The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 4 · 3 years ago

“I’ve Worn a Lot of Different Hats In My Life” with Jane Sullebarger- EP #4


This week’s guest is comedian/fashionista Jane Sullebarger who’s got a secret desire to have Mary Berry as her grandmother.


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...for the next four months and commuting back and forth and running all over midtown and getting so many blisters and that. I really love it so far. I've lived in New York before, but not in Brooklyn, and it's a nice neighborhood and I'm really enjoying it so far. Yeah, so, how did you? How did you? We'll talk about doing stand up in a little while, but let's stay on this, on this fashion thing. So how did you first get into this fashion? Um, I don't know. I mean I feel so a lot of faston designers. They all kind of say the same thing where they'll be like Oh, I would make clothes for my bobies and like like, like it's only person in the universe who ever did that. And I'm going fast called being seven, like that's not like that's not it. That's not a new thing. Everyone who did that. I don't know. It's it just made the most sense, and I also speak French, for those peepings definitely seems to marry and it just made sense and it's something that I feel I'm good at and it makes me happy and I get paid to do it. So I know. So and you said you're working doing stuff in women's fashion. What kind of stuff are you doing? It's the company is called New relos on and it's like it's like a hide price point, luxury in minimal as, swimming where, and don't know. Today was only my third day, but I guess to see a lot of like what happens behind the scenes. So I'm basically just running around different factories and meeting a lot of people and skipping stuff up and dropping stuff off there. Yeah, like I said, getting a lot of bookers. Still definitely have to invest as an issue. She said you've you lived in New York before, but it's your first time in Brooklyn. What do you what do you think of Brooklyn so far? Um, I really love it and in the middle of like a really Nice neighborhood in Bushwick, I would like kind of hesitant to move here because a couple of years ago it was pretty dangerous, but it's up and coming and it's very nice and I don't know, it's just very like difficult to get around. Like the town is a convenient and I feel like there's no reliable public transportation, but I got myself from point a to pointy eventually. So my general rule of thumb is that everything just takes forty minutes. Just just say forty minutes to get to work, forty minutes to go to the grocery store, forty minutes to go to lawn to Matt like. That's just like a good consistency to have, though, so it's easier to plan your day, I guess. Yeah, so let's talk about let's talk about the standup thing. I come from a stand...

...up background myself. At you stand up. How did you first get into in the joke telling? I don't know, I mean, I feel like it. It's just something that kind of happened to me, like I feel like a lot of things in my life just happened to me and I'm just like okay, like rolling some bunches. But I was out one night and I was at the place in north side called Chameleia and I don't know if you know my concy, but he's a hilarious stand up comedian. Oh, I don't Mike. Yeah, he's fantastic. Yeah, to Mike. He hosts the stand up open mic on Thursdays at Chameleon and I first really like fl you got to go up there, like I'm just gonna go up there and like it's going to be like I like to joke that like people watching me to stand up is like being a woman breastfeed and a restaurant, because it's Frette. It's interesting, but no one should enjoy it. Like, I don't know, I just I got up there. I just think I just like battles off stuff about like being from Boston and people thought it was funny doing it and I'm trying. I currently I was with a woman who hosts an open mic everyone's day, so I might. I might do something next week, but I feel like the stand up scene in fund is a lot more competitive. So you're kind of happens your kind of, you know, on the front lines there. You know, being in the New York area, that's aside from Los Angeles. I mean New York is pretty cut throat when it comes to stand up. Um, it's okay. I mean I went on like Saturday, so it was just an open mic because that's that's really all I go to. I don't know, it was okay. I feel like stand like open mics, can be kind of like a hair miss, but I definitely had a couple like belly laughs. But you know, doing something. It's the open mics are like that. I've been doing it long enough that, like I'm not over over, like I'm not. I'm not saying like, Oh, I've been doing this too long to do open mics anymore. God, no, no one's ever over it, but it's just I can definitely say, like I've been doing it long enough the now when I go to open mic, I know what to expect and it's not my favorite thing, but I also understand why it's important to go to those. Yeah, I mean that's really how most people start out to. I mean, yeah, it's that's that's the only way to start. Now when you get you you get to a point where doing an open mic is like you go there to work on something specific. Right of passage. Oh, absolutely, I feel like actually, no, I feel like bombing is a right of passage. Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, that's that's for sure. I I was I was lucky enough, and I guess I...

...would say I was unlucky enough that my very first show ever wasn't at an open mic. It was it was for I was in high school. It was for a talent show and I did really well, but that gave me kind of unrealistic expectations so that the next time I did a show was for some I did it. Most of my first shows were for events at the high school. My next show was at like some some school event and I bombed so hard and I so I because I'd had that first show go so well, I wasn't ready for it. So I will agree with you bombing is a hundred percent a right of Ya. That's weird. The exact same thing happened to me because, like the first time I did stand up, I feel like I had all of this like nervous energy and I was like okay, I just have to like get this over with, so I was like talking super fast and like I don't know, but apparently it went well enough and like the second time I did it I was like Oh, yeah, like on the sit like these guys, they don't even know what they're about to see, and I got up there as I just got no laughs. It was a nightmare. I I talked about this with one of my other guests earlier in the season. We talked about how it's almost as if it's almost like, I don't know, you ever get you ever get off stage or try to think back to a show you had and you just can't remember anything that happened. You can't remember. It's like I remember, feel like I'm like I've probably just had a stroke, but done first of my and yours. Like I I'll go I'll watch back videos of sets that I didn't's like, I don't remember saying any of that. Yeah, I feel the same way. I can I can remember them saying coming to the stage and then I can remember saying thank you good night, and that's I don't know, that's weird. Have you done good? I always watch that video. Sorry, I'll watch that videos on myself and I'll tell a joke that I feel like is really bad and like everyone will laugh and I'm like why is that funny? And then I'll tell a joke that I'm like Foo, like this is going to be the kicker, and then it's just crickets. I've definitely told my fair share of like I've had joke ideas where it's like this joke sucks, no one's gonna Laugh at this, but I it's in my head, so I know I have to tell it and I'll go tell it and it'll do well and I'll be like no, why are you laughing at that? It's not funny. Yeah, sons of bitches laugh at my funny stuff. Yeah, have you? Have you had a chance to you how long have you been doing stand up now? Like six months? So if you had a chance to maybe. Have you had a chance to do like like a competition or anything yet? Any the STANDUP competitions? No,...

I mean I have had the opportunity, but I've always said no because I feel like I'm like I'm just like this new money, like I don't I don't belong there yet. I think that's I think, I think that's subjective. I just did my first one this year. No Way. Yeah, you've been doing this a while. Yeah, it's they scare I'm a complete puss. They scare the crap out of me. I'm a chicken shit when it comes to competitions. Oh, yeah, know, me too. I mean I did, I did pretty well, but still it was well and like I definitely want to do it again now that I've now that I've popped that Cherry. But at the same time it's just like, I don't know how. I know people who just go and just do every competition they can. I'm like, I don't have the emotional fortitude for that. Yeah, let's like the frame of reference. Let's go like how do they gage? Like Oh, this guy is funnier than this guy, or funnier than this guy or well, the way the way we do, because we have we have one that the club here in town host and the way they do it is the first round is actually four different shows because it's over two days, Friday and Saturday. Friday there, Friday there's a seven o'clock and I said a nine o'clock show. Saturday is seven o'clock in a nine o'clock show, and everybody who comes into the show to watch gets a voting sheet and they have to pick three different comedians who were their top three favorites, and then they can and then they collect the the they go around the collect everybody's votes at the end and then they usually have a headliner performing who's not in the competition and well, while they're performing they tally the votes and then they take the top three from each round and move them to the finals, which are on Sunday. And then the judging on Sunday is crowd vote counts for fifty percent and then the other fifty percent is there's actually a panel of judges and they just pick their their three favorites. I guess now that's just the way we do ours. I don't know how other places do it. I would imagine at something similar, but probably it makes some of sense. Yeah, but you know, and a lot of that can be dependent on because, you know, we had a guy who brought like fifty people to the show, so he was guaranteed those fifty votes from the people he brought. Now, granted, they also had to pick other people they liked, but and it wasn't like he wasn't funny, but there is still that element of like, you know, if you don't bring anybody, you're at a bit of a disadvantage, especially in the first round. So but yeah, it was it was fun because like the crowd was a hundred percent in, because sometimes you get the especially an open mics, you get crowds who aren't there for comedy, there there just to hang out, and so you're not going to go to good reaction out of them. Yeah, but when you go to a competition they're there to laugh. So yeah, I don't know. I think what you could last year, I think maybe you should give it a shot once you get to that, once you get that first year under the under your belt, you know, when you got a good solid five minutes, I think you should go take a shot at it. You might you might surprise yourself. Yeah, so working on it, but you're busy.

You know, you're busy. You're doing you're also, you know, because you're doing the fashion thing. Now you have them. I wear you what? I wear? A lot of hats. You were heady, you, so I love hats. I have a huge head, so I can't wear hats, but I love hats. Yeah, to you, you have a you have a gentleman in your life. I believe I do. I do. You said that's so exasperated. It's like, yeah, I like, how long ago? How long have you guys been together? You and enough here is. Oh, good for you. Is He there with you in in New York? No, he's not, and so sad every day. Yeah, still in Ohio. But he's going to come out and visit me. And last time I was here, I was here for a different internship. You came and visit any flights and it. It was not enough and we just met each other. But such yeah, no, but we keep in touch and we will call her face times nightly. But he's busy. He's an animator. Oh, yes, we have a lot in the sea right now. Oh, cool, have we have plenty of distractions. So, yeah, how is he with the whole? I mean, I'm I'm assuming he's pretty he's pretty supportive with that. With the fashion thing, I was you with the stand up thing. Um, it was kind of like I think he thought of getting it first because he wasn't with me the first night I did it. So I texted him like to in the morning, HMM, and I was like, I was like, guess what, like I just did stand up and he probably thought I like got there and just like, I don't know, just like I had a stroke or sounds funny anyway, but I pulled on. He was like you did what? Like I don't know, and he was kind of like like yeah, you're funny, but like are you that funny? Oh Wow, yeah, and it was really annoying because the first time he came to see me stand up, that was like the first time I'd bought. Oh, no, Oh, I think it was like because he was in the audience and I was like okay, like now I have to do like extra, extra, extra good job because he's in the audience, and I just I just bomb and I had beautiful, I guess, swearing funny, and the next time I did it I got slaps and he and I will write those together and he actually he tried it too and he needed really. Well, his name is shadow...

...wolf. Wait, wait, wait, that's what. Yeah, yeah, am I allowed to say his name? Yes, the time's up to him, then, you and not me. That's why would me? Yeah, no, his name. That's that is on his birth certificate. That is that is a through fact. It's see, a native American. No, that's I thought the same thing will amount and tinder, and it was like like I was swiping and I see the guy named shadow and I don't know, I was kind of just like feeling very like cynical at that point because, like thing with kinder is that like you have to like kiss a lot of PROMS before you kiss your prints. And like at this point I had like fuss the whole swamp. Yeah, it is myomb now. Yeah, and I was like, all right, I'll go out with this guy, like it'll be funny and he's Kinda listen to this and he's gonna he's gonna eat. Yeah, but I was like the SID's going to be like an agician or native American or like some kind of stripper, and we will on our first date and we like completely hit it off and, yeah, the rest of the history two and a half years later. So, joking about his name. That is fantastic, you would think, because because you know, tender is, you know, the most shallow of the dating APPs. I think out there it's like shopping from people. It is you really are, you're you're walking down the people. I'll use it. Oh, I'm on it right now. I don't match anybody, but yeah, it's it is, it's very it's but to see someone whose name is shadow, you almost feel like you have to swipe right. It's like yeah, I need to know more about this. is going to be good. Yeah, are you? Are you? Are you a naturally curious person? A curious person? Yeah, I would, though. So you see somebody with a name shadow, you're just like, I need to know everything about this person. Yeah, tell me all your de grads. Good. So you do the fashion thing, you do stand up thing. which are which are good, useful talents? Let me ask you this. Do you have any like supremely useless talents, like something you're really good at that serves no purpose whatsoever? I can hold my breath for a real long time. Oh, useless talents? I don't know. I mean, like I said, I've like worn a lot of the for an halse in my life. When I was, I want to stay like thirteen, I was in the fircus. What? Yeah, I was in the circus. I was a contortionist. Tell me all about that. You can't see right now. I'm but I have a... could. You can look it up. I have like hyper extension and I elbows, so they they like fends the wrong way, so I can. Basically what that means is I can turn like my arm in its stocket like three hundred and sixty degrees. Oh so, so I'm really good at that, but useless talent? I don't know. I can I can do a headstand. I mean I think that qualifies as usus making really good at I mean I think staying on your head might qualify as useless, because when is that going to get you out of like a bad scenario? I didn't hear that. Like I think that standing on your head could be considered as being useless, because when is that going to get you out of like a life or death scenario? All right, I don't know. You can be like standing on your I don't know. Some people do it for like clarity, or if they have a dae you stand in. That will probably make your headache worse, but that's true. I don't know. Like you know, you Google like how to get rid of a headache and there's like a million, just like youthless things. Or you go into a levend and it's like have a headache, you probably have colon cancer. Like take, yeah, take this pill for your for your itchy watery eyes. May cause breast cancer. Yeah, exactly. So you did the circus, you did the you did the contortious things. You ever get injured while you were doing that? No, it was for a very short amount of time. It was just for like a few weeks one summer and it was kind of like over as soon as it began. M Yeah, it was. It was definitely like, thinking back on it, I was like, Oh, yeah, that was weird. Yeah, so that's one of my that's one of my useless talents, is yelbow things. You said. You said you do baking. I love to bake. The Great British takeoff is like if I never stressed or nervous or like need to put something on, just like the Great British takeoff is my Goto. I want Mary Barry's to be my grandma. You ever had any like major screw ups in the kitchen when you were baking something? Um, probably, I've definitely had like explosions and major screw up from the Oh, I did. I went to the hospital once. I sliced off the top of my thumb. Oh, yeah, I was. I was like slicing up like an apple for something and I like cut off...

...when I and I didn't realize for probably a minute and then I thought, and you know when you see something like that and then everything just happens in slow motion. My mom came in and she was like, oh, those parts, we have to we have to do something about that. So I don't know, I got it fixed up. That's probably the worst suver happened to me in the kitchen, but yeah, I have. I have like a star, though it looks. Oh. So, what's your what's your what's your goto thing to bake in the kitchen? Like, what's your foot's the one thing? You just like I love baking that. I love thinking bread. You love baking. I love homemade bread. Yeah, what kind of willow smell good? I love baking bread. And it's just like, since it takes so long, right when it comes out of the oven, it's so gratifying. Oh, it's nice. If you tell all people like, Oh, I bake, Cook, you like I take a really good tie. They're like that, everyone does. But if you're like I date bread, they're like, like she's on another level that, because it cookies. You can get the recipe off the off the box of the chocolate, the bag of the chocolate chips, but bread, yeah, there's science involved in that. Yeah, my my dad would always make what always make bread on Thanksgiving and before he passed he taught my little brother. He tried to teach me. I'm pretty good in the kitchen, bread not so much. He taught my little brother how to make bread. So every year he makes a copious amount of it around Thanksgiving and we just freeze it and have it for months. So good. Oh my God, that's tongue. So good. Everyone like has been turning their back on bread and like now I live in New York City, so I see people like scooping out their babels and like talking out like like the middle of the Babel, which is the best part. It's just like throw it in the trash and I'm like you, like there's a special place and help. Are you heathens, the lot of them? Huh? Said, heathens the lot of them. Yeah, exactly. So, with you being involved in fashion and and keep an eye, I'm assuming you keep an eye on fashion trends now and again. Yeah, yeah, what are some of those? Like just the silliest, dumbest things you've seen come into trend in fashion recently? Recently? I don't know. I'm kind of like at a point where I'm like, if you wear it and it makes you happy, like there's there's really nothing I can do because I don't know. I mean I do enjoy looking at like red carpet and...

...seeing like the best dress in the worst dress, like I don't know, I feel like I was just looking at one recently. I can't think of anything like off the top of my head. Ums as there ever just been something you've seen people wearing? You're just like a why? I don't know, like for some reason I I'm never going to be a fan of I think birkenstock so really ugly. I do, I do, and everyone has a pair and I just think that they're like the ugliest shoe in the entire world. And my brother, he is like a a big like shoe collector, and he will go to like those sneaker drops and I don't know, it's interesting, like he'll go do sneaker drops and like he'll spend like they spends like two hundred dollars on like a pair of sneakers and then he'll wait for a couple months the value will like exponentially grow and like I just think some of these speakers are really ugly. I don't know if there's an interesting conversation surrounding it, though, because like speaking to him, like I know we're getting probably super off topic right now, but there's no torstal topic. There's no topic. There's no topic topic in todayferent UN no I was talking to me about it and he's like I'm just like a like he's just in it for the money and like there are probably are people who care about the design and like the story behind like wearing beet shoes, but I don't know, people will get angry at people who just aren't for the money because they're like, Oh, you're not respecting like the culture and like the story. Like I don't know, but half the people who go to these things to I went so long with him. I had to like enter a wrapper in order to have the opportunity to like purchase these sneakers, and he like he was like hey, if you do this, like I'll give you half of the money once we sell them, and I was like okay, like I don't care, but I like got in there and people were like so testing and I don't know. That's that's like an interesting corner of flashtns that I haven't really explored. So where do you staying on footwear? Where do you fall in the whole soccer soccers. What the Hell? Sandals with socks? I Love Sandals with stock really, I I wor sandals with stocks today. Wow, that's for to work. That's the that's the first time I've ever heard somebody like go to bat for Sandals and socks. No, I'm I am pro sandals with stars, so they're like platform sandals. So they're there. It's like a nice candle and are basically shoes. Yeah, yeah,...

I mean, yeah, but I see that kind of stuff all the time, like it's it's like a slide with a sandal, like I don't know, I just kind of appreciate that, for it can't value at that point, like it's like thoughts and scandals just like. So, what about crocs? I don't have a problem with them, like they're coming. I don't know, I'll see. There's like these challenge videos, like you can go on youtube and like Google, like I had to style West with a outfit but with crocs, and they make it look cute. I mean, I was never a Fox person because, like, like growing up, if you wore crocs, like, people would talk to you like your your gross. I remember those days. Yeah, no, I never really had cracks. I tried wearing them once. I didn't think they were comfortable, so I said no, no, I don't know. I'm sad. I like that. Hm, not a fan. It look couples in the shoe. So we're getting we wrap it up here, Jane. We're coming to the end of what we're doing here real quick. Is that can you look back on you know, because you're at your how old now, Jane? I'm twenty two. You're twenty two. So you're in that crucial step where you know you're you're getting thrust out into the into the world of being an adult. It sucks. Don't do it. Stay in school forever. That is there. Is there a point where you can look at and now we're you're here doing this fashion in this comedy thing and as you, as you've said a couple times, you've worn a lot of hats. Can you look back and on maybe just like one, maybe one or two events in your life that you feel have had the biggest impact on where you're at right now? I have to pick to one or two. Well, what have you got? Some people like to be able to have more than one. Some people just want one, but it's just is there anything back on? Yeah, Um, I don't know. We're didn't really get an opportunity to talk about this, but I do growing up out which trouble a lot, and I had the opportunity to go to Israel with my family and I feel it like I heard like every language there and I have this duode while for languages and if I if I had a superpower, it would be a speak every single language. If you had a choice between speaking every language and speaking to animals, which would it be? Languages, for sure, languages. Oh Yeah, if you have an animal, like if you have a pet in your house...

...and it starts like making some kind of noise, you can figure out pretty quickly what it wants. But true, like petty, pick me up, put me down, see me, I have to Spoop, like it's I don't know, I would really love to speak every language. So in the past, I don't know, I spoke in French for about ten years and Spanish for eight and yeah, from time to time I'll speak a little German with my dad. So I speak of fair amount and I want to learn more, but I think, I don't know, I think if that's being like being able to speak so many language is definitely given me a life up in my professional careers. Not I don't know what I'm talking too. I have an intern right now. No, I follow you, though. You're getting into a history professional environment. I'm able to communicate with a lot of people and just like, I don't know, it's just it's just opened a lot of doors for me. Realizing that. Um, yeah, so, maybe not one experience, but being able to being able to travel so much and and I think fashion to kind of realize that I wanted to do that. My Grandmother, she I guess at her once every couple weeks and she me was a runway model for Carl Loger, salt and Ralph born. Yo. Yeah, there's like one picture up her and she's like on this pat walk and see gorgeous, like it's like parents and and she has like a hat and everything and see just looks like a million bucks and I was like like I want to do that. Like that probably sounds like the most cloche thing, but I don't know everyone and everyone has something that's like like Oh, that's the most cliche, but it's Cliche for a reason. Yeah, cliches exists for a reason. And you, you, Jane, are a very worldly person and and that's that's rare for someone who, you know, you're not just a comedian, you're also you're also working in fashion and and you're apparently a former contortionist for the circus and you're a baker and you're you're a we've said it. We've said it several times. It's probably going to be the title of this episode. You're a person of many hats and with many heads, and I think I think that's fantastic. I don't think we see enough of that nowadays. We probably didn't touch on to everything there is to touch on with Jane today, but that just means we'll have to have her back on the show. Jane, if you next time you're in Ohio, we need to make time for you to come down to the studio and or just get you on the phone again. It is love. That been an absolute pleasure having you on the show today. It's don't play the game on the show, Mike. I'm glad we could do this. Jane. Where can the people find you online? If they felt so inclined, you can find me, the only type I'm comfortable having. He's both seen me...

...on the Internet is instagram. I'm at Jane from Boston, Jane from Boston, lower case. You can find me that a Jane from Boston, Jane from Boston, on Instagram. Guys, make sure you go follower on instagram. If you're in if you're in the Brooklyn area, keep an eye out at the open mics. You might see Jane there from time to time. In the meantime, Jane, Good Luck with the internship. Good look in Brooklyn. Thank you, and we will hopefully have you on again sometime soon. That looking forward to it. Looking forward to it as well. All right, guys, Jane Soliburger. That is going to do it for today's episode of the Basement Lounge. Thank you, guys, so much for tuning in. As always, you can check me out online at my website, www dot mike shay comedycom. Click the podcast to have to get more information about this show and, of course, like rate subscribe. All that good stuff, and we will see you guys again next Friday, same time, same channel. In the meantime, live well, rock on, take care and Bub bye.

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