The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 42 · 1 year ago

"Regurgitating My Journal Entries" with Ben Howard - The Basement Lounge: EP# 42


He's a comedian and a writer and he's got a lot to say. Ben Howard sits down via Zoom to talk about getting started in a coffee house, his brief stint in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown as "Dale The Dude", and what he'd get rid of if he were President.

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...they both said Fuck. This he's on hisown yeah Te. They they met me an within or four years. They were like. No, no, they divorced. What I was for, andso my Gad and mom remarried, very rvery quickly and so Greenville is actually where my dad andstepmom live her. And then my mom and Stepdad um lived in a even smaller town called seven mile, Ohwow, yeah M, and and then we when I was eight, wemoved to Phoenix my mom and Stepdad and e. We moved out to Arizona so igt fromtwo thousand and one up until two thousand and eighteen I was, I was inArizona Dude, that's that's. I came up on the comedy scene in Arinona, I wentto high school and graduated through in Arizona I' Arizona to me is is home,but I guess technically Ohio's where I'm from well yeah. If you spend mostof your life in in in one place, you know your formative years are spent inone place. You kindo Tev to Ol, Thatonong yeah, know what you mean, I'mI'm split because I we move. I lived in in Northkanton Ohio. Until the year Istarted of high school. We moved down to South Carolina Rig. Like the summerI started high before I started a high school and then we I lived there upuntil five years ago and I moved to Dayton. So I'm Kinda Im, I'm syeah umout in Arizona, that's where you got into the comedy scene. So what what wasthe? What was kind of the the catalyst in deciding to go into comedy Um? I start out. Writing um not even stand up, I mean well, that'snot true. I guess I I wrote standup without even really knowing how to dostand up. When I was probably like seventeen like sixteen seventeen and but that I was I was acting, I I wanted toto act and and do little skits and like H, I just remember the way. Standup became a thing I wasworking with the due who was still my writing partner Tohis Day I waseighteen and I was living on a Futon in two dude's apartment and I had writtenthis pilot episode for a Web series. Remember when those were a thing. Ah Yeah written a pilot Ofso for a webseries that I wanted to get made. I'd shot a couple skits that ihad writtenalready with these this married couple that shots stuff and Um and it was all comedy based stuff andUH. I was wantedg to actually do a webseries. They didn't want to commit to that, and I h'd asked around Um who was KINDOF. You know the ballers intown, for for filming and and Shit, and I was ata coffee shop called coffee rush, which would then basically become my home base for years, an the patio ofcoffee rush. They allowed outdoor smoking, and ever it was the bestcoffee and Jes. Ever the fountains out there to one nice little slice ofHeaven and uh, the Dude h would become my riding.Parden was actually sitting like three tables down and they were like actuallythat guy and his brother on a production company called O Paris.They've won some awards, orare short films and shed, and so I went over andI annoyed the shit at of him for like three weeks until he finally was you know I did abunch of voices and act and like impressions and accents and stuff forhim, and he decided to to make that and then we started we started making stuff.We did a future film and two thousand and twelve, like a fewmonths later, 'cause his buddies were making a future and d. They asked himto get some actors for a certain group in a movie was do that and then, duringthat time met another actor. who was just starting to stand up and mywriting partner might bes my best friend h jared Sao he h. He kepttelling me es like Howard Gohe stand up..., he got and he knew I wanted to. Iloved stand up. I I'd been in well of stand up since I was igh in sixth grade and then one of our other actor buddieserr and he was hosting a show, and he just called me and he was like hey.Your name is on the list, for this show to go up o like a month, so get fiveminutes ready, 'as you're going up, but I was, I basically was kindforced intstand up, but I love I love it and, and that was that was what year thatwas up Jesus. I was nineteen, so it had to betwo thousand twelve. How did Yo talk, Ao, O HolyShit Aven've been going ever since man Yeah I've been off and on Um, because then it's like, I would beacting or trying to pursue that at leasand. Then I graduate through animprove theater. So I let standup go for a couple of years. I was dating afemale CMEDIAN and that'll kill that real, quick and H, and so I I was doing long form improvethrough the theater and Phoenix, and so I wasfocused on Himpro for a good number of years, and in writing I been trying towrite a future film and and make a future. You know for for years now and you're, a big movie Guy You're, a bigfilm guy, yeah, absolutely anyou, know it's movies, uh movies in in comedy, that's really it'.All I want to do what was the? What was w t was e ant Ed to get you intointerwriting in the first place? Was it just for me? It was it was. I lovetelling stories. I love. I love good, compelling stories, so I D N', that'swhat it was for you or it it. I you know it was probably anumber of things I grew up with My D. My dad was is y obsessed with movies and big big movie Guy, and he would sit me down from a young age.He made sure to show me jaws and which I think I'm wearing jaw's shirt rightnow bis. He showed me jaws and back to thefuture and all these movies that you know he heknew were big staples and cinema and and would sit me down and and watch andI fell in love with movies from the time I was a kitten and I just I Iloved him. I started trying to actually write scrips when I was like thirteen T.fourteen oudwrite stories just long hand ind a notebook and stuff, and Ithink it just itmy life changed after the MovieSchool of Rock. Really I can pinpoint it to that yeah. It sounds ridiculousthan it is, but that's just that's the way it I school of Rock, because Uh Netev changed my life. I 'cause Iwas watching a bunch of kids. My Age not only play music and Bein a band,and that's something that my dad and my brother did professionally and doprofessionally Um and that was at's been a big part of my life too. That'sa separate thing, but Um, so I've seein him do that kids, N my age, but alsothese kids were't in a movie n Teaer, my age and they were acting. I was Iunderstood that I understood that they were in a movie and this was theserecedes, and these were actors and and the first movie script. I think Iever tried to write was I was like thirteen or fourteen N. I tried towrite a sequel t school of Rock Ai. Remember doing that and of course, like I put myself in it,N: U Uh, but yeah. I remember doing that. That's so coolman school, the school rocks. I kindo felt the same way: school rocks. Thereason I got into music, I think, was just because it was eshit. He made itlook so easy to game yeah. When the first Gand I started, we had. Iremember the first band I ever was like in when I was like a teenager and erlike you can't be in Thi, stand unless you've seen school abroak like we werethat lame like, but it was such a big. It was such a big impactful movie,Tokfuc IIT's, a Richard Linklaiter filn.

It's it's a fantastic movie, Jack Blackis said. It's the best project he's ever been. Apart of you only agree, weyeah it's. It was a huge staple film for him, it's very well written by MikeWhite, the guy that plays the real negtivey n at and it's yeah, it'sfantastic mov. I think people like to like to kind of like write it off.'cause, it's a Jack Black movie, but it's it is, but it's a lot more than that.When you g watch like it's, not tonacious D, okay, it's really I mean statly. Not There is'cause M. I remember a couple of years ago there was the video that servicedonline. He did a reunion with all the kids and they were they all played thesong as a band together because they actually learned how to play that stufflike it was them playing. It was real. They had ded yeah th y. They were allreally playing their instruments in that movie. They casted himspecifically for that and h they had band rehearsal. Every day, I've watchedthe behind the scenes on that movie so much it's ridiculous. I've spe I'vewatched CA. I've listened to the commentaryon that I d I spent so manyyears as a kid. I've seen that movie over fifty times. I know that, but it'syeah, so that was it's ridiculous to say, is like a twenty seven year olddude now, but it it was. That movie was very actful on me at like age. You knowthirteen twelve thirteen. I saw that it was also for me because, because of that the time, I was still really getting into music and kind of rediscoveringsome of the older ones and because he was kind of educating them on bandslike motor head and ACDC. That was also kind of a gateway for me to get intothese more classic bands, and I still listen to now to this day and m yeah itit Wasyeah. I was raised on a big part of that my dad was, was a professionalmusician for a long time and plays Guitar Base Piano whos a sonriterything like and uh yeah, the the seventies and eighties music Um. That'swhat I grew up on, but not the not the the heavy, the heavier stuff. The ACDCNoor had more Ezepplin. If there was the camp of Zepplinor Eagles, I grew upon the Eagles Campoka. So like Eagles Journey Stevemiler Band Billy JoeTreatus, clear water revival, stve Ravan was a Hute was iis a huge some. IO. I have ike two TVRA vinals t ver, that Sirce uh t the Beatles Omin a huge way, h Ye th more of thelighter side, more technical musician style of Music From Foo, specificallythe Seventies. So as as far as like you mentioned, like working on fuaturefilms and things together, so is there like? Is there like a when it comes tofilmmaking? Is there a particular style or genor or something you go for, or isit just kind of whatever, whatever you can, whatever you can lauh onto at thatmoment? Well, as far as genre goes, it's essentially I I live very comfortably in comedy.That's that's y! That's just what I am drawn to the most Um for the most. As far as a style of filmmaking, I think you it's your job as a film Makor to comeup with your own n and but picking different pieces from what moves you, depending on what typeof move you're trying to make to you're, not going to shoot a grounded kind of like I'll St Judd apetow changed theway I wrote Ohwat he did what what they did withdialogue completely changed the way I rm this realistic way of speaking, andbecause I mean if, if you, if you watch movies, um of Yo Kn, some of the greatfilm makers and these big big alist heavy hitter actors, listen to to someof the lines that these actors sank. No one talks like that which is fine likeListto the way Arand sortan writes Ranoa, no one says in real life. Theselines that are being said like for the...

...most part, it's very dramatic Langlikthey're writing for the theater and putting it on screen somewhat yeah. Well, that is the casewith like a few good men, which was an Aran sorkin movie. That was a play,beforewat a movie, and so, but you have like Jut AppetianSethrogan the way those dudes bright movies, um change the way I looked at writingdialogue, it's two dudes in a room talking how two dudes in a room wouldtalk. It's not this big grandios and there'snothing wrong with that. By the way I wish I aspire to be able to write likearens sor and everyone who writes Neie should, but you know should butwhatever Um but uh. So I I definitely take a moregrounded Approachan in writing. I know that, as far as a writing style 'cause,I I can't even claim to have a film making style, I'm not the one behindthe camera. I I don't aspire to be a director, that's my writing. for He's afantastic, if not one of the most talented editors in the southwest, inmy, in my opinion, he's grilliant behind a camera. His brother BretCombach, is one of the best up en coming ciniuotographers in that regionas well. The dois work for big massive accounts like M Golf Digest. Oh Wil,flyng yeahe'll fly hem down to South America to shoot. You know to shootthese incredible documentaries and like re and shows for their big golfresortsthere that incorporate drone footage and really really beautiful, landscapeshots and I've been a part of some of these short films hit been privilegedto be a part of Sone shortcoms, the guys of fantastic cinematographer andI've worked with them just even on stuff. Like music videos, then, like I,and you see the artist ry going into that, so I can and probably will neverclaim to be a film maker, but as a writing style, I I definitely gear more towards thegrounded, realistic dialogue. Um that genuinely occurs on a day to day basisbetween people. No, I think, you're, absolutelyright, Jut appetized, comedies re are were my staple. I mean into CollegeHigh School and College evensand now m. to this day I mean I can quote fortyyear old virgin knocked up. Um Did he do role? Models was role atels one ofhis. He wasn't. I I don't know if he directed he was a producer on eitherweigh that movie. That movie, you can tell had his ha his hands on it. Atsome point, Ye Ha High Apple Express and that's more sethrogan than Judapetal. I Ding Abatim, maybe produced it but um, but yeah. I it's from yeah from fortio virgin toknocked up forgetting Sarah Marshall. I love. I Love You, man, uh and pineapple, express like the the thedialogue in those movies are, is next level it I it. It really is, and a lot ofpeople think that it relies heavily on improvisation, which maybe some of itdoes. But there is a very I' I I'm. I am trained in long form, amprove andit's like they're, not just improvising yey're, not just going in a go, go andmake up stuff. That's not really the way that works when people refer to. Oh,they ju to imprope that, like maybe that line and you K ow. I think people like to liketo embellish by people. I mean, like F, like viewers, not not people, onsage l,to embellish how much things are improvised, like Oh, they improve thats an like. Well, no, they probably did it a couple of different ways andhad some leeway to elex flex th the wording a little bit,but it wasn't like they just went in without a script. Yeah, no there's! Definitely thingscalled Linaramas, which is lik. We have a set up here, fire off a few. A lot ofthe t like guys like Um...

Uh willfarels partner for oh Um Shit, started, making more seriousmovies, know who you're talking about too 'cause. They did that a lot withHangerman ancrman had a lot of Wine Arona, the guy that directed ankermenUm. They were yeah. He was a writer at Saturday, ight life, Adam Madamokay.Looking it up right here on air folks, we're googling a Adam McKay he'll sit behind the Mike with a with a or hell so ihind, the camerawhith, a godmight and basically hi'll firelines at you to say I think msome of the best lines that were improvised while they were filming oractually Atam. McKay's line he's telling the actors to do Um. It's it'sa really. I 's it's a I'm in love with the process, film aking, whether it'stelevision or rever, or some my mine in love with the process and the game,changing technology and just technique that that goes into stuff. So I I wouldbe remiss if, if we did, if I didn't bring this up 'cause, you did the firsttime I met you 'cause. I didn't recognize you the first time I met you.'cause I'd actually seen you once before online. You made an appearanceand weve talked about hit many times on this show and something called themovie Trivia shmow down as Dale the dude Ta. I just rewatched that matchthe other day AUS new. I knew this interview was coming up, Um, where th,where the hell did dale the dude come from. Where did that get concocted? Didyou see? Have you seen at all the documentary that was made with Dal, butwhat yeahalso O t s? It's like forty minutes. It's on Calier, ONA WHA. Ihaven't seen Itum. I will watch it as soon as we're done here, but H, yeah,yeah, it's H, that's that's! The most Dale dayll ever gets 'cause that wasexclusively knee and and jared. My writing part OKA. We put that wholething together and just I emailed it to Christianharloft AD. I was like hey. We made this. I need you to say: Ok on it,since you're it'st about your bang, Ro, like Dale, was invented as a solution to pro not a problem, but a solution to a a goal looke which was H. I was atjareds one time we were working on something else and he was in his officeediting and he was like how ar coming here and like wee look at this did, andit was he he was e was like I've been watching some of this. While I've beenediting- and it was the movie tribute smodow- and here was like these guys like comeout as characters and it's like all movie Trivia, and he sat me down and H,made me watch an episode and it was the fence dock verse, Mkugaepisode where it was actually Markandrego, O yeah, which is a longtime ago. He's in four as like that was a while ago. Jeez for that Um- and Iwas like I have to be on this- show yeah. That was the goal was to Beyon. Thisshow and basically Dale came about because I'd already been doing thatvoice and improve shows d which basically just stemmed from this thingthat my brother and stepbrother used to do making fun of all the dudes thatlived here in Greenville, which, for these like these, like dudes from thesesmall towns and all doet's. Let's go fucking camping mood, still clat and no ous FOCUSD, like focusing n on the word, node Lejust these like guys that were big meathead idiots and uh, and so I had kindo like done that thatvoice and improb shows- and I just called the voice tale- 'cause. It wasfitting mm M and we noticed that the aside from you to the most,...

...the schmowdown interaction happened onTitter, and so I decided we decided to basically make these short littlevideos of this character just talking abouthow much he loved shlowdown no and that he was a super fan. We had to inventthis suber fan. That was basically the guy that thinks wrestling is real.That's who da like and the problem is. I knew nothingabout to shmow down and I had to make this dude an expert, so it was a lot ofvery calculated, like dropping names in references that I had no idea what itwas Um, but I would become to know because, through doing that character,I got obsessed with the showlike. It's very easy to do. If you 're in lovewith movies and, like you know, show silly showmanship mo I we got a hat forhim. I was very particular about the hat Iknew I wanted. I wanted to not like a truck or hadlike with two on the nose. I wanted it to be a hapet like your dad would wear the fish hang from the Sandlot yeahand uh. We went to a thrift shopand I found the hat, and I was like this perfict mant that some weird statepark no one's ever heard of I entest and h yeah. We just started making I it wasall h, it wasn't. Even we it was more, it was. I would just. It was allimprovot. All of those video 'cause Dale has done probably over a hundredjust little two minute videos on titterd I invented I made a faketwitterd for Dale. I improvised in that first video, justn, the name of his show schmowdown done talk, and I just declared myself the hostshmote own tand overnight. This super fan of the Schmowdown, who now hostedhis own after show, appeared out of thin air online, and I also realizedthat the maximum time limit you could directly upload a VI, a video totwitter, itwas, two minutes and twenty Secondhm,and that when you directly upload a videoto twitter, it automaticallystarts playing when you scroll over it, you don't have to click a link andpeople are more psychological. They just more they'll watch something tojust start playing, as opposed to clicking link to tastethe MELSFOR, and so I stayed off you tov and just focused on twitterd, and Iwas just yeah. I just made these videos to try w with the goal of we're, goingto get these dues attention and annoy these dues to the point where I'm goingto be on that show and think I we made that first, video aboutit was nerds watch verses above the line, I think, was the first video everit was when cushing and H snapsockwer still a ten a tea and made that video. I had an impropeshow that night went out and did that I got home round like eleven created thattwitter uploaded the and I I knew I wanted to pick anickname too, and I could not believe that no one in a movie tribute show hadtaken the DU astounding to me and Sois dewo do gilts and h yeah. I mean just ouplow that first video an lessthan five minutes later I got a notification. Christian harloftretreated your tweet Sinarlec Star, stard following you, and I'm like buck.Yeahthis is working so well already likeand. I made another one, the nextday and within two days, Christian Harloff was quotingthetweed and whatever and saying like this guys, goig one of my favoriteYatiota Ind, it took maybe two months and I got a direct message from harloffthat was like hey, were doing this tan Gol te schmodown spectacular, it's thesecond one, we've hat we're ever doing...

H, we'd like you to come out to Burbank,where we shoot to be a part of the spectacular and I called jared, and Iwas like you're not going to fucking believe Er. It works jude, it tugkingwork and H. Yeah we went out there, they thought Dale was real. I got there 'cause, I hadn't told them.He wasn't tatisan. They Tou, I wasureal dod. Sowhen I showed up without an accent and introduced myself as Ben, they werelike what I'm like. Oh Yeah, sorry he's not a real guy. You Tout Nat Dudewas real Ol, my God. Let's credit to youracting ability- Iguess I yeah who knows the Adel was a fun, was a fun character that first, that first trip we took outthere o California, for that Spectaco Jared Grougt, his camera and shootingall behind the SE stuff with Dal. We would do little side things. I I hadlike Dale had a mike that connected ti h the camera, so he would be doing likeonsite interviews in characterh and we got home h and Jarab was like all right. We'regoing to shoot interview, footage with Dale recapping the trip and we're goingto turn it into a documentary, and we did it s called Dale Doz thespectacular and we shot it edited it and H. Yeah Kalider, put it up on their mainchannel, it's so great! Looking it up right now, Dale that was justspectacular. A fantastic, AH FOUND IT II watch it. I G watch that later Um, that's so C, that's so creatjus! He I,the idea of was just fuck around on twitters ee. Ifwe can get hem to notice it and and and how you know two months sounds- mightsound like a long time. Togo, two monmonths, I mean that's, that's such aquick turnaround. It may have been less even I honestlyit was. It was too quick, it was lite and wow. This is getting or it may havebeen longer. I don't know my memory is horrible, but it was a very shortamount of time and they, Inter they, they asked to come out to thespectacular and then it just went from there. I I kept doing every match. Dalewould have a H, would have his sho come out the dayof the match. Afterwards, I would just Rann Rave. I would always make the Iwould be doing. Sometimes up to like eigteen takes Ay thing like 'cause, Ite was a fast talker. I only had two minutes and twenty seconds the intrewas always the same. What is going on, but this is Dalto, do gals come Ata wasan n addition of snowdown blu top like it was a like. It was that and then com-and it was- and it was- I had to make all these tiny little jokes, that witsome movie references. I called William Bibiani's success. A at one point like just little smallthings like like, like would bi beoni Firit to see dude I mean it was likethe trailer for suicide squad. Bood, everyone was excited, everyone wasgoing crazy, he's going to be awesome, doe and then Bidgani plays, and it'slike the movie suicide Olot and to a bunch of movie fans that itwas making these tiny little movie references, especially with charactersthat they've all kind of grown to love and it it is a very ww mentality of you,know, everything and M. I had to learn about wrestling too 'cause. I didn'tunderstand, anee terms KFAV or any othat UH. It was a reallyfun experience. It was a really fun experience and I'm glad to have done ityeah ITL. Let me allowed me to meet somereally really great great people. FRISHAN HARLOF and Markelis are two ofthe best studes and all the dudes that were running around Ken Napsok is isvery stand: offish Gu, but very nice, Nice Guy Antrecos always complaining aboutsomething but alhere. A very, very nice...

...guy I got to meet. HIY GOT TO BE NAPSOCK inChicago last year and at first 'cause the place they were doing 'cause. Hewas there for LS', special taping and and the Vanue the venue we were at Imean even Alyshas, said like it was. It was such a divy, biker bar and it wasreally crowded and kind of aggressive. It looked great on camera, but he wastrying to find a bathroom and he was in the upstairs rooftop bar, which wasjust full of the most ust like burly, biker, mother, fuckers, you'veever seen, and he was just trying to push hen get ot after and I I tappedhim on. He was pushing through and Um, and I was trying to get through myselfand I didn't realize I had seen him at first and then I saw him and I ta O herEy said: Hey Ken and he turned around at first. I guess he thought he wasBette. Oget, N, O fight, and I was just like terd him, a big Fan. He kindo wentohyall right, O yeah, that's very nice. Ohe walked of ECAUSE, definitely yeah.He was probably in a hurry, but Um yeah it it pegeys is Miin. Think of Riefe minute tjust interrupt the show. So I can tell you about all the awesome people thatare helping support the show on anger and Patrion shot at to micewells WHO's,helping to support the show through anchor and shut outto. All of ourawesome patrons over on Patrion Greg Gray, Joey, Craig molisiche, my awesomemother, Jodie, mcdermitt soul, GE Z and Whitney upchurch. Thank you guy. Somuch for helping support the show and if you want to get your name, Shat aoutjust go to Patrion dotcom, slash, basement laungehod and join our threedollar a month. VIP TR get access to all kinds of awesome rewards, includinghave your name shouted out on the show our gus thank so much again. Now, let'sget back to the show, have you thought about like bringingback they able to do keeping hem going doing more, not necesly in the shmownow, but just doing more stuff jarid. It's like every time we talk ies likeYougot, it's like Howar, you gotta use e yea like what would day I have to sayabout this brow. I'm like fucking, nothing. I oesn'tjist anymore, canrelax like you, Guy Bringig Hem back in, likeTik talk or something r Gos. I Tak. I hope that all burns inthe ground- U I hate Social Medias, so much uh, even though it got me that littleof small, it's bitter solution, yeah it is, it is Um. I hate it as a comedian.It seems like it's the norm of how to get noticed. Um.I don't. I don't fully believe that Um in the in the way in the vein of havingto post content every day, an some video of some funny Fannig or some postabout that. I I don't believe in having to do that and I refuse to. I won't Um.It's not something I want to do it's not something. I want to be a part ofthis. This thesocial media it was social media. Was this giantexperiment. Basically that was set up to introduce the global community toone another is what it was and the result of that experiment was. We allmet each other and almost immediately decided we did not get along and I think it's Ono bag te experiment.If I was president I swear to God, I would be so unpopular cause, I wouldget rid of of social media, you can keep instigram ou, tube and email thand I think all the other ones need to fuckand go eiit'sthey'rethey'rethy'reey, don't enjoy them, they're very conservative view. No, I M. I go both ways on it. On onehand, it's like, I can't say, Yo how many times I've been like man. I wish Icould just just just get rid of this shit and never have to use it again,but because of the career fields I've...

...chosen to get into and, like you said, because now theyare all so dependent on you having a strong social media presence like well.If I do it, I might as well. Just you know pack in everything you know as asa comedian as a as a content creator, it's like, if I'm not. I remember Italked to. I was talking to one guy at a club in Chicago, and I told him I hadbeen I'd been doing stand up for for fifteen years and he was like he waslike well how's, your social media presence and I was like I mean heslike.Are you verified on twitter or Babaiwas like no dude 'cause? That's not where I domy work. I do my work on the stage. I don't I don't do my N. I know someComedians, who were great ontitter guy, local guy who's, a one liner comic andhe basically uses twitter as his sounding board. He, you know tweets acouple of times a day, they're just ideas for jokes. He has if they work,he tries them out on stage, but Mr Mike Wells is or Mike fucking wells man Mikewhat the fluckwells I'd be wearing his shirt right now, but it's in the washum but yeah. You know forse for stufft foronce for ever so often a personally that'll work but yeah as a comedian. Mywork isn't defined by how well I tweat you know, but yeah and anhonest andfuck your bly ceckmark, give he shit like I don't. I don't does not make you any more of a person. It doesn't makeyou any better at what you do n all it is is, is it's a Moteo metric yeah andit's also on a platform that I'm sorry is extraordinarily biased towardscertain things? And it's- and I I you know it's at the end of the day: it'sjust it's! It's it's company business, the fact that it is ingrainedso the if you think about the time between when we asked do you have a cellphoneand do you have a facebook that was ten years huge, huge gap otime we like not,I mean ten years, isn't even that that much I mean- and that was just tenyears and from two thousand and en on now forget about t what I was talking about as far as longperiod. F Time it was like you know, I remember going through all of middleand high school. Oh do you have a so I have a self a cellphone, but then theperiod of of how quick it was where on a facebook it was it was. It was farnarrower and and and now it's B 'cause. I remember, I remember, being afreshman in college and my one of my media professors talking about how howapple was developing the first iphone and remember thinking, Oa this as twothousand and seven, I d remember the first ACN I had a big metal back yeahand I remember thinking tof myself. Oh please, that'll! Never take off you know and if they do is going to beso fucking Lon before something like that's evenp that ont that can't exist,we're so far behind that technology, and now it's I mean it's helping me runthe show that we're recording right now, as it's nocked on my computer right nowand it', it's so hard to even fathom thetime and how N it's only been thirteen years in the grand scime things. That'snot a long time. It's it's Wat, an insane explosion, just the factthat you watch a presidential debate. If you debase yourself to watch thatkind of content. The fact that on our presidential debates, which essentiallyat this point is just a reality, television show is the twitter and facebook logos in thecorner. Oh yeah that are, and I'm like whats the fuct did that get in here,which means which heavily means its influencing policy M and and s andsocial norms and ways of life. And I I don't I don't like it and I'm I'mtwenty seven, I'm supposed to love it, I'm supposed to be in that generationthat it's all about it. I can give a fuck. I don't care about your stupidpucket filters and I don't care about puppy dog ears on cecks and od. I Idon't I don't I care about yeah, I care about the work I care about makingpeople laugh and connecting genuine people and doing my I don't even own atelevision I...

...entire living room. I have one to Ihave,four whiteboards and a core cord, and it's that's what I use my my time. IOrde three books on Amazon through this whole Corantine, I'm you know trying to readthrough a lot of those and U, you know tout putting the work in netflicks andyou too, in these things, which are they're so dangerous man, they're so dait's digital herid. They will suck your time away and keep you glued to thatcouch to anything to make you not productive, not thinking for yourselfnot creating origin or having original thought, and it's a very dangerousprecedent that that it's setting as a social norm. I wish I could write funnythings and might stand up about that, but there's really no funny way to talkabout it's not funny, and only somebody only somebody with th, with thecharisma and and and unbeknown charm, of Lewis, black and pull of somethingthat angry and no hang ou. I think he should run her president. I wish God hewould I that man, I I lois blacy my favorite comedian, ever because it'sjust like H, nothing, he does should work, but somehow it does. You rememberseeing him the first time I ever got introduced to him was the movieaccepted. I love that movie. I love that oe somuch it's my old girlfriend, Sarah Palfan, the kids go to college to get a goodjob to get a great starting salary. Oh, we love that idea. Sucking e you set them a pack of Dog Shet. It wasa metaphor for what for their full shit. I love Thatso Mu. So great I've been afan of his ever since, like I saw his his back in black special with with thestarbucks bit and and the Azeimers patient that was, you know, the end of the world was justfantastic Um, but yeah it's it's. I you know. I I'm again o two minds abouteverything you know. On the one hand it's like yeah, I I can't tall Y, howmuch time in my day I have lost to rewatching. You know old seasons ofcheers on Netflix or something, but I will say I've also seen to wear some really great creativeideas from small unknown. Film makers have finally found places to exist where they wouldn't normally be able toexist in in current hollywoods. That that's the thing you can. You know Ican rant and Rabe about and not lig on all this shit N. I it's not that it'sall bad. It is it's just you know h when you let itbasically become your recreation, sure Yur, yeah, absolutelyther, there isnanendless n, if you're and I'm speaking more to people thatare trying to pursue creative endeavors in their life. If your life is perfthlycontent to go to work, work, you're, nine to five get married, a D, have akid come home, make dinner or pizza sit down. Watch neflix go to bed do allover again the next day. There's nothing wrong with that, and that'sjust being a person speking American is being a human play. Do that Lik, but ifyou're trying to be a stand up, you're trying to be an actor. What are you doing? Like I mean I can't set aside Mane those times, butyou've got ta work, an you gotta work, I I can't. I can't watch comedyspecials anymore Um, because I've been doing it for so long, Um E. I findmyself like trying to analyze and pick apart everything from a from. U Knowfrom a comedian standpoint, but also because I find it it hurts. It hurts mycreativity, because what what ends up happening is I'll be trying to writesome new shit and I've got the new John Millanee special on the back of my headand and it's it's, it's H, it's stopping me from coming with my ownideas. 'cause, then I'm always worried that either aid's going to sand toomuch like his or I can't think of it. 'cause I'm thinking of is what whatJohn Malany Fuckan say about this shit and yeah. That's the thing that I thinkwhere that those platforms are helpful, is now we have a lot more information nd given by people that we admire anddespy and and despire to be on the same...

...level as Um, where we know what a comedian findinghis voice is where in the nineties. That wassomething I think you had to find out for yourselfand people weren't reallytalking about it. There weren't, you know full interviews and podcasts goingindepth on stand up from people that you respect and admire, and so you findout all these great things. You Know Finding Your Voice, what that is theeasiest way to to of letting go and a lot of that stuff. Writing Um and H B. I mean honestly. I still, Ithink, for the last three four years of my life. When I go to bed, I don't put on musicor anything I put on Standup Radiat, O I go to bed. Listennyong coul stand upand Um three hors with you. It's it's. Ifanything, given me more confidence, really 'causeyeah 'cause, you listen tosome of these albums of touring these arecomics. They HAV albumsthey're on Spottifi, there's a crowd in the audice. They got paid to do thatthey have a booking agent and then you listen to their materia and you're likeokay, likeing ground breaking, that's not they're, not they're workingthey're, making a living- and that's not cracking me up- you don't have tobe a chapel aspire to be a Shpel, but don't Dhar Yourself. Comparing yourselfto people you admire is maybe the worst thing you can do, because yeah you'regoing to get in your own way. I'm not lit Fuckin Y, I'm in a ltwo bedroomapartment at Chitville Ohio. So I don't know what I'm preaching about, but it'sit's it's Shi'm finding out for myself. I'm basically regurgitating my journalintries right now, it's it's! It is true that how many times have any of USmeasured our own success or failures by those of people? It's hard, not exactly!It absolutely is m. You know you see like Oh man. Well, this guy did it andwas able to do this in six bonds and I've been doing it for a year and O ter,who gives a shit who gives a shit biggest? That's the biggest scam onround writing movies. You know fucking Har. It is to write a movie, a fullfeature. It's it's a Tusso, FUN FN! He are it's! It's Wi stories when you hearthese stories, like, Oh, you know Mike myerswrote, the first ou te hoursin a week, wel fuck him likeright D forhism. You know most good movies,take at least like two to four years to write, Leit a final draft from staredconcept to final draft. It's like a four year cross. It's a very longriting, a fucking movie script that is e Good Chunk of movie. It can t it cantake awhile. So I I I made one last year and N that script W it was a fiveminute short film. The script was six years old. I wrote it. I wrote itstarted it years ago got stuck on it. Ren couldn't figureout through it. It put it away, came back and revisited it later on when Ihad some new fresh ideas, new experiences you know and and J yeah.Sometimes that's just the way it is. You know I was insanely proud of it. You know,but now now it's done now. I can just move onto the next idea B. It's not yeah! You do get those yeah myhtmireswrote whatever in a week cool. You know once in a while that happens every oncein a while I'll have an idea, I'll crank it out in the day O cool. It'sdone other Tim, it yeah it, but I get it h h. It is hard not to see someoneelse's progress and not judge yourself based on it, because it's 'cause it'sright. There yeah I mean as a comic, though a lot of my jokes. They are jokes. They h really onlywithin the last year, has my writing starting to get more personal and coming from more my point of view,rather than just a joke, Um, which I respect jokes. But there is something to be said aboutthat. Really. Writing from. Like I talk about my dad on the stage now andeverything it's just like, that's not something I was doing years ago Al Youknow I I have jokes about why I think... know Yoga is stupid and what's upwith girls and Zodiac signs, and it's like that, you know I love those jokesthey're going in whenever er, whenever I'm trying to get a half hour put ontape next year, Yoo Um and those jokes will be in there some of 'em. But youknow a lot of what I'm writing now is is more from personal experience andfrom my specific point of view, and also these days, its not being afraidto say I say the word hunk in a joke, don't be afraid to say that it's a wordthat people use further people use it's you know, and it's not it's also inreference to it, dude, and I think you get car blanched to call a Du Ccountantime you Wan, oh absolutely, yeah, N for sure I've known man ot, not notbeing afraid. I think Dave. Chapell did a great thing. I think I listened to Joe Rogan andKevin Hart Uh Their interview yesterday, and they started at the very end of thepotcast to start talking about chapel and really what he did was stand up forcomics an at time, thatwere itwas, very dangerous. To dothat. Yeah A- and, I think, that's important. You know 'cause. I I dothink nowadays in in the current state of things comedians are having to. We had gotten to a place where we werewhere we were starting to have our place in the world again and now we're kind of having torefigure it out when we were just starting to get it back and WHO's. Theblame, Fuckin, twitter, OT, fuck, Rong and Werk back work a incomedy. We call that a comeback. I call back kids I did I was. I was part of of an illfated, comedy tour. When I was in college and those are fun yeah it was.We basically did the first show of the tour and then the whole thing got scrapthoug. We were filming the dit we were. We were n a document, the whole thingon film and Um, the guy who was headlining. The TOR isI I H. I had taken time off from Stan to go back to college and he had beengoing so he he had a b. He was a bit further along is in his career than Iwas at this point m. So he was the headliner, so we were doing the documentary and we'rewe're talking to our friends, and you know doing these kind of Ou 'cause.They were talking to us and like how we met and how we got in a comedy and allthat and he he he made a call back to something from a conversation earlier.It turns me e goes by the way, Mike and Comedy, that's called a callback, and Iwas like I taught you that shit mother Fucker, you PRT Doi'm sure that I'm sure thatwas ironic and and like and making an ill making a joke hen.What I really do, love when, like other local comics, try to give you advice asway up b t you realize we're on the same show right now right right, likewe're both at the same open might get a bar that no one can to we're both not getting paid for thisshow. So, thanks for giving me your insider tips, Wall Street H, Ben H, you know we're we're justabout at a time here, but you know obviously iwud be Remissev. If wedidn't talk about the current state of the world with cobe nineteen and thequarantine and everything going on man, how you been how yo been doing throughall this been fine, I don't get co Yeah Yeah. No, I mean genunely Ive, I'vebeen I've been okay H. I quit drinking wel right before rightbefore all this really started, and I I come from thelast about five years whatever I hang when people talk,aboutheir sobriety but IAM sober, don't fuck yourself, UmButeen, like that position, where I am, and I I used the word sober because itwas I I was drinking it was I'd- have to buy a new bottle ofWhiskey, every pwinty four hours, jes and yeah that that went on that way fora good four years. Um, there was not a... that I could not. If you asked mewhen it was the last time I didn't drink, I couldn't give you an answer,so it was. I wasn't going out with the bars and everything, so it wasn't anoutward problem that was affecting others for the most part, which is whyI think I got away with it for so long. I could. I could sell it off in my mindas not being that biggod problem Um. It was just wisky every single night atleast two pines. It was Narl but H. I finally decided to quit drinking u late late January early February and then all this stuffstarted and I'm not sure if I'm glad or not,that I chose that time caus. I act, I'm glad that I chose not to continuedrinking through this. It probably wouldhave made it worse. 'cause I'vegotten mad, I'm upset, like I tan't, get on stage, I'm pissed off and peoplearen't putting on shows. I don't know what I said this the other day. I don't know what I'm not calling out any specific comicsor whatever in the area, but it's like people that are putting on shows andresponsible for putting on shows and these people that use this phrasinglike like we'll get back to it. You know like whenever we get back to it,like oh we'll, be on stage at at some point. It's like you do realize ifyou're waiting for the W, jo or the CD or the CDC, to put out some statementor tweat that says Heygus, it's all good. That's not going to happen. Youknow, like you, have that's not going tohappen. It just isn't, and so you can't say everything's going to get back tonormal soon, but then, when people try to start getting back to normal youyell at them and and say they don't care about publichealth, you can't do that. Like it'sitswe've waited this out, it'spretty pretty fucking. I think clear that thenumbers were horribly inflated, Um and T. possibly some other shit is going on.I'm not saying it doesn't exist. That would be stupid M. I'm sure I know people do say that, butthat's that's. I know a feelingyeah. I don't think it doesn't exist. I thinkit was horribly inflated. I think a part of it was severely political, Um and H, I'm not going to get all that, but Ijust want to get back to playing, shows we're fucking comics and stop actinglike a bunch of fucking, Nancies and start putting on shows again, like youknow, and just don't allow anyone in over. Seventy don't whant old people at our comedyshows anyway, they're thein, Skil Buti' up there doing no respect it. RedScelton, arent, old, Yeaheno, I've been findin. This I've been reading quite abit. I've been getting a lot of work, Don, I'm back and forth on twodifferent movies right now that we're trying to that we're trying to to work on I'mdoing treatments for Bot,an tricting for both and Um. That's taking up allotl of my time. I've comeup with probably a good fifteen minutes in new material isnone of it covidrelated. I don't think anyone should be ready, O Arounde, I I don't thinkanybody is. I think I think honestly ther're. I think everyone right nowthat I've talked to is trying really hard not to 'cause for a lot of people.It's all ther reality has been you know and and Hen Alo when so many especiallythe local types right from reality. When your reality is depressing andrepetitive, it's hard to it's hard to find a way to write around that. I yeah. I guess it's like theyre you just let let your mind go to where,if you're only focusing on what's in the headlines, then I mean I, I suppose,if I've never been a headline comic, I...

...don't write generally about currentevents, and so maybe it was easier for me. I respect the people to do thou.Those are the guys that get writing jobs on you know. Late night shows andtf you know, are the guys that can real quict come up with funny stuff about.You know current events. I respect that, but um just not really how I write. So itdidn't really affect my writing too much anyway, but uh yeah I've come upwith some new material. I got you know the work, I'm doing, I'm cooking a lot and h. You know drinking a lot of lime,celter, water, lody and and hot tea right on Maan H, good! Well, you knowGoo Cood Congres, I guess as enthused about it. As you seemed on the on theon the quitting drinking Ey. A is a big thing: Yeah O good for you. Men keepkeep on the writing, though man I I H, I'm all you know. I I've been slowlytransitioning to focusing more on film than Standup as much as I love doingstand up, and so I always say you know, keep writing and h. You know, hopefully, sooner rather than later youand I can can work together on something again go on stage togetheragain and uh Um ten Howardman since Ho said FuckSocial Media Normm is where I ask everybody hey wore an they find youonline. I do have a pod cast, so I should plug Soyeah, let's xlet's plugthe pot cast real, quick, 'cause 'cause. I do. I do want to talk about that.What's what's the pod gas man yeah, the podcast is what a week I'm having it'son spotify and apple poncests Um. You can find me Y, that's the podcasthas in I sigram and a twitter, but I don't really plug those 'cause. You canfollow me, I'm it's not a POTGASS FORH, the cohosterything, it's it's likeYouryou're, you're, O you're, the only union podgessits, and I don't reallyeven have guests ranting for about forty five minutes.Every Monday, every Monday new upso every Monday. What a week as what aweek, I'm having H on h, appeplogas and spotify and then find me Istagram andtwitter at Ben Howardn, comedy all right. Well, guys make sure you gocheck out the Wat a week, I'm having pod cast hosted by Ben Howard, checkhiount of facebook and twitter Ben Man so glad we got to do this. Man thankstaking the time out of your day to come on the show. Absolutely man loved Yo it again:Absoluteleprson Yo, fuck, yeah, Wel soons. Yes, soon as we're allowed tohave go out in public, again and and and and whatever anyway, yeah we'll get Y. U well get Junier inthistude, hopefully by then we'll have moved into an actual studio, but we'llsay no more! No more mom's basement twend and twenty one all right. Thatbeing said, guy is we're Gongta H, that's going to do it for this weekg'sepisode of the basement. Lage make sure you follow us all. The Social Mediasfacebook at Instograma basesment launch po twitter at tvl under scorepod, and,of course you cal support is onpatriot. I go to Patrion dicom lash basementlaunge pod three dollars a month get to bipt ure. There we'll see you guys nextweek on with a brandnew episode, ran new guest. Until then, I'm like sa andas always live well rock on take care and bye, bye.

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