The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 44 · 1 year ago

"I've Been Told My Jokes Are Too Smart" with Greg Gray - The Basement Lounge: EP #44


Greg Gray is a newcomer to the world of comedy and he's been having to learn the ropes in very non-conventional ways.

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Rabb a drink pull of a chair and settlybecause you're in the placeman wow good morning good afternoon goodevening, whatever time of day it is when you're listening to this welcometo the basement lounge. This is the cool she'll relax space or we haveconversations with people who are comedians people who are actors, peoplewho are magicians, people who are just you know, schmucks on the Internet, andtoday we are talking with somebody who ere you know, hat we're going to findout what the hell is. 'cause, I'm going to be honest. I know absolutely nothingabout this guy. This is Greg Gray. I guess it's a comedian 'cause. He goesby a great greay comedy on the Internet, so at's Goinggrad not too bad, notnecessarily a comedian, yet yet so magic win. Basically, I started doing mprov at wiles withCarand Jaffy, okay and started o class in January D. think anobody meant yeahmatastafantastic, an Atateningand, I neisa character man. I work with him. Yeahhe's He'sa he's a tr he's a trip, Yewe're HorTalkin about him. We're n talk about you, so we started doing classes in Januaryand basically, we were goingto have a show at the end of March and we get to the beginning of Marchand everything just shuts down, so wedidn't have any classes. You really can't do improb. You know socialdistancing, so sure yo can com on well all right, and this in this scene we'replaying two people who are in apartment, buildings, separated by an alleytalking through their open windows and that's every scene for the rest of thenight, yeah yeah, but uh. Basically, what happened is since weweren't doing improve every week I got with the the I got on the Dayton comedydiscord channel and they were doing feedback mikes. So I just decided todip my hand into Uh. Writing stand up comedy just to keep my brain going. I feeloyes when, when we first set up,I remember micewells came to me and was like wegot to do something. So I said I set up the discord server for everybody andit's with sucks. I've not been able to participate it at all. I set the whole.Damn thing up, I gave a bunch of people like adment access and then justbecause of my work schedule, IAVEn'tbeen able to touch it at all.But from what I understand from from Mike and Dusty, it's it's been goingpretty well yeah. We don't. We don't have quite the following that thesensing one has, but we have. We have a lot of great peoplethat show up, and I mean it's tapered off a bit towards you know the lastmonth or so, but well ye seeing Mike...

...have been superhelpful toward you know.Helping me become what I am today, which is not much yeah dusty and my dusty and micar aretwo of my favorite people in the dayn comedy scene dusty's, one of the firstguys I met and got to know when I first moved up here and h. You know, and n Mie Mike has become a a better and better friend over the last couple of years,Um yeah, those two guys. I I'm real happy with with how they've beenrunning stuff in the discord. Tha T can't be there, but but it's it'sgood to hear that you know talking to someone like you who has legitimatelybenefited from it normally for stuff. Like this, you just hear the same fiveor six vets going, look yeah. You know, which is the thing but to hear thatthere's somebody who went and gave it a try for the firsttime and has been genuenely better. An benefiting from it is, is really goodto hear. Well, I I feel that now I have a legout on other people who haven'tgone to stand up or done their first open, Mike or whatever, because I'vebeen getting this help from Mike and Dusty, and you know MC Magwin and and neilgriffins in there too and h. So wethey they've, been helping me a lot as far as you know, timing and shorteningdown my jokes, so I you know tell the most story possible with the fewestamount of words whhave you have you started to likelike hone in. On a I mean it's Earli, an a and somebody's been doing it forwell over a deck AICAN. You got a long way to go get, but you have no idea, but have you startedto settle into some kind of routine as far as your writing goes or well, mostly, I've been I've been goingto the Micewell School of comedy, which is one liners Ko um yeah. That's, basically what I've beenwriting. I got a couple of other things that I need to work on that are longer,but I'v just been. Basically what happened as I started going through myold. You Know Facebook, daily memories and seeing the stuff I'd written overthe past ten years, and I was like Oh that sounds funny I'll put that down ona piece of paper and then work on that and I'd just completed a five minute. Isshset that IAM going to attempt to do at wileswhenever they start opening back up the open, Mikes, andstoh yeah, everybodyfeels comfortable so yeah, it's I 's, We'ewe're, all kind o curious to seeyou know you know Mike Wells put together this a four show wegend thatwe just had over the weekend. You know he he booked and scheduled this wholeweekend. Full shows and Um from what I've seen it went really. Well. Iwatched a video of Ray Jackson last night Um, which Ray Jackson's like oneof the funniest people in Indayton, and I mean he absolutely crushed it, butit's cusea. You know, what's going to...

...happen when they start running the openmikes again, not to mention, like you know, around town, all the bars andvenues that were that were holding open, Mikes an there weren't ter terribly alot of 'em but to see which ones are gonna are goingto start doing those again. If they start doing those again is it I mean it Rai. It raises a hugequestion. You know it re lly really does is to what's going to happen nextand how's comedy going to change yeah. I think I think hookas opening upThursday, but I I don't know much about that. I don'tknow. That's that's not it's! The mony thing is thatg. The hooka Mike isliterally around the corner from my house. I could walk to it from my house,but I work whenever it's going on, but yeah. You know a place like theHookabazarre, where people are supposed to be sitting next to each other oncouches and sharing a hookah and yeah. I don't know how that's going to work:'Caus, Hey, let's just put our Mohon thing, yeah and and now Y, how youthrow in throuing the idea of doing a open like there and just it's a lot ofquestions and it's yeah it. It's going to be weird to see howthings go, go hoer! But what what was it? So you gu started doing the improvestuff at while's. What was it that led you to even start there? Well, I've alwaysbeen like you know, a big fan of who'se Ling and I'm I'm a dnd, Gamer and GM.So I've got I've got that sort of improbbiness. You know when it comes tostorytelling and basically back in November. I had this kind of mental issue that you know withjust depression, anxiety, stuff, like that, and I saw that Karen not too long afterthat had posted like it was around h late December early January, she hadposted that she got her start in improb up in Chicago, and I messaged her and I'm like Hey'cause. I was interested in going down to black box, but they have long formand I was looking for like the hooseline short forms done and she shesaid that she was starting a class in like a week or two, and I was like HolyShit. You know this is like the most fortuitous thing that that happens likeI go looking for something and it just happens to be coming up. So I signed up immediately and thereason I'm doing is to get over anxiety and you know meet New People and it'sit's been great, but I I missd doing it because of this whole candemic Shit,yeah yeah a lot of stuff. Lo, a lot of stuff is missed right now.It's it's really throwing everyone's r routine for aloop, Um Haron, KarenJaffy is is very much the godmother of the Dayton comedy scene. You know sheruns the open, Mika, wileys, Um she's, incredibly funny, incredibly caring andpassionate and she rual inprolas. I...

...wanted to take one of these improffclasses so many times I was signed up for one at one point and then I worksituation changed N. I had a Cancele, but it is. I I've been dying to go toone of her inbroad classes, 'cause I'll, be honest, the imbrol stuff. You know thinking onyour feet and and the quick reaction that is even after all, th all theseyears. That is where I struggle Um. As have have you been finding that inin doing this Um like may like how s how's it helped with the mental withthe mental hell thing hows it help withthe the moment. The moment I steppeinto Wiley's, for that everything is let at the door and IV. I've never feltthat good. You know inside about. You know like,like a passion, for I don't know if it's a career, if it'sa hobby whatever and it it just it made me feel great inside and Iwanted to keep doing it t at's. Basically it I tell you what I mean you'd be hardfor us to find a single comedian that doesn't have a similar thing where wewalk. We walked up to the doors of a venue and the world sucks our lifesucks, but the minute we walk in that Doorman. It's he many you wank uponstage. I it just it all goes away. It's why hit's you'd be hard press to find acomedian, that's not damaged in some way. It's that's why we do the stupidshit that we do exactly 'cause. We are focked up inside and that's why we doit man. So, let's, let's get to know you alittle bit more here so um. You know, and you know we're we're. You knowwe're no strangers on this show to dealing with deal with mental health,and things like that. You know we for the longest time had a mental health,uh pondcast show on this pod cast. You know I myself have been pretty openabout about my my dealing with with depression and things like that, um asas t', something that you've been dealing with for a long time. Is itsomething that's kind of been more of a recent thing? I've been dealing with depression, and probably since early teens, at least that's when I gotdiagnosed for stuff o and it's been like the last ten years, fifteen yearsor so that anxiety has really been showing its face, and so so you were soyou c you were diagnosed fairly young yeah, okay, t a was on. They put me on.You know whatever medications, I'm en through several different ones.Here's your Brompton cocktail, kids yeah, pretty much yeah, I I didn't getdiagnosed o way late in life, and it was one of those thinge Kindof like man.If you dealt with this when you were younger, it's like well dealing with itnow, so you would have dealt this when you w'reyounger O, be skinnier Osyeah nodepressions, not the reason.I'm skinny, my eating, Habateumy love for the mcdoubl is the reason. I'm notskinny...

T it's. It's two bucks for a doublecheeseburger. I mean come the fuck on Um. God Forbid, you need to pay threedollars for a bell: Pepper, hwhatever, O neer. I like bell peppers, but mostlywhen they're biced up and put inside of my Caso O. U so are you? Are you from the Daytonarea originally lived? Oyn I've lived here, Dayton Riverside mad river, allmy life and lived in the same house for forty two years so far, so no a eyhowhfluckold. Are You I'm forty two shut the fuck out. I still don't really know how old I am.I have to do the St Sh fuck, it's twent ad, twenty in nineteen. Seventy eight,you know I never would have paid you for being in your forties, Yh, NeverAnn! I have a childish nature about me. Ithink, and you were still diagnosed when you were with men with mental Heleissues when you were when you were fifteen. That says a lot 'cause backthen wasn't here's! Here's a box of prosactGoodli right hell, even when I was even when I was coming up, it was on likehere's, here's a here's, a rubber made container full o Riddalingonuts yeah next thing you know Standin on top of a standn on top of a buildingwith a Superman Cape. You know screaming that you know aliens arecoming or seeing little pis like you had a much more muntime than I did El Ma Yeah. Well, you know I was in South Carolina that pointwhere things are and really different, yehypeople say: Oh, you got depressione here have a beer, itsmine Um Ey. This is Mike Sha and I want to talkto you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brand new freeway for you to get yourpod cast career off and running without any cost. To you simply download theanchor aor go to anchor dotfm to get started. Anger is the easiest way tomake a boadcast Tay. Give you everything you need in one place forfree. You can use it right from your phone or your computer. Their creationtools allow you to record and edit your modcast, so it sounds play Magnifikiwithoutand having to worry about all the costly set up. They'll evendistribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere. Spot ify,apple, podtast, Google pod, casts stitch. Your Hall of that in you caneasily make money from your pod CASS with no MINUM listenership. They sentyou up with awesome sponsors. All you got to do is record a script kindoflike what I'm doing now, throw it on your show and start making money onceagain down wo, be anger, aft or go to Agerdot FM and get in your podcastcareer of and running right now, nd. Just do it already. So, with the improve stuff and D andstarting to finally get into stand and getting it a stan getting mentioned.The whole, like is, is it a hobbyisnt... 't a career thing. I think I foundin the L in the course of things that it's it's kind of a weird combinationof both it's it's a hobby that you could potentiallymake a living off of, but calling it a career almost seems like like Booji a I ean like comluck Dokayist is, this is relaxed Buddy! It's it's yeah w when I, when I think aboutcomedy, is s that right right now on my brain, I don'tcare. If I make money at it, I want to go up on stage and make somebody inthat in that room, smilell be happy bate about their problems, and I I think that's the you know,that's a that's how we all start off. Definitely, but I I think the ones whomake it the longest are the ones who never lose sight of that. I think thereare a lot of people who, after a while they're, so focused on the money makingside of it, that they lose sight of the other of the other part of it, and Ithink that's that's. The biggest UM killer of of the career side of thingsis because Um there's not a lot of you know it's oneout of every like fucking million comedians that actually becomes likeyou know, a megastar. You know millionaire doingthis shit, the rest of t'em pretty much spend the rest of their lives on the road um trying very hard to make it from fromfor month to month it's not a glamorous lifestyle, but the key is, is the lovefor it and what you're getting out of it? Not Not! You know from a like yousaid from from making an audience, laugh kind, Kano point yeah, it's like since I've been doing this. I neveronce asked the question like how much money did you make 'cause? I I don'tthink it's that much, but I'm not I'm not going to ask you know. It justseems that just seems like a to me asking another comedian. That seemsrude like how much did you make tonight vie like it's rude. I in any sense,like you just don't ask people like like how much money dio you make today.Man, like it just see, kind, OA RUDE TO BE CAU with C with he comedian. It'salmost like an insult. It's like you, mother fucker. You know I didn't getpaid for the shit th fuck. Would you ask me that I justdrove I drove twelve hours to pay for a hotel room to perform for twelvedollars. It's like pro wrestling? No, that's! Not! That's! NOT INACCURATE!I'll, be honest with you, man! It's IT'S AMAZING! How many of these guyswill drive to Indiana or Kentucky, or you knowanywhere, they'll drive five six hours to go. Do five unpaid minutes at a barand then drive back the same night or or stop at some some little roachcoachand and head back the next morning. It's these a lot of these guys man. Theywill just they'll, do anything. I 's it's like they're heroin, attics likemake pack it some time. Please can I get some minutes any seaon minutes onstageman yeah, it's it's! It's! It's yeah!There's that Hussle and you do eventually get to that point where yougot it where you got to start figuring out. If you have that Hussle or not...

...m right now, I don't know. If I hadthat Hussle I mean I'll, have the hustle for IMPROB, but I'm not sure I'mnot sure. Where I stand with stand up, I have to fasely. I have to get off onstage the first time you gotta do it time and see if it's something that I like'cause, you know being up there alone is a lot different than being up therewith other people. Oh absolutely um it. I I did a little bit of improve in highschool and and having other people to play off of helps as long as you'regood at giving them something to bounce off, of which I was not but Y. sometimes you can play off the crowda little bit and that you know that takes a lot of practice but yeah whenyou're up there by yourself, man Um. I will say this y first, you mightthink. Oh five minutes doesn't seem like a lot of time. Five minutes is afucking eternity man. Well Yeah. When I was h when I was going through my setthe first time with dusty on the discord, I I went through the whole thing anddusty was all like, and that was only four and a half minutes, I'm like thatwas at least an hour. It's. It is crazy. Just it that time, and especially I work in television. SoI'm I'm really aware of like how long seconds and minutes coan actually be,but yeah yeah when you're on that stage, man, it's that five minutes feels likean eternity, but what's crazy is I'll wake up the next morning and the time between when they called myname and the time between whe, I walked off the stage. I will have no memory ofwhat went down. Oh really, it's so weird. I thought we F. I talked aboutitwith a couple of other ges. It's like it's like the they caught. I, like thecomedy blackout where it's like the Adrentalin, hits so hard that, whileyou're on that stage that until you see the video of the next thin, I don'tremember how anything actually went and you see a video and you, like. I. Isaid that Oh el Shit, okay, it Saso Bizarre man, it it really doin stand upman it takes it takes you places it. It's so hard to explain, especiallyconsidering you haven't done it yet. But Man Moing to tell you somethingright now like it is when you get that when you especiall,especially when you have like whether or not you have a good set, but whenyou have that really good set too like the feeling man is, is on like it's theequivalent of a runners high. I would assume I've never had a runner's hipe M so before he got into improve beforeyou. We do it Haes W W at w at what the kinds of things were you getting into?was there any kind of precursor like? Were you a theater kid? Did you ever?You know musician? What what are some other things? You've done outside of oan plabasically, H, dungeons and dragons, and friends, basements and and gaming stores has been what's what's spurned doing doing. You know just coming upwith stuff off the top of my head,...

...'cause, I'm a horrible person at youknow planning ahead, but I'm I'm a lot better. Just acting in the moment whenyou know people roll playing out, you know doing stuff in a tavern. You know Ilove the Indi. I love the Indcio, God do much it's I I had a game. I wasplaying. You know, VI ISCORD and all that for a little bit, but it's whichis fine M, but man Playinde Indi with the Pencil and the paper, and you know, bag a Baggof, chetos and a case omountain dew. It's been just wasting an entired Saturday, man, it's Itsnoth,qulig yeah people have never played the indieds, don't get it yeah and and and recently I got intoanother game. That is a that. A friend of mine, Robert Turk, created called argumentaland basically it's a superhero game, but you're also in a mental asylum. Soyou're you're not sure whether you're a mental patient or a superhero andeverything is generated. Mad Live style. Almost what yeah you h you sit aroundand I ask questions. You write something on a piece of paper and thenyou throw that into a bucket and then everybody goes around and takes turnspulling those little slips of paper out of a hat and they use that generatetheir character like what their powers are, who they think they might be, whattheir weaknesses are. It's all randomly generated and the same thing goes withyour adventure. You know the mission that they have togo on. It's it's all done with questions that I asked them right at the table and then I had tocome up within my head. You know the story line that that goes with that. So that's been that's been my mostrecent premprod class improvozational stuff Um. I don't know how much of acomaboo Geek you are H, I'm I I'm really big into DC comics, but I 'renot so much into marble. Okay, so you're not much in a marble. You everread Moonnight! No, but I I I'm aware of Moni, so whatyou're describing to me right now sounds exactly like a recent run. Somoonnight is a marble comic about a guy who's, a superhero and has this likeEgyptian God or whatever. That gives him his powers, but not also clinicallyinsane, and so there's always this constantback and forth of. Is this really happening? Is he just nuts like it?It's fantastic, especially if, if you you know like reading stories again,you know dealing with like mental health and issues and things like that.It's it's a fascinating story to read, but that's kind of what this reminds meof 'cause, literally one of the most one of the more recent runs was he wasliterally locked up in an asylum and...

...couldn't tell if he was actually beingtortured or if he was being taken care of Er if he was even there to beginwith, it was was fantastic and at that's hat remindsme of, and it sounds so much fun to play. Oh yeah, I it really ifts Los Em Aywe Lost Hem, oh no, we losthem a great game. I enjoy playing it, we're losing 'EM, we're losing hem. No ther says it's unstable: Oh onstable,Internet, oh no, wo a cat fix I cat than it's two on t, stable, lright,we're goot, all right cool. I'm not editing that out that that's Buck Stanin H, losing hem again, Oh Shit! We may actually have to stopOh shit, uhoh Um, we're gonna wor, going Ta pause, realquick, then we're back technical difficulty.Oh my God, we're good we're. Gowe got. We got hem back wereon the phone lines.Now I guess I guess zoom was having some issues from what we we looked atearlier. We almost made it a, but that's fine. Well, we we're good wertalking about D and and role playing and stuff like that and Y. Your Bundymade up a game. H involving you know in the Sant asylum,or are you a super hero Um? As far as like one of t e one, myfavorite thing about role playing games is the actual like character buildingside of it. I love spending hours, building and customizing the characterhow's that aspect of it in that game. It it's just basically it's it's, it's it's all done at thetable, so it's done pretty quick, but it I people really latch onto all thevaininess that at the randomness gives you in that. You know it. It is it I. It is really it's reallyfun. I hardly ever get a chance to play it 'cause, I'm always running in atconventions, but it is. I think, it's probably the most perfect conventiongame you can play for me. It feels like it would be almost too easy toaccidentally make dead, pool playing that game. You know ay about you, you be surprised what all you can comeup with Um I mean I don't have anything off thetop of my head, but it it almest reminds me of a game calledstuper powers. I don't know if you've ever heard of that. No, but it it sjust ourolld randomly on a chart, H and just get random. Weird, like mystery men type of superpowers, like you really didn't you can you can walkthrough. You can walk through walls yeah. If you're really good a bowling.You know you can you. Can you can roll perfect three hundred, but that'sreally all you can do you know, and you...

...gotto utilize that somehow out in thereal world, you know just the most obscure all those pointless superpowersever conceived. Yeah, I love it. It Yeah Umwel. We got a few minutes. We got asa couple of minutes left here before we're going to let you go as far as you know, we talked about howyou're, you're you're, still getting into Y, haven't done your first time onstage yet but you'e been doing the MPROB and goingto the the discord feedback mites Um. I guessmy question for you as a n, as as a new person, I think we hinted on this alittle bit b little bit ago, but what what would you say is what do youthink is probably the main thing you're trying to get out of a get out of acomedy experience. The main thing that I'm trying to getis you know just to get rid of this anxiety to have, and just to have a a great time withouthaving to worry about anything. You know and- and the other thing that I Ijust want to make- somebody laugh make somebody happy for you know, even ifit's just for five minutes or three minutes, depending on how good my jokesare. You know there, and so as and so now with you again being the newer guy in this thing, whatr? What are some? What are some fears you have like what are some things:You're, not looking forward to or not sure, if Y U'r not sure what to dealwith just quite yet um. Well, I've been told my jokes aretoo smart, too clever that the audience might notget some of them so getting up on stage and just hearing crickets, it'sprobably joined to be my my worst fear at the moment, but to be to be honestin the discord everybody's heard, my jokes so much that in the last coupleof times I've run through the set. You know nobody's laughing at 'em. 'causethey've go hurd of all the for, so it's just been nothing but silence when Isay it so I think that might help, but I'm not I'm not sure. Until I get up onthat stage, I would say some right now: Um you aregoing to have more bad nights than you are good knights for the rest of yourlife. That is yeah. That is, that is the truth of being a comedian I or fora long time M, but yeah, and the other thing there is- is yeah you're going togo to a lot of open Mikes, where the only people in the crowd are going tobe the other comics who have heard your shit a million times um the BA. Youknow the biggest piece of Advicen hiy could give. You is the und open, mikesore, not there for you to tell if your joke is funny or not you're you'rethere to figure out how to work on stage like how did get your stagepresents downe how to get your timing done. Henn, a a real true test ofwhether or not a and T and it's hard to...

...get past. I still to this day, will goto an open Mike and have a joke flop. ON'T THINK! Well, man guess that joke'snot funny open makes are not a tru. You know open mikes at a bar are not a truetest of. If your joke is funny or not. The true test is when you go to a placelike wiles. That's how you can tell if a joke doesn't land there. Okay, then,maybe it probably isn't isn't working, but you will f. You will find that fromone room to the next. You will get two totally different reactions to whateveryou've been writing: Yeah 'cause 'cause right now. I I'mburying up my different. You know anunciation, and you know how muchpause I need to bake between a joke T for laughcausit's. It's mass. I didn'trealize how much maths was involved in saing up comedy. Oh it's annoying. Iknow it really is annoying s as a guy who barely passed math throughout allhis time in school. It is annoying how much math has involved in state ofcomedy I cant to have so many last per secondor you know, for fifteen seconds or whatever just to you know to be on Tarwith you know, even the lower Ashalon of good comedians. You know wee all got to start somewhere, thoughman, that's the thing we all all got to start start down there. We all did andsome of us two this day after fifteen years, still have those moments whereyou know I I have found that if I have too many good shows back to back, Ineed to have a bad one. I n'cause 'cause I' still getting a big head andI need something to bring me back down to reality a little bit. So that's whyI went ver. I I do get like that. Shitty Open Li, it's like okay, okay,cool! I can I'm still. I can still fail. That's good! I do T it's, it's areality check and we all need those from time to time, yeah but H, so greygray, amateur novice, aspiring comedian andan impra performer D, N D player. Um, looking forward to seeing you finallyget to have your first time on stage we're looking forward to seeing whereyou go from here. Where can the people find you online if they would like t tojoin in in in watching your career grow and develop? I can be found personally at hat greaggray comedy on twitter face books. I just signed up for Instrigram lastnight. I don't know if that is, but I might I lihe outhe taking tax or I too H, but and then you can also findmy imtro group at Hamster town improve on facebook. Is that the name of theCroup Yeah? We are called HAMSTERTOWN. I love everything about that. So much Um, so hamstertown Emprov isthe improve group, Great Gray, comedy on twitter and now apparently aninstogramm good for you. I guess it's a gram, fine. I mostly postpitures of my dogs, but check him out.

Let's watch, let's all watch Greg'scomedy career grow and inflate and and and die it a fiery crash togb kidding,I'm kidding. Let's watch I taguy O that a Um. You know I you know Goming into this.It was like I don't Kn, actually don't know anything about this guy. I waslike he seems like a good guy, but I'm only basically off the fact that hefollows my pod cast and watches my life. She works my patry on so as far as I'mconcernd, his a good guy, but let's find out this guy as an asshole or not,and I think I think we can conclude so far you're not too much of an asshole.You might be an Asshole ofte Mike, but but you're okay in my book and we'regonna we're going to watch you we're going to watch you grow and develop asa comedian and Greg was great, Grin Oa talk to you a great getting to know youman, oh good, Yo, crabbing me on here thanks absolutely man, you'r walkingback anytime and without being said folks, that's going to do it for thismeas episode of the Basement Lounge, we will be back again and actal. A brandnew episode make sure you guys check out our live streams Monday andWednesday and Friday at eleven. Am Eastern on twitch shoul follow us onall the Social Medias sfake Mook an instagram at basement, lounge podtwitter at tvl under score pond t an of course you could check out ourPatriomac going to Patrion dotcom's, slash, basement launge pot. I will seeou guys again next week. An until then has always live well rock on take careand bye, bye.

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