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Season 1, Episode 6 · 2 years ago

"I Memorized 'The Lion King' When I Was 12" with Arthur Romeo - EP #6


Voice actor & artist Arthur Romeo calls in to talk about his love for voices, his new children's book, and how Hollywood is so much more under the surface.

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Oh man thanks orhavinge man, so yeah so artr Arthur is a voice, actor Um. We we trust me, I egot something about that: Um Arthur you're, currently working or we'regoing to hit this Shi rgt off the top of the Bater you're. Currently a cast member for the h horror, a audiopoda dead, Serios, that's right, yeah, dead, serious is aas a scripted podcast series. It's it's horror, stark comedy it's about the endof the world. It's about Zombi's and magic and government canspe as reallyco, really really cool, really tongue and cheek. You know really Um thatreally that long long in inform actually kind of like you get in andout honestly Um, just kind of a serialized bodcass, it's really niceand- and you play you play the mole atateters I play the mold. You have o have the best laugh for that.Okay, Likeiai can laughhat for those who don't already know, I produce dead, serious and do a little bit acting on it, and Igot to hear w. We Din get season two isn't here yet we're we just rap season.One season, too, was when we really reallyreally get to meet them all, and I've heard some of your recordings for season too, and what do you think?May I just say Sir Fuck you because I have to go after you. I have to follow that shit and it's really good and I don't wantto go too into it, because you know I don't want to Speil Aerceson too, butall I can just say. Is You son up a bitch you're making me have to work her? Oh Man, it's all the sport grows all ofus, a port. How did you how how in the hell likelike what is it about a show like like dead Ci, I'm not knocking on deadseries? ' I love the show, I'm PABE to be a part of it, but what is it about ashow like dead Syrias that pulls you in and you're like? I want to do that. Wel Honestly, I mean ever since I was a little Os, avery early reader and Um. Honestly, some of the stuffthat I started reading out loud was cover an hobs and my sister would read:Cowerand hobs out loud together and wit. Just always, you know, take all of theparts and I didn't even realize what I was doing back then with acting. You know, my God. Just first of all, Ijust love, I'm I I'm an illustrator. I ti bunch of things. I I write I direct.I do illustrations and and voiceover and things like that so but early on Iwas a illustrator and the you know the waterson cow house or Capa was socaptivating at it was also so funny and, like I just got a kick out of doing mavoices. So I'm really voracious when it comes to reading any sort of like thing.That's written Oll has a lot of great characters so m. You know fast forard to now wegot to dead serious, like we really...

...gave me this medy part to to reallywork on Um. I think Um. I found him through like a face bookpost and stuff. So when you listened to Myrea like Mario, I go I' ome kind ofversable as far as like my range and stuff so basdoff, my real. He gave me thatcharacter so yeah. I just really appreciate what Travis as a give me forsomething like this 'cause. It's it's really fun. Pretty challengent, youknow, yeah he's got he's, got some characters written I mean I I don'tknow I've known travics a long time. I don't know where he gets some of theseideas from but M. I'm also, I'm also never shocked. It makes it a little easy too. It makesit look a little easer. I know what he's doing kindof frustrating when,when you think about how hard Ou have to work, it's like he just pulls thisshit out of his ass and take me takes me all day to think of atitle for something you SA. I G. I grew up in Calbin aHobima Oen, O hobs with my shit. I I always thought O e. If there was acomic strip that was begging to be turned into a cartoon, it was, it wasCalvin and Hobsman an I'm telling you this man like I've, been planning andstore boarding, T cabnahabs movies. Since I was like fifteen, I hade tohave the whole movie workes out like I just my insro begins with this crazyspacemanstif, seeing that's in the canyon you know and like it looks likeStar Wars until, like you start dinner, cutting you know, Cavin trying toescape from his mom, so tryn take up to ath and keep inner cutting from himlike being chased by a son aliant. My cataab is just so inspiring like onso many different. Like fantastical platforms. You know I remember when Iwas when I was in elementary school. Our School Library had a bunch of thecollected calvinahobs books and it was cing contantly on a wating list. 'causethey were Al, always checked out man. Oh yeah man, that's if you'vne. If, ifyou're listening to this rightnow you've, never read the calvanahobscomics Ey, I don't know if the Tut's wrong with you first of all EAD, butsecond of all you I DIDTC, I just get ot wait. Jo every Sunday, Whiteain, thebig, the big colored issue of the outh t was, and you know like I mean youdidn't know back then, but like if you think about it now, like usually camera house, was ahead ofpeanuts. Oh Yeah, you know they would be the top like Um Stripe, to start thewhole Sunday comics sof 'cause. You know he would do those big those big.Almost like quarter page h strips you know. There were like four four lines.Long I mean like his his son, his Sundaycomics were just ah, they were something else. Oyso like just hugelyinfluential to me, like wriding, wise Arc starwise, just like just likeideals, an inmorality wise like and and teaching me vocabulary everything. Oh yeah, it's it's amazing how much youcan actually 'cause. I mean like that was a comic that would bring up and itwasn't it wasn't like. It wasn't like the opis, the penguin comics, thatreally got into the politics and stuff, but it definitely it brought up likethere were a couple of times. I had to go. Ask My mom like mom. What does thismean and she 's like? Where did you hear about that? It's a Cawanan hobs made you learn, O be, but ye cow. Ithink howahose it' shaped my sense of humor for one I can. I can promise youthat Oh yeah yeah just shape so much of my childhoodUm so y you opened the show with with withintrusins some famous Disneycharacters. I I hav heard o rumor and you can confirm or deny this I've heardyou can do an entire scene from the lion, ging, NTOING, every character. Shalas tell you,...

I mean I'm not I'm not GOINGTO, say I'tGanta reveal my sources, but is that is that true yeah, I memerized a Lin King. When Iwas twelve like ier, I was like the whole movie shand a like you know. By the time I wastwelve. I saw it like a hundred and in Mi Times I mean do. That was the mostsuccessful home videotape of its time. Bu, like Idon't think anything beat it IC far as h to you know knows what that is ajustit like adjusted for H, inflation but um that that was big and a major way. Imean it was like nothing like it now. There's all these re not really quiteof a rumor, but there's there's this idea that they kind of stole it fromthe S. Japanese, animated things that kind of like Stuis like the image, butotherwise that's still like one on feet, top best Disney animated fills like like feriod as La as far as like Animaiting. As far as like the soundtrack as far as it cast like the Osca that one for I songs likespawning that Broadway show know. E Te Eltand John seaings in there arejust are flalless man, Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Now, like I mean it's, it's it's headup like ulike. How d you feel about the Blat actial, an I I I feel like the lotof actually on Um was a peat and animation 'cause there's no way itlooks like animation ever through up a whole movie. I just it'Nseene, you knowit it's so funny because Um, if we didn't love the originals so much, we,we we'd really be talking about how marvelous that movie Liks, but we're soused to Cegi, graphics, O stuff. All we coald do is shit on that movie. I Imean, admittedly, the remake that just came out this year. I I admittedly wasnot a fan. Um, Oh cool! You DO YOU WORK OT HUH! You said you worked on it. Ididn't work on it J. I just I ju. I didn't like it. Oh y Wnot, a Poe OARE. If, if I worked on thatmovie, I would I wouldn't be doing this trust me. No, I I I. I applaud the film and Italked about some, my review of it. I I applaud the film h for the theanimation the CGI is. Is is flawless M Yeah just that? That's so many problemswith how they did that movie. There's a lot of problems. Um like fiance is justbeyond Saye. She doesn't turn in a knowledge just hear biane and it's likeit takes you out of the movie, Oh um and then like place during the day. Oh Yeah Joun John Favro, made I mean he.I don't understand what happened from TOA book to Linki 'cause Hen junglebooklike the animals hemoted, and it didn't sacrifice the realiftem ye for some reason he didn't want tomake any of the animals emote on line. King like online kingwrich is likeacquaitable t, Halet equatable, like you, luck in his handli basicallyunderstand, and you choose like not to make any of these carts eambooks. So that was weird I especially whenthey're singing soul, songs at some point like yeah, I don't I don't. I don't get thatthat's my my favorite part of the movie, though, was Tomonopugla like billy andand set steft were amazing, and you know what I know what it is. When I watched the movie, It F, it feltto me like everybody else, seemed like theyrecorded their dialogue independently alone and a booth, but it felt like Hel,Ikner and Szeth roguand got to be in the room together and fuck around withthe ather. It felt moreorganic Um. Oh...

...definitely an. I also don't know whythey felt they need a scotch tape, a Bianca Song in th over the CSES BIAE,because it' smoing whateverweab t e biggest star on earth. Ri Yeah, but I I had the same problem withthat movie home with with Rian in every song, was a Rionesong and it was like n.This doesn't feel very Sciifi when I got riana doing herthing every coupleof minutes, but that is what it is Um. So as far as the movie Um Um, as asI've gotten older, I usually only get certain scenes asked of me. So Um I've only been able to do. Maybe like sixteens from that movienow Knos a t, all IA, I hat a Gont Eo sixteens from the movie- Is that it I used to. I would get to attentionsometimes and I wouldn't care 'cause. I would just play the movie in My head: I'm not going to let you out of hereuntil until you do a scene, forme man, I mean realize that right right, I'llgive you. I give you three choices. I give you Um, let's see H, Lufasos, CA, Ado, smoinsumber or thehigins uh. Let's L, let me get just just cause me. Let me get thMufasascaranzazuman, O sure sure a right right, yeah after you, men, UI, no SA. If it you she I she has to be Chink and who should never shee Lighetmanother day you di Ot, somone, O ever kill. Youhave to pay it for food whos. So what do you want? An her at's Wen, O ASEANEtree, so you to excuse O, is ee. Stain on Eveforti O now looks Ao. She made meLo Ma us yo oll en thess, when the king gets Clu with you, he jas Hearto, HanaWo. I Ito go feachbe a scar, HM trouh, hip Inpickbo, havingyour Majesti. Why atiit isn't my big brotherdescending from out height, wongl to covernors, so robbiand? I didn't see Wit. The presenttch of STBA wstoday ohiit was simply awful sips, my Bie yes Wen the stins Ar Lik stes Gi e y. You should have EPE Tenin Siso mine, cause IA. A was born thathobl's, my son and yl future Kik. I shall practice Li e, don't tp back onthes or I NAM Asar. Perhaps you o turn your back on me Impuchan Bat. I wuldn't dream ofchallenge you IOT E. As far as Brans go, I have e Lion Char. When I comes to Broot Street, I'm afraid I ie shutl in thesh o there's one INEFI Amiis Han Cho in mineactually, and they always smanash ruin.

...speciaations whod, O mioing t do withhim Ian Ay, fesitable, tid, Rug, S, Aso, Ust, think n me get starzy. You cantake it out and beat him. That's realy like a at it. Heyman welldone very n. very nice thank forthat'St. This is why, folks. This is why this iswhy he' he's in dead serious- and this is why a Seson to tri, I ike, I say folks wit Seson, two dropsyou arein for an absolute absolute fucking, treat to kin yo kind. So let'spls talk aboutthis. I understand you've got you got a T, shirt business, oh yeah, we'got, a company calledTestar Society. This is, like you know, kind of the artstuff that I do o trough. Graphic designd illustration, O actually justfinish finish. The Children's Book Um on does the company. We we basically do custom designs. Youknow we could print anything on short because we do fool: Soptin, maci, so yeah I've been working there for a year,helping Hem put together the business and stuff. So at one point we were doing shirts os toog and stuff and just trying to think s time too yeah like yeah, you can seesomeof on my instrogram, I'm Um, I'm at Dream Boat. Eighty two on Estrogram,you cal, see my art and my superior love for Stephen Univers. I do a lot of CCV Universiy Anar. Ilove Thatsho me my daughter, Lov tat show my daughter, Daphne, how did h?How did how did you pick up doing a job for snoop dog man ione of our one of our guys that workedin the company earlier has like a direct contact with a bunch of o musician acts and stuff, so likeanywhere as far as trave, Scott and Um, you know like a bunch of people, ansimt dogs like group of of Um artist, that he knows and stuff. So wewere doing stercs for corrupt and and few other people you get to meet th late last year. No, I didn't meet O um.You know, sopers he's mostly been torn, so he's so busy. I don't know I mean yeah the its sispeople his people come to office, though Hes Li check out and stuff. Ihope one day we get to have people. You know a to have our own people that we canjust send off an take care of shit for US Ohion, just peep up Yo Gott, WAC,Tha h en you get to that point man. You gota bunch of sick offancs like they don't really know what they're doing and justworried about you know being into good graces or set Yoa celebrity and stuffyou like being when you're in isroldis circle your control, freaked. Like me,you like to make sure that a AAGETO, I'm with I I'm with you so have Yo, are now yo, 're you'reliving in La Right. Now, when did you first get out to l a I polylott, oh you're, from there yeahfrom Hollywood? California, Oh shit, what' rn born in Cedar Sini. So whatwhat's it like growing? I mean 'cause Causeei mean La Hollywood like it's.It's you know up on this pedestal was it like like, but for you it's justhome like. What's it like growing up somewhere like dode, it'sit's really not like at all because Um it it's it's a odd thing growing upin Hollywood, Um, because first Wan, I was a eighties baby. So I was likeright there, like in the middle of like Pumk, punk culture and like a hugeshift like there, was such a huge shift in the eighties like like on so manydifferent platforms from music to...

...politics, to like social norms. You know and then like what washappening to Holloda at the time as old Hollywood was dying and WASOP openingit up for new Hollywood, so, like a bunch of like main favorite, Hollywoodsis disappearing and just like thats whole trenhas never disappeared. If youkeep Ou Olaway, it's like every three months, like the architectur changingyou know so like Um, you know it's it. It just feels likecoming from nowhere. You know when, when you're born there, that'sinteresting man y y. u you would think that maybe you' just you know 'cause, you knowpeople like me. You know I'm going to see Hollywood, L A as with this, likewith this like sheen over it. You know this a almost like almost as like. Thisis like it's Jus, this Polish thing and normally tena typical. That's a typicalidea! 'cause I mean when you, when you're, when you're represent, whenyour presenteto l a an Hollywood when you're outside of Len Hollywood. Allyou see is ou pit, inthe glamd, you know have you visited it? I haven'tbeen able to visit, yet no, it's T's. Okay, I'm trying to get out therewell.I mean I mean most people when they visit is just like. Oh this is it you knowit's, like you know again, it's lot of Clistiglamit its great en you can go on a studio, tour and you're randomly as toyour celebrity, but you know it tends to be a bit disappointing. You knowunless you're like a real tong hold like movie Fan or whatever, and you getexcited about seeing stars on the sidewalk you know. But for me you knowthat every day is like a group of tourists tone othe places you know sowhere's the familiarity in that you know it just always winds up being kind of a new herd of people and engandand again I I don't decry these people I'. I'm always excited about peol beingdecided about anything. But as far as like me, kind of feeling like this ishome those sort of things about Hollywood, keep it constantly frombeing home. You know, that's, that's, that's aninteresting way to look at and it's not something I never really consideredbefore Y. I cause I've never lived anywhere.Thare was necessarily very touristy Um, but that that's a really interestingtake on am man. You know a lot of times. You don't think you think of theseplaces as these even somewhere, like Y ou, know Orlando or New York City, likeyou think of them as these big toursty attraction, but a lot of times youforget that, like there are people who live there and and they they see a sideof it- that maybe we don't always get to sea mhm, I would say I mean I've been to NewYork. I would say I was alied that I got to spend time on the east coast. Atone point I was going to Goanto Hi Scholo, the arts and Um. I really liked. I really like the East Coast Um because,like they're just much more serious about the craft out there, you know y. u there's people that areserious out here, but there's this kind of there's as certain Um. You know mode that hits you when youcome out here, O 'cause there's a lot of people that fake te funk but to lookand have to talk when they don't know anything. Whatthey're doing you know, and but as long as you cal fake, the Funka Lok you canmake it pretty far. You can actually just be a hollowood executive and knownothing ridepending on depending on who you know and yeah, but that is a flylike in the east coast. You know unless you're about the really sharp comtinentor whatever, but I mean when it comes down to it. You' have to really set upor put it up there. You know so: Yeah East Goast, somehere, Ino, bullship man,there's no bullshit yeah. That's what...

I'm saying I wouldv I would've mindlike like spinning, like a great period of my childhood out on the East Coast.You know 'cause it. It definitely molds you into like a really serious kind ofperson, no matter like which path you're going, you know, only got tostay out there for like a good two years or whatever. When I was N in mys, that's a cool. Take on a an that's g ts gathat's, something that not a lot of people. I think aveer really take intoaccount. They. They just see a place like alla as this as a goal and not as just it can justas easily be just another place just just like just like a tle midwesttown, it can just be just a regular place. It's all about! It's all aboutperspective. I think perspective is a very big thing when it comes to anything in Life Umyou you mentioned earlier h, you said you do the graphic design and all thatyou did a children's book. Recently Yeah T in I book. That's called Um, Ohf, for forgotten baby and actually highlights it's it's written by Nicollina and a crystal star andmyself, and I did all the illustration and uh it tat toy come out soon. I justcuish illustrating it taking a year to do it. 'cause honestly, I I work on somany things. I make it easy for myself to procrassinate watch EA tven play snash weathers Um. This project was a little Harsin todi. U I came from Fos Tocka. I like a littlebit over twe homes and Um this UH. This book specifically deals with h the kid like going. Tough, the processof Um lclosing thing that a an having theincer tastic er you've got a lot of chisrene books, children's books aboutexperience, which is a exfrience that happens to a huge group of kids. So that's part of the reason why I pitkso long. I mean tha, there's Po, a just emotional yeah. I gaveReallye emotionobot stuff like that. There's this movie called nitolianger.I can't watch it. I watch the WECHAND. I almost had a Freaka Caticattack'cause, it's just like sheing your life rendered like that really ca, C, backtos or infaml and stuff. So I can appreciate that man, it's it's. It'salways interesting. The things that will remind you of a of a tough time in your life um when h when, when I lost my dad, we wehad, we had the Harry, it was a harrypotter weekend, 'cause on freeform, 'cause, it's always a Harry Potter. We gun on free form and we hadthe Harry Potter movies on in th in the room ecause we were all being HarryPotter fans and so weere doing that kind of ehave something to watch andsomething tig or minds off everything. Im House or Aveng clot, I'm a helvelpuff a God damp potatoblot. Well Yeah. We had the Harry Potter movies on inthe hospital room the weekend that he passed, and I I have found that ICANOIappreciate that man, but I I in in t e in the time since it is harder for meto watch those movies Um because yeah it does 'cause that's kindof the first place. Thoy. Take me back to it. It's getting it's getting easier:Um Yeah! I am such a big Fan Um, but it'. It's always when, when you'vehad something like that happene in yourlife, you know a passing or like like growing up in Fostergare, like that S,when, when you have, when something kind of forces you to revisit that,when maybe you don't want to yeah, it...

...can be tough, yeah e better to so. Let's, let's let'slet's, let's get back, let'slighten it up a little bit here, let's, but let's, let's do at talk a littlebit about, like you mentioned that a lot of your a lot of your inspirationfor creating characters and and stories, and all that comes from stuff likeCalvin and hobs. What was finally like wh, what led to the final decision oflike I want to do I wan to be a voice actor. I want to 'cause you're a voiceactor. I grat you're an artist all around what was the Dr. What was thatfinal driving force into that man? Well, the thing is Um. You know I started in art, you know soI mean I'll always copy everything that I soll right and then Um. You know I read a lot of books, soeventually I av to start writing my own little things. You know Um, you know sothen line kings came around and I and goof troop and tit was just a bunch ofcar. Ou know like how it wasn'n a you know, or early Tho, mid nineties. It alike there was all these these great afternoons or cartoons. You know theDisney, the Disney staplethe cartoons and everything I I started doing. Thevoices you know especially doing liking like Lianke, was probably like the besttraining I ever got. You know just Wyou know such a great ca voice cast ofvoice actors. I mean Jym comings was there, you know Um an that's when I as just really startedlearning about Um. You know, even though most celebrities I mean you ce,have gym tongs in your cast. You know tat that leads you to, like all theother, really giants, ind voiceover whatever so I just I was a early comicbook reader and stuff too s. It got me never at of Wizard Wizard, Colege NEntertainment Magazine for Sure Yeah Yeah so like that was like my windowinto like all these arious different artistic platforms and stuff like whenthey were like half cast list or things or or they would talk about. Whatevercomic come happening, H, t whatever performers like say, voice,voiceoveractors or just actors. You know from you know, saying: favoritemovies would be there. I just started learning about all those things and umit just you know increased my interest in working n, all that sort of. So U soI mean eventually when I got a Ma mansicated from OPR, I went I went toschool in Texas. I wanted to lead California for a while, and I went to H, refew called DEGB,Ogana Niversity and we wanded up wanted e doing theater over there and h Linking definitely was eline. Yo Ande bring my audition piece like for somany different like venues whatever, so I got, I wanded up doing it there andyou know, voices and dialects and stuff was like always my thing so when they got out o when I got out ofschool, I wanded up actually um working on a movie called th Asoconfidential Um that H Territaris Li Golf. They were Daniel Claus and I meanyou cand. Imagine how nuts I was to meet Daniel. That's crazy! Oh yeah manlike ooh yeah, Jo, like I mean it was it was on all front. You know terrys alot golf de Ghost world, which was another Um Um Daniel Claus thing, but II got a great director. I got to meet John Doctorith 's been two weeks likeworking with him. Like one of my favorite actwhat, then I go to yeah and N Plan Vey, please to makeYouanmalkrovitchi love it...

...and h, and you know then, of course DanielClouss, like you know, j the three sort of things that I do from art todirectint illustration and writing. You know get to be inspired on thereand also and there's a bunch of people that I um on. That said, thateventually would make my own pedection company. With I Made A, I wrote and directed a film, came out in two thousand and thirteen,but I first started working on it like back in, like oh seven, and it took along time Tu together. It's all cruel will so, but it it was a it had worldwade distibution, so youcould find it um you kno online anywhere, as t actually has dog Jonesin its whecht of asn't tach. For me to actually have dug Jones like one ofyfor icons, he got to be the monster in my movie, all that's so cool and h andalso uh yeah. I mean I that was such a greatexperience, Um Yeah, so Um. I didn't really startduring professional voice, SOVER UNSI! After all of that 'cause I was, I gotinto ret trying to make my next film 's so hard to raise money when you don'treally have a lot of bacuum. So I just I just Kinda, went back andreally started focusing on a voiceover creeer and I started about five yearsago and look a and like your your voiceover range is: is nuts a advanc just nuts again, I cannot wait for people to hear thatserious season too, but even just from what I heard from you at the beginningof the show here with with the Mickey and the Donnan, the goofy and hearingyou're hearing you're Ling, King, I I mean J, like I just I I picture youre just likesitting around rvenging cartoons and hitting Lak W,like repeat repeating the same fifteen seconds over and over again until youcan get the voice just right, you're you're, not far off like Gitt. Do thata lot in come in here a interesting voice like I have to mimic it as far asDonold donold took me like eleven years to get down eleven years. Man Yeah Yeah like, andthose are bunch of characters that, like that that were 'cause it mean toto make to change your vocal courts in a place where you coulddo something comfortably. It really takes like kind of sculpting like youryour vocal box, you know how long do I ot o? I, like you, know S.I Anda transition and you know it's. It's UH I don't want.Has Wi O for mede o Bo Gol from the Sibstance is o heartdoing this voice? I want to Golf Oyeah that one um I remember that one itdidn't take that long to develop. I remember it used to hurt doing thatvoice. Youo the same thing. McDonald. Do you ever do you ever like? Did youever like make an attempt to like cataloge like all the voices you can dolike you get a list um? Well the OCOURS. I Ca Doingo. Thatwas when I was trying to make like a a Uto so Li to video, a Luch of Disneycharacters, thinging, let it go and uh, but I only limited it to to Disneycharacter. So I never really did a catalogue. Maybe I should sit down anddo that. Actually I don't know that's not really a big thing in Bosover dobecause in voiceover, usually people don't want you to do classic voices.

...'cause, that's what everyone thinksvoiceover is. I can do makeyou mouse, so hire me. You know, Ryou know it it's it's! It's good that you you've workedon that amount of versecurity 'cause that that will lead to you to be ableto create new voices. You know right, but Um. You know like more camel as like such a big influenceon me. I always mate pngs and make SAK A toJota Joka US Li Ood. You know- and it's just like no one'sgoing to hire me to do more camel jokers ont, Wa, Tust, Wane, Sov, joker you're, going to go down. EA Gotogo downsil, tat, dig Mi, Cottword Mikey's got ridation.Gentlemen, Oh my God hitis the best day of my miserable life, he two C ro Tinko, so Ayeah, but butyeah, but that's yeah, but again they like to heariversatility. But you knowUm, like really really miniking serves youthe best with voictmatching. So I I get a lot O. I get a lot of voicemash work like recently Disney Um. Well was goingto hire me to to do the rocks voice for they they were going to do all of thesekind of, like H, samples for the jungle, crews, about to make the gungle Crusins to the movie and the Ro, the Rock Jos is going to B, basically be thestar in that movie. This is rock, you know and he's he's going to be themaincharator for that Sovey. We prey had me audition for some Alat of stuff.I think they were probably going to make hem a Lono Sho, Oh shit and uhyeah. They brought me unto that and I was close, but I think they gotsomebody that could do his speaking voice anythin was they only brought mein a part, the speaking voice, cause in my it was definitely te like Canyo. Dothe voice? Can you act like the voice, and can you Stillak, O wit? It's likeit's a lot of work, SOSO COOL! Well, listen it! It's! It's I it's Icould. I could talk to you for hours was Sur man only only because I knowthat I would get to talk to so many different people without having toactually talk to so many different people. Um. Thank you so much I like to talk topeople toetin AD. What are we talking about? Againarthurman s? It has been like it's just an absolute treasure having you on theshow today, man, it really reall and tell the people at he. I love to comeback II'm talking about Ke, Yourstuf man. If uing tthe only time you talkgabout some movies or whatever I I'm getting back on this tugking show I'mgetting you back. Hol Aon a show, wholy sick, Um tell the people at home. Like I said,we get dead, serious season to dropping in Octobers with with Arthur. As themole we've got. Oh my God s so good Um tell thePeoplean is sound, so creepy welltthe people at home, wh where theycan find your stuff online. Your work to portfolio you tell hem where theycan go. Man, Oh sure, well, M! My movie... estilactor's called CruelWildiretzeromeo. That's me: Um. You can also check down a Introgram, I'm doingposts with my te shirts of my panart illustrations and using that at dreambooks. Eighty two, like dream: I have a dream boat that you write on eighty twoand um you et. If you want some festirts, you know like we cun putanything on a teashirt like your whole family, cusom drawings, like prettymuch anything that you want: Hat Haid h the Mar Society, a Parael dotcom. So like? U Yeah ThikeItout! I don't know if you have links or anything, I can send you all thelinks, oh yoget, that on your website we'll get those n sn, no deciption of the episode everybody yougo check that shit out m yeah man follow afthe online, Arthur my man.Thank you so much for calling in and doing this today, sefine so fine gu,elopie ile hi cash Mam illiyr The fucking best guys that is going to doit. For this week's episode of the Basement, Lounge make sure you checkout everybid t by macking a forgot, your risin again, O I'm making a skinofvewer. I so glad you were here so ledg. We here Micky P, I deverybody go everybody gots to goto go, T go, go to Disneyworld, Nen CEE, Mickey he's there he's awesome! U TOCING! Well Wow! If you can afford it, make sureyou check out. Follow me online guys that Mike Shak comedy an all the money yeah and if they don't take all yourmoney, they're going to buy your company and then follow me on all thesocial medias at Mi shape, comedy my website. Mightssake, COMEDY DOT COM quit the poecast Hav from more information about thisshow and they' forget. You guys can now support the show on Patrioon Patrioon,dotcom, slash, basement, lauch, pod Gat. As always, everybody live well rock ontake care and bye. Bye e make sure you support this guy. He Really Dase Oi,don't know El. I right now, O.

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