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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 40 · 2 years ago

"We're a Country Full of Karens" with Don Smith - The Basement Lounge: EP# 40


Don Smith calls in to chat about staying busy during a pandemic and why his supply of vodka hasn't quite been affected.

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Wow, is this thing on? Wow, will be sleep? WHOA you two free? Oh, okay, it's ready for your Arthur. Hey for some guys, access or checking out mic for me. Stay. You're listening to the basement lounge. Right. Great job, art, thanks making hey, guys, this is Mike Shay and I want to talk to you about anchor. Yes, anchor is the brand new free way for you to get your podcast career off and running without any cost to you. Simply download the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. Anger is the easiest way to make a podcast to give you everything you need in one place for free. You can use it right from your phone or your computer. Their creation tools allow you to record and edit your podcast so it sounds tolay magnifeek without having to worry about all the costly set up. They'll even distribute your podcast for you so it can be heard everywhere. spotify, apple podcasts, Google podcast, stitcher. All of that, and you can easily make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. They sent you up with awesome sponsors. All you got to do is record a script, kind of like what I'm doing now, throw it onto your show and start making money once again. Download the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM and get your podcast career off and running right now. Just do it already. Grab a drink, pull up a chair and settle in, because you're in the basement lounge. Welcome, everybody, to a new episode of the Basement Lounge. My name is Mike Shay. I'm your host to hear every single week, and this week we've got a returning guest on the show joining us via skype. He is a comedian, he is a radio show host, he is a comedy club owner. We love having the mom we love chatting with him. Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome Mr Don Smith back to the show. What's happening, Man Don? Good to have you back. Man, good to good to talk to you again. It's it's been a it's been a hot minute. It definitely has a definitely and you and you forgot. Actor and voiceover are how that's right. I've been doing that stuff too. Yeah, that's right, you've been. You do everything, man. I try, I try, I try to do a lot of stuff. I've actually I got to I got to a voice character and a children's audio book a couple of a few weeks because I don't know how. Yeah, I don't know how that's going to turn out yet. But yeah, I got to friend of mine already NAP, as a children's author. He's also a director I've worked with. He directed from Gettysburg to Bagdad, okay, was and so, yeah, he had a children's book he wanted to do an audiobook for. So I got to play one of the characters, which was fun. Were you the were the grumpy farmer something or it's I actually was a farmer. Yeah, and he was slightly grumpy because he had a chicken. That mood instead of crowd. That's funny. So, yeah, I was...

...a bit of a grumpy farmer. That's a fantastic guest. Man. I'm full of them. You know that. That's so you we it. Can we have we also got to have you on on dead serious briefly, as the as the president. Yeah, and that was from from clueless president to grumpy farmer on man, your some of you some of your lines in dead serious. We're just the funniest. I just I loved it. I loved your dialog. So I'm a that was a fun show. Yeah, well, we're working on season three. Hopefully we'll get to bring you back at some point. That was a lot of fun. So how our how are things going? Man, just in general, Hey, hailing all this shit. It's it's different, man, it's different. There's a lot of uncertainty right now just all over the place. I don't know, because of course, technically restaurants and bars can reopen may twenty feet and the state of Ohio, but there's something in there about how you if it's if it's an entertainment area like a stage, if it has nothing to do with food or drink service, it has to remain empty. Well, how's that going to work for a comedy club? Right, you're both exactly it's so there's it's the whole thing's a mess. I don't I'm fairly certain we won't be reopening on the twenty one, but I don't I've been working with my partners to try to figure out what all we need to do and right now there's a lot of fighting with the vendors and banks and stuff. Is that you're not looking for any banks as sponsorships for the show, are you know? Because I just want to say if you ever decide to start a business and you need to get a business banking account. Anyone but PNC. They are. They absolute worst. Really I have oh I don't even want to get into too much of it, but they are. Throughout this whole thing they have been uncooperative, downright crappy, just terrible to deal with. Cheese. I mean they they are a bank, so technically they're evil to begin with, but they're just they have this they had, they have this whole other level to them. That's say, it's kind of part for the course for banks. They're done. But Oh, yeah, that's but yeah, that I don't which I don't know. I haven't had a business account through other banks, just my own personal accounts, but I so they might all be absolutely worthless. But I mean they're all criminals anyway. But you know, I don't know if this is a new level for them. Yeah, it's been actually considering. I mean, right now we're in, it weren't a situation where nobody really knows what to do right. I mean, nobody knows anything this. We're two months at the club with no income. So it's I mean, there's only so much we can do exactly, and you're talking about,... know, having to limit the number of people who come in, which it's already not a huge space. It's a big space, but it's not like you know, you Havn't. I mean, well, technically, with Wiley's, we haven't had a problem limiting the number of people. They pretty much limited themselves as far as that's part of the problem. If they if they had learned to not limit themselves before, we might have had bigger crowds. But no, they were pretty good at limiting the amount of people that came in. We didn't even have to work on that. So God like I can, I can at least speak for the COMEDIANS. You know, we definitely miss going to Wiley's and we met. We mean we miss we missed doing stand up in general right now. I mean that's why we started the discord thing, because everybody was just going stir crazy. They needed something, you know, the discord. Things not great, but it's it's something. Yeah, I haven't, I have not participated in any of those. I'm taking a break from a lot of things right now because, I mean, I had so much going on before this happened that, honestly, there's a part of this that I'm I'm I'm kind of enjoying it's I won't say free time, because I'm still fairly busy. I've been doing a lot more interviews the the life radio show, which is not currently going out over Wwsu, so it's just the podcast now, but I've been dropping four episodes a week now because I'm doing it. I'm going to I'm doing a throwback Thursday episode, so I'm going back to all the old episodes from when I first started the podcast and I'm rereleasing them. Okay, so you're just you're cranking stuff out all week pretty much pretty much. I've had a lot of fun interviews recently. This Friday I'm going to have a episode coming out where I get to I got to interview the Bruce Valanche. Yeah, the hell out of here, which was fantastic because I got like two minutes in and realized I wasn't even recording. Yeah, he died. It was a lot of fun though. He was a lot of it was a great guest to talk to. He was a blast. That's good, which, of course, Bruce Valanche. She's written for just about every award show and every every variety show since the mid s. You know, he wrote the bread of the Brady Bunch Variety hour is one that we talked about for a little bit, and that was he did. He wrote for that one. Yeah, he wrote for these. He wrote for the Star Wars Holiday Spe special. Oh so that was his fault. That was his fault. That was his fault. Some bitch that, because I was I was very interested in that one. See, sis, my mom got that. My mom got a bootleg copy of that. You get one to watch it at Christmas time and I said under no certain certain circumstances am I subjecting myself to that more than once... my lifetime. See, I haven't actually seen the whole thing. Oh, I'm will have to find it and watch it just so I can see what kind of an actual disaster it was, because it just sounds like it would be. It's, Oh man, it's it's a special kind of bad. It's like it's like Tommy was so's the room. It's like, there's no way this is real, this isn't real. It is real. Oh God. Yeah, talking with Bruce was a blast. That's really cool. It's that's still that's a great guest to get. And then he got the he seems like he'd be an interesting cat to talk to. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, it did. It was fun. It's just it's crazy times right now. So, you know, you talked about, you know, getting to almost take a break from things, you know, when you realize just how busy you were, and getting to just, you know, put some things on hold that maybe you would thought about, maybe you had never considered before, and and kind of shift your focus a little bit. Yeah, yeah, it's it's, it's it's been a different couple of months. As if, of course, I'm still working because I'm I'm one of those essential people. So yeah, but but they moved me to second shift and now I'm on call, so I'm getting all kinds of overtime right now. Well, well, first of all, condolence is on the second shift thing. I feel your pain. It's not it's not great, but the overtimes nice and yes, yes, it is. Well, hopefully, hopefully, in a couple weeks I'll be back on day shift and I will have to worry about it anymore. Well, there you go. Yeah, that's that's that's the kind of the hope. You know, for me, it's been one of those it's like my lifestyle hasn't really changed a whole lot. I don't get to go I'll go to the liquor store quite as much, but other than that my lifestyle is just kind of pretty much the same. Well, yeah, it's funny because I stocked up on vodka when all the case and I've since everything's calm down and I'm not doing nearly as much. I'm not as stressed out as I would was. I really haven't felt like drinking much, so I don't got I'm still well stocked on vodka. There's I'm good, we can go another couple months with this. I'll tag and take it. I had I had stocked up before everything started, just just coincidentally, and then I found myself. Sorry for yawning, I found myself last week sudd they realize I all I had left was the good bourbon and I was like, Oh, don't necessarily want to open the good bourbon just yet, but I really wanted to drink, so we got open. So now I'm kind of like, well, Shit, and I really have to go back to the store again because I'm not going to just sit here and waste the good Bourbon on on sad alone at home. Drinking. That's that's that. That, that's it. That's that's not celebratory drink. Now that's good bourbon stuff. Yeah, good Bourbon's for like, you know, postcoital drinking. You know that kind of thing. It's a post. Everybody have so much of it. Exactly. It's why I haven't opened it yet. If...

I'd have plenty too, but I don't drink bourbon. So, yeah, I gotta get to get get the cheapshit. I'll get some beam or something. But you know, I saw you guys had put up a someone, if someone, don't know. As soon as you guys go. Fund me had gone up for the folks who work at while. He's I believe Joe Young started the Joe do that. She was a good good joe started that, which is fantastic because, I mean a lot of them, a lot of them, since it was a part time job and we only they only worked a couple days a week, a lot of them didn't qualify for unemployment, so it was just that income was just gone. That sucks. Yeah, but I saw that, I saw it reached its goal, so that was that made me happy. I was glad to see that happen. Yeah, made me too, me too. Hopefully we'll be able to get back on our feet soon and and keep things going because, even though they're only part time, I mean those those folks of work there for ever. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, I mean that's that's home to them. Yeah, away from home, as it is for a lot of folks, especially in the comedy scene around Dane. But other than that, man, you know, it's just you know, you got work and the podcast. But have you had have you hit a point where you start to feel a little bit restless? Yet not really, just because, I mean, I stayed busy anyway. I have so much to do around the House that I haven't even I haven't even, you know, crap, skim the surface on the stuff I need to do in this place, because it's it's been neglected for a while because I've been I've had too much going on outside of here. So, yeah, I had, I've I think I've handled it fairly well. A lot of getting a lot of stuff done around the House that you just had been putting off. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, I didn't realize how bad my bathroom sink was. I think it was leaking everywhere. So I spent I spent several hours under that one day. You know, just every every little thing here and there that I've been like I'll get to that. I've been getting to it now, so that's a good thing. That's been US too. You know, I live with mom and you know her job she's she's on. She's furloughed right now. So you know, I remember her first day, on her first day out of work. She was like you guys are in so much deep shit because I got so many projects around the house I want done house. Kind of like that. All I still have a job. so by but I mean even our land even our landlord has taken the you know, I guess you know whatever his regular job is the same situation, because all of a sudden all our landscaping is getting read doone. He repainted the house. They're going to start readoing our roof this week and we're like okay, so everyone's bored. All right, yeah, yeah, there's a lot of that's a lot of we actually had one of the neighbor kids come over and wanted to mow my lawn the other day or...

...a couple weeks ago. I couldn't get him to come back this week. I had to do it myself, but I, you know, a little brick. Yeah, that's what I thought. That's like. Come on, man, come back, that's long still here. It's it get keeps growing. You can do it again. I I recorded at Children's book for you. Come on. Well, he was a high school kid. I don't think the Children's book would have impressed him. Well, okay, fuck them exactly. That's what I was fucking. That's a hey, guys, it's Mike. I want to take a moment to shout out the folks were helping support this show through anchor and Patreon. If you like, support the show through anchor, go to anchor, dought FM Basement Lounge POD and you can support us through there. Currently we've got Mike Wells supporting the show through anchor, so thank you, Mike. All so you can join our patriots on three dollar a month VIP tier by going to Patreoncom Slash Basement Lounge pod. Right now at Patreon we've got Whitney up church, Jody McDermott, Joey, Craig, Greg Gray and my wonderful mother, Melissa say, helping support the show through patreon. Go to either one of these places. If you want to help support the show and get awesome rewards in the process. In the meantime, let's get going and get back to the show. But yeah, man, it's weird right, it's I spent four hours yesterday running cables all over the house trying to get people's computers hard wired in the house because it was like, I'm out of things to do. I've done everything, all my projects in the last I was able to complete him in the last two months and it's like well, Shit, and now what do I do? Yeah, that's that's that's what happens with too much free time. Yeah, I have so many other projects I want to start, but I haven't yet. So so with the you know, what the life going on, you know, and in podcast form. Only now, you know, with the radio station being done. Has It like for me? You know, because I started doing like the live streams with this show and, you know, been doing shorter episodes of the main podcast, and it's kind of been a bit of a almost like a like I'm like I'm reworking shit and I'm kind of finding things that maybe I didn't realize weren't working as all the first time, and I kind of like the way they're going now. Has it been something kind of similar, like, are you enjoying the new way of doing things a little bit better? Is it giving you ideas for what you want to do when, when shit kind of gets a little bit normal, you're in the future? I miss the live shows. That's that's the biggest thing, because everything's prerecorded now for the podcast. I miss doing the live radio shows. I miss the cameras and go on facebook live. I miss being able to have a studio full of comedians rather than just go on one on one over the phone, because that was one of my favorite things as I love bringing in one of my local comedian friends that has a lot in common...

...with the the person that I'm interviewing over the phone from La. You know that I did that a lot. I'd I'd try to match him up where that I didn't even have to talk and I'd miss that. I miss not having to talk when I interview people. It's a grown look at it. I know that sounds weird, but it's a it was fun to me to bring in a guess that hit it off really well with my other guests, to bring in a guest cohost that could just one of my favorite things. I think there there was a guy that wrote for Fangoria magazine a little bit and I had him on with the film local filmmaker and horror film director, Henrik Cuto, and those two just went nuts. It was great because I and you know, I spoke a little bit, but I really didn't have to. I could just let those two go and it's like all right, cool, I'm good. So I love we had we had ray Jaxon on last week. I love having ray on. He makes my job so easy because all I got to do is introduce him and then he takes it from there. Yeah, yeah, that's it. I love guests like that just are there to talk and you don't have to keep prodding them, because every now and then you get that guess to where you just you just have to keep it. You pull information out of them and it's still just not enough. You can't get them to take off and go. Yeah, I've had a couple of those. couple. It's shocking to is when it's COMEDIANS. It's like, how are you this hard to get? I should have to work this hard to get you to talk right, right? You should. You should want to promote yourself. You should want to get on here and say stuff. That's what you do. Like like if the most interesting thing you have to say is talking about you collecting Lego kits, and I'm not talking about any one person in particular, or not at all, not one bit. No, not, well, not at all, but like I shouldn't have to force that. Adia come on right now. I don't collect Lego kids. Yeah, but yeah, if I did, probably wouldn't talk about it. It's not it's not a knock against Lego kids, but it's like, come on, man, give me something more than that. But yeah, I collect debt. That's what I oh, yeah, collection is debt, and I'm I've got some doozies. I'm still I'm still throwing around the idea of going back to school and either get another bachelors or getting my masters, but it's just like I looked at that right there. Yeah, I look at how much debt I already have. I'm just kind of like, do I want to add to that? Oh, yeah, yeah, there's student loans, but well, they've deferred them now. Yeah, I'm still covid nineteen. It's like then, why am I still getting emails and letters from am asking me to pay right well then, yeah, if you haven't deferred anything. It's kind of it's kind of like those small business loans that they keep saying you can get right now to help bridge the gap with the Covid Nineteen Shut Down Bowl. Yeah, Shit, there's only one that we qualified and if you did not get in there, like one of the...

...first hundred and twenty applications, you can't get them. Now you're screwed. They don't exist. Yeah, so all this, all these trillions of dollars they put out there to help small business that went to all the big businesses and the banks and insurance companies, and small businesses got screwed because we don't make enough to contribute money to campaigns. Exactly. That's right. That's exactly what it is. If you can't, if you don't make enough to contribute to a political campaign, you don't matter, because you're going to see companies and you're going to see businesses like while he's or like feathers or or Brim are going to be, you know, on the verge of shutting down if this thing goes on too long. And I understand, I like I understand the reason for businesses having to shut down like that. That that's not my issue. My issue is that we're going to all these great lengths to save the businesses who are gonna be fine, right. It's the ones who are who might not survive another month in this that need the help and they're the ones not getting it. Oh, yeah, absolutely. And the thing is, I mean they're there. Are Go fundme's. Yeah, I'm very hesitant to use that because there was a person that used a go fund me for Whiley's years ago. That screwed a lot of people over exactly. I don't want to have to resort to that. I don't want to be compared with that now. Absolutely, yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about. I can you. Certainly did. I certainly do know what you're talking about and and I completely understand and I've seen. You know, I'm actually surprised I haven't seen more businesses putting them out. I know for one, six put one out and it hasn't really even come close to hitting its goal. And if I think, I think feathers did. I think feathers put one out that. I don't know if it was no fund mirror, if it was a different kind of donations, and I think there's something out but that there have been a couple that are have but the probably run into is a lot of people right now, you know, aren't sure if they're going to have the money to contribute, especially when a lot of these businesses they need tens of thousands of dollars and you know, that's a heart that's a hard amount of crowd source when the people are reaching out to from money don't know if they're going to have money. From one right to the next right, they might not be working, they might be, you know, waiting on an unemployment check that should have been here months ago, and because, I mean, I know people that have been out of work since all this first started and they there's some of them that still haven't received their first unemployment check because everything got so backed up and there was I mean, this was just it's it's a tragic pain in the ass, is what it is. It's really is said, what do you do? Yeah, just just keep pushing...

...forward and hope we can recover. And then every everybody keeps talking about what the new normals going to be. It's like, okay, there have been pandemics before, there will be again. We will come out of it and it may take a little while to shake it off, but we'll get back to a normal life. It's just it's so shocking to me to see how poorly people right now are handling this. And I'm not sorry about I'm not talking about government, I'm not talking about mail, about people. Like it's been two months, guys. We Have Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, Amazon prime, the we have the Internet and and a month and a half, two months into this thing, and everyone is losing their minds and and protesting a virus with with a R, fifteen S. it's like, well, you know, they they have nothing better to do. You know, they military wouldn't take them tiny. They have to go show off their firearms. That's really and I have nothing against firearms. I'm pro second amendment. I have my concealed carry, I have firearms. I have nothing against them. I have something against an idiot that decides to march on the capital building with assault weapons for no reason. I mean they they carry American flags and they have them right next to a confederate flags, which makes no sense. I guess they're at war with themselves. I guess. I mean they're they just have the thinner conflict. But I mean there it makes it just they I guarantee most of those people have no military background, because otherwise they might understand something about sacrificing. Because they don't want to give up the right to go get a haircut to save lives. That's, you know, that's that's too much for them to do. But they go out like they're like, they're you're military. It's like, okay, military men gave up their lives so that we can go get a haircut. Exactly. Will give up going get a haircut to save a couple lives? You are part of the problem. I saw I saw a post yesterday that that I think, really spoke truth, which was being inconvenience doesn't the same thing as being as oppressed. You know absolutely. You know you're not being oppressed. You're being told to just, you know, adjust your lifestyle a little bit, right and the and they don't. They don't know what appression is. They've never experienced it. Now they have no idea. They just they just paranoid idiots. Yeah, oppression is, you know, being told you're not allowed to get married to the person you want to get married to appression is being told you're not allowed that. That's being fortunate right there. That's wrong. That's fucking wrong. I shouldn't have said that, but well, look, as the only person on this show right now who's experienced marriage, I mean I've come close,...

...but twice. Twice, you can hits. If anyone's allowed that, if anyone can comment on that, it's you. Yeah, like there's yeah, it just because you're not allowed, you know, go to it, go to a concert round. Yeah, rarely. And and I think I posted something the other day that basically said, like, you know, all this shit is just people putting a price tag on human life, and it's like right, it's all takes for you guys is a mild inconvenience and suddenly human life because, because you see it every day, or everyone tries to rationalize a number of deaths. Oh, you know, it's only been it's like, okay, that's still a lot, because they that what they do is they always put it in a percentage. Well, it's only been like, you know, three percent. It's like yeah, but three percent of six billion, it's still a lot of people. Exactly. Yeah, that's I don't know which I can kind of understand them not wanting to spend time at home because their kids are there, and I mean schools are clothes. They have to deal with their children for the first time since they plopped them out. I get it. That's why the liquor stores stayed open, exactly because everybody was wondering why the liquor stores it. Why didn't, like her start, they open in the skulls closed, like, Nope, the liquor stores are open because the schools are closed. Our parents that haven't been around their children in ten years, that suddenly have to spend time with them, they're going to need something exactly. Yeah, it's it's it's crazy times and crazy people out there. That just it's did I don't know, I don't know. It didn't really surprised me how little time it took people to crack hmm, because you know, we're Americans and if we don't get our own way right away, we want to speak to the manager as like your country full of Karen's, just my pop. I apologies the Karen Jeffy because she hates that. She hates those jokes, but at the same time I think she secretly loves them. Oh Oh yeah, we're a country full of Karen thing. It's going to be the title of the episode, but this I'm turning into you. I'm titling the episode live on the that's that's that's the best way to do it. It really is. I love that. So before it, before it, before I let you go down, because I know you're on call and and we all, we will be. Both got stuff to do. So tell everyone a little bit. I know we touched on a brief a little bit earlier, but tell everybody what's going on right now with with the life podcast, with with the life radio show and podcast. I'm hoping to get back on the air before too long on Wwsu one U six nine fm out of Fairborn Ohio. I don't know that that's going to happen anytime soon because they're having some issues over there with the scheduling, because I used to still upload episodes up until like last week when they told me that they weren't broadcasting any new content. So that's fantastic. But basically every right now, every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, a brand new episode...

...of the Life Radio Show comes out. We just release one today with Aaron Bossig, who has the hungry trilobyte podcast, which is all about it. If you like Star Trek, Star Wars, that kind of thing, if you're if you're into that fantasy sci fi stuff, hungry trilobytes a good podcast for you to listen to as well. I interviewed him Saturday, Saturday morning. Episode drop today, of course, in one coming out on Friday with Blues Bruce Valanche. If you want to listen to some of our older podcast to do a throwback Thursday, of course, every Thursday, and I'm rereleasing I just started doing this a couple weeks ago. So I'm rereleasing the old episodes just all the way through from one just in in order of their appearance. So there's some really bad stuff from three years ago wolf when I was still fumbling one of my way through Podcastville. But you can find me about the life radio show, on about any any of the podcasts out there. You can go to the life one of six Ninecom you can. It's an old, old website that I probably should have spent some of this downtime updating, but the links still work, the links to the shows still work on all the different feeds that but you can also you can follow me at the life one hundred and six nine on twitter. Note Twitter's Don Smith comedy. The life one six nine is on facebook and on Instagram, which I don't do a lot with but I am still there. Follow me. I might start doing more, who knows, but the more a lot it'll do. And one thing I do on the life one of six nine facebook page, the life radio shows facebook page, is anytime a comic shares one of their videos, if they've been on the show a lot of times off I'll share to that. A lot of the musicians that are on the show. I shared that and I know St Mary Sat Michael's one of my favorites. They've been doing some live, kind of live they'll record in their own separate houses and splice everything together and do kind of a yeah video that way. It's a lot of fun. So they've got a lot of them that I I'll share that that stuff whenever I see it to the life radio shows facebook page. Just shared a fun cribs video from Rina calm who is absolutely hilarious, which, of course her crib is a prius, but great video of her. She's fantastic anyway. But yeah, I try to support my comic friends when I can and you know, just got to keep supporting each other throughout this whole thing and beyond exactly. Well, Don we appreciate you supporting us, you know, coming on the show and and you know you'll like and retweet the stuff on twitter. I always noticed that and it's always appreciated and you know, we appreciate everything you've done for though, for the local comedy...

...see. You know, I don't know if you get get told that enough, but you know, we appreciate you. Ever what we do. We appreciate you and everything you do and I appreciate you coming on the show today. Man. Well, thanks for having men. It's always good to talk to you. Mike, you two buddy. Good to have you and, you know, stay safe and don't go to stir crazy and and just take carrself man hey. Likewise. Likewise we'll get through this and hopefully before long we'll be ut back on stage at Wiley's. Absolutely absolutely well, Don thanks again for coming in. I'm gonna let you go, and so I know you got to get your on call and we'll talk to you soon. Man, all right, take it easy. Man Back. All right, guys, that was Don Smith, comedian, actor, voice actor, maintenance man, radio podcast host and Co owner of while he's comedy club here in the Basement Lounge studio virtually for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge to make sure you check him out online and that is going to do it for us here. He's messaging me on skype right now. That's going to do it for us here in the basement lounge for this week's episode. Make sure you guys check out our morning our morning news and Don scent show Brunch in the basement live on twitch every weekday morning at eleven am, and new episodes of this show every Friday on all your favorite podcast APPS. shoutouts all my patrons, Joey, Greg Whitney, jody, Mom Mike. Thank you, guys so much. If you guys want to join our Patreon, go to patreoncom basement lounge, pod joy and our three dollar a month VIP tire and until next time, this has been Mike Je host of the easement lounge, and is always live. Well, rock on, take care and bu bye.

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