The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 4 · 2 years ago

“I’ve Worn a Lot of Different Hats In My Life” with Jane Sullebarger- EP #4


This week’s guest is comedian/fashionista Jane Sullebarger who’s got a secret desire to have Mary Berry as her grandmother.


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...month and commuting back and forth andrunning all over thetown and getting so many blifters Um, but I really lote it so far. Um IVlived in New York before, but not in Brooklyn and tonight neighborhood and I'm reallyenjoying it Touh Yah. So how did you? How did you we'll talk about doingstand up in a little while? But let's stay on this on this fashion thing. Sohow did you first get into this? En I don't know. I mean Iye fo a lot offashion designers, they all kind of, say the same thingwetey'll be like. Oh, I would make clothes for my bargies and like like,like it ere the only person in the universe whoever did that and on my fast called being seven like that's not like. That's not that's, not a newthing IV ho did that. I don't know it. Itjust made enough ten Um and I also speak friends but of betingsdefinitely seem tnary and it as mad ben on it', something that I fee in good atand it makes me happy and I get paid to do it. So I know so, and you said 'reyou're working doing stuff in women's fashion. What kind of stuff are youdoing? Um It? The company called Mewe love onand it' like it's like Hyde, bride, point luxury, anminiml, a winnenwer, and I don't know today was only my third day Um, but I definitely fee a lot of like whathappens behind games to I'm basically just running round different dacteriesand meeting a lot of people and keeping stuff up and droppingselfafter Um, yet late SA getting a lot of bikerdUm. So definitely not doin ha in this year. But so you said, you've you'velived in New York before, but it's your first time in Brooklyn what do y? Whatdo you think of Brooklyn so far Um? I really love it. I'm in the middleof like a really nice neighborhood in Bushwick Um. I was like kind of Phesitant to movehere because a couple of years ago it was pretty dangerous, but it up in coming and during night and Um. I don't know it's just very likedifficult to get around. Like the town. I A convenient an. I feel like Thereis, no well liable public transportation, but Um. I got myself from Poina to Theteeventary, so my genral rule of Tun is that everything just takes fortyminutes just just SA forty minutes to get to work. Forty minutes to go to thegrocery store forty minutes to go to Londonigt. Like that's, that's a goodconsistency to have, though, so it's easier to plan your day. I Guess Yeah! So Um. Let's talk about. Let's talk about theSTANDUP thing Um!...

I come from a stand up backgroundmyself. I do stand up. How did you first get into into joke? Telling? I don't know Iman. I feel like it's just something that kind of happento me Li. I feel like a lot of things in my life just happend to me and I'mjust like. Okay, like is rolling with Te Bunches Um, but I was out one night and I was atthe North Idd cold cameliar and I don't know if you know my culency but he's ahilarious tand at Canedian, alittle, more arnd yeah he's fanater Um ye fellow Tomite Um. He Ho Tand up open light on Thurdays at cameleon, andI FIS er, like o. You got to go up. There lie I', just GOINTA go up thereand like it's Goin, to be like. I like the joke that, like people watching meto stand up, is like being a woman, breast Ed in a restaurant, because it'spres interesting, but no one should enjoy it. Like I don't know, I just I got upthere. I just like battle bobs stuff bout like being from Boston and peoplethought it was funny. I kept doing it and UH IMFRN. Currently I live with awoman who hose h and open like everyone te. So I might, I might do something next week, but Ifeel like the stand up scene in Brooklyn is a lot more competitive, sowel you're, you're kind of you know on the front lines there you know being inin the New York area. That's aside from Los Angeles I mean New York is prettycut for it. When it comes te stand up. It's okay, I mean I went um on my fateas, so it it WOASDHuvtin over like because that's that's really all I do too um it. I I don't know it was okay. I feellike sand like Oden Ligk can be kind of like a Hai or Miss Um, but I definitelyhad a couple like vellue laps, but you know n tin, Yo i Don Open Mikes are likethat. I I've been doing it long enough that, like I'm not Overli, I'm not I'mnot saying like. Oh I've been doing this too long to do open likes any work,God no, no one's ever over it, but it's just. I can definitely say, like I've,been doing it long enough and now, when I go to open like I know what to expect,and it's it's not my favorite thing, but I also understand why it'simportant to go to those yeah. I mean hat realy. How most people start outtoo. I mean yeah. That's that's the only way to start now, when y you getyget to a point where doing an open Mike is like you go there to work onsomething specific. Oh absolutely. I actually no lie bombing at the rightof package. Oh Oh yeah, yeah! That's that's for sure. I H I was. I was luckyenough and I I guess I would say I was...

...unlucky enough that my very first showever wasn't hat an open Mike it was it was for. I was in high school, an itwas for a talent show, and I did really well, but that gave me had ofunrealistic expectations so that the next time I did a show was for some Idid most of my first shows were for events at the high school. My next showwas at like some some school event and I bombed so hard and s because I hadthat first show go so well. I wasn't ready for it. So I will agree with you.Bombing is, is a hundred percent? A right of gasithat'swthe exact samething happened to me because, like the first time I did stand up. I feel likeI had all of this like nervous energy, and I was like okay, I just have tolike get this over with. So I was like talking super bad and, like I D N' n,but apparently it went well enough and like the second time I did it. I waslike Oh yeah, like I, I like you've got, they don't even know what they're aboutto be. I got up there I' got no laugh, it was a nightmare. I I talked about this with one of myother guests earlier in the season we talked abouthow it's almost as if um it's almost like. I don't know you ever you ever getoffstage or try to think back to a show. You had, and you just can't rememberanything that happened. You can't remember thin. It's like I remember Y, like I'mlike, I probably just had a stroke gon for the Mikeananers, I'm likelike. I II'll go I'll watch back videos of of of sets that I did and it's like. I don'tremember, saeing any of that yeah. I feel the same way I can. I canremember them saying coming to the stage and then I can remember sayingthank you good night and that's I don't know. That's weird Um. Have youdone good Bat Thyi? Sorry, I wash backvideos on my tolt and I I'll tell a joke that I feel like is really bad and,like everyone will laugh and I'm like. Why is that funny and then I'll tell ajoke that I'm like Oh, like this is going to be the ticker and then it itte cricket. I have definitely told my fair share oflike I've. I've had joke ideas where it's like this joke sucks. No one'sgoing to laugh at this, but I it's in my head. So I know I have to tell itand I'll go tell itait'll do well and I'll be like no. Why are you laughingat that at's, not funny sons, bitches laugh at my funnis now.Have you have you had a chance to how long have you been doing? STANDUP now t LIK, six mon on Ano, so have you hada chance to maybe have you had a chance to do like like a competition oranything yet any of the STANDUP competitions?...

No Um, I mean I have had theopportunity, but I've always said no, because I feel like I'm like I'm just like this new money likeI don't I don't belong there. Yet I thinkthat's, I think I think that's subjective. I just did my first onethis year, no way yeah, it's th y. They SC I'm a completepuss. They scare the crap out of me, I'm a chicken shit when it comes tocompetitions me found I mean I did. I did pretty well, but still it was a dlike. I definitely want to do it again now that I've now that I've popped thatCherry, but at the same time it's just like. I don't know how I know, peoplewho just go and just do every competition they can d. I'm like. Idon't have the emotional fortitude for that yeah. What's Whik the frame ofReference Watt like how do they gauge like? Oh, this guy is funnier than thisguy or funer than the fre. Well, the way, the way we do 'cause we have. Wehave one that the club here in town host and the way they do it is Um. Thefirst round is actually four different shows 'cause. It's over two days,Friday and Saturday, Friday, th Friday. Ther is seveno'clock, and it's in a nine o'clock show Saturday to seven o'clock and anine o'clock show and everybody who comes into the show to watch gets avoting sheet and they have to pick three different COMEDIANS, who aretheir top three favorites and then they colle and then theycollect they go around. They collecteverybody's votes at the end and then they usually have a headlinerperforming who's, not in the competition and one while they're performing. Theytally the votes, and then they take the top three from each round and move themto the finals which are on Sunday and the the judging on Sunday is a crowd.Vote counts for fifty percent and then the other fifty percent is thereis,actually a panel of judges and they just pick their their three favorites.I guess now, that's just the way Han do hours.I don't know how other places do it Um? I would imagine it something similar,but probably yeah, but you know, and a lot of thatcan be dependent on, because you know we had a guy who brought like fiftypeople to the show Um. So he was guaranteed those fifty votes from thepeople he brought now granted. They also had to pick other people theyliked, but- and it wasn't like he wasn't funny, but there is still thatelement of like you know, if you don't bring anybody you're you're at a bit ofa disadvantage, especially in the first round. MSO But yeah it was. It was fun because, like the crowd was a hundred percentand 'cause, sometimes you get epecial open Mike. You get crowds who aren'tthere for comedy they're there just to hang out and so you're not going to geta good reaction out of them yeah. But when you go to a competitionthey're there to laugh so yeah, I don't know, I think once you get past a year,I think maybe you should give it a shot once you get to that once you get thatfirst you're under e under your belt, you know en you got a good, solid, fiveminutes. I think you should go. Take ticket shot at it. You might not. Youmight surprise yourself...

...yeah to working on a but you're bus.You know you're busy y 're e you're doing you're. Also, you know 'causeyou're doing the fashion thing. Now. You you have you what I wear a lot of hat you're, AINEERYTHING UM YOU! So I love hats. I have a huge head, soI can't wear hats, but I love hats. Rea. They got care, you uh! You have a you, have a a agentleman in your life. I believe I do. I do M, like you said, that's soexasperated islike Yeayeh like how long a how longhave you guys been together? You're- not here, oh good, for you yeah. Is He there with you in in in NewYork? No He's not, and so sad every day M, yeah still in aisle,but you've going to come out and visit me and Um. Last time, ou here ou here for adifferent internship became and lived ne Ife and it it was not enough and wejust Mik each other, O r bond yeah Um. No, but we we keep in touch and wewe'll call or FIS times nightly, but he's busy he's an animator o. He Ha hea on right now, ohand we have. We have plenty of Dhefaction so yeah. How is hewith the whole? I mean I', I'm assuming he's pretty he's pretty supportive withthe with the fashion thing, a e. is he with the standup thing it was kind of Lik. I think he thoughtbout ketting at first because he wasn't with me the first night. I did it so Itexted at like two in the morning m and I woal like of Scecwat like I just didstand up and he probably thought I like got titer and ist like io ik how to stroker Soundo FN anyway,but I like o. He like you did wat, like I don't know, and Youere Kinda likelike Yah you're funny, but like are you that funny, Oh wow yeah, and it was very annoying becausethe first time he came to sene stand up. That was like the first time I boughtohno. I think it was like because he was in the audience and I was like okaylike now. I have to do like extra extra extrado job because he's in theaudience- and I just I rebond- and I Hadt Ben Allwere and funny and thenext Tine I did it- i I got I tolap and he and I wil away drig those togetherand she actually he tried it too and he...

...needed really well. His Ana Shado Wolfwait. Well, wait what yeah, yeah and io to say Aam ytup to him thenYoue, it's! Why, with me, yeah no hi, his name stat is on his birthar toorget. That is atthrough fact, is utesem Ay, nay, Marrd, O o Wolf. No,that I thought the same thing wil you know on tender and it was like like I was swipping, and I see thisKinane sadow and I don't know I would kind of juslikefeeling very like cynical at that point, because, like Ting wit kinder, is that,like you, have to like kiss a lot of frounds before you ket your print andlike at this point, I had like fucked the whole, an yeah mion, now m yeah Um, and I would like all right I'll go outwith the guy like it'll, be funny and go listen to that. An he've Bena he'sGonto at we um yeah, but I would like beside that, it'd belike a magician or a native American or like some kind of stripper and we Wenon our first dat and we were completely hittid off and yeah the rest o history. Two and a halfyears later was sil joking about his name, and that is Fanta. You wouldthink 'cause 'cause, you know tender is you know the most shallow of of thedating APPs. I think out there M it's like shopping for people. It is youreally are you're you're walking down the peor? Oh I'm on it right now. I don't match tanybody, but H, UM, it's! It is it's! It's very it's,but to see someone whose name is shadow, you almost feel like you have to swiperight. It's like I yeah. I need to know more Bhan Goina who do Etyeah. Are you?Are you a? Are you a naturally curious person, a curious perturn yeah would Ba Tou, soyou see sole with the name shadow you're. Just like I need to knoweverything about this person. Yeah get Hon all Y Yo gradtink. So you do the fashion thing. You dosstand up thing which a R which are good, useful talents. Let me ask you this: Doyou have any like supremely useless talents like something you you're,really good at that serves no purpose whatsoever? I can love my brack for areal long time. Oh nuses talent, I don't know I I mean,like I'V, said I've like worn a lot of different halfs in my life. When I wasI wan to say, like thirteen, I was in the CIRCIS. What yeah I was in the ferrce. That was acontorsornist toll me all about that.

You can't see right now, but I have you can look Um. I have like hyper extension in Y elbothough they they like ten, the wrong, let so I Ican. Basically what that means is. I can turn like my arn in its tocket, like three hundredand sixty degrees. Oh O um, O I'm realtood at that H, but youthless talent. I don't know I can. I can do ahead.Tand uh, I mean I think that qualifies reat. It reallygood. What you thin, I mean I think, sitting on your head might qualify asuseless ecause. When is that going to get you out of like a bad scenario? I I didn't hear that, like I think that standing on your headcould be considered as being useless, because when is that going to get you out oflike a liferedes scenario, I I don't know you can be like I don't know some people do it for like clarity or if they have a headache, youCA. That will probably make your headache worse, but at's. True, I don'tknow like you know you, Google, like how to get rid of a headache andthere's like a million just like youthful ting bird, you gointo, ImbaniPLA, have a headache. You Probably Have Colin Camc there take care. Take this pill for your foryour itchy watery eyes may cause breast cancer yeah exactly Um. So y you did the circus, you did theyou did the CONTORTIAN Shine d you ever get injured, while you were doing that, no, it was for a very short amount oftime. Um Thet was just for like a few weeks, one summer and H, it was kind of like over as soon as it began.Um Yeah it was. It was definitely likethinking back on it. I was like Oh yeah that was weird Um yeah, so that's one y that' one I usedith talances Tealbar Taing, you said you said you do baking. I love to bake. The Great Gritishteakoff is like, if I never stressed or nervous or like need to put somethingon. Just like the Great Mitish bake off. Is I go too? I want marryd barry to bemy grandma. You ever had any like major screwups in the kitchen when you werebaking, something Um O. Probably I've definitely had like explosions and H. Naters grew up from the keepin. Oh Idid. I went to the hospital once I si SOPPD, the top of my phome, Oh yeah, I was I was like slicing up likean apple for something and Um. I like...

...cut off Wen my Tog, and I I didn'trealize for L, probably a minute, and I thoughtthat you know when you see something like that and everything just happensin slow motion. I thought Ot Knowl, Oh and then my mom came in and she waslike. Oh Ido GE. I mlike O do nothing about that. So I don't know I I got it tdUAT'probably, the worst sever happene to me in teciten, but Um yeah. I have. I have like a a far in my oeol AA ilefectroni face,Oh gee! So what's your? What's your? What'syour go to thing to bake in the kitchen like what'? U What's the one thingyou're, just like I love baking, O that I love taking bread. You love making. Ilove holemade bread, yeah, well, com in the whole house,nogod. I I love Bacon, bred and especiallyl, since it takes so longlike when it comes out of the oven. It's so gratifying. Oh It'SI YO! If you tell people like,Oh, I beg pooko O ik. I Bake a really good tit or like that. Everyone doesbat. If you're like I dat red they're like wo like she run another lavel 'causecookies, you can get the recipe off the off the box of the CH, the bag of thechocolate chips, but bread, there's science involved in that Yeah M. My my dad would always makewell always make bread on Thanksgiving and and before he passed, he taught mylittle brother. He tried to teach me I'm pretty good in the kitchen, breadnot so much. He taught my little brother Thet how to make bread so everyyear he makes a copious amount of around Thanksgiving and we just freezeit and have it for months h so good, oh, my God, Tong Ogar, Um, everyone like has been turning their back on breadand like now I live in New York City. So I see people like scooping out theirbagels and like talking out like like the middle of the Babel, which is a bathard it drowt in Ta Lash and I'm like. Do you like, there's a special place inhow ever you Bela eatens? The lot of them said Heathens the lot of em yeah, exactly M, so woild you beinginvolved in fashion and and keeping I'm assuming. You keep an eye on fashionedtrends now and again, Yah Yeah. What are some of the thesilliest dumbest things you've seen com into trend in in fashion recently. Recently, I don't know I'm I'm kind of like at apoint where I'm like. If, if you wear it- and it makes you happy like there's, there's really nothing I cando 'cause. I don't know I mean I I do...

...enjoy looking at like bled cartet andseeing like the bectdress in the wors drosslike. I don't know I I feel like I was justlooking at one recently. I can't think of anything like off the Topof I headUm, as has there ever just been somethingyou've seen, people wear and you're. Just like h. Why Ion I I'm never going to be a fan of I Ithink Berken stocks are really ugly. I do. I do N aeveryone had a pair, andI just think that they're, like the ugliest she in the entire world and my brother, heis like a a big like shue collector and he will go to like those sneaker drop,and I don't know it s t's interesting. I tohe'll go these feger drops and like Hell Fan etne sends like two hundreddollars on like a pair of sneakers and then he'll wait for a couple of months.An the value will like xponentially, grow and Ike. I just think some ofthese pegers are really ugly. I don't know, there's bean interestingconversation surrounding it, though, because Lik speaking to him like, I know we'regetting pobably super off topic right now, but there's notortoe tropic, there's no top eers, no talk her topicand the day N Lonmi was talking to her about it and heas like I'm just like a, but he he er for the money and likethere probably are people who care about the design and like the the story behind like wearing thesefoods. But I don't know people will get angry at people who just are fote moneybecause they're like oh you're, not respecting like the culture and likethe Storylie, I don't know but half the people who go to thes things. I went toone with him. Um I had to like enter a rapple in orderto have the opportunity to like purchasethese sneakers and he like he was like hey. If you do this, like I'll, giveyou half of the money once we fell hem an IAS like okay, like I don't care,but I like got in there and people were like protesting, and I don't know that sounds like an interesting cornerof fassions that I haden't really explored. So where do you s stay on footwear?where, where do you fall on the whole soccer nos soccers? What the healthsandals with socks? I Loe handles it stock. Really I waredantals o stock. Today wow I hurca work. That's the first time. I've ever heardsomebody like go to bat for Sandals and socks no IM. I am Pro Sandols Eso they'relike platform sandl, so they'rethre, it's like a night and ans are basicallyshoes...

...yeahmeanyeah, but I I see that kind ofstuff all the time like. If, if it's like a slide with a fanal like I don'tknow, I I just kind of appreciate that Tor it can't value at that point likeit. Like dogs and Sandl tie like so what about Crox Don' have a problem with them. They'e they're becoming I don't knowut,there's like new challenge. Videos like you can go on you, food and Lik. Google,like I had to style a week, was about it like with Crock, and they make it look cute I mean I, I wasnever a tox person cesly like growing up. If you wore crot like people, wouldn't talk to you like youwere at your drug. I remember those days. No, no! I I never really had crack. I I tried wearingem once I didn't thinkthey were comfortable. So I said no, no. I on hop O on Oti, don't like thatMo Im pebbled in a Shal, so we're getting we're wrapping up here,Jane we're we're coming to the end of of what we're doing here. Um Real quick! Is that can you look backon you know 'cause You'e you're at you're, your how old, now Jane and Hontefail you're, twenty two soyou're in that crucial step where you know you're you're getting thrust outinto into the world of being an adult. It sucks. Don't do it stay ing schoolforever, but is there? Is there a point whereyou can look at and now where you're here doing this fashion? In this comedything and as Yo as you said a couple of times, you you've worn a lot of hats.Can you look back on maybe just like one, maybe one or two events in yourlife that you feel have had the biggest impact on where you're at right? Now I I have to take qu one or two welwwhat.Have you got some people like they'd be able to have more than one some peoplejust want one, but it's is there anyta back on Yeahm, I don't know, we didn't really get anopportunity to talk itout this but um I do uh growing up. I would travel alot and I had the opportunity Um to go to Israel with my family and were I feel, like I heard like everylanguage there and I had the Fud weatfor languages and if I, if I had asuperpowet, it would be a seek every single language. If you had a choice between speakingevery language and speaking to animals, which would it be language it for Cer Languages Ie, if you have an animal like, if youhave a pet in your house and it starts... making some kind of noise, you canfigure out pretty quickly what it wants. But true, like Paty, pick me up e downheed me. I have to booake. If I don't know I, I would really love tospeak every language, so um in the past. I don't know I I've builden ferns forabout ten years and fanished for eight and Oh yeah from time to time. I'llspeak a little German with my dad. So I I think of Faron out and I I want tolearn more, but I think ion know. I think it ate up being like being able to Pak so many languages.Definitely given he alida in by professional careers. No, I don't know what I'm talking bout.I nhave a an enter right now, O foo, proessional, environment, UNABLTO,communicate h a ealike. I don't Kn. It just opened a lot of dor for me,realizing that Um yeah. So maybe not one experience butbeing able to being able to travel so much and Um but fashion. I kind of realized that Iwanted to do that. Um, my grandmother. She Um, I be t her once every couple of weeksand she was a runway model for Carologerfeldon Ralph Born N, butwanted to Ya. There 's, like one picture of her and she's like on hispatwalk and see gorgeouslike. It's like parents and and she at like a hat andeverything, and she just looks like a million bucks, and I was like like Iwant to do that, like that, probably sound like the most prefal and t Idon'tknow everyone. Everyone hassomething that' like like: Oh that's, OMO CRICA, but it's creat, haerthereason: Yeah cliches exist for a reason, and you you Jane are are very worldlyperson and- and that's that's rare for someone who you know you're, not just acomedian and you're, also you're, also working in fashion and and you're.Apparently, a former contortionist for the circus and you're a baker and youryou're you're, a we've said it we've said it several times. It's probablygoing to be the title of this episode: You're a person of many hats and Writinan Heh thin. I think that's fantastic! I don't think we see enough of thatnowadays, Um. We, we probably didn't touch on everything there is to touchon with Jane today, but that just means we'll have to have her back on the showh Jane if you're next time, you're in Ohio. We need to make time for you tocome down to the studio and or just get you on the phone again. It is al Bou that been an absolutepleasure having you on the show today, tit Ben Hunde in on Te Felmak, I'm gladwe could do this Jane. Where can the people find you online if they felt soinclined?...

Canpar me the only type I'm comfortable havingKep boine on the Internet? I introgram I'm at Jane from Boston, Jane fromBostall Oer Kath. You can find me that I cane from Boston, Jane from Boston on Insta Grm, guysmake sure you go follooun Instagram, if you're in, if you're in the Brooklynarea, keep an eye out at the open mikes. You might see Jane there from time totime in the meantime, Jane Good Luck withthe internship good look in Brooklyn Um and we will hopefully have yon againsometime soon at ithink ACA, looking forward to it aswell Argus Jane Saliberger. That is going to do it for today's episode ofthe basement. Lounge. Thank you guy. So Much Er tuning in. As always, you cancheck me out online on my website. WWW DT, Mike Sha comedy OCOM Clicke. Thepot cast hab to Gev more information about this show and, of course, likerate subscribe all that good stuff, and we will see guys again next Friday sametime same channel in the meantime live well rock on take care and Byby.

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