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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 46 · 1 year ago

"I Put Out a Little Too Much Positivity" with Mike Shea - The Basement Lounge: EP #46


We're approaching the final episodes of Season 1, so it's time to let you guys know what to expect in the coming weeks. What's going on with Twitch, will there be a Season 2, and why is there no guest this week? Answers to all these questions and more await you in today's episode.

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Hellot Lady Ther Youwere, listening tothe basement, lounge e guy- this is wikeshe and I want to talk to you aboutanchor. Yes, anger is the brand new freeway for you to get your pod castcareer off and running without any cost. To you simply download the anchor Avrgo to ancer DOT FM to get started. Anger is the easiest way to make amodcast. They give you everything you need in one place for free. You can useit right from your phone or your computer. Their creation tools allowyou to record and edit your bodcast, so it sounds Tlay magnifika withoutandhaving to worry about all the costly set up. They'll even distribute yourpodcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere. Spotify, apple, podcast,Google pod Casts Stitch Your Hall of that Ead. You can easily make moneyfrom your podecasts with no MINUM listenership. They sent you up withawesome sponsors. All you got to do is record a script kindo like what I'mdoing now, throw it on your show and start making money once again down lohe anger ap or go to Ancordot FM and get in your podcast career D, loft andrunning right now. Just do it already. What's going on n basement loungerswelcome to a new episode of the Basemen Lounge. This is the cool relax space.Where you know we like to have some drinks and have some conversations.Today's episode is going to be a little on Orthodox M. I had a guest booke forthis week who canceled the day we were supposed to record, and I never heardback from them about rescheduling and was not able to get a filler in forthis week. So it's just me Um, I'm going to be honest if you h caughtanything that we streamed live on Wednesday, which wasn't much andbegiting to that here and a little bit too Um everything for the final five episodesof this season kind of fell apart. So I had booked five doe bass guests for the final fietepisodes. Some of they were some of the biggest guess. I've ever had on a showUm two of them. I remained three of them cancelled,rather abruptly one of whom I mentioned canceled the day we were supposed to record Um, I'm pretty salty, about that, I'm notgoing to lie. I had teased that we were going to have Cobra page from cover andthe Lodis on the show. Unfortunately, she's Goingthrough some healt issuesright now and won't be able to make the show either Um and we had reached andwe were going to have tricia Hersh Burger on as well, but she's just got alot of family stuff going on and doesn't have proper childcare rightnow, and so just finding the time to make it happen, wasn't really workingso we're going to try and get her in per season too, but we do have twoother guests booked for we do have some of the Gu book for the rest of thisseason. So, coming on the showl, a MEPP pull the the Google dock that I haveright here in front of me, O, let you know so, for next week's show we'regoing to have a returning guest, Amy James, a wonderful musician here inDayton. Ohio is going to be coming on the show we had her on episode, two ofthis season and she's coming back. It's been almost a full year since we just shy of a year since wehad her on the show originally. So it's going to be cool to have her back on,because a lot has changed in the time since she's been here what a year shehas had. A lot has changed since the time shewas last on the show, so we're going to have her on to talk about her music andhow things are going and just the growth she's had since her first timeon the show on July, seventeenth were going to haveSteve Morris, who was a director a filmmaker and directing instructor outof Los Angeles, California, also one of the hosts of the cynophiles Poncastiseasily the quintessential deep dive film podcast. If you're a film Fan, youwant to listen to the CENOPILES, it's probably the best movie movie analysis, pondcast outthere thatexists he'll, be coming on on Friday,...

...the seventeenth we're working on aguest for the week of the twenty fourth and then our seasoned to one finaleepisode, fifty we'll be dropping on Friday July thirty, first with ourspecial guest. This is the one we've been waiting on for a long time. Theoutlaw himself John rokeup from the movie triva showdown, he's an actor, apodcaster, a host and producer we're going to have him on to talk about just just everything under the sun N,and so we still got so. We've got a good last few episodes going on for therest of the season trying to book that fourth guest for the week of the twentyfourth. Well Tlat. You guys know about that. Wn We know more, but my chair isso squeaky today and I don't know why, but it has been, it has been a week, I'm not going to lie. This has been oneof those weeks where just everything that possibly could have gone wrongwith the show and with the livestreams has gone wrong like to the point wherei Wednesday afternoon, I was so pissed off and fed up with the cancellations and thetechnical problems we were having on Wednesday, like I was so close tohaving one of those fuck it and just just quitting altogether. I was so donewith everything it had just it had gotten to that point where I was just I was like if this is whatit's going to be like, I just don't want to do this anymore. It was Istarted to get to that point that I was at Um that I was at with with you know,season three of Mike talks funny and everything goin with even tide where Iwas just so frustray with everything, but I'm I'm feeling better. Now. Excuse me, I apologize for yawning. Iam recording this at one o'clock in the morning afterwork, I'm I'm very tired, becauseI've just I've been so busy trying to get some guest book forthis week. I'm recording this at one am the night before it's going to drop ThiThursday nightt Friday and morning 'cause. I was trying to see if icouldget somebody in the last minute and it just it wasn't painting out for thisweek. It was just too short notice. So, but it's been one of those weeksWednesday Wednesday. We tried to go, live ontwitch and for R 'cause. I I hadn't been able to do a live. Show I in in alittle while because of my work schedule so Wednesday. I was finnlyready to do one and I got up and I was live for about forty five minutes, orat least I thought until I got a message from Vince Venom, one of mystreaming buddies who who came on and said Dude, you said you were going live,we're still waiting for you, so aptwitch was having problems that daywhere they weren't able to get people's feeds out onto the website. Even thougheverything all my equipment said that I was live their website R. whateverreason wasn't receiving my video, it was something on their end, so you knowforty five minutes. I talked about everything going on and now I fel likeI completely wasted my fucking Timeso. We went live on facebook after the fact we did like twentyminutes live on facebook, just to kind of get get out. One youed to get outand H. Excuse e!! excuse me I'm sorry so, butI want to talk a little bit about what just kind of the things we announced on on Wednesday and, if you're, in thediscord, if you're in the discord server, I did postit ther in the announcement'schannel. So you haven't seen that yet go to the announcements text channel inthe basement, lounge, discorts or EV, if you're, not in Tho discourt servingyou'd like to be just go down to H, go down tin the description of thisepisode. There should be a link there where you can reachopt to me online,and I will I will get it to you, but so here's a breakdown of what we talkedabout Um on Wednesday. So we mentioned havingall the all these last minic cancellations for the vinal episodes ofof the season, one. So right now, I'm having to refocus allmy attention, I've gotten most of the...

...mostly filled. I need one more slotfilld, but I it it's. It's t the point where I've already pushed back the ivepushed back dates on this show. We were supposed to actually have hit anepisode fifty a long time ago, a couple of weeks, Wa couple of weeksago, but I've had to keep pushing episodes back left and right. You knowwe missed a lot of episodes and stuff Um. So I I can't push the back anymore.I've I've locked in these two final guests, especially Aur Firnale, he'sgot a very you know, John's got a very busy schedule so locking him in. Icannot move that date back again and I don't want it to not be the finale, sofornowle's happening on the thirty first so, but in terms of the realworld, I've also got a lot of weird workshifts coming up, because it's thattime of year, where a lot of my coworkers are going on vacation iegranted with the current status, you know o' g going out of town but they'retaking vacation time. So I'm having to work some weird swing shift hours tokeep us covered, which means there are some nights, I'm not getting home untilfour thirty in the morning and I'm still trying to now that I've got these other guestsbooked. I've got to do my research and do my preff work believe it or not. Iactually do a lot of research and prep work for my guests before they come onUm. Sometimes, Oh God excuse me again, I'msorry! Sometimes you know depending how the conversation goes. It doesn't work,but I like to have those notes in there just in case, so I'm still doing a lotof research for for amy for on she comes on and I havea potential. I have a couple of potentials for that final slaugt, I'm swaiting for some confirmation, but with all that being said for the entire month of July, Netherenof the month of July nd by the way how how the fuck did we already make itto July we're already passed the halfway point in twenty twenty wh,where the fuck did time go. But without being said, because of that for themonth of July, I'm not going to be doing any more live streams on twhichthose are going to be getting put on hold for the month of July. They willcome back in August and we'll get into that in a seck, but just witheverything going on for the month of July with work and trying to justfinish out the season of the podcast Um we just need to. I need to just focuson the podcast for right now and getting wrapped up and making sureeverything stays booked and honestly just kind of being on alert in case.Anybody else has to cancel the last minute M B'cause at this one. It wouldnot would not put a bath anybody the way things have been going j, that'sabout where my expectations are so just to make sure that the pod cast, whichis kind of the main meat of how this whole thing started. We're going tomake sure that H that that that's my focus for the time being so I'm goingto put the twitch dreams on hole for the month of July. So now we mentioned Li hat John Roca isgoing to be our special guest on the finale whichwill be dropping sesn onfinaly be dropping Friday July thirty first, I cannot believe weave made itto the end of season, one that this first season this first year,fifty episodes has gone by so quick Um, so John will be on our finale. Thefinale will be Friday, the thirty first of July, and then after that, this poncast is going to take a break not a long one. Just for the month of Augustand we've before you freak out. Don't worry I've done this with every podcast.I've had, I usually take a month, sometimes too off in the summer, just to kind of breathe and regroup,and and reassess everything and been planned for the future of which therewill be a future. I in fully planning on doing a season too iwas going topremere in September, but I would just like take the month of August off torecharge and I kind I plan on making. I have some ideas for some verysignificant, but very fun changes to the podcast just to give it some more longevity andto kind of incorporate a built incontingency in the event of theselast minite, cancellations from guests, which, just with the current state ofthe world, seem to be happening more and more, and it's it's so trying to figure out.You know ways to work around that my...

...plan and you're hearing this year.First, is that I'm planning on bringing on a cohost like a like a like a permanent in, likean inplace cohost, someone that I can have to constantly talk with that way.In the event, I have a cancellation. It's not just me talking 'CAS'cause.This is going to be a short episode, but it's not going to be just metalking I'll. Have Somebody to talk with. We can talk about things I canhave them on the more on on the live streams when those come back but tohave a cohost 'cause again. The whole point of the basement lanage is to be aplace for conversation, and if it's just me talking that's on aconversation, it's Mein, monologuing and improvising, and so to be able tohave somebody who can hop on especially right now, with everything being doneto be Azoom and streamyard. Tho have somebody who can hop on zoom for halfan hour to an hour, and just and just you know have those conversations overdrinks. You know to have you know? U They can't be here physically, so I'mlooking I'm bringing on a cohost for the show, but I'd like to take themonth of August off to reach out, see who's interested, see who's available,see who, I think, will have the best. You know onmite chemistry with me,ECAUSE, that's! The thing is I want somebody that I know I can go back andforth with and who will be available. You know my my work schedule leaves mevery limited availability for a recording. I youknow. Typically, I do all my recordings for the week on Mondays and Tuesdaysecause. I have those days off so if I could find somebody who's free thosedays that would be ideal, but so the pon cash will take a season break forthe month of August and then we will come back in September the for now. Ifwe go off current status, the first episode back will be Friday September. Fourth, so but Thatsothat'll be that and itonly be for a couple of weeks. But with that being said, once thepodcast goes on break for the month of August, don't worry there'se stillgoing to be content. As you guys know, we started putting the audio from thetwitch streams into the podcast feed. Well, Mike, I think said, the PA assisare pausing. I they are for the month of July, the month of August they'regoing to be coming back and I'm going to be changing how we do the livestreams. So when we originally started thebasement lounge, the idea wasn't just for to be a place for a conversation.Pok as it was wou, be a place for me to experiment with programming and nowthat we've expanded things into the twitch live streaming realm and I'vebeen able to play around with programming ideas a bit more we'regoing to be bringing some of th e those ideas back to fruition and the firstone that we have confirm we announce is on a Wednesday. The first one that'scoming back is going to be Mike talx movies. Now, Mike talx movies, as youguys know, is a pod gas, slash blad twitter, whatever you want to call it.That goes back a long way with me and it's something thatt's I've Kindo heldon to for a long time or we're bringing it back and Wednesdays on twitchinstead of having every livestream be Brunching, the basement that thatthat's nothing, that's a nothing name. That doesn't mean anything that doesn'ttell Yo what the shows about so. Instead, what we're going to do iswe're going to have each show Monday, Wednesday and Friday B, a fiend show,with its own name and its own structure, its own format and Wednesdays are goingto be Mike talk movies. Now this is going to be. I first of all I plan onmaking the Wednesday show my talk to Moe es two hours. It's going to be atwo hour show not an hour two hours, because I want the first hour to be meand trying to get a cohost. I want again hoping for a cohost. We can doall the shows maybe get a coast just for this show we'll see, but the ideamay be just me, I don't know, but the idea is for it to be an hour of justdiving into movie news, really deep, diving into movie news for the firsthour and then the second hour is going to be a deep dive into a film topic.Whether it's you know, we've done, we've done episodes or we we we spenttwo hours, R, recasting the X man. We did an episode where we talked aboutwhere we broke down the DC, the history...

...of DC films, whore wetalked about besttrillagies of all time, and so that's going to be the second hour of Miketoxmovies and that's going to be every Wednesday. The reas were do gt on Wednesdays.Somebody in the chat when we announced had ass like why? Don't you do it? OnMondays, 'cause Mike talks, movies Mondays, it's a literation Ta. Thereason for that is just because, usually by Wednesday, most of the movienews has come out that we can talk about what what's happening on Mondays.Is We're doing the show at eleven? Am Hollywood is just waking up at eight?Am You know with a three hour time different? So usually we're not gettinglike the big news until after the show was ended, and then we missed out on covering it. We have to wait till Wednesday, sowe're going to wait till Wednesday anyway. Let's just talk about it all atonce is usually by Wednesday bulk of the news. That's going to drop for thatweek has drobbed, or at least a good, a good significant chunk of it. There'salways going to be times where you're gong to miss stuff and that that iswhat it is, but so Wednesdays, Mike talx movies, twohour show news and deep dived movie topics, that'll be our Wednesday live show and,of course, we're going to take that audio and drop I in the podcastfedlater on that day, Mondays and Fridays. I haven't settled on anything, yet Iwant Fridays to continue to be the fun silly Friday. Fundaid thing we've beendoing where it's people send in videos for me to watchand react to online and they're funny or they're, weird R or their. You knowvideo game trailers, whatever it might be. I I kind o want that to remain thesame 'cause, that's just fun Mondays I haven't decided yet I've beenI've. Had some people asking me to do a show 'cause, I'm a huge metal head andI'm a huge metal fan and I host a music podcast over at the Sinescape Mae. Sheguys go check out, Sinscape Bomedialisten, O my show mixe tape.Radio, I suppose asking me to do a heck Heav,a heavy metal show having metal discussion, show Kindo like Um. Thatmetal show that used to be on vh one end. That was what what was called itwas called that metal show Um doing one of those or something like that. That'sanother one that I'd like to have a cohost war, but we'll see so that's anIDA, I'm tossing around and then season to of the basement. Lounge will debt inSeptember, like we said, and I'm hoping to have things kind of smoothed out bythem, but that is where things are sittingright now, as it has been, it has been a rough week. It's been arough couple of weeks Um. You know this time. Last week I was set with just a a string of back to back guestsfor the show I h the final five episodes that I was. I was on cloudnine and I think I just put out a little too much positivey, because weall know twenty twenty is a year of Gofuck yourself and I think I put out alittle too much positivity into the universe, because twend and twenty waslike whoa mother, Fucker, well, Woa wo Ho man. How e need you to come down afew few steps in twenty twenty to a big, wet shit on my good mood? So that's where I'm at right now, like Isaid, Itas been a hell of a week. I was on the verge of of just quitting.That's how bad this week was, but I'm I'm here, I'm hanging out I'm doingbetter. The things are calming down a bit, andnow my I'm just I'm goal, I'm Gol focused. I am set in finishing theseason finishing the season strong. I don't want you guys to think that I'mgoing to be so tired and pissed off that I'm just going to phone it in therest of thes season. That's on how I do things the rest of this season, we'regoing to finish strong. I can promise you this. The Steve Moris episode andthe John roke episode are going to be worth all of this heartache, because II guarantee those we two of the best episodes we do not to. You know talkdown on on having amy on or whoever...

...else we get on, not at all, not one bit,but these are twothese are John and scve are two guests who are people whoI admire? Who I look up to who I respect a John, is somebody who, overtime, ihave come to call a friend Um going from somebody that I was just afan of just a super fan of to now? He and I are producing content together.If you want to chap by the Ba Gu, make sure you go check out the ultimateshmow down show. This is a fan reaction. Review commentary show that I'mproducing with John Roca and Sean Berito for the outlaw nation for fateson facebook outube, and it's got its own pot cast feed on anchor right now.The ultimate shmow down show it's it's. It's so much fun everything I loveabout, producing and directing film. I get to have so much fun with this andjust run the show and let the hosts do what they're gon not on ot on the panel,I'm not talking, I'm shurtly ad a producer inddirector, but I'm having somuch fun producing this show and watching it grow. If you get a chance,if you still haven't checked out the movie tribute smow down, please do it's a lot of fun and check out theIltimate shmowdown show and let us be your guide into kind of the deep divein her workings of how things go so makes you guess C, but yeah. So havingJohn on is going to be huge for me, he's a guy who I wanted to have on fora long time and as we've gotten closer as he and I have worked on thingstogether as E and I have communicated and built built, he a a butdingfriendship, ve been dying. toget him on the show and Steve Morris is is, like I said, ththe cynophiles is easily my favorite podcast right now. It is absolutely myfavorite pot cast if you haven't listened to Te cenophile. I know I'vetalked about it on this show before you have to listen to to centofiles. Pleasego check it out, especially if you're a film fan, because it's it's it's it. Itis the number one best deep dive film podcast out there. I dare you to proveme wrong, so having those two I've ive alreay, I've already d got pages ofthings I want to cover with Steve Morrs, and I know I probably won't get th halfof it, but I'm still looking forward to thatinterview, like you guys, wouldn't believe so, I'm I'm you go. I cannotwait to do those interviews and share those with you guys and next week with Amy James is goingto be just as awesome again because, like we mentioned you know she was. Shewas our second guest ever on the show she was episode too and having her onnow. Just shy of a year later, like were like we're like a couple of weeks,shy of when she came on the show Um to talk about the growth that she hashad and the changes she has gone through. I mean just, and I don't evenknow, t half of it, probably just from what I have seen with my own two eyeson facebook alone, I can tell you that she has gone through so much and Ican't wait to have her on. So, thank you guys for sitting downwith me and and chatting with me and then listening to me kind of vent andrant 'cause. Honestly. I think I just needed this. I I needed I needed tocome on the microphone by myself and just vent about everything going on,because I love this podcast. I love this show and I love my fan, my famly,my listeners. I love you guys so much Um, because you help keep the showgoing by listening to the show by sharing it by joining the Patrion itTheosif you can, if you haven't and you'd like to just go to Patrion dotcom,FLASH BASEMENT LOUNGE POD, but to everybody you know. Thank you so much because UmI the La when I started to get those feelings of fluck this shit, I'm notgoing to do this anymore Um. That was when I stopped looking for a guest forthe week. I stopped looking for it when I started to feel like that. I stoppedlooking for a replacement guess, because I knew it was time for me tohop on them. I and just vent about this. A little bit because it's it's been,it's been, it's been in my craw h for the last couple of days, so I'm glad Igot to come ont and talk tith, you guys about this and kind of just unload abit. I appreciate that maybe Ma. Maybe...

...this is a sign that I should bring backthe Mike's mind podcast to the feed. I don't know yeah we'll see I might MikeThot a patrion exclusive, but H. Thank you guys for listening. Will we backnext week with Amy James, a musician from here in Dayton to talk about hergrowth from last last year and the last time she was on the show and of coursethey'll forget. We've got Steve mors coming on later this later on thismonth, and then John Roca will be finishing out the season we're almostof the season finale guy, it's it's! The finished line is within oureyesight. Make sure you guys follow this o show on all social media,twitter and Instogram at tbl under score pod go to our website basementlamgepod dotcom! You could follow me on all social medias at Mike Shaye comedyand Ollw me Tik, TAK at micoalches, and we will see you guys next week anduntil then, as always live well rock on take care and a.

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