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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 49 · 1 year ago

So What's Next? with Mike Shea - The Basement Lounge: EP #49


As the season finale looms, everyone's favorite host of The Basement Lounge is gonna sit down and have a drink with you, the listener, and talk about what to expect for Season 2!


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Eggeys, it's Mike and real quick towant to let you know that as we're coming up towards the end of the firstseason, I'd really like to get your feed back on how you've enjoyed theshow this far or if you have it, we have a survey up through Google formsand I would really appreciate it if you guys out, take just a couple of minutesof your time to fill out this survey. It's only ten questions. Long all youneed to do is good to our face book page face, but dcom slash, basementloungepod and you can find the survey as our pin post there at the top of ourfeet. Just takes ten questions a couple of minutes. please. It really helps usknow what you like and what you didn't like. We want you to be as honest asyou possibly can be we're looking for any kind of constructor courtisis. Youcan give us so we know how to better the show going into next season onceagain go to our facebook, page faxebook coms, Lash, basement, lounge, pod andcheck out the pin post, Makin Guy so much and enjoy today's episode. Egy. This is wike. She and I want totalk to you about anchor. Yes, anger is the brand new freeway for you to getyour pod cast career off and running without any cost. To you simplydownload the anchor Avorgo to ancer DOTFM to get started. Anger is theeasiest way to make a modcast. They give you everything you need in oneplace for free. You can use it right from your phone or your computer. Theircreation tools allow you to record and edit your modcast, so it sounds Tlaymagnifiki without n having to worry about all the costly setup. Hey'll evendistribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere. Spotify, apple,podcast, Google pod casts stitch. Your Hall of that ind you can easily makemoney from your pot casts with no MINUM listenership. They sent you up withawesome sponsors. All you got to do is record a script kindof like what I'mdoing now, throw it on t your show and start making money once again, Downlohe anger, ap or go to Agerdot F M and get in your podcast career, loft andrunning right now. Just do it already...

...hello, basement. Lounge fans. Welcometo the pen ultimate episode of season. One episode, forty nine that's rightnext week is episode. Fifty that is our big season. Finale episode with JohnRoca, the outlaw of the movie Trib schmonown host of the outlaw nation andthe cynophiles and the Geek bodies, and so many other things and the top tenshow we're going to be having him on. I can't tell you how much I'm lookingforward to that to that show next week, but I thought today was today beingepisode. Forty nine and the SN, the the the secondlast show before the bigfinale before our season. One break you'l be good to just sit down and talkwith you guys and just powow about you know how the season is gone and andwhat we're looking forward to for season two and we're going to do in theoff season as well. So it thought'uld be fun to to t talk about that, andwe've hinted at some of these things in the past too, but it'll be good to kindof confirm them for you or or Polish off any details ever you want to lookat it. So, first of all, yes, we are coming backfor a season, two we're taking off the month of August. Just to you know,we've done this for fifty straight episodes. We took a couple of breakshere and there just because the world Um, but we're we're coming back for aseason too we're taking the entire month of August off just to rest and regroup and by we I mean mebecause we mentioned on social media earlier this week. First of all, bigshout out to Travi tiffender for our longtime producer of the show is goingto be stepping down and focusing on his career and his things. You know wecould not have done this show without travistravis really helped us get. Thisshow off the ground and helped me when I was early on shaping the clay of theshow as it were. He helped me focus my...

...ideas and focusd what I wanted t onwhat I wanted to do and he's been a great source of of inspiration eversince you know we've mentioned before that, Travis is a Um, sorry foryooni.He is an active duty, member of the. U S, coastguard and he is currentlyparticipating in a a veterans, writing program, working on an actual screenplay with Hollywood professionals and he's fully committed to that, as wellas to his dead, serious podcast and and the the graphic novel that he's workingon he's a busy guy, and he was really he was. You knowreally great in laying the groundwork for the show, but with him beinginvolved in as many things as he is and he needs to focus on his own career. Hereally does and he's done such a good job. Getting US set up take off on ourown, so where we e- and I talked, and you know he's gonna he's gonna go offand work on his own and we're GOINGTA go off in our own direction and youknow traps and I go way back. We go all the way back to college and he's one ofmy best friends in the world, and I'm happy that I do get to work with himwhen I do hes my creative partner, and so we wish him the absolute best ofluck, but going forward one of the thingswe're going to be doing in our time off in August. Is I'm going to be lookingfor a new producer for the show, preferably somebody who is you knowrelatively local, who can be very hands on and help us with, like the bookingof guests and the social media presence, because right now it all kind of fallsto me and it's a lot. That is a lot to do and I forget a lotof things every once in a while you'll see where there's Um just not aninstangrantpost, I haven't poseded anything this week, for example part of thats, because we we you knowagain, we we did have a guest originally booked for this week due to some very serious personal andfamily issues that were going on as well as professional Um. He he neededto cancel, which was fine. You know,...

...light happens, and so you know we hadenough notice where I said well, this'll be a good chance for me to justsit down and just talk about what I want we're, what we're planning anyway.So that's why there was no social mediapost or anything this week, but Um. So so we're going to be lookingfor an actual producer, though somebody who can help take take on th theresponsibility of keeping the social media up to date and helping me get theguests booked and scheduled, because that has been an ordeal, but we also have this survey up thatexists. If you go to our facebook page fix book, dotcom, Slash Basementlaunghpod, we we've had this survey going for a little while now and uh,it's it's a short ten question survey and- and we've had a lot of responsesso far and and if you haven't filled it out yet please I I I'm. I am asking ifeveryone could take a moment to just go, do that it's just ten questions. Ireally appreciate it. I'm not looking for you to kiss my Hasse, okay, I'm notlooking forward to kiss my ass, I'm looking for honest feedback here and Iwant to know things you've liked things. You' haven't liked everything from thequality of the guests to the length of the episodes. You know things like that,and there are some spots for you to fill out your own ideas or suggestions or things you liketo see of the show. ND We've had a lot already that have all kind of beensaying the same thing, and this is something that we've thought about before, which is getting me a cohostwhen we have issues like we did these last few weeks,with massive amounts of cancellations all at once and scrambling toreschedule episodes Um having a cohost that I can conversewith and bounce ideas off of and and havethat that jumping off point with would help with a lot of that, so thatI don't have to do an episode like I'm doing today, where it's just me talkingwhere I can have so, because the showis...

...about conversations between B, t between like minddindividuals, this S- This is a show- you know meant to be about two peoplelike sharing a drink at a bar after work and just sharing their thoughts ondifferent kinds of topics. So having a cohost for the show, Kindof just makesall the sense in the world. It's been fun flying so low, but I I II need to coose for the show so over the month of August, while we're offthe air thosewill be the two things I'm going to be doing is looking for aproducer and looking for a cohost somebody who I can who I'm comfortable with WHO Ican I'm much going to be looking for a random person like I want it to besomebody. I know somebody I'm familiar with WHO's. Familiar with me, who I know I can have a goodconversation with and who knows who it'll be? Who knows? What'll be we'rego,we're going to put a post out on social media here next week and that's what wre going be doing forthe month of August. That's not all Woro be doing for the month of August,though, and want you guys to fee like there's going to be no content for youfor four weeks. In a rop and then N N N, an Ano dress me, we've got stuffplanned, so we're going to be going back to doing our livestreams duringthe week on twitch, which were a lot of fun, and we we took a break from thelife stream to the month of July because of the booging issues and justtrying to get the finale done. Ut we're going d doing things a littlebit differently. It's not going to be just random stuff three to five days a week. If forBrunch in the basement, none no it's going to be actual shows. So the firstone that we're doing is our Wednesday show, which is going to be a revival ofMike talks, movies, Mik Takm, and I I've I've teased this alittle bit before, but Mike Talx movies was a show. I did. It was a show, slashblog, slash, stardush channel. It was kind of a project that had going on in the past over over several years nowoff and on so alreye bringing that bag,...

...and that's going to be our Wednesday.Eleven am show on twitch, where we're going to be doing deep, dives intomovie news and movie topics like you know, we we've done that before we didthe the fan casting of the x men and great trilogies and the history of theDC film film industry. Things like that. That's going to be my talk movies andwe're try we're planning on doing it as a two hour show so from eleven to one.Eleven am to one PM on Wednesdays, I's, going to be miketalx movies and I'vebeen working on new graphics for it, and it's going to be a lot of fun. Ithink, and then Fridays are going to be bringing back the Friday funday show,which is where, if you go into, if yo join our discord server, which I highlysuggest you do when the link is down the description of this show, but we'regoing it's where you can send me links to you, two videos and other stuff onthe Internet. You know movie trailers and video game stuff. You know we watchthe unreal engine five play through graphics, test video which WIS amazing,sometimes they're, funny sometimes they're. Sad and s they're flocked upwhenever it might be, but that's a cool one hour where we just sit back andjust watch cool shit on the Internet and react to it in real time. Sothat'll be happening. Fridays and those are the two programs that we haveplanned F right now we used to do a show on Mondays as well. Monday is myday off work and I would kind of like Monday to remain my day off so for thetime being, there's nothing planned for Monday, but we'll say things mightchange. Also, if you're not able to watch the live streams of miketoxmovies, Mike tolx movies will also drop on the podcast feed the next day. So ifyou're not able to watch live on Wednesdays, which is fine, Thursdayswill drop the audio into the pod cascene. So you can still check out theshow. Every week the Friday show doesn't work in audioform, so ore not ein a Bobo trying that Bu Anyway Um. So for all S- and that starts WednesdayAugust fifth, so right when we get in August, we'll be the first episode ofMike Talx movies, really looking...

...forward to that, but also you know this. I have otherthings I work ontoo. You can also check out my other pod cast mixed tape. Radio,which is the show that I do for the Sin Escape forsinescape media, go checkthat out. I drop one, usually every Monday, every once in a while. I miss aweek, but that's a cool show it's a short show like fifteen twenty minuteepisodes, riht ist plug awesome cool. You know working class musicians from all overthe world, so check that out and then also I'm still producing and directingthe the ultimate shmowdown show for the outlaw nation. You can check that outwherever I'm still doing stuff. It's just the basement. Launch pod gaseousneeds a break for a month. That's all it is and like e Sa e working onbringing on a producer and bringing on a cohost for the show as well to reallyjust help the show grow, and if you have any input you'd like to give usremember, you can always go to t to the survey. Go to faxbok com, slashbasement lounge pot and it's the pin post reds of of our timeline. And thenalso you know it's just it's going to be a busy month for me too, because-and I haven't really gone public to public with this. But I started lookingfor a house of my own. You know living in MOM's pacement for a long time andI'm ready to get out of my own. So I'm currently in the earliest stages ofhouse shopping, which is nerve racking at best and I'm trying to make thisthing grow and be a real formal asset to mylife, which is why I encourage you guys to golike be of members of the Patrion, because you have no idea how much yourcontributions on the Patriogon help me. I Don' want to shout out the folks whodo that right now. You know my mom of course, B Jodie mcdermit Solhs, grey,Greg, Joey, Craig Whitney upchurch. Thank youguys so much for your contributions. Every month we absolutely appreciat it,and it goes a long way that that little bit that that little bit of money helpsus pay for things like the ADOBIA. The the adobe subscription that we use Ffor the show 'cause all of our stuff is...

...done through adobw audition. Our videosare done through premier, I you know I'm getting better and better withPhotoshop little by little I did all the new artwork and stuff and I'll todo new ones again en we get the NEWCO host. So you guys do us a huge serviceby helping us out with our costs for the anobiouse weet and the more peoplewho join our our Patrion thes, more things that were able to do so. Thankyou who are supporting Haf. You are not supporting. That's fine share. The showshare the link on social media help get the word out about the show, I'm reallytrying to grow. This thing, and and I'm Gong to be putting a lot of work intohow to approach this show for season to, and I'm also trying to grove the guests.I want bigger guests, I want bigger batder guests and I love the people whohave been on the show. I love my friends and they will continue to be onthe show. I will have Jodmcderman O again. I will have eandremedicitis onagain. I will have Claudiagomezon again and Mike Wells and dusty, Harvey andSavannah Web and Amy James and Rayjacks, and I will have them on again and againand again and again and again, and there are still plenty of local peopleI haven't had on the show. Yet just because of scheduling, I am dying toget Karand Jaffy on this show she and I have such crazy busy conflictingschedules. It just never seems to work, but I'm dying to get her on the show.There's plenty of people in this town that haven't been on yet or haven'tbeen on in a while that I'm ready to get on the microphone, but I also wantto continue to grow. To get big guests, you know we we got Steve Morris lastweek. I can't tell you how much I love the episode. WOF Steve, Mors, F, youhaven't listened to it. Yet please go listen to our interview with SteveMorrs because it is to die for and getting John Roka on next week is hugefor me, and I can't again I can't even begin to describe how excited I am toget John Roca on the show. So I mak she guts check it out next week as well,but that's going to pretty much do it for this week, guys that's what we got going on. That'swhat we got planned and I am so excited...

...for what we've for what we've done, I'mso proud of what we've done so far. I'm so happy with the show right now- and Ihave so many ideas of things I want to do- to grow everything and I'm ready tostart implementing them, and I couldn't do without all of you. So, thank youall so much we'll be back next week with our seasan finale with John Rocaand man is going to be a hell of an episode until then, as always live wellrock on take care and a a.

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