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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 5 · 2 years ago

“How Did You Find My Bladder In My Pulse?” with Lady Sarah - EP #5


On this week's episode of THE BASEMENT LOUNGE, model/entrepreneur Lady Sarah talks about her new makeup line, modeling with an octopus, and the spiritual side of going to the chiropractor.


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This is the cool, relaxed showwhere we have on guests who work at all different venues of the entertainment industry, be they actors, Comedians, musicians or occasionally will get somebody who iswho is a professional, look good on camera type person, and that iswho we have on the show today. We have a model who has beenmaking her rounds all around the Internet and in other public events. US Anentrepreneur, she's an artist, she is lady Sarah, Lady Sarah, thankyou for coming on the show today. No problem. How are you?I'm doing fantastic. It's great to have you on. I was shot thisshit when you responded to the email to come on the show. Hey,it is, it is. It is hard being a midwest comedian with awith a podcast, trying to get people... come on. Let me tellyou, I love comedy and I love podcast. So well, it's great, great to have you on here. We're going to work you. Youdo everything. You do so many things, all of the things. Yes,a little bit of everything, and we're going to we're going to tryand touch on as much of that as we possibly can. We mentioned itright at the top, so let's let's start off with with the big onein the room. So you are A, I'm assuming, a professional model.Yeah, yees. How hell do you get into that? Um,you honestly to start by building your portfolio. You have to do you to startout by doing TFP work, which is basically trade for you can tradefor images or you know whatever. You work out with the photographer and youstart by building your portfolio like that. Or if you want a very wellknown photographer, then you pay them for a photoshoot session and you to buildyour media, any social media that you have, and use your portfolio andyou go from there. It's that easy, kids. That's all you got todo and then pretty soon, pretty soon you'll be on vote. Butbut you specifically how? What? where? Did? where? Did this journeystart for you, Sarah? For me a journey started. I gaveit a try. I felt five years ago when I started, when Iturned eighteen. I gave it a try and with life wrapping everything up,I kind of fell out of it. I only did it for about threemonths and then I actually met who is now my husband and he had aphoto shoot. He has done a lot of tattoo modeling and body modification artistshoots for international and United States magazines and he surprised me by throwing me intothe photo shoot and he waited a couple months and he asked me, doyou miss it, like, do you ever want to do it anymore?And I said Yeah, sometimes, and I said just say the way andI was like okay, and from there he helped me build my media andgo from there. And was there. It was there like a specific,like something that inspired you to just be like this is what I want todo, or is this? Let me just kind of fell into no,it definitely was something I wanted to do the second half of it, whenit all started the second time. It definitely kind of fell into my lap, but I kind of just took that as a sign to run with somethingthat I had interest in. And you've been going with this for five yearsnow, you said you. Yeah, I was, like I said,I started eighteen and then I fell I fell out of it after just afew months and then it's been about about...

...year, about a year and ahalf to two years, that I've been in it again. And what aresome of your what are your something, because you you do a plethora ofdifferent kinds of shoots where solally, I like to keep the portfolio versatile,which is which is which is good. I think it helps keep you frombeing like, like being type cast. It helps give you a bigger windowof opportunity for as far as work goes. Yeah, is there any particular anyparticular style that's your favorite? Any some like some favorite shoot you've done? Maybe you're just a particular a particular wet shoot you've just style that youreally enjoy doing the most. Yeah, I definitely. I definitely lean towardsthe darker, I guess you would call it Gothic Niche. That is usuallylike my daily persona. That is the look guy usually always have. Butone of my, I think, most standout shoots was right when I startedgetting back into modeling again. It's about a year ago in the summer.I did a shoot with octopus and I have a giant otopus tattoo down theside of the body and that has kind of somehow become my icon. Ihit tagged an offopus things on facebook left and right, so that was kindof my image to my name for quite a while. It's things to stillpop up. I I'm looking at that picture right now with with you withthe octopus. That that is that's that's that is different if I've ever seenit. So you have that kind of I think that was kind of myintro back into modeling, besides the shoot I did with my husband as myintro intro, but that's kind of what caught on and took me off alittle bit there. And so knowing that your husband had such it was suchan integral part you getting back into it. That kind of that defeats the purposeof my other question, which is going to be how does your husbandfeel about all of this? But obviously I'm assuming he's a supporter. Ohmy God, yeah, he is so supportive about it. He honestly hasdone anything and everything he can to help me. He used to. He'sactually do a little bit of like a model agency and entertainment agency business awhile ago. He's an enterpre entrepreneur himself, so he's done a little bit ofeverything and has been a business owner few times as well. But sohe helped me from there. He helped me with all the media and thebuilding, the presence and all of that. And Yeah, he is. He'sthe first supportive every everywhere I go that like is a is a localplace for me. He is he is the husband. He is always thereand always welcome as an escort. That's that's great to hear because, Imean, if anyone is familiar with your work, and you know we posteda couple shots that you sent us on...

Instagram, you know a lot ofthe stuff you do is, you know, is for lack of a better termis on the more risk gay side, and so so. I mean again, you're lag on a floor tops with an octopus over yet. Butyeah, to have to have to have a husband who is not only supportiveof that but is involved in it as well, I'm sure, helps alleviateany other couple there that would probably cost some strain here and there. Ohyeah, no, he's super involved. He's supportive and involved was just aboutevery shot I go to. I don't think he has missed a single shootsince I have started this again. It definitely, I think it's actually we'veseen it encourage other models to bring their guys along, because there can alwaysbe toughed in the industry where some photographers prefer escorts not to be a significantother for obvious reasons of they may have, you know, jumped in or costproblems in the past. Sure, but Jeremy, my husband, Jeremy, has definitely sad a stander, that seems like with you know, havingthe having that via thing, having it be a good thing. That's that'sfantastic to here. It's it's always good because, yeah, you do hearthose horror stories of of the I hate use the word jealous, but thejealous significant other that's there on said and they get they get pissy and itcan call or maybe the maybe that maybe the model is less easy, havea harder time opening up in front of the camera, you know. Soit's good to have that. Yeah, he's definitely super against that stuff.He always says that. You know, he likes to show me off becauseat the end of the day I'm his and that's what matters. So I'mvery grateful to have such a supportive husband on my side. That's fantastic.That's wonderful. And you guys been married for how long? October will bea year. We've been married. Not Quite a year yet. Getting there, still in the honeymoon face. It's all right. So this is so, this is weird. So the way I found you online, and thisis for most people, when they find someone, it's because you're looking forthere they follow particular trend or something. For me, where I found youonline was actually I fell into a hole on youtube and fellow came across achiropractic video of you with the chiropractor. As somebody who goes to the chiropractorquite often myself. How is that I'm trying to find the video now.I'm blacking on the name of the doctor. But how is that experience with whatthat guy? Because he's a different kind of chiropractor. He's more thanjust a regular doctor. He's got kind of a almost a spirril, whichspiritualistic side to what he's doing in the doctor's office. Absolutely know that.You definitely nailed it on the head. Yeah, his name is Dr BrettBlinder and I've actually gotten a lot of... new following from people, especiallyon instagram. I kind of secretly like dropped my instagram tag in the commentssomewhere so that anyone that you know, wanted to look hard enough for orwanted to share it could, but because some of the comments weren't so nice. But I want to be super involved with the actual comments. But yeah, no, that was I was definitely a different GIG for me. Hehad reached out to me and he asked if I was willing to do thisGig and it was, you know, it was a regular chiropractor visit.He'd be taking a video and I was like yeah, sure, you know, we worked out the details and he definitely was like I've been to carparctors before. He is definitely one of the best chiropractors I've ever seen.He'ses a lot of ancient and, like you said, almost spiritual medicine andit was it was crazy for me to see that you could do this withthe human body. He actually has an ancient way. I forget what originit comes from, but he read my pulse and he had a chart behindhim where the pulse, certain things about the pass would indicate certain things thatwould be wrong with the body or that relate to certain areas of your body, and three medical problems that I have issues with. He felt my pulsefor like ten minutes, or, sorry, ten seconds, and rattled them offand my husband was in the room with me the whole time and hejust like looked up from his phone and looked at me like yes, Imean it's crazy. It's not. It borders the line of like the spiritualside that people find hard to believe with. No, this is spiritual, butthere's science, like and he's showing you like this is science and it'scrazy. There's there's literally a clip right at the beginning of the video wherehe's checking your pulse and he just just out of nowhere says, do youget bladder infections? And I love your reaction. It's just oh my Godall the time. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I know I'm very openabout it like that is one thing that I'm I'm super prime to andI was like, how did you find my bladder in my pulse? Hethere's a moment I was amazed. There's a moment where he's cracked. He'sdoing some cracks with your thumb and your wrist and it's yeah, it triggersa very, very heavy emotional response from you. Yeah, I honestly Icouldn't explain that. It the just with some of my conditions, the crackand hurt a little bit. So I knew that it was going to itdoesn't mean it does for everyone. I'm just a little bit more sensitive topain these days and I knew. I knew it was going to hurt justa little bit, but I knew the...

...relief would be worth it. Andhe was explaining the release in certain parts of the body, almost like reflexology. And for some reason, like he cracked the other hand and it wasfine and for some reason when he crashed my right hand, it didn't evenhurt that bad. I think I was more anxious about this pain, likeanticipating it. I just let loose and I couldn't stop and I was laughingat smiling and tears were still running out of my eyes, like I justcouldn't. I couldn't stop it and I didn't understand why. And he explainedalmost spiritually, what it could mean, like after giving hand and that's thehand that you shake with. That's, you know, and I honestly forgetall of the all of the meaning that he told me and like what couldbe, you know, the problem there. But it was it was crazy thatthat definitely release that emotional response. I did not expect that. Yeah, he mentions at one point something about the wrist is an area of liketransition and that yet it was something that I don't know if there's something youwant to speak to. There was something going on in your life at thatpoint that maybe you were going through a change of some kind? Yes,that's what he said. That's what it was. Yeah, a lot waschanging. I mean my modeling career was taking a little bit of a turnfor the better and I started getting into other things in my line of work, such as, you know, owning a makeup company now opening owning amakeup line. We started our magazine that me and my husband run together,and a bunch of other endeavors that we kind of all jumped in, andwe kind of jumped into all of them at once. So it made totalsense to me what transition he was talking about. We bought a house,we you know, we had all these lights transitions. That just that's stuff. Probably what it was. That's it's amazing to me. I'm not aparticularly religious person. I was a practicing wiccan for a number of years.I was raised Catholic. So so stuff like that just just always fascinates me, even though it's not something I I practice anymore. To See it's lutelyit also because I go to the chiropractor quite often because, you know,I'm getting old. But that's so great that you mentioned we were going toget to this. This is a great point where you brought up the thecosmetics thing. You're getting into abyss cosmetics by lady Sarah. Let's talk aboutthat a bit here. Had you get into that? Yeah, well,I'd mentioned it with me and my husband. We're talking about it. We talkedabout either closing or makeup and he was looking at different ways to startup for me and and he always seems... do this to me, butI love them for it. We're at our friend's house and he said they'reon the couch and I can't even take credit for all the startup of itbecause he looks at me and he goes, oh, hey, bit by theway, you have a Nigo company now. I had to tuble take. I'm always like, excuse me, but he was like, Yep,think of the name in two days and let's get to work. I waslike okay. So I sat there on the couch for like a straight weekat night and I would design my shades, design the products. He'd help mewith the labeling is absolutely a drawn part, but he yeah, hehelps me a little labeling. I pick out the products, which products Iwant, what shades I want, and we get them, we get themformulated and everything is a hundred percent cruelty free, nothings tested on animals,and everything except for the regularistic like the tubes that you got to roll up, are a hundred percent Vegan, and the only reason that the lipstick tubesare not is because they're made with bees wax. But the lip class,the liquid lipstick and everything else is a hundred percent vegan. That is thatis so. You know, I'm a dude. Makeup is not something Ireally know a whole lot about it, but I'm always amazed when I seepeople get into developing their own makeup line, because because there's a part of methat just wonders, you know, like how much into the production doyou get, as it's something where you just find a vendor and throw yourname on it, or like yeah, how into the process? How involvedin the process are you as far as the makeup itself goes? I don'tknow. I'm definitely that's actually why I like it. I know it's morework, but I love being able to be involved. I didn't want wedidn't want to find a place that it was just let's throw our name onit. It's pretty premake cosmetics. I wanted to have more control. Iwanted to make sure that the formulation was what I wanted it to be.I wanted it to absolutely be cruelty free in Vegan. So we had todo a lot of research on on that factor and I wanted to be involved. I wanted to be able to take the product, pick the shade,make the shade, if I didn't, you know, like mix the shades, like. I wanted to be able to create it on my own.I didn't want to pick something somebody else made and be a part of puttingmy name in there. That's that's such a it's such a great way toapproach it because, like I said, so many people will just say,Oh, here's the thing, we put my name on it and and andjust sell it. You really took the time to figure out what you wantedand how you wanted it to how you wanted it to work and and yeah, that's that's a hell of an endeavor to take on when you're already balancingthe modeling and and the kajillion other things...

...that you do. Oh yeah,it's clothing line is still in the works for the near future. It mightbe it might be half a year and might be two years, but thatis still still coming and is still in the works. Yeah, I lovesome of the names you have. I love the fact that there's a Palettecalled the resting Bitch Face Palette. That's just fantastic. I love all thereality. The truth. I was actually super close to naming the makeup blindthat naming it resting bitch face, and my husband was like yes, Ithink you might have even mentioned it, and we were both were like yes, absolutely, and then we stopped and I was like, well, youknow, some people might not like I gotta think of everyone. It's abusiness. Might not be able to get to Walmart. Be Honest. Yeah, I mean I would have. I would have went with it, andthere's plenty of you know, like Gothic Niche markets on Instagram, at esee and Amazon and everywhere that you can. You can get the alternative stuff,but at that's what's that can I decide? Did I want to makeit more universal. I don't personally like pink, but I want pink andeverything. I want everyone to be haveful to find something they want. AndI'm still working the eyeshadows. Almost everything is done except the eyeshadows. Iwant to come out with a bunch more power, a bunch of new palettes. But yes, I was super close to meeting for me resting bitch's COSmedics, but after we decided that some people might be a little sensitive aboutthat. You know, in in the world we're like rocky. I'll atleast it's got to be a palette. It's fantastic. I love it.You mentioned on your on your website you you are a musician and aspiring singersongwriter. Yes, that that is a challenge for me because I everyone laughsat me because I can be a model, I can be in a crowded roomand I can have photographers all around me snapping away. I am terrifiedstage, lime light. I cannot get on a stage to say of mylife. I won't do it, I won't. But but I have playedpiano since I was eight. A few years ago I picked up the UKULELE. I just I love music. I'm just a music bus I'm a encyclopediaabout everything old these, you know, s, s, S, techno, Rock, pop, like everything. I just music's a huge thing forme and, like a lot of you know artist, I think everyone kindof has the same story a little by like music help them through something.It is, you know, everyone can connect to some kind of music andI love it and I think. I think, people won't get on astage and sing for this the life of me. But I love saying myhusband doesn't have a beautiful voice, even...

...though no one has really ever heardit. See, I have the opposite problem. I'm I belong on stage, but if you try to put me and I make films, but ifyou try to make put me in front of the camera, or you knowI now now if I'm acting in a play or doing stand up or doingdoing music on stage, that's fine. Getting in front of the camera nota fan not my thing or sole office said that's funny. Why, Iam you for being able to do that. I'm fine with can't like being infront of a film. Even I did like a gory type music videowithin the last year and like that I was fine with. I don't bunchof people around me. I knew it was going to be on film.But I can't get on stage. I've just can't. My husband keeps tellingme one day Karaoke, I will get a few drinks, yeah, andyou will do it, and I was like, if you can manage tohave me break that, it doesn't mean I'm going to get on stage.I'll probably just be able to do it when I'm tipsy. Look, Karaokeis the ultimate cherry pop or when it comes to stage fright. I'm justsaying aaraoke is the best. Yeah, I love Karaoke so much. Youhaven't even managed to work up the nerve to do that yet. You'll getthere, you'll get there. It's a lot each got to get the rightamount. Yeah, I get the right amount of drunk. You just yougot to get the right amount of so you're big. I'm a big musicfan myself. Now, of course, you know, optics are everything.So anybody who looks at you thinks, okay, girl piercing statoos, she'sprobably a huge metal head. The do you like the metals? Yeah,I mean it's definitely not one of my more leaned tours genres right, butI honestly listen to a little bit of everything. I absolutely will throw insome have your stuff into my playlist. Honestly, I have to say mytop favorites are rock. Of course, that one that was still suits me. I like rock a lot, any kind of rocks, New Rock,s rock. I might lean towards the day's rock a little bit, butI love oldies. I love temptations, I love Dion Wow, I lovemy oldies. My husband, my husband was too. He'll listen. He'llrock out some beach boys with me and we'll listen to temptations and I lovethem, but I love I love the metal, but I'm also like ahuge sixties music fan. I love love and spoonful, I love the animals. I've been on a've been on a C A s kick lately myself.But but yeah, that goes to show you, folks, optics aren't everything. I look like I look like a sweaty comic book Nerd and I listenedto death Metal Lady Sarah. She's a she's an old as, she's anoldies fan. Go figure. Okay, seed. So what is you've gotsome events coming up. I saw on...

...your facebook page here that you've mentionedto me. You've got the speak easy circus coming up. Yes, thespeak easy circus is actually the Saturday ny night, after event, after partyat the world out of the expo. It's going by woe woe, andI'm going to be the host of that. So it's going to be awesome.It's going to be, you know, old fashion speak easy mixed with circus, like a Chris Swing. I'm going to do it all right,but I'm going to get an old fashioned flapper looking dressed for that time period. You know, I'm gonna going to play a play into it, butI'm super excited to be a part of the a part of the wall andbe a part of hosting that after party event. I'm super excited. Now, for for those who maybe don't know what exactly is the world oddities expo. So the world already expo is a a three day long convention. Usuallyout of the expos are, you know, just a daylong flea market, butwe're making this into a three daylong convention and it's got a little bitof everything. It's got the Tattoo Convention side side where we're going to havetattoo artists, we're going to have taxi dermy classes, we're going to haveinsect pinning classes, we're going to have different afterparties as well and we're goingto have a bunch of vendors as well. That's going to be fantastic. Thatsounds like so much just just so much fun. It's so much crazy, wild fun with an awesome afterparty the speakeasy circus hosted by Lady Sarah.That's going to be just that's that's great. So, Sarah, are you?Are you a movie fan? Are you a movie buff at all?I am, yes, I am super into movies. Honestly, my husbandwould definitely have a beatdough. He is a movie encyclopedia. I'm the musicfreaking. He's definitely the movie freak, but I love them as well.Godfather or Star Wars? What's that? God father or Star Wars for me? Yeah, Godfather, Godfather. Yes, I've never been able to watch afull one all the way through. No, it's they're just long.This like get me. This might get me some hate, but I'm nothuge into the Star Wars, Mitch. That's fine. I'm just not.It's fine. We we don't. You don't judge here. The listeners might. I don't judge here. It's fine.

This is a judgment free zone.I I recognize that the godfather films are among the greatest films ever made. The third one maybe not so much, but it's just they're just it's somuch to sit through it once. It's so much. You're right.I say that as the guy who went and saw blade runner two thousand andforty nine five times in theaters. But, you know, to each their own, I guess. Yeah, you got any what? Look, I'msorry, go ahead, no, no, please, please, please, I'mjust gonna say no. I like I like already of things. Ilike thrillers, I like horror movies, like comedies a lot. Any thingthat can make me last or anything that can scare me has done a jobwell a job well done. What is what is something that? What issomething that terrifies you, that just unabashedly scares you, other than being onstage? There is one thing, and one thing only, that I actuallyfear, and I don't know about fear, more just hate. It gets undermy skin. Is Clowns. A lot of horror, thank you,clowns. They love clowns and I'm super into like the murder abilience of myhusband is a lot of like serial killer murderabilia and I love Gaizy like that. That, that clown image does not bother me. But I super intothe horror scene. But I I can't do clowns very easily. I meanI love the movies it, the old and the new version. We aresoaked to go see part two very soon, but I know I'm the clowns ofone of those things that makes my skin crawl a little bit. Ican't, I can't handle on the best. Now I've had to panic attacks inmy life, both of which involved clowns. I don't do clowns.Yeah, I did not see the new it. I absolutely will not begoing to see it chapter two. Just I can't do it. I LoveI love movies. I love a good horror movie. I'm picky with horrormovies. There is no force on earth that could get me to go seeit or it chapter two. Not Not that one bit. No, Imean s are Brittney spears could, could, could walk in here right now andinvite me and it wouldn't happen. Just not. Not, not goingto happen. No one. That one I've definitely overcome a little bit.When I was younger it was an a salute irrational fear. I was terrifiedof clowns. I couldn't go to feel a screen their dason's was, whichis local horror attractions, kind of like fun how things around around here,and I just couldn't go because I couldn't see the clown area. I couldn't. I couldn't do it. But I've kind of turned that into just morelike they are a just comfort. They're just kind of any irritation that Idon't like. Some get me. Some some do still terrify me, butprobably I thought it in person. I...

...can watch them in movies now.That's great. Think of a scary clown approached me at night outside, Iwould be screaming. So you're such a multifaceted, versatile human being. Youmight you've done modeling. Thank you. The music thing. You're a businessowner. Is there any one talent you have that's just utterly useless? Butyou you, you'll hit. Your talent nonetheless. A useless talent? Myhusband would probably say talking or a useless talent? I don't know, Idon't really think so. I mean I'm super like techy, but that's actuallyuseful. You're super picky, tacky. I was super tachy. That's veryuseful toology. Yeah, it's very easy. I don't think any useless talents because, like I get I can I can make my entire scalp shift.That's entirely useless, but for some reason I can do it. I don'tknow what it is. That's cool. So before we before we start wrappingup here, I'm getting the light for my producer real quick. Just wantto ask a so you've got you've got abyss cosmetics going on. You've gotthe world out of ease expo, with the speakeasy circus coming up here soon. What else is coming up in the pipeline for Lady Sarah here in twothousand and nineteen, as we as we're in the last chunk of two thousandand nineteen, get ready for two thousand and twenty. What's coming up inthe pipeline for you? Honestly, my goal is to just keep going.Usually all of my new endeavors are there thought through, but they're usually inthe moment. They're usually super fast. Like I said, we've we've talkedabout and deliberated over a possible clothing line, but we're not quite sure when,or you know when, that's going to be in the works yet.We're hoping the I can just keep building, honestly, building the portfolio and themedia that I have to keep my mindel and going. You can neverstop working at it or it'll fall off. It's true. Well, Sarah,I want to end definitely very excited for the world out of the EXPRA. That's a big that's a big deal for me, which is in themost haunted hotel in Maryland, which makes it even cooler. That's the LordBaltimore Hotel, right, yes, yes, the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Maryland,and that's going on November first through November three in Baltimore, Maryland,guys. So make sure you get your tickets to that and check out thespeak easy circus hosted by Lady Sarah as well. Lady Sarah, thank you. Thank you a million times for calling in and being on the show today. It was an absolute pleasure to have... absolutely. Thank you for havingme real quick. Why don't you tell the folks who are listening where theycan find you on the interwebs if they so desire? Yeah, absolutely.My website is www dot lady Sarah dot org and my instagram handle is atLady Sarah Two, one hundred and thirty five, all all lower case,no underscores or anything like that. And then I do have my lady SarahPublic to be your page on Facebook, which is just as it sounds,lady Sarah, and I keep up with all my media and posting there,and my website has prince for sale. You can fill out my contact formand get a hold of me that way as well if you'd like to.You know, do any bookings or tell me about a concept you might haveor anything like that. And for the makeup company, you can ask meabout the link forward. I have it in my bio on my instagram,but I can also send it to you if you tell out a contact formor message me on instagram. That is that's fantastic. Sarah, everybody,make sure you go to her website, Lady Sarah Dot Org. Check outeverything there, check out on Facebook, facebookcom Lady Sarah Two, one hundredand thirty five, as well as on instagram. Sarah, thank you somuch for being on the show. Absolutely thank you for having me. Guys. That's going to do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge.Will be back again next week with a brand new episode and a brand newguest. As always, make sure you, guys check out my website, MikeShay comedycom, for all the info there shows upcoming episodes. Make sureyou click the PODCAST TAB for more INFO on this show. Click the DMZfilms tab for more information on my upcoming film work. And until next week, guys, will see you then. Make sure you use as always.Live well, rock on, take care and BUBBA.

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