fucking times I've heard that the past six months? So fun get it, don't do you anyway, as long as you get materiat yeah, yeah, yeah, and I'm writing this Shitt and, as you're saying, it no like, like. It's not like. This is something I decided to do halfway through the relationship and you're having run. This was me when you got into this this you well, I wasn't doing comedy, but I was still doing I was acting at that time, but still, it's like you knew who you know, who I who I was when we met. You knew that. It's yeah, people have a hard time, except you said, people are hard time accepting stand up as our art form. This is our creative process right, and it is. And we as comics, I think, we think differently, we see things differently and that's a part of it. We try to find the humor in the things that most people get sad about. It's our way of processing it. Like well I have after the the event on August fourth and the Oregon district. That's one of the reasons I wanted to make sure that we still open the club that night, we still had the comics in there for the Sunday comics and for the comics hang. I wanted to make sure we had that because as comics we process grief differently and I know during the comics hang we're going to be in there doing what we do. And if there was somebody off the street that walked in and heard some of the shit they were saying, who man, they would have been upset. Absolutely. That's but that's us. I mean we know what happened, we know what it meant. That's how we deal with but that's how we process and get through it, and that's they. I think that was important to open up, especially that night for that because that that place is home to a lot of us. That's where that's that's that's our church, that's our you know, like I'm, I'm I know I'm fortunate enough to have a job that like affords me like health insurance. I can go see a therapist. A lot of the comics don't have that. A lot of them are work in Taco Bell or crappy retail jobs and they're that, but that's how they that's there catharsis is doing, is tell him right jokes, matter how fucked up it might be, or at least hanging out with likeminded people that aren't going to get upset when you tell a really dark joke about an event that just a tragic event that just fucking happen. Yeah, it doesn't mean we're it doesn't mean we're disregarding the tragedy, right event, if it right, otherwise we wouldn't. Honestly, the more, the more fucked up something is, the more we need to talk about it, because that's how we're going to cope. Right, and you said, I think it's just it's a different mindset. All right, there's a there's a longer length of time before you can talk about it into a general audience. That so absolutely like nobody was going up on stage right, right, day night, all right, but with the next year. It'll happen. I'm sure will, and I'm sure people get pissed off Aheasle and then, and that's that's fine. As long as they pay their bill, who cares? Yeah. So, speaking of speaking of like what went down in the Oregon district, there's something else going on in the Oregon district here soon. It's kind of got from what you've been telling me. I've just started hearing about this today. It's got it's got people a little divided. Well, in the common there are a lot of people that are really looking forward to it, and that's fine, but look, it's not like he listens to the show. So it's we'll go ahead and say it, and I get what they're trying to do, or what they're writing people to think they're trying to do. There's basically this Sunday, starting at for from four to ten, they're going to close off the well, they're going to close off the Oregon district as early as like six am Sunday morning, oh Jeez, which is going to fuck a lot of businesses up down there. Yeah, you know, like any of the businesses that are open up for Brunch and lunch or then with their lying bobs for one six. Exactly, I mean exactly. We had a show planned that Sunday. Mark Gregory was supposed to be in there. who had to cancel that because nobody would be able to get in there because if you don't have one of twentyzero limited tickets, you can't fucking go to the Oregon district. so that Dave shepell's doing a big show there and there's going to be a lot of other artists and musicians and whatever. For those I don't like, I mean Dave Shu else from this part of Ohio, I mean Dave's repels from yellow spring, hasn't been a the Oregon district in fifteen years. It took nine people getting getting killed for him to show any fucking interest in it at all. And all he's doing now in his attempt to say, Hey, let's reclaim and that's what he's calling there. They're calling it, and I don't want to say it's just him, because it's probably a publicist, but they're saying which, we reclaiming the Oregon district. Nobody fucking took it.

Yeah, the same people that were going there before are still going there? Yeah, nobody took it. It's still us. I was down there a week they not the celebrities that want national attention for being good guys. And you know, to my thought is basically they're going to be selling beer on the street. HMM, and most of the bars, most of the club's, most of the places down there don't have the license to do that. The organizer told us at while he's well, you don't have to have a license to sell beer on the street, you can just go ahead and do it. We were told everything's fine. Bullshit, we can't do that. They didn't want US selling beer. They didn't want US selling on the street because that was going to cut into what they were going to make. Fuck them, but but you know, and that's that's basically what we were told, is that all. We were fine and fortunately our general manager looked into it and found out that we still had enough time to get the permit to do it. Okay, so hopefully we'll have that, will have a beer truck in there and we aren't going to be totally fucked because of course we can't have our show on Sunday. So we're losing money right there. So in their little attempt to reclaim the Oregon district, they're screwing over a lot of businesses that are there. Yeah, and that's not the fucking point. Yeah, and besides that, a lot of people that are going that go down there every weekend and there at there all the time. Well, if they don't have a ticket, they don't. They can't go to their normal place, like my brother, and his is a fresh shit. I mean, they're free tickets, but you still have to register, you have to be in a certain you have to be from from the Dayton area. Yeah, and if you don't live in Dayton, like me, I live in Englewood, you can't get a ticket. Well, I'm going to have an employee pass because I own a fucking us true, but if you didn't, and I dare the motherfuckers to stop me, right, but it's just I find it insulting. Yeah, the whole reclaiming the Oregon district, because this we were still we didn't fucking go anywhere. Yeah, we haven't gone anywhere in the last fifteen year. Day you've where the fuck are you? You want to do something nice for a business in the Oregon district, why don't you perform at the club that's already fucking there. Don't close it down so you can have your own special. Look at the show. I'm a philanthropist on especially not when he's got he's got a new fucking he's promoting the new netflix special and it's right. Good for you, man, right, you know what? Your picture hangs on the wall inside a while. He's Comedy Club, along with fucking El degenerest cat, Williams drew, carry a lot of fucking people. Oh yeah, people that have been there. Here's a good there. They were starting out. Who you know? A place where you you might may or may not claim help, you get your starter or whatever their day. How about you go there? Don't go to like, don't go to the other club in town, who's now, I'm not going to say on the show right now, but which he does show up there. He goes there all the time. He's been there several times. Never see him at while he's no, and when he was coming up, that other club did not exist in this town. That's exactly right. And been here that long because we had, you know. But what did exist was, while he's and Wiley Sunday comics, where he used to actually, you know, fifteen years ago he would actually come do stuff at while Sunday comics that you would then see him do on some of the late night shows later on that week. And that's you know, yeah, it's just you get to a certain level. I guess you're just detached from the reality of what actually happens. If you want to do a nice show and you want to raise money for the city of Dayton, raise money for the victims, I applaud that. Fantastic. Yeah, do it in a venue that can handle that amount of people. Don't do it where you have to shut down and hurt the businesses that are fucking there trying to survive after they could because you know people that the people that live in that area, that have been there the whole time, that were affected by this. It didn't affect yellow springs, it didn't affect you, Dave. Yeah, because you know, because you know who else I know. I'm just not going on Dave Chappelle and I have a lot of respect for him. Yeah, this, this is this is a CROC as shit is. I mean because one of the businesses who's not going to be open that day is the business that was shot up that night. Right, Nett peppers isn't going to be able to be open that day. So that means there's a business that's not going to be taking any money. There are bartenders and servers who are not going to be making them money that day and not getting tips that day. So unless he is going to shell out the cop the people who aren't getting to work that night, which we all know, that's not going to have it. You know, I look at like my brother and his girlfriend who live in an apartment above ned peppers. It's like cool, so they live there, so better hope they get a ticket. Yeah, it's like so if they if they don't get a ticket to they just like not get to leave their apartment all night. Do theyn't they go home? They can't go home. They got can spend the night over here. It's IT boggles my mic new John Legend was down here and he didn't close a fucking play. He came here, performed in Blind Bob's. He performed in an actual place. John, you performed, John fucking legend, right, set up a piano and blind Bob's, hug up a curtain in the window and said Hey, I'm going to go play, y'all, come watch, right, that's how you do it, Dave, Whiley's will welcome you in. Yeah, yeah, it's not like it was going to be like a trouble. was like a listen to you guys. Have any book that day? Don't care, Dave, if you want to come from but no, I know he didn't want to...

...perform in front of a hundred eighty people and a sold outs. He wanted to perform fun at front of Twentyzero out on the street because, hey, you know, it's better to promote your hope it rain at Flix fit special. I hope it rains. Well, I don't, because we're going to have a beer truck of food out there now. God Damn it. We're already taken enough of the hit and not be able to open our shows for fucking Martin radory show. But it's fucking Tra and, by the way, whins this, whins this. Going to airs dry air before the weekend? Oh yeah, this'll drop on Friday. Okay, cool, Friday and Saturday get out and see Kent raid or fucking brilliant. Yeah, clean, clean comic. It's going to be a clean comedy Friday and Saturday. Kent Raider is funny as Hell. He's been doing this for twenty some years. He started back in the day. Used to travel with Ron shock a lot Oh wow, which was a religion to holly shounny guy. It's a good possibility. Ron Shock was one of those that I saw his stuff years ago and he was fucking brilliant. But he I don't know if he's with US anymore. I haven't had no idea, but no, Kent Raider has been doing a lot of he'll he does a lot of theater shows, a lot of big shows, does several of those a month throughout the year and he's starting to get back to where he's going back to comedy clubs now, okay, and he's always loved Wiley's. He hasn't been in Wiley's for like six or seven years. So He's been. He's been trying to get back into the rotation and okay, we welcoming back funny guy. Ray Hensley's going to be doing a host feature spot because it just going to be a two man show. So yeah, Ray's fantastic. He's he's one of the top one hundred and one for the world series main old this year and so ray was the headliner the first time I hosted a while. He's wasn't. Yeah, I love Ray. Yeah, raise raised. Good, Dude. So what's we're running? We're running, starting. Run out of time here. Done what you know? We mentioned that you've had. What's next for you? For me? Per next for you right now? Comedy Wise, personal? What what was gonna say? I'm gonna go home, probably have some vodka. Yeah, I've got vodka. Don't drink and drive, kid. No, yeah, what's next for you? Man? I don't know. Man, I got a lot of the got some movie things that are coming up here shortly. We're going to be doing some filming Saturday morning at while he's because we haven't even talked about your acting stacks and there's so much. I am I am such an enigma there. You want much to talk about here. I'm a fucking Rube's cube. But no, I'd like. I'd like to get into doing some more acting. I'd like to. I mean it's everything's a time constrained. I'd like to get out and do more comedy. I'd like to hit the lottery. And I have to go my regular job because you know as much as I love hospital maintenance. I really like to not have to do that. More so hospital maintenance and don't want to do hospital making right. Right. But now I we have, I know, well, Kill Mama kills getting ready to be released, as well as the gouchers getting ready to be utuer. Handful, handful of movies I've been in. They're starting there, getting ready to rerelease six feet below hell under a different name. I'm getting ready to release straight out of hate under I think burning down Babylon is going to be the new name of that one. Okay, and so, yeah, but bunch of movies that I'm in with William Lee, they're getting ready to be rereleased. Let's see all who follow. I got to do a fun death scene in that one with the autumn Hatcher and Mikaela Quill, and that's getting ready to come out, hopefully hit some hopefully hit some festivals and stuff. So okay, because right I don't, I don't. I don't really know what's next for me. I've been I've been flying by the seat of my pants. Yeah, so long. I don't know any other way. At this point it's like, you know what, I think it's good to be able to say you don't have a much of a plan right now because you've been going. It's not good. I wish you know you've been going. You've been going so fucking hard this year all together, man. I mean I think it's good for you able to sit back and say, you know what, I got nothing booked right now. I mean, if you I do have August thirty one. Yeah, Wiley's. I'm going to be in a showcase there. Are you on one of those or I am not? I I have had my work situation is a little up in the air right now. I just got okay, so like positive side of just got promoted seconds, sucky side. I don't want my don't know my schedule is going to be right now, but okay, but it pretty much puts the nail in the coffin that I won't be going to day shift. Oh so second shift or third? I'm now the second shift. Yeah, that's I'm not the lead operator for us. I'm the shift leader for for second shift now, because I've been there for four years on that shift and my shift leader is leaving and they said, well, if anyone's going to get it, this was it was. Yeah, I'm like okay, because it was that they're going to give it to the guy. He's been there for like a year and it's like let's not, let's let yeah, so, but, yeah, yeah, I'm not booked on anything for the time being because I don't know my days off or going to be. I'm trying. That's that's the next thing. I have booked August thirty... at while Ley's. I'm going to be in a showcase on there with a lot of other good comics. It's hosted by a Karen Jaffee. Let's see who's on mine, and a Dwight mccormicks on it. Luke Capasso, wow chee's. Yeah, there's a some some really, really funny comics on them. When I I'm drawing a blank on all the rest of my I think there's eight of us all together. Okay, so it'll that'll be a fun show. There were there's one. There's one on Friday night and a different, different group of people on Saturday night. That's going on the third August, thirty and thirty one. Thirty and thirty first then while he's comedy showcase. I'm pulling it up. Yes, now here. Yes, let's see here event description, biography. I don't think I put anything in there as far as that doesn't look like this. Have to look at I'm look at the picture of Johnny Johnson's See, see Adrian, Adrian Miller, Scotty May's, Karen Jaffee, Mike Wells, that Nick Taylor, I think. Next on, let's like Lori Graves. Yeah, that's the D Dwight. Is that nate? That's not nate. I don't know. I think. I'm not sure. I'm not looking at it with you, but you guys gotta you guys, go to while he's comedycom click on the calendar. August, thirty and thirty one and Ryany Miller's coming up. Ryany Miller members, brilliant one. Get out and vote for him. I'm seriously got town's got talent, folks. That was the agt APP. You can vote form in there as well. Yep, club nub some the crippled thread of comedy. But yeah, Ryanny Miller, he'll be at while he's on the twenty and twenty one of September. Don Smith, host of the life radio show. Think we talked about the life, but not really. Man. It got real. Go to the life one of six Ninecom or you can go to like us on facebook at the war slow six nine. Follow us on on twitter. I'm at Don Smith comedy. On instagram, I think I'm what the fuck am I? I don't even know. I know the lifees on the live one, the lifeline six nine, any of the life one of six nine on Instagram, also, while he's cat while he's dating, on Instagram. Also, I believe, while he's dating on twitter. Yea, and yeah, just follow. Everything's good stuff, man, and whatever you do, just follow it. Yes, yeah, make sure I do follow the life is on Pison podcast form on as far as I know, pretty much anywere can get a podcast pretty much, and we've actually in the month of August right now we're almost double July's downloads. Get the hell. Our facebook page is nearly doubled in the past two months. Good for you. So I've been pushing it a little bit. You've been you. That show is just especially to five minutes, is just taken on a life of its own, man. Yeah, it's so much fun at the same time, because that's one of the fun things about it being live, as you never know what's going to happen. But I can go in there completely drained from working all day, in a bad mood, and I'm on here, I'm on air for two minutes and I'm laughing at having a ball. It is so much fun. The only reason that I kept doing it because, believe me, I've wanted to quit many, many times. Fact, I did quit once for about a month. We've half. Then I came back, but that was when I lost my first attempt at a cohost. Well, you know, that was a whole that was a whole fucking thing on its own. Then my second cohost quit. Just broke my heart. Yeah, you'll find your glass slipper down. That's okay, that's well, I'm going to I'm going to track her down in a few weeks and I'm going to I'm going to track her down and we're going to get an interview. Anyway, we're going to do an episode. Good, I'll be fun. Well, Don thank you for coming on the show man. Thanks for having me. Man, trekking out here to the basement, your basement, like you see what you want, Park and a half block down the street because, yeah, phrase, yeah, you live across the street from a fucking outdoor music venue. It's but hey, I got to get out of my car one time and try Daniels is just fucking playing over there and I got to just fucking sit in my board. There you go that and listen to fucking double one down to Georgia from my pork drinking a beer. Good, good, be worse. You could live in the Oregon this would not have a ticket to get home on Sunday. Oh Man. Well, thanks for coming on, man, I appreciate it. All right, guys, that is going to do it for us today on the Basement Lounge. Make sure you guys are following us on twitter and Instagram at the basement launch pod and on facebook as well. Make sure you check out Don Smith on all the social medias. Go to while he'Scom for all your tickets and Info for what's going on at the willies comedy club. And we will see you guys again next week with another guests. Until then, live well, take care, rock on. By Bye.

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