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Season 1, Episode 50 · 1 year ago

"I've Always Had Dreams for Something Bigger" with John Rocha - The Basement Lounge, Ep. #50


We've reached our Season 1 finale! Fifty episodes in the can and we couldn't be more proud! And to cap off this amazing first season, we've brought in a guest that has been long requested and long sought after.

John "The Outlaw" Rocha is an actor, host, producer, writer, podcaster, and multi-belted competitor in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. We spend some time getting to know John as on a much deeper and more personal level, uncovering his origins in acting, his time in the military, and the iconic moment of winning his first championship title in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

We promised a big finish to the season, and boy have we delivered!


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...those are the things I'm learning toonot to be too precious about the things that I create. You hear that you hearthat in in the creative pace a lot yet the land, your darlings yeah, yeah, Omatter. How much Yo believe in something it's not working t's! It'snot working Neyo Dodn't stand up too, no matter how much! I might think myjoke about the letter y being a part time vow is funny. Anybody else isgoingto make o Um yeah that that I try to make thatwork. Not so much so you are you're originally from overhere on the East Coast, crrect, yes, yeah I mean I I was born in Philly, butI was raised in Virginia since I was one years old and both your parents were fromBoliviayeah South America, an Bolivia Yeah, my dad from Kochavama my mom fromthe bus, but they met here ironically enough, not in Bolivia, so yeah ejstwoBolivian immigrants just happened to meet up in the states. Yeah Yeah I meanit was really interesting 'cause. They got married on their fourth date, whichI guess is how it was back then, but Um, my mom, my dad, when my uncle hadbrought my mom on a first date to you, know: 'cause Elatino, they're oldschool. So that's you meet the family first before you go on the date orwhile you're on the day, see if they approve or not. Well, my mom slit hernumber to my dad because she had like she could tell she wasdn't beinterested in him when she saw my dad it was like poof and so sh. She slidher number to him. My Dad is ten years older than her atthe time. What is I was Um and then yeah they go. They went out behind myuncle's back en they kept. Then he found out about it. My Dad told him.This is happening, Hey Tobrig, itto, this is happening and then they gotmarried yeah. Fourth, fourth date: Yeah. He asked Hewas Olhis time. Man, that's you know, t that whole guy g guy goesgirl goes on a date. That's chap around and meets the guy's brother and yeah.It's Romey Andjuliet um, totally only with with the mart happier endingright right and then so you so you grew up. You grew up in Virginia. U And then college was- and I knowcollege was kind of a mixed bag with you, yeah yeah. My first trip through college was amess and h just for a number of reasons, and then I just joined the military andwas doing that for a little bit and then started going back to college. To get my a a degree later on in mytwenties, while I was still in the military and then eventually went toFlorida state in ninety seven, and that was that was a life changing experiencelike I don't think I don't think my life would be anywhere near as excitingor crazy ir have as many adventures. If I had just stayed in that small town inVirginia, the the first run through college, you know from R minwoy wasthat first paste of independence from mom and bad yeah, Um Aain, I kindof,crashed and burnt pretty hard. Was it kind of the same situation, coy quiteironically, completely different in that it was a commuter school? So Ididn't get that indimendence for my mom and Dad I had to live at home. For thefirst couple of years I was managing a video store to be able to pay forcollege. I think the mistake I made was that Iwas so like it was such a culture shock to go to college versus high school. Icouldn't make friends with anybody. I was having battles with with people in C L Ike. I just wasnot in the best pace and then I stupidly joined a praternity now thisis not against anybody who has great experience. It aptrnity. My experienceswere horrible. I was the only liberal and ultrconservative Um Fraternity, so it just did not work forme at all, and I mean that's yeah right right right and so, and I saw an it wasthe worst. I saw guys like cheating on each others, girlfriends wives, SENC,othe wives. I saw EX INSANE AMOUNT AF drinking sexual assault, all that kindof Shit- and I just was like this- isn't this isn't for me and H, and I left I left- I I remembergoing to see Malcomex and there's a line in movie who says you should neverbe a member of any group that you don't research for you don't do enough, theydon't get enough knowledge about and it just kindof hit me in my handslice. Ijoined the Praternity just to be a part of something I didn't reallyjoin. Fery B'cause. I wanted tojoy the so that once again t migh not be thefraternity's fault. It was just a bad mix overall and it wasn't for me in theend and Um yeah and at's, and I left school. I left school an went to thewent into the military that was Kindof the decision there yeah I I hadACTUALNC I had. I had the opposite thing: e sracurnity, where I wasincourded, my one and then just kind of in my own meeting people and going tosome of the events which s kind of like aces. It's not my thing Ye. I couldkind of see. I guess you know for some of the red flags ahead of time. Yeah J there was a. There was a level of likekind of like you said, T it. It was... I just wanted to make friends yeahyeah, but um the military, so you Jon was itthe army, Yeah Wen in the army. I Um, I remember like I said I was maging inHei video store at the time it was nineteen. Ninety, I think and h recruiter came into the store he hadbeen in the store many times. You know I'd seen him a few times and I guessthis one ti and the thing is. I was so depressed at the at the university thatI had started to put on weight like I wasn't working out and I I was just ina super depressd place and I remember feeling maybe the first inklings ofsuicide old ideas. You know the idea like well, you know I'm disgusting, I'munattractive, I don't think I'm going to go anywhere and at the time I wasreally obsessed with finding love obsessed with being in love, and youknow all of that back then 'cause it was feeling. Probably I was searchingfor something that I was tryn to. I didn't get while I was at home and isnot a fault to my parents, necessarily just why I was so. This recruiter wascoming through and I remember I was just so desperate to get out of thesituation I was in. I felt like I was going one way street straight into awall, and I said to him. I said I know your recruiter. How quickly could I be on a bus tobasic training? If I come down tomorrow morning and sign up, and he said Icould have you on a bus in three weeks. I said okay, so the next morning I Iremember as a friend of Mine Robbie, he came, I think his nes robe, he asume hewe drove over there. I took the test. I got like a ninety four, something likethat on e Azbab. So basically I had my choice of whatever Um branch of the service I wanted to goin now. If I had been a little bit, smarter I'd have gone into the airforce, because the air force really does train you for the post militaryworld in many many ways, but I felt like my commitment was to thisrecruiter, who said it could get me on the bus and it may be tha. Maybe theairforce situation was like two months from now. I could go to basic orsomething like that. I don't remember, but I took the base. I was not geingMarines, it wasn't for me, and maybe just didn't, seem right at the time.Even though it was a huge top gone fa, just didn't seem right at the time, so I joined the army and I was on abousthree or three week, three mon three weeks later and didn't tell my parentsby the way before I signed up and because I was over eighteen, I wasallowed to do it without their permission, but my dad and mom were supremelypessed and hurt for for quite some time. You know that you did you went or tdidyou did it without talking to them did well both really that I did reer talkinthem. They were hurt by that, but they were. They were pissed by that, butthey were hurt by the fact that I would just you know, kind of possibly throwmy life away or, or you know, put myself in harm's way and danger. My Dad,I remember very clearly my dad said to me ets, like you, can't even takediscipline from me. How are you going to take discipline from the militarypeople like you're, not going to be able to follow their rules? You'realways rebelling against EES, an Oulaw from the beginning, because you'realways rebelling against my rules, 'cause my dad and I used to havehulacious wigts verbally and a couple of times physically, and so he was J st concerned that I would bein a bad situation and e wasn't wrong Mike because I'd seen full metal jacketthe year before or a few years o fore, and so in my mind I thought that I wasgoing to be like private pile. I was super scared that I was going to get aSOA party at some point you know, so there was a lot of a lot of going intoit. Yeah watching Jabs. Before you go on a beach vacation or in the water orIndia, an all Um. It's a you know, one of the things that initially drew me to you as a schmoowncompetitor and is an online personality that there's a level of of every man.relatability to you. Thanks Um, you know Simi and for me, especially,you know similar situation. You Know My my dad and I had a very roughrelationship. Growing up wasn't ie not to be an adult, and we kind of got past that, and by that I mean Iquit being a shithead of a teenager. We were able to kind of work, Pah thatand Oan do it's tough to do ha. There are still some that I look back on younow and I'm like no. I was right Ome Nad by right. I had you there but UH. You know it's interesting. YouBr you bring up like you know, th the idea. F, you can't even follow my ownorders wouldn't be Gointo last it there, which I think was actually one of thereasons why I I never 'cause. I I had the recruiter. You know my the summerbefore my high school, my my Senewr yearof high school. You know theystarted calling the house, like hey ever givein n thought to join, and Iwas like I I have seen I seen a few good men and was thinking walk so I waslike I don't know I thought about like maybe like joining up and becoming anMP or something for the guard. All right cool we'll be at your housetomorrow and then these guys showed up and I was like. Oh it was a fleetingthought like two years ago, Ma Um b. There is that there is that ideaof, like some people do, go there to learn to get that sense of disciplineand Theyr l and and did Yo. Did you...

...kindo come out with that? Oh Yeah. Ithink it still serves me today that whenever I yo know really think I can'tdo something or really think I in strengthto do something. I remember Hey.You survived this. You know and it really came in handy after my fatherdied. I mean that was maybe some of the worst three years of my life and it waslike every time you got to be too much I'd. Remember, Hayman! You were able tosurvive this. You were able to get over this youere n to get past this, and youknow that was difficult enough as it was. So if you can get past this, if ifhe could get past that you can get past this, so there was a lot of that h formyself personally so yeah, it's always coming handy. I mean stgoing back tocollege and studying all of that, like I have a very strong discipline aboutthings like that. This is why the allow nations six months- you know I rarelymiss a show and but that's borne out of the idea ofwanting to do that and my legiance is to this. My dedication is to this sothere's a discipline factor that really gets involved when you were in the military. What wasUr like? Were you boots on the ground, infantry w? No, I was a thirty one.Chirl hit was a radio telephone operator, so you know yeah and chargeof moving troops around were laying um messages about troop movement. All ofthat you know when I went in to the UM average lifespan of a radio telephoneoper in Iraq. I think it was the FIR yeathe. First Gulf War was like sevenminutes, something like that. That's what they were thinking, because theantenna you put up is like a sixty foot: Seventy five foot, silver and Tenna inthe middle of the desert that is going to stick out in Vietnam. It was evenless you know, thus, because of like the anomaly of the jungle and all that,so it it had its own um dangers or perils, and I remember that distinctlywhen I was in so yeah, so, even even even in the in the army.You were already like in that realm of broadcasting and Yeah Kinda. I meanI've, always I've always I mean I was an actor in high school and you know Iwanted to be an actor when I first went to college and I just't have the gutsdidn't have the guts 'cause, my parents were always like. Oh, you know, you'renot going to make any money you're going to be poor. This is a terriblething, and so they tried to stear me into other things, but I was alwaysdrawn back to it and I even Djed my first trip through college for Yearisat the local radio station ECAUSE. I was just like I nee, I have to scratchthis itch and so yeah, so I've always hiavealways been involved in some form broadcasting, I suppose working onradio man. It was so much fon. I wish I could get a job in radio that could dolike serious exet. I wonder ew how much those fuckers get paid ritost. Thoseshows from their bathroom like. I want to know Ho e, because I can do that. MyEyes fucking closed. So it's like okay, how do w? How Ma y? How do Tou get intoa situation like that? I worked for. I worked for an FM rock station incollege for two years and I was I was t the board operator on on nights andweekends and I used to beg to let them have t because we had no programming onat this time. I was Ike have an hour in half an hour of you know I was I wasmore o the heavier stuff and I was t hour of like Metallica and Ust, just like eleven at midnight, llowdollar risk and they wouldn't. Let me do that, but they didn't have a B T maybe mad because it was like you K. Ow you get steeve from accounting, yeahwho comes in every month records all the air breaks for the month, 'causethey a they preplan that stuff out aright right and it it was. I was alsoeighteen, nineteen years old who the hell was I but um yeah radio. I did it all throughcollege and I think, that's part of reason. WH. I still do this is man. Itwas just fun. Yeahwell you got, everyone tells you've, got a greatradio Voice. So it's just a matter of gas SEF in the position got a greatradio voice and a great radio face too. Oh yeah fur kid in high school. I Iremember th s my mom and dad to were kind of the yeah. You can do this, buthave a backup plan right, of course, always they always mean well yeah and again it ended up being a good idea.So Yeah True Yo, not it too much. Did you continue doing the 'cause by thetime you you left the army and were back into college then in Florida State?Where you still, I mean you were still on the actor train right Ye h? Well, no,actually you know 'cause when I left the first college and went into themilitary O. I I had only done one play. I thinkin that college 'cause I messkind o hiding it from my mom and dad like Iwas going to rehearsal thut. I would tell them that I was going to studywith friends at night, so it 'as like. I would stay lad at the college, so m.They didn't find out so much much later that I was doing. I was doing that so Iwasyou were you werewhat? What's the kid's name from Oh yeah, Robert SanLetteriri Cet, my dad was not cer, Wa wasn'n, that kind of a situation but y.ah I mean he just didn't want. He just didn't want me to do it, and so youknow cause thing was worried about me, Um h,...

...but h when I went back to college Um, Iremember coming out in the military, R or beginning the process coming out, th,military and remember thinking to myself. Well what do I really want todo with my life? What do I really want to do? Well, you know I'm twenty sevenyears old, twenty five, twenty four when it waswhen I started going back to college- and I was like I want to go back tocollege- I want to get my degree. I didn't get a chance to get by to thefirst time through, so I started slowly but Sureley, putting it back together,going to the junior college or I'm starting to Community College, and Igot my a degree and at that point that took a year off and went and lived inCharleshot Virginia with my best friend who still my best friend now, and weworked at a TV station together and I was a masster control operator and hewas Eah. He was a sports host and in that year is when I kinda took a littlebit of a break and then I started submitting to colleges and I gotaccepted to Florida state, and I remember I, I brought it the letter. Iwas opening the letter whenever I read the letter to my friend and I was justlike- we don't really want to go to colic can do I really want to do this.I Don' really want to go. I mean I'm kind of making a big, strong choiceabout acting and Blah Blah Blah tey can just stay here and work, and sohe goes Tay. U Wel Wont You go interview, one of the guys who's, a newwho's e WHO's. One of the directors here for for the news sit down with him,have a conversation with him, and you tell me whether you'll be happy withthat kind of life for the rest of your life 'cause. You could absolutely dothat till you're dead or you retire and Iwas like Ar. So Isat with this guy. I remember Todd Sans that was his name Charlsell Virginia NBC. Twenty nine we sat and talk for like a, I don't know, half an hour andasked him about everything. He was very kind to find time to talk. I The a busyjob ne as he was talking to me. I could see the I'm stuck here for the rest of myfucking life vide coming through when he spoke about it and I just rememberbeing like Ya: That's I've always had dreams for something bigger, so that kind of conversation. I was justlike yeah all right, fine, so, and I went back to our apartment that nightand he was Wust like w. What was your conversation like? I? In the end he waslike see. I told you. This is not if you're here, it's almost like bad aflikin Davin, he in good will hes lie you're here and six months, I'm I'mgoing to move out because I don't want Yo. I don't want to be around you. Ifyou're not going to pursue this 'cause. I think you should, and so it was hisway of kicking my ass to go to Florida state and he was right man I mean. Iremember driving down to Florida State for as soon as I stepped out of the carand smelled the air down there. I knew I was in the right place. A new towelhas, I just knew it Itstinctily, and so my dad and I that weekend we got anapartment for me and then I moved my stuff down. Maybe acouple of weeks. Later, a month later, I moved my stuff down, and that wasthat start of the process. You know therethere's something about findingthe right college. Some people fight it right off the bad they're cool withwhere they're at good for them. You know I bounced around a bit toomand.There was something about where I finally landed on. What would be myAmamad or where, like I remember, taking like that first day and justkind of being like yeah this. Is it yeah, it's like when you find the rightcar or the Right House y? U Ju t Y, you just know man M andthen and then and then I blievef Florida state. Now, that's where you Mis't isn'that, where you met Christian, yes curtion I mean, and the thing isChristan and I we were at friends and we knew each other, but I didn't hangout with Christian, like you know, in those in the one of the places thatwere you know the boxing all that kind ofstuff I didn't do any of that like that, was all Christian doing it. On the S D,I had no idea about any of it. I'm sure he invited me and I'm sure I was like yeah- I'm notwatching em knuckle boxing in the middle of the street Kindo Sh, I'm hereto get a degree man I got. No, I don't need to be getting into any. You know,that's what you do when you're twenties young twenties you're like Oh yeah.This is going to be fun, but me I was twenty seven, twenty eight when I wentwhen I finally got to Florida State. So for me the focus was getting my degreegetting as in every one of my classes, H and soaking up as much Af. This as Icould you know, D, it's so Christia and I knew each other and we'd hang outevery once in a while, but you KN W. I wasn't hanging out his house oranything like that. You know, while I there or in this apartment or anything,are going it these fights so ou wwe rexpectet. Each other want to go. HANGOUT OT this plit club M 'cause, eventually you're going to haveto fight rightthat's the ight rule of clight club. If it's your first night,you fight but yeah m an it was it was cool to bedown there. I made a lot of Gre, I mean the geekbuddies Michael is. I met himin Florida, state, Micobogo and Sha as well. Yeah Shn was afo like half a slike semester or half a year, and then he went off and did his own thing. Sothose are lifelong friendships that I I still have a life on fromt, the womanthat as shot my head shots, is someone that I was friends with back in college.She was she s. She was a very sout after professional photography, in LosAngeles and now she's moving to Atlanta. So I mean like I have a number offriends since why we roll so deep. We just have a number of friends that arelifelong friends. Now that I met at Florida state so yeahit was the rightchoice. Those college friendships, man,...

...there's the O, nothing like 'em. Youknow I you know. I have. I have two friends from high school that I stilltalk to. You know it something about the people you meet in college,especially when the ones who are like you know in in your in your school hm,studying the same things and you have a similar career pass and there's there'sa bond that forms there. You ow you 'cause. I went in when I wasfinishing school. I I was the old man on campus too 'cause. I I didn't tellwic my law Um and there was there was a kid my senior year. I call mcki he'smarried now, but as I was, you know getting ready to graduate. He washaving his his freshman year and- and now he's my you know my creativepartner, my my my writing money and it's it's it's so interesting. You know,like you mentioned, like you, V got you've got Mike and Shannon who youhave act that far and now you're hosing a poncast together and and H. It's it's!It's crazy! How how how long those settle in for yeah? How did you? So? How did you come aboutmaking your way out to Los Angeles? Well, I think I'd always figured likeI'd, always loved movies. I mean even as a kid I was a fan of movies andthere was this decision to be made when I was heading towards my graduation the way I graduated in ninety nine, but I stuck around for another yearrunning a production company and making money off that production company Ye had to fund my move to Los Angeles.I Wa e Mark Aout notwas that we're talking about that. Okay, W companyman. What was that likeyeah it was, it was all for plays. So I was a producer and director and it justwas you know it's a happy accident Um. I wanted to drect Glengar glenrosand. Idid it Um as an experiment in at collegy. By theway, I'd had no training as a director. I just knew what I know works andinstinctiolly. I just knew, and so and at the time Efore te state youcould petition their wtherethere was like a committee. Youcould petition and pitch place and pictureself to direct it orproduce it in their blackbox theater. So I did Glengarosa when I didling EeguinRoss that really kindof opened people's eyes and then, when I played the leadin Titus andronicus that opened people's odeys about me as an actor. SoI was like I was building a resume there, a a knowledge or branc for lackof the mediterm and so Um. When I graduated, I was like well, Iwan to expand out 'cause. I I directed a couple of things. An Aid Wont ExpandOut of the College like I want to try something professionally, so twelve undermen was something t at. Ialways wanted to direct, but I wanted to do it with a multigender cast and orGenner blondcast and a color blond, gest H, and so I set about doing thatthere in Tallahassee I started a production company. I originally wasgoing to produce it and hired a director, but he backed out at the lastminute, and so I in essence had to direct itand thanks to my friend, Andrea Gordon, who encouraged me every step of the wayI was able to do it. You know- and I learned a lot of lessons abouthow to speak, to people about how to get people to get to where they'regoing. How to you know, motivate different people to do different thingsdepending on who they are as people as actors. So all those things kind of Ihad to learn by you know a trial and air because again I hadn't been trained.I hadn't been training any of this. I just knew what visually worked for meso Um. I ended up, shooting it in t E. I ended up doing it in the round, so Icompletely ha I rented bleachers and had them installed like it was a wholething. You know and I just had a vision for it and I used the voms Um so and itgot great reviews and and people loved it and I made I made a good chunk ofchange and then I dected another one. I can't rember what it was, but Idrected another play and then made the money off that and from there that'swhat gave me enough to to fund my trip to California to come out to California.That's so cool! I J. I love those home grown grass root, Storieslik eltoit, I don't know any other way todo it. Man, no one's ever been in a position to throw me money. I I alwayshave to fight for it or whatever. So it's my joit's, my life, if you everfind out the position needed to get money thrown at you, please, like justyou know, postid on mater being attractive, helps being younghelps pretty helps. AHIGEXACTLY OOI was at the time anbarely do now so yeah I mean it was,was a fun fun situation and I learned a lot as a director Lin liss, an actor velearned a lot of e people person, but I was proud of it. I was really proud ofthe time I did there directing you know directing and producing versus actingdo Y. U M is, I know, you've done a lot more of the acring Um getting back into drecting andproducing. Is that something you? I know you kindaf do thatthat right nowwith the outlawn dotion, but you know... in the theater scene or maybe likeindependent film s Thot something you've given any tought to film wouldbe interesting. I I think I'd have to have a great cinematographer on set.Who is not who was not egotistical? You know something like Greg Tolan whotaught wells. You know and wells taught him. So if I could work in conjunctionwith a great sin, matographer that I think has my best interest in mind thanyes, but if I but um other than that, I actually itwas funny. We were talkingabout this. I was actually thinking about that. The other day now t a withall this coged situation. Everything happening. I wonder how much more open theatres would be to take a chanceon a guy who's, only directed two or three things in his entire life, and itwas twenty years ago you know, would they let me come in and drag somethingI mean we were watching, thup set of Perry, Mason and Um. I saw that the I had no idea, O blackcab drivers existed back in the forties called for this company called Jitneyand UH. She Linley. We were sitting there and she a k. Oh yeah AugustWilson. She used to work at the Boston theater there where August wouldpreview his place, and so she said I d I used to come when I come to work. I'dmake sure to come a little early, so I could watch his plays going on and BlahBlah Blah, and so she said Yeah. He wrote an incredible play: Calld gityabout black taxi drivers back in the in La in the forties, and I was Li e HolyShit, so Um. So I was excited by that, and so maybeI might get a copy of the plan and read it, and if it sounds interesting that Imight start pitching it, aroundtown is something to do as if I you know, havea lot of time or anything, but it would be fun to direct a play again and seeif I could pull it off again. You know so yeah. I thought about it. Sure Istudied August wolves in in high school. I never knew at e 're in college. INever D yeah right. I took I took an African American literature class incollege, and that was one of the most fascinating classes. I ever took Ohnice, oh I I learned I ler, I mean that's Whyr I discovered ofences mtalking about Aho Tomethis Day is the one of my favorite plays Yeah Um, getting it you know, and then gettingyou know, you've done a lot of voice acting and you know weve talked aboutvoyacting quite a bit on this show. You know when we talk about H, standup, wetell people. If you want to get into it. You know write some jokes go to en openlike if you want to get into music pick up an instrument, a D learn to play itgetting into voice acting, you know, even even regular. Actingit's like go audition for a play. Myhoiste acting on the other hand, is,is a it's such a different ball game and andthe channels to get into that world aren't as obvious mm. Is that somethingyou can shet a little inright on? Well, I mean my once again. My story isunique and 'cause there', I know, and when we hosted that potcast for a longtimeor show yearie low and tall. We hosted two versions of a show aboutinterviewing people in the voice over world. You know when first one wascalled Um castof characters. We did that Overon, the defunked kicnation, Ithink, is Tefun, and then we did something called superanimationgametime over forgeek and sundry, where we bring guests in to talk about theirexperiences as boicover artists, and you know the one thing that we came.The one thing that const was the constant narrative of all those showsis that there was never one way in to become a voichap artist. There aremany many ways in and you just never know how it'll drop any APPR, how opresent itself. For me, it was that again, my friend Adre Gordon, who hadonce again a lifelong friend from Florida state. He had kind of hustledhis way into William Morris. He became a voiceobradist away, Moris en devorand he um. He was good friends with an assistant at the time. Forget her name,but he was, I think Terry was her name and he was good friends with her, andso he she kind of walked him in there and they liked his voice overreal, andso they took him well, he said he found out that theywere looking for voiceover artists who spoke Spanish, so he pitched me 'cause.I wasfluent. He pitched me to the agent who was Rubisenin t those talent at thetime, and he took me eye edition for thescarf faced video game. He liked what I did with it. I didn't book it, but heliked what I did s. He said what I'll do is a backpocket you and then, whileI'm backpocketing you, which means I'm not going to sign you til you booksomething I will give you auditions or send you auditions. YOUC come intoaudition here in the meantime, work on a reel in the meantime figure out whatthis career is and Blah Blah Blah, and so that's what I did so I mean it was.My friend is one of those Hollywood things. It's who you know my friend sawthis possibility. He recd out to me. I went in audition for it and the GuyRealy liked me- and I was represented from by way Morrs for voiceover all theway up until about two months ago here in in in Los Angeles, because of theyshut down their entire voice over division for anybody but celebritiesbecause of the long icost overruns of Cobet, and everything like that. So sonow I'm on the hunt for a new voice over agent, but yeah I mean at's, it'skind of like a weird weird world man.

That's this us it' usually usually- and you know F for me.You know I've done like some like m serialized pod cast. You know whichWich are fun M and you get you get te flex a little bit like that, but yeahit's it's. It does seem from kindof like what you said. It does seem to beone of those things where everyone's story, I think everyone's story forgetting into their career, is different in general, but for voice acting inparticular, it's like theres there's, no two stories, forme that are alike umas far, as you know, voice actingversus versus like live acting. Do you have a because you've done some t, Vand and obviously theater? Oh yeah theaters, where I live and breath man,I'm not good, I don't like being on camera. I don't like acting foroncamera, I mean I'll, do it I'm getting a new age? Oh I've got anew agent now and I I just took new headshot so I'll be getting back on the on the audition train for commercials,possibly theatrical stuff but theaters. where I live and breath man. It's why Ido well in live events man I just. I can feel the crowd. It's instinctive,it's organic within me, and so when I feel the crowd with me man, Ijust I row with it man. I love it love that energy. So it's it's like a drug. It really iswhat people say it's. Why so many people who love the theater state in itfor so long? It's such an incredible drug man. There are days, I miss it.Ther there are D. I did it all through college h. just you know the last one Idid was I did. We did the the Trojan Women- Oh yeah rigt. I was KingMenaleus. That was fas. That was fun. Oh, you know, 'cause. My whole role isto stand there and have Helen try to seduce me into not having Grexto one alert. I haveer exputed anyway, but that was fun. I was won th. The armorthey put me in was was not built for a guy N my size, but it's what we had Tein to move very well in it, and sothey were giving out fake awards at the end of the run, and they were like formost releast likely to move his arms. You KNO 'cause. I could I couldn't O itwas as abaits great. It was fun, though Um. So how did you meet Steve Morris to come around to puttogether the Cenofie? Oh well Steve, and I knew each other. His friends fora long time through our friend, Michael Wol, well, the Gikbudy Michael, we, Ithink Steve had, I think Michael, had met our friend, Vicky who's been on thethe cenefile she was on on Hermasaly upsad. She was an actress here in l, awe had just gotten to a and they came ahead of me like the guys. The florestday crew were about six months ahead of me because they had graduated. Like I said,I'd stayed after a Jew prush at I also worked for a UM accounts payable firm for a women'sdomestic violence, shelter for money like I was doing that as well. Soreally proud of that, and I earned enough money with that and the theaterstuff to fund my trip to La, but so they were ahead of me by about sixmonths and they had you know already started addioning for a place. Michaelat the time, was still considering being an actor. So we took a job you kN,W ORA got cast in a play. There was a Greek play. The Greek play one of theGreek plays. I remember what it was at the time: Um Yeah. I can't remember what it was oneof the female named ones. I can't remember what it was but m, so he metBicki and Vicky knew some people and those people knew Steve and Karen hiswifecarrn, and so there was like there was the Florida state crew. There wasabout twenty to thirty people, and then there was the US H: Cow Crew, the California crew and wemelted our groups togethr. So e became like a supergroup of like forty,something people and Steve was one of those people along with Karen, and so we met through there and thenSteve, and I and all of us we'd all get into random conversations whenever we'dall get together. Philosophical Conversations, movie conversations,we'd, go to see movies and you know go out afterwards and drink and talk aboutit, debate it get into it and all that kind of fun, stuff and so m. When thiscareer of mine started takin off after a Christian hadkind of introduced me into the space. I remember the time I was hosting abunch of the after shows. Accallider as a freelancer and then hosting my ownstuff and top ten had already started to happen, and I think I was doing theYearyloanthal one as well, so at a party randomly when we all got together.Some party we were all at Steve, came up to me and he's like hey man. Youknow it'd be fun to do pic a Pie cass withYooa, I'm just so I'm so busy wt, all the stuff. I don't know and he's likewell and our friend Jonathan Blue who's, now married to sorrow, you blue andsorry it was you know, you know, abecoming actress, Wot,famous actress, she's been leading. She was Teleden, I feel bad on NBC and thenOh yeah. She was also in a cupp ses,...

Indian ACTOSS, a couple of other things:Indian descent right from India, with Indian set and so Um. We were rasialy going to call it. Wekicked around the idea to me. Whic was a Playe flit dea like we KIK ID ofcalling it. I don't know. What do you think that was going to be the N 'cause?That's the game we would play with each other when we'd all hang out and talkabout movies, we'd always end whatever dietribe or Solilique or Mala. We wereon about film and ended with. I don't know what do you think and and that'sthe kind of, and so we kinda talked about the possibility of it. Well,Blukonda fell off ti doing his own thing and then Steve kind of reachedout to me one day and said: Hey Maadm. I'd really still like to do this. If I pay for everything and seteverything up and kind of be the person who um is hosting it, would you be willing to do the show and I go I'd-be happy to do the show as long as you understand it's fifty fifty and we and I don't have to do any of thetechical stuff, I don't want to pay to put it in. I tunes I don't ow. This iswhat you want to do. I will happily cohost it and bring my mas my audienceAnontsi massive, because in terms Oe, twenty thousand but I'll bring myaudience to this and we'll see be. Go work you know, and so um that's how itstarted. That's essentially how it started. I hope he told the same story.'cause, that's how I remember it we'll fact: Jeck it later Yh feel ran. Butyeah I mean that's exactly how I remember it happen. A cmoveling begginghim for for a shot right, MEBXA! No, I mean and Steve wasn't instunten Bak oranything he just was just he just wanted to do a show. I mean I think shewas in a place wher. As L. I wanted something to talk about movies 'cause.He loves movies as much as all Tust do you know, and so it was a great ideaand do I I had no idea it was going to become what it became, and I I tried towalk away from it a couple of times, because I'd just become frustrated. Idon't know if you knowis. I want me Mike, but I like to run my own things,and so when I un my own things, I've become very uagitated. I've become verylike paranoid or suspicious or whatever Um, and so I become you know. I juststart to get ants. If I don't run my own thing, you know and so Um. That'swhy the alloation runs through me. It all runs through me and M. I justprefer it that way for my own sanity, so I get it. I I I D, I do get it, I I'm a control freak hat I didn't Sayawe said Y. I said I ama control for A. I H I yeah I I like to know what's going onand and I like to make sure that when it's something I'm involved in thatit's going the way I wanted to go yeah right, Um, I it's why I make my own sy direct, myown short films. It's like you WANTT, an it's yeah, I'd Rathr I'd rather runthe show myself Um. I I have a hard time lesprobably.Another reason why I wouldn't have made it in the military ITD Liye I I wouldget issued an order and be like well. I don't know about that. Theyeoh really! You know here it comesagain. What are you going to say now yeah? It would basically be that yeah.I Yeah I II e, some weird combination of Domer, O private pile and whateverrich mayonnaise an Mayymao. I, gentlemen, O Ereas to go the stamdasion I work atI swear. We run that movie every month. I've seen that movie morellor did I payanything Yeah G God forbid, God forbid. We we get a syndicated version of likethe dark night or something. No. We get one of the longest treein DRD, it's agood movie, but dryest military movies on the GN, GE, prired, but so and and then there's the GeekBuddies, which is which is you and my and and Shaon, and, and you know,you're wearing a superman teshirt right now you actualy star war, something orwhatever over fer there. So iis around. You know you're you're,a geek and it's one of those. You know where, where we see you're persoing alot of things, t a lot of people wouldn't immediately think Geek rightoff the bat yeah and and how much has like Tat Geek that Geet Colker likebeen a part of your life. Like your whole life, like Wento, that low yeah Imean fom, T Sualy g t peat up in you, know: Middle School High School all thetime up for liking the Geeki stuff for being into the nurdy stuff, and youknow it wasn't cool. When I was growing up it's cool now, it wasn't cool. WhenI was going up Welyeah, I think so thereis rule of the world. Now for better or worse, I yeah I mean for me at the time. Itwas something you hit away. You know that's Purposey! It's why I never gotinto de indeed, because I was like, if I get into this I'll, get my asint allthe time and Blah Blah Bah, and so I stayed away from it all and now it'sall cool and now peop of DND parties.

You know all the hips people love to doR, pg stuff. You know at that time. You didn't do that. You know I I you know.I envy the people that do it now like I. I wish that Itad been a cool thing forme to do back then, but it wasn't Um. So O Havi to get into it it's never toolate. I guess I guesswellyou also need to have at least a free hour a weekwhich it like you just don't catch uptilowyeah and so like yeah, it was,but you know the Irani thing is this, like I had to adjust my life at fifteenyears old, because I was getting my scakted all the time and I was justfrustrated and tired of it and M. I I remember one time getting chased out ofthe soccer practice by these two older dudes who just laughed their mother,fucking, assop and me running and crying because I didn't want him tobeat me up anymore and my coach Dif fucking fuckall and it was probably alive par. He probably was friends with the dudes dads and thought it was funnyto watch the little atino kid getting chased out of soccer practice by histwo white fucking buddies, so for me or his buddy's kids. So for me that wasthe moment that I remember going home. I remembr, I think it was. I think itwas the fact that I went Tgo S, those guys bullieed me for liketwo or three years, Allan Stevens and Wade War. That's their fucking names inVirginia. I don't give a rat'Sass if anybody hears it but like those guyswere such complete, fucking assoles to me through high school and MiddleSchool, and I remember one time I used to go pick up my sister from elementaryschool number. One time they were waiting for me behind one of theshortse iwould take the shortcut through the residential areas. Th Theide walked, and I remember them waiting behind one of the fences cause they ha.I guess I guess they'de been scoping me out taking thee shorcus co pick up my sitbecause I picked orup almost every day from elementary school, and I rememberI come around the corner one day and waited to stand there and I'm like buckme and I'm just like Hey Ma'am and I'm just trying to walk past him and theylike move in front of me and I'm like Shit and I'm Li. Listen! I'm just! Idon't want any trouble. Man I' just picking him, I'm just going to pick upmy sister and before I could finish thes sentence. He caughk me so fuckinghard in the eye sent me right down n ground man for no reason I mean nofucking reason. I was just a fat Tubu Latino Kid with a boll haircut andthat's why, and so I remember, you know them kicking me acouple of times and then just Meline there and the fucking feetal position just covering my eyesand or cover my face and cover my butch Ong to cove my body and then theywalked away and I got up and I remember I still had to go pick up my sister. Icould not go home and just like take care of my injuries. I had to go pickon my sister, so I remember walking there to the Lmenchgn I member as soonas I got close to my sister. She just burst out crying because she was solike horrified at the wealth in M on my eye and just t en the dirt. On myclothes and the look of me and so Um. She was just like what happened. Whathappened? I said, you know those guys beat me up again. I don't know what todo walked all the way Ole. My sister cried all the way home. She said,sweetheart all the way home and I remember I went into the waited for mydad come home and we sat down at dinner and he I told him what happened becausehe saw- and I told him at happened- and I said Dad. I don't antven want to feelthis way anymore. I don't want to feel this wo anymore. I know you don't wantme to fight. I know you don't want me to throw hands because you had badexperiences, but in this country dad you got to fight you, gotto figure ut.How to fight so summer is coming. I know that I can'ttake another semester of this, so whatever it takes. I need you to helpme and e should encourage me to do it and so to my dad's credit, we went tofucking Kmart got myself a ten speed bike and we got a set of cheap ass, rustle, athleticweights, red white and blue plastic, with concrete blocks, insidetiner andand just and I spent that whole summer working outlike. You couldn't tell mewhat to do. I I would do situps under the armoir with the chest of drawersthe towe put under my toes and I would do sit up till there were blisters onthe top of my toes. I would just keep doing it and doing it and I had apreclivity. U Like, I could do it. It wasn't something that was difficult tome because my dad had been a wait: Bil, a weightlifter n Argentina. So, likekind of those Jenes kind of passed on to me, and so my body reacted quicklyto the working out and it was great, and so when I came back to col highschool that semester, the same Guy Allan Steve, has trying to fuck with me.We were a gym class first semester. First Day back at school, did our gymclass we're all standing lale waiting for the Ding of the bell, and he startsto push me from behind like to go through the door and e RCO Roo Iwas,like the bell is 't wrong. Hes Sai Come Onro, and so I spun around and I threwmy elbow my forerm rather into his fucking neck and pushed them againstthe wall, and I said you're, never fuckin touching me again. Those daysare done. I will fuck and kill you in front of everybody here, and I rememberthis. This black kid wh was Jessie. I can't remember Jessie's last name butJesse was like ohand like I just went and I was like ash and I told Alan Isaid you can tell way too you guys are never fucking. Touching me again 'causeI had I had built out. You know I had...

...built out and it was just like it feltso good to be able to tell the bully like fucky you and so my whole life. I've been trying to tellthe bully fuck you. You know it's Kindof been my thing and so Um Yeah N.from that point forward, I kind of stayed a geek, but I also kind ofexplored you know. Working out, I went on dates. I had sex. I was doing stuffin high school that I never thought I was going to be able to do and allbecause I started working out and it radiated confidence. You know and sothing I got I got my first plays when I was N Fifteen Sixteen Years Olso. Allof that hi was just all blossomed. Out of this situation, where I felt like Ididn't want to get beat up for the rest of my life, and so for that reason Ithink people see me and they don't think they think jock or they think you know over and also the militarystuff. So they don't necessarily think Ek, but I am just as Geek as anyfucking person who's never lifted. Awai Ha's got atne or has got like you know,stringy, hair or whatever, I'm just as much of a geek. I just have a differentapproach to it, and that is cause. You know it cause me sometimes to not getcertain jobs. Her people, don't ask me to be part of their shows 'cause. Idon't necessarily radiate it, so it's just kind of the game now, and sothat's why I e built my own channel, because I know what I can do and I knowwhat I can talk about and I like bringing people in who do that as well.So yea and you know we we we mentioned earlier ound nowadays, you know geksare kind of sexy. Nowadays I mean look at look at Joe Maganello, rigt R, rightH's, my Ho my golden rule example. You Know Marri Ogar. First of all, screwyou no, we get I shut out then, but he's going to you know the children'shospitals with th the D nd starter kits nd. He right, which is great. I love,and I know I know he and sophihave talked to where, like he has, he has adnd room downstairs and the big show comes in plays. I love that the bigshow plays the indeed that's my yeah, she as massive hands with a littledtwenty in it. Then Yeah Yeah righbut yeah- I it is that kind of world now,where we're starting to see where these people, who we've seen as you know, theUm, you know the cool good. Looking PeopleAganj, you know, Milacunis is plain splay world of warcraft and I, like you,wouldn't believe and we're we're seeing a lot more of that come out now.It'SCIT is cool. Now I still hate the big Manteri, but itiscoit's, not a gey show I don't care W, you don't mess, you don't cross streamsof the Geektem and expect to get away with it with real geeks. That show wasjust for fun for people who are middle of the road, Geeks or Ho only thinkthese guys are funny to watch. It's not a real get show it's. It's such a it'ssuch a caricature, of what Geeks are 'cause every yet on the shows. A GEEKis the most socially enept you could ever imagine it's like. I know peoplewho are way gicgierer than that WHO Gei way more than I do s that fometric. Apparently it'sconfidence man, it's it's the number one thing: it's the key to it all thisconfidence man, everything after that is Um, is answellery and I know withpeople it's like, oh well, you know I've been confident before you gotta,not care. If you get it or not, 'ause you've got something else outside of it.That's confidence, like you know, you walk into a room. Damrada observed tobe here. Damn Lad, observed to be in this room. Damn Rodezerbevis on me,those of those things you have to develop over time. You know, and sojust t s everyone's got their own journey to get there. That's for sure,and there's also that fine line between confidence and arrogance, of course, ofo course so easy to step over Yep when you confuse one for the other. Yes,absolutely so now we get into now we get into Iremiss. If we didn't, if wedidn't, spend a couple of minutes, just yeah aking about the movie tribe, ShmowDown, you know it's it's how I was introduced to you initially in the flash after show. Oh Yeah, Ohwow, you watchd that holy Shitman al been ve en areunamenall, right, respect and UH. You know, Khristian harlof comes to youand said 'redoing, a wrestling. Ask Movie, Trivia, Show Yeah.I don't Oho me just just what what like you hear this? What are your thoughtsgoing into it h? You know, was it instantly like a hell? Yes was it? Wasit scepticism like what was Ma initial reaction? Al Pure on adill tradedexcitement, Pierre unadulterated excitement. I couldn't wait to do it. Icouldn't wait to compete. I could wait to show what I can do. I was so excitedto do it Um and when he said I need a heel. I was even more excited to do it'cause. He said no one's going to understand what I need. You get. Ityou're, a professional wrestling guy, you get it, and so I was like yeah.What do you need he's Lai? Well, I want...

Ta, I want to do this this and this,and so I was like great yet, let's do it. I've got an idea for a characterand e's like yeah. I want someone who's like outside the realm and we'll fight to the end of our days ofwho came up with the outlaw. I believe I came up with it. He he says he cameup with it B, the general overawl structure of it. We both came up with the costume I came up with, but yes, that's how and it wasalltering conversation over the phone and I emember and people can go backand look on my social media all the way back around this time and there's apicture of me with the hat on and wo shirt, and it says the outlawis comingand it was forest modown thing, and so it was like that was the beginning ofthe all of that, but yeah it was. You know, as soon as he came to me, ecauseChrista had always been good at kind of guidedg me through this thing. I didn'talways listen to him and you know because I go. I got TA Walk Myon Path,but he was always good at presenting these possibilities of theseopportunities for me, so that was certainly one of them that I wasexcited to jump into and I had no no idea where it was going to go butcredit. The Christian from the beginning, almost he' said like if thisthing takes off you're going to get a shit ton of followers you're going toget like people attention, Bah, Blah trust me, it's GOINGTO come, but you'vegot a win and you've got TA. You know win a title and you've got to get inThi situation where people nd, so it was all of that and h. You know he wasabsolutely right about that. I mean my my followers absolutely blow up after Igot in t smot an ancoliter like he Cambo, both really kind of elevated,where I'm at now. So you now hard work on both sides, hard work on both sides,so yeah and you you know going through just going through that that history,you know with winning those belts. You know people saying who who's the angryguy and the Vevervendena mask Um. You know y white, W whie to him and ScottMans have such a crazy library. Yeah Man go o looks tot me. I we were joking with Steve last timeabout one of my one of my favorite episodes, of course, is the bladerunnerepisode. Oh yeah, I said, except for the fact that I have to keep my hand onthe volume dial at all times, ecause. As soon as Scott starts talking, I haveto turn it down a little bit, but and then you get into you, go goingthrough the showdown and then the live events start taking off yeah and thenof course the everyone knows, the gift on of of ofroca winning the tital,Linda Chalk and surprise Um was that was that feigned? was that genuine,like? Oh, my God, are you're kidding, yeah, absolutely genuine. I had no ideawho directed the BERBS so at the time I didn't know. If Damn was right and lookhe's the greatest of all time. So in my mind I was like. Well, maybe he's gotit right. You know and so um when he said it I was just like hush- is that right, so I've had m armsfolded and I waited for Christian to say the name and when he said Andew andhe said the outlaw, I completely lost it because you know look. Everyone said I wasgoing to lose he's the unbeatable Dan Marel he'd beat Mark Alic, Cark, WolfMark it made mince meat of everybody h. He played e. Did that Mike Tyson thingwhere he beat you and then go over and lift your hand up and hug. You and youknow, think you know, and so I was determined not to have thet this beforeDan. I became friends right so for me, damn was a screen junkey's entity right, and I remember that day. Dam was like super late to the tapingand I was deep into meditating at the time and remember that was also thetime here. Ihad Um, I think I just attempted to or tried to temp temptedsuicide earlier h that rer right 'cause, I beat Ryly to have the optunity again.I'd be ray a second time to Hav that upto gaint stand after he had beatenmore cellous, and I I was deep into my meditationstuff that I'd lost a shit on Awaih because of my depression so, like I was in the best lookingshape of my life and mentally. I was in a good place as well, because I wasrecovering from that and working my way through it and meditating. So when Danwas late, all I did was going on the couch lay down on the loather couchesat they had a time, a calliter at the old office, and I put a jacket over myface and I just started doing my meditation, I put on my headphones andI started listening to my meditation exercises, the Meditation pod cast,which is a great podcast. They do guided meditation which I like, and so they was just getting me in the rights.So I no point was I ever intimidated by Dan that day Um and everyone espectingme to lose so I had nother olose. So I walked into that match and I just wasas relaxed as I could be and went: Tootothem N. Yes, I had acouple of outbursts or whatever, but I always play with pass. That's nothing.They didn'ttrust me that's Nie! So, but it was just like it was a l and then,when it happened, I was just so shocked. Um, of course, babs runs uhisdog, H,...

...'cause. He was a horseman at the timehe didnt, but he didn't miss the optunity to say yes about himselfpugging me Soyou know he did make it about himself as he tends to do and andbut I I remember, feeling very gracious to Dan for having played me and that'swhen I I did to damn what he did to other people. I went over and andpicked him up by his hand and shook him a and gave him the hug and it was niceand then I grabbed that belt and fuck and lost it. You know- and so it was anan incredible moment and h. You know when you spent a year going aftersomething and it actually happens for you. It was the first moment I feltlike this was a sports league. You know, Y, U you see so many teams who lose itin the final game the year before and motivated like the chees just di right.They lost, I that C Chamship to the patrots next year they come back andthey win the superbowl. It just gives you motivation and fuel so yeah. So Ah,I was totally authentic, totally shocking that I I won and h here was agreat day. It was a great day and now all this time later and going up forwhere you know Bu, when this episode drops well we'll be just a couple ofhours away from a big match, Agerwin- and I am scraping to remember- have youguys faced before Ethan earwe Yeah beat me for the title, Oh, that on thats et an I took thetitle off of me, Bro Right and then I lost the triple threat to him an is. Iwas the first one knocked out so, and you know we just did a thing on twitchand he's very confident that he's going to beep he's Li. You know I mean Ibeachou twice, so I jun't think it's going to happen again, and so I lovethat I love he hasn't been around in a minute. Um Yeah. Well, he lost wellbeat Snyder Aftersida couldn't get his five pointer, and so he was ready, Um, and so you know we says, he's beenstudying animation looking at stuff, and you know you never know what toexpect from me, and so I'm just focuing on me. Man, if I can feel comfortablerelaxed like I did against Dan. If I can go into the macikens EA veryrelaxed, very, like Zen, I think I'm going to do. Fine N' have a chance to win. If I go inover hyped or unconfident like I did in the last two matches against him, I'mgoing to flame outain lose that's just how it works and so M. I just have aquiet, small little belief inside me that I've got what it takes to beat himthis time and we'll see. If that happens, it reminds me of you're mentioning the meditation priorto the Daah. There was a there was an image. I don't re if it was Riley orWendy who posted it, but it was a picture of you backstage sitting likecrosslegged on the floor, O yeah man had on and just completely Jin your own space and to me that rings. True of you know, that's where you need to be. Thank you, man, Um John. I could talk to you all day, a oyou're you're, a busy busy guy. You know W we'll wrap this up here withJECA. You know I just Wanto just want to talk to you real quick about justyou know. W We've talked we've talked to the career and we we talk the homelife lets lt from from from from the youth and then the home life. Now youknow youea where O M and you and so you're you're living in Los Angeles witY R. Your girlfriend of how long now it'll be two years August, eleventh andhow's that going that's going really well, I'm very happy she's, so great, so supportive. We have the bestof time together and yeah. I mean we're both prickly, we're both Alphas, but wealso love each other and we bust balls and we h Ave. we just we just have funmen and Um. We spent so much time together, ecauseshe's, an introvert and yet we're never really fucking bored with each other.You know and the affection's always there, the the desire to be around eachother is always there. So to me it's it's a what I've been waiting for myentire life so and it's easy and it's organic and it's natural Um, and I never felt this way for anybodyand, it's even weird to say I never feltthis way for anybody because it's like it just seems so natural that t at youcan't even put it in the same terms. I belong in the same universe. You knowit's just its own thing and I love that she are there ever moments, because youknow you you are you know to to to be in the creative space like you are yeahwe we can sometimes become a little insufferable. I I'm fully aware of in fact how much Ipiss my family off. I tell them nobody come T, nobody come downstairs, nobody,nobody go o es door, stay the Howl, often that flicks I swear to God. Ineed the Internet, do you ever? Do you ever feel the eyerolls burning into the back of your head at all or or is she very ecol withall of it? Oh no she'll tell me she doesn't she. She doesn't like sit on itand sto on it. No she'll say e e e. actually we were joking about th syesterday at Brunch 'cause. She was talking about except W, saying to her,like we were talking about my old ex...

...girlfriend to a don't randomly came upa conversation. 'cause I've had some terrible, terrible e gover and I justsaid SD. I guess I seem to always seem to choose introverts. I don't likeextraverts as girlfriends. I think they're great people, women who areextroverts, but I just don't like shes like yeah, because you want thespotlight to be on you and I was like no. No tinshe goes well. How many ti?How many minutes do you think we talk about you a day or a week, and I saidUm, I said it's a lot and you know why,because it's usually seventy five percent of you're telling me all thethings I'm doing wrong. So therefore, I am the focus of this K. I am the focusof our conversations 'cause it EW, so it was very, very funny and both andshe laughed at it and she was like. Oh May, RT's like you know, so we do spendtime talking about my stuff 'cause, I you know 'cause, I do. I do seek her counsel and I respect hercounsel so much I really do and she someone I turn to first to get adviceabout anything. I trust her that much and, by the same token, I think onceshe fully dives into this photography job. We are going to have conversationsabout her career and what she wants to do and Blah Blah Blah, and so those arethe situations that are going to come up. Well, we start to make her thefocus of our conversations 'cause. I want help to help her get her stuff offthe ground and become successful. Doing whet she's doing become happy doingwhat she's doing it's really. The most important thing is as terrible as thesedays can be inexhausting as they can be. I'm happy doing it. You know, andthat's kind of important for me personally- that that really is the keyand that's that's. What led to the start of this show even is, is becausethe show beforehand- and you know we were running our own pod- casts nd- notwork, it God to the point where it stopped being fun and it just felt likework mhm and that point at that point when it just feels like work. If I wantto do that I'll, just go to my job right, righ right, exactly a Ddon'tthati agree, Um John Roqa, you are always you knowabsolute pleasure to talk to think Yo you pleasure to have on on the Mike andon camera. I'm always excited to see what you're going to be up to nextThankmi'm, so grateful that you've. Let me come along for the ride s in the waythat I have with the outlaw nation and with top ten Y I've gone from callingyou someone that I admire and respect to calling you a friend, I'm verygrateful for that, and I'm grateful that you took time out of yourridiculously busy ontoday for our season finale,especially, I cannot sell you how much I appreciate it Du it. It's my honor,honest again. I've grown to enjoy your company and your friendship brother. SoI I can't thank you enough all the work you're doing on that ultimate smodownshow and inhadling all things and bringing in Mina as a new addition tothe show. It's been fantastic, see you build that thing out and it's been. Youknow when you attach your name to something.You hope that people who see you attash, you name something stepup to the plate and really kind of m. You know give their best effort andwe're seeing that in the ILTERMISH Pono show. I see it in the Llanation, thefacemel page, I see in the top ten stuff you do for us, so I mean honestlyoverall, just like I'm very happy that we are in each other's lives, and Iappreciate it, and so is my joy to be on here as a season for a season finaleand there's moretocom. Hopefully there is Mortico, he will be back. I need a break. I'm freaking tired. I haven't had aation yet a month to myself fair enough veryladlike Seo know anymore, I'm supposed to becamping right now, oh supposed to be it's a long story, but, let's just saythe Campi Trik got andled because TORONA virus and every show is. I spend an hourpegging you with questions, so I'm gonna give you an opportunity to ask meone question before we move here an still level the playing field, a littlebit mm one question of Mikesha M: Ouhave a vision for your final goal. I have a I you in twenty different places. Iknow: Where is your actual vision and do you have the balls or guts o? Theladies were listening to go after Um. I do have an n game of sorts. It'sbeen in the last year and par this show was part of forming that, because I was tired of putting all myeffort into my own like like again with the Po castnowwork. I was running my own show, but I was aly trying to six other onesafloatright and in the last year you know in the La in the last two years Ihave directed a written and directed a shortfilm to winning to awards. I have um...

...made more headway as far as what I like,as far as like my writing, yeah Um, I'VI've learned Ta prioritize a littlebit better is is what it comes down to the the endgoal. For me, I know lies Um as as as a screenwriter corrector. Those are the three things Ienjoy the most. That's why I've I've moved away from acting as I find myselfwith with the short film in particular. You know part of that. I had madeseveral, but I was always writing directing acting editing news and andwhen I finally just sat back and let myself just steer the ship yeah andsurround myself with people that I could trust. I found myself a lothappier and so right now th. The current goal is just to Kinda. Similar to you is, is get my get.My Foundation laid yeah had out west and and Makan honest make an honestcareer out of out of the writing and the producingthere you go. I love it, but that's that's a G. usually, usually I just getstupid shit like what's your favorite color Orwhen at Stiag Bask. I know hedidn't ask what your favorite call her, what it hshe asked. Damn he asked Um the philosophical Guymann.Oh he he asked me about 'cause 'cause. We mentioned that. I do stand up, so hewas asking me about what I saw as the future of of stand up: Post Corona. Oh,like howy. How is it going to continue on, to which I said W we're stilltrying to figure that out yeah? You know we're we're opening clubs back upin limited capacity, but it's just it's the protocols. You know you got amicrophone being handed off by five ten people on now and it's just it's it'shard to say 'cause, unlike unlike music, where you can practice the guitar outfor an hour a day, Master Guitar Player, you don't know what works in comedyuntil you do it in front of an audience. RIGH IGHT! You need that instantfeedback. So I don't disagree. Yeahmn John Roa Co. You got you're matchdropping later tonight, showdrops against ethen Irwin. You've got allkinds of crazy programming going on on the outlaw nation, outube channel aswell t e top ten show and the cenophiles. Let's just if the peoplewanted to find you somewhere online. where, where can they go? ATTAROCA ESis always the best place to go R, O Cha says come FY me and all my iterationsthere and you know, come into my utubchannels. Wa? U To com, slash, Tho, rocusays or Gonroque says.Rather that's the way to go about getting to see where I'm at soeverything is there. Everything hinges there. There you go everybody. Youfollow him on twitter, instagramw from what he does occasionally post on there.You Tube Watch 'em in the shmow down check outthe Geek Buddies, the centofiles, the top tent sho, all of it Um and JohnRoco. You look forward to what you do. Nextthank you Mike All Right, John,have a good one and well we'll talk to you. SOMBODY TAKE CARE WELL GUY! That is going to do it forthis episode of the basement. LOUNGE AT'LL! Do It for this episode and forthis season season, one of the basement lounge as finally cometo a close, and I have never been more proud of this show than I have been lately.Yes, the last few weeks have been absolutely trying pushing me to thebrink of contemplating quitting this whole thing. Frustration can push youto a weird place into a weird mindset. Stress can take you to places, youdidn't think you could possibly go, but when it all quiets down and whenyou come back to all all of this in the end, once your emotions have balancedback out and you realize what a great thing, what a fun and wonderful thingit is you're creating every week for all of you. It makes it all work thatall the headaches all the head, scratches all the late nights. It's allworth it, and so that's why I continue to do thesshow that's why I continue to make content. That's why I continue to beall over the place like we just talked about with John I'm in twenty differentplaces. I do a lot of things CAUSI'm, trying to lay that foundation,I'm trying to make a career in the creative in the creative arts in someway as a writer o producer as a host, I just love creating. Even if one day the career takes off as a screen, rinter ordirector I'll always have a potcast, because I love doing this, I love beingable to talk one on one with our guests and talk one on one with all of you.The Shol wouldn't exist without all of you. So thank you for a great wonderfulfirst, fifty episodes or great first...

...season. We will be back in Septemberfor season two with some new changes, some new things going on with the shol. Does it burb into the microphone nuringmy bay huge sign off? We will be back and we'll be betterthan ever, and I hope you guys will stick around. Remember we're still going to be doingour live streams on Wednesdays and Fridays on twitch well still be aroundtacking a break for E for a month. So I can rest we'll be back. I hope you gotsbe back with us in the meantime, tell your friends, andvite them in thebasement. Lounge is a place for everybody. Everyone's welcome here. Thebasement, lounge, is the place to have a conversation. Have a drink. Nd have fun to find friendship to findBrotherhood to find togetherness. That's why we're here guys are as much a part of the show, asI am and so thinwithout being said, as always live well rock on take care.

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