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The Basement Lounge

Season 1, Episode 8 · 2 years ago

"I've Mastered the Art of Killing My Darlings" with Travis Diffenderfer - EP #8


Travis Diffenderfer, showrunner for the podcast 'Dead Sirius', stops by to relish in the newfound success of his show.

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It was a book concept and I e came upwith all these characters in the world and like stories whatnot, but I couldnever like. I don't know, find the patients to justsit down and write the thing. 'cause I've always been somebody who, likewants to have a tangible version of what I'm making 'cause. Most of myfocus has been in short films and some audio production, which is how we metin the first place, was like radio in college, but Um jump forward to now after the concepthas been sitting on the desk somewhere for like years and Um. I I' in this point where I'm likereevaluating things, I'm trying to do script, writing and like get my feetwet in the industry out here, and I was reevaluating the? U What's. It called UH that platform. Iguess for some of my stories and some of my things and I landed on this weird, crazy little ideaof Um Bodgast, because if you've listened to the show, youhave heard the first season and h the first three episodes of that show. Ihad already written years ago as the firstthree chapters of a book. All that I did was change. The word like change the wordings so that it wasaudio journals instead of regular old written journals. So Um it was thisweird little evolution thing, but the idea was like when embedded itself in my head cas, what's funnier than Zambi who's liketotally regretting his choices of becoming undead, so thi sort of how it came to be- andthat's kind of the general premise of the show is- is it's about the zombiapocalypse and a gentleman whoh threw some accult shenanagans turns himself into a centient Zombi of sorts,walking d talking, cort yeah and it it's it's a show, filled withmagic and humor and and black ops. And it's it's it's crazy. How manydifferent elements you have lumped into this one show with that, but it alsodoesn't feel overcrowded. I guess yeah I I would agree with you which Umhonestly, I'm surprised by. I think it was just how many excuse me how many years of likeforethought Ihad already had behind this thing, that, like sort of is whathas done it casm n, they always say one of the GeneralRules is that you can only have one kind of magic in a story but Um. I think it's all sort of threaded underone magical concept- I guess where Um thisis like more bigger world things that Y, U you're, probably not going to reallyget into in the dead serious story. Maybe some of the side, things andwhatnot that I magic has always been around and rightin front of our faces like witchcraft, books and random, OC, cold shops andeverything they. They are real, they're, effective, some ofthem and um the the more powerful people withinthis world of dead Syrias. They uh they are using the magic and everything andwitchcraft and sorcery to to get what they have. So it's like the top onepercent of the world are controlling a hundred percent of the power of theworld and h they like that. The rest of the general population and stuffdoesn't understand magic because it keeps them separated and powerful, andeveryone else is like their little pons... do what they please with, and that'swhat I'm assuming everyone who's listeningto. This has listened at that serious, so I've got to give some spoilers andyou haven't, listened yet then pause. This episode go, listen then, come backso it'll. Take you like an hour N. listen o season, one, it's very short:it's a different format, but um the government conspiracy side of thatreally kinda loops lumps in well with that kind of thought in mind because H,the experiment that is, you know the world that they're livingin and everything is very much like the greater more powerful entities of theworld playing with their little ponds, who don't fully understand and they'rekind of coming to terms with some of their pawns? No and aren't completelycontrollable and Um. It's sort of like watching the the most powerful entities of the worldcan have come to terms with the fact that, oh no, maybe our ponds are morethan just palms. So a your character is sort of therepresentative for everyone who has that one percent or ventality he's sucha selk. He saiit's amazing to me and I'm by no means on one percenter, butwith that aside it. It's always amazing to me how much my my character and I have incommon besides our first name and every time, Travis sends me some new detailesring about my character. I'm like Oh yeah. I can wait to that. A hundredpercent because I have something going on in my life, mirroring that and he'salways just KINDOF, like I sor to God, I'm not doing this on purpose, but itkind of feels he they are. It's just the circumstances of his jobalignes, with the things that you do so well, 'cause he's just master control,yeah iohe. He his work environment is so reminiscent of my own. It's it'skind of upsetting to be honest with you, but you other than just me. You've gota wild cast of characters and talent onthe Sha. We we had Arthur Romeo on here a coupleof weeks ago. fucking do man e Gass Jesus? How we are? How did you findthis guy? So when I moved out here to l a which was Oh fiascoin of itself, I'mtrying to like get into the greative world out here? 'cause I just whateveris up with my brain. I can't sit still so um and as soon as I got here, Istarted trying to find my ways in found this l a comedy scene, Basebalok page.I think you might els direct me to that, but um there I just was like puttingtogether the concept for the show. I was talking to you about it and puttingall those pieces together- and I put this weird little like casting feelerout there on this facebook page after Um. We had already like gotten throughmost of the first season of stuff, because I knew the characters I knewwhere I was going Um. So I put this feeler out there and UM Arthur happened to be like the secondperson to respond to the thing and mmediately. He sends me his UH voice reel and it's amazing, like the diversity ofcharacters that he has in this thing is frigking insane, so I'm like. Okay, ofcourse, I have to have this guy. He did one of the harder voices that I neededfor the show in his reel, which is a character called the mole who I willnot talk about until the next season comes out, but Octoberfourteenth well be able to talk about it and you'll understand the talent that is Arthur Romeo, but,like the second time I talked to him, we talked on the phone and he juststraight up recited that scene from the...

...line king. It was onal real. I just can't fathom thatthat guy's talent and he's such a fucking gem that we are so lucky tohave it's it's Onca. I I mean just havinghim on on this show couple of weeks ago was e. It was probably just the bestepisode of thes show ever is so nice, no and not not a shot at anybody elsehave had on the show. But if you haven't listened to that one, Oh man, Imean he comes rigting off the bat pulling out four or five differentcharacters without even me, prompting him to, and it's so seemless the way heis able to transition back and forth. That's Wi! It's it's crazy M and thenwe've got Katherine Duncan plays the role of Naomi Yeah AtherinsonAwsim mawsom person. How did you did you have a prior? Did you know her frombefore? Or did you meet her here doing this yeah? We we met when I was livingin Charleston and Um, just like through friends and stuff, and we got along'cause. She was like you acting I'm going to move to L A and itwas likeokay cool. Well, that's sort of similar goold op. We have been friends for several yearsnow. She moved to l a similar timing as me and Um. When we were putting this thingtogether, it just didn't click in my head like Oh, we should immediately goto Catherine because she she's a really busy person. H works like five jobs orsomething and m. You know I'm like we're an hourseparate, so it just like didn't click in my head and through some crazy random circumstances. We were ina time pinch. We needed someone to fill the role um I approached Cathrine'cause she's got a. She has an excellent voice. She is always wantedto be an actress and she has knocked it out of the park withNaomi, like beyond anything that I could have likeexpected for the character. I had one idea for what I wanted name to beand she took a totally different direction,but I loved the hell out of it and what what's cool about working with Cathrineis Um. She puts so much work into thecharacter and like effecting how she says, everything that it it makesthings so easy. For me. She came to her first recording session and she hadlike this list of fifty interesting facts about Maomi sky and, like herbackstory, an like down to what kind of face cream she uses every day and kindof music. She likes to listen to her star sign and everything, and I waslike God, you are perfect to really tear into this character's head becauseh, Naomi she's, going to get a lot moreinteresting as things go on she's already very interesting. 'cause she's,the only witch in the entirety of this area, but, like her mental state,is fragile, we'll believe it at that. Soit's going to be interesting to see what she does 'cause she. She brings awhole level of or thought to her character that I I wish everyone would to that's whywe'l Fuck you too eman! You don't need to come up withtback story, because it's yours, att, you're going to be introducing Um somenew characters in season to seasons. He was coming up here in October yeah we WW we teased one earlier. We won't go into any detail about Um, any any anything from season to you'd.Feel okay, telling people about now or is everything pretty tight under raps,oh I'll, be as general about season too,... I can because Um, I think a lot of the cast members havebeen excited and posting that they're in it, but no one has shared character,details but um. The whole point of season to is understanding the greater world of theDome and the other people who live inside of the zone m. So it's it's going to be adifferent season than the first one in a lot of respects, because you don'thave near as much serious or near as much nail me but Um. We have this. This is a crazy number B t. We areintroducing one to three for five: Six Se, seven characters Mesesas over thecourse of ten episodes who are ten minutes or less it's Um. It's a daunting thing I like to think I did itgracefully. We will see but um yeah. We it's season too, is going to be very much setting up some really big events andthings through understanding who else we're dealingwith here in the dome. So I guea that's. I think that's actuallya really clever way to take to look at it, because if you look at a lot of t,television shows that are plocentric like Thos, be it a a superhero show orjust a regular drama show that tends to be how a lot of it goes like that firstseason is like here are h: here's your main set of core characters heare's,what they're about, and it's kind of them coming to terms of the worldthey're in and season too, is taking that character and really throwing theminto th and throwing them into the fire and intere in building that world outUm. So I guess, whuld you say season two is going to have a lot of worldbuilding, yeah I'd, say: Yeah! Se, that'sactually really fair Um! I it's not traditional world building. I guessit's more Um Asyes. There are some things that thatare going to be very impactful UN, the greater world as we understand it, but there for the most part, it's goingto be like a bunch of character studies of like I don't. I don't really know how tophrase this, but like the seven that we have teased in thelast episode of Um season, one where they go throughthe list. You Know Hasan Bete witch the mole. I don't want to name the othersum the seven ar who you're going to seeand those are the people who have paqed the interest of the UH, the watchers. So it's more likeunderstanding different tactics, I guess of survivaland looking at a few different ways that people could have gotten up tothis point of like one year into the zobiobocalyps they're still alive, andthey have very clear, defined Gols, moving forward each and every one ofthem and like understanding that, for the most part, those goals ain'tgoing to Matsh too well. So Yeah and you'V you've had a hell of a launchfrom season, one Um to be getting a five having an overallfive star rating on apple, podcast, being featured on a couple different H,listons on Apple pod, CAS in in Jaa. In just what six seven weeks yeah, it wasUm. It's tit's not even that long, because it's only been five weeks. We ladged weasted month on the nineteenth... a month and five days and it's it's e, the listener stats are are crazy andthe attention Asan one hundred and eleven total plays that's nuts in five weeks. That is as nuts that ismuch more than I ever really would have thought for this lhitgtle for a brandew,a brand new podcast, again sorry for Yani that again only Um clocks out at about an hour dea, I mean it's supershort over overten episodes. That's that's! That's! That's crazy and and yeah the it seemslike t e. The listener response has been great. You recently did a e tshirtpromotional campaign, Yeah. It's actually still going for a few moredays. What's that, the last day for this little promotion thing is onthirtieth, so Um Yeh, you have a little bit more time.If you hear this and you want to get a shirt, CAESE UM we're doing a a smallerversion of a crowd funding thing 'cause, I know not. Everyone has a ton of money but m. We I wanted tofind a way to give people a little bit more of something as far as crowdfunding goes 'cause. I am really busy for, like the forseeablefuture, both working on that serious working, a fulltime job as well asgoing back to school, to finish up my degree so um I' I'm busy. I have a lot going on, butI really want this show to continue to grow and get better and Um. I alsowanted to find a way to like I don't know, give give something inexchange for anyone who was willing to put any money on the line to help us dothat. So I um I found this thing through custom inkthat lets us put together a limited edition, Tshirt that you can go by andthe money from that goes directly back to helping the show, as as much as Iwould love to have the time to like really sit down and do like a fullpatrioon where I'm giving you guys all kinds of extra, crazy content and stuff.I I don't personally have the ability to do that for another little whileI'll get there, but right now, when we are experiencing this ridiculous growthUm, I I wanted to be able to give something in exchange for crodfunding and- and this seemed like the best possible lay,so people c get a tshirt and we get some money to grow the show andwe sold eight so far and we've raised roughly u two hundredand something dollars to lay with and H. that's great, I mean people. I think people are oftensurprised until they do it for themselves and they realize how much a little can go. A long way, whetherit's as simple as leaving a rating in a review on a pocast or buying a shirt little things like thatmake a mush bigger difference than they probably realize it really help. Ithelps US keep my website up and growing. It helps Um just give us all thematerials that we need to continue producing this thing. We can put alittle bit of that money into advertising and stuff getting peoplewho don't have equipment equipment, because we're recording across focstates make this thing happen that I's not a lie. It's between Ohio,California, South Carolina, Nevada and Colorado, jheeze yeah yeah we're no small thing, but it's? U! Those donations really would help us aD build the thing to a bigger level.

...'cause we've got great numbers andwe've only been doing social media stuff with that, so that that is yeahwhylike. The bulk of our the bulk of our marketing has been on Instigram S,Litt bulkofit has been, and that seems to be where we've gotten the most consistent traffic as well Um, we oeveryone, who's listened, has been so incredibly supportive and it's it'sbeen a lot of like friends and family and Um. There's I mean I'm going to like probably throwa little bit of shade here. Th Re there's this thing th that Um, I don't know Whit' the mentality orwhat it is, but when we see our our friends or whatever, u doing their owncreative thing, for whatever reason people tend to kind of ignore it alittle bit and Um. It's just a weird little mentalitything. I 'T, I don't know exactly what it is, but it is definitely hard, evenwithin those closest to you to get people to pay attention to the thingsthat you're doing so the fact that everyone has supported this project,the way that they have is really really deeply meaningful to me,because no one had to spend that hour.Listening to the show, no one had to give the reviews that they did no onehad to like tell anyone else about this thing or support it like they did, but a ton of people have we an it's wild and supportive, and I really can'tthank people enough for taking the time to just look an that's. That's huge andeveryone's got busy lives, so it rids really hugely meaningful when anyone itdoesn't matter who listens to something that you're doing, pays attention tosomething that you're bornd you're Sollinto is that I'm porin everything I got into thisproject right now. I I've known you, I've known you for seven years now and I cannot I've never seen you put as much into any project, as I haveseen you with this one and and I've I've worked alongside you doing. Radio shows making films that have won awards, um other projects here and there and theamount of dedication you have had to this has been unligating. I've seencomat you in a long time, and it's also at the same time not not that thethings you've done in the past haven't been successful. Again, you want a bestpicture award with at a film festival, but to see the continued level of of success. You'rehaving with this show so fresh into it is, is really something to behold. I'm Cini, thank you. That's really fucking kindto you, but Um II'm sort of coming at this with a new energy. I guess you'd say thatsounds ridiculous, but no, it really is likethis whole new mentality and deal for me. 'CAUSE IM hell. He said it. I I make stuff allthe time and I try very hard to be quality andeverything, but Um. There's there's just been certain factors andcircumstances in my life. That has deterred me from really going all in onsomething like this. I've had ideas you know and thoughts and concepts that Iwould have loved to just do. Give everything too, like I'm doing now, butUm, just too many factors didn't let it happenand Um after a few years off from makinganything a few years off of. Like just being me, I guess: Kindo took afew year break from being myself Um...

...hopping back into it, with everythingthat I've experienced over the last few years and Um really getting myself and my life intoa much healthier place has landed me in the spot, where Iam, in Los Angeles, I'm married to anincredible person and Um. I have this new clarity and peacefulness about myself,where I can just like just really attack this thing head on'cause I I've got, I've got nothing to lose.I've got nothing to gain really either on this project is the other side of it.I'd love to see it like take off and sky rocket and be able to pay thepeople who are helping to make this thing. But for me this is just like this experience of I'm I'm making astory building a world just getting into it and uh putting it out. There isa is totally new and weird for me to like really just die full force into it,and it's letting my my brain, which Um I don't know. If we've really talkedabout how my head works but Um, it's allowing this energy andthoughtfulness that I have to like really channel into something and make it what it's becoming. So my brain goes a million fucking milesan hour, nd iread. Really it really does. I mean the number of projects,I've seen you start and I don't want to use the words drop butlike move on from in the last year alone, you're Fr for you finding a project to work onis kind of like finding a pair of shoes. You try a bunch, they don't work. You move on Til, you find the one thatfits just right and I mastered the art of killing my dthat, that's nts. We'vewe've talked about that before. That's a tough, that's a tough thing to master,because so many times we want to hang on to things as creative types. Aslong as we can 'cause, we think there's just something there, but yea.Sometimes you just gotto learn to to move on. Well, I think that's! The beauty ofthis is like Um yeah. I've had a lot of projects and stuff and I've startedthem with. Like. Oh excuse me different intentions and ideas, and I don't know mentalities about him.This one was more like just. I approached it with such clarity oflike this is something that I thought of a long time ago that I thought wouldbe fun and s like I don't I don't give ashit where it goes. It's just fun and interesting to me and uh it's it'ssomething that I can play with so much. It's like my ow little sandbox that Icould just like, keep playing with and building and 'cause H. that's the unfortunate strength of my brain.You see what I did there fun prazing, I I just Kinda go go go with the withideas and whatnot and if I can chantel that into one like stream, I can keep building this thing up and foundsomething that my brain has like clicked with to just hold on to andChannelonto. Instead of just like this idea of this idea of this idea, hangionto these other things that just aren't really clicking completely, it was u. That is a weird distinction definedbetween a project that, like is cool, but your brain doesn't do likethat. Yes, this thing versus like this is cool and it feels right. Let's moveforward with this 'cause Yeu could start something and it feels right andthen, as soon as you hear the thing after you started you like, Oh yeah, no, that doesn't work at all thisone. It was like I I started the thing...

I sent it to some people 'cause. It waslike this. This might have something, and I I don't know how to explain, making that choice other than it's afeeling that you get and if you have a brain like mine, whrat's,just idea idea idea finding something to sink your teeth into is really vital to building something cool'cause you can make a hundred athings or you can make one fantastic thing:you're, probably going to have to take a hundred athings to get there to findthat thing, but yeah that was all very abstract, butbut you know what that that process y you you talk about of you know, youdon't know it until you. You really don't know, what's going to work foryou until you actually try it, and- and a lot of that is the same with like forme with joke writing M. I can sit there and write jokes and they might sound funnyas Shitto me in my head, but until I actually trie them out n and say them withactual words, you know I mean, and it's also theopposite effect. I'L I'll get a joke stuck in my head. That I know is dumb.That I know is a terrible, terrible idea and how dare I have that idea, butuntil I actually tell that joke and let it die on stage I'll, never be able toget it out of my head for more hage for more information, see my joke about theletter. Why? Oh God, bt had a this joke, had a joke about the letter. Why- and Iwas like this sucx- this is awful. This is the worst I've ever written. I haveto tell er I'm never going to get it out of my head, H and, and en that seems to be kind ofthe way you approach things o as you're, going to sit there and you're going totry everything until you find the one that sticks. Imean why, wouldn't you try anything everything like that comes in yourbrain? We got a very finite amount of time on earth. Might as well just donuts with it do the things you want to do. Try everything you want to try makeeverything you could possibly ever want to make it. If it doesn't work, itdoesn't work, just move on, don't let I hurt you like every writer. I've evertalked to was always said, just write, everything that comes into your mind,even if it's terrible, because if you don't write it, it's just going to sitthere and at least certain a friend of mine sent me a script that they thoughtwas terrible and they still think it's terrible, but it is frigging, hysterical and actuallyprettyquality and Yeahwell. I ralking to Hem Right now, I'm sorry, but I I Iabsolutely hate the idea I had for that script and I wrote it and now I'mlooking at it just kindof like sone of a bitch. This is good and I hate thatit's good, but it's fucking. I haven't. I haven't touched it in weeks, butbecause I've been working on on a new films script but yeah I mean it happens,Teo you tri, it did. I did and I might revisit it- I he Mareson, I haven'tgone back tobcause. I Hade nothing else for it right now, 'cause I ca S. I gotthe idea out of my head yeah exactly I got the idea at I worked it on thepaper. I wrote. I wrote a Stinger for an animated show and and everyone Ishared it Ho said it was really fucking funny, and that made me really angry. You scratched that itch. While it wasthere, I did. I scratched it an now it's on paper and if I ever decide torevisit it, it's there, the the bones are laid there. You Go, but I also had a billionother ideas, so I'm writing all of them. That's the exact process that I'mtalking about is just going for that follow the inspiration where it comesand youwill go places. Philosophic Randcotim t happens on this, show a lot Um. Well,Travis! Congratulations on everything with dead, serious season, one Isame toyou mike shape or nicer an actor I'll ride N. I don't like to do mylik Te, myown horn, but no seriously like like. I...

...wish we had some fucking champagne thatwe could toast, via via web gamb, right now, um, because holy Shit H, who whowould havethought that that this fun podcast idea would have taken off the way that itdid Um, and I cannot wait to see again like ive. I've read the scriptsfor season to. I can't wait to see how they all come together with everyone'severyone's. The new characters, especially F, especially the stuff thatI've already heard, son, Ofau, creepy, ucorther, fucking, Arthur all I'm goingto say, is just Arthur. Rome was going to be the star season to three fourfive We'enotwa sat one last thing on that note. Just if season too isn'tcompletely for you. I promise that season three is where we're reallygoing to start taking off with things ea Seson to is a bit of an experimentso we'll see, but but h, all we can say is if Y, if you've stuck with us, thisfar have faith in us going forward Gis, Wa, favor, yeah Um, the Travis tinks fere coming on andtalking about ' glad. We got to finally talk about this on the show yeaits Grat.It's always it's always good to have you here. Man,especially considering you kind, O fucking work here anyway, so but guys make sure you check out H.Trapis working the people find dead, serious stuff, online, Sdead, seriouspod, sorry at dead, serious pod on Instigram and I think the same onwitterwith an underscore thrown in there somewhere, you'll figure it out andthen www do dead, serious pod. That's our website, where, like it's ourcentral hub for everything, so go there, and if you want to listen to it, you're, probably already on itunes orsomething j, I mindet it's everywhere: yeah we'reon apple, Google, overcast,Um, radio, public radio, public, theonmodify t yeah we're on SPOTAFAO spot ify we're working on Stitcher, probably never going to be on. I heartradio, no, a release thing doesn't Har Radio strict, it's Ol, it's only bysome loophole that I get to be on there. yeahthat's true, but yeah make you guysgo check out the dead, serious podcast memoirs of an undead loser. I love that so much I love it so much.I really do find it wherever you can find podcasts online go to the website.DED series pod dot com, Travis Thankskip, coming on the Showman,always a pleasure Mike Shay all right guys. I was going to do it for thisweek's episode of the basement. Lounge Az. Always you can check me out online,go to my website and Mike shate comedy dotcom following me on twitter andInstagraat Mike Shake comedy and don't forget to check out everything else.Going on with this pod cast go to anchor DOTFM, slash, Basement Loungepod, we got new episodes of monthly movie madness coming up soon, Montmovieie melt down. I always do that monty movie, Mellono with me and Dra ascoming up in a couple of weeks. Re Movies is in theresoe yeah. We justdropped the new miktox movies on Tuesday with me, talking about Rambolast blood and all kinds of other new stuff coming up here soon, stheck itall out tee shirts. Stick it or yeah no go to t public dotcom. There's a linkto that down the description. We now have a merged store up for the basement,lounge. If you feel so inclined t shirts, stickers, even cellphone cases,Yeh Borting, yeah e lkd, the new ion the new iphone's coming out folks isalready out. Yes, I won't be buying it. Imten O um check all that stuff outguys and if you feel so inclined by no means do I do I want to guild anybody into it. Butthere is a Patrioon for this show Patrion, O dotcom, slash BA basementlach pot. It's a one dollar toyear Um, there's just some fun stuff in there,but the Bain thing you can do to support this show is: Go the Apple PotCasapcol down and leave us a rating and a review, and let us know what youthink of the show and that helps us get...

...attention from apple just like it didfor dead, serious, dad serious of living proof. So, yes, well en living aa Ha fa, it's UNDEADPROOF A and with that lame asppun. I will beteverybody farewell. We back again nexty with a new episode until than hasalways live well rock on take care and.

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