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Season 1, Episode 45 · 2 years ago

"This Is What I Have To Do" with Neil Griffin - The Basement Lounge: EP #45


We've got the most positive person in all of Dayton comedy scene, comedian Neil Griffin! He's here to talk about his exciting journey into stand-up comedy, fatherhood, and being there to support as many people as possible..

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Hey Basement Lounge fans, I want to give a shout out to the awesome VIPs or helping make this show possible by supporting it on Patreon. Many thanks go to Whitney Latin, jodey McDermott, Joey Craig, Greg Gray, soul hs and my wonderful mother, Melissa Shay. If you want to join our group of VIPs, just go to patreoncom Basement Lounge pod and sign up for a mere three dollars a month to get all kinds of cool perks like stickers, shoutouts, discord hangouts and so much more. Once again, that's Patreoncom Basement Lounge pod. And now on with the show. Grab a drink, pull up a chair and settle it, because you're in the basement lounge. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whatever time of day you happen to be listening to this show. Welcome to another installment of the Basement Lounge. This is the cool, chill place where we bring in people and we have a conversation with them, but they're in the entertainment industry, actors, Comedians, magicians. We even had a we we hadn't we had it. We had a playboy model on here one time. Guys, don't know how I pulled that off, but we did it. But coming in here today we've got a guy from here in the Miami Valley. He's a funny dude and we're happy to have them on. Neal Griffins here, Ladies and gentlemen, Neil, how's it going, buddy? Area is guys up there? Good to have you on, man, we we scheduled this a while back and we're finally here. It's good to have you on. Ain't seeing me in a hot minute. Ain't seeing me in a hot men, a man, right, I know, right, but I didn't productive me. I've been doing my thing. Man. How you been? Man, I just been I've been trying not to go to stir crazy, you know. I still get to go to work every day at least, but when your options are work or home, you start to you start to miss the bar pretty quick right. Yeah, I can dig it. Yeah, I felt the same way. I feel like didn't you feel like? It was like at first, it was like a vacation. The first two weeks I was like, I was like, Yo, you don't have to do anything. Like you know, I was so excited. I was just getting hot, right, I got just that, just killed go bananas right for the weekend with with Tony, with Tony Woods, right, and then then all of sudden, like I'm you know, like things are happening. I'm going interviews looking right, some like that and, you know, a bubba bluff and then all of a sudden turn from like two weeks vacation and they're like three or four week of boredom. Elvison had to take like a nursery job, like I'm you know, I mean like I'm telling broke flowers had about. It's crazy, man, it's I you know, we I did, because the last I mean the last time I was on stage was January and yeah, it's my work schedule sucks. And then, but I was in I was in Cleveland for a concert like the week that shit hit the fan, and then I remember by Friday everyone was locking down and I was like, but it also is one of those is like that seems so long ago. It was. It was march. It was march. Yeah, it was rough. Yeah, I'm so you get the word. You're wearing like a what you wear in a king go last time I saw you. Yeah, yeah, okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm proud of present Mike's say my man, my brother, was wearing a plague Kango. Damn right. I was on the stage, man, and I was like, Oh, that this cat is someone I have to get to. I love that hat. You see a big dude, especially called cadn dude, with a Kango, he's got something to say. That's my guy right there. Love that hat, man, I love that hat. That was a good day. That was a good night too. It was a good show. I'm I'm jealous of everybody getting to Dow fireworks this weekend. Man, why are you not jealous? I got to work, man. I I didn't know they're going to be coming back and I work nights. I worked nights and weekends and I was it was one of those it was it was two things. It was not enough, not enough for warning to take the time off work, and also it was just I'm not even remotely ready to go back on stage right. I don't. I don't think. I don't think I am either, really, but I think, I think this was the case for me, as that is exclusive stuff I'm telling you. So there's a couple of people, ages and managers and stuff. They wanted to see me and they would they live in New York, in DC, and I was like, well, I can't do you know, I obviously can't be there because I want to just do a live snowcase for him. Sure, I like, but I couldn't do it. So they're like was a send me, you know, send me at Tim and the tape. Well, obviously the fireworks only do five. So they well, I'll go ahead and do it this get a still tape because I know the crowds at least going to be good. Yeah, you know, be at the crowd to be hot crowd. So that well, let me go ahead and do that, and that way least there's like a symptom something until I'm ready to give them that ten minutes that I'll be working. But I'll be working on that probable a week next week and then up I submit that it then. But I but I yeah, I just wanted to be as long as I could be. So I figured, like why not go into it, and I figured the energy at while he's a special so I really wanted to do I one of the energy on my tape. You know what I mean. Those like, well, let me go ahead and do this. That way I can. That way I can at least have I'll have a good five minute tape, you know what I mean. So I figured that out be good because really, when you do a competition like this a lot of times, you know a lot of comments won't win, you know. O, obviously there's only one winner,...

...right. So so, you know, I learned from the last time I did a showcase in a DC. I didn't win, you know, but I got hired, you know what I mean, and it yeah, other people me. So so the point, the point here is when I'm trying to make is anything like this. If you're young comic out there anywhere, an act or whoever it is, the point is just to show up. This basically in life, for real. If you just show up and show your face around there, something good is going to happen. It's going to be it's going to happen a lot better for you and, I'll quicker for you than just sitting at home wishing you would have done it. Get out there, even if you're not on the show. Be in the audience, be somewhere, get a glass of water, talk to somebody. This whole business is based on my two fundamental things. Right, be nice and talk to people hundred percent, man. That's that's the that's the key to any of this is you can be a fan all you want, but if you're not actually showing up and showing out and and be in the support that you want everybody else to be for you, that no one, no one's gonna give you the time of day, no's gonna give a shit. You got to actually be there and show that you care for them to take you seriously, even if you're not, like you said, even if you're not going up. Just be there, man, right, just beat this, be around the room, and the really really is like like I feel like I'm the forest gumb of comedy. Man, I'm just around here's things happen. You know what I mean? He's there for history, man. You just do apart everything. Right. Yeah, very much, man. And you know what? That's other thing. But you know, entertainers, I see a lot of nowadays that you're hitting. You're hitting them all. My hot topics is like the history of stand up, the history of comedy itself. If I talked to and a lot of these guys don't even know that. You know, conny was started in Italy. You know really? Yeah, it was. It was what was called Carneddy Dell Arte. Oh right, yeah, yeah, so it's like it's like a lot of people don't know that. So it's like, you know, like learn where you're trying to whatever you're trying to do. Learn, you know, learn, like you know who's who, what's what. I'll never forget me washing his face. Another great comic in Dayton. I Love Nate what every dad. I'll never get his face right. I walked up to him for the first time and I said Nate Washington and he looked at me as like what, and I was like yeah, it's every Dayton comic. That that that I could hear about from we got on the stage. Before I even walked in the club I was researching. I made sure I knew at least a couple of jokes or something we could talk about. You know, just he not another one. I'd be like okay, yeah, you know, okay, you know, oh, man, you're my that joke was funny, man, or you know whatever, just to get just to break the ice. You know. I'm saying it's hard to be the new kid. In the pool. You know I'm saying. You gotta know, you gotta know who you're talking to. And and what I realized that what really helps me out a lot is I realize it. It's not about me. You know, a lot of times I think we were like, Oh, you know, oh, look, mom, I'm doing this, I'm doing that, or I look at what I've done, look what I've done, look where I'm coming, you know, all that stuff. It's not about you. Most people, right beginning comics included, talk about themselves. Yeah, because it's more comfortable for them. So if you can turn that around right and make it about the person you're talking to, all of a sudden they know that you're engaged with them. Right, that I go up to say hey, guess what I'm is no griffend and I've been here and I did that and I did that. All of a sudden they're going to be like so, Ye, like it's like traveling. Right. I can tell you I've been to Greece and I can tell you have been there, wherever anything. But if you've never felt the scene it been there, how would you know? Right? But they can relate to them and that's where and that's where the magic happens. So they're being said, you good, Damn, there's I'm just saying that, being said. Yeah, so they think that's that's what that's what happens. been is that you, you, you got to make it about the audience and or people. Just be nice and talk to people and hear them and listen to them and actually, you know, interject, and the world opens up, man, really does. I had to learn that lesson you're talking about, you know, talking about yourself like you know, who can't? You know, I've done this, I've done that. Okay. So what I learned that lesson the hard way when I first moved up here. Man, when I first moved up here I'd already been doing this for ten years and and had a good thing going, and then I moved areas and I got I was like yeah, it's going I'm Mike Anna, move the here buy if I've been doing this ten years, and he was just kind of like okay, done. Mean, we know you then. And Yeah, it was. It's a lesson you got to learn. It's not it's not always it's never about you. It's about that's one of the things that makes a good comedy scene is is the community feel to it and and the support for each other. And if you ain't got that, if you're just here to make a name for yourself, that's going to show real quick. But let's get into you, man, let's get into you. where. Where did all where did this comedy, crazy comedy journey start for you, man? Well, I think it's started on the show to so time,...

...the net and the network so time. I'd watch it when I was like twelve. We we never had HBO and and I'd Watch show time. I was like Richard Jenny and Ellen, Ellen, I'm not, I'm sorry, lame boosler. I love Richard Jenny. Yeah, he's really one of the best comics down to comics I've seen. The lot of people know about I mean I know about them, but you know, like the typical comedy Fan Room might not remember him, but he was a he played Jim Carrey's best friend in the mask, so he was like a really good, really great comic man. I learned a lot from him just being like I guess I would be twelve or teen years old, and back then there was an internet, or in other in a small town. So there's no way for me to get out, to to express myself. But so fast forward. I'm eighteen years old and I went to and I well, okay, hold on, seventeen years old. I go to I go to a Catholic high school and I and I get arrested for I get arrested for drugs, for, oh no, fake yeah. Yeah, my buddy in the car had we had some. We had some drugs on its bed. I think we had some fake acid and the weed and stuff and fake acid. Yeah, a thing. So so we decided. So it's our friends Grad Knight. It's I think it's like our our would be senior Grand Knight. HMM. So we drive to King's island and King's island had had a Yogie bear camp ground. Do you remember this? I've never been to king's island. Is a nice okay, great four, great lodge. Okay, there was. There was a Yogi bear camp ground. Okay, all right. So me and my friend drove his volkswagon bus to the Yogi Bear Camp Ground and we're rolling up cigarettes and we're getting in Arizona iced teas, iced teas, yeah, and we write and we and we I I experience a knock on the window and a flash light and it happens to be the Lebanon the police department. Right, so, so, so I end up getting kicked out of school and so I had a little bit left, and so I had to go to school a second year. I think of my said, did my senior a second time. Right, it turned out to be a blessing because the talent show, I would I did. I could do a bunch of like fluff, like what you call that excurricular activities, because I didn't have or pretty when you get to pick them, um, the elect of elective. Yeah, so I could do different. I could do a lot of crazy like the because I didn't have I didn't really need anything but a couple for classes. So one of my left this was show choir. Right, okay. So, anyway, next thing you know, I was we're seeing dancing all stuff, oh, blah, or choir, choir, and anyway we're doing all that. It turns out they have a talent show every year right school wide, and so my friends, Danny Miller at on and need them were like Yo, like me, you funny man, if you got to get on stage, man, you've got to do this, like you gotta do something funny. I said, all right, I will. So next thing I know, I get on the talent show. I come out to come out the Jackson Five. I want you back Nice, it said the tongue Shay for I sell her performance. The Guy, the guy after me, the headliner of the show, if you will. There's like twenty acts of the high school talent show, right. The mean two people in the show where myself and a man named John Stevens. So me and Johnny Stevens ended up going to America's got America's sings in Chicago. We walk around there for a little bit. Bla, blah, blah. Well, hang out there. Yeah, the young man on that show ends up now is name is John Legend what. So I ended up opening for John Legend way back in the day. So we started in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. I mean, you know, I say officially, but we were on the same time. So in nineteen ninety five. So that's when I started and then I went from there. I got us, I got a partial scholarship to eastern Arizona College and I was acting as theater, theater study or cinematic cinemaic arts major and anyway. So I did. I did do all dir kind of like probably plays. I did like not on Broway, but in college. I did. I did what I do. Oh, Greece, little saber, whole ours food on the roof. I was I was terrible, but I was in him. And then I did this one,...

...this one play that six up my mind was a four hour play called the investigation. Okay, is it seemed my four hours. I might not have been for but see what I was. I was. I played a defense lawyer for the Nazis, like you do. was really just yeah, it was a really, really crazy like college time. I just played, if you know, on for the theater folks, not for your life, but it was like crazy experience. And then I was doing shows at your students that I had a job where like I was like a college tour guide, right, HMM. Well, my bosses at the time we're like hey, you're so talented, why don't you open up our presentation to the newcomers, people taking the tour? Right every Saturday morning? So it was my job, like noon every Saturday to do like ten minutes to stand up. Oh Wow. So so I got a warm up yet and I had no idea what I was doing. So so I would do ten minutes every Saturday morning. And he's right. So then the director of the student that the the lady to did like student activities or whatever, and it was Denniel Song, I can remember. But anyway she was like, Neil, we hired these comics to come in from laughs and Tucson. She's like, well, I she's like, but I told them about you and she said I want you to be on the show too, and said they said they were cool with it. So like cool. So then I got to do it like my I did my first like theater Gig, and so I would do like. So I was doing like yeah, so I was doing like. I did like I think it was like a thousand kids there, something like that, like eight hundred kids. So it was like. So I had no idea was doing. But Anyway, after the show we all got to chase the talk and stuff, Matt Wood and Scotty Golf with their names and put me on the show. Okay, and just the Anah. So let said, I know, I taught to thought this guy and he was like, Hey, he's like Matt Woods. He's writing a pilot for Disney at the time and and he was like yeah, he's like, man, he's like, you know, he's a you got chops. Man. He's like, you should do this. He's like, but you got to pick three cities. You gotta pick three cities. So, okay, it was like at the time. He's like you're going to go, you need to go to your DC, New York or San Francisco, and I said, okay, really do. I think I picked one. So I picked it. I end up picking Washington, DC, okay, and there I met the fabulous fat doctor, the legendary comedy coach that the trained, Martin Lawrence Hell, Tony Woods, Wanda Sykes, Patton Oswald and umbrella Mike and Umbrella of great comics, man, I mean I mean the best and the Tommy Davidson, because I mean I have bunch like it. So with DC exposed me to a lot of like really good comments in a low and in a lot of a lot of knowledge, man, lot of knowledge. I did thought I knew. You know, I'm saying again being nice and talking to people, and I learned a lot. And there's this little spot called a cave right we in DC was on seventh and I man and it was in Chinatown DC and the room was probably about as big as my living room in my had six, six tables in it. If that, it was tiny. But the best African American comics hung out there, like they would be there every Tuesday and Wednesday and they would go there and they would go there and kick it and they would go in and, you know, try out new biss new jokes and stuff, and I think I stood out because of my jokes were more mainstream. They worry about, you know, they were about sex and stuff. Was this about about my human nature, about you know, humanity, and not about just being black or being in a dad black kids lived? Why kids of that kind of stuff. It was like about like, you know, just being human. So anyway, so I caught the eye of Tony Woods there and he was like man, he bought me a beer and we talked and talk and talked, and this is what I mean people, if you fall the story, just wait a minute, I'm coming back around. So next thing I know, next thing I know, you know, he writes me to the last common standing audition in New York and I did like a beat audition and DC bubble, bubble bloss and then like so now I'm I doing the right and anyway, and they know, don't stand up, standup santum standard. Well then, like, after a while I was like I wasn't really going. I was going places, but it was like, I don't know, just got it's got a really I let it get to me. As far as the competitiveness, I guess, HMM, like the it's overall grind of it, you know what I mean? I didn't have an insurance of the time. It's all bad. So I was like, man, you know what, maybe this isn't maybe I just to take a break for a minute and come back some other time and whatever make right. Well, then I went and worked for like I worked at...

...a plasma center, a human plasma center, for like eight years. Oh Wow. And Mike, when I tell you people at home, when I tell you that comedy just called me, I'll can think about was stages and lights and how to do stuff and how to do it right and all this stuff. And I was just like man, I gotta get back, man, I got to get back. And then one quake, like Christmas Eve Eve. I'm at home, I'm at my mom's house. I the paper, I grabbed the paper, I go to the bathroom. I'm reading the paper. Tom Hanks is on the front of the paper saying that he donated that the repercent, that he donated a bunch of money to right State University. Oh yeah, I remember that right. So that's how I got here. It was I was like, Oh, crap, as I'll do that as I got you something else. I knew that if I stayed in my job any longer I was going to retire. There, HMM, and I just some told me man like Neil, you're not doing it right. You got to get back out there. You got to I said, okay, and so I did it right. So then I was like, well, how am I going to do it? So I was like, well, I have always ideas about films and scripts and all this stuff. So then I just started. I just thought I went to school, man, and I was an idiot. Like I might out when I tell you, Mike, that I was an idiot. I was. I had no idea because I haven't done the computers and like and trying to like do what you're doing probably right now. Like I can't do this stuff. I wasn't good at this stuff. I wasn't, I'm not, I'm still not, but I work on it every day. And I'm Youtube, but I didn't know what Youtube and I just like I just kept working on it, working on it, working on it, working on it, and then and so then, like my third year came along and now I don't have to do as much that do my first couple of years. The first couple years you got to like prove yourself and took a whole thing and whatever, and and I was like, you know what is I now I got time. You know, I don't work any because I was working at Myers to the time and to a come school, which it's like insane. Tell you not to do that at all, because you time. Bhoom right, yeah, and I'm like, well, I'm not rich, you know, I have to try to make this work. Well, turns out someone calls me and says, Hey, I think you got a daughter, and I'm a what next thing I know makes no, I'm taking a fraternity test and it's like, Oh, well, I have a little girl and even know had cheese man. Now it's not even about me anymore. Right. So now I'm three years in the film school. I'm a daughter I didn't know about till then, right, which I love her to day, don't get me wrong. Yeah, but like, can you imagine? You know that. And I was like, you know what, like this one thing I do really, really well and that's entertained people. Now, like this is what I have to do. So I did. So I was like well, okay, so now I have these little movies I've made him film school. They're looking pretty good. I got my I got my my I'm writing my stand up a little bit here and there. And then I was like, you know what, I know that the date seems not the biggest is before any of us in Sinnati r before dating. I didn't know it was. I know it's the biggest. I got to create something. So then I created the Neil Griffin and friends comedy show, as like I got do something that's never been done before. Yeah, and so I started paying people. So I told him when to my manager there. That's the first place actually. Wo Rights was the first place they allowed me. As shout out to Daniel and leaf foster, Dan Best Lee Foster, the managers at the wile rights. I love them to death. They gave me my first arritunity to do my first student film at the rights on their stage, and so I was like Hong, he's like, you know, yeah, he's like, you know, he's the comedy here right in my know really, he's like yeah. So then I started the Neil given to friends comedy show man, and he would give me like vouchers for food and up, like I've fed the comics, I paid the comics, you know what I mean, charge like five books of the door whatever man and like, you know, we're knit. My three hundred bucks a show, I mean, you know, I mean just for you know, for a little big a little trainy, you know, you know, twenty person in the audience, show man, if that. So it was like we just working on that. And then so then, to make a little story short to get you where I am now, I let's see. So then all of a sudden my friend tell me was was like, Hey, you know how you've been hitting them from facebook, talking on facebook and stuff. They ain't been. I'm a good ere you use a good talking to you, Bo Bob. No, said my sister still lives in Washington DC, who wish with the Georgetown and got our doctors had a Howard. So she's been there the whole time. So so I was like okay, cool. So so I have, you know, still got still a family there. So the Hey, I'm going to be down for Thanksgiving. Are you gonna go see the daughter Rolland show? I went mind checking him out in person and he was like yeah, I'll be there. So, you know, we called me text. You know that. And and I took my nephew with me and my nephew Jay Mac, and we went to the Improv thanksgiving night are the day of the Thanksgiving. Any was and...

Sam j, the writer, Sanl was there and she's amazing to we never got chance the girl. She's amazing. So anyway. Um, so, anyway, I met up with Tony. We talked and said he's like said, Hey, man, he's a you're going to feature for me at go bananas. I said cool, being sounds good right now. Number he knows me. The rest of these guys that they seemedn't know me, you know, just like you were saying earlier. They're like yeah, right, whatever, right. So they so so I was like well, okay, you know, no problems, I'm ready to do it. And and I wasn't play him like I came out. I came up swinging. But before I get on stage, here you go comics for we're going stage. They say, Hey, you're going to M see, you're gonna seen to night. We're going to have another feature. What I said? Okay, okay, I get it, because they didn't know me right. I understand. Yeah, looking up in the run, I get it. Show at the Marny from go bananas, shout at the League, Kimball, and next thing I know I hosted the shows I did. I did a very, very well and turns out the feature that guy got bumped for was the owner, James. James Alta Shir was the owner of stand up New York. Oh snap, so he was like so, so, this whole time I've been talking to him, what making him that? He makes me laugh and I'm miss you all my little movies from film school. I said, Hey, this is I mad. It's this little I had a little like motivational movies I make and and I showed up to him and he was like wow, he's you're really going to do it, aren't you? Only I'M gonna try. I'm gonna die trying. And he was like next, I know he's eating, not schos. I just happened to say hi to him and he's like, he's like hey, you know, I have a club in New York City. Send Him. New York in New York City wants to come up for the weekend. And I was like what? He's like, yeah, come on for the weekend. He's I just called me and I'll introduce you the book and stuff in them. So will get you rolling, because I was like coolb beans, you know I'm saying this like that. I was like, Yo, that's awesome. And then, and then, so, then, then the virus happened. So that's where I'm at now. So that so, that's so. Right when that the fires happened, I still I had a call send New York and they're like, we're not hiring right now. You know, we're not doing anything because you know, and they're still shut down. But yet. So, but I will be there shortly. Just wait for them to, you know, to give me a date. So so, yeah, so now, so I'm so excited to be able to do stand up in Time Square, which is a dream of mine. That's crazy. Yeah, and then, like so, then I had interview with slapstick magazine, because Misha Swain is a good as an old friend, and she was like Yo, and put you on this and put me on that. And then I met this other young lady. Your name is Brenda Brown from Vegas, right on facebook from Vegas, and we just she calls me. She's like Hey, you're funny, I'm funny. She calls me and we talked for two hours. Man, we talked with straight to her said nicest lady win me and it's Brenda Brown. She works, she what she does the sauce in the city coming network on facebook. Okay, and yeah, so I got talked her for two hours and she's like, I'm putting you on everything. She's like, I'm putting you on like the spotlight show where with to the comics like kind of compete for like a prize of whatever. They need you late, silly games or whatever, which is really fun. If you haven't done anyho do it. See it. And then you put me on the cast for Daddy's matter to, which is a fatherhood podcast every Sunday at six PM on. They have days matter to the facebook page and sauce in the city the facebook page and I'm sure you can just tell the Brenda Brown about to get a hold of that or whatever. But and I always start to watch party myself used late, nine PM, okay, next night. But that being said, so now I'm on now. So now I'm on those on two different shows. Now I'm still on the recurring one show and and then I got got some kicks coming up and and I'm looking get looked at by representation right now and I just I said, it's got to some tapes out there and I hope that works out. But I think it seems pretty solid. Man. Everyone's really nice and I really again, you just be nice and talk to people in the world opens up and I just can't wait to see what the future holds. I'm campaigning to do some shows overseas. I want to and I'm going to put it mention nobody's name, but I want to go overseas and I would love to do like a Sydney Comedy Festival and, Oh yeah, in the Netherlands. They have some stuff over there too. So I like to do some stuff in the Netherlands and Australia and Dubai or wherever else I may be able to go. So I'm working on a lot of cool stuff, man, and the main key I want everybody takes from that as a as a times get tough, life goes on. Don't give up, because even if you try to give up and they gonna let you give up, so you might as...

...well just don't live with her regret and do the best you can. And I'm pulling for you. Why is words from why is words from Neil Griffin, man. That's what a was. What a story, man, what a story you got to tell, what a story you had to share with people, man, and and to think about everything that's gone down just in the last couple of years alone, you know, with with coming back and doing the film school thing and and with go bananas, what happened there? I mean, yeah, it sucks it at first when you hear how you're getting bumped from from feature into mce, and I like him seeing personally, but then to find out who you're, who you're bum bumping for, it's a sometimes those it might seem like a step down, but it's a lot of that stuff can be a blessing in disguise sometimes, man. And and, like you said, the worst thing you want to have is is regret. I remember in College Pete Holmes, before he before he was real big, came and performed at the university and I got to open for him and it was hanging out with him and it was it was a great show and a lot of fun. And I remember I was I was still in school the time, and his manager was like, Hey, we're going across the street to to the white horse for for for stakes and Scotch. You want to come with? And, like an idiot at eighteen years old, I was like, Oh man, I got a class in the morning, I got I got to get back. And now it's like I look at I look at just what a great run Pete Holmes had them like some of the bitch. Yeah, crashing was a good a good series. Man. Yeah, Dude, I love and I loved his. I loved his when he had his own show for a couple of years there on TBS. And Pete Holmes is is is a real underrated cobbedy. Yeah, there every once in a while I see stuff and he and I talked every once in a while. We're not we haven't stayed in stayed in touch that while, but we do to we chat once in a while and I'll almost just kind of he love. He loves to remind me of the whole like hey, member, every when you said no to go into the yeah, Pete, I remember that. I don't. It's this about showing up and this I'm saying, and you know this isn't that they when people understand as that. You know, I met Tony Woods fifteen years ago. Yeah, you know I mean, and then I got out of comedy whatever, right, and then when I came back to his credit really and I you know, he's amazing person. But up to you know, people don't go anywhere, you know what I mean. So it's like it's like it's weird. It's like, you know, the same friends that I had in comedy when I first started and to now on the same people, the ones I have my back. You know I'm saying, the ones I would have their back. You know, I mean like they they're it's the same people. So it's like it's like, so that's again, be nice and talk to people, because if you're really true about this game, if you really want to be a comic, if you really want to do this in your heart and you're real about it, you're going to see the same people fifteen years later. They're going to be on the same auditions, they're going to be in the same rooms, and the bigger you the you know, when you go to when you go to when you go to New York, are you go to DC or Detroit, even Chicago, Myrtle Beachs Orlando, Jacksonville, wherever it is, you're going to know somebody from there. You'RE gonna know somebody that you've seen in DC, because they have a life path too. They got a path too. Yeah, and so they're all going to be your hound there. So that's what I try to reiterate. The People's like. It's like if you're for real, for I mean if you want to stay, you know, in the Midwest and stay in that one comedy seeing. God bless you. I want you to do well. I want you to do the best for your family and whatever you want to do when your life cool beans. Hey guys, this is Mike Shay and I want to talk to you about anchor. Yes, anchor is the brand new free way for you to get your podcast career off and running without any cost to you. Simply download the anchor af or go to anchor DOT FM to get started. Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast, to give you everything you need in one place for free. You can use it right from your phone or your computer. Their creation tools allow you to record and edit your podcast so it sounds tolay magnifeek without having to worry about all the costly set up. They'll even distribute your podcast for you so it can be heard everywhere. spotify, apple podcasts, Google podcast, stitcher, all of that, and you can easily make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. They sent you up with awesome sponsors. All you got to do is record a script, kind of like what I'm doing now, throw it onto your show and start making money once again. Download the anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM and get your podcast career off and running right now. Just do it already. Well, when you get outside of here and you start traveling stuff, you're going to realize you wmust see the same folks and you're going to need them sooner or...

...later. You know, I love when I get to go, when I get to go back home to South Carolina, where I started at and I'm there in Columbia and I get to go I go back every every spring and I get to go back to the place where I didn't get my start, but I got kind of my ret my my revival what, because I had left comedy for a while and then when I got restarted back into it, the place that I was at every single Monday night. I get to go back there and and, you know, see a lot of the same guys still there, still grind and still killing it and and and get to it's almost like a bit of a reunion. There's there's still the new guys who are in and out of there, but you know, there's five or six of us who, you know, go back to two thousand, you know, go two thousand and ten, two thousand and eleven, and we get to who still just see how far we've come and which jokes of stayed and which ones have left and changed and evolved, and it's a great it's a it's a cool experience to have. Mike, can I ask you a question, Yo, out of all the comics that when you when you performed right in another day, your core group of people? Yeah, how many of them? I've been on your show out of the South Carolina One's not many we've I've had a couple, not many. I've had more I've had, I'm I'm obviously because they're a low loved. Way More dating comics on the show that I have from but a lot of that's also just the schedule. I thought. I've had a few, though. I love getting I love getting people on here who I don't know. Is the thing. I love having, like I love having Mike Wells come on or dusty come on. You know I know them. It's great to talk to them, or Don Smith, who comes on seems like every fucking month. But I love getting to have people I haven't met yet because I love getting to meet New People, which is part of the reason why I love doing this, doing comedy and getting to go on shows, is to meet New People and to talk to people. Man, right, I'll other networking. Man Exactly. So you got you got some animation stuff you're working on. Man, pull up. Yeah, all right. So I got us. Shout out. I know it's interviews heavy with shoutouts, but they all helped me along the way. So as to say something. Trevor Connor, by the way, I want to shout him out. He's a great guy, but him Sincinnati. lookt it go, but this is the MIC. Say Exclusive, Oh Shit, they've never done this before on your show. Okay, I revealed it on slapstick. We could go, but then they I don't know, they're gonna use an appost see. But anyway, this is the Griffin game. My name is Neil Griffin, okay, and this is the Griffin Gang. Is this the gang? Early girls coming later, but this is the Griffin Gang. Is the prince. So what you got here? Okay, okay, does some good work, man. Thank you. We're gonna help you way like. Yeah, I really wanted to bring back like a Saturday morning cartoon kind of vibe. I feel like. I feel like a lot of cartoons don't have a lot of morals and I don't want to like it won't be like a preachy show, but I think it's gonna definitely there's definitely gonna be more of definitive right and wrong about certain things. I think there's three. It's three film students. It's Peteman Simon's the turtle, and then early girl is is it? And she's a she's transgendered and they're going to have they're going to be in film school and there's going to do it issues right, most film people do right from filmmaker. So, yeah, we're gonna deal with issues and and and and a you know, lightly, lightly joke based conversations about different things and and so I'm really excited about it, man, because they'll be the first time. And every issue that we decided to tack on the show, I have decided to have a represented, a representative of an advocate and a and a conservative of such issue, you know, to to consult us as we write, so we get both points of view and and we can do it right. I think we learned a lot from I learned a lot from Norman Lear and a French director by the name of Marcel Karnay. I removed Marcel Karnay. Yeah, yeah, okay. So, you know, he created like the little a loser character, right, and it is. Its philosophy was it's not about it wasn't about the end result. Right like that. The end result was the end of the film or end of the show. Right, the the the drama came in the journey, right. And and so, for example, and normal leer borrowed this philosophy from Marcel Karnay. So, for example, I don't know what gets ARTSI FARCIE on everybody here, but for example, Norman Lear is a was a s and s producer and writer for a lot of African American television shows. He was a Jewishman, Jewish Caucasian Moan. And so, for...

...example, good times. Right. Yeah, it was about poor family in Chicago and the show was all about the journey. Right right before, you know, Thelma met the football player. Always were the rose poor, right before thumma met the football player, or the Sun got the scholarship to save the family or, you know, the dad got them. You know, the million dollar job, you know, whatever it was, something will always happen. So and it was all part of about that journey. And then the life was the life. Lesson was basically like, Oh, you know, as long as we still have each other, but but you know, we're going to get through it. Well, I wanted to create something where success was just the norm. Right, HMM. At one time I was going to go with the title of Hey I. At first, when I thought it was about me, I was going to call it earl, the girl and the Griffin Gang, and I thought to myself, that's stupid because because of this, because I felt like, being African American, I never wanted to be separate. I wouldn't be integrated. And the same thing with, you know, was different people from different communities. The success as in the integration, not the separation. So she's just part of gang, she's just one of my friends. You know, I'm saying the same thing again. Film School. I have a friend that's trined digital film school. I did. I haven't seen him in a world. Hear in a well, but that's the thing. As I it's got to be integrated in it can't just be a can't be you know, Jj and good times. It can't be you know, I'm saying Chico in the man. You know, it's got to be integrated, it's got to be just one thing and we're all just living together and success is the norm, not the end. Absolutely a lot of people, a lot of people are afraid of success because they've been conditioned to think that success means the end, that the journey is more important than the end. Right, and that can't happen anymore, especially the last like few weeks, as you know, and I know right m things that boiled over because of such things because of such thoughts and and it's such conditioning. So we can't do that anymore. So I don't mean to be too preachy, my you're good, man, you're good, but I just want to let people know that's what it takes and that's why I hook the compass with my show and with my stand up. Is that philosophy. It's not about us being separate, but together. Right, we have to be integrated into each other. That week, just me, just me. Life's hard enough doing death. The truth. We can find other stuff to grieve over, because he would. Niggers will never be happy because human, human, humans, humans aren't happy now, but miserable. We can find other stuff. But now we get the integrate in and leave out the separation, even for good or bad. You can't do anymore. It's got to be the same. If you want it like this, you got to have like this is the same thing, and I'll leave them, not leave, but I'll in this thought with this. It's like the hunger games, right, this is like the Games. Yeah, people got in power, right, yeah, they, you know, they got in power. You know, they you know, they wielded their power and then things backfired. Then all of a sudden the other people that have been dretted down Trott it for so many years try to rise up right and all of a sudden human nature kicks in and says now we're going to start killing the capital children, right, and the main character says, no, that's not right either. We have to integrate, we can't separate. Yeah, absolutely, for let me go. Let me talk. Of course, man, of course, it's why you're here. You here to talk, here, your thoughts, here to hear you, man, real quick before we do, before we do bring this thing to a close, though. So we talked about we talked about a briefly the beginning, but you know, fireworks going on. You you're participating in the fireworks competition this year. Yeah, yes, sir, I am. Hey. You looking forward to it? Are you nervous? Are you how you feeling about a man, I feel good, man. I feel good because I know what I'm there for. I know, I mean, like, I'm not going to try. Like I said before, I've done...

...coping this before and, like you know, that best in my own opinion, and I know they're going to give me flat for this, but it's like, I know the best commings never win. I just don't. I know that and I'm gonna I don't consider myself the best comic, but I just know from my own experiences on shows like that. I know what happens and I'm just like you know, I did it, but the crowd will be very nice and I think it'll be nice to this come together for the laughter of it all. Yeah, and you know, and like I said, you know, the tapes worth gold. Here you're room with three hundred people. You know, I mean the tape. The tape itself alone is why you should do it. You know. So, like you know, it's one of those things where you just you do it for the tape. I do it for I do it. I do it to show that we can do it. And then and and you know, and I think that's important. You know where doing would be nice. I've loved. I'd love to say I want it. You know, I mean try. I don't think that's my my goal is to do something special, hmm, to leave my heart on the table and do something them someone's never ever seen before. And if I can do those three things, then I win from my heart and my family, and think my family's coming so like I want I want to make sure that I do something that that I don't regret. That's that's that's a good way of looking at a man. I'd last year was the first time I'd ever done it, and I'm not because I'm kind of I'm not a big fan of comedy competitions, mostly because I'm a bit of a chicken shit. But I will say it was. It was one of the best just on stage experiences I've ever had. It was, it was grab the crack. The crowd is amazing. I mean, I've never I've performed for some big rooms, I've never performed for such a hyped, energetic, just into it audience like I did right night. And Yeah, I didn't win, but Holy Shit that I feel like it, man. I felt like it when I walked out of there right and it's the thing and that's all it matters. That, yes, it. It doesn't matter if you win, because they're gonna come, they're gonna come, and that that tape is going to be gold. You know I'm saying. That tape is going to be worth you know, could be worth a hundred thousand, three hundred. Knows what time you done exactly never know. So like that, they know that thousand bucks is Great. I'm leave it wrong. I want to win it. I mean as to have. You know, I'd love to go vacation. I'm going to DC next right, I'm going. I'm staying. Listen, I'm staying at the door the four seasons in Georgetown next week for my sisters, my sister's wedding. HMM, my sister getting married. Right, yeah, because the covid we got it like dirt cheap. So it's like so we're going there and my daughter six and she's never flown and she's never been a DC and I stick. So I you know, I'm so excited for that. But anyway, constant contest. Wise I would say that, I'd say, yeah, it's stupid to tape. Have a good time with it, you know. And I'm going to go to all four shows just because of you know, I love I love these people and I love comedy and and I'm going to be the support everybody because because I'm not supported. You know, I'm saying my I mean, don't get me wrong, my family, they you know, they want me to do other thing. You know, they just want me to get a job and be steady. You know what I mean. Understand, and a lot of these kids is people, not kids. People aren't supported, you know, in comedy. You know saying like that's why it's so important for dating comics, that's what it's Portman Sinnati comics as what's so important for Blake Hammons and dusty harving to run these discords as well. It's so important for Mike Shay to have this radio show, because a lot of times we're not supported. Yeah, and I want you to know, if you're listening to this as a I support you and you can, you can text me or you can you can facebook friend me or whatever it is, and if you ever have a problem with anything, to vent or whatever, you could always look me up. Man. I promise you that, because I've been there. I know I was. I was there eight years. I didn't do this because, you know, my the one said, hey, you should keep doing it. You know what I mean? Everybody just and I wasn't saying it's therefore they have their own lives. I understand that, but like, if I can save a comedy life, if I can save somebody's, you know, a few years of their of their existence, by being happy doing what they love to do, then I'm going to do it and we're better for we're better for it, man, we're better for having you around, because you are you are a constant source of positivity and what can sometimes be a bit of a dark and dreary comedy, comedy community. Once in a while, you know, things go down and it's always good to have those people like you who are there to remind us that shit could always be worse and and it's always good to just keep keep pushing forward and and and keep the dream alive. Man, I can take it, man a man. I tell you what. The reason I want to do this competition and I keep finding it's racing everywhere and a but uh, me and my daughter, my daughter, I have my daughterly everally weekend and we're at my little small apartment at right state I'll playground and we went to the playground and there's a kid there with two metal legs. His name was Rommi. It had two middle legs,..., and he met me for about we talked for about maybe a minute and a half before he mentioned his legs, like he knew revl the bet that he was different. He would to make sure that I knew he knew right, because that's why we do this. Yeah, so, thank you for having me, man. I appreciate it. Dude, I loved having you on here today. I hate that the time has gone by as fast as it has, but at the same time I'm glad we got to have this conversation. I look forward to having you back again at one point in the future. I look forward to seeing you again break all the legs this weekend at the at the fireworks competition. Man, don't need a ring up and don't don't break a leg, just start breaking legs left and right. Man, start kneecap and people like they all money to the Mafia. Whatever you got to do. Best of luck to you. Man. Where can the people find you? To find you? Can they find you online with people want to learn more about you? wheking they go, man, yeah, it's going to get my facebook it's any Il Griffi in my instagram is Neil Griffin underscore fifty nine, and my email is and griffin funny one at gmailcom. I'll say it again, and Griffin funny one at gmailcom. Thank you. It's been a freaking pleasure, my friend. So it's been. The pleasure has been all my Neil, thank you so much for coming on the show man. With that being said, Ladies and gentlemen, that is going to do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. You guys can catch this show every single Friday all your fate all your favorite podcast APPS. Go to our website, Basement Lounge podcom. Follow us on all the social media at Basement Lounge pod on facebook and Instagram, at tvl underscore pot on twitter, and we'll see you guys next week. As always, live well, rock on, take care and buy bye.

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