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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 13 · 1 year ago

Ozark Makes Me Want To Launder Money


Who's the best comedic straight man? What're they gonna do about the Oscars for 2021? When is being "too sensitive" a good thing?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Jason Bateman is the best straight man in comedy.
  • Will 'Trolls: World Tour' take home the Best Picture award?
  • The difference between being "offensive" and being "funny" in today's age.

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Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us. Enjoy. Would you be while you're watching anything good lately, mainly Fantish Cobra Kai. I still haven't fucking watch cob I mean it's fucking fantastic. Everyone's been telling me for you, because when it was, because it was only like half to like karate, kids like overcy, like I like Rod. I did too, and I was just like your watch the remake with Jackie Chan and yeah, good. Now I wanted to ruin it. For me, it's not bad. Jackie chance easily the best part, like it's actually some of the best acting I've seen him do. Will Smith Kids, fine, he's fine now. I never saw the remake. You don't, you don't need to. It's I just felt like that such a classic. Maybe why I remake it? Yeah, I know. Well, but I mean the world we live in now, it's almost like when they remade fucking the lion king, which I didn't watch, a live action version, or live action version, if you want to call it. We can't talk about we can't talk about that movie. said that bad. It's so far. I went to go only reason I went to go see it it was. It was I was sitting up at night and somebody posted their fucking review of it, and it was a non spoiler review, but they mentioned that there was one song that was removed from the movie and I was like, what fucking song are you taking out of this movie? I look at my watch, it's thirty at night. I go on the website, I'm like, are there any late night screenings? Is A thirty screening? I fucking put pants on, went to the theaters like mom going to watch a movie. She's like it's fuck, okay, whatever it find, I don't care. So I go. I sit that it's me alone in the theater with like this one family who are sitting in the back, and I was like, I don't give a shit and I watched this movie. I wanted to walk out so many fucking times and that was so bad. What Song did they get rid of? Be Prepared? Oh, really, it's in it, but it's ten seconds long. It's one it's not even sung, it's just it's spoken, almost like a spoken word poem. Okay, that's like ten seconds long. Gosh, I don't like. That's the most fucking epic villain, Disney Villain Song ever and you take that shit out. Are You fucking kidding me? Jesus? And then, like they do, can you feel the love tonight? But the song is done like it like noon, like midday, like the song is called. Can you feel the love tonight? It's lunch time. It's big things, it's little things. There at one point I swear a guy. We spend we spend three and a half minutes following you know how in the original, like symbolic, lays down like some dirt and shit goes in the air. Rafiki catches it and smells it and no, Simba's alive. It's like it's like a fifteen second scene. Yeah, three and a half minutes in this movie because we follow this one little Tuft of fur from his main we was over, goes over here, lands in a tree, gets eaten by a GIRAFFE. All the giraffes eating some leaves, cut thay to a Dung Beetle, rolling a ball of shit across the field and the little orange fur is sticking out of it, as you were, and you followed this ball of Shit for another number of seconds and I'm like what, I'm watching Literal Shit on screen right now. Yeah, it's I thought that was a good idea. Tell you know that right. Somebody was like this is gene oh yeah, again. Then the one point you see the the the fur land, and Raffki grabs it and goes. I'm like, that was in Shit, sir, that was in Shit, that was eating, digested and pooped out, and you are inhaling it like it's your fresh bag of cocaine. Jesus, it's an all. It's an awful fucking movie. And like because, like, beyonce's in it, and I just need to make a plea to Hollywood. Can we stopped putting beyonce and fucking movies? Like, I know it's beyonce. The woman can't act like. I'm never honest to seen her in a movie, so I don't want movies that she don't know. Well, she did the Austin Powers...

Movie, which, yeah, who gives a fuck about that? But she did a couple of like she was in dream girls. She was in dream girls because she could sing. She can't act worth the shit. She was in this one movie where like her husband like had an affair and then the the the the mistress was trying to kill her some shit and it was she can't act or the shit. And the whole time she's doing she because she's adult Nala in the live action and know that. And but the word, the way she delivers the lines, it sounds like she's still trying to be foxy Cleopatra, like there's this like z snap attitude with every line and I'm like, okay, whatever, it's fine here. Was that bad? So it's pretty flat. I didn't see fucking shit pushed for three and a half minutes. I mean the best part is Timon and Pumba, because you got billy eichner and and separate again, which is genius casting. Yeah, but the thing you can tell is you can tell that they were allowed to record their dialog in the room together, because it sounds very natural, like they're riffing off of each other. Everyone else sounds like they recorded their dialog alone and it was just inserted, so it doesn't sound like their actually talking to each other. They still use James Earl Jones for Mufas, but they had him record, they had him rerecord all his lines. Well, he's like ninety said, doesn't say yeah. Sounds old as shit. I look you, but it's the exact same dialog. So I'm like, why wouldn't you reuse the old dialog? Yeah, because that's that's the biggest discipoint. Was it's a shot for shot remake. Like it's the exact there's nothing like dialog other than some weird changes they make, you know, additional scenes to make the movie longer. But like if it's a scene from the original movie, the dialogs the fucking same. Jesus. It's just it was. It was bad. It was really fucking bad. I didn't watch it. I feel bad for billiake there and seth row yeah in because I feel like, well, socially Billy Ike. I know he's yeah, also gotten up there, like I don't know how much. It doesn't Broadway. I don't even really what he does, but like that's like a fucking like like I'm being in Disney movie, like see played Tim own right. Yeah, like that's like Holy Shit, like he was going to make your career like and you're coming off the heels of you know some Nathan Lane did that. Yeah, fucking revered for and I don't know you like the John Oliver was Zazu, which is made all the fucking sense in the world and he was fine. You know, it had a great cast. It's one of those movies it's like the cast was so good that almost like the movie just couldn't live up to it. I don't think they did as a live ream live action remake, but it's not really. There's one shot that's actually live action and that's the sun coming up at the beginning of the movie hoods, John Fabers, like that's our one live action shot. The John fabro directed. Yeah, it's fine, one of the worst stems he's probably done then. Yeah, but he gets to do but it made a shitload of money and so by doing that he got to go do the Mandavorian he didn't really mess up on anything. That does a now I love John frow because he also did the jungle book couple yeah before, and that was a good movie, great, but it was the same thing as because it was that Super Photo realistic CGI SD you havings of. That one actually had a live action kid in it. Other than it wasn't a get, that was a man right. But yeah, like Jon favers a fucking love it. Like I forget that he did Elf, the Will Ferrell Elf movie, like that was him. Oh Yeah, great fucking movie, like modern fucking Christmas class swingers. It's swingers, swingers, all the iron man the I may pull up his IMDB now, I'm interested. He's so I love Jos favro so fucking much. He actually he got Elf like by accident. He wasn't the original director, he was one of the writers. WHO's the original director? I forget it was before they actually went like into production whatever. But like the here's how you know somebody's important. Okay, type in their first name and then the first person to pop up these fake fuck exactly. But yeah, like it's a bummer...

...that he made that, he made the Lion King, because I do think it's a piece of shit, but I'm also like look, if he has to go make a lion king so we can go make two seasons of the Mandalorian, I think it's a fair trade. What did he do? Run TRAFIS just directing movies, not all his movies. I've seen all his movies. Which ones did you direct, Jon Favreau? Let's see, you're John Favreau help us all. His name. The director the chef show. That's a cool show, is it? That's a cool show, young shout in one episode. Yeah, I know so. Let's see. So Elf is a thorough iron man, iron man, two cowboys and aliens. You know what, that movie gets a bad rap. It's not great, but it's not as bad as I've ever seen it. But it's I think it's actually look, look it's the name sets the tone. It's not meant to be like taking fucking seriously. I think it's fine. They don't have his TV shit on here. I guess they do. It's Jen jungle book to why? Don't need a jungle book too? You have you ever got she just check out the chef show. It's pretty fucking cool. I'm declared made. He hasn't. He hasn't done a lot, but like what he's done. I really liked it's call good. He's good. He's a good fucking actor to always affect. Fantastic actor. But what he'sn't? The MANDALORIAN. I know he's in Mandalorian, John Favre, I know he directed and not know. Here's a character in it. I probably he did a because he did the same thing with the Guardians of the galaxy. He like voices a character but doesn't say which one it is. Yeah, it's uncredited. Yoh, good for him. Yeah, good for him. Also, like you know, a lot of times you hear about these directors being like assholes, and from what I can tell, he's supposed to be like a really nice guy. So, yeah, trying to like looking at kind young Jen favro. Holy Shit, I know he hasn't changed a bit really, just just his hair's gotten gray or it's about it. Yeah, they're, I think on because I remembered to see the replacements football movie with Keanu Reez. He was he was in that. He plays this like jacked, like kind of crazy guy, like one point that they need to get the ball socause. Yeah, you gonna give you that ball. You're gonna get you that ball. Remember that was Jon favre. Yeah, fuck, I forgot it. God Damn, I love that fucking movies. How much money he actually has, because he's done a lot now I think about like he's been the's been in bit parts since the fucking S. I mean he would had a run on friends. You by made a BOUC amount of money from? Yeah, friends and by made a Bouca amount of money for fucking the avengers and all that. Well, you sure? Yeah, because I fucking they owe him. And Robert Downey J entire univer gets pretty gets producer credit, all that shit, and he plays fucking happy. Yeah, so, yeah, he's he's good. Apparently. What fucking what's her face? Scarlet Jo hands, made so much goddamn money from? Oh yeah, they all made money all, they're all set for fucking life. They could never act again. Yeah, I mean do. I love so's. We can scroll with your hands and there's this thing going on on snl right now. So she's dating or married to, married is married to what's his name on? Who Doo? Does we get update with Michael Jay, I can't lave his name, but they've done this thing where him and Michael Chay write each other's jokes. Uh Huh. So Michael Jay kept writing a bunch of bits that were like taking shots of Scarlett Joe Hanson, that then he had to read. That's so good he would write. You would write like really super black jokes that then this skitty fucking white guy has to read that. It's a fan fucking tascent, because he gets to the point he's reading up. You can tell the reading off a teleprom yeah, and it gets one with a punch line to scarlet your hands and he just fucking collapses. How do he's scort scarlets? Holy...

Shit, cause you're talking about a woman that had. She had Ryan Reynolds. Everybody just about one of her. Yeah, and good for you, Homi. Wow, he's as tells you, comedy wins being funny. Can Beet Davidson. Pete Davidson had Ariana Grande, yeah, and Kate Beckinsale, and now he's got eggs. He looks like yeah, yeah, Pete Davidson's got to be on like a fucking horse because she had you are on a grindy and Kate Beckinsale. Holy Shit, women like funny guys. I Guess d what that says about my fucking comedy. that. So no life dates me. I mean dates me. I don't know. It was. I don't want my wife dates were fuck. Speaking of this, Peter snl so, apparently, like the emmy's, are combining sketch comedy and late night talk shows into the same category. Really, and people and everyone to sketch people in the top. People are fucking pissed. Why are they doing that? I have no fucking idea. It's they're combining to the same category. And so it's like, well, first of all, you guy realized John Olivers one best late night talk show like the last three, four fucking years in a row, as see. Really, yeah, Jimmy Kimmels like made a bit on his show. Like he keeps losing the fucking John All. That's fine. Actually, family guy was making fun of something the other day and they made they took it. They took a shot at John Oliver. They come back. There you go, John Oliver, use that the hey, maybe you'll finally get that fourteen demmy. Yeah, bebby. There's a great is a great John Oliver bit where he like makes fun of you know, that mad money guy. Yeah, so he's got this clob to him doing all the sound effects and so he goes in and replaces all this sound effects with farts and it cuts back to John Oliver. You just polishing his M me on the fucking desk. But yeah, so there. I was like now you'll have like John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel or Seth Myers in the same category as like SNL and date. It's a it's yeah, I don't know. They make weird fucking decisions with with some of this shit, and I think I gotta do it from her now. I just because fucking two thousand and twenty, I don't know. But my also, my question is like how many fucking sketch shows are there actually out there? Right? Yeah, so I was thinking too, like you got snl, Mad Tev, he's not a Hesiman, I think for fucking decades. Let's just something on some other shows, and I'm other networks or something. I'm not launching him anything because there Schlessinger had on. Also, guess in wonder where the consider a sketch show like his drunk history considered a scotch show. That's not even on anymore, is it not? All? I think it's canceled. Oh really, I don't know. I thought was still going, but like, I guess I wonder what they consider a sketch show. HMM, really is when I ask is right around. How they they well, they're gonna fucking nominate. Nobody has any fucking idea. I know they say. I know that Warner where there's submitted nineteen eight wonderoman on thousand nine hundred and eighty four and I'm was like, okay, the kind of makes sense if you think about it, because there's nothing else you could go. It's going to go up against Rolls World Tour. fucking I mean it's actually like Hoo, do you like best movie? Like, what do you? I don't think they can do an Oscars. I think they need to postpone the Oscars this year. I'll see you about that. The other eggs I was like, Karl, what I was reading, and I was like Huh, and the Oscar spot in my head. Well, originally last year they had put it up. They had put in a thing that said any movie that is released on streaming for the Year of two thousand and twenty will be considered for the Oscars for this year as kind of their like is as a caveat of like if you drop it online and it was originally supposed to be in theaters, like you can just be like it has to be a movie that was originally sleeps for theaters. If it moves to streaming, it will be considered. But then nobody dropped anything on fucking streaming. And whynot? Yeah, so it's just like as opposed to this year Warner Brothers was dropping everything on streaming, like did. saw the IG, saw the tart. The first trailer for God's lovers is called I don't watch it. Oh my nipples got hard. Shit like you put two giant monsters fighting on a fucking movie, I'm gonna Watch it. Never been a big Fan. I love, I love my giant... movies. The only giant monster movie I like is a clover field, and that's not really a monster movie, not really. I like Liberte events area around the monster, but it's not like yeah, it's a good movie, that I like it. Movie gets a bad or I mean it's color field, the first thing get a bad rap. Oh Yeah, people shout a people shit on him all the time because because of the fucking shaky that was the best part about the fucking great I love that movie. So I fucking love that. That clover field and you had a club or field lane or whatever it was. That was pretty good. Then you had had I haven't watched paradise. Not Good. It's good, it's not as good the other to a paradid they're all in the same like you know universe. Yeah, completely different. Angles on that universe, which is true, really cool. That's cool. Yeah, I can, you know, because I remember, because I remember I didn't know paradox was coming out and then they dropped it like the day of the Super Bowl. They're like by was on Netflix now. Yeah, look good. I like tankl over you, but also thank over you, lane. You Got John Goodman, and I will. He makes everything better. He's Yes, he does not love my giant like like people made fun of the fact that was a rampage movie and I was like, okay, if you go watching this as a movie movie, like you're gonna fucking hate it. I wanted to rampage like Oh, it's a giant monster movie. That was fucking but that based off the video game. That was based off that fucking where you're like the Lizard, you Clim of the building, you punch the building and make it fall and as I was literally based on that and like yeah, it's a dumb fucking idea, but I just want to do it, like I just want to watch giant monsters, like I want Oscar quality anything the I want to watch Shin, for what a giant fucking lizard to destroy shit. That's what I'm here to see it's I's like it's never been. I've never also watched the Brian Cranson Godzilla movie either. It's fine calling it the Brian Cranston's Godzilla movie. Is Bad because he's it for ten minutes. The fair which was a, which was a I think that was the big one of the biggest bombers. A bad because he's in every fucking trailer and he's only in the movie for like fifteen minutes. That dannacy die. Yeah, oh well, I like the movie because the guy who directed that same guy that directed road one. Okay, and there's there's some stuff about guy. Because what the biggest crisis we have about that Godzilla movie is like, whenever like something big is about to go down with Godzilla, it cuts away and you see it happening on a TV in the background somewhere else, and I'm like, well, fuck that, I want to actually watch him fight shit. HMM. But the last twenty minutes are just him in this other monster. Just fucking right. It's amazing. King of the monsters was okay, the biggest the thing with these movies as they keep focusing on these human story lines and I don't give a shit about. Maybe that's the play, that's what they need to get rid of it that. Well, they also keep using different humans in each movie and like if it was the same humans and I get to kind of follow their story throughout, I'd be a bit more okay with it. But like you're introducing this new group that now I have to get to know these fucking be I just I just want to watch Godzilla brief fire. Did you like Pacific Rim? I liked the first one, okay, I didn't like the second one, and they're watch I watched part of both. I'm there. That's just weird to say. And they're watched full either one. The first one was fine, I think. I think people kind of got a little overhyped about it. Charlie Day was great, but Charlie Day is always great, so he's underrated. He's underrated as fut so goddamn funny. I think he'd be a really good serious actor to the most serious I've seen him do is there's this movie coup ers called Hotel Artemis, okay, and it was a little short, small budget, like kind of like action sort of movie. He's got jodie foster in it's throwing K Brown's in it, Charlie days and it's a few bitel is in it. Jeff Golblum shows up at one point. But it's about this like it's like this like kind of like Dystopian America, and this hotel is for criminals only, who are members of this club, and it's basically they can go in, get medical treatment, rest and then go off to their life of crime. And so Charlie Day ISS like weapons dealer who stays there and he's like a fuck, he's a fucking piece of Shit, evil Asshole, but he still Charlie Day. Yeah, I bet he coul play evil, like sinister evil. It's great. It was...'s goes. The thingis I was kind of Holy Shit, he's really fucking evil, but also I'm laughing so hard right now. That's the most I really want to see him do, like something actually fucking serious. They see, how can we get at it? I think you'd be really good at it high self. God Damn fucking funny, though, so Goddamn fucking horrible bosses. To this day is still one of my favorite fucking movies. He's fucking great when he's high up on the cocaine. He's in the car. That always there. That's the mother. That's not. I wonder how much of a stuff is ad libbed. I'm sure there's just hours of line a Rama with him, like, especially with you got him and Sadacus and Bateman. Yes, shoe, Oh my God, Bayman so fucking under appreciate it as a comic, a comedic actor, in my opinion, because he always because he always plays a straight man. But he's so he's soaking fucking good. It's like you like a God. And then, well then, when he does go, when he's not the straight man, like it fucking dodgeball, hmm, when he's the fucking commentators and pepper, nice new shorts. But he's the best comedic straight man working to day, like so fucking good. Him, him, and him and maybe will, aren't it? Yeah, well, NTS really. Yeah, well, that's good, but fucking Bateman, Bateman's Bateman's like on another fucking level, and I don't know if that's because he's like a Hollywood baby or something, but he's, Oh my God, and Sadegus is, Sadegas is just on a whole the fucking plane. Yeah, WHO's he married? He's married to Olivia. He was married to Olivia Wild. They were married or what. I think they got divorced, actolutely, but they were at which, but I guess it's also one was is like, good for you, dude, fucking Shit. Yeah, Goddamn Batman is like one of my favorite actors ever. Oh yeah, just because of how good is straight got a pain the straight guy is, but I love fucking that one show in Netflix. So ozark. I was are so Zark is insane. That show should not be that good. Holy Shite, make money laundrying look like the greatest fucking like it makes me want to launder money. I understand it does. It makes me I feel like those Ark makes me feel like I can launder money and get pussy from laundry. Does that make like? That's like all you love her money, I'll fuck you like not, because but they think it just cool. You know, my mom got me into that show. She was like you gotta Watch show called Ozark with Jason Bateman. I was like something about the name Ozar with Jason Bateman isn't sitting with me. I don't know what it is. It's it's one of the best shows on Netflix. One season left. Oh my God, and I'm a season behind. So one season. Oh my God, it shows so your season. Oh my God, I know. Yeah, fucking catch up on that Shit. Yeah, I know, I got a lot of shit to get caught of on. I haven't start. I haven't checked out this one division show yet. ME, they're haven't done it yet. Everyone. What everyone is told me so far is that it's really weird and really slow. Yeah, that's why. I've heard the same thing. I can live with that, but I think I might just wait until the whole things out and just blow it all on a weekend. I said, I want to do on it too, because I don't want to I don't want to have to like if it's really because I feel like if it's really slow and really weird, yeah, like I'll lose interest. Yeah, if have to wait a week per episode. And from what if from one of front of mine said, it seems like they're really taking their time to build the something. I'm like, well, if they're going to build slow burn, but I'd rather do it on a weekend like Mandalorian. They're building to something, but there's other shit going on to keep me interested that I'll watch it one week at a time. Yeah, if this is all going to be set just trying to build the one thing, I'll just do it all at once. It's gonna build to I was going to say some smart Alec but now I can't Fu. I don't know. We'll see. Fuck... I said Disney's, like I said, we're talking a couple episodes ago. Like, Disney's got a lot of shit coming out. Oh, yeah, Shit. Yeah, Disney plus is about to earn that membership. So's fucking HBO Max. Yeah, den know they and then wwe's network is moving all their shit over the peacock. What the fuck? I don't know. Way, so that coming? No, also, fuck peacock, but their shit there. Their APP is so like. So there's a free version. Yeah, so you you can go watched, but you could only watch the first season of the office. HMM. Then there's a paid version. It's like five hundred and ninety nine a month, so you can watch every season. But then there's also a third paid options. You can watch every season with no commercials, which is a third one. It's like fifteen bucks along. I'm like, go fuck yourselves. The thing is they always streaming services now, and that's this kind of gonna have to happen. But the they've also got its words, like they're also putting other content behind these bigger pay walls, like hey, we also have these other seasons are or like original programming. If you want to watch those, you got to pay this Levem, like just netflix. NETFLIX fucked everybody. It did. Netflix is like one price. You pay for how many screens you want to be able to watch it on. Yeah, that I can live with. Yeah, you know, if it's just me, final I'll pay for the one fucking screen and then, but here's all the fucking content. Yeah, no commercials. Everybody else keeps trying to put their own spin on it and it's just not as good like Hulu's. Like well, we're going to have commercials once you pay a Shitload. And No, fuck you for Hulu right now without commercials, because my wife wants to watch TV. That's fine, we ate it. I know I've got free whulu through sprints. So that's kind of where I'm but that's why I said I deal with the commercials. My problem with the commercials is how they structure that in the show. Like I've been rewatching the old, old seasons, a family guy, which, by the if you go back and watch those those early like five or six seasons, fuck, they're funny. Yeah, I know, Holy Shit, but like they'll show. It'll be the last chunk of the episode, like the final scene. Roll commercial break, then they'll roll the credits, then the role commercial break, then they'll row, then they'll roll the intro, the the opening theme to the next episode and then a commercial break and then, as I've been through, six commercial breaks just trying to finish and start two episodes. Jesus, that's right. I have a problem with it's like put them at the beginning of the show. I see we pay for right now. I pay for Netflix, Yoh, Amazon, M Hulu. Okay, I think that's it. So we're a little split up. So now I get Disney plus and discovery plus for freaks for work. Oh Really? Yeah, discovery plus worth it yet? I haven't checked it out yet. We honestly, I haven't. Just I mean I should say that we watch a few episodes if I feel like killer stuff and like home and guarden type of food network guys. Yeah, totally worth it. Then at that point, and it realistically, it's like not that bad. It's like only five. They've got some cool start like discovery that. There's a lot of cool stuff on there. You Imagine. I like. So Netflix, like fifteen bucks. Yeah, Disney plus, if we didn't get a phrase, like six bucks or so it's. It's just I think it's seven bucks a month. It's twenty two. Discovery plus is six. Yeah, that's it's twenty eight. And then Amazon is like a year subscription, which is like a hundred bucks. So it's to ten. I guess we got fifth of gets a fifteen bucks a month for Netflix, plus seven bucks for Disney plus plus. You said, what was this? Discovery six, six, plus ten for Amazon if you break it up. Okay, plus, I mean we play sixty three dollars a month for Hulu. Live a hundred bucks a month right now. I know it's not fucking wild. It's one of those is like at this point you might as well go back that fucking cable. All reason I got...

Hulu, I ownas I got Hulu, was to watch the reds games, and now she's like I like all these other channels. Let's just find whatever. She Sucks my Dick. So yeah, it's I we were kind of split up a little bit. So my mom, my mom pays for for Netflix, but we split that amongst a whole bunch of us, and then she pays for Amazon prime. I pay for sprint. Sprint covers our Hulu. I pay for HBO Max and Disney Plus, and then that's all we use because, yeah, like HBO at how much? DYSPO Max? Fifteen a month, months and need to peacock. I mean know, it'd just be like that's my thing is every every channel doesn't need its own fucking service. And that's what it's like. CBSSCBS all access. That's free, though, isn't it? No, it's not, really, no, it's not. And they're starting to like like, if you want to watch these new star Trek shows, you can only watch them on CBS all access, and I'm like, well, that's a fuck you to star Trek fans, like had to make their money. Well, I think the riding on the walls. Ever since netflix hired guy like starry getting popular, like everybody's just kind of waiting. Well, also, they think will people people figus? For the longest time everything was on other Netflix or Hulu, and then everybody's wanted a bigger piece of the Pie, as all came down to every one of day. Really, we can do it ourselves and make more money. It's like okay, but it's kind of like, you know when you have too many, when you start splitting the vote. You know, you hear about splitting the vote, like in politics or in like the Oscars, when you've got the same movie nominated multiple times in a category, it's like it's like you're going to split the vote and then none of you are going to win. Well, here's the where part two is like. Eventually down the road, when like all these like licenings rights for like shows probab up, there's gonna be bidding wars. Yeah, for fucking shows like crazy. What's what happened to to all the peanuts things? Yeah, apple got them all and I can only watch was on apple TV plus, which nobody has, nobody's using it. That was their one. Like please sign up and you can watch the peanuts. It's like, okay, cool, I have all those on DVD, so I'm good. Thank you. I'll show youtubes of thing. But but I love, I love the picture of like when stuff started going to streaming and this guy takes his pirate hat off and puts it away. It's like two thousand and twenty, like nine new subscription services, and he takes his pirate hat and puts it right back ahead. And this is what has this is why online piracy becomes the thing. Is because everything becomes so diluted and and split up and it becomes so expensive to try and do everything legitimately. Everyone's going to like look, we're fucking broke, we're getting sorry. Is this is why Internet virus he happens. Yep, but the end of the day they ended. The piracy doesn't hurt like the music. When music piracy was at its peak, it wasn't hurting the artists, it was hurting the labels, because the artist make their money at the concerts, exactly, but the labels were taking that loss out of what money the musicians were getting. So that's and that's kind of the same thing as like all this really does is affect the profits the studios are making. That was it. Was it fucking like universal or some shit? He was talking about how, like actors are going to need to start, like, you know, accepting lower paycheck. Will first of all, there to make more money than fucking God. So whatever but it's like now you guys could just made me like he's up on how much money you're taking for fucking movie theaters or something. There you go, but degrades with theaters are fucking closing. I've if I ever did a comedy album, I would probably sell it for free. Yeah, I've. I don't even know if you put it on itunes for free now, but you can put on like band camp. Yeah, I really want to do like. I really like to get like that number one spot. This sounds so conceded, like the number one spot be like, but free. It's the single most download a comedy album. That didn't cost them a fucking that. I fuck it. Fuck the man. I know, fuck the man. That's how I view life. What's the CEO of...

...spotify? Se some shit like he's like musicians are going to just start releasing music more off and because this whole put in the album out every couple of years thing isn't going to work for us. It's like, fuck you, dude, yeah, you go make a fucking album. Come on. Our is Dad. I worked. I had conversation on where today. Somebody's like, yeah, I'm I turned out. I was like, yeah, I don't care about money. He's like quite, like I really don't want to get promoted. He's like Huh. I like there's a different endgame. Life isn't about money. Yeah, it's not. If you get CONCI if you it caught up a money, it's over. If that's it, that's the log on his stage. Is like, what the fuck's your problem, dude? Like, I'm cool. I'm cool in my life. There there are some people like that WHO's like they only are only concerned with what the dollar and sense arc compared to what they're doing. It's like the phrase do would do what you love, you never work a day in your life. I mean that that has real meaning to it. Like if you enjoy what you're doing, you're not going to care how much money you're making because you're enjoying life. If I'm my sole purpose in life is like like, like there are days that I fucking hate my job because I realize I'm mostly here for the paycheck. Granted, it's in it's in the industry I like to work, and it's in the entertainment industry to an extent, but I know it's not one of them to do for the rest of my fucking life. You know, just if a better opportunity comes along, I will take it. That's fucking how I look at like I look at my job is super fucking easy, like anybody can do it. I know complaints about my job, but, like people, it's a sick as its sales. People like, Oh, it's all about the money, man. Yeah, money, money, I'm like, and I'm like the one person. I feel like I'm the one person that company. It doesn't work for the money. They're like, I don't understand who you are, visual because you can't buy me. Like I like that. You can't buy me. That's true. Well, I think. I think what people when people hear that idea, they get confused and they see and they think that what you're saying is that, because they immediately go, well, I have to be able to afford I was like, okay, there's a difference between working to survive and working to just have money. Like obviously I cannot take it. I cannot take a job, like if I got offered a new job, if it was less money when I'm making I wouldn't take it, not because dollar signs, because I need to be able to live. Yeah, there is that different. So when somebody says like, don't do it for the money, they're not saying work for free. Yeah, like still, you know, make what you're worth, but don't look at it strictly in terms of unnings. Yeah, each I think people get too caught up in that shit. He'll fuck yeah, I, Oh my God, any to make this. I need to do this, Maggie, you can't like you're gonna fucking you work your ass off just for money. At the end of it you have that. You die with what millions of dot like, yeah, the fuck's gonna have one. Jeff bezos dies other than Maine, probably the Matrix collapse and no shit. But I imagine that he's such a fucking like money grubbing asshole that his will says that all of his money is to be like like converted to cash and burn. If we find out that's entire time, he was actually donating it all to like orphans in need. What it was? His Ex wife is I didn't know that as ex wife got his ex wife made bank in the divorce and she gave away like over a third of her money to fucking charity. It's crazy. They Jeff doesn't even face pay as fucking employees. Like enough, fucking ridiculous, Dude. So, like last time we talked was before the week before the inauguration, right after fucking Congress got stormed. Now we're, I guess, tenantly, two weeks, a week and a half, one week into fucking bides administration and dude just signing everything. Oh my God, my favorite shot is still just that, that picture him the day of the inauguration, set of the desk with fifteen executive orders next to a look this, motherfuckers about to undo so much shit. Those are mins, like some people aren't reading into it either, like that he did this like insulent thing where like be froze, like trump's insulin drop, price drop,...

...yeah, and people like, oh well, that's horribles, like but if you actually I read into it, it's like the it's under the companies that had to do it, like had to stay at that price for specifically like companies to got this grant and the grant and they wouldn't get the grant unless they continue to do this price pricing. The issue was the companies. The exactly order never went into effect. Yeah, it got the order got froze until for sixty days. But the point was the companies were already giving those people the insulins for those low prices to begin with. Yeah, and people like freaking out like I can't believe you would do that, the insulin and all this stuff, like he didn't like. Yeah, he stopped the executivity, froze it to make sure everything else to be fine. Yeah, that point, but when you read into you have to realize that they were already giving those prices to those people anyway. It's just make sure they couldn't raise it, which they and then gears they've been doing it. They've never risen it. Right. I don't know. I just signed one today us about was it was? It was it was folks like racial tensions, but it was about like the Department of Justice can no longer use privately owned prisons. Yeah, which I'm like, thank Christ, exactly, like because you probably prisons of the ones you see like Finlick fucking episodes of like you know, date line, where it's like guys are on chain gangs working out in the sun and getting abused and Fed Magot Magot filled food and because it because there's no oversight. Yeah, and a lot of times you just see is there's is there's a lot of fucking racist, fucking cops who were looking for a reason to beat up on black guys and get away with it. And it was a lot of stuff like that. It was a lot of it. He's been signing, he'd he's hands been. Well, he were. He reversed to the the band on transgender soldiers, which was, which was huge, which I don't know how anybody could argue. I'll find a way. They always like, like somebody's trying to fight for your country, like, I don't understand. How. Why would you not want them to? Yeah, because when people made the same thing, when women were all out of started joining the onlitary and we've fucking women the fucking periods and should really liked you. We hear the story about with the the first one that went into space, and how end up the fucking have. They gave her like a fucking hundred tampons. She was like, I'm going up for a week. They like, we didn't have any, we we didn't have any. Give you and they tied them all the strings off and the one not together. That's fucking funny. Yeah, they gave her like a hundred fucking to because they but again, it's it was like it's like these are the most brilliant fucking minds in science and they didn't understand women's biology enough to know like a reasonable number of tampons they should give her. All right, I just want to hear the float back to Earth. But and then when she just should have been like, I'll take care of it, I'll get my own, it's fine, stop it. They really a hundred the fucking while. But yeah, is his hands got to be cramping. He's been signed and Shit just left and fucking right. Yeah, now there's gonna be some mean obviously the pipeline workers lost their shit. Oh yeah, but it that's for the betterment of the environment. At the same time, there's so many people are always though you taken away jobs. It's like, yeah, but like that was going to that was going to cause those are jobs that never should have existed, because it's going to cause do a lot more damage in the long term. Yeah, that does jobs, one of the last that long. I mean, yeah, they would have been through this entire year they had a job in have been unemployed. Yeah, so I don't understand, like now that they're getting unemployment. Now, yeah, it's true. Yes, so it's like fuck, yeah, it's I'm curious to see what's going to have because I know they are starting on the trial proceedings for the impeachment. This is going to be a fucking train wreck and to have, I think is with him. I hope he gets him okay, we's been in peached. He has made that not hoping gets peace nasement peach is just I don't know. I hate the motherfucker so much. I hat am so much I honestly don't know if it's good for the country to have it go to trial. There's two ways to look at it, and I I'm kind of...

...walking the fence. Like on on one hand, in just promote from a law and order standpoint, like you did the crime. You need to be home that you need to be able to accountable for your actions. Completely agree with that. But considering from a social standpoint, the current state of things as they are in this country, who is this really for? Are we doing this? Is it comes at you. Why are we actually going through with this though? We're doing this because we don't like him and we want him to have some egg on his face, or we doing this because it's the right thing to do. Yeah, and my thing is too. If we do this, is Shit gonna fucking happen all over again if he does be found, if he's found guilty. Yeah, as it's going to cause riots or whatever at that point, because I'm like thinking my head. I'm like right now that he wants to start the Patriot party, which, fine, go ahead, start the Patriot party. Totally cool with that. Means they're repelling. Party will now be split. Yeah, and you're just gonna be fucked for the for the foreseeable which it's. It blows my mind. I hate the man so much. I just don't and I think he deserves to be punished for what happened. But I am saying, I'm like, I just I don't if we punish him like, and this is really fucked up. My thing, if we punish him, this divis our country even more. I feel like, yeah, oh well, if ye'll punish him, it's still even if it's it's a it's a no win scenario. Yeah, I don't feel like the country needs to be divided anymore, but fuck, it's just so like God's so difficult. Irritates me so much. Yeah, he just die. And again it's one of the keep and I keep having to remind my mom of this because because she is a pretty staunch Republican and it sometimes she just needs to be reminded. It's again, mom. Nobody's doing this because trump is a republican. Doing it because he's an ass whole. You can't do what he did. He's a he's an objectively terrible human being. That's what this is about. Guy Could have been a democrat. I'd have been saying the same fucking thing. And I made fun John McCain. He's pre and post death. Yeah, like what the American warrior like. He made fun of her fucking reporter that had you fucking made fun of a g made fun of a mentally challenged reporter. Also grab them by the Pussy. I mean there were so many times. I remember when the grabbed by the pussy thing happened and SNL that weekend, the opening skit was like, CNN, we're going live to the Hillary Clinton president a campaign camp and it's them having like a fucking Kegger, like we're celebrating because, like, well, let's be honest, do we want at this point? And then that was when he when they didn't. That was that whole kind of like wow, okay, there were so many horrible, awful, terrible things. He's a terrible, awful human being that I hate with every fiber of my being, and it has nothing to do with him being a republic you know, it's a bad person, bad awful person. has nothing to do with him being a Republican. That I don't think. I think people can get pat like they don't. I don't understand if people don't see that as like this is nothing to do with the humor Republican as him just he's just a straight I thought about I thought about this the past week. You know, you go back to the days when w wasn't was in power, everyone made fun of George W Bush and nobody gave a shit because the end of the day, it was funny whether he was a republic or a Democrat, it was okay you could make fun of the president. That was always think when Clinton was empower people made fun of Clinton all the fucking time because it was fucking funny. At some point it suddenly became where, oh well, now they're off because they're on your side. They're off limits. Yeah, it's like it can still be few could still make fun of Shit. Even if you're all you can still laugh at it. Oh, absolutely somebody doesn't get this objectively funny fucking laugh at I'm trying to do that Biden jokes,...

...but like I don't want to do jokes about dementia, like, like I don't like I'm trying to find good jokes. I like like tweet about Biden. I was like fuck, let's do this about by him. But like, like it used to be okay to make fun of politicians and pologies, especially the president, regardless of what side you were on, because it was just funny. But the same reason that we make fun of the that I make fun of myself for being for being fat, you know, or having a shitty dating life, for the same reason that people go up on stage and make fun of themselves or their own shit. It's the same thing. You got to be able to laugh at Shit and it just yeah, it's this weird. It's one of the few things that I that I tend that my opinion falls a little more onto the conservative side, which everybody's too goddamn sensitive these days. The difference is when I say that it's about objective things, like making fun of the fact that President Trump, formal president trump's hair looks like Furrey cotton candy, yea, as opposed to Fox News saying they're being so sensitive about the fact that Megan Kelly said blackface was okay. Like there's a there's a fucking difference here. Yeah, it is. Ito. I think people are overly sensitive on stuff, but you can, you can make fun of things, but like, all right, folks. That'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mr Mike Shay, on twitter and Instagram as well. You also follow this show on twitter instagram at tbl underscore pod, and we got a brand new website under construction for you guys, with some cool new stuff coming down the line as well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll cut you guys again the next week with another episode and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bub bye.

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