The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 5 · 2 years ago

“How Did You Find My Bladder In My Pulse?” with Lady Sarah - EP #5


On this week's episode of THE BASEMENT LOUNGE, model/entrepreneur Lady Sarah talks about her new makeup line, modeling with an octopus, and the spiritual side of going to the chiropractor.


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...about year about a year and a half totwo years, Um that I've been in it again and what are some of your? What areyour SOM cause? You do a Plethera of different kinds of shoots: Um, W A Ilike to keep the porpalio versatile, which is which is which is good. I Ithink it. It helps, keep you from being like like being tight, cast t. It helpsgive you a bigger window of opportunity for as far as work goes yeah is there aunt particular anyparticular style. That's your favorite! Any SOM, L Ke, some favorite shoots.You've done, maybe you're just a particular a particular weshoot. Youjust style that you really enjoy doing the most yeah. I definitely I definitelylyntowards the darker. I guess you would call it Gothic Nich. That is usuallylike my daily Percona. That is the K I usually always have um, but one of my Ithink most standout shoots was right when I started getting back intomodeling again Wa about a year ago. In the summer I did a shoot with Um Octopus and I have a giant oftopus tat,Tou down the side of my body and that has kind of somehow become my icon. I get dagged an octopist thing onbaseball left and right, so that was kind of my image to my name for quite a while. Ithis TA still pop up I'm looking at that picture right now,W H with you, W th, with the octopus th t, that is, that th t that is differentif I've ever seen it so yeah. That kind of I think that waskind of my intro back intomodeling. Besides the shoot, I did with myhusband as my Intero intro, but that's kind of what caught on and took me off a little bit there, andso knowing that your husband had such was such an intregal part n you gettingback into it that Kinda that defeats the purpose of my other question, whichis going to be. How does your husband feel about all this, but obviously I'massuming he's a supporter- oh my God, yeah. He is so supportiveabout it. He honestly has done anything and everything hegain to help me heusedto Um he's actually do a little bit of like a moderl agencyand entertainment agency busit a while ago he's Anntrop Eltreprenoir andself.So he's done a little bit of everything and have been a business owner a fewtimes as well. U So he helped me from there. He helped me with all the mediaand the building the presents and um all of that and yeah. He is he's pe'resupportive. Every everywhere I go that, like is aat a local place. For me he is, he is the husband. He is always there andalways welcome. As an escort, that's that's great to heare 'cause I mean ifanyone is, is familiar with your work and ND. We posted a couple of shotsthat you sent us on instagram. A lot of...

...the stuff you do is you know is, forlack of a better term is on the more risque side, and so so I mean againyou're you're laying on a floor topth an octupus over yet M, but to to haveto have a husband who's. Not only supportive of that, but is is involvedin it as well. I'm sure helps Allevi any other couple that would probablycaus some strain here and there. Oh, yet no he's he's stupor involved,he's he' The portof eninvolved with Jost about every shoe I go to. I don'tthink he has missed a single shoot since I have started this again Um. Idefinitely I think it's actually we've seen it encouraged other models thatbring they're guys along because ther can always be tough in the industry,where some photogaphers prefer escort not to be a significant other Um forobvious reasons that they may have. You know jumped in or caust problems in thePastut Gernyed. My husbands, germy has eerally but a standard. It seems likewith you know. Having that. Having that be a thing and having it be a goodthing, that's that's fantasic heard it's always good. 'cause yeah! You dohear those horror stories of of the I hate to use the word jealous, but thejealous significant other that snat on said and they get they get pissy andhey can ca or maybe the maybe th. Maybe the model is less easy,have a harder time opening up in front of the camera. You know so Qu God tohave the yeah he's definitly super against thatstuff. He he always says that you know he likes to show me off 'cause. At theend of the day, I'm hid and that's what matters so I'm very grateful to havesuch a supportive hubend Yn. My side, that's fantastic! That's wonderful andyou guys been married for how long Um October will be a year. We've beenmarried not quite a year yet getting there still in the HONEYMAN FA sid. So this is so. This is weird so the way I found you online, and this is for most people when they find someoneit's because they're looking for the they follow a particular trend orsomething for me where I found you online was actually I fell into a holeon you, tube and Phela came across a ciropractic video it the Ti fractor as somebody who goes to thechiropractor. Quite often myself m. How was that I'm trying to find ha video now, I'mbunking on the name of the doctor, but how wis that experience with with thatkind, 'cause he's a different kind of chiopractor he's more than just aregular doctor he's got kind of a almost a spirispiritualistic side towhat he's doing in in the doctor's office. Absolutely no that youdefenialely nailed it on the head, Um Yeah. His name is Dr Breblinder andI've actually gotten a lot of my new...

...following from people, especially aninstigram. I kind of secretly like dropped, my instegrand teg in the comment somewhere,so that anyone that you know wanted to look hard enough or or wanted to shareit. Um could cus because some of the comments weren't so nice, so I didn't Wan to be super involvedwith th actual comments Um, but yeah. No, that was T at wasdefinitely a different Jig for me m. He had reached out to me and he I suppoe willing to do this Gig and itwas you know over the regular Um carpractor visit hed to taking a video,and I was like yeah sure you know we worked out the details and hedefinitely was Ike. I've been to car apartors for and ever only one of thebest carpactors I have ever seen. Um He's a lot of ancient and, like yousaid, almost spiritual medicines and it it was. It was crazy for me tosee that you could do this with the human body. He actually has an ancientway forget what origin it comes from, but he read my pulse and he had a chartbehind him where the pulse certain things about the post would indicatecertain things that would be wrong with the body or that relate to certainareas of your body and three medical problems that I have issues with. Hefelt my polse for like ten minutes or sor ten seconds and ritled them off,and my husband was in the room with me the whole time, and he just like lookedup from this phone and looked at me Lig. Yes, I mean it's crazy, it's not it borderd the line of like the spiritual side that people findhard to believe with. No. This is spiritual, but they'r science like endhe's showing you like this is science and it's crazy. There's, there's littlya clip right at the beginning of the video where he he's checking your pulseand he just just out of nowhere, says Dar get bladder infections, and I loveyour reaction. It's just! Oh, my God, all the time yeah I mean yeah. Now Iwas very open about it. Like that is one thing that I' I'm stuperpomen to,and I was like: How did you find my bladder and my pulse? There's a Ma or ther aazed there's amoment where he's he's crack he's doing some cracks with your thumb and yourwrist, and it triggers a very, very heavy emotional response from you yeah. I honestly, I couldn't explainthat Um, I the just with some of my conditions, the Crackiang curt a littlebit, so I knew that it was going to it doesn't mean it does for everyone, I'mjust a little bit more sensitive to pain these days, and I knew I knew itwas going to hurt just a little bit,...

...but I knew the relief would be worth it and Um. He was explaining the release incertain parts of the body almost like reflecology Um and for some reason, like he, crackedthe other hand, and it was fine and for some reason, when he cracked my righthand, it didn't even hurt that bad. I think Iwas more anxious about the pain like anticipating it. I just let loose and Icouldn't stop. Tho was laughing and smiling, and tears were still runningout of my eyes, like I just couldn't. I couldn't stop it and I didn'tunderstand why, and he explained almost spiritually what it could mean likeafter giving hand and thit's the hand that you shake with that's. You know,and I doney forget all of the all of the meaning that he told me and like whatcould be. You know the problem there, but it was. It was crezy that definitelyreleased that emotional response. I did not expect that he mentions at onepoint something about the wrist is a area of like transition and th. That was something I don't know. Ifthere's something you want to speak to F, there was something going on in yourlife at that point that maybe you were going through a change of some kind. Yes, that's what he said: that's whatit was yeah a lat was changing. I mean Um. My modeling career was taking a littlebit of a turn for the better and I started getting into Um other things inmy line of work. Um such as you know, owning a makeup company now opening Umowning a makop line. We started our magazine, Um hat me and my husband runtogether and a bunch of other endeavors that we kind of jumped in and we kindof jumped into all of them at once. So I may total ens to me what transitionhe was talking about. Um We bought a house. We, you know we had all theselife transitions that just that, that's probably what it was.THAT'S T's! It's amazing to me: I'm not a particularly a religious person. Iwas a practicing wiken for a number of years. Ha was raised, Cathleen Ssostuff, like that Ju t just always fascinates me, even though it's notsomething I I I practice anymore to seeleal 'cause. I go to the chiopractorquite often because you know I'm getting old, but uh. That's so great! That Y! U Youmentioned! We were going to get to this. This is t e, great otb. You brought upthe the cosmetics thing you're getting into abyss cosmetics by lady. Sarahyeahlet's talk about that a bit here, how'Ds you get into that! Yeah Um. Well, I had mentioned it e meand my husband were talking about it. We had talked about either clothing ormakeup and he was looking at Um...

...different ways to start up for me and-and he always seems to do this to me, but I love 'em for it we're at ourfriend's house and he si I on the couch and I can't even take credit for all thestart up of it because he looks at me and he goes oh he bit by the way youhave a Nega company. Now I had a touble Takeim. Ias like excuse me, but he was YEP UM. Think of a name intwo days and let's get to work, I was like okay, so I sat there on the couchfor like a straight week at night and Um, I would design in my shadesdesigned the products he'd help me with Sti. Labeling is absolutely a dra partUm, but he yeah. He helps me a littlelabeling. I pick out the product which product I want an what shades I wantand we get them the get them formulated and everything is a hundred percent umcruelty, free nothingcessit on animals and everything, except for the regularlitic, like the tubes that you gotta roll up are a hundred percent vegan andthe only reason that the liptic trubs are not is because they're made withbeeze wacks, but the livclots, the liquid lipstick and everything else isa hundred percent of begin. That is that Isso, I'm Adude Makif. It's not something. Ireally know a whole lot about, but I'm always amazed when I see people getinto developing their own mag up line BEC,because there's a part of me that just wondersyou know like how much into the production do you get? Is it ssomething where you just find a vendor and throw your name on it or like ye hhow into the process? How involved in the process are you as far as the makeup itself goes? I Don' know definitely its actually boy. I like it. I knowit's more work, but I love being able to be involved. I didn't want. Wedidn't want to find a place that it was just let's the raw name on it. It'salready premade osbetics. I wanted to have more control. I wanted to makesure that the formulation was what I wanted it to be. I wanted it toabsolutely be cruelty for MTO began, so we had to do a lot of research on onthat factor, and I wanted to be involved. I wanted to be able to takethe product pick. The shade make the shade. If I didn't you know ma like mixthe shades like I wanted to be able to create it only my own, I didn't want topick something somebody else made and be a part of putting my name inthere. That's that's such t's, such a greatway to to approach t 'cause Ike. I said so many people will just say. Oh here'sa thing we put my name on it and a D A and just sell it. You really took thetime to figure out what you wanted and how you wanted it to how you wantit towork and and yeah. That's that's a hell of an endeavor to take on when you're,already, balancing, h the modelling and...

...and the Cagilian other things that thatyou do Um, Oh yeah, clothing line is still in. I works for the near future.It might be it might be half a year. It might be two years but thatis stillstill coming still in the work yeah. I love some of the names you had. Ilove the fact that there's a palet called the resting bitchface palate.That's just fantastic! To tell you the truth. I was actuallysuper close endaning, the Maku Line that Saming it FTIN FICH FAP and my husbandwas like. Yes, I think he might have even mentioned it and wee both werelike yes, absolutely and then we stopped, and I was like well Yuknow.Some people might not like that. You got to think of everyone. It's abusiness. We nont be able to get with hem more. To be honest. Yeah I mean Iwould have. I would have went with it and there's plenty of you know likegotic Nichmarket, on INSEGRM, at SC and Aaon and everywhere that you can. Youcan get the alternative stuff, but that's the second. I decided I want tomake it more universal. I don't personally like pink, but I want pinkand everything. I want everyone to be havols if by something they want andI'mstill Oin oin the eye shadows, unmoss everything is done except theeye shadows. I want to come out with a bunch more PO, a bunch of new palets,but yes, I was super os in evning compon e resting Pitch Celt Hedichs,but after we decided that some people might be a little fpensitive about that.You know in in the world. Weare like Ka well at least is got to be a palot fantastic. I love it. You mention on on you website you. Youare a musician and aspiring singer, songwriter, yes, Tha! That is a channel for me, because I everyone laughs at me because I can bea model I can be in a crowded room and I can have photographers all around mesnapping away. I am terrified a stage limelight. I cannot get on a stage tosave my life. I won't do it. I won't but M. I have play piano since I waseight Um. A few years ago I picked up the UCALALY. I just I love music, I'mjust a music Bu, I'm an encyclopedia about everything. Old these. You know seventies, Eighties, Nineties, TechnoRock Tot, like everything I just music's a huge thing for me and like alot of you, know artist, I think everyone kindof has the same story.Lovby like music, helps them through something it is. You know everyone canconnect with some kind of music and I love it, and I think I think I ont geton a sage and thing for the the life of me B. I love saying my husband tells me:Have a beautiful voice,...

...even though no one has really everheard, see iave the opposite problem. I I'm I. I belong on stage, but if youtry to put me, I make films, but if Youre trying to make put me in front ofthe camera or or yeah, I no. No, if I'm acting in a play or or doing stand upor doing doing music on stage, that's fine getting in front of the camera, not afan, not my thing. We're absolutely ofposite! That's funny,Wel N for being abletogy that I'm fing with ca like being in front of a filmy,then Um. I did like a a gory type music video within the lastyear and like that I was fine with ID a bunch of people around me. I knew itwas going to be in film, but I now I can't get on Osage I'v Ive. Ijust can't my husband keeps telling me one day Karaoke. I will get a fewdrinks oand. You will do it and I was like if you can manage to have me breakthat it doesn't mean I'm going to get on stage. I'll, probably just be ableto do it. Woni' hipsy, Look Karaoke is the ultimate cherry popper when itcomes to stage Fred. I'm just saying Karaoke is the best. I love Yaryoke, somuch haven't even managed to work up thenerve to do that. Yet you'll get there you'll get there. It's lot you'St gotto get you raid a minute got to get the right amount of drunk you J T. You gotto get the right amount, so you're big, I'm a big music fanmyself. Of course you know optics areeverything, so anybody who looks at you thinks ky girl, piercing statues, she's,probably a huge metal head Um. Do you like the metals yeah? I mean it's definitely not one ofmy more leand towards oasrigt, but I I o liten to a little bit of everything Iabsolutely will throw in Um ime heavier stuffinto, my play with Um honestly I'dhave to say in my top favorite or rock of course that one that I fots me. Ilike rock a lot M, any kind of Rock New Rock Eighties Rock E. I might leantowards the ADROC a little bit, but Um love, oldies Um. I love temptation. ILove Deon wows. I love my oldies, my husband, myhusband does too hello o hell Rolk out to beach boys with me and well listento temptations and I love Hem. I love. I love the metal,but I'm also like a huge sixties, music man. I love levingspoonful. I love theanimals. Um. I've been on. I've been on a s BN on an eighties CI, lately myself,but but yeah that goes to show you folks optics aren't everything. I looklike. I look like a sweaty COMI BKNERD and I listen to death and e lady. Sarahshe's she's, an older she's, an oldies fan go go figure. So what is you've got some eventscoming up. I saw on your face boot page... that you'd mentioned you've gotthe speak, easy circus coming up. Yes, the speakesy circus is actually Umthe Saturday night after event, after party a the world oof the Xbo I's goingby woe, wo e, and I'm going to be the host of that. So Um it's going to beoffand. It's going to be, you know, old, fashions, peakesy, mixed withcircus, like Alotr Wing, I'm going to do it or but I'm Gongtaget an old fashioned. flapper looking dress for that time period, a I'm gonna' gonna play play into it, but I'm I'm super excited to be a partof be a part of the WAW and be a part of hosting that after party Otat owereexcited for those who maybe don't know. What exactly is the World Addidis Expo Thoug the world? I XO is a threedaylong convention, usually allo. The Expos are, you know, just a day, longUm free market, but we're making this intoa three day long convention and it's it'sgot a little bit of everything. It's got the to you convention side Wside,where we're going to have to have two artists: Um we're going to have taxderney classes, we're going to haveum infect, pinning classes, um we're goingto have different after partie as well, and we're going to have um a bunch of vendors as well. That'sgoing to be fantastic! That sounds like so much just just so much fun. It's somuch crazy, wild fun with an awesome after party the speak, easy circus,hosted by Lady Sarah, that's going to be just oh! That's that's great! So Sara Are you? Are you a movie fan?Are you a movie buff at all? I am Yes. I I'm super inte movieshonessly. My husband would definitely have me beat op. He is a movieencyclopedia, I'm the music freaking he's. Definitely the movie freak, but Ilove Hem as well, Godfather or Star Wars, Wat that Godfather or Star Wars. For me, Yeah H, Godfather, Godfather Yeah, I've never been able to watch afull one. All the way through nit'it's justmight get me Jis might getme some hate, but I'm not huge into the star word match: That's fine, underniht!It's fine!...

You Don' judge here the listeners.Might I don't judge here? It's fine. This is a judgment free zone. I recognize that the godfather filmsamong the greatest films ever made the third one- maybe not so much, but it'sjust there, just it's so much to sit through at once. IT'S SO HARCI! I I say that as the guywho went and saw a blade, runner twenty forty nine five times in theatrs, butyou know to each of their own. I guess yeah, you got ae Wa. I in O plase, please, please Um O. I know I like I like vardy things I like Um Thrillers,I like horror, movies. I like comedies a lot Um ithink that can make me laughor anything that can scare me has been a job. Well A job. Well done. What is what is something that? What issomething that terrifies you that just unabashedly scares you other than beingon stage? There is one thing, and one thing onlythat I actually fear- and I don't know about fear more just hate it gets undermy skin- is Cloun a lot of Hardoov clowds. They love clowns and I'm superinto like the UM. The murder obelience of my husband does a lot of like cerialKolor Murderobelia, and I love Gaisy like that that that clown image doesnot bother me Um, but I doper into the horicine, but I I can't do clowns very easily. I mean Ilove the movies, the old and the new virgin. We are stoke to go see park too very soon, but I don't know. No clan is one of thosethings that makes my skim crawl a little bit. I can't I can't handle hemthe BESTNO. I ihave had two panic attacks in my life, both of whichinvolve clowns. I don't do clowns. I I did not see the new it. Iabsolutely will not be going to see it chapter two. I can't do it. I love. I love movies. Ilove a good horror movie, I'm picky with horror movies. There is no forceon earth that could get me to go. See I or it chapter two, not not not one bit Nono I mean nineties Arab Britney.SPEARSCOULD could could walk in here right now and invite me- and itwouldn't happen- not not not going to happen on that one. I've definitely overcome alittle bit. When I was younger, it was an absolute irrational fear. I wasterrified of clown. I couldn't go to fiela stree the Aton Wood, which islocal horror, attraction Kinda, like fun house things around around here,and I just couldn't go because I couldn't see the clown area. I couldn'tI couldn't do it, but I've kind of turned that into just more like theyare ages, comfort, they're, just kind of an irritation that I don't likedon't get me. Some some do still...

...terrify me, but probably botter thanperson. I can watch them in movies. Now, that's think of a if a scary clownapproached me at night outside. I would be screaming so you're such a multifaceted, versitle,human being M. You've done Monen the music thing, you're a business owner.Is there any one talent you have that's just utterly useless. But Y? U Y youyour talent, nonethe, less, a outhless talent, my husband would probably say talkingOrno a ouselels talent, Ido. I don't really think so. I mean I'm super like Pecky, but that'sactually useful a super pigy tkirin technology, yeah tsvery. I don'tthink any USEO talents 'cause. I I I C an I can make my entire scalpshiftthat's entirely useless, but for some reason I can do it. I don't know whatit is. That's Um! So before we before we start wrappingup here, I'm getting the light for my producer, Um, real, quick. JUST WAN TOASK S: You've got you've, got abiss cosmats going on. You've got theWorld Audis Xpo, with the speak, easy circus coming up here soon. What elseis coming up in the pipeline for Lady Sarah, here in Twenty nineteen, as weas re in the last chunk of Twenty Nineteen, get ready for twenty twenty?What's coming up in the pipelant for Yo, I say my goal is to just keep going Um.Usually all my new endeavors are te're tough through but they're,usually in the moment they're. Usuallysuperfast Um, like I said, we've we've uh, talked about and deliberated over apossible clothing line, but we're not quite sure when- or you know, whenthat's going to be in the works yet um we're hoping that M. I can just keep building honestlybuilding the porpolio and the media that I have to keep my miling going.You can never stop working at it or at all. All off. It's true well, Sir, am definitely very excitedfor um the world ootheexa TAT's, a big, that's a big deal for me, which is inthe most haunted hotel in Maryland, which makes it even cooler a the LordBaltimore Hotel Right. Yes, yes, Lord Baltimore Hotel in Maryland, and that'sgoing on November first through November. Third, in Baltimore, Marylandguys so make sure you get your tickets to that and check out the speak, easycircus, hosted by Lady Sarah as well. Lady. Sarah, thank you. Thank you. Amillion times for calling in and being...

...on the show today was an absolutepleasure to have you absolutely thank you for having me realquick. Why don't you tell the folks who are listening where they can find youon the interwebs if they so desire, yeah, really Um. My website is www d, lady, Sarah DotOrg and my fsogram handle is at Lady, Sarah, two one three, five, all alllower case, no underscores or anything like that Um and then I do have my ladySarah Public Peer Page on Facebook, which is just as it sounds, lady Sarahand I keep up with aly media and posting there, and my website has prince for sale Um. Youcan pill out my contact form and get a hold of me that way as well. Um, ifyou'd like to you know, do any bookings or tell me about a concept you might haveor anything like that and for the makeupcompany Um. You can ask me about the link for it. I have itin my bio on my Anstogram, but I can also send it to you if you fell out aconduct form or message meone Dograms, that is that's fantastic tera everybodymakes sure you go to her website. Ladies Ther Tha, or check on everythingthere check ount on facebooks, faced boo, dtcom, Slash Lady, Sarah, two one,three five, as well as on instagram. Sarah. Thank you. So much for being onthe show, a really thank you for Haing, guys,that's going to do it! For this week's episode of the basement. Lounge we'llbe back again next, O wee with a brand new episode and a brand new guest, asalways make sure you guys tek out my website, Mikeshay comedy dotcom for allthe NFO. There shows op coming episodes make sure you click the pod cast tabfor Moran Fil on this show cut the DMZ film Sta for more information on Mygt,huvcoming, film work and until next week guys we'll see. You then make sureyou as always live well rock on take care and.

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