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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 10 · 1 year ago

The Incident at the Capitol


We're back from our holiday break, and what a world we've come back to.

Where were we when the Capitol was attacked? How do we feel about the future under a Biden administration? Can we ever get back to more civilized politics?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Their initial thoughts on the Capitol Hill attack
  • How, if at all, does this compare to the BLM protests?
  • Is there any hope for a return to political discourse?

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I was. I was said it was the Wednesday. I was said on my cotch my underwear, watching TV and my twitter just starts blowing up. That's happened to me too. Oh my God. I logged on. I was like, what the fuck is got? Oh Shit, side of me. I was actually a play cyberpunk. Oh Yeah, do you still have that installed? Yeah, I thought they were removed it from the fuck. I have xbox series as the newer xbox. So it doesn't it works on new where xbox. I think pulled off pate playstations. I do the put it off playstation. I never I never got running buying it. So I was playing it's fantastic on but I was I was fantastic on the xbox, but I I was playing that and I'll send my twitter was like, so what's going? I was like, Oh, and I put on the news like immediately. Oh Yeah, I threw pants on and went straight to work. I was like, Oh shit, I gotta go see what the Fuck I'm gonna be dealing with the rest to day. May We make? We made no money that day. Really, you're just in coverage all day. Oh Shit. It's right, because we're because we're in a we're an ABC and a Fox station, and so HEBC was in coverage starting at one hundred and thirty just because of the vote. Yeah, and then it's like, why are they escorting everybody out? Why are we still holding on this? And to find out people are fucking storm in the place. My really storming just being let in. Then were yeah, they I felt bad for I don't it's a weird situation. Yeah, that at for the police. Like if it was a black lives matter movement, I wonder how a bit held differently. What would happen differently? I mean you don't need to think too hard about the last time they were in DC. You had the fucking army on the net on the Lincoln. I always forget about that because, yeah, they we already tried that once and they had the fucking Swat teams and riot police and I didn't know they found. Yeah, I mean I kind of fair. would be bad. It just wanted out. How bad it would have got? Yeah, it was black lives matter, but what they found? Three pipe bombs. Three pipe bombs they found. You know, they found out that like some like I don't know if they were I don't know if they were senators, but they were like officials working at in the building, were flashing their badges to just get past the guards to get in. Oh Really? Yeah, and Yeah, they had the idiots who were wearing like their fucking work hoodies, but it's like Mason's tackle on his fucking Hoodie. It's like, well, do you wonder who that guy is? And it's just it's a fucked up situation like hit. My thing is I've read a lot about it. Me I could read more about Verere, a lot of videos like and I my wife actually got got upset. I said this and couple people like, why would you do that? But more read into I'm like every single one of those people that broken there, I think, deserves to be hanged. Now I'm with you. I saw. Yeah, I think I saw you clost about that, because I'm like you just kind of almost can shit, like that's actually technically tree season. That's fucking treason. Yeah, treason's punishable by death. Yeah, so I say yeah, fucking fucking hang themo man and then, well, they won't know, which also makes the government look like it's a tator ship. If you hang everybody for that, if you if you hang like a couple thousand people.

I want, you know what I mean, like it. It looks really bad there. There's no there's no there's no version of this where the optics are good now, but more v I watched more and reorder be it, more read about them like day, like some people might have been there just to be like what the fuck? But like people wanted to kill everybody in that building. Oh, hundred percent. They wanted, they they wanted, they were chaining hang my pens execute Mike pet like, because as soon as as soon as he didn't, as soon as he didn't, you know, do what trump wanted him to do. Trump, through mon of the fucking bus, on twitter and at the fucking podium, he's like pencil isn't going to help us out, and it's like, Holy Fuck, Dude, I'm reallyed you out, really ge down. He says, we don't fight this, in quorify this trial by combat or something. I'm like, what the fuck did you expect to happen? Like, Oh my God, it was a dumb ast and it was just like, I can't believe I still I believed it happened. I but I honestly, if everything leaving up to it. I believed it happened, but I still can't believe at that makes sense. Like you, I'm not shocked to happen, but I'm still like, what the fight? It's not. It's shocking, not surprising, it's it's one of those things. Like I still I still haven't fully processed that this happened. Like it's such a fucking channing, tatum, White House down. You know of that, you know, designated survivor kind of bullshit. The fact that this actually happened on our fucking watch and how easy it was. Now, that's the thing too, is I I have a feeling as is a conspirator. I hate conspiracy theories. Don't US conspiracy theories, but, like, they could have brought in a national guard a lot sooner and they didn't. It's not and that's not a conspiracy theory, that's a fucking fact. Like they've already like really like they're only statements about how, like, you know, senators were warning the mayor of DC, like maybe you should like, you know called, you know, get getting, because I don't think DC has our own national guard. They have to get it from the surrounding stay. Yeah, but they're like reach out to these guys and getting to sentim in. And I think it was eventually they said it was some of the senators that said, like it was pence down in the bunk as he was down in the bunker with the senators capital like on the phone, like basically really like telling him like get the fucking national because only only the president at that point can really call them in. Yeah, but basically telling them, like no, get them the fuck over here, and it because it was hours until they got by time they got their shit was over. Why read something that like the Pentagon was trying to stop, like the PENTECON stop. It's not stop, its delaying the process of putting a national guarden or somebody. That was really what it was. It was a good they're trying to do a coop coop, coop coup, whatever coop I was pronounced the pe coup. They were trying to do it like it's plaintly he he was he wanted that to happen. They were it was his flags people were swinging. Yeah, I mean and confederate flags, but they were trying up for trump. Two Thousand and twenty flags being stuck in the banisters and they were at his rally. They're wearing his hats and his shirts and his fucking Bandanas and fucking Moose Antlers. That one fucking girl. Well, my most...

...of MIAs like what, like if he in his head he's going to he said his head. Boy, speech was like, Oh, you guys, not the speech, but what happened like afterwards, like you guys need a leaf name really see leave now. He just told him. We got to have peace. Yeah, you're so special, I love you. Come here. It's okay, it's anything. Was He knew what was going to happen? He'Sa Yeah, he knew. You do. You can see he's he says, we're gonna March down there and I'm going to be marching with you. He wasn't, but he's watch on TV. Fair he knew damn want what he was doing, he said. He said this is one of those things like we talked about like a couple months ago, about how, like how if it wasn't, if the shit he was saying wasn't so fucking horrible, it would be funny. Yeah, and it's like the stuff he says, I can't tell if it's idiotic or brilliant, but it's worded so carefully that you could have plausible deniability that he was telling him what to do. But you know, but if you're not, as long as you're not a moral you can be like hey, he was telling them, what the fucking then it's almost like somebody taught hound this speaking plausible deniability like his entire life. Like think is an idiot savant with he rich. Honestly, I really do think so, because even even in that speech that we were just talking about, like he doesn't egg them on, but he doesn't exactly do anything to like quell it. I mean he still keeps dropping. I know you're feeling because you're totally right, and we had this thing stolen from us. I Love You, your special we got to have piece. But he doesn't say stop, he doesn't say what we're doing is wrong, not until the next day or the day after when finally everybody was up as ass about it. Oh God, when he read it off the fucking teleprompter. I just can't believe, like I believe it happened by still can't believe I saw that happened. I always felt bad for the one person was like, what the fuck's only here to like rally, like I'll just two weeks from retirement, and because he does, some people are like, oh, yeah, there was like we're doing this. I'm sure there were plenty of people who were just there for the fucking rally, and that's fine. And then they get swept up in it and it's not. They're like, oh, y'all, weren't kidding. Yeah, Shit, and that that's now led to let the parlor being shut down. Ah, which cracks me the fuck up. That's in best thing ever. And and you know, people are saying, Oh, they're shutting it down because it's conservative. Will know they're shutting it down because that's where they planned this shit and there were people, there were people posting about like planning more, for lack of a better word, attacks. Yeah, they're talking about doing shit on the nineteen and then then the twenty, which, if they have the fucking inauguration outside the capital, they're idiots now that they are. I'm I think he'll be assassinated and it's really weird. I think there will be an attempt. Oh, but also the difference is with the capital. Obviously they don't give a shit about their senators and reps because there was no fucking security. They're not a lot. But we're talking about the pros. It's gonna be snipers on the fucking roof, Oh for sure. I just they'll be inds have them Biden's life, and that's sad. With it. If not, if not inauguration day, at least within the first hundred days. It just fucking blows my Mike, blows my...

...mind. Like they got in there, like did you watch a video of the chicken shot? I haven't. No, I haven't, like I can't. I can't bring myself to watch it. I don't know. I can always. I can always watch that Tay stuff. I'm really I also am dead inside, but usually I don't mind. US. When they talk about like like the fucking terrorist videos, I'm like, Oh, I what fuck, no, I gotta Watch that. I I'm sitting there, like they're like before you watch a video, like okay, well, obviously, like she deserved it, but like you can't even defend yeah, if you try to defend what she did and say like no, she and deserve it, like you're a fucking idiot right, like if you watch the video, like I felt bad for the police officers. They're like yeah, because like as much as black BM and black lives matter, there are really there are still good cops. Have said this in the past. I'll can see you to say it now. All cops are bad. But they're just sitting there and like they're like there's three of them, right, and there's like a hundred protesters at this door and just three of them inside the building and they're trying to get into the Senate lobby, right. And then finally they, like the officers just like don't know, what else does they just move like they really could. Could the doors already behind them? The doors already barricaded? Yeah, so I have a feeling they got word on something too, but that's just my thought. I also look at it as like it's one cop, it's one cop. WHO's who? These guys aren't trying to take out large groups now, they're trying to take out one whack job with a molly in his hand and, you know, running through scream and fight the power. You know, it's what. But then it's one guy. Guess, a hundred people. The fuck is he going to do? Well, so you could tell they were like that, had this look in their eyes like I don't know. But anyways, so, like and they just start butting the the doors have like the barricade at the doors have windows on them. Yeah, and so they start busting open the winners, cracking open the windows, and finally, like one of the windows gets cracked open, you see a guy with the gun and you don't see the dudes face or anything like that, right from the corner on the other side of the barricade, like a pretty sure it's secret service. I think that's what they have there. Yeah, some Reson with the gun right there and they're like Oh, gun, and literally, like what do you expect? The lady like she's the first one to go through the window after it's broken, and shoots her. No, Shit, that's what you suppose. And they shoot the kill. That's their job, it's not your job. Yeah, and she done. Yeah, done, because we got here we kept hearing about like from the reporters who are on the scene. Like you know, I was. A lady was in the hospital. All the reporters gift saying there was blood squirting everywhere, and I'm like you could, you could not throw that detail. And there I finally found out she got shot in the neck. Yeah, because if you watch a video, she dropped like yeah, that's like you get shot in the neck. fucked, I mean it's on. It's like it's a I hate for anybody to die like this. Is Not like the fact that anybody would have to die for something like this is is fucked up on its own, but at the same time it's like, but she was one of the ones storming the place, so I kind of don't care. Yeah, I don't really have any raymore like I'm like, yeah, you got what you deserved. Yeah, and people try to compare us to the black lives matter movement, like well, like, this isn't even the for..., dude fucking lost an election. Yeah, you're comparing that to people that have been killed by police officers or real fucking systematic racial I can't say the word system systematic racism, racistem at race. You can't compare the fucking to because you're pissed because a dude lost an election. Well, not only that, like this storming of the capital was planned ahead of time, yes, as opposed to when the black lives matter you know, riot's happened. That was a peaceful protest that escalated and got out of hand. M. That's why it was so chaotic and because people were just doing random shit. Because the thing, I mean we had one downtown and Dayton last year. You know, I watched it live on the air at work. As you know, people I worked with were dodging in and out of rubber bullets and fucking tear gas grenades and shit. And Yeah, there's a huge difference. Also, you know, the the blm protests, like you said, were they're they're peaceful pro STT protest designed around voicing an opinion about systematic racism and police bent out a police brutality. This was that guy I really like. Isn't going to get to keep his job. Let's go fuck up a government building. They can even not only still blows our people try to compare him. It's like it's not the same on the surface level, sure, but if you take thirty seconds to think about it, it's not. It's not that fucking difficult. No, it's the same with like when people talk about the defund the police thing, it's like, I you know what, there are enough posts and articles online you can read to understand what this is about. At this point, you are choosing to ignore it. Yep, so I'm not going to sit here and explain it to anything. Defendant place is kind of the worst title for so it's terribly named. Yeah, I had a buddy, I had a buddy at work who he thought it meant like fuck the police. It's like, no, it just means redistribute how the money is being used, and he was like, oh, that makes sense, but he never would. I said now, you never know that based on what it's called. Find the place is like the worst fucking title for that should not be that. It's a Hashtag and Hashton. It's a failed Hashtag, unfortunately, but no one will ever take it seriously. But but yeah, this is it's two completely separate situations and and I don't think we've seen the end of it now. I don't well, and they knew this is coming. The fucking did people are strich as a civil war. Yeah, like, I'm just glad. My favorite part about everybody that's been on video as basically getting caught, oh, rested. The guy with the horns is got arrest of the guy who was in poll he's office. That fucking asshole got got arrested. He had a PPE loan. Did he really? They keep what that P P PPP loane did? He really had a P P P PPP loane? HMM, that's what I read and I was like he's a fuck it piece of shit. Well, the guy who was carrying out Pelosi's podium got busted. The one thing I will as I give him credit is is, you know, it's a good thing that the clerks on hand because they had they had the official ballots there and when they were escorting...

...everybody to the bunk or whatever they're going, they grabbed the ballots. It's like, thank God, because if they had left them there, they would have been fucking destroyed. Yeah, they would have. They would have taken him and fucking destroyed them. Then we really be fucked. I just all because they're fuckingdeed lost. Yeah, like Nick Cop got killed, took a fule, oh my God. Yeah, and I like, my thing is, like I feel, Juliani, somebody needs be charged. was something because they inside, they started the whole fucking thing, and that's I know. I know they're trying to push through the impeachment and you know, and I it seems to me like he said it in the house or a little more willing to get roll with this, when even McConnell's kind of like, we can do it, it's just going to be there's a lot easi's like it's we can do it as there's there's that's a lot of legal red tape they have to go through to do it because technically congress isn't allowed to convene right now. Yeah, they're not allowed to convene again until the nineteen, and then they wouldn't be allowed they wouldn't actually be allowed to was it was like it. They have to wait until the for an hour after any of the inauguration has been has been do anything, to actually do anything. There's a bunch of like all these legal loopholes they have to go through. But I member one guy said, like people think there's a difference between like if you can either have the twenty four amendment or you can impeach me's like he can do both. Yeah, it's true. You can remove them and then and sell impeach him. The problem twenty four amendment is that in order to in order for that to happen is the vice president has to enact it and he has to have a support from a simple majority of the adinet of the cabinet. The problem is with the cabinet, and there is no fucking cabinet because because two thirds of them are acting cabinet members, they weren't appointed, and then the other ones keep fucking resigning and there's there's no there's no precedent for whether or not an acting cabinet member has the authority to vote on this. How fucked up is your presidency? Everybody come out fucking was it did the Voss, but the vass bailed. Thank God. I can't believe she lasted the whole fucking term. Almost Hey, God, a hate her. She's maybe qualified. They're on a yacht club, but that's like fucking even. She's the one that even most Republicans are like, yeah, that was a fucking terrible that's just a friend doing a friend. Like, I'll give him a friend to job. Yeah, that's all. My got you so bad that they're blake a resting everybody think I saw like a hundred and twenty or rest of it as it been really yeah, I just love like one like cnx, se an whatever, and twitter. They're like, Oh, this guy's in dress is like, thank you. This guy's in arresting like Oh, yes, like telling that one by one. It's so easy. And I remember last year, the year before, this reporter was covering a marathon or something and it was live and one of the marathon runners ran up behind her and smacked her on the ass live on camera, and all these dudes on twitter basically got got to look at the guy, found out what is ID number was on his sting board to the commission. They identified them and...

...he's like, fucking band from all citywide, like events and shit like that. I'm like so, I'm like, come on, Internet, you can do this. Twitter definitely fucking people. Well, shit, read it is was it read it or for channel ones that identified the fucking Boston Marathon bombers? I don't know, something like that, like they were scouring photos and look at it was. It was one of those. It was either for Chander read it, but they were the ones that were, I that helped identify the fucking Boston marathon bombers. Because, ever, all the nerds that have no nothing but freak time, we're going over all the pictures and don't fuck with people. Do read it or for chance? No, Shit, especially fucking fortune and right for chant had its own Social Media App Oh my God, yeah, we're talking about Oh my God. Okay, SOT like the idea of parlor. It's a good idea in essence. You could say whatever. Sure, a politically a political affiliation, Social Media Network on paper sounds fine. Well, no, not non political. Oh the non political. They weren't supposed to really. Well, I guess how I remember because they came out like in two thousand and eighteen. The idea of parlor really yeah, that old. Yeah, that's that old. I thought was just created the els two hundred and eighteen. Oh, so the idea of parlor was like just having a social media site that you can kind of say whatever and not be held again. But they didn't realize like how much shit would go crazy. Like people will just come up with crazy shit. That's one of those things. Are Now facebook and twitter kind of like end. This is why we have rules. Yeah, so, like the idea of parlor itself was like okay, like this kind of makes sense, but then like it completely went off and like within like two months it was like what the Fuck Jesus? Yeah, I didn't realize. I didn't know it was that old. I thought it was something that just popped up last year and around a couple of years. Okay, and then that's why I became popular when fucking facebook was I know how really, I don't know. who was like put out. The Parlor thinks nobody really. A lot of people knew about it. To be in with no, I have some. I heard a name. I heard it mentioned by somebody because it like late last year. I don't like the fuck is parlor and they're like it's there, like it's Republican facebook, and I was like now, yeah, it got that, that Republican facebook thing, but it was initially just straight for you can talk about whatever you want to talk about. You're not have to be worried about getting band kicked out. Well, but then fucking Tucker Carlson was on Fox News today talking about the parlor getting shut down. He's kind of like now conservatives don't have anywhere to really talk to each other, and I'm like he said on Fox News, like get like you guys, you fucking die like you have. We can create your own fucking facebook group. The issues with your facebook groups is they're fucking like you can't just do like. You guys can have your say the n word you can't plot government coups. That's that's... fucking okay, once you're breaking the law, especially a problem. Fuck they pulled off there. I had two people today refute this is my favorite part about my job. I'm not going to tell where I work. Okay, work in phones and I had a couple customers come in the day and they're like yeah, I'm getting rid of my apple phone and like that, why? Just Boo Apple? Right, you're like, stn't like Apple, and get ready all my apple products, because basically headlines Reading on twitter and everywhere apple gets read. A parlor. Oh, like we're going? I'm we're going the Samsung, like I might. I'm thinking, I'm not gonna tell you that it's out of fucking Google either, and you're gonna be fucking this. Should we tell him out of them MMS. Let a play at lantic. That's let him spend their money. It's fine. Yeah, that's so fucking funny. Like you just stat angry. When they is like yeah, yeah, and I'm getting rid of my facebook. I'm like, nobody gives a shit if you're going to argue on their local news channels. It's my one of my favorite things to say to people and Shit like that as okay, it's not an air it's not an airline, you have to announce your departure. It's fucking so funny. There was a on the facebook page of the TV station I work at, going through and reading like the viewer comments like it eats what it's twenty four set day and seven Isbout your eyes. Has No comment. Okay, I love telling it on that. By the way, it's in my favorite fucking things to do. I I don't say words on there for obvious reasons, but I do like to laugh react to dumb fucking comments. Like they'll say something like super fucking right wing and I'll just love to laugh react, and then half the time they try to hit me up. My DM was like, you want to fucking fight about something, I just delete it. I'NA give a shit. pisses them off and we're but now there was one lady. They were there talking about the cop that died and she was like no, he wasn't killed the thing, he died of natural causes, and some guy was like, yeah, I got hit in the head with the fucking fire hydrant. Naturally that killed him, to which she commented back. I did you see that happen? I was there. I didn't see it happened. Then everybody was like wait, you were there, like at the okay, we're going to screenshot your shit. All. That's fucking tericle, that one. I laugh reacted that because it was fucking fun. I was there to don't kick cool FBIS. It's don'tor immediately Hoiy, one of the police here. It's all this thing on ready. I don't know if I was real and I was really funny. It was a COMMRAT. It was like a text message thread. He's like hey, uncle, remember when you're talking to me about how the black lives matter move was complete joke and they're they're all just about themselves in the writings. Absolutely ridiculous. He's like well, anyways, I saw you at the capital hell riots. I just want to tell you I gave you. I gave your information to the FBI and go fuck yourself. Christ I hope that's real. I hope. So it took I was like, Oh shit, it's like the Olive Garden want. I knew it was fake, but I...

...was secretly kind of hoping it was real. Oh my wife read that. was like it. This is so funny. It's like it's fake. She's like, Oh really? I was like yeah, but it's not gonna stare. Fantastic. They were showing all the all the APPS and websites that like he was banned from now, and I was like, well, he's still got porn hub. Yeah, I think porn are probably band them too. The there's a fucking twitter. It's called the last blockbuster. Oh yeah, there are. said he's officially been removed. Tomorrow, hat band up. It ll Pinterest is on by facebook. That's why. Yeah, facebook owns like like a lot of the fucking absolute like facebook owns ocules. Yeah, a lot of now do they get? They don yeah, instagram, of the own instagram. They own fuck a lot of shit. But but yeah, he's gotten manned from fucking like just everything under the side of what I loved to was they were showing where all these people that worked for him, like on his staff. Their twitter accounts were getting shut down because they kept trying to give him access to their twitter accounts. Oh really, it was like treat he was like tweeting through like his PR guys twitter account and they found out it was him, then they shut that twitter accountdown too. That's so funny. I love this. would be like him too, just the guy could man, I can't fucking tweet, just going to every can. I use your twitter. I loved the picture of him talking to the kid mowing the White House long like. I use your twitter. It's just so fucking hysterical because you know he doesn't know what to do. He's gonna go on, Oh, he's gonna he's gotta Buyoa in and just turn that into the have money. Well, unless he gets impeached, he gets he gets salary for the rest of his life. Yeah, but how he's gonna Buyoa and now how he has any? Like I think they'll just kind of let him. I mean, oh, an sucks, is Dick Enough as it is. Anyway, I think I was let him take over then, as they're pretty much our only fascistcom fucking bitches. She's it's Christ yeah, what if this is? And this is all just from the last week. I know it's been a week. Holy I guess I show fucking Ber. I still like I saimbilis. When I think it about like that really happened like that on a Wednesday. I say that sounds like a Friday thing right. It's not a middle of the week act comedy. Man. You see the video. The guys who couldn't get up the wall fell down. Yeah, that's so fucking funny. What I love is the people who have been setting that to like video game graphics. So like he falls, it's the Mario Dudoodoo, Dooo, dooo Doo. Dude. God. There's this. There's a lot of great memes from it. I've been twitter has been just the best. I've been having so much fun tweeting about this. Shit was great. It was crazy. is like the picture that gets me. It's the one on the Senate floor and the guys had that they're peeking through and you see like the fucking secret service have their guns all pulled. Yeah, you like Jesus, like they were going to kill anybody that came to an't gonna...

...let him anywhere. Yeah, but there were so many people in there who because there were tons of senators and and reps who were still in there. There's this one video they show of a couple of them up tops like praying together because they thought they're going to fucking die. Didn't know what the fuck is going to happen I mean sad a lot of them were in or in office when nine and eleven happened. So, yeah, it's true. They were talking about how they have these like special like gas mask things under each of the seats. They had told him to put them on. The access all pictures of them, a couple of them wearing them. I Yeah, they have tot and put them on a start walking because they'd the guys had they had tear gas. They that's not like again, it's like it's this wasn't a right. If this was a random fucking thing, they wouldn't have been as prepared as they were. Yeah, you know, the fact is that that a guy repelled down into the Senate Chamber. I don't just carry repelled. You're around with me. I think I had the ZIP tize. Yeah, like, yeah, like that one guy repelled down as asking for forgiveness. Like he's got caught up, and you can get fucking caught up in a moment if fuck you like anybody. I see if they got that, they wanted to kill every single one of the they I my honest opinion is they want to kick they thought that they got they could help them hostage and got him president and just gone home. Yeah, that mean they were. They were talking about like they were wanting to find Nancy Pelosi. They were wanting to find her and and that's why the guy went and new her fucking office. And I guess he's this. Said like he stole some Shit, fucking Pete on it and St Pete under office and stuff like. Idiot. Yeah, how you know? I also way way to leave DNA evidence. Yeah, is you leave your face, but I mean like, which is obvious. Right, sure, but you lay, I mean you peed. You can't talk your way came and say, like you can't talk your way out of this one. Now, I loved you. Watched Schwarzenegger's video. Now, watch part of it. Then I got interrupted. When I was a job, my job, good fucking video. Hey, I didn't realizee was that eloquent. Much videos him. He watched? Realise of him going after trump before? No, yeah, he's very like a lookin about it, but he's he fucking he just he goes off in a way I've never seen him go off before and one point he picks up his cone and sword. I was like, where is he going with this? And there's actually a great metaphor, but is the fact that we got to see him and trump to go fuck himself while holding the cone of the barbarian sword was a it's a great way to spend my day. From him, he's like he came from like he loves this country more than anything and he came from outside. And I mean, yeah, it's immigrant he talks about like he grew up in post World War II Austria. You know, he's born in thirty nine and grew up in all that shit. You see, he seen some. He's seen what stuff like this can do to people. It's actually his video, like I almost almost cried at one point, like it got really fucking dark. But yeah, Schwartzenegger's video was crazy. There was a I'll tell what I am proud of one fucking tweet, and that is that is. They say, if you want to get your twitter stort, I got to do is release your verse, Your Your Tag, your tax information... come on it. What I had. It's had. I did that. I was going off, man, I went off. I still they're talking about like let's digitally remove him from home alone to I was like yeah, fuck, yeah, it was this Calvo Hookupko was at the redneck version of fryfest. I gotta go back a couple days. Row Rush Limbog has twitter got taken down. Now he actually said that was planned. Okay, I wish. I don't know if I want to believe but if I believe that and I feel bad for the people, for the people on no fly list, will get into that second. Oh Shit. Not only can't they fly, but they can't complain about it on parlor. This is like they're nine hundred and eleven. There's a there's a twitter accult Jurassic Park updates, and this is breaking. Donald trump has been banned from dreassic park. There's my way. If you're not a following Jurassic Park Updates Jurassic Park to go on twitter, please fucking do it. Let's see, it hasn't. Thought I had some good ones. I can't fucking know. Here's one I'm proud of. Donald trump just sent me a friend request on friendster. I'm friends, so that's good. I love. I loved all the people were starting. We're starting new twitter accounts called like Ronald Trumk and it was Donald trumpled like a sunglasses on shit. Let' see, was the one I got to find a a tweet. So so many trunk Chummy chump supports. They couldn't. Are gonna go by the B one thousand nine hundred and eighty four and then they're going to be very just a point when they found out they can't read. What also has been crazy about all this is like like we've seen, even even prior to the actual incident, we were seeing like like fucking McConnell turn on trump. Oh yeah, and Lindsay Graham finally turned on him. The only one who still fucking kissing his ass the most is Ted cruiseer, for some reason. But he wants his face. He was gonna run in two thousand dred and twenty four. So it's pence. That's why. That's why pets is doing in about face too. Yeah, you think? Well, I don't think. My theory out on pants. His pens is pably, like I'm surprised he's still here. Like, I think pants. The only reason why pens decided to be his vice president, yeah, is he's like he won't last, I'll be president. Yeah, you lasted pretty much. It did. Yeah, but also I don't think, I don't think pens will stand a chance if he tried to run in two thousand and twelve. Now nobody wants something. He's been he's been too involved. You can you can try to say face right at the end as much as you want, but Tad Cruz is going for them. fucking trump, support that base. The did fucking here times as he run because he crews. Yeah, and I don't know idea, like I think three, two or three times. Run A few times. Didn't. Didn't Bush pick him or no, Bush pick McCain as a running mate one time. I can't remember. First Time Bush, the first time Bush ran not against Gore but with him, when he was like he'd picked he had picked a McCain as one of his like running mates before he actually became president and he picked Chaney Cheney.

I fell down. I found this is before, before the ends of a Hal I fell down this, this rabbit hole on Youtube of old like Senate and House a representative clips and stuff like that. Like Obama are in a little bit earlier. It's like back when Pete, back when politicians didn't fucking hate everybody. Yeah, like it was it. Even one of them was like McConnell. It was when. It was when Biden son died and they were passing this, the cures bill, was his big cancer research bill, and McConnell like went up and like requested they like change the name to be dedicated to the Biden son. HMM. I was like so okay, so there is some humanity beneath the fucking service you have. You of you, if you can we get back to that. Yeah, I think they just wanted to be on so much on. I can't think. I don't like politicians say most part session crap. I can't think they're that corrupt that they don't have any sense of moral morals at all. But like like what's look, what's mcconnald like with his grandkids? Yeah, well, my thing is just like maybe it was just that's just a whole that they get like, oh my God, like he's our president, like he can do some Brendos for my career type thing. I don't know. I entr collins a bitch now anyways, doesn't Mr Colling, I mean Miss McConnell, was one of those guys like I can't wait for him to be out of office. But yeah, there was videos, a hit, there was, there's there's that video. We keep seeing of Lindsay Graham talking about what a great Guy Joe Biden, yeahs, and all these videos going back to the fucking s people of politicians debating on the Senate floor and they'd like they're just having a conversation. I'm like, we get back to that at some point and get the Matt Gates and the Jim Jordan, that guy, I know you're see the video of him going after carry, going after carry about his fucking degree. Now, because he was care because Carrie was on the was on the team talking about like climate change and Shit, and gates was all against it. And he was like so you have a you have a so you're a scientist, right, because you have a science degree. And he's like, I have a bachelor of Science degree and political science. Okay, so you're just in here with a bunch of fake science. You don't actually know anything. It's like, okay, who the fuck are you? Matt Gates? Yeah, fucking mat gays. Yeah, I can't wait for I don't think he'll get it. I don't know he's he's Florida, though. There's one where you try to go after Hunter Biden about his past drug drug issues and all that and some other center on the panel goes, okay, well, let's not called let's not be the pot call in the kettle black. He's a rattling off all these DUI's. That gates got busted away of the serious. Yeah, that's fucking cacle. What are you doing that sit your will you think we'll see me your peat back anytime soon? The run? Not just in GENEL. He's in the cabinet. Is He? Is? He? I have he's on his cabinet. I'm not as right. I haven't read up on the cabinet picks. Yeah, Hey, he's just one of his cabinet picks, the one I hope. I don't know if Stacy Abrams deserves to be man. Give her a shot at something. Why? I think...

...semy came up with the idea that she'll might run for governor again. What she should? She should, and hopefully she fucking wins this. Like, like if you gave her a cabinet spot position, like you're going to lose her in two years. That's why they mentioned Bernie for the cabinet. I think Bernie's like a he. Bernie works so well in the fucking Senate. Yeah, I'd almost hate for him to be out of the Sun. Yeah, Stacy Abrams does deserve like. She's just the whole reason I fucking Georgia term blue how shit twice as she worked her ass. You fucking Spank, fucking strong. You're really fucking hey, guys, that's going to do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to check out more for me and Mike, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter at Mike WTF Wells and follow me at Mr Mike Shay and, of course, you can follow the show at tbl underscore pod. This show is brought to you from the Basement Lounge PODCAST DUDEO in Dayton Ohio, and remember you can support all the shows coming out of this studio by going to Patreoncom TBL pod. Until next time, remember to always live well, rock on, take care and bub bye.

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