The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 7 · 3 years ago

"I Have Had the Same Plan Since I Started" with Jon Morris - EP #7


Dayton stand-up comic Jon Morris knows exactly what he wants from his career.


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I did an Ali's and then or no, I did I did a hookah lounge, Hohoga bazar and another terrible spot. Yeah, and then I ran into dusty one day and he's like Hey, man, we're you ahead, and I said I'm gonna try this Mike at this place called chapter, and he was just like good luck, and I thought he was taking a shot at me. Yeah, and then I got there and I was like, Oh, I get it. It's a place where comedy goes to die. So you're in your originally from this area? I was born in Atlanta. The fuck. Yeah, I was born in Atlanta. moved to Dayton when I was around to my dad lost his job at elder Bierman's and my grandma lived literally right next story. So we moved here, moved in with my grandma for a little bit until my dad got back on his feet and lived in Dayton ever since. She saw dating his home. Yet I was born in Atlanta. Okay, so that's good, man. And what's it been like? You said you've been doing the last five years, which is about how long I've lived here, non stopped. Yeah, I'm not like one of those comics that like, you know, they do it a couple of times, take a month off. I've been, fuck you man, hit and open mic, steady like. I may have taken a week off and that's the most, and that's usually for my shit foot. You are, you are, you are one of the ones. If there's if there's a mic, is a good chance it's there. You're going to be there. What's the what's the other than just loving what you do? Like is there? Is there? What's the big drive? They're like what I just I want to get better, like I'm never happy with where I'm at. Like I'll get a good set, like a really good set, and I'll be all right, let's chase that dragon again, right, and I'm aiming for that show there, that set, but I'm doing new jokes and I want to get those new jokes to that point of having that great of a set again. Now. Are you the kind who, like? Will comics approach their sets differently? Some of them will work the same set for a while, plug a new one in once in a while. How often are you putting new stuff in the set? How often, like if you had like how does how's that working for well, if I'm getting paid, I do the stuff that I know works, just because I feel if they're paying me, they deserve my best jokes. They're not always going to work, but I'm going to use the jokes that I know usually worked. Yeah, if it's an open mic, I'm usually trying new stuff. If it's Wiley's I try to pepper and the new stuff I'll start tried and true joke, do some new stuff in the middle and end with a good joke. Are you the kind of you know, we see you guys like like Mike Wells, who you know, an ingry and he's a oneliner comic, so he's always writing shit on twitter and facebook. He has a thousand jokes a week. It's insane. Yeah, are you the kind who will like just sit down and just just rack your brain and write ideas, or you more kind of just as stuff comes up, you write it down? I mix it like sometimes, if a funny, funny idea comes from my mind, I'll jot it down. I'll try it in an open mic see if I can't riff on it. If it doesn't work like that, then I'll take the idea, sit down and think about it as hard as I can for a little bit write some stuff like that. But I mean most of most of my best jokes have just come from spur of the moment. So that's kind of where I feel I'm the funniest, is when I'm not thinking about it and you're just winging it. Yeah, like a freestyle rappers. How I compared it to? Yeah, I I I've tried. I've tried the whole like you sit down and you're right, it's I don't like having trying to force it. It does get like sometimes it takes the fun out of it. Yeah, it's like we we do this to have fun and if you treat it too like you have to treat it like a job to get paid at it. But if you treat it too much like a job, you start to resent it and you stop having fun. It just becomes work. Yeah, yeah, like, I'm a big fan of Patrese O'Neil and one of his famous quotes was I was a I was the funniest motherfucker ever until I started doing comedy, which is a brilliant I think that's really it's I'm pretty sure that's a most comedians feel like. We were hilarious with our friends, but then you have to take that and move it up to a new group. It's like you're going pro. It's like you're going from from college sports to NFL now, because how many times we, you know, before we...

...started doing this with that, everybody say, Oh, you're funny, you should you stand up. Well, actually, I just made a post about that. None of my friends in high school said I should ever do. None of them were like, Oh, you should do study. fucking serious though, but all of my friends, literally all of my friends in high school could have done stand up, really all of them, but none of them did it besides me, and I was just like well, let's give this a shot. Did it and I fell in love with it. See, I had the I had the opposite where I was at down south, that like everybody, because I was I started when like in this is the dating myself here, but I started when, like when Dane Cook was still popular. Yeah, yeah, two thousand and five. Two Thousand and five was my first show renaissance. It really fucking was. And it's odd that Dane Cook was the one to usher that Shit End, but people give him shit, but he started a whole new style of comedy. He did. I have a lot of respect for Dane Cook in the sense of he I think he definitely burned out a little too fast. I think he got a little too big too fast. And yeah, I look at Dane Cook like how people look at nickelback. Yeah, it's like everyone makes fun of him, but he he's popular for a reason. People like him. You know, I'm saying like people like nickelback. Yeah, they won grammy's or whatever. You know, they're doing something right. Yeah, exactly, they're selling albums. Somebody likes them. I mean Dane Cook still fucking regular at the comedy store. And Yeah, and he's I think he's coming back. I really think he has. I will say this. I've always said I think he's a better actor than a comedian. Yeah, he's got he's been doing a lot of indie films, like serious indie films, and he's really good and I'm really yeah, indeed. Just he just put one out where he plays like the father of like like this kid's father, and he's like a in the Dane. It's like a like a recovering alcoholic or something like that. and well, it's an easy roll to play, I know right. He was on he was on a he was on collider alive recently do an interview talking about I don't I did not realize how fucking sad his life is. Oh, yeah, there's something, but like his brothers, tole his brothers will shitload of money from something, millions. Lost both of his parents within like three months of each other. Just, Oh, and you know, everything happened with his career and shit, but, like, he's still one of the funniest moments I ever remember with him was it was, after all the big buzz, like after he had done the Madison Square Garden Shit, after all that, he released a special that was just him, like the fucking laugh factory or some shit, and it wasn't the big personality Shit Rock Star stuff that we all knew them for. It was just him just doing yeah, regular traditional stays, like where the fuck is this? Yeah, motherfucker. Yeah, well, like people talk shit about him, but like people, there are people now that you can tell where, and like Sebastian men of Scouto, you can tell he's influenced by Dane Cook, Oh, absolutely, Eliza slashinger, you can tell she is, oh, a hundred percent. I Love Eliza. Like he started a new style of comedy, which is, you know, using your body more, because it's just that the big personality. Yeah, I'm any yeah, comics, especially in the S, were, like it, just real subdued and and I don't know if it was they were just trying not to step on anybody's toes or whatever, or they weren't sure where they fit in anymore because, yeah, comedy wasn't really a household entertainment form at that point. Yeah, but I honestly don't think there'd be a Kevin Hart without Dane Cook. Oh Hell No, that dude is a fucking ball energy like I've never seen. Yeah, so we's get back to you, man, enough, enough jerking off, Dan Cood. So you, you and Travis Charles, run the most offensive show on earth. Yeah, according to me, according to Travis, Travis runs okay u. That is the actual name of the show. And you guys just had. How many is this now? This was the fifth, fourth, fourth, and fifth, forth. Yeah, we did to show Saturdays. How with F how did this? Because it's going really well. Yeah, how did this insanity get started? Well, it started with me and we were sitting and they gave Travis a one day. They gave him... show at while he's a the like you can book it, bring wherever you want, and Travis was we and Travis from moling over ideas and something was said about like, you know, well, what if we just do like it just the most offensive show, and I was like, well, we could even call it the most defensive show on earth. Like that's actually a good name and we just kind of steamrolled the idea for a bit, got some of the edgier comics that we knew together and we're like, let's try this show out, and I think because of I hate to say the words, but because of PC culture. Yeah, it's like a counter culture now to just be edgy, and the comics that we got like there's a difference between being edgy and just being racist and offensive. Sure, like everyone that is on these shows knows how to write a good edgy joke and we've had people that like, like Kyle Kemper was on the last show and crushed it and he is not an offensive comic, but they take this opportunity to write offensive and they start writing in a different way that they haven't before and it's really helped a lot of comics, because you guys had Scotty Maze on this pass show and I don't usually think of him as a as a Raunchy com yeah. Well, we've read people on the show that didn't even do offensive like we had Kelly ran from Cincinnati. She did do offensive jokes, she just did kind of graphic like sexual just which you know it's not offensive, but it's you don't get to do those kind of jokes on a normal show. So this just the name of the most offensive show. It broadens the horizon to where you can talk about more things than you usually could. I think. I think that's great for the audience too, because I think sometimes when you see an audience at a crowd, if they hear a joke that's particularly you know, on the edge of your side, they're almost a regardless of how funny it is, it's like they're afraid to laugh at it. Yeah, it's that. That's where the crowd mentality comes into, which is what I've been studying. That's like been my goldlate last to understand how a crowd works, because I feel like the more you understand a crowd, the more you can control it. And when you can control it, you're the laugh at anything you say and call on a shook calling. I showed the most offensive show. That already puts the audience in a mindset of like get, you're gonna hear something kind of you're fucked up shit, yeah, just you know you. It's like whenever you watch a roast, you know, yeah, you know it's going to be me exactly yeah, fucking dusty, dusty is. She's one of the meanest roasters. We're talking about that with don a couple episodes ago and I was like, you know, like I was in a by no means like hurt by anything you said, but at the same time kind of was yeah, yeah, with the most offensive show man that you guys are your five deep now and and they're just they seem to be getting just better. Yeah, with everyone with less advertising to that's that's crazy to me. You know, it's become almost like a grassroots movement. It's weird. It's like it's a counter culture and it's I think people nowadays, you know, they hear through the grapevine now that now that there's guessed, now that there's been five and now that the word has spread, it's becoming something people are starting to look forward to. They're they're keeping their ear to the ground for ones again, other most defensive show where we're trying to take it on the road to we're trying to get it into other clubs see if they're interested in it, because now we have a proof that it works. We have we've had five good turnout shows that you know that we can well the problem is is in a different city they don't hear this news. So it's going to still take a little bit of effort and advertising in the other cities. But I still think. I think it could work because it's, like I said, it's the counter culture and that's what comedy has been most of the time, is the counter of whatever the society is thinking, and that's that's where you know, what you hear about. Like, okay, like this this week there was the whole in the within the last week there was this whole thing with with Saturday night alive. Yeah, yeah, the Shane Gillis the Shane Gil because they high they hired him and, and I'm blanking on, they hired him and an Asian comic like at...

...the same time. I didn't know they they yeah, that's where a lot of it started. was they hired that and then somebody also posted a picture of a different Asian guy. Did you see that one? But yeah, the Shane Gilis who, like you know, and we've all seen the clips circulating of him on on whatever podcast. Where do you sit with all that? Well, I'm a firm believer in freedom of speech. You can say whatever you want, but that's not a freedom from consequences. He said what he said. Now he has to live, but that's if SNL doesn't want him on their cast, that's completely up to them as well. Yeah, but I also think that all these people that are trying to ruin him. There's Ay, oh, he he shouldn't be you know, the people are like he shouldn't be allowed to work anymore. They're doing nothing but make his name bigger. It's the the classic no publicity is bad, but or any publicity is good publicity. Yeah, his name is still getting out there. He is a name now. He put out he put out some statement about it like yesterday, the day before, and he it started off real like like will genuine. Yeah, anyway, an he goes. I was was more of a mad TV guy anyway. That's like, all right, well, that shows not on the air anymore. Heyer. But yeah, I'd realize my shirts and set out. Well, not only that, but they cancel it again. They brought it back and canceled it. That's dread. So it's like you just like canceled things. That is that what you say? I liked mad TV, but yeah, I watched. I Watch Mad TV more than I did. Sel I did too, because when I was, when I was growing up, especially in middle school, was, you know, home all day during the summer and daytime TV was reruns of SNL and Matt TV on Comedy Central. Yeah, but I was a big bobby leaf and I lovely. So that's that's who I want to hear Bobby Lee come out and say something about or just like roast him, like nobody wants to hear your fat white ass anyway. See, he does say like I want to know what the fuck ever happened to will Sasso. Yeah, yeah, see it, when fine was a thing, he was. Yeah, he helped, helped boost that. Yeah, and I know he's on that movie forty three. He was in that. He's been doing like a movie forty. He's like a security guarden that one. I can go back. I watched that so fucking long. Will Sasso is hilarious. Says his lemons vines were the ones that always made me laugh the hardest. You'll save it now. He'd always like anytime somebody you he be watching a clip or something, would say he opened his spice cabin and see lemon pepper and he'd be like Lemons and then it would cut to him like spitting lemons out of it. It was fucked up and gross, but I loved every minute of it. Dude, his Kenny Rodgers on Mad TV will live with me till I die. Oh, just that voice is what I do for every every time I'm like impersonating a Midwesterner, it's the Kenny Hey, we've fin with my hoo. It's the voice I do every time. Oh Fuck, I do. So want see. They that that's a show that needs to be streaming on Hulu or some yeah, old. Oh, yeah, your are on cow gay, where I'm and we're going to Dick. It's the best. Dude, especially like it. That's the thing that crass me up is that show got canceled, but like you look at like people from that show in the careers they've had since, like fucking Frank Kelly and Alex Borstein. Yeah, so it's surprising that show could last. mean. Well, SNL, I'm sorry, I said no, hasn't been? It really funny? Yeah, long time. I saw an interview, though, with some of the writers and they were talking about there, because everyone criticized them for being all political and they're like the reason they do that is because, basically, and kind of goes back to your talk about earlier with with I'm with you, hate saying about PC culture. They're like, we don't know what we can write anymore. Yeah, yeah, and I think that's kind of why it's not funny anymore. Like that's why it hasn't been as good, because now they're worried about what they can't I can't say yeah, when John Belushi and then we're on it there, nobody cared about what they could say. They'd said what they said. Yeah, fucking you can't. You can't make a joke that's not going to offend anyone. It's not. No, yeah, if you do, it's not going to be a good joke. Yeah, there's always going to be somebody that has a problem with something you said. Yeah, exactly the way it is. There has to be a butt to...

...the joke. Yeah, we're so for you now that you've got stuff with the most offensive show going on. You've been doing this for five years. What's what's kind of your plan right now as far as stand up goes? I have had the same plan since I started, and that's just get better. That's that's my only goals. To get better each time. I'd like to be paid right, but I mean, you don't always get what you like. People. I branch out, I go, we do a lot of out of town stuff, not a lot, but we do some out of town stuff. We start getting to know some of the comics and the other scenes close to us, like Indiana, to Ledo, Cincinnati, Louisville, and just, you know, hoping to get booked on more shows. But right now I'm in a kind of a weird spot because at all of my license. So like every show that I get booked on, I have to book somebody else they can give me a ride. So so I can't really you know, I can't really cold email clubs about working for them because I don't have a ride right. So my goal right now is to get as funny as I can until I get my license back. Then when I get my license back, I'm going to try to start featuring at clubs because I feel like I'm I'm at the feature I'm at the low end of the feature level. Like I can do it. I can need the opportunities of featuring to get better at it. Right. So that's the goal, is to get the license back. And then just start hitting the road. What happened to the license? It's been suspended for five years, just about as long as I've been doing comedy. I had expired tags. I spent all of my my car got impounded while I was at work as a delivery driver. I spent literally the last dollar I had to get my car out of impound. Tags were expired. I got pulled over like a week later and the cop wrote me a ticket and I was so just furious. It's like, I'm just not going to pray that I was just me. I'M NOT gonna pay this ticket. And then I felt the repercussions of it. They suspended my license. I got pulled over three times driving under suspension. They impounded the car again, Jeez. And Yeah, then they suspended my license. It came up for renewal last year and I had paid off all my fines and everything fining. I was like all right, I'm gonna give a license back, and then they okay, now we just need to see proof of insurance for two thousand and fifteen. Fuck. Then I got another two year suspension for not being able to provide proof of Innchi. Wait, since we need you to have proof of Insurance? Yep, while you haven't had a car. Well, no, it was from when I actually from when you had the car, from when I had it, because when I got pulled over, I didn't provide proof of innchis and I didn't have it. That's why I didn't show it. So like in the back like I was this is your own faults, so you have no one to blame. So I've just kind of been taken it on the chin. I'm hoping it comes up April Twenty, two thousand and twenty for two and twenty. Nice, I get to I get to go see if I get another suspension. So we'll see if they tax something else on and whether you do. You're not, you can get big the shit afterwards. The phrase taking it on the chin. It does that make you think of boxing or blowjobs? Boxing, okay, see, for me it's blow job. Okay, I don't know how many of you given, Huh, given or received? That's a big number. I don't know. I don't know why. That's what I what I think? I don't I watch a lot of porn so where does a lot of your with your joke writing and stuff. Where does a lot of your like? Where do you pull from? Is it life? Is it personal shit? Like it'll depends on the jet. Like sometimes I'll try to dig into my personal life's I don't feel like most of my personal life is that funny, but I don't feel like I don't know. I feel like most people don't feel like that's funny. You got to find the funny in..., and that's where I like. I don't I don't search for funny, I just discover it, is the way I look at it. Like I'll say something that makes me laugh and I'll write that down right. I think most of it is just coming. Like hanging out with funny people, I think, really helps you. I think you're only as funny as the people you surround yourself with, and the funnier conversations, the more open minded the people in your collective group are, the more you can stretch an idea and stuff like that. Right, some stuff just some stuff just comes to me. Some stuff comes to me on stage when I like, I say, get out of my own way. I'll riff and just kind of like freestyle on it, and some of the stuff is like some of the stuff I really work at. Some things it's like I want to talk about this and I know I have to make this funny, yeah, so that I really dive into it and kind of circle it and ground it and see what I can get out of it. I have I have this problem a lot where I'll have a fleeting idea for a bit or something and I know it sucks, I know there's nothing there, but I can't shake it until I actually use it and until it actually bombs. Yeah, like like I had a joke about the fucking letter. Why, like why is the letter? Why? Only sometimes a vowel? Yeah, is it a black OPS vowel that comes in for really for like when the present like it was? It was the dumbest fucking joke premise ever and I couldn't get it off out of my head until I fucking did it. Yeah, see it. Sometimes you just have to try it. There's been times where I'm like, Oh, this is going to crush, this is a killer bit. Then you get on stage and it bombs so bad and people just stare at you like you as salted their mother. And then sometimes you're like this is the dumbest thing I've ever written and you try it and it gets the best reaction. It's you gotta try it. You have to try in front of a crowd. That's the thing I hadn't I had my idea for like a fucking animated Raunchy pilot whatever, and I was like this is stupid and I wrote it and I showed like for people are like this the funniest fucking thing you've ever written. I like that kisses me off. Yeah, yeah, the stuff that you try the most at it never what people like. It seems so Criminati podcast. Yeah, what's up with that? Man? I don't know what is it. It's it's like this, but with two more people. It just talking shit. That's really all we do is just make fun of each other. It's you, Travis, and who else? Nick Taylor and Johnny Woods. Yeah, and nick and Johnny have never done a podcast before, so it's kind of a learning experience for them. Me and Travis did one before, called in the red that. Whatever happened with that? It got to be not fun. It got to be more of a chure because we were doing it da TV. So it wasn't like we weren't. We never, never really relaxed with it, you know, but now we're doing it at Johnny's so and it's just the four of us that usually go on road trips together. Yeah, it all started with just, you know, the car rides to and from shows. You're like, all these are funny, we should record these. Yeah, but you know, when you sit down and put a microphone and somebody it's not the same. Most of the time people start again. It comes to that they're trying to be funny instead of just letting it loose. I like those. I like that that those car ride. True, it's those are the best. Man, the car ride there is usually the best and depending on the show, the car ride home could be just three hours of dead silence while people are like what the fuck did I do to where they didn't like me that much? I was talking about this with with with jody McDermott. If you ever noticed, maybe this is just the two of us, but ever knows how like when you get but the time when you go up for then the time where you get off stage, you have no recollection of what the hell? Oh yeah, yeah, stage blindness. Yeah, YEP, on there. I will. I watched my video from fireworks and I was like, I don't remember doing any of that. I think that's this is another thing that I've been studying is...

...being in the zone. It's like when freestyles get in the zone and they just go and they got like when Emdam just backed back back and it's like a one continuous thought of just perfect rhymes and meanings. I feel like comics get into that with their performance, like you're performing this joke so well and so perfectly that you get lost in the performance. It's so weird to me. It's like I've your black out for seven yeah, yeah, and then you have to go listen to the recording and then and then you then you realize why you blacked out. Do you do a lot of competitions? Did you do fireworks this year? I did do fireworks this year. I made it to the no, I didn't make it out of the first round. My first round was fierce, though. It was me, travis dusty, who came in third place. I think nose. They'd was on the show before. They were on the same fucking show. I don't I'm not. I was. I was the second show on Saturday. Yep, Oh shit, I'm ty Saturday's. I don't remember it anything from that. Travis was on it, I was on it. Mike Wells on worthy was murdered. Yeah, Fox where twenty? Foxworthy not? You Got Jeff on second place. Yeah, that was a stack fucking night. Oh, yeah, only shit, but it was also the best shit, like it was the best crowd to so it actually worked out. That's what that's what everyone's told me. I didn't. I didn't get to go to any other one yacause I signed up for that on a fucking Lark. I was doing I was doing gem city tonight, HMM, and Medicaidis. was like, are you doing this? And I've never I've done one competition of my life. I'm a chicken shit. Oh, competition suck. I yeah, but but I do it to support while he's of yeah, for sure. You know. I do that every year. I try to do go banana's to just because, even if you don't advance at Gobanz it's a good set at a good club. Over, been to go banana's once and I went for their their feedback. Mike, oh, that's fine, it's a lot of it was a great I've got a lot of good feedback from that. Blake Hamon runs that it's a great show. Yeah, well, it's not even a show. It's a great it's a good opportunities like a workshop, but it's kind of what I think. I think don was going for with the comics. Hang at while he's yeah, we don't get enough new comics there, though, like will have like it'll be like you, me, Travis and Don just sitting there shooting the Shit. It's like this is a perfect opportunity for to the new comics, like the first timers on the Sunday comics, to come in, get a feel for the stage, see what the lights look like. That's a big thing. Oh yeah, everyone's always like, oh, these lights are bright. Well, if you came in to this comic saying you would have known this. Yeah, and it's never goes over. Well, it's never like least, these lights are bright. Ha Ha, ha ha. Nobody has ever laughed at that. Now all dozes. PISS CAIREN off. Yeah, she hates that. Yeah, they have to be bright so that the crowd can see you. So continue on. Just yeah, if I firework, now that I've done it, now want to do another one. It's weird but that was it's also just one of the best comedy audiences I've ever experienced because they're there for there there to laugh. Yeah, yeah, which is weird because sometimes with a contest it's like a lot of people bring their friends in and their friends only one will they only they think if they laugh at other people it's going to give them a better shot, right. So sometimes they're like, Nope, I'm not going to laugh at you, you're not my friend. I'm here for my friend. But the Sunday or the other fireworks as started to train crowds like look, you can laugh at the other people, your votes at the end is what matters. It's not a laughoff. Yeah, I've been to a couple of those. This suck. Yeah, laughous and clapoffs of the worst way to judge a contest. I remember like two thousand was like two thousand eight, two thousand and nine. Some guy developed a computer program for you to test how good your comedy. Said is, Oh, yeah, the last per minute. Yeah, it was the dumbest shit ever. Just you. It'd space bar...

...and then hit space bar when the last start. It's like, well, what if I'm fucking like backtoback like one line, like what if I'm pulling a Mike Wells and just backtoback, laughs, HMM it. Yeah, that's the same. That was also, you know, the Red Jet Comedy Bible came out. So God, that was the worst thing to happy. Oh Ed. John was really Adam it about the LPM's. I remember that. You got to get your LPM's up. You gotta get you LPM's up. But now he's he was just at the Thore, yeah, the comedy store. So bless you. I was like, what did I do that? The cat was pissed at. My sister's cat has ruined cats form. Is She such a bitchy little demon? So now I think all cat like. I love cats, but now I'm she makes me paranoid for all cats. Yeah, at John Fucking we all gave him a lot of shit, but he's doing all right for himself and there man, it's that. That's why, that's what I say to newer comics is just keep doing it. You're writing and you're performing will grow as you do. You just gotta stick through it. You'RE gonna you're gonna suck more than you oh, yeah, more than yeah, I see. You'd be prepared to be embarrassed, because it's going to happen. The worst thing you can do, though, is, you know, when I was, when I was first coming up, when I was down south, whenever there was whenever somebody bombed on stage, the first thing a lot of the vets would do would always pull them aside and be like don't fucking stop coming, like don't you had don't let that be the reason you stop. Yeah, what I tell many of them would what I tell comics, is like don't worry, it's going to get way worse. Yeah, no matter how bad you bomb, you're going to bomb way worse later on in life and it's gonna hurt more because you do better later on. Like you're going to have a show that's just the best show you've ever had and then two days later you'll bomb worse than you ever had. Oh, sure, it doesn't get any better. I had one of the best sets of my life at fireworks. Two weeks later I was up at while he's and I ate shit. Yep, you talk about coming down off a high. Yeah, it's like me and Chris talk about the barometer of like where you're at, like you're somebody's best set could be a bomb to someone else. But at the same time, once you hit that your best set, any bomb after that feels way worse because you know what you're capable of. Yeah, you know you can tear a crowd to pieces on a good night, and so when you bomb, it's like Ah, wow, that I gotta go back to the drawing board. But I think that's I think the important thing, though, is to go back to that drawing board, if you yea once after a while you have to look at what's not working and figure out why it's you can't just keep bringing the same shit to the table over and over again and hoping for a different reaction. That's the definition of insanity. Yeah, which I mean most comics are insane, it's true. And and and there's plenty of comics around here who do that and who bring the exact same jokes to every show and build the same results every time. And there's some comics that do that and get good results every time. Absolutely, and if you're don't fix when I'm broken. Yeah, but if it's broke, fucking fix it. But I still feel like what I don't I don't get the point of doing the same set every time. Like you know it works. You know those jokes are good, so try something new. It's good. It's good to have what we talked about. Oh, it's good to have like that set on standby for when you get fall book at the book to the Funny Bone Er. You get it, but you need to prove yourself. Yeah, but if it's if the show is just another, if it's just another, just fucking go up there and talk about your balls or fun if nothing else. Say, say your same jokes differently. Yeah, do them differently, act them out more, do something different every time. Tweek something. Yeah, that's the and I think that's why. I think that's why open mics are such a blessing and a curse. It is like that's the only way we had. Like, a guitarist can sit in there fucking living room and practice a guitar by themselves and get...

...good. An actor can practice their monolog in front of a mirror. The only way we have to practice is to do it in front of people. Yeah, and I think sometimes people who go to open mic nights don't realize that. Yeah, yeah, Oh, if you're hearing your comedian, you should be fucking funny. It's like, well, that's a will, another part of his. When we do well, we make it look so easy. Yeah, it looks like we're just up there talking, and that's when people are like, oh well, I could do this too. It's like you don't understand the amount of work that went into making it look that easy. Those, those moderately funny five minutes, were probably six months, oh yeah, of just bombing and just getting every little word is specifically where it should be, every facial motion is where it should be, inflection of voice, all this stuff all condenses into what a good joke is. And it's crazy changing one word. I mean, Yep, has can make all the it because guess it's about. Is Is the word you're using. Are you saying it too fast? Yep, you'd understand. Is it too big a fucking word for the average drunk comedy g yeah, well, one of my favorite thing, I don't know who said this, but one of my favorite quotes was the difference between Poop and Shit. Could be a laugh and an applause break. I got, Sarah Silverman. Well, that it doesn't make sense. There's there's a documentary and I normally hate like documentaries and books and shit about comedy. But your see, I am comic. Yeah, I seen I like I am comic and I like I am road comic to I haven't seen her. I am road consequod same. Isn't same, guys? Yeah, okay, well, it's not the same. It's the same directors and director. Now, yeah, doesn't ever rich shiner on there now it's got I can't remember the other two. It's name, but I am COMEDICA is one of the ones that I actually really like and I really recommend one, because getting to see rich shiner essentially have a comeback. Yeah, you know, and but I'll but yeah, there's a moment where they're sitting down also, because if you watch it now, in two thousand and nineteen, like there's fucking a little baby Eliza Shlessinger on there, crawl and guy people who are bigger now but back then unknown. Yeah, but yeah, stair silver was talking about she's like, you know, Pepe's Funnier, or poop is funnier than pep Ya, Shit's funnier than poop and diarrhea is an applause of something like that. Yeah, I love that one. So fuck man, you're a busy motherfucker. Yeah, Yep. So what do you have going on here in the next couple weeks? is now that now that most defensive is done, next her soon. I mean, I got a couple out of town spots. I don't know how wide you're you're listening is, but we get listeners in California and all right, and and and London. Well, if you're in California, book me their Shit. I got crackers coming up on the October sixteen in Indianapolis. I don't know. There's some gigs. I'm sure I'm forgetting. Barrel laughs here in spring, barrel for Kevin. Are you on the next one? Yeah, in October. I can't remember the date on that one either. Gos, I'm so terrible does that I jerk the show off a lot. That barrel laugh shows just one of the best fucking show they really is. Kevin. Kevin hit a home run with that one from the first show. For first show there was great, about a hundred and twelve people. Yeah, he had a couple of shows that were like, you know, they had some some other stuff going on town and he only got like sixty. So, Oh, no, I know, which is still better than the ninety percent of the shows and day shit, especially ones that are just being put on. It a also, the barrel lends itself to that. Guy. Mean that that set up with where the stage is added. Yeah, backdrop like perfect. It's and such a great venue. It's a good thing that Kevin got in there because they did comedy there before with somebody that I'm not going to name. No, and Y'all know we're yeah, and they put a bad taste in the barrel's mouth about comedy. They didn't want to do comedy again and they charged...

...them, I heard found out, finally charge them like eight hundred dollars to put that show on and it was trash and I was like yeah, no, wonder they don't want to do comedy again. But Luckily Kevin was like, you know, Kevin Rupert was like, I'll do the first one for free. Show you what we can do. First one turned out great. It was just they got that was that was it was me, Joe Young, Ray Jackson, headline. I was on were on it, Dan Seabreeze, see, because dusty was gonna be but they get to cancel. Yeah, who? Mike Wells as wells was on it. Just the hitters. Yeah, it was a I feel like it was like one or two more, but that was probably one of the I was such a good show. It's been knocking out the park ever since. Fuck Dude. Yeah, I can talk about this. Should all have a Dirbert's been a saving grace, and Dayton he's yeah, because he's running shows all over the playoffs now. Yeah, and to think, I mean he just he just popped over here from fucking New York with his girlfriend them and just, yeah, he's done. He's done great things. Well, same thing with Luke Passo. Yeah, he just happened to come to date in Ohio from London. The show. God bless the Dad. He's helped out a lot. I've learned a lot from just hanging out with Luke. Look School. He's one of the best comics in Dayton I. I haven't seen Luke since December. We did that, we did that toy drive show. Oh yeah, this, lad was a fun fucking yeah, the last time I saw luke, though. Fuck Damn, you get out more. I work. Well, Shit, John, thanks for doing this, man, no problem. Thanks for having me. Sorry I couldn't wake up on time. Look, man, it wasn't for the show out of it as sleep. They'll fucking now. So, yeah, this is about my wake up time, usually fucking night shift man. But Shit, we'll get you back on again and whenever you got something going on, let us know. And it's fun, man, awesome. Yet check out the CREMINATI on. What are we on? Soundcloud, spotify, Youtube, trying to get on IHEART radio and we keep getting rejected by itunes. They just keep rejected. I heart radio, I heart radio stuff. They have really specific like you have to you have to post. They won't even look at Your podcast and you've had five episodes and then you have to post at least, I think, every at least once a week for that. Wow, yes, so we're not getting on that. They're real, their real specific. I don't know what's up with apple podcast. Yeah, well, they keep telling me it's a test content. I'm like now, it's just a loose form podcast, like it's not test because like we just kind of Mosey into it like just it's like it just picks up in the middle of a conversation. I'll just hit RECO, we just throw some intro music on it. Yeah, I think. Ever, I've never, I've never actually gotten direct correspondence from itunes. I've been rejected three times and I'm on this like back and forth and last with them. Yeah, they don't like us. So you youtube is probably the best place. Youtuber, spotify. Spotify is doing good for podcast right now. That's what I've heard. Yeah, Pandora, not so much. Yeah, I mean I heard where it's APP but, like I said, I heart they're fucking radio station. So they want you to be like crank and shit. Yeah, yeah, they want you to be a syndicated podcast. Basically, whoop do do I mean? I love you. I heart radio. Please don't take my show off. It just got on she as I say. No better what. I'll be on there for this one. All right. Well, guys, check out the check the CRIMINATI podcast. Where can they find you online, man, if they so desire? Best spot is instagram, at Blue Chinchilla or at Criminati. Those are my to what is what the Blue Chine? I don't know. It's kind of stuck. Always wondered that. We were. was with my buddies back in like fresh out of high school, and we loved riff a. So we all just kind of started coming out with our own riff raff names and Blue Chinchilla. Fuck Yeah, man, because I always like the thought of it was I always wanted a blue Chinchilla car coat, like it's just a fire coat, just made out of Blue Chin Chaz. That's fucking funny. Yeah, so it just kind of...

...stuck and I don't know, it's original, so I don't nobody else is taken in anywhere. So fuck yeah, man, Damn. Yeah, check out the CRIMINATI PODCAST, follow John at Blue Chinchilla on instagram and keep an eye out for him performing wherever the fuck. Go to the barrel laughs show here in October and next time the most defensive show hits while he's make sure you guys check that shit out if you're in the area. Cheer and John Warris, thanks for coming on the show man appreciating me. Dude. Guys, that will do it for this week. We'll be back again next time and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bub bye.

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