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Season 1, Episode 6 · 3 years ago

"I Memorized 'The Lion King' When I Was 12" with Arthur Romeo - EP #6


Voice actor & artist Arthur Romeo calls in to talk about his love for voices, his new children's book, and how Hollywood is so much more under the surface.

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Goofy, the whole gang is here. What's right? Flan's right, okay, very good to be here. Say. I can't believe it. Sing O fir t a was up. How you doing? Kay, it was up, brother, the best, the best and all that's fuck anything else. I was gonna say. Man, that's the best right there. Holy Shit, Arthur man, good to have you on the show, Buddy, oh man, thanks for having me, man. So, yeah, so, Arthur, Arthur is a voice actor. We trust me. I got something about that. Arthur, you're currently working. We're just going to hit this shit right off the top of the bad here. You're currently cast member for the horror audio audio podcast dead serious. All right, that's right. Yeah, dead serious is a as a scripted podcast series. It's a it's horror, it's dark comedy, it's about the end of the world, it's about zombies and magic and government conspiracy. Is really cool, really really cool, really tongue in cheek. You know, really that really that long, long and form actually kind of you like. You get in and out honestly, just kind of a serialized podcasts really nice and and you play. You play the mole add serious. I played the mold. You have the best laugh for that. Okay, like I'm the best. I can laugh for that on. For those who don't already know, I produce dead serious and do a little bit acting on it, and I got to hear we can get season two isn't here yet, where we just wrap season one and season two is when we really, really really get to meet them all. And I've heard some of your recordings for season two. And what do you think? Oh, may I just say, sir, the fuck you, because I have to go after you. I have to follow that shit and it's really good at I don't want to go too into it because you know, I don't want to spoil every season to you, but all I can just say is, you son of a bitch, you making me have to work right, Oh man, it's all the sport, roads all about the sport. How did you? How? How in the hell like like, what is it about a show like like dead serious? I'm not knocking on dead serious. I'm I love the show. I'm proppy to be a part of it, but what is it about a show like dead serious that pulls you in and you're like, I want to do that. Well, honestly, I mean ever since I was a little I was a very early reader and honestly, some of the stuff that I started reading out loud was Calvin and Hobbs and my sister would read counter and hoves out loud together, and it's just always take all of the arts and I didn't even realize what I was doing back then with acting. You know, I got just first of all, I just loved I'm an illustrator. I didn't put two things. I write a direct to do illustrations and voice over and things like that. So but early on I was an illustrator and you know Bill Waterson kinl of house, it captal was so captivating. That was also so funny and I just got a kick out of doing all the voices. So I'm really voracious when it comes to reading any sort of like thing that's written well has a lot of great characters. So, you know, fast forward to now and we got two dead serious like he really gave me this medi part two really work...

...on. I think I found him through a facebook post and stuff. So when he listened to my real look. My Real I got from Kim kind of versatile as far as like my range and stuff. So based off of my real he gave me that character. So, yeah, I was just really appreciate what Travis was able to give me for something like this, because it's really fun, pretty challenge. You know. Yeah, he's got he's got some characters written. I mean, I don't know, I've known travis a long time. I don't know where he gets some of these ideas from. But I'm also I'm also never shocked when you ass makes me a little easy to you makes me look a little easy. I know what he's doing. Kind of frustrating when you think about how hard I have to work. It's like he just pulls this shit out of his ass and takes me, takes me all day to think of a title for something. So how did you say? You said I grew I grew up on Calvina Hobbs man. Calvina Hobbs was my shit. I always thought, Oh yeah, if there was a comic strip that was begging to be turned into a cartoon, it was. It was Calvin and Hobbs man man. I'm telling you this man, like I've been planning and storyboarding the Calvin Hobbs movies since I was like fifteen. I have a how a whole movie works out, like I just my instro begins at this crazy space man, stiff seeing that's in the canyon, you know, and like it looks like Star Wars, until like you start intercutting, you know, Calvin China escape from his mom from trying to take the path, and keeps intercutting from him like being chased by a swarm. Valien, my cal HABs is just so inspiring, like on so many different, like fantastical platforms. You know, I remember when I was when I was in elementary school, our school library had a bunch of the collected Calvina Hobbs books and it was cut your constantly on a waiting list because they were always checked out. Man, Oh yeah, man, that's if you never if you're listening to this right now and you've never read the Calvina Hobbs comics, Hey, I don't know the Fuck's wrong with you, first of all, but second of all, you couldn't. I just gonna wait till every Sunday, like when the big the big colored issue come out and was and you know, like I mean you didn't know back then, but like if you think about it now, like usually calon house was ahead of peanuts. Oh Yeah, you know, they would be the top like strip to start the whole Sunday comics of because you know giuld do those big, those big, almost like quarter page strips. You know, they were like for four lines long. I mean like his, his son, his Sunday comics were just they were something else. Well, you go. So likes just hugely influential to me, like riding, Wise, art style. I was just like just like ideals and morality wise, like and and teaching me vocabulary everything. Oh yeah, it's amazing how much you can actually because I mean like that was a comic that would bring up and it wasn't. It wasn't like it wasn't like the opus the penguin comics that really got into the politics and stuff, but it definitely it brought up like the there were a couple times I had to go ask my mom, like mom, what does this mean? And she's like where do you hear about that? Away, it's a Calvin Hobbs, you made you learn to be. But yeah, Calvin, I think Calina House. Really it shaped my sense of humor for one. I can I can promise you that. Oh yeah, yeah, it's just shape so much of my childhood. Um, so you opened the show with with, with introducing its some some famous Disney characters. I heard a rumor, and you can confirm or deny this, I've heard you can do an entire scene from the lion king, doing every character. Travis, tell... I mean, look, I'm not, I'm not going to tell. I look, I can reveal my sources. But yeah, is that so? Is that true? Yeah, I memorize the Lion King when I was twelve, like I rememorized like the whole movie shit, and that's like, you know, by the time I was twelve I had saw it like a hundred manyline times. I mean, dude, that was the most successful home video tape of its time. But yeah, like it. I don't think anything beat it. Look as far as VHF, though, you know, who knows what it is like adjusted, like adjusted for inflation, but that was big in a major way. I mean it was like nothing like it. Now I'm there's all these rooms, not really cud of a rumor, but there's there's this idea that they kind of stole it from the Japanese animated thing. That kind of like sully's like the image, but otherwise that's still like one of the top best Disney animated. Feels like like period. This far was, as far as I animation, as far as like the soundtrack, as far as the cast, like the Oscars that I won for its songs, like spawning that Broadway show, I know, the like that, the fucking I actually movie, y Elton John, so long as in that or just our flawless man. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, now, like I mean it's heads up, like I'm like, you know how you feel about that action one? I feel like the live action one was a seat and animation, because there's no way it looks like animation ever throughout Oh movie. I just it's insane. You know, it's so funny because if we didn't love the original so much, we really be talking about how marvelous that movie looks, but we're so used to CGI graphics and stuff all we can do is shit on that movie. I I mean, admittedly, the the remake that just came out this year. I admittedly was not a fan. Oh Cool, you worked on it. Huh. He said you worked on it. They didn't work on it. Just I just, I just I didn't like it. Oh yeah, it was was not a definitely sure if I worked on that movie, I wouldn't. I wouldn't be doing this a trust me. No, I I applaud the film and I talked about some my review of it. I applaud the film for the the animation. The CGI is flawless. Yeah, I just that's so many problems with how they did that movie. A lot of problems. Like beyonce is just beyonce. She doesn't send him analege, just just hear beyonce and it's like it takes the out of the movie. Oh yeah, and then like can you feel the love like place during the day? Oh Yeah, John John Favreau made I mean he I don't understand what happened from jungle book to Lion King, because in jungle book, like the animals emoated and it didn't sacrifice the realism, but for some reason he didn't want to make any of the animals emote on lion king, like on Lion King, which is like equatable to hamlet, equatable like you fucking is amblet man. Basically. I'm just saying they and you choose like not to make any of these starts to be booked. So that was weird, I is, especially when they're singing soul songs at some point, like yeah, I don't, I don't, I don't get that. Don't my favorite part of the movie. That was Simona Pumba, like billy and SES sess were amazing. And you know what, you know what it is. If what I W I watched the movie, it felt it felt to me like everybody else seemed like they recorded their dialog independently, alone in a booth, but it felt like billy eichner and seth rogue and got to be in the room together and fuck around. Of the other... felt more organic. Oh, definitely. And I also don't know why they felt the need to scotch tape of beyonce song in the over the because it's beyonce, because it's fucking be as beyonce. Yeah, whatever it be, as a bread biggest star on earth, right, yeah, yeah, but I had the same problem with that movie home with with Rihanna, and it every song was a Rihanna song and it was like, you know, this doesn't feel very sci fi when I got rihanna doing her thing every couple minutes. But it is what it is. So, as far as the movie ever gotten older, I usually only get certain scenes as to me. So I've only been able to do maybe like sixteens from that movie. Now, use that all? Is that all you gonna do? Six seeds from the movie? Is that it? I used to I would get the titchen sometimes and I wouldn't care because I would just play the movie it my head. I'm not going to let you out of here until until you do a scene for me, man. I mean you realize that, right, all right, I give you. I give you three choices. I give you see Lufa Soo, Scarz Azu, Samona, Sumba or the hyenas. Let's let me get just just because. Let me let me get the ufas of scar and Zazi. Man, Oh sure, sure, all right, ready, yeah, the dude after you. Man, life's not fair, is it? You See, I should never be and who should never still light of another day, and you give out someone of ever kill you have to play with for food. WHO SAWS YOU? What do you want? I'm here's will asking the fast as on the way so use quick, good excuse on Miss Your ceboy restoring looks as you make me loose my much. He was all than that's when he can get through with you. He's as fair affect any crews got the free star drop him in pickable having Your Majesty. Why it is? It is in to my big brother descending from height with the compans so robbing, and I didn't see at the present to stop some bars today. Oh see, simply awful. Slipped my mind. Yes, when a slipping a mind is as a king, brother, you should have been cut nine, nine, because allspawn the too Boles, my son and your future king, I shall practice my cats. Don't turn your back on the scarf number. Perhaps us to turn your back on me. Kim Put tip, I wouldn't dream of challenge you. Okay, find not that as fast. Bring scale. I had an iron chair. When it comes to boot streets, I'm afraid I'm in a shuttle in the GI it's one of every familist have to in my next day and they always smellash a rude specifications.

Who am I going to do with him? And make a very fashionable for rugs. Just think and thin gets deady you can take it out. That beat them. That's what I like. That's a hey man, well done, very nice, very nice. Oh thanks, Bro. That's aught's this is why, folks, this is why, this is why he's in dead serious, and this is why season two drops. All I can say, folks, with season two drops, you are in for an absolute, absolute fucking treat to cry to crime. So let's let's talk about this. I understand you got you got a t shirt business. Oh Yeah, we've got a company called the Star Society. This is like, you know, kind of the art stuff that I do out through graphic design, illustration. Actually just finished finish the children's book, says the company. Really we basically do custom designs. You know, we could print anything on shirt because we do full something mation. So yeah, I've been working there for a year helping them put together the business and stuff. So at one point we were doing shirts first team and stuff and just trying to think it time to yeah, like, yeah, yeah, you can see something of them on my instagram. I'm I'm at dreamboat eighty two. On instagram you can see my art and my superior love for Steven Universe. I do a lot of Steve Universe, an art I love that. I show me my daughter. Love that showing my daughter Daphny. How did you, man? How did you? How did you pick up doing a job for snoop dog man, one of our one of our guys that worked in the company earlier has what like direct contact with a bunch of musician acts and stuff. So like anywhere as far as Travis Scott and, you know, like a bunch of people and snoop dogs like group of artist that he knows and stuff. So we were doing shirts for corrupt and and a few other people. You get to meet some late last year. Now I didn't meet snooper. Snooper was he's mostly been touring, so he's so busy. Yeah, well, I mean, yeah, they his his people. His people comes it off as though check out the stuff. Oh, I hope one day we get to have people, you know, just to have our own people that we can just send off the take care of Shit for us. I don't trust people to go. You get to that point, man, you got a bunch of sick of fans like they don't really know what they're doing and just worried about, you know, being in the kids graces of Said, you know, celebrity and stuff. You, like me, man, your control the circle, your control freak, like me, you like to make sure that, yeah, I think is not exactly right. I'm with you, man, I'm with you. So have you are you now? You're living in La Right now. When did YOU FIRST GET OUT TO LA? I'm from Hollywood. Oh, you're from there. Yeah, I'm from Hollywood, California. Oh Shit, but it's what's born in border and Cedar Sini. So what's it like growing I mean because because every I mean la, Hollywood, like it's, you know, up on this pedestal. What's it like like? But for you it's just home. Like what's it like growing up somewhere like that? Dude, it's really not like at all, because it's a it's an odd thing growing up in Hollywood, because I first of all the s baby. So it was like right there at like in the middle of like Punk, punk culture, and like a huge shifts, like there was such a huge shift in the s like like on so many different platforms, from music... politics to like social norms, you know, and then like what was happening to Hollywood at the time? This old Hollywood was dying and it was opening it up for new Hollywood. So like a bunch of like mainstays of Hollywood is disappearing. And just like you, that whole trend has never disappeared. To keep on Hollywood. It's like every three months, like the architecture changing, you know. So like you know, it's it just feels like coming from nowhere, you know, when you when you're born there. That's interesting, man. Yeah, you would think that maybe you just you know, because you know, be people like me. You know, I'm going to see Hollywood, La as with this, like with this like Sheen over it, and you know, this almost like almost as like this this like it's just this Polish thing. And normally it's the typical. That's the cymical idea, because, I mean when you when you're when you're represent when you're presented La and Hollywood, when you're outside of Ellie Hollywood, all you see is it flits in the Glam. You know, how you visit it? I haven't been able to visit yet. Now that's okay. I'm trying to get out there. Well, I mean, I mean most people, they visit as just like Oh, this is it right, you know, and it's like, you know, again it's a lot of clistic Glam. It's great when you can go on the studio tour and your randomly able will see your celebrity, but you know, so it seems to be a bit disappointing. You know, unless you're like a real thunghole, like movie Fan or whatever, and you get excited about seeing stars on the sidewalk. You know, but for me, you know, every day is like the group of tourists some other places, you know. So where's the familiarity in that? You know, it just always winds up being kind of a new heard of people and you know, and the game. Like, I don't decry these people. I'm always excited about people being excited about anything. But as far as like me kind of feeling like this is home, both sort of things about Hollywood keep it constantly from being at home. You know. That's that's that's an interesting way to look at it and that's not something I'd ever really considered before, I because I've never lived anywhere there was necessarily very touristy. But that's a really interesting take on a man. You know, you a lot of times you don't think. You think of these places as these even somewhere like, you know, Orlando or New York City, like you think of them as these big touristy attraction, but a lot of times you forget that, like there are people who live there and and they see a side of it that maybe we don't always get to see, I would say. I mean I've been to New York. I would say I was glad that I got to spend time on the east coast. At one point I was going to to county school the arts and I really liked. I really like the east coast because, like they're just much more serious about the craft out there. You know, you know there's people that are serious out here, but there's this kind of there's this certain you know mode that hits you when you come out here, because there's a lot of people that sake the funk but to look and have to talk when they don't know anything what they're doing, you know. And but as long as you could take the sunt a lot, you can make it pretty fart. You can actually just be a Hollywood executive and know nothing right, depending depending on who you know. And Yeah, but that does a fly like the east coast. You know, unless you're about their really sharp comment or whatever. But I mean, when it comes down to it, you have to really shut up or put up up there, you know. So East Coast, I wander. No Bullshit, man, there's no bullshit. Yeah, that's what I was saying.

I would I would have mind like like spinning like great period of my childhood out in the East Coast, you know, because it definitely modes you into like really serious kind of person, no matter like which past you're going. You know, only got to stay out there for like the good two years or whatever when I was in my youth. That's a cool take on the man. That's it. I guess it's uns like I said, that's something that not a lot of people, I think I've really take into account. They they just see a place like La as this as a goal and not as just it can just as easily be just another place, just just like just like a little midwest town. It can just be just a regular place. It's all about it's all about perspective. I think perspective is a very big thing when it comes to anything in life. You, you mentioned earlier. You said you do the graphic design and all that. You did a children's book recently. Yeah, just is what this called forgotten baby, and it actually highlights. It's written by Nicolina and a crystal star and myself and I did all the illustration and it says set to come out soon. I just finished illustrating it. Took me a year to do it because, honestly, I've worked on so many things. I make it easy for myself to procrastinate, watch you tube and play snash brothers. This project was a little hard for me to do. I came from foster care. Look loud it over twenty homes, and this this book specifically deals with the kid like going through the process of losing thing that they know and having the enter fast. Here you've got a lot of children's books, children's books about the experience, which is an experience that happens to a huge group of kids. So that's part of the reason why I took so long. I mean, there's for just emotional. Yeah, I gave really emotional about stuff like that. There's this movie called the tight polyander. I can't watch it. Watch them once and almost had a freaking catech attack because it's just like seeing your life rendered like that really takes you back to a certain trauma and stuff. I could appreciate that, man. It's always interesting the things that will remind you of a of a tough time in your life. When when I lost my dad, we we had we had the Harry it was a Harry Potter weekend because on free form, because it's always a Harry Potter weekend on Free Form, and we had the Harry Potter movies on in the in the room, because we were all big Harry Potter fans, and so you're doing that to kind of give something to watch and something to take our minds off everything. But I'm how straping cloth are you? I'm a hulful puff, I'm a God damn potato. But uh, but yeah, we had the Harry Potter movies on in the hospital room the weekend that he passed, and I have found that alcodoles is rooke. I appreciate that, man, but is it in the in the in the time since it is harder for me to watch those movies? Because, yeah, it does, because that's kind of the first place that take me back to. It's getting it's getting easier, yeah, as I am such a big Fan. But yeah, it's always when you when you've had something like that happened in your life, you know, a passing or like like growing up in foster care like that, when you have when something kind of forces you to revisit that when maybe you don't want to.

Yeah, it can be tough. Yeah, it's coming. So let's let's, let's, let's, let's, let's, let's get back, let's lighten it up a little bit here. Let's, but let's let's. I do want to talk a little bit about it's like you mentioned that a lot of your a lot of your inspiration for creating characters and stories and all that comes from stuff like Calvin and Hobbes. What was finally like? What led to the final decision of like I want to do? I want to be a voice actor. I want to be because you're a voice actor. I gret you're an artist all around. What was the draw what was that final driving force into that man? Well, the thing is, you know, I started in art, you know. So, I mean I would always copy everything that I saw right, and then, you know, I read a lot of books, so venture at this, you know, start writing my own little things, you know, you know. So then lion teams from around and I and goof troop and there's just a bunch of cart you know, like how it was in a you know, early to mid S. it's like there's always these great afternoons of cartoons, right, you know, the Disney, the Disney staples of cartoons and everything. I started doing the voices, you know, especially doing lion king, like lion team, was probably like the best training I ever got, you know, just working, you know, such a great cast, voice cast of voice actors. I mean Jim Cummings was there, you know, and that's when I just really started learning about even though it's most celebrities. I Mean You pee have Jim comes in your cast. You know that that leads you to like all the other really giants and voiceover whatever. So I just, you know, I was a early comic book reader and stuff to it. So it got me remember a wizard, wizard comics and entertendent magazine. Oh for sure. Yeah, yeah, so like that was like my window into like all these various different artistic platforms and stuff, like when they were like half cast list or things, or or they would talk about whatever comic come happening, whatever performers, like say voice at voice over actors or just actors you know from, you know, fan favorite movies would be there. I I started learning about all those things and it just, you know, increased my interest in working on all of that sort of sort of stuff. So, I mean eventually, when I got a emancipated from posts of Chair, went I went to school in Texas. I wanted to lease California for a while and I went to a h refew called the preview a gaining university, and we wanted, I wanted to doing seater over there, and lion king definitely was a lion king wanted to being my audition piece like for so many different like venues or whatever. So I got I wanted up doing it there and, you know, voices and dialects and stuff was like always my saying. So when my dad out of when I got out of school, I wanted up actually working on a movie called are so confidential. That Terry, Terry's why I got off day with Daniel Clouds. Yeah, and I mean you can manage down nuts. I was to meet Daniel. That's crazy. Oh Yeah, man, like, Oh yeah, Jos, like, I mean it was it was on all strents, you know, Terry's. I go off the ghosts world, which was another Daniel clouds thing, but and I got to be great director. I got to meet John Malkovich, spent two weeks like working with him, like one of my favorite actor. What then I got? Yeah, and I'm plan very pleased to meet you, son Malkovich.

I love it. And and you know then, of course, Daniel Clouds, like you know the three sort of things that I do, from art to direct illustration and writing. You know, get to be inspired on there and also a bunch of people that are on that set that I've ventual would make my own tradection company with I med A, wrote and director to film. Came out in two thousand and thirteen, but I first started working on it like back in like oh seven, and then took a long time put together. So it's all cruel. Will so, but it was a e had worldwide distribution, so you can find it online anywhere, as actually has a Jones in it, which like was nuts for me to actually have done Jones, like one of mychael icons. You got to be the monster in my movie. Oh that's so cool. And and also, yeah, I mean I there's such a great experience. Yeah, so I didn't really start doing professional voice over. So after all of that, because I was I got in the root trying to make my next film. So hard to raise money when you don't really have a lot of backing. So I just I just kind of went back and really started focusing on my voice over career and I started about five years ago. And look and and like your your voice over range is is nuts. I just nuts. Again, I cannot wait for people to hear dead serious season too, but even just from what we heard from you at the beginning of the show, here with with the Mickey and the Donald, the Goofy, and here in your hearing, Your Lion King. I mean just like I just I think I picture you just like sitting around binging cartoons and hitting like like repeat, repeating the same fifteen seconds over and over again until you can get the voice just right. You're not far off. I got to do that a lot. Any time I here interesting voice, like I have to mimic it as far as Donald Donald took me like eleven years. Take it down eleven years, man. And Yeah, yeah, like it. And there's a bunch of characters that like that that were because I mean to make to change your vocal chords in a place where you could do something comfortably. It really takes like kind of sculpting, like your your vocal box. You know, you know like and able to transition and you know it's it's I remember one of the hardest voice is for me. Do goble from those simpsons is a hard during this voice. Want some ghosts. Yeah, that one. I remember that one. It didn't take that long to develop. I remember used to hurt doing that voice. You are the same thing with Donald. Do you ever? Do you ever like did you really make an attempt to like catalog like all the voices you can do, like just get a list? Um. Well, the closest I came to doing to that was when I was trying to make like a youtube. I'll start like a youtube video of a bunch of Disney characters singing. Let it go and but I only limited it to Disney character so I never really did a catalog. Maybe I should sit down and do that. I actually I don't know. That's not really a big thing in voiceover because the voiceover usually people don't want you to do classic voices because that's what everyone...

...thinks voiceover is hey, I can do Mickey Mouse, so hire me. You know, right now. It's it's good that you you've worked on that amount of versatility because that that will lead to you to be able to create new voices. You know, right because you know, like Mark Hamil was like such a big influence on me. I always make it a point to make sure that I can do the joke, you know, and it's just like no one's going to hire me to do Mark Hamils jokers. Joker, you're going to go down. I'M gonna go down. Mike Scott Would Mike. He's got wood. Ladies and Gentlemen, Oh my God, this is the best day of my miserable life. To cuts, Bro Thank you so much. Yeah, but, but, yeah, but that's yeah. Again. They like to hear versatility, but you know, like really, really mimicking serves you the best with voice matching. So I get a lot of I get out of voice matches. Mark, like recently Disney. What's going to hire me to to do the rocks voice for they were going to do all of these kind of like samples for the jungle crews about to make the jungle cruises and movie and the Rock. The Rock Johnson's going to be basically be the starnut movie. This is rock, you know, and he's going to be the main character for that. So they originally they had the audition for some Molana stuff. I think they were probably going to make them Alma show. Oh Shit. And Yeah, they brought me into that and I was close, but I think they got somebody that could do his speaking voice and he sing voice. They only brought me in for the speaking voice because in my it was definitely of the things like can you do the voice, can you act like the voice and can you singer? It's like it's a lot of work. That's so, it's so cool. Well, listen and it's I it's I could. I could talk to you for hours. Only, sure, man, only only because I know that I would get to talk to so many different people without having to actually talk to so many different people. And thank you so much. Kind of like to talk to people talking about again, Arthur man is. It has been like it's just an absolute treasure having you on the show today. Man, it really fuck man, tell the people and I love to come back. I love talking about your man, fucking cut time. You talking about some movie or whatever I got. I'm getting you back on this fucking show. I'm getting you back on yeah, show. Holy Shit. Tell the people at home. Like I said, we get dead serious. Season Two dropping in October, is with with Arthur as the mole. We've got, Oh my God, it's so good. Tell the people. Sounds you creepy. Whoa tell the people at home where they can find your stuff online, your work portfolio. You tell them where they can go. Man. Oh sure. Well, my movie is the sill on just called cruel wills, right about a Romeo.

That's me. You can also check down instagram. I'm doing posts of my t shirts, of my fan art illustrations and usings. That at Dream Boat Eighty two, like dream I have a dream boat that you ride on eighty two, and you could see if you want some t shirts, you know, like we can put anything on a t shirt, like it's your whole family, custom drawings, like pretty much anything that you want. And that said the Star Society APPARELCOM. So like, yeah, check it out and I don't know if you have links or anything. I couldn't send you all the links. Oh yeah, that on your website. Will get those on. Those in the know will get that in the description of the episode. Will everybody make sure you go check that shit out? Yeah, and then follow out there online. Arthur, my man, thank you so much for calling in and doing this to today. So Fun, so fun, guys, all fives. I love podcast, man, I'll Le Fuck. You're the fucking best guys. That is going to do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. Make sure you check out, everybody. It's to buy Mickey Awesome. Forgot you're here again, Mickey. I'm so glad you were here. So glad you were here. Mickey. Make sure everybody, everybody, go to go to a go to go to go to Disney world and then see Mickey. He's there. He's awesome, he's the king. Well, oh well, if you could afford it, make sure you check out. Follow Me Online, guys, at Mike Shay comedy on all the money. Yeah, that, and if they don't take all your money, they're going to buy your company. And then follow me on all the social media's at Mike Shay comedy, my website, Mike Shay comedycom clip the podcast to have more information about this show and they'll forget you guys can now support the show on Patreon. Patreoncom slash basement lounge pod the guys. That's a as always. Everybody live well, rock on, take care and Bub bye. Make sure you support this guy. You really dates it. I don't know right now.

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