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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 45 · 1 year ago

"This Is What I Have To Do" with Neil Griffin - The Basement Lounge: EP #45


We've got the most positive person in all of Dayton comedy scene, comedian Neil Griffin! He's here to talk about his exciting journey into stand-up comedy, fatherhood, and being there to support as many people as possible..

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Hay Basement Lounge fans. I want togive a shout out to the awesome VIPs E're, helping make this show possibleby supporting it on Patrion. Many thanks go to Whitney Latin jutingfermit joy, Craig, Greg Gray. Souleajess am a wonderful mother,Melissa. Shame if you want to join our group of VIP, just go to Patrioon Dotcoms, slash, peacement, lag pod and sign up for a meor three dollars amonth to get all kinds of cool perks like stickers, shoutout, O discord,hang outs and so much more once again: Thas Patrion, docom slashed basement,lounge, pon and now on with the shol rabb a drink, bull of a chair andsuddenly because you're in the basement wou good morning good afternoon goodevening. Whatever time of day you happen to be listening to this showwelcome to another instalment of the basement lounge. This is the cool chillplace, wher we bring in people and we have a conversation with them, butthey're in the entertainment industry, actors Comedians Magicians. We even hada we had. We had a. We had a m play B model on here. One time guys done how Ipulled that off, but we did it, but coming in here today, we've got a guyfrom here in the Miami Valley's a funny dude and we're happy to have hem onNeil griffins er. Ladies and gentlemen, Neil hows O go e veryguys out there good to have y YonMan. We we we scheduled this a while back and we're. Finally, here it's good good to have yo awn t ain'tSeeng ye in a hot minute, ain't. Seen me in a hot metta man- I I know rightbut I' realty, productive. ME. I've been doing my thing, man how you beenman, I've, justbeen I've been trying not to go too stir crazy. You know Istill get to go to work every day at least, but when your options are workor home, you start to h. you start to miss the bar, pretty quick right yeah.I can dig it yeah. I fel the same way ply didn't you feel like it was like atfirst it was like a vacation. The first, a two weeks I was like I was like:Don't have to do anything. L W was so cited. I was just getting hot rightlike I just that just killed gobaninas right ateer the weekend w with Tonywith Tony Woods right and then then, all of a sudden, like you know, likethings, are happening. I've been interviews, I te Wrigt smthin like thatand h. You know, and then all of a sudden it tove fromlike two week, edication Ande, like thiry or four week of Bordom, all of aSuddeni had to take like a nursory tob and I'm you know I'm in I'm tln, BroFlowers, d about it's crazy man. It's it's! Iyou know I did 'cause La. I mean the last time I was on stage was Januaryand a yeah W my work schedule sucks andthen, when I was in, I was in Cleveland for a concert like the week that shedhit the fan, and then I remember my Friday. Everyone was walking down and Iwas like also s one of those ust like it seemsso long ago it was it was march. It was march a long CIME agoyeah. Itwas rough yeah, Iasoyo wheredid you wearing like when I you were in a Kangolast time I saw you yeah Clazan, gentlemen, I'm proudy Pe Mik say my man. Mybrother was wearing a plag CANGO CAM rap. I was on e Stageman and I was like,Oh that this cat is someone I have to get Tono ta see a big dude. A to callCaendu with a Shango he's got something to say T. that's my guy right. ThereTame love that Um. That was a good a that was a good night too. It was agood show, I'm I'm jealous of everybody getting the new fireworks this weekend,man! Well, you know, Jos, I got ta work man, I didn't know they were going tobe coming back and I worked nights. I work nights and weekends and I I was itwas one of those t as it was two things. It was not enough not enough forwarning to take the time off work and also it was just I'm not even remotelyready to go back on stage right. I don't. I don't think I don't think I ameither really, but I think I think this was the case for me as that m itsexclusive stuff. I'm telling you so H, there's a couple of people agents andmanages an stuff that wanted to see me uh and th. They live in New York in D Cand I was like well I can't do you know I ovously can't be there 'cause. Iwanted Tu t do a livestole case for him. Sure I like th, but I couldn't do it sothey iwe to send me. You know, send me a Timi to tape. Well, obviously, thequierks on only do five so like well I'll, go ahead and do it his get soortape, because I know the crowd's at least going to be good yeah, you, nogecrow w'll be hot crowd, so I as like. Well, let me go ahead and do that inthat way, sti an send them something until I'm ready to give them at tenminutes, cause I'll, be working I'll, be working on that rob week next weekand then I'l, probably dobmit that Um Hen, but I, but I h yeah, I just otWantt to be as long as Li Ecoald be so I figured like why not go into it and Ifigure m the energy at wileys especial so Ireally wanted to do. I wuned the energy on my tape. You know what I mean noslike. Well, let me go ahead and do this go that way. I can that way. I can atleast have I'll have a good five minute tape. You know what I mean, so I figurethat would be good because really, when you do a competition like this a lot oftimes H, you know a lot of comics won't win. You know always there's only onewinter Igso, so you know I I learned...

...from the last time I did a show case inn DC UM. I didn't win, you know, but I got hired.You know what I mean and ea other people me so so the point the pointhere is whet. I'm trying to make is anything like this seveure young Tomicout there, any an n act or whoever it is. The point is just to show up tits,basically in life, for real. If you just show up and sew your face aroundthere, something good is goingto happen. It's GONNAIT's GOINTA happen a lotbetter for you and I' cooker for you than just sitting at home wishing youwould have done it get out there, even if you're, not on the show be in theaudience, be somewhere get a glass of water talk to somebody this wholebusiness. It's based on my two fundamental things: Right benice and talk to people hundred percent. An that's! That's the that's the Gey toany of this is you can be a fan all you want, but if you're not actuallyshowing up and showing out and and being the support that you want,everybody else to be for you, no one, no on's going to give you thetime of day, noone's going Ta give a shit. You gotta actually be there andshow that you care for them to take you seriously. Even ifyou'R O, like you SA F you're, not going up just be there, man Ike hest bejust be around the room man. It really really. I like, like I, like I'm thepoor, SCUMPA comedy man, I'm just around Yor thins happen. You know what I meanthey're for history, man, you just you ere apart o everything, yeah pretty much man, you know Wbut,you know with entertainers. I see a lot of nowadays you're hittingyou'rehitting Hem, all my hot topics, its like H. I, the history of stand upthe history of comedy itself. If I talked to and a lot of these guys,don't even know that you know couenty was starting in Italy. You know real yeah it it was. It was called Cory.Dert, oh right, yeah yeah. So it's like it's like a lot of people. Don't knowthat. So it's like you know like learn where you're trying to whatever you'retrying to do learn. You know learn like you know, who's who, what's what Inever forget, M Washin his face. Another great comic in Dayton, Pall onme bn I'll, never get his face right. I walked up to him for the first time andI said Nake Washington and he looked at me and Ewas like what and I was likeyeah every dating Comomic that that that I could hear about before he goton the state before he even walked in a club. I was researching. I made sure Iknew at least a couple of Er jobs or something we could talk about. You KnowJus, he n another one I'd be like. Oh Okay E, you know. Okay, you Kn, Ohmayour M, a joke was funny man or you know, whatever just to get just tobreak the ice. You know what I'm saying it's hard to be the new kid in the pool.You know what I'm saying you gotta know you gotta know who you're talking to and what I realize that Um. What reallyhelps me out a lot. Is I realize that it's not about me. You know a lot oftimes. I think we we're like. Oh you know. Oh Look Wy, I'm doing this. I'mdoing that or I look at what I've done. Look what I've done! Look where I'mgoing an n w all thas stuff, it's not about you! Most people right, beginning comics,included talk about themselves. You ecause it's more comfortable for them.So if you can turn that around right and make it about the person you'retalking to all of a sudden, they know that you're engaged with them right act.I T say e guess what I M Minis No GIF I've been here, and I did that and Idid that all of a sudden they're going to be like so likeit's like traveling right. I cantell you I've been to Greece and I could Tayl youve been whereverth, butif you've never felt hae seen it been there, how would you know right, butthey can relate to them and that's where and that's where themagic happens, so that what you said, good Goin Cin, that being said, yeah, so that'sth, T'! That's what happens is that you you, you gotto, make it about theaudience and or or people just be nice to talk to people and hear them. Listento them, and actually you know, enterject and h. The world opens up man.It really does. I I had to learn that lesson. Youwere talking about you knowtalking about yourself, like you know who CA. ' I've done this I've done that,okay. So what I learned that lesson the hard way when I first moved up here,man when I first moved up here, I'd already been doing this for ten yearsand and had a good thing going and then I moved areas and I got P er. It waslike yeah, it's going in Mikei o the Arboi've been doing this ten years andit was just kindof like okay doesn't mean we know Ya, then and yeahit. It's a lessting. You gotta learn it's it's! It's not it's not alw! It'snever about you! It's about h! That's one of the things that makes a goodcomedy scene is, is the community feel to it and and the support for EachOther? And if you ain't got that if you're just youre to make a name foryourself, that's going to show real quick, but let's get into you man. Let's getinto you where, where did all? Where did this comedy crazy comedy journeystart for you, men? Well H, I think it startedg on the showso time, the network so time I I' watch... when I was like twelve, we we neverhad HBO and UH, and I watched showtim I watched like Richard Jenny. Ellanellen,I'm sorry a lame Bouzler. I love Riger Jenny, H, yeah, he's really one of thebest comics Dow ECOMICS I've seen that a lot of people know about. I mean Iknow about 'em, but you know k the typical comedy. Famer might notremember him, but he was. He played Jim Carrey's best friend in the mask, so hewas like a really good, really great comic man. I learne a lot from him,jhust being like G Ess. I wold be twelve ten years old and back thenthere was no internet or- and I lived in a small town, so there's no way forme to get out to to express myself butt so fast forward. I'm eighteen years old and I went to and I well okay, onseventeen years old I go to. I go to a Catholic high school and I and I getarrested for. Ah I get arrested for for Drugs for oh no IK, yeah yeah, my buddy in the car. Hadwe had some, we had some drugs en us. We have hwe had some fig acid and weed and stuff and h eyeah AL thing. So so we decide Tho s ourfriends gradnitet. I think it's like O R, our o would be senior gradlike mm,so we drive to King's island and King's island had had a the Jogi bearer campground. Do you remember this? I've never been to king's island. I is aknife: okay, ROR Grat, four great Bulf lawge therewas there was a yogibear camp ground, okay, all right! So me and my friendDrogis both wagon buss tthe, Yoga, Berre Campground and were rolling up hcigarettes and we're getting Arizona, ice, cheese,ice tease and we right and we uh and H we UH. I I I experience a knock on the windowin a flashlight and it happens to be the Lebanon, the police department, noright so so. So I end up getting kicked out of school, and so I had a littlebit left and h, so I had to go to school a second year I had to go mysand, my senier n a second time right. It turned out to be a blessing becausethe talent show I I I did. I could do a bunch of like Luff, like Um Um. What do you call that Um, oh x, curricular activities because Ididn't have or what do you call when you get to pick hem the Liko electiveyeah? So I could do diff? I could do I a lot of crazy elecics because I didn'thave. I didn't really need anything but a couple, four classes so uh, one of my electies wash show choirTokay so anyway, next tiin Os we're seeing and dancing all stuff, Oba orchoir coir and anyway, we're still doing all that El. It turns out. Theyhave a talent, show every year, right, schoolwide and so my friends, Danny Miller, ate onand nead 'em we're like. Oh, like M, you funny man, Youe Gotto, get onstageman. You've got to do this like You'e Gotto, do something fonny. I saidall right. I will so next thing I know I get on the talent show I come out to. I come out the Jackson Five. I want youback. I A set the tongue say for a Solperformance, the guy, the guy. After me, theHelllinter of the show, if you will there's like twenty axshigh school tolent, show R two people on the show. Wer myself and a man named John Stevens, so me and John Stevens uh ended upgoing to America, America sings in Chicago a we walk around there for alittle bit Blah Blah Blah wel hang out there yeah h, the young man on thatshow ends up now. His name is John Legend. What so, I ended up opening forJohn Legend way back in a day, so we started in nineteen. Ninety five, Imean you know, Wa say it Fishlly, but we we're on thesame town, O N Nineteen D. Ninety Five! So that's when I started and then Iwent from there I got. I got a partial scholarship toeastern Arizona College and I was acting a theater study or cinimantic sentematearts major and anyway so did I didn all Hirecon I I probpably played I did likenot on probably but in college I did A. I did. What D D I do? Oh grase litleSamahors fol on a roof. I was I was terrible, but I was in and I did a...

...this one. This one plan t six up mymind was a four hour play called the investigation. Okay, it seem like four hours it might nothave been for bus. I was I was. I played a defense lawyer for the Nazis, like you, doiyeahit was really reallycrazy, Lik college time H, I just played, U, you know O on a you know Frifor the theater, but not for your life, but it was like crazy experience andthen I was doing shows at Yourezona. I had ajob where, like I was like a college tourGuy Rightmm. Well, my bossis at the time H we're like hey, you're, sotalented. Why don't you open up our presentation to the newcomers? Peopletaking the tour right every Saturday morning, so it was my job like noonevery Saturday to do like ten minutes of stand up. Oh Wowso, I got Ta wirm upyet and I had no idea what I was doing so so I would do ten minutes everySaturday morning, right ut, then the director of the thestudent H, lady Di e, lke student activities or whatever uh, and it wasden yell. So Mich, U E, but it was. She was like Ne. We hired these comics tocome in uh from las in Tuson she's like, but I she's like, but I told Hem aboutyou and she said I want you to be on the show too. I Sai They Sai. They werecool with it. It s a like cool. So then I got do like my then I did my firstlike theater Gig, and so I would do like so I was doing like yeah, so I wasdoing like I did like it was like thousand kids there, something likethat wit like endre kids, so it was like so I I had Kno IADE. It was doing,but anyway, after the show, we we all gonto chase to talk and stuff matt wosits going to golf with her names, a Premuma Shi and a just a an so lix. Iknow I talked I talked to this guy and he was like hey he's like Ma. Wahe wasriting a pilot for Diney at the time and and he was like Yeah Hewas, likeman Hews, like you know, he sa you got job Snan HEWS like you should do thishe's Lak, but you gotta pick three cities. You got TA pick three cities,it's okay! It was like at the time Hes likeihr Youe Gong to go. You needto go to your D C, New York or San Francisco Nd. I said Oka really I picked one so I picked I ened uppickin Washington, DC, okay and there I met the fabulous fat doctorh, the legendery comedy coach that h the trained Martin Lawrence, HltonyWoods, uh, wandasikes, Pat Nozwal and Mbrella my and umbrella of great comicsman. I mean I mean the best and Tommy Davidson H. Just I mean I watchd Li DC exposed me to a lot of like really good comic Ou in in a lot of uha lot of knowledge. Man Love Knowledge. I thought I knew you know sing againbeing nice to Talki to people, and I learned a lot and there's this littlespot called Tha Cave Right, N DC. It was on seven and I men and itwas in Chinatown DC and the room was probably about as big as my living rooman I had six six tables in it. If that it goes tiny, but the best AfricanAmerican comics hung out there Ke they th y. They wouldbe there every Tuesday and Wednesday and they would go there and then wouldgo there and kick it and then would go and- and you know, try out new best newjokes and stuff, and I think I stood out because my jokes were moremainstream like they werr't about you know they werd't about sex and stuff.It was just about about my human nature, about you, know humanity and not aboutjust being black or being ow Ho black kids live that kind of stuff. It waslike about, like you, know, just being human so anyway, so I caught the eye ofof oftony woods there and he was like man. He bought me a beer and we talkedand talked and talked, and this is what I mean: People who follow the story.Just wait a minute, I'm g coming back around so next thing. I know next thing. I know you know He. He wints me to thlacomstanding audition in New York and then I did like a bt Distan in DCblablah Blah Blah Blah. So then, like Sonow, I'm I doing Al Right and anywayand then go Stan UPTA SASTAA. Well then, like after a while, I was like, I waslike really go. I wasgoing places, but it was like. I don't know this guy its got. Really. I let itget to me as far as the competitiveness, I guess like uh, IAS overall grind of it. You know whatI mean. I didn't have any insurance all the time. It was all bat. So I was likeman, you know what. Maybe this is maybe I'l just jt take a break for a minuteand come back some othe time or whatever make griat. Well then, I wentworked for like I worked at a PLAZMA...

Center, a Human Plaa Center for layeight years owow and Mike. When I tell you people athome, when I tell you that comedy just called me, Oun think about was stagesand light and how to do stuff and how to do it right and all this stuff- andI was just like m an I gotta- get back man, I gotta get back and then onegrike like Christmas Eve Eve, I'm at home, I'm at my mom's house. I I Ithere a paper I grabe the paper I go to the bathroom I'm reading. The paper Tom Hanks is on the front of the papersaying that he donated tha the Veber seens that he donated a bunch of moneyin Ta, Wright, State University, Oh yeah. I remember that right so that how I got here it was. Iwas like Oh crap I'll, do that ecause! I got O something. I knew that if Istayed in my job any longer, I was going to retire there mm and I Ijust some told me, man K, no you're, not doing it right. You gotto get backout there. You got to. I said okay, and so I did it right so then I waslike well. How am I going to do it so Li? Well, I have hse ideas about filmsand scripts and all this stuff. So then I just thought I just Ta. Iwent the schoolman and I was an idiot mean. I tell you Mike that I was Nlilike I was. I had no idea because I haven't done the computers and like andTryg to like, do what you're doing probably right now like I can't do thisstuff. I wasn't good at this stuff. I wasn't I'm not still not, but I work on it every day and you too,but I didn't know what you do and I just I just get working on and workingon it working working on it and n d. So then, like U, my third year came along, and now Ididn't have to do as much as I' D do my first couple of years he first coupleof years you got to like proved yourself and Tok a whole thing andwhatever and- and I was like- you know what now I got time- you know I don'tHavt to work ani, because I was working at myrs too. At the time an to Av comeschool, which is like insane toll. You not to do that at all, because you consume right yeah and I'm like well,I'm not rich. You know I have to try to make this work well turns out. Someone calls me and says: Hey H, Havn.You got a daughter and I'm a what Nex T. I know next say I now I'm taking a faternitytest and it's like Oh woy. I have a little girl even no ad Sheean. Now Iwas oen about me anymore right. So now, I'm three years in the film school, I'm a Douger. I didn't know about tillthen right which I love her today. I don't have e Rong like do you imagine you know that, andI was like you know what like this one thing. I do really really well andthat's entertaing people llik. This is what I have to do so I did so. I was like well okay. Sonow I have these little movies. I've made in film school they're. Lookingpretty good, I got my I got. My Um m know I'm right in my standup a littlebit here and there and then I was like you know what I know that the datesee's not the biggest IIS before inw of Os Cincinnati R dayting, I didn't know it was, and itwas the biggest I got to crap something so then I created the neigriff in inFrence comedy show as like a God do something that's everbeen done before, and so I started paying people. So Itold I my manager there that was the first place. Actually wo rights was thefirst place they allowed me Sho, Ta, Dno and Lea Foster. Ah, Dann bestleavfoster the managers of w rights, I loved them at death. They gave me myfirst oprtutio to do my first student film ad to me rights on their stage,and so I was like he's like you know. Yeah he's, like you know, he's comedyyou're right. I no really he's like yea. So then I start t o nociving, a Frendhcomedy show man and he would give me like bouchers for food and stuff. LikeI bad the comics, I paid the comics, you know what I mean charge like fivesonts of the door or whatever man and like know we're kniting like threehundred bucks, a show I mean you know mean just for you know, for a little bilittle tiny. You know you know. Twenty person in the audience show man. Ifthat those we just working on that and then so then, to make a lottle story short get towhere I am now Um, I, u let me see so then, all of a sudden,my friend tell me wood was like hey. You know how you bad. We we hitingplacebool talking on facebook and stuff they an good Ra, good, Talkto, Yo, Osddn. My sister still lives in Washington DC nt e to Georgstown andgot her Doctorat at Howard, so she's been there the whole time. So so I okaycool. So so I have, you know, still got fstill hy family there. So Hey I'mgoing to be down for Thanksgiving. Are you going to go see the donner ofRoan show, I wouldn't mind, checking him out in person and he was like yeahI'll be there. So you know we calle wetx. You know, l, that and- and I tookmy nephew with me and my nephew JMAC and we went to...

...the Improv thanksgiving night or Daae,thanksgiving English and same j, the right of s and L. was there and she'samazing too. If you never got cance OC, she's, amazing. So anyway, throinaway Imet up with Tony. We talked SA, he say: Sahey Man, he',Sai, you're, Gon, Ta, future Fror me a Gobananis, I said cool being. I soundsgood right umber. He knows me the risk of theseguys that they se didn't know me you kn w. just like you were saying, earlieerthey're like yeah right whateverright, so they so so I was like well, okay,you know no problem amurr to do it. An D I wasn't playing like I came up. Icame out swinging, but before I go on stage E, go comicswe're Gong stage. They say H, hey you're, going TA MC you're getting see tonight we're goingto have another feature. I said: Okay, okay! I get it becausethey didn't Know Me Right O. I understand yeah BICKIN UP INUS to run.I get it shoat the morning from Gobenanis Chotto League IEM and uh next thing I know I hosted the shows I did. I did it very very well and turns out the feature that Tha Gugot bumped for was the owner h names, James Alticher? WAS HE OWNER OF STANDUP NEW YORK? Oh snap, so heas like so so this old time I've been talking tohim imaking him LE. He makes me laugh I' e Shoi, all my little moviees fromfilm school, I Sai, Hey! That's who I ma. I A thle like motivational movies Imake and uh, and I saied it to him and he was like wow e you're really goingto do it. Aren't you o I'm going to try I'm in Dietron and he was like next Timnow he's eating not chose, I just haen to se, hi t woom and he's like he's.Like Hey, you know. I have a club in New York City, Sant Up New York and NewYork City once to come up for the weekend, and I was like what and he's like yeahcome on n for the weekend. He's Li just call me Du o, the book and stuff. Youknow so ell get your rolling se. I was like Cobi. You know what I'm sayingjust like that. I was like Oh at's awesome and in a and then so then thenthe virus happened. So that's where I'm at now, so that so that so right when abar Shopi, I so I had O call Sam New York and they're like we're, not hiringright now. You know we're not doing that 'cause. You know and they're stillshut down, but yeah so, but I will be there shortly, just wait for them to.You know to give me a date, so so yeah so now so im so excited to be able toto stand up in time, Qere, which is a dream of mind, that's crazy, yeah and then like so then I had aninterview with slapstick magazine Ecause Mise Swain is a good e wholefriend and she was like. Oh N, put you on this. I put me on that and then Imet this other young lady. Her name is Brenda Brown from Vegas right onMasebook, O Grvegas, and we just she calls to me a d she's anger penty. Ifunshe calls me and we talked for two hours, man. We talk in straight to IID,nicest lager, win me and he's Brende around. She works. She does sauce in the city coming network onface book, Okay and yeah. So I got talk o her for two hours and she's, like I'mputting you on everything, she's Sai, I'm putting you on like the spal, so th comics, like Kindo,compete for like a prize or whatever they an edulate, silly games orwhatever, which is really fun IV. You haven't done anya to do it, see I andthen Syou put me on the cast for Daddy's matter too, which is afatherhood podcast every Sunday at six PM on Thehave Das matter, two, theplacebook page and Sausein, the city, the facemo page, and I'm sure you Coul,just tolk to burn te Brown by H, get hold of that or whatever, and I alwaysstart to watch party myself. Usually nine pm, ok next night, but that being set. So now, I'm on now sonow I'm on, I was on two nemver shows now I'm still Onte precurring one showand and then I got got some kigs coming up and and I'm looking getting lookedat my representation right now and I just like Isai 's got to some tapes outthere and H. I hope that works out, but I think it's, it seems pretty solid,mean everyone's really nice and te real again. Ou just be nice to talk to peopepeople. The world opens up, and I just can't wait to see what the Tuatureholds. I'm campaign to do some shows overseas H I want to, and I'm going toput it mentione tobody's name, but I want to go overseas and I would love todo liketiy, comedy festival and H and the Netherlands. They have h somestuff over there too. So I like to do some stuff in the Netherlands, inAustralia and H, doby or wherever else I may be able to go so working on a lotof cool stuff man and the main key I weneveryo take at is, asa at times get tough life goes on, don't give up 'cause Eveif you try to give up... ain't going to let you give up soyou might as well just don't live with your Gr Grat and do the best you canand I'm pulling for you wise words from wise words fromNelgriffin Man. That's what it was. What a story? Man? What a story! Yougot to tell what a story you had to share with people, man and and to thinkabout everything- that's gone down just in the last couple of years alone. H,you know W H, with coming back and and doing the film school thing, a d withGobananas what happened there. I mean you had suck. So it's first when youhear you're getting bumped from from featurein DM cand. I I like mcnpersonally m, but then to find out who you R, who you're? U Bumping for it. It's sometimes those it might seemlike a step down, but a lot of that stuff can be a blessing in Thi sky.Sometimes man and and like you said, the worst thing you want to have is isregret. I I remember in college pet Holmes before he before he was real.Big came performed at the university and I got to open for him and it washanging out with him and it was. It was a great show and alot of fun- and I remember I was I was still in school at the time and hismanager was like hey we're going across the street to to the white horse forfor for staks in Scott. You want to come with and like an idiot at eighteenyears old I was like Oh man, I got a class in the morning. I go got, I gottoget back, and now it's like. I look a I look at just what a great run pet homeshad and I'm like sombeach yeah crashin as Godseyeah Jude. I L and I loved hisUH. I loved his when he had his own show for a couple of years there on TBSand beat Holmsis is, is a real unerati comb yeah every once in a while, I seestuff and e, and I talk every once in a while. We're not we haven't stayedstayed in touch that well we d. We chat once in a while and Oh awas just kind.He l, he loves to remind me of the whole. Like Hey, remember, everyone wosaid no Ni going to the Yeah Pete. I remember it's just about sewing up and this wat.I'm saying this people understand. As that know, I met Tony once fifteenyears ago. You know what I mean, and then I got out of comedy orwhatever right and Thenwhen. I came back to his credit really and I youknow uh he's an amazing person, but too you know people don't go anywhere. Youknow what I mean. So it's like it's like T S. IT'S WEIRD! It's like youknow, uh the same friends that I had in comedy when I first started and now thesame people, the ones that have my back. You knowwhat I'm saying the ones I would have their back. You know what I mean likethey there. It's the same people, so it's like it's like! So that's again be nice and talk to people, because, if you're really true aboutthis game, if you really want to be a comic, if you really want to do this in yourheart and you're real about it, you're going to see the same people.Fifteen years later, they're going to be on the same,auditions they're, going to be in the same rooms and the BI Y t. You knowwhen you go O when you go to when you go to New York.Are you go to DC or Detroit even Chicago Myrtle, Beach, Orlando Jacksonville whereever? It is you're going to know somebody fromthere you're going to know somebody thatyou've seen n DC because they have a lihe path too. They got a pat, too yeah and so they're all GONGTA youre roundthere. So that's why I try to t reanera that people I's like its like if you'reforir mean, if you want to stay, you know in the Midwest and stay in thatone comedy saying: God bless you. I want you to do well. I want you o tothe best for your family and whatever you want to do when your life coolbeans Eguy. This is Mike Sha, and I want totalk to you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brand new free way for you to getyour pod cast career off and running without any cost. To you simplydownload the anchor Avr go to anchor dotfm to get started. Anger is theeasiest way to make a bodcast tey. Give you everything you need in one placefor free. You can use it right from your phone or your computer. Theircreation tools allow you to record and edit your bodcast, so it sounds playmagnifikin withouthaving to worry about all the costly setup. Hoy'll evendistribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere. Spotify, apple,podcast, Google pod casts stitch. Your Hall of that Ind. You can easily makemoney from your podcast with no MINUM listenership Thay sent you up withawesome sponsors. All you gotto do is record a script kindaf like what I'mdoing now, throw it on to your show and start making money once again now well,be anger, AP or go to Anchordot F M and get in your podcast career off andrunning right. Now. Just do it already, but when you get outside of here andyou start traveling and stuff you're going to realize, you must see the samefolks...'re going to need 'em sooner orlater, you know. I me N, I love when I get to go when I get to go back home toSouth Carolina where I started at and I'm there in Columbia and I get to go,I go back every every spring and I get to go back to the place where I didn'tget my start, but I got kind of my r my my revival well 'cause. I I had leftcomedy for a while and then when I got restarted back into it, the place thatI was at every single Monday night. I get to go back there and- and you know,steal a lot of the same guys. Still there still grind and still killing itand and get T it's it's almost like a bit of a reunion ter's hers still thenew guys who were in and out of there. But you know there's five or six of uswho you know go back to two thousand. You Know Gotwo thousand ten, twothousand and eleven and we get to still just see how far we've come and whichjokes have stayed and which ones have left and changed and involved, and it'sit's a great it's it's a cool experience to have. I can ask you aquestion o a out of all the comects that when you,when you performd Righ Ano your core group of people, yeah how many of themI've been on your shop um out of out of the South Carolina ones, not many we've.I've had a couple Um, not many. I've had more. I've had obviously becausethey're low liid way more Dayton comics on the show than I have F, but a lot ofthat's also just SCHEC. I I've had a few though I love geting. I lovegetting people on here. Who I don't know, is the thing I love having like.I love having micewells come on or dusty, come on. You know. I know themit's great to talk to them or Donsmith who comes on seems like every fuckingmonth, but I love getting to have people I haven't met yet 'cause. I lovegetting to meet New People, which is part of the reason why I love doingthis doing comedy and getting to go on shows is, is to meet New People and andto talk to people man right by the network. Youman exactly so you got. Yougot some animation stuff, you're working on a pull up on. Oh e, Ga Yepyeah it so I gotta set out. I lov interview, Avin wit, Shat O, butthey all help me em on the way. So I have to say something: Tever Conodere. By the way, I'M GIN toShoti him out he's a great guy is mdame n Cincinnati little bit ago, but this is the Mike Sa Exclusive, no shit, the oonly, never dones, I before Onyouso O. I I revealed it on a slatstick h a week ago, but then they, I don'tknow F te're going ta US or Oposbcy, but anyway this is the griffing game. My name isNeil Griffin. This is the griffing gang. This is thegang earlhe girl's coming later, but this is the Griffin Gag thitis, thePrince Sich guy here, okay, okay, he's some good work. Man. Thank you.We're Gointo Hell, O back yeah. I really wanted to bring him back like aSaturday morning, cartoon kind of Bie I feel like H. I feel like a lot ofcartoons. Don't have a lot of morals N. I don't want to like. It won't be likea prechy show, but I think it's gonna thee there's definitely going to bemore of a definitive right and wrong about certain things. I think uh there's three three films, students, it'spt man as Simos the turtle and thenearly girl, is a is and she's a in she's, Stran, dendered and they'regoing to have they're going to be in film school and the's going to do with issues likemost filn people do right. I'm filmaker Yeh we're going to deal with issues and and AF. You know lightly lightly, jokebased conversations about different things and H, and soI'm really excited about it. Man, B'cause it'll, be the first time inevery issue that we decided to tackle the show. I have decided to have represet arepresentative of an advocate and a and a conservative of such issue. You knowto t to consult us as we write, so we get both points of you and, and we cando it right. We learned a lot from Um. I lived a lot from Norman Lear and aFrench director by name Marcel Carnay. Are you familiar wit, Mar Sillyeah YeahYeah? Okay, so you know he graded, like he Lov of a loser character right hishis his philosophy was it's not about it wasn't about the endresult right like that. The in result was the end of the film or end of theshow right and h, the the the the drama came in the journey right and and sofor example, and normallir borrowed this philosophy from Marshall Cornate.So, for example, uh I don't I get, are farty oneverybody here, but, for example, Norman Lear is a was tayseventies, an eighties a producer and writer for a lot of African Americantelevision shows hen. He was a Jewish..., Jewish caucasionmn and so, for example, good times right yeah. It was about afour falily in Chicago and h. The show was all about thejourney right right before you know: Dema met the football play,they always wee. The Rose Por right before Temba met the football player orthe son got the scholarship to save the family, or you know the dad got the youknow: the Million Dollar Job you know whatever it was, and something willalways happen, so it was all part of about that journey and then the lifethe life blessin was basically like. Oh you know as long we still have eachother Bat Blah Blah you now we're going to get through it. Well, I wundnt tocreate something where success was just tha, orm Rightat.One time I was going to go with the title of I at first, when I thought it was about me, I was going to call it earl, the girland the Griffin Gang, and I thought to myself that's stupid because because of this, because I feltlike Beenan African American, I never Wentd to be separate. I wundn to be integrated and the samething with you know, with different people from differentcommunities. Um The success as in the integration, not the separation, so she's jast part of the gang she's.Just one of hy friends. You know what I'm saying the same thing like in filmeschool. I have a friend, that's STRN, eer n disit up him school. I did. Ihaven't seen IM in a well but turn a well but UM. That's the thing: it's it's Gotto beintegrated ind. It can't just be e, it cant, be you know, J J in good times.It can't be. You know what I'm saying Chico in the man. You know it's got tobe integrated, it's gotta be just one thing and we're all just livingtogether and success is the norm not the end. Absolutely a lot of peopleiare afraid of success, because they've been conditioned to think that successmeans the end that th the journey is more important than the end right, and that can't happen anymore,especially in the last like few weeks. As you know what I know right n thingsthatre boil over because of such things, because Iti, a tougt and and suchconditioning, so we can't do that anymore, so I don't mean to be too preachy myyou're good man, you're gonna, but I just wouldn't let people know that's what it takes and that's why I hooped the compasswith my show and with my stand up. Is that philosophy? It's not about usbeing separate, but together right we have to be integrated into each other.That weak. Just me just me, lace, hard enough Doan Da Control. We can findother stuff to grieve over 'cause. Human natures will never be happybecause humin human humans, humans aren't happy. He no pot are miserable.We can find other stuff, but now we give the Integrat in and leave out the separation even forgood or bad. You can't do it anymore. It's got to be the same if you win itlike this, you gotta have like it's the same thing and I'll eveaen. That Lea,but III is just thought. With this. It's Lak the hunger game right Te. I Adogg name rea. The people got in power right they, you know they got o power. Youknow, you know they, they wielded their power and en things back fired, then all of a sudden, the other peoplethat Hav been d down, trid him for so many years, try to rise up right and all of a sudden human nature kicks in and says nowwe're going to start killing the capital, children right and the mancharacter says: No, that's not right. Either we have tointegrate. We can't separate yeah ANA. Let me go they e talking, ofcourse, man. Of course, it's why you're here You'ere to talk you're, hearig,your thoughts near to hear you, man, Um, real, quick before we do before we dobring this thing to. We close, though so we talked about h. We talked aboutit brief yt the beginning, but you know fireworks going on you r participatingin the firewas competition this year, yeah. Yes, sir, I am Youe. Lookingforward to it are you nervous are yo how you feeling about it? Man, I feelgood man. I feel good because I know Um what I'm there for I now I mean I I'mnot going to try like I said before:...

I've done compe thi before and like h.You know that's in my own opinion and I know they're going to give me fleck forthis, but it's like, I know the best coets number one I ju. I know that an I don't considermyself the best comic, but I just know from my own experiences on shows likethat. I know what happens and I'm just like you know. I dig it but um thecrowd. Wull be very nice and I think it'll be nice to this. Come togetherfor the laughter of it all, and you know and like I said, you know thetapes worth Gold to e room with thrunder people. You know what I mean.The TA thetape itself alone is why you should do it. You Know Olike, you knowit's it's one of th things where you just you do it for the tape. I do itfor I do it. I do it to show that we can do it and n an, and you know- and Ithink that's important you know Wenning- would be nice, Ilove, I'd love to say I want it. Youknow what I mean tr, I don't think that's my my goal is o. do somethingspecial mm to leave my heart on the table and do something someone's never everseen before, and if I can do those three things, then I win from my heart,my family, then my family's coming so like I I wan. I want to make sure that I do something that that I don'tregret. That's that's! That's the O Wa Lookng at I man, I I last year was thefirst time I'd ever done it a a Ot Cause M. I'm K, I'm not a big fan ofcomedy competitions, mostly because I'm bit of a Checken Shit, but I will sayit was. It was one of the best just onstage experiencs I've ever had it. It was GTE cry. The crowd wasamazing. I mean I've. Never I I've performed for some big rooms. I'venever performed for such a hype, energetic just into an audience like Idid taht night and yeah. I I didn't win but holy Shit that I feel like it man.I felt like it when I walked out on there right and that's the thing.That's all it matters that ai it doesn't matter. If you went 'causethey're GOINGTA come they're going to come and that that tape is going to begold. You know what I'm saying that tape is going to be worth. You know itcould be worth a hundred thousand a THR hundre, houland dollars n one time.You' done. Xa never know so like that h. That thousand bucks is Great. Nd Ee, Iwan to win it. I mean Nice to have you know, I'd love to go on vacation I',bon it he seemd Nike to be right. I stay and listen. I'm staying at thedoor, the four seasons in Georgetown next week for my sister, my sisters, swedding, my sister's getting married right yeah because of the Coman. We gotO playe tirt sheep, so itwas like so we're going there and my mydaughter's six and she's never flown nd she's never been a DC owm. I stick in aMo, so I you know im so excited for that, but anyway constance coutoss,wise, I was Saii, say yeah, it's stupid to take. I have a good time with it.You know, and I'm going to go to all four shows. Just because of you know Ilove. I love these people and I love comedy and, and I'm going to be the tosupport everybody, because because I'm not supported you know what I'm sayingI I mean O wrong l, my family, they you know th y. They want me to do you knowthey just want me to get a job and be steady. You know what I mean. We havunderstand an a lot of these kids. These people, not kids, people, aren't supported. You know in comedy.You know what I'm saying K. that's why it's so important for dating comics.THAT'S WHY SOME PORT MON CINSINNATI COMICS? That's what it's so importantfor Blake Hamans andpus, the Harvard to run these discords thats. It soimportant for my say, to have this radio show because a lot of times we'renot supported. I want you to know if you're listening to this as I supportyou and you can you can text me or you can you can face efriend me or whateverit is, and if you ever have a problem with anything to be r whatever youcould always look me up man, I promised you that, because I've been there, I KI wa. I was there o eight years. I didn't do this because you w someonesaid Hey, you should keep doing it. You know what I mean everyody just and Isay they have their own lives. I understand that but like if I can savea comedy life, if I can save somebody's, you know a few years of their of their existenceby being happy doing what they love to. Do that I'm going to do it and we're better for we're better forit. Man We're better for having a year round 'cause, you are, you are aconstant source of positivity in what can sometimes be a a bit of of a darkand dreary comedy comedy community once in a while,you know things go down and it it's always good to have thosepeople like you who are there to remind us that H, she could always be worse and- and it'salways good to just keep, keep pushing forward and a and keep the dream alive.Man I can ti it e Il. Tell you what the reason I wanted. I this competition andI keep find it raising everywhere and but uh me and my daughter, my daughter,I have my daugher everyother weekend and UH. We were at my my little smallapartment at right, state IA, playground and we went to a playgroundand there was a kid there with two metal legs. His name was romy. He hadtwo metal legs man and he met me for...

Bell. We talked for about maybe a minute anda half before he mentioned his legs, like he knew Ral to bat that he wasdifferent and he want to make sure that I knew ye knew right. That's why we do this yeah. So thank you for having memen. Iappreciate it. Dude I loved having you on here today. I hate that the time hasgone by as fast as it has um, but at the same time I'm glad we got to havethis conversation. I look forward to having you back again at one point inthe future. I look forward to seeing you again um break all the legs thisweekend at at the fireworst competition man, don't Neeo n GE, N, don't break ouleg, just start breaking legs left and Wright. Man Start kneecaping peoplelike theyow money into the Mafia. Whatever you got to do, Um Best, O luckto you, man. Where can the people find us to find you? Can they find youonline white people? WANTTO, learn more about you? Where can they go in H, yeah,just go n get my facebook, it's Neil G, Ri FFIN. My instangram is nail grip inunder score. Fifty nine and Um. My email is endgripping Fwunty, one at Gemail, dotcom I'll se, it again andgripping funny one at Gmail dotcom. Thank you. It's been a freakingpleasure. My friend Ibsit S, it's been the pleasure has been allmine and younow thank you so much for coming on the show man M withthat being sad lades andgentlemen. That is going to do it for this een episode of the basement.Lounge you guys can catch. This show every single Frian, all your FA, allyour favoritd fodcast aps go to our website basement laugepod, dot, com,Follson, all the social media at Basement, Lounge POTA face book aninstagram at tbl under sporpot on twitter and we'll see guys next week asalways live well rock on take care and bye by.

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