The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 47 · 2 years ago

"We Should've Stayed Closed" with Aimee James - The Basement Lounge: EP #47


Local musician & piano teacher Aimee James is back with us! She first came on the show a year ago for our second episode, and now we're checking in to see what's changed, what's stayed the same, and what she's working on for the future! Aimee & I want to know why it seems some people just can't handle common decency and safety practices. And also, remember when we thought flip phones were the coolest thing ever?

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... Grab a drink, pull up a chair and settle it, because you're in the basement lounge. Welcome back to the Basement Lounge. We are hanging out today with someone who was on the show our second our second episode, and it's been almost a year and she's back. It's Amy James. Hi a me, Hi Mike, Welcome back. It's good to talk to you again. Good to see you, so good to see your face. I know it's I haven't seeing a person who's not my mother and so long. Don't feel bad. I see my boyfriend and his daughter every day and I love it, but I do miss my my dating people. So I love I love you guys. Tired of your faces. I love you guys. Yeah, but I do miss my friends once in a while. So, yeah, it's been long, five or four or five months. So I know it's only like I keep thinking back to you know, we had we had Andrew Medicitis on for a big Valentine's Day special and it was this big whole thing and it's like it feels so long ago. It was February, wasn't I know long ago. No, and just yeah, it's crazy, but it's will. Speaking of the boyfriend, you know, we want to catch up and see how because it's you've had a lot in the last year. Things have changed so much since last we spoke to you. I know I am graduating from Miami and three weeks, which is so exciting, ten years later, because he would you had you would just started back last year. Right, Yep, I wasn't sinclair last year and I had to go back and finish the music courses at Miami and but I will be all done in the next three weeks and I will get that to Cloma and I'm so excited. Well, congratulations. First of all, kids going back to school when you've been away, it's not easy. Yeah, I'm thirty too, and I have to tell you when I was on campus before coronavirus, I was just like I was a fish out of water, like I didn't know how to handle myself. But I had some really amazing professors who really hey, this is a mean she's just a little bit older than you guys, and like stand up and introduce yourself, and I was like okay, so, but I had some professors that made it a lot easier on me as far as like interactions and class and so it's great. It was definitely worthwhile experience. So I'm I can stemage like hi, I'm a me, I own a house in a car and I have a job. I have a job. I'm actually a little ahead of you. Guys are just yeah, it's and I kept like, I kept freaking out that they would realize that I was like ten years older, and everybody was so nice. They're like no, you look like one of us. So I was like, Oh my God, don't like, don't lad. I was trying so hard. I had like the leggings and like I was trying so hard to look like a Miambi girl again, going, going full of the call it Hans Solo season, because the girls always wear the black leggings, the boots and and the puffy vests and it's like, okay, every every fall is star wars cosplay season in college campus. As it seems, I own a puffy vest and may or may not be glitter, but it's puffy. I would expect nothing less from you, right because because when it comes to any outfit, no matter whether you are teaching a piano lesson or just fits it around for the day, like it's sparkly and and and flashy. I remember when I came over to your house for the last time you were on. You were like, okay, glad, I'm glad it could be just audio because I look like a slab. But I show upen you're like this beautiful black dress and your hair and makeups done, and I'm like, okay, cool, makes me feel great. I've been that way since high school. I was bullied quite a bit as a kid about the clothes that I wore. So I realized in high school like if you just always like, dress how you...

...want and dressed like what makes you feel good, like, you're going to feel good no matter what anybody wants to say about you. So that's kind of why I'm always dressed up. You are. I was. I was pulling, pulling pictures, was making the making the promo graphic for the show and it may and a gay photo shop a really hard time because all the dresses were so sparkly that it couldn't tell, it couldn't follow the borders the up and that I you did such a nice job on that. I woke up to that at like zero in the morning this morning. I was like, oh, that's awesome. So, yeah, insomnia hit me pretty hard last night. But so you're you're finishing up at Miami and now you we mentioned, we mentioned boyfriend and his daughter. Now, was this the same fella you were you were seeing a year ago? So you guys are still together, still to gather. It's and'll be two years and February, which, oh, so I'm trying to do the math. I'm like, I think it's like a year and a half at this point, but either way it's two years in February. So that's fun. Yeah, it's fun. It's been fun and like it's nice having someone who like is super business savvy, like helping me with like a lot of the things I've been doing, and he's just great, like he treats me really well and good. I love them because it's because because if he didn't, we'd have that, we'd have to have him on the show and and I like hey, so, got some things we need to discuss. Very Springer, what does like those old radio those old radio shows were like the lady would call in and and like complain about her boyfriend cheating honor. So like they'd call him at work and prank the crap out of him. Now, Oh boy, well, that's that's great. You guys are still doing good and and good relationship with with with the little one, I'm assuming, oh my gosh, if you can't tell, yeah, I have been doing so many crafts with her, like my parents were big on like doing crafts and all these fun things like baking. So we've made like, just in the last week I made her a little concrete hand like, I made her do a handful, and we've baked cupcakes and made sun catchers and I taught her how to beat necklaces and make pot holders. And so it's a Sun catcher. Yeah, we make these sun catchers. You like paint them and then you hang them up in her room and it's super cool. So are they like, because I know what a dream catcher is. Yeah, it's a Sun Catcher. So it's like a stained glass type. Okay, Oh cool. Yeah, they're super cute and she's got them all over her room now. So that's great. Well, that's that. That's really good. You know, I I come from a I come from a blended family of my own, so it's always great when you can have that, that kind of relationship build and and she's because she's how old? I mean, she's five, he's five. So so she's young enough. You can you can start now. Yeah, I told me today that I was the nicest person in the whole world and she almost made me cry. So all he's so sweet, like she really looks up to me and it like makes me super happy because I, you know, I don't have children, so wasn't like was being a mom ever something like on your radar? Oh, absolutely it was, but with probably cysticobary and syndrome and the health issues that I suffer with, I just I would rather look out for a future human and not procreates. So I can't argue with that. I mean I just I just don't want to have kids. So, but they're great when there's someone else's absolutely, when I can, when I can take them back, it's I'm done with it. All right, thank you good do again next month. It's fine. Yeah, so and then you piano teaching, music teaching. So yeah, with with the the the Shenanigans of two thousand and twenty going on right now and the world being what it is, on a complete paradigm shift. How's how's that been...

...going? I can't imagine it's been easy. It has not been easy. However, I am launching a new business avenue kind of cool. It's a virtual lessons I've been teaching virtual lessons all summer to my students that I already had and they're doing so well with it that I was just like, I need to do something more with this, and I started like listing the benefits of like online lessons compared to like what I did, which was drive every week for thirteen years across town, like we did them as today, and I my parents were in the car for about a thousand hours between age six and age eighteen to get me like piano lessons. So so imagine like not having to drive and you don't have to drive and you're safe, like no ask required, like and you still get the one on one instruction and it's just it's working out really well and I'm I'm going to start like marketing this and get myself out there because I think it's a great thing right now for people that are maybe working from home and like we can't do all the things that we want to do, so why not learn something like piano or pick up a new instrument. So I've and you, we we've been seeing that a lot is people have been finally delving into hobbies or new things that they've always wanted to try, always been putting off because he didn't have the time, didn't want to take the time, and now it's like what the hell else do you have to do? Ran, I picked up at Ukulele. I've been you're the third person I know it's done that so many people pick it up Ukuleles. Yeah, I love playing my little Yukulele. I don't get to do it as much, but I've picked up like painting and knitting and I've been like just going hog wild on artsy stuff. So well, I've got three Bass Guitar sitting over against the wall I haven't touched and I feel like feel so I feel like they're judging me, but silently judging. Yeah, well, their bass guitars now be can really here anyway. It's fine, it's that's funny. Getting yeah, I've seen a lot of people like like baking bread, learning how to bake bread the first my little brother makes bread all the time anyway. But like you started making prezzels, which were just the best way you. Well, yeah, well, I'll wake up in the morning, I'll speaking pretzels. That's I I made a brisket for the first time. That a I've seen people, I've seen a lot of people getting into doing this podcasting and youtubing and streaming and stuff, because the hellse you got to do not get sick. That's yeah, you know, you wear a mask and you stand six feet apart from each other. It's not that freaking hard. I've been I've been avoiding people at all costs my entire life, and I can tell you I turned out just fine. So you're so funny. Yeah, go ahead, no good, no, I don't get the problem with the masks, but I know, you know I I would always wear a mask just to protect someone else, but that's just me. So yeah, it's I saw. I saw a great metaphor for it in the day, which is you know how in the wintertime, when you go out and you breathe out in that cloud couse, that's what's going out now. You just can't see it, and imagine how far that travels and how much of that comes out. You know, we all love and around Christal time, going like look on the Dragon, but you know now it's like yeah, well, now you're a dragon that breathes plague. So it's that's true. No, and it is a plague and people just we've been overdue for one for a while. So I feel bad that. I used to love quoting an episode of the office where where Dwight is like stuck in a line and he's like there's far too many people. We need a new plague, and I used to joke about that and then it happened and I was like Shit, damn it. Okay, my bad. One...

...of my favorite lines from the office too, and it came true. I was in Cleveland for a for a big concert, like the week that all hell broke loose in Ohio, and I was like, Oh, okay, at least I got at least I got to go do that. Yeah, but yeah, I was at so for Father's Day I went to I got off work at midnight and went to bills donuts because it was just something we always do for father's Day. We go like we have there's a tree dedicated to my dad over in by the phrase and we go have breakfast by the tree. So I'm in I'm in line, and the way bills donuts to set up right now is like you go in one way and go out the other way. They have six foot markers, and there were these two guys that were just like they didn't care how close to me they stood and like, no matter how much I seem to like move away from them, they just kept moving with me because they thought the line was moving. At one point I'm inside this little doubledoor section that's only like four feet by four feet and they come in there with me and I'm like do you I'm I'm wearing a mask, like do y'all not take the hint right now? Like stay away for me please. I don't get it. I just I was at the paint section at Home Depot and some guy was coughing and he was walking into like the little protected area where the paint people were like, you know, mixing up the paint and he's like do you guys have this color? And like I'm like what are you doing right now? And these people, these women, are like you know, but it just I don't understand the basic disregard for other human lives. Like I just kind of sound like a asshole when you're like you know what I mean. Yeah, think you got a sure coded Asshole, like, Oh, it's just the elderly and, like you know, it's just the weakened people of our society. And I remember I have an anti vaxed friend. I think I told you this. WHO. Oh, yeah, I just don't I don't get that. Yeah, let covid run rampant, but don't vaccinate your children. But this we're not talking about, like you know, like growing up, like my my grandparents and my dad were very much of the generation of like, oh no, he's going to put the penny in the light socket. No, no, wait, hang on, do you're not going to do that again now, are you? But like even now it's like I remember people when this first started, like Oh, it's only got a four percent mortality rate's like yeah, but four percent of six billion people's a lot of people, of people. It's a lot of people. Astronomical and the way it's affecting like thirty year olds as scary as well. Like my boyfriend went to the doctor today to like see about his leg. He's got a little leg in journey and the doctors like yeah, these thirty year old. They're having strokes and blood clots and like my parents had it. So like it's just and I know the seriousness of it. Like I watched them struggle with fevers for five weeks, five or six weeks, hundred and one degree fevers nonstop, and like the skin on their lips peeled off, like everything. It was crazy and so weird. Virus. But and and the test alone is so invasive. Right, just just let's take this footlong q tip and we're going to poke your brain with it. Right, just now. I'm good. Yeah, I'm just going to stay home. Yeah, no, I'm just going to stay in my basement and we're my mask. When I'm fortunate, though, like I still get to go to work. And and my job has been very thorough with like separation and not bringing people back if they don't need to, because most people who are working from home right now are like salespeople. They can work from home. Only only ones of us, you know, I work at the new station. We're only one of US going into the people who have to be there, so that like things will go over the air. There's only so much we can do from home. But they've got a split up like I'm seeing so many other places who companies who are...

...just they just opened up as soon as they could and a lot of them are closing back down now. Yeah, it was kind of like a jump reaction like Oh, we need to open back up, and then it's like no, no, plea, sad to stay closed. But I get that, that that that it the insecurity of like, you know, worrying about making money and the the ECON of the economic side of it. I get that. But I'm also a firm believer that shouldn't be their fight to fight. You know, if we can bail out banks and multi billion dollar airlines, I see no reason why the undred and six diner, best diner in day in the Hio, I don't care what dycom says, shouldn't get a bay, a small bail out of their own because, yeah, what are they gonna do? Right? Well, and my boyfriend owns kitty brew and Mason and no Shit, he yeah, I didn't know that. Yeah, all right, cool. Yeah, he's Kiddy brew and he's been like relentlessly like trying to get help for the business and like like he's just been fighting for them so hard because kitty brew is amazing, like it's a great like adoption, like they do all these adoptions like more than anybody else has ever done. It's crazy. They just do such a nice job in the area and I love it and I love the concept behind it and I just don't want to see anything happen to like places like that. But it's not right, like and if we can bail out, you know, the airlines or the cruise ships are like, why can't we bail out small businesses? I just I don't know. I don't understand that. But he has kept like he and the other owner have kept hitty brew aflow and it's been great. Like they just reopened and I think some of the employees are nervous about like I think everyone's nervous, like anyone that's taking the seriously as nervous. So and you know, it's a it's a stressor for a lot of people. You and I were talking yesterday. Might my little brother. He goes to Kent. He's a freshman at Kent, Kent and you know, is first year. I feel so bad. His First Year of college. He got through one semester at Kinda and yeah, and then this happened. You know, right the start of the spring, some Mat I remember they were. They were sending kids home just for like spring break, and they were at they were halfway to dating and they got the email saying, nope, campus is closed. Income Empty Your dorms out. It was it was that quick of a turnaround. And now they're gearing up for for fall semester and they're basically just leaving it all the responsibility on the students. Like they're like yet dining hall. You still have to come eat in the dining hall. You know, we're you know, we're encouraging you to stay six feet apart were you know, all the public spaces are still going to be open. There's trying to do. I seen so. I've seen like big schools like Princeton, Harvard or going online only. Yeah, but then there's a whole thing with that where they're kicking out the exchange students, wow, because they can't. They're not letting them stay if their international. And it's it's a mess. It's it's everyone's everyone's looking out for I mentioned this yesterday. We're putting a price on human life now, absolutely, and it's it's not okay, like I just I don't understand, and especially like if we could keep things o fun, like everyone wants to. Obviously, why not? What's The harmon wearing a mask, even if it even if it's not as miraculous as they claim it to be? How is that like hurting anybody? I just don't understand that. Like it's a piece of fabric. Like what do you have to lose? Like, you may safe a life, you may not, but like, I'd rather take a chance on saving life than like the other way yeah, we're asking you to put you know my I've seen people. They go by like the the the box of the battle Lavas and pull them up over their head. I would say I almost at Bakla both. That's something totally different. Um, you know, I've my aunt made, made us all a little masks out of t shirts. You know, it's you know what everyone always says. I wish it was Halloween all the time.

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...expensive camera, which is crazy. I love the cameras on they're amazing. I'm like, I'm taking pictures of flowers and nature and like it looks beautiful. I don't understand how they do it, but it's because and my I have two friends who photographers and they hate it because it's like Oh, they spent out. I mean they have a business and thousands of dollars of camera equipment. I'm sitting here kind of click. All right, right, I'm done. It's so funny because my friend today was like, can anyone give me camera recommendations, and I started to type out iphone eleven pro Max. Probably isn't what she's looking for, but seriously, girl, get one it was the main reason I upgraded to the eleven. I was like Camerasna, oh, that's what I got, the eleven pro Max. I had to have the big one because I'm like, Oh really, yeah, I just I I've had an iphone eight for so long. I had it for years and years and never upgraded, and I was like, you know what, we're going big this time. I went all the way in. I I did the same thing because I had a I because for the long when I first got my first smartphone, I was working at Walmart. I had like the cheapest Sam Song you could get, you know, cost like thirty bucks on boost mobile and I went, I remember going through like like six androids in like the span of three years because they just kept dying and not working. And so when I moved up here and I had a good job, I splurts on a six, on a six s plus, and that was my I was. I babied that thing until the day I finally we my mom we all be switched over to sprint. So I got the eight plus and I was like yeah, I got my big phone and but honestly, after after a year of carrying a brick in my pocket everywhere I went. When the eleven came out, I was like, can I just, can I just get the regular one, please? Yeah, yeah, I like the brick and I don't have pockets. So okay, yeah, that's true. Yeah, I got I had to constantly pull it out of my pocket because I couldn't sit down if it was in my pocket. So, yeah, you know what my first smartphone was. You're going to laugh. Did you have a sidekick? No, I wish. That would have been so parasil right, that would have avenue. But I had a Palm Centro, Oh man, with the little skylost. I never had one of those. Oh my God. I loved it so much. I thought I was cool, like the coolest person at Miami. So I was like looking in my little centro with my little stick. My parents were a little, a little uptight when I was growing up there. They melted out considerably by the time my younger siblings were in high school, which made me to the little pissed off. But just like I find it so I couldn't get I'll gone away with half this shit when I was their age. But yeah, I mean my brothers and I, you know, we didn't have a cell phone at all. You know, we got when we went away to college, but it was one of those it was like, you know, no texting, no data. Yeah, two hundred minutes to be shared amongst everybody. One of those things. I wanted a little palm stylist thing and my dad was like wouldn't one of those? I don't know, because it's cool, awesome. So it's really I have homework today. I always have homework, but I get to get my stick out. Yeah, it's Ay, there, you got a pen and paper, don't you mean? While my dad was like the VP it guy and I'm like you you best with all this shit all day, every day. Great, it's not want to feel like you, Dad. That's not the actual answer, but if it works, so yeah, I never had a sidekick. Never had a blackberry. Had A luxury for like a week. I hated it. I it's want to hear from a lot of people. is they. They hated them. I never had one like I could not go from what I had to a blackberry. I was like take this back, I don't care what I got to pay to put it back on the shelf. I don't off this song. Wow,...

...yeah, I hated it. So I tried it and it just was it was glitchy and like there's a little roller ball in the middle, and I was like I love the look of it and I liked the keyboard, because I'm not gonna lie, I love to keyboard, like like a little keyboard. It was great, but you get used to the touchscreen eventually and then you know it's not a big deal. Great, you're a razor. Oh my God, I had a razor and I think I sent that back after like three weeks. Okay, I never had one of those either, dropping it like that's my issue with songs, that I rock them and that's why I shouldn't have an iphone eleven. But See, I'm I've never had that problem. I've never had a problem ever with like dropping phones cracking screens, like when I swapped out my eight plus for the eleven. She was like wow, this isn't like amazing condition. I was like yeah, I don't know what's wrong with everybody else in the world. Never never been. Maybe it's a baby my shit, I don't know, but now I'm just super clumsy, like we're I just got a new bike, like I've been trying to ride bikes and be superactive. And I realized today there I can't turn the bike yet. I can go straight for a long period of time, but when it comes time to turn, I kind of got to get off of it. And then so sad. I'm so funky, so and I just I know that about myself. So whenever the stores are like, Oh, do you want the insurance on this, I'm typically like, let's see, let me way the pros and cons here from I'm gonna drop it. So insurance is weird because if you don't get it that that sucker is going to break within a month, but as soon a if you get that insurance, that thing will be indestructible. Yeah, and I do not for me, but I'll see you's you're the one who needs the insurance. And like, I didn't get my screen protector in time from Amazon. When I got my my phonel, I dropped it before the screen protector came and I was and it scratched and I was like this is just like the ruins my life, but that's okay, it's like first world problems. So I well, I when I got my eight my plus, I left. You Know How you get that? That plastic film when you get the new phone. I left that on there until I had the screen, actual screen protector, and there it made it so hard to use the phone. I was like no, I'm putting something, something's going to be on this screen until I have, until I have a piece of glass and over it. I actually bought whenever I get when I went camping last year, I bought this like special super industrial strength protector case for my phone, one that you had to like. You said its screws like you add, unscrew it, pull it apart, had like six layers of protection. It made me my phone weighed like six pounds. It weaponized my phone. I've got like a little girly kate spade one on and it's like it's it's military grade. But we'll see. It's I just I just I splurged on the outer box at the the sprint store, and I'm not saying that because they're paying me too. I'm just a fan. But if they'd like to Otterbox and big Fan, even though you are expensive. So but man, it's what what a what a less than a year it's been. I know it's I just can't even. And when we talked. The last time we were at my house, which was really cool, and it's just like now, like it just feels so good even get to talk to you. So I know it's I miss everybody. Yeah, I just that's my mom and that's part what I mean. I will say like, like this show has been a bit of a saving grace because it's like cool, at least I can force someone to talk to me for half an hour a week who's not my because my mother wouldn't come on the show. I just want to want to make this clear. I invited my mom to come on. She's she's a private person. It wasn't like she was like Oh God no. I mean she did say you God..., but it wasn't. It was more of a like nothing, she's just she's very shy and very private. Yeah, but my parents wouldn't come to jump city either, like when we were from. Now they're very they're very like shine and kind of they're not shy like when you meet them, but they're not like they would just be embarrassed, I guess, like if they just showed up like on set, they'd feel like out of place. That probably, but but yeah, I just I miss everything. I missed. Dawn. I get to see John Smith tomorrow. What good, I'm excited. Yeah, I'm teaching him his first online lesson. Wow, look at it's still going with it. Yeah, I know. And I was like, I haven't seen him in so long because, you know, with all this stuff, and I he said, hey, how about this online lessons? And I was like yeah, so I get to teach dawn tomorrow and he's like, I have a practice. I said I'll don't worry, we'll start somewhere. Like figure it out so you're not alone. Drown, my students have been doing so well, like I'm. I'm thrilled like they. I think it's because they have more time to practice. But right, yeah, so you, if you so, your online, the online if people want to sign up for online lessons, how can they? How can they do that? So I have a website, piano ajcom, okay, and you can Google me, you can look me up on facebook, but there is an online form that you just fell out to like register for online lessons. It just goes straight to me and then I will call you and we will set up a time and it's pretty cool and I made like my studio policy super simple. So like it's just cut and dry. So there's none of this like Oh, you know, if you miss a lesson here and blah, Blah Blah. So it's super easy, like and I think it's really user friendly to the way we set it up. So and you're doing those through doing a through zoom zoom or Google me it. It just depends on some of my kids likes Google me a little bit better. So thus, because it's what the schools have been using, I think. Yeah, I think so. And Google meat is nice because there's no like time limit, like if zoom makes you pay for the like the longer extended time, and I do teach our long lesson sometimes. So it's kind of like we'll just do Google meet Chow. But yeah, it's been great. Like I they just point the camera at their piano and I can see them and you know, I play by ear. So like if I hear a wrong note, I can like point it out and figure it out without seeing them, like the best. So, but the way that I've got it set it up, set up is it's pretty cool. Like I can't believe that like you can take piano lessons online. I'm like this is so neat. So that's so cool. That's that's that's so great that you can did your because when you're when you're when you're you know something that and it's great that you are, you're confident enough and you know your own skill set to where you know, because I you know, there's a lot of people out there probably be like, I'm not sure how I could teach you know, a piano without being able to be there and see it and and sort of have that confidence in your own skills. It's where you're like yeah, I could, you know that. I think that. I think that's probably that will probably in still a lot of confidence in the students themselves and I like I think a lot of my kids were worried, like when we started this, so that they didn't think they would improve. I have to tell you they're improving better than when they were when they were in person. Don't ask me why, and I, like I said, I think it's because they've got more time to practice. But like, my kids are flying through their books, like I just one of my students this thirteen and he is just his mom texted me and she said his grandma was listening like through the door and we are just so excited because he's playing so well and like that just, you know, that makes my heart so happy so good, probably because they're also like they're at home and they're in their their comfort zone and they can just oh yeah, like how awesome is that that you don't have to like go to somebody else's house and like, I don't know, my parents were... chauffeur for eight, you know, for a million year. So like I can tell you it's definitely a more parent friendly. But I'm hoping to get some more adults as well, just because, like it's very fun to teach adults and I never knew that until I started teaching dawn and a couple other people. I was like, oh my gosh, this is fun because they can like they can read. So I can't read, so that's like a struggle with some of the things. But he's you're trying to explain the alphabet and the musical alphabet and it's like, Oh God, funny. Adults are really fun. Like I enjoy teaching them, so that's great. I do miss the crown like Oh, I know, they're closed, close clothes or just just crew cook the rooftop bars close. So, yeah, I called yesterday because I have a piano bunch up there and I'm like Hey, can I come get my piano bunch and nobody would answer like that. Figured out that they aren't open right now. So let me if it's yours. PROBABULD, yeah, it's fine, go get it. They don't have a problem with me doing that, but I'm just like, I'm so bummed that they're not even open like serving food, like yeah, and with them being with them, you know, being part of a hotel, though, and there's so many people just in and out of there. I'm sure probably just not even not feasible. Yeah, because I go like I just saw just now on facebook today. You know, toxic is going to be closed for a couple weeks or no, they they've been closed for the other their guy that no, sorry, one six is opening back up this Thursday. Toxic is going to have to close down for two weeks because, I guess somebody tested positive, so they have to get everybody else testing heart tested positive to heart. Mercantile. Oh No, really, yeah, I'm I think you're closed right now. So yeah, yeah, it's yeah, where you masks people? I know where your masks. They've are favor dating people like like now they're there are people like making like cool designer masks now, so it's not just this crappy little white thing that doesn't fit your face like they're. They're making masks sexy. Come on, let's yeah, I know, I'm going to order that glitter one. There's like trying stuff that I just really want. So, yeah, looks like a filter. I got. Yeah, Oh, I know, I got one. I got one coming in the mail that looks like something out of a out of a Batman Comic Book, and I'm like, you know what, if I'm going to wear it. Yeah, yeah, I've got one for different outfits like Polkadot, and of course you do. Someone made them for me. So I need you need more of that stuff on your instagram, like I love the stuff that you post, but like, like I want, I want Amy James Coordinating Masks with dresses and stuff on Instagram, like that could be its own thing. I'm gonna you know what, tick talk that tick tock would that would go crazy on tick tock. Aren't they banning tick talk? I don't know, seems like they're nowadays are trying to ban anything. You know, they're just salty about the trump rally. Anyway, we're going to move on. Okay. Oh, wow, we wow, we've been going for forty minutes already. Good Lord, Oh my God, I love talking to you, a me, I really do. I love talking to you, my Shay and, and we're about out of time, unfortunately, but just you know, piano ajcom is where you guys can go to sign up for piano lessons via zoom and Google meets with with amy. You are just about done with with the degree. Yeah, I'm ready to graduate. Three more weeks and you're it's done. I'm fun never again. And then you get to join the lovely world of paying back student loans. Oh, I know, I've been paying them back, because I don't know if you knew this, but...

I'm a cosmot alert this as well. I didn't know that. Yeah, next time I do my eyebrows did I'll come talk to you. Yep, I'm an invade a girl. So well, there you go. So, and now we'll also. Okay, so, I wouldn't suggest doing that for during covid but you know, no, I finally got my first haircut. Finally it got to the point where I was like I got to go get it done and it was oh man, it was like it was a process. It was like check in online, okay, you go, walk in the door, like what's your name? My okay, go sit in your car, will call you when we're ready for you. Yeah, it was thorough and having her having a work around the mask, I was like, Oh, this is going to be on even a shit, but it's fine, it looks good. Thank you, it looks it looks better now now that's growing in a little bit. Everything I get my hair cut, I get it cut real short. You can see just how much starting to lose my hair, getting the grandpauloo thing going where it's going in the middle, but around it it's still thick. And then I was going to have that that circular crown of hair I wish. I suffer from hair loss. So I feel you on that. I am strong. I struggle so much, so, so st no, I know, I know. Yeah, trust me, I know how that is. Yeah, but so, Amy James, thank you so much for coming on, coming on. You're welcome. I say thank you so much for having me. I've kind of and we'll have you back again because we're coming up on the end of the first season, guys, so season two we'll get. We'll get amy back on here and maybe by you know, and if you write anymore music and you want people to hear it, you know you can always send it my way. Oh, you are so sweet and I've been writing so good, good, always love to share your stuff. When we loved, we loved the day and strong video and song. We love the one you did for for Covid, which was great. We played that on the live show. So next time you get one and and you're ready for people to hear it, just let us know you are awesome like now. So are you. Thank you so much, amy. All right, guys, that's going to do it for this week's episode. So we are going to bid you a do and we'll be back again next week with a brand new episode. Make sure you guys are sharing this with your friends. If you don't share this with people and New People don't listen to show. Kind of feeds a whole purpose. To make sure you share this and follow us on all social media, twitter and Instagram, at TV underscore pot and until next time, I'm Mike Shay and, as always, live well rock on, take care and bub bye.

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