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Season 2, Episode 14 · 1 year ago

Tom Brady is the GOAT


The Super Bowl has come and gone, and once again, Tom Brady walks away with a victory. Is he finally the indisputable GOAT of the NFL? Why is Shia LaBeouf such a jerk? And how is The Bachelor still a thing?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Tom Brady's GOAT status.
  • Shia LaBeouf cheating people out of opportunities in Hollywood.
  • Why do people still watch The Bachelor & The Bachelorette?

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Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us. Enjoy. There is one of those shows is on Mondays and Monday nights. There's just not a lot on TV to begin with, and so when the only interesting thing on is the bachelor, suddenly you find yourself getting really fucking invested in it's nothing else want. She fucking loves it and as just like, I'm just like. She's like, you wanna Watch it with me in my fuck, no, I don't want to watch the Bashl with you, like and then I can'm kind of into it and way, wait. Why did she what? Wait, why, she's a bit. I get more into the Bachelorette than I do the bachelor. I don't know why. Just because those also fake, so awful and you can't like. Yeah, of course you're going to fall in love with somebody. When you I can do whatever you want. Will like infinite amount of money, you know. I mean I like a luxury and like it. You're going to fall in love with especially like pre covid. They were sending they were they like hey, this week. We're in Barcelona this week. Yeah, Rome, and I mean not now, with the way it's been there all like they're forced to just stay, just in this fucking manage, but this managin the size of a small town. Yeah, like you'RE gonna fall in love with somebody. I I didn't fall in love with a guy and might even gay, and I'm like, man, I really like this dude. Well, plus like you're getting, you're getting like the most attractive people available at that time. I mean, there's not a single woman or guy on that show that you like. No, I get why they picked them here. Yeah, you never see a guy like us like you were me on that when my wife he's on telling me they like cycle them out through seasons all the time and stuff like that, like some are multiple season. Oh Yeah, you'll see repeat and you're like you didn't five in love the first I could do were, but it'll work this time. Oh my God, it will. And half of them are just there to you know, Pat Pad, the acting, resume. It's all. Yeah, I think so. I've alternative motives, absolutely, I think most of them do. Yeah, there's nobody going on there genuinely like like it's not a this isn't this isn't Matchcom, this isn't a dating APP. Well, like this is. There's there's cash money involved here. Yeah, yeah, now it's I can't fight San the show now. I like my cooking shows, but yeah, the fucking reality TV in general just it's I don't know, it's to the point. I think that was like I feel like because the Jig is up, you think they'd try something different. Yeah, but it's such a every Monday. That's what's trending on twitter. It's true. So they'll never because, I mean look, look what couple couple years ago there were fifteen tornadoes touching down a date in Ohio. I'll people were still pissed that we were covering, yeah, bachelor, I covered. I was there, Jamie Simpson, Jamie Simpson. Yeah, I was on the board running, running the broadcast, and when that happened, I watched that happen firsthand. If as one of know, what is that? I wish these other guys would just tell people that fuck off. Then he does it. I was like, Oh, I was kidding. Oh God, damn, Jamie, but they I remember it like he just just like, I don't care. Yeah, it was like people are going to die, like, I don't care about the bachelor and there's a bachelor batchelor, I think it was Bachelize Bachelorette. I don't care like people, because people were calling into the station. Really, they weren't just they weren't just tweeting, they weren't just posting on the face waves, they were calling the station to bitch. And that's what said him over the edge. He's like, we have fifteen tornadoes touching down here, like they hadn't touched down yet, but he was like, he's like this is going to beat like a hell of a stormy people are going to die from this. I don't care about your crappy TV show. Well, I hit for him because what he did, like, I think one person died. M Oh, you saved lives that. Yeah, he did. I think that one person got hit by his car. Yeah, and I think that was the big that was kind of the big one because because I left work at midnight and they were still on the air broadcast, and when I woke ...

...up the next morning at eleven, at like ten or eleven, and turned on the station. He was still on the air. He took like a twohour break in the middle of the night and then just came back and kept going. He was on the air for like fifteen hour straight. It's crazy. Yeah, I never saw it, the direct damage after. I boss did, though really he said that's like a war zone. It looks dead down there, know, Jamie, and definitely out of people and safe lives. Yeah, sometimes it's what you got to do. It went viral and he went, he went, he went, because he was on Kimmel the next the night, he was on Good Morning America the next morning. I mean he was a getting tshirts made. There were memes on fucking Reddit, but he put people in their place. He did. People talk about the the Zen get tornadoes from a few years back. I wasn't here for those, but like, and we can't show footage of them anymore because of copyright, because it has our old meteorologist on it. But like, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, because because when you're when you're on camera for that stuff, like cat it's copyrighted to your image and said when you're not, when you don't work for that station anymore, they can't use your likeness anymore. Wow, so, but I've seen I've seen the stock footage and like, I guess I wasn't living here when that happened and Holy Shit, I remember. Yeah, I remember that night I came here. How long that was? I will excess when I loved in Beaver Creek. Yeah, I went outside, I was like there's gonna be a tornado and share as shit just wrecked everything. That was one of the from what I could tell was from one of her one of the worst tornadoes this area's ever seen. Just the holy shit torn it's tornadoes and that to this day, like I've grown up in Tornado areas and to the day, tornadoes scare the shit out of me. All, they did me too, and I was a kid. They still do. I would I would see the the sky get a little dark and I was sorry, freaking out. Yeah, yeah, I mean when I was a kid. I love it when I live in a fairwell and my mom like they're we're on there, like you could see, like I watched, I was obsessively watching the weather channel as this line of storms Gepp for like hours and I was just like we need to do something, we need my mom was like no, we're gonna do anything and then, cherish shit, the storm hit and then we're down and bunkerd in my neighbor's basement. Like there was one. I remember my mom. My mom was taking me and my cousin to go see Mulan when it was in theaters, though there the original cartoon one. I remember look at the sky and the sky looked black and I was told my mom I was like, I don't feel I don't want to go, I'm scared. She's look, it's going to be fine. We get to the theater and the power goes out and they had us all hauled up in the bin the Basement of the movie theater. Oh Wow, and it was one of them. So so it was like forever, every nine times that I would panic and nothing would happen. When something did happen, it was fucking huge. It's SE's. Yeah, I'm better about it now, but I'm still not a crazy big fan of thunderstorms. It's just one of those. I hears that I like them now. Yeah, I don't know why, but I don't know. I just feel like I can survive or Tornado, even though I know if a Gennariy hit me I most like I can't survive a tornado. Right. I look at it as like, Huh, fuck, just wind. It's a lot of wind. It's so much wind, circular wind. That's all the wind. I feel like a Tory, as just like a hurricanes bitch. You know. You know. I mean like it's the it's you know, the the old cartoon with the big dog and a little Poppylos, spiele's go, spike, let's go spike, like the little dogs of Tornado, yeah, and the big bulldogs the hurricane. Yeah, and that's why, that's why, that's why I it's weird, but like I'm not as scared as I used to be a Tornados. I don't know why all of a sudden just kind of stopped, but like when I was a kid, I was so fucking frightened. Now not so much, because I feel like I have I can make it a decision to survive. Maybe, I don't know. It's really weird. I don't freaks my wife out. It does not bug me as much as I as it used to. I don't. It's you don't hear a lot about a lot of people dying during tornadoes anymore, but it's true because also like grows. I remember growing up in elementary school. I swear like every year we'd watch some in science class, we'd watch some video about tornado weather, and it was always like fucking massacres Mo, and so that would kind of put the fear in my head of like, oh well,...

...if there's a tornado, we're fuck. You know, Normandy beach is also here. Tornado on d day Now you is blatantly CGI. They put twister, makes you save him, Private Ryan on their bucket. The Tornado's got a swastika and wearing a red band around. That's what Aidolf Hitler. Yeah, I think. I think I'm less scared just because, like, I know, I can handle myself now. Also a plus. I spent eight I spend forty hours a week at a news TV station that's actually built to be like a fallout shelter, as it really like our base. The basement of that building is one of the safest places and fucking Dayton, it's because it's it is, it is under fucking ground. HMM. So I know that like odds are if there is one, I'm probably going to be at work when it happens. So I'll probably be okay, um, but there is just still that. Yeah, it's just a thought of storm heads in my mind mutely goes, fuck, is this going to be the one shit? I can you guys could survive a nuclear attacked, and probably right. Probably, I mean I do. It's because we're we're pretty a we're pretty far in the little fucking nowhere and we are underground as Motherfucker, so we're not surrounded by a whole lot. The issue is, for the problem is that we're in a town next to an air force space. Yeah, so fall out you were. We're kind of fuck. When I remember when my we were watching wonder woman one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, because, like the Cold War is kind of like the backdrop of that movie, My aunt was telling me about how, like, because she grew up, they were living here during the Cold War and I mean there were fallout drills all the time because Dayton was a potential hot spot on target zone, on the second or third highest, I don't know if it is anymore, of second or third biggest military air force space like that. I don't think we're. I don't I don't think we're top five anymore. I could be wrong. I know one point was because nine hundred and eleven happen. They're worried about that here because, like they canceled. Weird Baby. They inclose Beer Creek, but all fairborn schools right close that week. No Shit, yeah, because of just they were mean the air force based in Fairborn, right. So just in case something were to happen, they close schools that week. Thinking my head, well, I love and be everywhere close, like there's like a bomber, like I don't know. It's weird, but yeah, they were really worried about that. I was in north cant at the time. So eleven was wild here really. Well, as where is, because so everything happened and like as after school and I was at my buddy's house like afterwards because, like I gives us, I don't know. I was just the sophomore and where. I went on my buddy's house afterwards, like it was like Pi like thirty or thirty, four thirty, can remember, and like you here, boom, right, we're like what the fuck did like and then there's something like a plane crash or something like that. Excess. What's happened that day? Right. Well, I was like one of the only heirs. There's a son like because all planes weren't. Everybody was. He was ground and grounded, except for their for space. There's a sonic boom because they are for space and they flew people out of there. But everybody is like what the fuck, dude, sonic booms are fucking loud. Yeah, I know. It was like Shit, it was a seriously like did something crash? Yeah, and so I used to live, when I live down south, we were right by Forton Jackson, and so we would hear them doing drills all the time. So we'd see fucking tanks just driving down the fucking road sometimes. Yeah, we we'd hear we hear the drills of them, you know, doing combat drolls and Shit and explosions off of the distance. You kind of just got used to it after a while. I like crazy. It's kind of like when I lived in the North Canton, we were we were just shy of the the landing strip for for can't ackern airport. So you hear planes taken off and it was like they were right above your fucking house. But after after a month, I mean you just got used to it. To the war, whom we moved away from. I'm it. I missed it. Oh Really? Yeah, it just became it just became background noise. You just got so used to because you heard it hundred, ten times a day. You'd hear a plane landing right overhead. Be Crazy we you never worried at one would like crash right...

...there. Of course, I was seven years old and there was always that fear of like oh shit, but the noise itself never really bothered me. Yea, for well, when they never do is helicopters, and that's where this is everywhere. Whenever a helicopter flies over, it feels like it's just hovering over your fucking house for like half an hour. That's there's so loud. That's true, all right. So let's I want to I want to, of business on here. So at the time we're recording this, you've got a big live Valentine's Day special coming up on Sunday at thirty PM. It's going to be me and Mike and then we're also who else she getting on your Mike? Brent bowser. Brent bowser's come along. He's going to be in Studio Star Day, who's probably the biggest comedy fan in Dayton, Ohio. Michelle trainer, who's a friend of ours from New York. She's the host of the divorce diaries comedy show. She's going to be calling in. And then you just booked us today Ray Jackson, Ray fucking Jackson, he's black and now it's dude. Why is? He's one of my favorite comics. He had laughs so hard about me saying that right now. He's a he's, he's he's one of the funniest people in fucking yeah, he's an og of dating comedy. But yeah, but we so he'll be on. I'll be calling on towards the end of the show. We're going to give away a twenty five Amazon Gift Card. You will have to listen to the show to learn how to win that Gift Card and to be able to win that gift card. It's live, motherfucker. Live motherfuckers. Will be on Youtube and on facebook. You can watch whether on our youtube basement round youtube channel or the faith basement on facebook page. Will be sending out some tweets and instagrams throughout the rest of the weeks announcing when else is going on with that and then that will be Sunday February fourteen from thirty thirty live support the show and patreon. Mike has a horrible coke addict. I do. I need any lights and he needs that money. Need that money. I need my fix man, sit I love going to start snort and snow just for them, just for little seebone effect, Brad freeze. That is yeah, I always have a fear I going up to her cap and get my head cut off, like that's like one of my bay that's that's my fee. That's where my tornado fair went to helicopters, the helicopter blade, like you got to be like twenty feet tall, I know, but I'm worried about it. See, when I was, when I was in middle school, every year they'd have they'd fly out a marine chopper to the to the Middle School. They'd landed like in the parking lot and throughout the day classes could go out and like sit in the cockpit and like really get like a like a whole lesson on like how they work. And of course they talked about how, like yeah, you gotta like walk hunched over because you stand up to the wrong way you get sucked up with the propellor and I was like that's a great thing. That's all to about. Eleven year old old thanks now I totally want to come out here. We lost seven children that day and twelve adults. They didn't hunch over enough. Hunchback another D I'm survived it, had no problem. Yeah, yeah, almost. I what you know, I thought about. I did think about joining the air force. I am too I was way too tall, way too early. I didn't. Never, I never thought about joining the military at all. Really. Now it's now I never really had desire, I don't know, like more power to him, like service, for it wasn't like out of a sense of patriotism. Yeah, it was mostly just don't wanted to fly planes and we're cool uniform. I don't know, I just never thought about that. My brother was in the reserves for like a little bit, but yeah, I mean I never noticed. I it was really weird, like I just I don't know. It was the perks, because I you know, I had those groups to come to your high school and tell you about all the cool perks that come with, you know, joining the army of the National Guard, and that was like af you gonna pay for it for me. It also goes my family was brokes. was like you're gonna pay for my college? I think it partially it's because my GRANDPA's in the Air Force, okay, and he didn't really talk that much and he's a nice guy, but like, Hon't know, I was. I I just don't like I... my grandpa of death bas like so like not sheltered, but so its reserved about reserved about everything. That was the in was the in Vietnam or anyway, yeah, Vietnam and Korea. That's probably why search and rescue. Oh, that's yeah, though, that will, that'll, that'll fuck you up. And I he never really, he never. He just started talking about the stuff I like five years ago, like actually talked about what they did and everything. Oh, yeah, rather than that, it was just like like Damn VI and I was one of those wars that like, I mean that pushed people's moral boundaries. Like then way we never thought it good because Shit went down during that war that we see in movies. He said one time, and they got shot down. It was like the longest like day and a half of his life. He just sat there and he's like they're lucky. They're in a field and then there's a line of trees like kind of like if they saw anything, if the trees moved or wire bushes move, he just fired. It's I got a fucking day and a half. They were down there like that. He's us as long as day and a half his life. That, that alone will fuck you up for the rest of your life. That all one still some paranoia that I can't even have them. But he retired from the air force and retired from a civilian on base to so, oh no shit, don't we double dipping all their force? Those are those are the those are the nerds, those are the brainiacs of the military. It's just the mechanic, mechanic, and then searching rescue, search and rescues got that's that's some scary shit, especially like even if you hear about like like firefighters going over search and rescue me. Those are the little of the guys who those are the guys who die. Yeah, the guys on the hose, they're fine. So search and rescue guys that get fucked up. When you tell me about it was a laous or Laose for a while. Is completely he was on that too, and for like the longest time that was confidential. Oh, they weren't supposed to be there. They it didn't get like until like two thousand and four something like that. That's when everything came on confidential. Oh, no, Jesus sound he's also there too. All right. Well, it's like Jersey. See Movie Argo. Yeah, that that whole thing was didn't get declassified until, I think, like a year or two before the movie was made. Like he won that metal and couldn't tell anybody about it. Couldn't even tell his son about it. And Yeah, it wasn't like a private ceremony to or they just hand it to him. They remember. They have it in the movie, the ceremony. They don't show what happened. They show them going in to get it. Well, he basically shows up to work and they're like hey, this is your metal ceremony. You can't keep the metal, but just know that like in x amount of years it will go on your record. That's a crazy because the whole thing, the whole thing, they say, they wrote it off as like as a Canadian thing, like it wasn't an American it was a Canadian thing for years, because Canada you know, wasn't fuck with anybody at the time. So that whole that that movie stressed me out as very stressful. Maybe I think it's because they know ARGO is real. Yeah, and then Uncut Jem's just me on a coke. Ben There is fucking I'm cut John I. Yeah, and I know we've talked about them, but it's an easy movie to talk about. Is Jesus fucking Christ's so good? Was it? fucking let's go back to art. Who Else is an argue? Aren't you? fucking everybody's an artist. Well, you know, Ben Affleck directed it. He's the main guy in it. It's Stanley, Stanley still well, John Goodman's in it and God, I forgot about good many Goodman's and it's not Stanley. Is Not Stanley Tucci, and now I got to Google it. I know it's and it's the Bald Guy who I love and everything, and now it's going to bother me. All Right, Gil, great fucking movie, Two Thousand and twelve got that was so long. I know cast Alan Arkin, Alan Argue, Ryan Cranston's in it. CRANSTON's in it, Oh God, Damn, scoot mcnarry's in it. Victor Garber's in it, who I like. What I love, too, is like there are one thing is I appreciate the users.

There was little things about that whole process that they remember to include, like the fact that jet that the you know, they had all this concept art for the for the fake movie they were making. Yeah, and they actually had it done by Jack Kirby, which Jack Kirby is like like he did? He like the original comic book artist who did stuff for like fantastic four. And was he superman? I know he was Captain America. I don't know if he did. I know he did X men. I can't remember. Why is that? Did it? He did? We look here by how much money they gave him to do that. I don't even know. The gave one. He was like it. I think he was. Think he was long dead. Think he was dead before this movie came out. He died. Now I'm talking about the government. Oh, the governor, I don't even fucking know, because they had to write it off like it was an actual yeah, can you see in the movie, like they reserve a set and they hire set designers and get them in office and in the studio and they just kind of just sat around and pretended like they were making a movie until they got told okay, they're free. Okay, well, the movies getting shut down now and all right, well, that's this is weird. Got Me. Yeah, that movie like up until the point where like that plane takes off and like you know they're getting out of there because it's and that's, I think, what's the sign of how good that movie is. This, because you know it's a true story, you know they all make it out of there, but you're still watching it, like are they going to fucking make it? Yeah, that's why you know it is good. There's so many movies like that are prequels, and when I watch prequels it's something that you know, yeah, this guy like, but you're still like really into it, like I know the outcome, like yeah, almost like rogue one, I know all these people are going to die. Ye, had got rugue one. Love that movie. Fucking love that movie. I need to watch one division. Okay, so I finally just watched it yesterday. I have not. Well, I was I was going to wait and just binge the whole thing because I was hearing mixed stuff about it. I heard it last like couple episode and amazing. This this most recent episode. Everyone was like, Holy Shit, you need to go watch this right fucking now, and I was is it putting everything together? It puts everything in perspective. I was see the first couple of episodes. You don't really know what the fuck they're doing. It's just kind of things are happening and they don't really make a lot of sense. And then by like episode three or four they start actually like showing you kind of what the actual story is and it starts making a lot more sense. And then episode five, something happens at the end. That just basically is it's them taking the rule book, wiping their ass with it and saying anything can happen now. Oh Shit, it's completely unexpected. I'm pretty sure my neighbors thought I was getting murdered because I straight up screamed like Oh my God, like was it like our ear caught up in Mandalorian? Yeah, it's a like Luke Skywalker, man Loian. It is a just don't even give it. Yeah, I there's no way to get it without what it's just something or someone shows happens in the story that just changes everything and you can guess all day. You'll probably never guess it. Huh. Yeah, I will say also, the episodes are wicked short. They're like twenty, thirty minutes. Yeah, so I keep on hearing. I've binged all five and an hour and a half, except I need to watch it so bad it see it was. It was the one I was kind of least interested in, because the early things I heard was it was oh one the envision in like a fucking s Sitcom, and I was like that's the thing that I was like, Disney and marvel, they know what they're doing. Yeah, yeah, they fucking they know what they're doing. So it's like all these series, like the Falcon and the winter sold everything is going to be connected in so weird fucking way. Well, because they because they didn't do that a lot with the netflix stuff, like yeah, it was in that world, but they never liked mentioned it. And then you've got like the DC stuff. We're like like the Arrow and flash shows have nothing to do with the movies. This is the these ones are to like like no, like they're going to tie in,... like if you haven't watched these shows, you might not get what's going on in the movies. Yeah, and the next phase yeah, and this from what I understand, not even from a show, but from what the from what Kevin Faigy has said, like this is going to be in some way. I build up to the next Dr Strange, because, because, because Scarlett, which is supposed to be in doctor next doctor strange, and they're both supposed to be in the third spider man movie, aspire movie. Is that everybody? That side? fucking everybody. I love this. There was this, has everybody but one. No, Samuel Jackson was probably probably a fucking be in it. There's there's this, this, this statement came out today from Tom Holland saying like nobody told me that toby McGuire was going to be in this movie, and I'm like, well, you spoil every movie you're in in an interviews. They probably didn't tell you right, hey, that's spoilt you like like I they kept they kept having to pair him up with people when he was doing interviews for like Infinity Warrant, any game, because he kept spoiling shit in her like they put him with Cumber Badg in the minute, Tom Hart, Tom Hollas or talking kind of rest be like I got this one. This. Yeah, although him and him and Ruffalo. RUFFALO is really bad too. Yeah, Rufflo, what did he spoil for Ragnarok, did he? Well, part of, part of it was. So they were they were doing interviews on some Australian like morning show before the movie came out, and the anchor spoiled the fact that hello was thor's sister. Uh Huh, because it hadn't been revealed yet. Like the minute he says that, it cuts to Ham's worth and ruffle, who are both like hiding their faces like, Oh shit, we didn't say it, we didn't say it, we didn't say it. But no, at the Premier Ruffalo had been like instagram living, and then when they go in, they make you put your phone in like this lock bags. You can't like tweet and shit during the room. He forgot to turn off his instagram live and he put the bag thing in his bag, in his pocket, so like he was still broadcasting and they could hear the fucking movie. So finally somebody came in top on shorts, like dude, you're still live on Instagram, like in the fucking movie. Jesus mark, Rufflo, the new and you know the new phase is going to be weird. You know a lot of Shit and nobody's heard of well, yeah, I think it's gonna be interesting though, too because, like it's not all in mate. You don't have any of the mainstream stuff anymore. It's not the man. I mean you have mains. You don't have like the like Captain America or Chris Evans or like iron man. You don't have any of those guys. So it's like, how's it really going to play out? Only ones really coming back or doctor strange and guardians and for but they're doing such crazy stuff with them now. It's I mean it's all combined. Yeah, yeah, and you got the eternals, which nobody fucking knows what that is, Shang Chi, which, no, I don't even know what the fuck that who the fuck that is? But also, you know, they did that with guardians of the galaxy. It worked when that first trailer drop then was like it's a movie about a tree and a rack, who the fuck? But it works, fucking work, it works really fucking I mean and now everybody knows who that is. Now has spider man, but they technically still don't have spider man. But yea spider man's a that's a so fucking complicated. Yeah, well, the same thing with Hulk. That's why there hasn't been another hulk. Yeah, so any Hawk's there. He's there. They just can't use his name and in the title. Yeah, it can't be all ragnar rocks a hulk movie. Basically, fucking was. It was, it was. It was more planet hulk then it was like anything for Yeah, if you've ever read planet hulk, it was a good fucking movie. It's also the best. I want them to some way bringing the xmen and everything. Yeah, well, Dead David, deadpool three is confirmed. Yes, it's going to be. They said it's come. They're going to be rated. Are I already know what they need to do for deadpool three. It's super simple. You just open the movie with him just deadpool walking around Disney world. It was like with like holding like a fucking snow cone, got like the Disney ears on his head, and then like you see like fucking fan of show up and he fucking like stabs from through the face, but turns out it was a guy in a suit for the fucking park, and then you cut to him in office with like Kevin Figgy and like the guys at...

Disney like, Dude, we brought you here and really, and then the rest of the movie is like him trying to get back into the mcu. That would be hilarious. That's the movie I wants. My says get as Brad Pitt's cameo in the fucking because you, like, I remember when that happened, watching that live and like could what was it was invisible man. What was it? What was his name, though? I think it was just like the invisible man or something. But like all of a sudden, like when he gets shocked and killed, you like, what was that? Brad Pitt? You're just not sure's just not sure because it's so fasty, like that was Brett. No, yeah, I had to go back and see it again. Actually, it was like fucking was Brad Pitt. Holy Shit, they paid him a cup of coffee. Yeah, because he's in. It's him. He's I'm trying to find where it's out here. Hey, I think they literally gave him a cup of copy to do that. Think. So he's just one advantisher. That was his name. They end anisher. Pit was considered for the role of cable before scheduling issues prevented him from taking it. So they had him come on for this one quick came Yo. That's funny. I didn't think he would have been a good cable. I people were calling for rowing from like the geded go. They're calling for him. or He's the Guy From Madman John Hay, John Him. Maybe I like to do it from Avatar, the main villain from Avatar, the old guy. Oh, I don't know his name. I thought he had been a great when you say cable, that's literally who I thought. Yeah, fuck, I'm blanking on his name now. The guy's been in a lot of Shit. Unless see that, I'm feel like a fucking idiot. I honestly don't know his name. Stephen Lang. Okay, yeah, he would have been well, because he was. He's built like it. He was built like cable and you have our cable. Yeah, but Brolin's Great. Yeah, he's solid. That was I remember joking that was the year of Josh Brolan, because he did that, he did infinity war and then he and then him and his fucking supermodel wife had a kid and then, like, who's his wife? I don't know what her name is, but she's like fucking gorgeous. Roland is Roland. He is Catherine Boyd is her. No, okay, I just said like I knew she was Catherine, but I mean also he was married to Diane Lane back when Diane Lane was in her prime, Diane Lane back in the day, Jesus Christ. Yeah, agreed, fucking great. Knew. He's been in some crazy movies. I just realize how many trilogies she's been in. He'll go weaving, weaver, weaving, Weaving. Well, he's my favorite fucking actor. I fucking the Matrix, Lord the ring. You for Vendetta, Babe, Babe, he was. He was a which one doesn't belong. I know, transformers. He was megatron. Oh God, yeah, for about that. Anyway, he wasn't. He was red skull. He was renskull. I was a little bum that couldn't get him back, but I know he didn't love doing the first one, so he didn't like it. Now he that's why they never did anything else with them, because they were going to try to work in men again some other point. He just didn't want to come back. Or why? I don't know, because if I forget the guy, the guy they got to replace when it was from like the walking debt or yeah, look, Guy does amazing impersonations, does he? Yeah, I'm not. I'm not familiar with who he is. Yeah, he plays Aaron on the walking dead. But when I saw red skull pop up again and if any where about shit my pants. I was like, was it red skull? Who knows? But he was great as redskill. Yeah, he you go. weavings like one of my favorite fucking actors. I love him and V for Vendetta. He's so good. That's a great fucking maybe. I was on somebody's podcast recently talking about it and I they they're they still haven't posted the episode because we're trying to edit it down because I talked about that movie way too fucking much. It'll be for vendetta. That's a great when I was teaching I used to teach a writing lesson. Of then I would use that movie because I would have the kids right movie reviews to practice forming arguments for their essay, for their actesays. So I have them to do like moving and TV reviews. So I always use mine. was based on VI for vendetta. When that movie comp I Guess I oh two...

...thousand and five. So say oh for MMM at the same time as Constantine when a lot of like really weird, obscure comput movies were coming out, because it was right when Batman begins happened, and then we had constantine. We had to be for RENDETTA. I think that's when wrote the perdition came out. That's a great fuck. That's a great that I hardly forget. That's a comic movie. That's a great fucking movie. Talk about a movie that presented Daniel Craig to the fucking world. Yeah, Holy Shit. Yeah, those kind of the first time you got to catch the buffs the kid in that, didn't he? I think so. It's now the first time you got to see who the acting shops really he is such a great actor. But the whole like he's just weird. It's not weird, but what he's still that one script or whatever. It wasn't he stole a script. It was that he submitted an original work to a like upandcoming screenwriters contest, Uh Huh, and one, and the prize was like up production meeting, like to get your film made. But he submitted under a fake name, so I'll be would know it was him, and everybody was kind of like you could get this meeting without this fucking contest, dude. HMM, and ever, was kind of like you just kind of took opportunities away from someone who doesn't have your connections. HMM, that's what it was, plus all the Du Wis. He's a child actor. Yeah, I mean, he fucking tatted up his entire body for that. fucking the collector. I can't remember. Maybe that one. Have you seen? Have you seen his episode of hot ones? Now he's he's weird motherfucker. Oh, he hates his parents. Are He hates his parents, his dad mostly, I think, because his dad was like a raging alcoholic or something like that. I just feel like, I mean he's he's one of those guys who's just kind of he's always in this weird state of Zen whenever you see whenever you're talking to him, kind of like Anthony, he's the comedian wrestling neck. No, skinny black guy. I'll remember later, because he's always seems to be like in a state of Zen. Yeah, I can see that, and to the point where you either are times you just want to go shut up, just shut up. Do yes or no question, because it is literally true. A false I just had is true and isn't fuss. Want to know if you wanted grady potatoes. That's it. And a botching the super bold. All this not that I was at work when it was on. So I didn't. I didn't. I didn't watch the game. I didn't. I didn't. I wasn't going to watch the half time show regardless. I heard it was weird. It was good man as a good yeah, I'm not a fan of the weekend, so I like the weekend. So I just think it's different music. I guess. I think I got does a lot of cocaine for some of the things I've seen. I hope so. Yeah, otherwise there's other problems and now I like, I don't know, I enjoyed it. Tom Brady and one is I hate Tom Brady, but he won another super bowl, which is weird. So hate him so much. I hate him, but he's the greatest thattus position ever. I'll never deny the guy's talented. I just fucking hate him. It's very like, like I hate him so much, but everybody's like. That's why I put on facebook whatever put like. If you say he's not the greatest of all time at his position, you're just a hater. That's true. That's a hundred percent. Try because, like, I hate the man, I don't like him at all, but he's a great, like fuck great fucking player. And he's like forty. He's thousand years older. I mean he's at that age where he means to be considering retirement. He won't, but he's still look great. He won't retire until the doctor makes him retire. Was Dad's always said. He won't. He's a phrase Soun's gonna get killed on the field. You probably wouldn't shock me. It wouldn't shock me. He's got this fucking drive to him and this dis whole fucking like here's like the six quarterback drafted that year, because drafted in like the sixth round. Always Ate Autam, always ate at him, but I know it is. It very interesting to me. The commercials weren't bad. Now and I don't even...

...get too excited about the commercials most a because they're all. They have their own fucking youtube channel now it is anyway. Yeah, they're all. They're all movie trailers. If they're not movie trailers, they're usually nowadays like pushing some agenda, which usual, which usually I send to be on the side of but still it's like I missed the days of you know, dust night to say about puppy monkey baby, you know and puppy monkey baby, or the one with the Dorito's commercial where the ladies pregnant getting her Sonograham done, the guy throws the Dorito, the baby launches out and like I missed. I missed the days where they were just funny. I just wanted a pornhub at. I did see the I did see the Reddit ad. Did you see the nine second Reddit ad? Reddit, read it. Sut Out just enough money to get nine seconds of ad time during this super bowl and it's just a static image that basically just says we just did this for the fuck, for the fucking fun of it. There, like after other lay, after our whole little tax thing, we figured what something else we could do is funny, so we bought nine seconds of a type for the Super Bowl. That's so ready fucking great. It's such a reddit thing. Raddit is where I go to look at memes, look at Porn, look at stocks. Read it. If you get think of it. It's a fetish on Reddy you are a hundred percent there. Is there. If it if it's not congratulations. You can go start it right now. Yeah, and you there are people who are looking for if you build it, they will come, and then they will come and come and come. It's it's so fucking wild. Like this past week I did the whole white we talked about earlier, the stock thing in Wall Street beats and yeah, and I didn't do so well. I but I got into it so fucking late, because by time I started getting into it is when, is when everything was already everything was like when they were cracking down on everything, when rob what's One? Which one? I tell you to buy it. It told me to go after naked. It's it's kind of right where it was, though it hasn't changed much now see that. But yeah, because I try, was trying to buy stocks and they were already like denying people straight up and not even like letting you view them, which is the most bullshit thing ever, because that, that is the whole reason why everything kind of tamed. I've seen naked. Well, that's what's pissing everybody off to because it's that that's what let the whole like, oh, cool, so it's cool if you guys do this, but but not us. Yeah, Yicks. I'm on there every day now. I check it every day. I'm waiting for a day where everything's in the green. That was going to cash it out. Once everything's in the green, fucking I'm done. This is why I don't play the stock market. It just pisses me off. I've not I'm on Wall Street bets just because of I think it's hilarious. Yeah, people called every buddy the our word retarder. So what is it? Lot, you enough money to pay for my wife's boyfriend's car. And it's so fucking funny. All of it's so goddamn good because I see it, I for sure it was going to go more if they did not restrict that stock. Nick it was going to go up, AMC was going to go up, and games at all. That stock is going to go up. But they specifically put restrictions on all those stocks that that Reddit was talking about. Yeah, nakeds the weird one. Well, they're still short. They're so starts place too. I just mean like the like game stop, I get AMC, I get white naked. They make they make weird, crappy fruity health show. No, no, it's a clothing line. Oh, is that one of the yeah, that's what line. I thought the same thing to you. Yeah, I thought it was those weird fucking like health shakes that that people drink when they think they're being healthy, but they're not. Yeah, there's a sugar yeah, it's all fucking sugar. It's a twelvezero percent vitamin C, all sugar. I'm gonna get a coach. I can eat the double Cheeth Burger. It was every straight to all this shit. I was like, I have the fuck's I made like a naked alone like one day.

I mean like five hundred bucks, like instantly. Holy Shit. Yeah, and I was like what the fuck is? Also happened between pay periods for me, so I didn't have a lot of money to blow on shy. Seriously, what the Fuck's? I bought more game stop. All Right, folks, that'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mr Mike Shay, on twitter and Instagram as well. You also follow this show on twitter in Instagram at tbl underscore pod and we got a brand new website under construction for you guys, with some cool new stuff coming down the line as well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll cut you guys again the next week with another episode, and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bub bye.

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