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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 43 · 1 year ago

"He Has the Terrorist Birds" with Matt Stanley - The Basement Lounge: EP #43


Matt Stanley is a comedian/magician who's performed on cruise ships & in comedy clubs, and if you're not careful, his birds will attack you on an airplane!

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Hello, that was lady tar and you werelistening to the basement: Lounge Rabb, a drinking pull of a chair andSettleit, because you're in the basemen Lo good morning, good afternoon, goodevening, whatevery time of day it is fore. You guys welcome Toug, a brandnew episode of the basement, lounge we're sitting in with a with a firsttime, gas he's a guy. I met a few years ago and stay ing touch ever since andhe's from around these parts. He he makes people laugh, he makes them goooh. Oh, he is Mat Stanley. How e You doing man I'm doing Goo howre you doinggood man welcome to the show good. To finally have you on we've talked aboutthis a few times and we finally made it happen. Um and you are a you- are amagician and a comedian, and it's not a combination. You see very often. No,not not really. I mean I there. There are some of us out there, but you knowy kind of I grew up uh with the amazing Jomaten, and you know macking andMichael Finneerall, all comedy magicians, that kind of paved away asfar as magicians, working in comedy clubs and comedy venues, and that kindof thing so yeah, it's a you, know, kind of a unique little niche youmentioned. You know you mentioned the amazing Johnthan e he's one that, likelike, was one of my favorites growing up Um. Now, lately, there's been this likewave of documentaries about hem like two or three that have come out in thelast couple of years about the Guy Um. You know on a one, a weird, cattayeahabsolutelyand- and I think that each one of those documentaries gets a little morebizarre than the last one too. It kinda opens up another door ech time Um. Ithink I think my favorite one is the one that's on Hoolo right now, which iscalled the amazing Jonathan Documentary, and you find out that like it's it, the documentary ends upbecoming more about the documentary itself than about Jonathan, becauseit's he finds out like in the filming that there's like three other crewsfilming at the same time and the one guy's been doing it forlike five years or something like that or maybe even longer than that. It was crazy, but yeah, H that GuyJohnathan is w, just go, go watch the documentariese guys it's it's a it'a hell of a story, Outeyeah t yes,wow yeah, especially considering he disappears from the documentary forlike a good thirty minutes, but anyway, Um we're Erto talk about we'r talkabout Matt Stanley, so which which came first. Was it the magician aspect?There was at the comedy aspect. Definitely the magician aspect. I got amagic kit for my sixth birthday Um. You know it's kind of a common gift for akid that age to to receive lots of kids, get it and just you know it lasts. Fora month or two for me, it just kind of it took off. I was really interested init. I tell people that it was a gag dift for my parents when they gave methe kit, but the joke's on them 'cause. I do this for a living now so but yeah, so the the magician side ofit definitely came first. I used to do you know not real serious magic, likeyou know, Makab or anything like that, but nothing like real, dark or anything,but I did start off as more of a serious magician Tuxedo Tales Um. Youknow I had a an act where I produced birds, dum and all kinds of stuff likethat, and I did the some of the classic stuff uh. You know sawing a lady inhalf and you know making them appear and disappear, and all that kind ofstuff and and then I I ended up developing h. Thethere are, you know like just like comedy competitions. There are magiccompetitions that happen and they happen all around the world, but theyin the. U S, they happen on a regional and a national level, Um and then evenan international level as well. They...

...bring thim to North America. Some ofthe international competitions are in a different city. Every year, almost likethe Olympics would be and Um yeah. So I I put together a couple of competitionacts and I had some success with those they were bird acts and then um around the time that the pirates of theCaribbean movies and cut throughe island and all that were really popular.I got contacted Um someone asking me if I could do a moviepremier h, as dressed as a pirate, just do magic, but as a pirate- and it Kinda gave me the idea from thatpoint that you know it might be Kindo cool to have a pirate themed act, and Ialready at the time in my show, I had duves and I had an umbrella Cockatoo,so a parrot, and that was e. The parrot was thefinale production of the show. Kring to you know I produced a bunch ofhandkerchiefs from nowhere, and then the bird appeared out of thehandkerchiefs Um. So when I did the Pirate Act, I got a blue and gold mcaw,and that was the finale strie produced the one big bird at the beginning andthen the mcaw Um at the end of the act, because a pirate has to have you know aparrot on their shoulder so yeah so and that that act took mearound a lot. I won a lot of H, regional and national and internationalh magic awards. With that one, it became increasingly difficult totour with an act like that, because not only is it a lot of birds- and you knowsome bigger props and that kind of thing we're involved, but it also you know just you have you know you have to transportall those birds and ecertificates to fly with Oh yeah, a and all kinds ofstuff it was. It was crazy, so yeah al like the bird flu stuff hideverythingso. So at that time I'd kindof been developing doing a littlemore patter. You know talking based material and Kindo had t you know a decent comedy timing at thattime. Just I I think, that's something that you can definitely hone, but I thinkyou also have to have some kind of a foundation for it at at the beginning.It's not so much something you can learn as much as you know. You kindohave to have a little bit of that Um early on so yeah, so it Kindof wentmore for the for the comedy side and then it was a a show that I could tourwith a lot easier and just a one. Man Show very few props and basically, like a you, know briefcase Icould Wasall my prop, so I went from I went from having to you, know ship twohundred and fifty pounds worth of prhaps and eight birds to a briefcasethat I can carry on a plane with me. Just for those ways like Oh, we got tolay o. what's that the F? The flights been tolay in a couple of hours. Well, just so nobody gets bored, RIGHTTCASE E TS as Taglinans, absolutely yeah, wit' that yeah th.That's that's the thing. It's like H, everyone that travels on planes andgoes through TSA they're like Oh. I can't believe what they you know makeme go through and that kind of thing imagine having some of the weird craftonmagician travels with. I mean something I found out. The hard way isI use plaing cards and the deck of playing cards going through an xtray isfine. Two decks of playing cards going through an x Ray Fini. Three is finefor apparently looks the same as C for explosives when they're looking in theXRAN. So if you have poor exa cards that are in the corner of a case stacktogether, apparently that has shea in explosive. That's funny! Oh bad thoughtyouwere about the sobe that, like they just didn't, didn't allow that manyplaying cards or somethinyeah there's an embarkoo par ro, it'l. three: three DACs of plaingcuards, that's fine, fortixo plaing cards ads a little suspicious who'splaying that WHO's playing that much...

...solitaire on an airplane. Come on!Absolutely that's! That's a lot of solid tare h! I actually, when I wastraveling with the Bird Act um I had my my blungl mcaw got loose in the cabinof the plane. While we were flying, I was heading out to compete in ThaCompetition in Las Vegas and it's it was a big deal. The World Magic Seminarthey had. You had to send in a videotape to get submitted. Much like ayou know, comedy festival or contest that kind of thing, and they accept youknow so many people they limit it and h yeah. So I got a I got accepted to goout. I was seventeen years old, so I'm still like M my mom and Stepdad r aretraveling with me at that time. Still and ordinarily, I had a kennel thatwould go under the plane and they put him the animals, it's allsafe. They put hem in a pressurized cabin and all that kind of thing it'sbut th. It was too cold and in between the airport terminal and the planeitself Um they. They have an issue with that. It was in January and if it'sbelow, like I believe, it's thirty degrees or something like that, theydon't allow that to happen. O We buy Kennels from the airline and carry 'emon the plane and the bird chewed like a softball size hole in the side of theKennel, because this is a bird that has like a two thousand pound of pressureper square inch. You know beak Um, so I yeah I look up about the time. Irealized there's a huge hole in the side of the cage. The bird is nowflying aroud pops out and is flying around the inside no o the plane andthen now I don't have anything to contain it, because I can't put it backin this Kennel 'cause. Clearly it can just sure yeah, you know top right backout, so the bird was trained. If I held my handup, she would land on my hand, and she did that and about that time she tookabout the biggest diaretic crap you've ever seen in your life right on thefloor. It was it was a mess. Oh Man, you got some. You got a lot of people'stickets refunded that day, my Fr, you know, I'm pretty sure I did, and theother thing is too is like. I could never get them to to cop to this, butfor about two years after that, every time I would fly that random securitycheckpoint. I got one hundred percent of the time, so I think that Ey, likeblack, flagged me or something in the system- and you know like it- was hadsomething special on my kick and hit was like Oh check this guy out e thisguy. He has the terrorist birds, the guy, with his birds, soat's, far Um, so wha 'Caus, you, Ilove the. I love the videos y. u you'd, post online of like the trick of theday and trick of the week Toatri the week rather y. How did that get started?Man? Just I just you know, I kindof wanted tobuild some some online presence, and that kind of thing- and it gave me a goal Um you know, gave me something tto do every week and it gave me a dead line and it gave me an excuse to workon new material because a lot of the stuff that I did for those videoswasn't anything that was in my standard Repartir d. It was something that youknow I I would film at it post and then I'd pretty much get right back on tookay. What am I going to do next week and it always gave me something to kindo drive or and give me a a reason to you know, come up with new material andand new ways of doing things and and some of the stuff you know made it intomy my working repertoir. Some of it was, I did it for the video, and that wasthat was it um, but just yeah. It came about to give me a dead line, but it'sit was really beneficial. I did it. I did it every week for two years, sothey're a hundred and four trick of the week, videos- and now I I still poststuff randomly, but I don't do you know, do it weakly my goal was to do it forone year and then I before I knew it. I... know I'd done like fifty seven of'em and I'm like well I'll. Do it a little longer I'll? Do it another sixmonths and then Ilie Ave gone this far? What it does. It does become more andmore difficult every week coming up with something you know new to do forit, but it built help me build an online presence. If someone wants to hire me for something they cango on, and you know I have hun. You know over a hundred videos onthere of just of different things, so they can get an idea of what you know what they're paying for. Iguess so, that's really cool you know. Nowadays, you mentioned earlier. Peopleare all about like the demo reels and sending in the the tapes out. So youknow every once in a while. It's good to have just have some pad just someextra stuff. You can throw in find yourself short on footage right, and I-and I also I had people that you know my demoreels and sizzle reels andeverything they're out there and they're on my website and they're onyou tube and all that kind of stuff on bacebook but Um thereere. You know Ihad people that would call me to book me for shows that they didn't ever.They didn't see idemo reel at least not at first. They you know were browsingthrough outube or whatever and m. One of my videos would pop up and they'dwatch it and then start watching. You know more and morevideos and then all of a sudden you know they realize how many ar aretheyre. So they end up. You know end up actually turning into booking so to to fine line. 'CAUSE, it's like P,you know putting out a lot of free content can be a double edged sword.You know, sometimes, if you're doing too much for free, then people don't have any reason to pay for it.You know e. They look at you funny like what do you mean? I got to pay for thisnow eact. You did all this for free. Why doI have to pay as a comedian? I get it H. Tat' O Gotto pay you to go up on stage. It'dbe nice. I mean be nice Um, but you know with you know:Youer Misse. We didn't mention Ou now, right now, with with the the covidsituation and everything h, you know booking gigs, finding work when you dothat kind of thing, for a living increasingly difficult. Have you been?I mean h how you been h dealing with all that so far, I I think I've been dealing with itpretty well, but it's not it's definitely not a great situation. I had you know tens of thousands of dollarsworth of work fall out on me. I mean some of it hopefully will reschedule,but it's all the stuff that didn't cancel is now like a a tbd. You know for a makeup date for it. Just beforeall this happened back in November of twenty nineteen, I started working oncruise ships. So, Oh, I got yeah so I performed on. I performed sevencruseship contracts between November and the middle of March shn and I hadmore booked and then obviously, with everything canceling, you know cruisesended up canceling all together and the ships are, you know, were j. They sentall the th m if they were not essential people, they sent 'em, all home andobviously weren't having passengers or anything like that. So and that's still,you know just like everything else that that hasn't come back, and I meanthy're they're, saying August of this year, that it will. But I mean itthat's just kind of a speculation that may not end up happening. It's justkind of only time, we'll tell I mean a cruse ship in the states as kind ofwhat kind of got this whole thing started in the first place, when we hadthat that one in the news that was docked for like two weeks or somethinglike that rain, they weren't letting anyone off and yeah yeah t y. They had they had tons ofships. You know hundreds of ships were just kinda either in a port or justanchored out at s Um. You know with a a skeleton crew ounament. You know someof them are still like that a lot of hem are down in the Bahamas and thensome of them went. You know they sent them over to Europe and that kind of thing. So it's it's acrazy situation and just even t even...

...the short amount of time that I did it.I got to know a lot of people Um in other entertainers and you know justcrew members and you know, m friends with them onfacebook and Instagram, and that kind of thing- and you know I know, people that arecurrently still trapped on ships. You know they're they're not getting paid.You know nothing and they're they're, pretty much it's like being in prison.They have to stay in their cabin. You know you know so very sad. I hope that you know that's definitely an industry that I I thinkwill it'll come back, but it might be a little longer for that to bounce back. Then you know than everything else, but itit's definitely it's one of my favorite barkets that I've that I've performedin 'cause. I do. I do comedy clubs, you know corporate and private events, andthen you know, and ships and out of those you know the ships are, are a lotof fun to do and Egy. This is Mike. She and I want totalk to you about anchor. 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You know I, I was H, doing fly onperformances, so it's not like I'm. I don't live on the ship or somethinglike that. I just I go on, and I do my shows and I leave so the the most I wasever on. A ship was six days. Okay and- and that was doing, I actually did twocontracts I did UM rather than getting on when the passengers get on. I got onon like their third port when theyr third stop of a seven day cruise soidebeyond, like the last three days of one cruise and then the passengers wouldget off and new passengers would get on, and then I would do the first threedays of the the second cruize. So it was like you know I got on in theBahamas and it went to New Orleans and then New Orleans to Uh Jamaica and Igot off in Jamaica N and flew home. So it's like. So I've been a lot of reallycool places because of the cruise ships. Now, unfortunately, a lot of times,it's just the airport. Technically I've been to Jamaica now,but I've been to I've been to the cruiseship port. I've been in a cab onthe from the cruse war to the airport and I've been in the airport. So that'sa that'show. The that's still, though,like just just to say that you've done that and like I'm terrified a boats,you'll, never see me on a cuis ship ever ever, never going to Hav e, but noit's Nono, O. I don't like flying and I don't like boats flying I'll do. If Ihave to, I prefer to just drive men- and everyone always says, like oh you're,more lately, to t to have a car wreckd at a plane, reg its like yeah, but I'malso more litely to walk away from the car wreckr than the Playrek. That'sYouri will tell you if you don't like flying and don't like boats cruiseships are definitely not in your future, then because, from from November to theend of February, I flew thirty two thousand miles to Lord just justworking ships. Only d Iraq got a frequent flier miles. I do yeah they.That's that's a cool thing. It's like...'s like a May by I fly and I get tokeep the miles. So it's so col yeah. So that's a that's a good! That's a goodthing! Now. What I will say is the downside to it is not booking your owntravel, an all the cruise lines. They'll, do you know I if they can savetwelve dollars and send you, you know six hundred miles out of the way andhave an extra way over it. They will do that. So that's! That's! I'm notcomplaining because I do rack up the miles and the segments for doing allthat, but it'. That is one of those things thit's like. Yet. What's thatand Therere e there's, an old song as like went from Phoenix Arizona, all thewaite, tacome Jacoa, you know Andall Tyou know it was like wait. A second wewent here to here to here to her to get to here. I don't I I've had that I'vehad that. I was when I was still living down south. I was flying up here toDayton to visit my family and I flew from Columbia South Carolina to DetroitMichigan, so my pass Datin had to come back down and what wasfunny was the plane that took me from Detroit to Dayton. By far the shorterleg of the flight was twice the size of the plane that took me from Columbia toDetroit, which was like it was like. So how come the shorter trip gets thebigger plane, a 'cause 'cause in my fear of flight, my thought was, but thebigger plane has more gas. I won't go hea right, yeah that I it is weird now yousaid you say Detroit so with I. I've gotten pretty good at this, becauseI've flown like all the airlines. So when people start telling me where theymake connections, I like to guess what airline they were on. So I'm going toguess a I'm, not one hundred percent, but it sounds like you were on Delta,I'm always on Telti, okay, it', it's not a preference, it's just when itcomes to booking my flights. I always seem to wind up on was getting the. This is not an ad trust me, I'm notright, but I S S letting he wi sponsoring your sho. Unless you alwayswant to. I will. I will get over my fear of flying right to hell. Now M canstart doing your podcast on a plane plea you K ow. If, if they book you andyour guest on the flights ire an then you just see, the Pie casts on theplane step aside Joe Rogan right, yeah alwas, but yes, it wasdelta. I always just seemed to wind up on Delta. For some reason, I I don't doit on purpose, it's just a shop and I shop and in terms of ECAUSE I want to.I want as few layovers as possible, because they stress me out and remember one time Um so that that exact same trip. When Iflew out of Dayton to go back home, I had never heard of the honor flightbefore 'cause. I I didn't live around here. I didn't know that was a ay yeahand I wound up on the same plane as the honorflight. Well, it turns out that agirl I'd currently work with at my at my job right now that was her firstyear working the onorflight, so she and I were on the same plane together, seven years before we ever actually meteach other. Oh was which was cool to find out, but it was also weird to getoff in Baltimore the layover and they let us off the plane. First and I walkout the door and there's this e's, this huge parade of people in uniformsapplauding B'cause. They thought I was with the honor flight ND. Then theystopped and I was really confused, Yo no, like a man insead, they had aban. It was everything, but then I also last. I still had to walk through thattunnel of people who were sitting there thinking they were supposed to besaluting me at first and I was like no a Noi time odid. They do the thingwhere they spray the plane, with the Bo like when Ding and they like arch, theWa ar te water and stuff. Like that, I was so conused. Can you imagine if that's the firsttime you ever flew on a plane and that's what you expected every t likepeol ar no and when you O do really take this inso seriously.What's you got any horror stories like...

...just just where everything like? As faras the traveling goes, like you know, everything that could have gone wrongwent wrong. Wel. I think the bird thing bird damning, the Berklaysidt. I you know I just P. anyone thattravels alot has has weird things that happen. I I've had 'em several timeswhere I'm midflight and it doesn't look like I'm going to make my connection,so they automatically reschedule my flight and ran me in an airport, foryou know eight hours or whatever, so that kind of stuff happens. U Yeah. As far as on Stage Horse Store-Oh yeah yeah. I so I told you I used to do thestuff where he saw hin the lady in half and the bigger yeah, like that. Iactually, I actually have a garage full of I limbs of all that, but I had I had a thing: that's like picture of a box, that's suspendid on atable Top! THAT'S ON WHEELS! U Let me I'm trying to think of something.A frame of reference for basically picture like a mini fridgelike a college. Fridge turned on its side is otsize of this box, and thenit's like on a table, Um and ideal was that this box gets rolled out and Ihave feathered bowlup and I toss the feather boa inside of the box, thefront of its open. They can see into it and then a flash of fire and sparksgoes off and I lit the lid off and all four walls of the box fall and myassistant is there wearing the feather boat. That's how it's supposed to go umas it. The stagehand is rolling the box out on stage one of the legs bucklesand the box slips over, and it just so happened to flip onto the side that theswitch that sets the pyro off is on. So now it falls and then itnites the PYROand the pyrod was set to just kind of go off at the bottom of the box and itjust kindof showers sparks in a puppe. The sparks go to the floor. A PAPASMOKE GOES UP, so instead of that happening, imagine it laying on itsback and it's shooting straight up into the air just over the stagehandsshoulder and then th, not like a big fire, but the box is now on fight. Atthe same time, Kemo mine, I hate the BIRST aameones bubble. Magic,isn't real she's, hidden away inside of the box, somewhereats veryit too's,very good. Its very eceptive, but when the box falls, the assistant isnow like tumbling across the same Lo, and so the box has a little fire goingon. On top of it the stage hand about wosted his head with a ball of smarksand fire. The box is laying on the ground she's over there and myassistant Ha. She had been grew up in a magic family, and I wasn't the firstmagician that she'd worked with Popor and she was a true professional sodoing this. What does she do? She stands up and goes Tuta arms in the airand the audience starts applodding an on their face. They Hav just looklike I was weird Butyou, know and they're Gonand and then Y, and then Ididn't even acknowledge it. I just we rolled on o move on it just moved on, and it's really weirdminus the pe other people that were on the show, an the stagehands. No onesaid anything: We did a meat and greed after the show. No one mentioned it, soI'm either. They just didn't want to embarrass me or we played it off really.Well, I I'd like to think we just played it off so well that they forgotabout it. But I I don't know that's one of Tho 's T at's an oldschool theater role. Man You mess up on stage, you make it lik its on purposeand you just you just move on and Absoi ship woly the ship will write itselfeventually and Cancudos to her for being for beinga an ultimate professional. I would...

...have absolutely yeah. I would Iwouldhave just you now H, v been like Al Right shows over Pordone, it's justfun, yeah right! That's again! That's that comedian mentality. If you likeyou're on stage yoursets, not going well Ai, think I've done, I had morewhar's going to be done. We're just goin to I was hoping for a Betti salonger finished than that. You know I had Hav five minutes. I'm GOINGTA usethree, it's fine Um! So you know right now. You knowlike we're. Recording US viazume, like have you considered like in in the offtime, especially right now, like maybe like doing like some like some likesome web magic, shows or something like that. I've done a few, you know virtual shows,and then I you know, done some kind, O interview base stuff where I'll performsome magic on on some shows like that. But actually today I for for July, Ibooked a couple of you know. Zoom shows thecool Um, you know so so I'm doingthat it's it's definitely nice to have the optionto do that, but it is not my favorite way. I mean you know. As a performer,we feed off the reaction of the crowd. If someone has to unmute their Mike toLaugh or clap, it's not really. You know Tutary Yo, one yeah right, it'sjust Kinda. That makesit a little bit different, but it is certainly better than than nothing t atall. But um o stuff is starting to open back up slowly and somesome comedyclubs. I think they're actually opening up some of them are opening up a littlesooner than I expect that I'm not I'm not saying they're opening up too early,I'm just saying earlier than I personally expected it to happen, butUm, I think t e wileys is opening up this weekend. Oh,are they yeah? The shows that Mike Wells book book booked up some shows. Ithink I think every I think it's. I think it's one on Friday, two onSaturday and one on Sunday, N yeah is this Sunday andactual one of the showsor they do in th Sunday comics. I think Sunday is just one of the actual showsI think, they're doing it as the whole weekend thing to kick the weekend offand then I think they're going to Kisse 'cause. Then next weekend or the weekend afterthey're doing fireworks, ther'stherare herons Caran still trying to get e makethe fireworks competition happens. So they're doing it right at the end of June, rather thanin July. I guess just to try and get it in and get it done. 'cause're they'retrying to get the staff paid is one it Isea that makes sense, yeah 'causeanyone, that's listening to this and goes make sure to tip the staff becausethey have g working for a couple of months, yeah and wh t what's a bombertoo, is most of them. That's a part time job. So I don't think they I Idon't know what went on 'cause. I know they did some changes to like theunemployment qualifications, but I don't know if they were able to claimso I got yo so go to wily's this weekend, guys ind pay, pay lots ofmoney and by beer and and t m absolutely while we you ow we'regetting we're getting towards towards wrapping up here. Just just to you know,get the superficial questions out of the way. Do you have like, like thefavorite trick, favorite illusion, you've done one of my favorite things that I do,and it's kind of been a staple for me for about fifteen years. Now. Is thecut and restored rope? Oh Yea, it's a really fun uh thing to do it's something that I have done so longand kind of developed, my own Um nuances for it, and that kind of thing it's something that I can do not. Iwon't say I won't say I'm auto pilot, but it's something that I can do andit's a great gauge for of the audience for me cause I can, I can say, okay.Well, they reacted well to this line. This joke whatever, and then you knowfrom there. I can easily H, say: Okay! Well. That means thatthis thing that I have in five minutes...

...will probably work or it may not work,because if they didn't like that, they're certainly not going to likebrutus, and it's just kind of like a barometer of the of the room for me isII can feel out the crowd, Um and N. I'm also I'm using that time. I that'ssomething. That's going to be really roughe for for magicians in general,when showstart coming back is you know a lot of pus use, audienceparticipation, H and you know bringing someone up on stages. You know thatthat's one of the things I've been doing during all of this shutdown iscoming up and KINDOF reworking my show in a way that I can do it that doesn'trely on having audience participation, because you know that isn't going to besomething that I think I can do right away. But you know in in the pastI kindaf use that as a thing like, if I see a guy sitting there with his armscrossed like this- and you know, he's probably not going to be a good personfor me to bring up one stage so. But if I see someone that's over their lapingand having a great time- and you know they may be a great person to bring upso I'm kind of evaluating- you know they're they're judging me, but I'mjudging them too. Andyou know like kind of figuring out who you know who wouldwork for what and that kind of thing, so LS kind of the old added. You knowif you're sitting, if you're sitting in the front row at either a comedy, showor a magic, show you're going to get messed with, like like right, likebeing in the splashes on to seaworld. But it's going to happen. Yeah, that's well. Mama appreciate you coming on theshow so where? Where can the people? Where can the people find you online?Where can they find your stuff like they want to know more about you, okay,yeah! I'm on my website is just it's easy. It's Matt, Stanley, dotcom, twoTeasin Mat and then I'm on all social media. I am at MDS comedy magic, soyeah I we didn't. We didn't touch on this so the earlier earlier in the year,something like the last fifteen or so years. I'd gone by Matthew, DavidStanley, my full name. Oh that's true, yeah yeah! So I back in January I had a a guy that I really looked up to in theentertainment business, an gut named Gean Anderson Inger, and he pulled meoff to the side and, like he said, I'm worried about you and like had an nintervention, and I thought he was going to be like. Oh, I think, you'redrinking too much or somet. U Know something like that. You UST CI, giveup now ye H I's like, but you know he's like he's at I've known you almosttwenty years, and sometimes I you know can't remember if it's David Matthew,Stanley, Matthew, David Stanley, if it's Michael David Stanley, you know Igot all that. I got checks written to Michael David Stanley more times than Io Shemoss, often enough that you know before mobile deposit. I had to take itto the bank and they would accept it because it happened often enough thatthey knew oh wow. It was legit, so so yeah. So I I went through a fullreebrand and just cut it down to Matt family, and I I thought about. Do Iwant to just be Matthew. staningly and I was like matgew Stanley sounds likean attorney or an accountnt, or something and Matgew David Stanley doessound a little pretentious. So I was like Matt Stanley sounds like a fun.Guy Sounds like your neighbor sounds like you know, a guy that you partywith or whatever so, and I I think it's you know hopefullyeasier for people to remember, because nothing kills the energy when you'reabout to walk on stage, and someone goes. Please walk under this stage,Michael Stanley and it's like well, that's here, you're one. Third, there AurThird F. The name was correct for some reason have trouble getting eoble tosay my last name right so a lot of times I get. What imikenow talk to thedon't. Do the AH then Yeah Loseit Yeah? You know that it's going to be well,it's like Dave Chapel on his inside the actorStudio interview the first time Ye went on stage. They were like ohwe you kN Wgot a new comic coming up TI stage.

This is this first time you may bewitnessing history. Please welcome to the stage Dam Capali. I do remember that yeah those of US cursed with unusual namesbut yeah yeah. I I had noticed that I fi, I wasn't sure if there was a story,Behi I'Vei've rebranded, my shit so many times. Nowadays, it's like I don'teven notice t when people do it nowadays, I don't even notice thit. Itdoesn't strike me as on and it used to be be like he's going by a differentname. Now, did he get sued? Somebody come an ating, AEN 'cause. I have thatproblem because I used to go by Michael Shaye ATD now, there's Michael Shah,who writes fer and is on s NL, Oh yeah. So so I had a lot of peoplewho who were telling me they would go search for my stuff on you tube andthey would just see this fucking guy and I'm like. Oh that's a problem. I don't know how to work. EAHLL, you Kno for some people, thecamera ads ten pounds for me. It abtracts about a hundred pounds andchanges, my ethnicity, but I I don't know how I m workg aroundthat just fucking del then I guess but y. that's that's funny. I H. I alwayssaid it's like you know, Matthew, David Stanley, so now it's just matc Stanley.I removed the huge David. So I think that that, like might be an altered egohat like I like here David, is like a character that I can do that he'll saylike offensive shit. That nofanleywould never say. I love that it's just justyou with, like a mole, just put like a mole on your cheek in ther hti. I H got to a year from now like Yo turn theLaer, the cable guy. You do huge David as a character and it becomes even moresuccessful than than Mat fanly now you're stuck with it yeah. Exactly that's great man. Well then, YEA! It'sIT's good! To Talk to you, it's good to Seeyo! It's Itsgoo, I'm glad to seeyou're doing well and and and and Work Ang hard as best you can. Amid amongthese strange unusual times we're living inman, it's yeah. Just absolutely! You know you do what you can, but guys makesure you check out. Matt stanly on all the social medias go to matc Stanley.DOTCOM GETT IN FO there book him for Azom Magic shows see how ghost you no but good good good to see, O God, manthink Iu'. So much are coming on the show Ahyou too. Thank you for having M.I appreciate Aman coursemen Ho guys makes you check that out and wellthat's going to do it for this week's episode, we'll be back again next weekwith a new new interview, new gest new show and until then hes always folkslive well rock on take care and Byeby.

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