The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 17 · 1 year ago

Electric Car Boogaloo


Electric cars are on the rise, and Mike Wells REALLY wants a Tesla! But is it a DUI if you're drunk in a self-driving car? Plus, what's going on with Mike Shea's health? And who was Jack The Ripper?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Electric & Self-Driving Cars
  • Mike Shea has sleep apnea
  • Was Jack The Ripper a Frenchman?

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Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us enjoy lether's getting nicer. So, Yep, you were just are traveling more like it. Is it not a surprise that the gas prices tanked as soon as the snow stopped? That's how I don't work. People think like it's Biden's fault that gas one up, but it's I don't did. People Are Idiots. There's this there's this others political cartoon run I was like college or something. It was a picture of like President of the at the desk with these two giant levers. They'd say high and low and it's like it's like income and gas prices. It's like hey, it's like he's not just sitting there fucking yeah, just like that's not. That's that's not how it's literally not how that works. It just blows my mind and people think that how. It's ridiculous. You can literally look at the stats Mecca. That's exactly the same. I feel really no, it's not. On my own my God, so about your logic. I don't that your logic is now that the economy is actually going to really really well while wall streets doing really, really well. Yeah, so that's all Biden's doing then at that point, and it will, but it's you. I still remember, because I was still driving and working in thud and eight when gas was four dollars a goal. I due yea, I remember that Shit. Gas Stations were closing for the day because they couldn't afford to fill it, to fill their reserves. It's like we were told, Hey, don't go anywhere unless you have to. is a gas shortage like this is to hundred and fifty a gallon. I'm like, I've seen worse. Yeah, people don't. People forget the pass. But you know, I also don't care because I drive a little fucking Hun Day, so it's not like I'm using a lot, like I'm just gonna get tests eventually not give a shit anymore. Get A fucking freest role. You're at or some shit. I don't know, because our the tug is the testis are electric, right, oh, that's right. All of like my dream cary. I only had one jam car and that's my dream car. Everyone, everyone's wrote getting ready to roll out on this long because they got the electric commerce coming. Well, I think they haven't to like what I think from here? I thinks like a two thousand and twenty four and twenty thirty, I can't remember. Like eventually, like you can only make like electric cars at that point or something I thought. I know a couple of them have pledged to go all electric by a certain year where they're like after this year we're not going to do we're not going to manufacture anymore. And I'm like, fuck yeah, Harley Davidson's doing all electric bikes really, and they're a Ay my gonna lie. They look pretty good, but also they still get like because everyone, everyone worries that like electric electric cars are they're not going to get the power, they're not going to get this like these they still run pretty fucking good. You know, average Tesla's the battery last three hundredzero miles, which is crazy. Yeah, that you so hard to get out of fucking car. Now, the first time I saw someone driving a Tesla, I didn't know they're driving a tesla. I was just I was on the road and it was coming back from Chicago and this guy was in the driver's series car, but you literally had his phone up and was like watching a youtube video want, and I was like the fuck is this guy doing? And then he got ahead and I was like, Oh, the Tesla. Yeah, okay, but we orcas are going some of my way or not arguing about I say it, can you take it? Okay, if it's self driving. Yet the self driving mode on. If you're drunk, do you get a Dui? That's a great question, because it's driving right. I don't know. We've like the guy watching the youtube video thing. I'm like, there's there's got to be a limit here, like I know it's self driving, but shouldn't you go still also be required to like you've seen people, if people's videos of people sleeping in them? Yeah, so it's like, well, I watched I want, if you were sawing movie. Upgrade came out a couple of years ago now, and that's it's it takes place kind of like like in the year like twenty, like eighty or something like that. And like so the cars ...

...are like super self driving, like it's all like Alexa controlled basically, and so like guy and his wife like getting it onto the back of the car. Like he's weird because he manually drives his car kind of thing, and so I see those and I'm like that's that's but like I still locause at one point the car goes hey wire and they have a fucking wreck and it's like, well, if y'all had been paying attention, y'all get a taken over manually and maybe not died. So I feel like I feel like there should be some some amount of like responsibility we paying attention to what the fuck's going on. Because, yeah, but the thing is, I think is like I agree with that, but the computer smarter than you when it comes to dry like calculating everything. It's true, you're literally would only be there for just in case. It's like it just goes offline for no reason. Well, sure, but yeah, it can happen. I. Oh, I. I'm usually not one of those like pairing the techno paranoid guys, but like that's the one thing where I and I think because partly because I kind of plays into my fear of flying, you know, control. It was like there's only so much control you have. You know, everybody always says, oh well, you know, you're more welly to have a car wreck than a plane wreck. I'm like, yeah, but if I wreck my car, I'm probably going to walk away from it. Yeah, plane wreck, I'm dead. And it's interesting. There's probably some roles or on. I I've honestly not googled it to where what the law is on it. By mentest like you get drunk, because I was, so I made the argument will, like what if you're like, you're in the driver's seat, but you don't have to be in the driver's seat, right, you could be in the passenger seat. Yeah, sleeping it off or well, yeah, it's very interesting. I don't know, I think. I think this is one of those things where just the laws haven't quite caught up with the technology. Oh God, no, but how could they? Technology is changing every day and we can't even get a fucking stimulus bill past. So I did finally get pat well, he has to sign it officially about. Did it finally pass? Now? You didn't know they have to pass? Yes, no, okay, I know, I'm so out of it right now. It's fine, man, I did. Okay, well, good, I guess I could use the fucking money. Shit, I'm putting that money in the AMC stock. Oh, are you really? Yeah, go for it, Ma AMC just try to make some money. Or some company called Eyes Ives, eyes, eyes, I don't know, it's second site technologies or something. Yeah, okay, they do pretty much stay help cure blindness. Oh No, Shit. So it's like one of those. Well, in the Stock Open, I've been really in the stocks lately just because when the stock open like probably like five years ago, it literally was like, I think, a hundred and fifty three dollars stock. But it took five years to figure this out. So dropped down the two bocks. Oh Shit, and they finally got the FDA approval, like Oh wow, on Friday it said that's really cool. But it's like got glass. I think it's glasses that you hook I don't know about the product, but it's like, from what I've seen picture wise and what I've kind of read, it's like glasses you put on that also hooks up to your to your brain or whatever that causes you to see at that point. So geordie from starter kind of like it's fucking weird. Well, they've got those. They've had those, those implants for deaf people for a while. Yeah, the coke leaders that. Yeah, you're like electronic eyears, basically. So that's cool. That's really cool. Yeah, and I feel about if I ever sell that stock, I'm going to feel really bad, like shit, what do you mean? You don't want to invest in this anymore, you Dick. I know, like you, fucking we clearly we cure blindness, cock sucking motherfucker. You sell that stock for and go buy blow. And Yeah, fucking why you think I invested at the Begin with about glasses? That's fucking cool, though, as something I've been reading lashed ever since. I'm getting in the stocks more and more exact'd like basically passed all my focus on weed stock, because I like weed. Yeah, and but I'm looking at other shit.

My call the fuck. This is crazy. And you know we'd guy. I need a weird guy. You need a weak guy. I got a weed guy. I got my weed guys, Gals, people that are that are a medical card, one of the two. Yeah, that's be illegal everywhere soon. I Miss We'd saw. I saw a picture to the day, was a picture of all the all the states, and the ones ones, ones were rainbow colored, were ones that I legalize gay marriage, and then all the other ones were white, and it's like they're so few left now that haven't legalized it. It's like cool, now it's a race to see who's the most homophobics. Day Alabama. Well, there was actually the first, I state every do gay marriage. What? No, yeah, I mean that you got a figure where a here with you from from mass marijuana legalization? Hastily? It has to be. I don't because because in the let mean in the last election alone, what they're like like fucking like five states or something that legalized it. Yeah, and then there's fucking organ who's just like you want to freebase heroin? Go for it. Yeah, pretty much. It's I think it's like I don't know how the organ thing works, but I feel like they give them like safe areas to do it. I don't know. I think only was just DC. Did they just decriminalize it or do they leave me? I can't. I because because I know, because we, because Oh high, have decriminalized it, didn't they? I don't think I know. Dayton did. Dayton did. Yeah, okay, which is different than league is. Decriminalizing just means like we're not gonna you. You'll get like a slap on the right, like a fine. You won't do you won't do prison time. I think it's the criminalize the only time they can. I get. I think if you get, they have an issue with it. It's like they need's enough to where you can sell and yeah, I intend to distribute, distributor some. Yeah, yeah, which that's got to be a I don't know, I guess. I wonder how much that would be, because I can, you can, you can sell. You'd sell any amount really. I mean so, yeah, you can sell any amount, but the real issue is, like you can also on that all for yourself. True, what do you have? This much? You're going to sell this like no, man, I just really like weed, and it's really like we same reason why I go to Coscoo, man, I buy in bulk. Shitn imagine bulk a costco by the bail. Yeah, all, send that on fire. Jesus God, that'd be funny. I'll be great girl. Instead of a jewelry counter, we got the guy, you that who knows all the cuts and carrots of the GEM's. You gotta. You got the weed counter like those, like those, those those, was it the Swiss coffee shops or whatever, l we contos or yeah, sits there with this little fucking like like jewel inspecting thing. Look at it, looking at it exactly. God. Now I want to get high. I'd right. It's been so long, not for me, not for you, for me it's been it's been years for me. Fuck, they needed legalize it. Yeah, as don't. I don't. There's no reason not to illegalize it. I mean, considering you can go by CBD and a set of Speedway, at this point, it's like, Guy's just legal at this yeahalizing is I just want to get fucked up. That's right. I was like, like, today's my day off and I would I would love nothing more than to be baked, laying on my couch watching whose line read. Well, the thing is, like it doesn't give you a hangover. Yeah, I get drunk right fucking now, but I'm going to hate myself to more exactly like. It's why I get high more, like, way more than drinking, as you because, like, I don't have a hangover. M I don't feel like shit in the morning, like I feel fantastic, like I care. Yeah, that's that's the whole like that, with with this sleep at me, a thing, with with how it's been making me feel. It feels like I'm high, but not like a good high. It's that weird like when you're coming down off behind. You're just kind of fog brained for a little while. That's what I'm in, just like constantly. It's like no, but like I didn't get to get high first. Have we talked about your sleep? That...

...on the on here before? I don't think we have. No, you want to tell about what's going on? Fuck. Yeah, so I noticed a few but a couple months ago that like I was like fall asleep at work, couldn't keep my eyes open. It was waking up constantly in the middle of the night and my doctor thought I had because I had trouble sleep in again, was I went and got when I got a sleep test and because they figured I had sleep at Mea and they so I did the test last week and it was so if you haven't seen, I posted a picture on instagram. So I had to strap this thing to my chest was like monitored like my my lungs and stuff like that, and then I had like the tubes in my nose that were like have the oxygen flow going and this thing that attached to my finger that like measure like my blood out my blood oxygen level and shit like that, and I had to try to sleep with this thing. I can't imagine trying to sleep with that. First of all a sleep disorder a bunch of fucking iron man shit that he has to try to wear to bed at night. Yeah, that's going to go well, because I couldn't lay on my side, I couldn't lay on my stomach because it would fall off or, come to Cain, I sick. So I had to lay on my back, which I don't sleep on my back, I sleep on my side. So that was hard. And then they wanted it. They gave it to me that day and they wanted it returned the next morning by zero am, and I was like so you want the guy with the sleep disorder to go to bed fucking eight hours early so we can get up in time to okay, fine, but you're not going to get some great results on this fucking thing. Anyway. I saw I stayed up latest shit the night before us, or so I was really tired, so I can try to go to bed early to come night off work. Had the worst night sleep imaginable because I couldn't get comfortable and had fucking tubes of my nose and shit, it's anyways. So I so I turned the I turned in the machine. They're they're like, okay, it's like took cupleticulate a couple weeks. We'll give you results back. So you were at well, a week later they're like yeah, we need you to go ahead and just come in tomorrow and I was like, oh, je have a cancelation. They're like no, your your results were pretty bad. We need you to come in and talk about this. Now House like, Oh Shit Jesus. So I come in. They tell me that I, on average, was stopped breathing seventeen times an hour, for a total of like a hundred thirty something over the course of how, like eight or nine hours, however long I had the machine on for, because it started to calculating time soon as you hooked it up and then as soon as you disconnected it, it stopped. She said that the my blood oxygen level was was ridiculously low, that the strain it was putting on my heart was the equivalent of running a marathon a day. That is fucking insane to me, and that that's the part like the like the seventeen times an hour whatever. I was kind of like, Holy Shit, Holy Shit, what she said. A marathon a day. I was like get fucked, are you kidding me? Because I knew it was going to be hard on my body, but I was like, marathon a fucking day and I'm not losing weight. Well, Ye sons of Bannus Shinyways, I'm suing everybody. Yeah, she said it was one of the worst cases of sleep at me and she'd ever seen. So I was like, well, if we're gonna be the fucking best at something, Shit, I might be the best. That being the worst, does that even mean? I don't fucking know, fucking know, man. So I'm so I'm waiting for my insurance to process shit so I can get fitted for one of those those sleep at the sea pat masks, which basically just funnels are in from the room, in the in and out of your lungs. It's almost like be on a respirator. I guess I wonder it when they get that that actually help, like because are you trying to lose weight now or well, see and see that that's that's that's the trick here. is so like I was. I was starting to work out again at the beginning of the year because I I remember that big weight loss go. I have no fucking energy. I try. I tried shoveling my driveway when it was snowing and I like leaned on my shovel for a little bit and I fucking dozed off. Like that's how fucking tired I exhausted I am, because people here like sleep at me and they think, oh, like it makes you you you can makes you tired. They think, Oh, it just makes you kind of sleepy like a yawn a couple more times during it's like no, like my body is fucking running a marathon a day. Like I can't...

...function, like I'll be like sitting there like holding the type on on my type on my phone and like my like my dexterities fucked up. I can't like I can't keep a solid grip on my phone. I'll fucking just drop it for no reason. I was writing up my reports at that work yesterday and I'm sitting there and like all a sudden, like I just kind of freeze and Bitmin position and I come to it. There's like a paragraph of ease because I had fallen asleep, fallen out with my finger, just like oh wow. So, like that's the kind of shit that like it's doing to my body. And so I can't function. I really can't function normally. I'm barely able to drive. It's if my job wasn't like right up the road, I wouldn't drive to work. I'd have my mom. If I was a little with my mom, should we drive me to work every day right now? Really? Yeah, because it was because it was a lot further from her house than it is from my house now. But so, but, yeah, so, but once I get because my doctor was saying he's kind of like you know someone, you get the machine and you're able to start sleeping regularly again, you'll have more energy, you can start working out again and then weight loss can actually help get rid of sleep APNIA. Yeah, yeah, he's like. So it's funny. Is. So you're overweight, so you have sleep APNIA, so you hadn't so no energy. So you need the machine to grid of the sleep APNIA, to lose the weight to where you won't need it anymore, which to me is like a big fucking pyramid scheme. Yeah, but so I want you to know I a any by this pillow. What? There's your foil. Will wait a minute. Rip Off the mask, Myke Glendel, my pillow. Fuck that guy's pill those pillows suck. By the way, I'm never honestly, my dad tried a couple years ago. There was, there's a she's a Shitty fucking pillow. I don't even know how I get when I get pillows. My it's a fucking pill I don't like. I know a body pillows and regular pillows. His whole thing he promotes. Is it supposed to be like extra support of like, but I watch your commercials. You literally like like hit the pillow and it just goes fucking flat in the middle, asshole, like my pillow. Yeah, and now he's got like the mattress toppers and Shit, which are like it's crazy. I don't know. He's a que on supporter. Quane, huge trump supporter. He knows that I'm gonna use a queant you and on guy, but q and on Qane and c'Q Qway, motherfucker. I don't know. But yeah, huge drumps with huge, huge right wing. I mean his commercials are always talking about how, like, you know, God wanted me to make a perfect pillow. Okay, sure that was that was God's concern. It was cocaine talking to you, Mike. Yeah, it really, really fucking uncomfortable pillow. And then I don't give a shit with sorry about I've used Shitty fucking pillow. Sorry, I'm Mike. Here's the day as like pillows it to me and ply I don't know what the fuck if I got to pick a pillow my okay, it's a pillow, like. I guess it just depends on, like, what you're comfortable. For me, it's just what I'm comfortable with. I like my pillows firmer. I've never thought about that on exert my entire life. Well, I think part of it for me is just because I've had so many sleep issues over and especially right now, like I need to sleep more upright because when I want I sleep a lot back cause my airways to close one so having firmer pillows helps to keep me up right a little bit more. I guess what was I guess its just a matter what's comfortable for you, though. Yeah, I guess I was never really thought about that. I've always been like I'm just a pillow. I don't know. I've allays I'm a two pillow guy. See, see, I think that's part of it too, is like do you want one really firm pillow or like do you need to kind of Shit that? I guess. I don't know. I've spent a lot of my life like fucking around with the perfect pillow combination and I know as a semi put on facebook the other day I was like how often, when d you change your pillows, like when they're yellow all the way on the other side of the pillow? Well, it's get a new pillow case. No, no, that pillowcase, but like the actual pillow itself. Oh Yeah, I'm like holy fucking never thought about that. And I looked at a pillows like yeah, I gotta get new pillows. It's like I remember one time, like I was reading something that...

...said men only washed it, like bedsheets, like once every like three months or something like that, three or four months, and like I was like, fucking a, I think you're right, because I came real last time I watched my bet. She's pretty fucking through. Yeah, it's like fuck. Luckily I married now, but before that last time I changed my sheets is when it was when I was still seeing that girl and she came over and we messed up the sheets a little bit and you it was like I never cleaned up after that and that's why I thought that made me think about that Chas. I really fuck I've never cleaned my sheets after her. I've plowed so much a nasty part I see in this bed. I'm sorry, my wife's listening now. You Babe. You aren't the nasty you're the one that's I stuck with. Now that sounded even worse. Fuck, this one's clean. I'm going to keep it. I I thought about a hand I probably had like fucking crabs. I know bed pugs was an std tell. Now I think back to all the times in college where it's like, oh, I really should have washed my sheets after that one. Yeah, after after she left, I should have watched them. I can't think of any times I washed my fucking sheets when I lived at my love, when I lived in my last apartment. Yeah, I can't fucking I can't remember. That is scary. I know everyone when you when you, when you really think about its, like I should probably even thinking about it now. I'm like, I don't think I've watched the ones I have on my bed now in a while. Yeah, I probably fucking should not gonna do it tonight. Like I'm luckily that my wifeis some like once a week or astright or Ashray have sex and I come and it just gets on the sheets. Yes, that's weird. Be anyways. So sleepy sucks and saying it's change your sheets, pillow, my pillow sucks and sleep at Meia is horrible. Yeah, I actually, but I actually will throw that out there. Like, if you find that like you're constantly tired or something, go get checked out for it because, because, because I don't, I don't know. I stopped breathing. No, nobody. Yeah, you don't, unless unless you like, are about to die in your body's like wake the fuck up, asshole, by into auto oratic six CIATION now, right. Why do I have a boner? H Huh, I guess I'm into this. Yeah, if you find yourself constantly tired, whether it's on the level I was or even just like in general, like you get like eight hours of sleep and you still feel tired, go get checked because because it's you know, a lot of people in my family have it and they never really told me. Just how bad it really was. But I also don't think they also got as bad as I did. But like you, my uncle did. My uncle had it so bad. We'd go to see like a movie at a movie theater and we'd be sitting under the fucking like thhx speaker and he still fall asleep. Jesus. Yeah, so go get checked for it, because it's really fucking bad. For you don't die, people don't die. My Dad had it. Well, has it, I ass it's like, yeah, my dad has it, and as talk to at me, he's dead to me because the fucking sleep at NA good. Now. He had a really bad I his is pretty bad to you. So I can know how bad it can be. So when he told me like the number, how many times, I was like, holy fucking duck. Yeah, the other the other thing I but luckily, like when I did stop, it wasn't for like a long amount of time, because that's something that looked for to is like when you stop, How long do you stop? I think it was only for like like maybe like ten to fifteen seconds for me, but when you do it that much, a kind of doesn't fucking matter. But like I stop breathing for like a minute at a time like that's really fucking bad. I don't try to hold my breath forfit it. Yeah, it's uncomfortable. Yeah, that's why I do that, is to do a seventeen times an hour, ight hours and see. Let's see how you feel at the end of the day walking around fucking blue in the face. It's a...

...way I can jerk off those when I hold my breath. Whatever you gotta do, man, gotta bust that nut. Bust that nut. I bust that nut. Shit, you got me. She had me. I got any shows, anything coming up anytime soon? Ah Fuck, I'T me see. Yeah, because what is he? What is see, guys, the dusty's host in this weird he's the last night nowice hosting. This was in this weekend. Who? Well, he's hosting. He's hosting the Sunday comics. He's hosting this period. Yes, Sunday comics. It's not hosting for the week on the WHO's hosting for the weekend? But okay, that's social. Sunday comes I'm in chill a coffee and the twenty sex. I'm in Fuck Pennsylvania, somewhere camera where it's at on the nineteen not nice. Evans will any and on the twenty seven and I'll be on the Sunday comics on the twenty eight. I said you were wanting to get out of town more. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Dow I'm taking a cooking class of my wife April six fairy thing next April. April Super Dope. So they did super up a little bit differently this year's because of code still going on and stuff like that. Oh yeah, so we're good for dads trying to keep it going. Yeah, commy slowly coming back. I still think it's like a year two away from the east they used to be. They're saying the same thing about movie theaters and Shit, because like, like Tom and Jerry came out. Guess did pretty good though in it. Well, yeah, I'm sitting, but it was the first thing to hit theaters a lot time yet. Well, what was it? The family movie? Yeah, it's like it's like when trolls did its thing. It's like we you put a family movie out when people can't do shit, of course it's going to do well. It's like tenant bomb you not everybody's going to go see tenant. So I have yet to see that. Maybe it's confusing as fuck. God Damn it, this still I've seen it three times. I still don't get it. Really. Yeah, and I'm, let's get myself, pretty smart fucking guy, but it's like a little get it. I like inception a lot. Yeah, it's I got inception, but if tennis acne using, if you like me, it's a bad I just I at the end I'm like, I just don't get it. That was a movie, I guess, that Christopher Nolan movie. Like, yeah, everybody is, it's good. It's I don't get it. I just thought doesn't make any fucking sense. Yeah, it's only Christopher Nolan movie. I haven't seen. Yeah, but yeah, it's a but like that because something else, something else, came out. It did pretty well too lately. Yeah, it wasn't. It was in theaters. Oh come, I'm fucking coming to America. That was an Amazon, though, wasn't it? Was it just the Amazon? And Yeah, I'm okay, I think I was just an Amazon. There's a rumor that Amazon my actually buy AMC. Really, it's just a rumor, though. Like, Oh, fucking ray on the last dragon, the new Disney one. Oh, that came out. It did some time with theaters did two point two million. That's interesting. Yeah, I really that's a good number. I remember when those are bad numbers. No, Holy Shit, God, looks good. Looks good, though, as that's partially why I invested in AMC the way I did, because even it doesn't like blow up like game stopper. GM's are game stopper sort squeeze. Everybody's going out to the movies now, M and it's all, I'm going to gradually go up and up. Yeah, they're starting there, slowly starting to come back, especially if you're in Texas, where everything's fucking open again, crazy man. I and to get rid of the masks. It's kind of stupid. If you want to open shit up, fine, but leave the mask bend dating place, you know, I know, like you're gonna that's. That's that's fucking your way through Vegas. That a condom. Well, the thing is like last spring, well, they really know how bad it was. I think warmer temperature has I mean it's not as bad when it's warmer out. They kind of proved that. But because we're getting out more, yeah, more fresh air, thing as like. It doesn't mean it's like going a fucking spread. No, shit it because it's spread. Its spread...

...last time too, and now were you think a year into it, now we have a better handled. People would have a better understanding. But no, some people don't. Like we've had customers on my job. Did they get pissed at the wear a mask? I'll gotta wear one, like and that's literally hasn't been an issue for like a few months now really, and it's just because a couple of states have been like you guys have to wear masks and Oh, I fucking like whatever. Datingcom post an article or some shit, or everyone's like understand why we do wear enough Texas things. It's okay, yeah, but Texas thinks a lot of things. Was Texas also had a power grid that didn't survives Texas. Texas thought it was okay to mental to execute the mentally retarded. So, yeah, what, let's not just sit here and just say the little tech use. Texas is a flat litness tests here people Texas, Texas toast, and what the WHO the fuck wants Texas toast? Just thick bread? Yeah, you want thick slices of bread, which good for French toast, but not a whole lot else. And I just think it's don't know, and I haven't dealt with that and like a few months like like realistically, like I'm like why, all of a sudden, is just like an issue for a couple of people that I realized. I was like, Oh, that's why spea crash is. Every time I go to the grid, every time I go to the gas station, there's always at least one dude walking in without a mask. Get told you us to go back out and come back in and put it on. I'm like, to be bets for fucking year. How do you still not yet? I that's why I don't fucking want your man. I go one time. I did walk into place one time, though, and I literally forgot I did to have it on because I was like I'm so used to wearing all times, like I just thought I had it on right some as I hey, I was like, Oh fuck shit, it was like on my chin, like right here, and I was like, oh my bad, I know, I just completely forgot right. That's one thing is have a like a brain fart of just like but then not want to do it. So there'd be like, Oh, I'm mean, you still gotta still got a fucking do that? Did you hear otherwise? Like it's on the door before you walk in. Jackass and blows my mind is people still don't get it, like it's not hard. We also feel like maybe to some more people have died. So therefore maybe they know some Marshley Parsi. We haven't here as much as because maybe like, oh wait, I finally know somebody died from covid it's true, which is a sad way looking at it, but I did. I did read a thing where, because they've been given the vaccines to like the elderly and stuff, like, they're seeing the numbers at like nursing homes like like drop a lot. Oh yeah, well, yeah, hole, like like Holy Shit, which is good. That's good news. Let's let's keep doing that. I'm just kind of curious when the bigger rollout is going to be. Yeah, I'm to me, I'm thinking probably may or July and somewhere in that range. For everybody else. I can't wait to get it. Hope so, because we're almost halfway through March and, like I realized her, I realize like right now they're talking about doing for like frontline workers and there's a Shitload of frontline workers. But it just yeah, we need to get the shit out there. Absolutely fuck it. Put in a gas warm and just just detonated off like a dirty look a look a dirty bomb, but instead of a dirty bombs, it's a clean bomb, clean bomb. Fuck, that be crazy. What's that cool? I did it to today, but coo been so much better. But just gave everybody really loud farts. ha ha ha, he's imagine that was the fucking case. Really loud farts. Then they wear they're fucking masks. Guys, got cut, you don't die, you just really loud farts because everybody really DAS. That's guy's got covid oring shit his pain, like really love of Farts, and you shit your pants. Oh my God. depends. Stock would skyrocket. fucking depends, Jesus. Do you wearing your depend I got covid, I got to wear my depends. I depend on them. They depend on me. Oh Fuck, isn't that fucking good? depends. Great, that's a great fucking product named. depends. Did you...

...share your pelf? Did you share your pants? depends. That have been gass, could have been shit. Oh Shit, let's do this, let's do this, let's do this pod dext read real quick. So we, as you guys know, we are now sponsored by pod decks. Fuck off my phone in the other the room van for a little bit, but I get my phone, so my bad. So I want to read you a couple tweets. I did. Now. How Now? Basically, where your mask? Please wear your mask. If you don't wear your mask, you you suck. It's kind of the weird thing about wearing a my ask right now. He's if I can. Sucks. I already hate doing it. I'm to the point and I'm in. I've been for it since like day one, but I'm now to the point where was I just don't want to fucking wear it anymore. But then I realize like other people kind of care. I have to care about other people. I don't want to. I don't want to get somebody else sick or vice versa, and they get their grandmall sick. Then I killed grandma. Now they're getting millions of dollars and I get none of the money from the fucking because they fucking their grandma was like a millionaire and left them all in the the fucking will and I get fucked little. Leave this in there. I'm not going to hit this out. Leave this in. This is my ramblings. That's is actually how I think. It's my thing about during sex. I don't even like my like makes me come faster. That's weird. I actually think about jokes during sex. Is that weird? I know Cuz I would lie if I said I had done the same thing. I might hold on, I might fucking I'm like, whole shit, I better remember this, like I'm thinking I might have like I tell my wife is or white, I'm my hold of it. If she's lass like I kind of writes down mid thrust, she's like are you that fucking me and taking a joke? Sound like maybe. Why do you think? We do it from behind you at table for my notepad to sit on. Interesting. You thought that was come. That was ink shit, all right. So yeah, this episode is powered by pod DEX. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you are a new podcaster or existing prodcast broadcaster, prodcast or broadcaster looking to grow your audience again more engagement, you're going to want to check out pod dexcom and you can use the Code Tblten, tbe hundred zero get ten percent off your first order. Also, make sure you check out the awesome pod DEX MOBILE APP, which I am using right now we're going to use here in just a sec, where you can get things like discounts in the store. You can end if you ads, you can enter to win a contest to win gear, which I have. I actually won this past month. Yeah, I have it out in the in the living room. I want a new mic arm. Oh Yeah, I'm a said. I've actually have set it up yet. I just got it in the mail. But so we can, you can win and it's not a chit's like a fucking, like hundred dollar mic arm, because you're not getting cheap shit. Like right now, this month they're giving away a sure MV fifty one microphone, which is a damn good microphone every which runs like three hundred dollars retail. Oh my God. Yeah, it's a good fucking microphone. So there's all kinds of like gear, gear lists and video tutorials and in classes. So check out POD dext a common once again, use the CO TBL ten to get ten percent off your first order. Let's pull from the let's pull from the you know, let's pull from this fucking paranormal deck. Okay, let's see what we got here, since I said paramore deck or more fuck that band. Who would you haunt if you were a ghost? College? Jesus, my dad, just so he die faster. She's fucking great. Yeah, I'm that. Yeah, yeah, like, how did you fucking outlive me, a piece of Shit? How the fuck? You know? I would haunt paramore, fucking hot pairmore tiny other people... hot anybody. It's ever rat like my ex district manager at my old job, just to make her peer pants. Okay, so if you haunted somebody, what would you do specifically, like is there any particular to try to stab them, try to stap? I would I would be I wouldn't want to be one of those like I would want to be the annoying haunt, the one that's like really disruptive to your life. So like like when you're trying to take a shit or like when you're trying to jerk off or something like just ruin the things, trying to ruin the things that you just like, like right when you're about to come. It's like just ruin the fucking moment. There you take it, take trying to take its normal shit. Just get on with your day and just make it so difficult for me. fraid the POOP and reraid to fucking time. I'd be like like the IB, the hot I'd be like the person from insidious and that one scene Bush. We're like you see it for the first time. Yeah, the guy and the guys like one of the pans back at the him and he's like right there and you what the fuck? I'd be that to eventually like I just beel like around all the time, like he just won't leave me alone. He's annoying. I'd either do that or will I want to be the one from the from the short film, where it's at the end of the hall. Every time you turn the lights off, it's there. Yeah, and then the one time you do it is some of these are right fucking in front of you just to make you hate going down the hallway at night where your bedroom is. I just I'd be a what a if I could. fucking if I could, I might almost said enchant. What is it when a ghost or whatever like gets into it, like Oh, we possess because if I could be at possess? Yes, well, I possess. If I could possess something. Let me think. What would you possess? You, because possess something. I possess someone's cat. That's fucked up. Just just just just do I gonna have the cat again. Just be as disruptive as fucking possible. Do A vibrator? Be Weird. Trying to think. Well, if I think, it would probably be. I think it'd be hilarious to do Grogo or Grog grow, Oh, oh, grow, baby o, to grow to yeah, grog. Yeah, like this one was like a fat may give me some serious fucking chucky vibes. No, be so weird. Yeah, aspecially, we could find someone who's like really into horror shit it and has like a like a chucky dollar or some shit, and then like fucking bring it to life. Oh, that we fucked up. She's anothery're gonna be the fucking possessed, like the McDonald's order board at a drive through, so you could hear ordering and the play pull around it like yeah, I'm spared. Well, what are you talking about? I didn't talk to you at all. You just I just ordered from you. No, you didn't, and I don't know it's stupid shit, but it also I'd want to be one of the but again, because just because I'm that Asshole, it's like I would possess the board, but all I would do is just like make it so like if they ordered no pickles, they still got fucking pickleckles, like you only get pickles. I didn't ask for this, since open the butt it's just pickles. But then really, when they open up the board, it's just me like, God damn it, he shut the fuck up. Imagine like I imagine, like if my house ever got fucking hated. I've got so many of these fucking pop figures everywhere. Jesus l just a tack you, like, I'm the fuck. What's that? What's that? Little small toys or some small soldiers, small soldiers, old Jesus? That's an underrated movie. I I fucking love that movie. Really also freaked me out when I was a kid. Like, I'M NOT gonna lie, it was a lot more adult than I thought it was gonna be going into it because, like, because, like they had the toys Burger King and I was like, Oh, it's gonna be like a fun kids the toy like toy story but actually it's got a fucked up movie. I said I was toy story before toy story. It wasn't before toy story. was like because, well, because, like is at one point like these the soul. Your guys are running around with guns that shoot like nails and they're shooting dudes in the leg with a nail gun. I'm like, this is kind of fuck. It was insane. Oh, fucking Tommy Lee Jones, man, is that who is out of the that was the voice of the general, little general figure. Whatever he said was...

...fucking David crosses in that shit, Jay Moore's in that, Tom the Phil Hartman's in that. He plays the dad of the one girl. A lot of fucking people that. Maybe Dennis leary plays the executive of the toy company or whatever, and five ess man s s had everybody doing everything. Man, fucking Dennis, Larry Jay more. Let's see here. Somebody's get really fucking, like, really fucking deep. Like who's your favorite parent, normal investigator? I don't know. Egon from fucking ghostbusters. I really have one. I think most of them are douchebags from Oh look at that, it is all this. That exact dude from whatever from ghost adventures. There, there's a breeze in the room. must be a spooky ghost. Okay, Yours. Look, okay, if you, Mike Wells, could communicate with any dead serial killer, who would it be? The Zodiac killer, as he's dead or alive? I maybe, maybe Jack The ripper. All, that's so fuck, I'm good, just because I was like, you're seriously, who the fuck were you? Yeah, just it's like where Walldo was like, where were you the whole time, but he was I where where we? And you're like why, he son of a bitch. I've heard. I've heard that theory that it was multiple, that it was kind of like like a like a like a Charles Manson type thing where it was like multiple people. Then they had think they had it down to like one person, like a hey doctor something. I don't know. Semi possibility. There's so many, like at one point people thought that him and h h Holmes were the same person. Really, but the the timeline for a couple of murders didn't add up, because it would did the amount of time it would have taken him to travel from was like Chicago River, where he was based, all the way to was other one took place because they would both like there was such a large amount of time between it making sense. Yeah, because they were. It was because they were active about the same time. But now, like I remember a couple of years ago they said they thought they attracted down to like a like a French sailor or something like that. For it was French, but I don't think it was a sailors, like a French. I can't remember you for your I in the French. It wasn't a sailor though. Sailor. Yeah, but yeah, because I was from I think it was like two thousand and two thousand and twelve or something like that that came out, and because they thought, because I watched, because I'm an American, I watched your killer documentaries. I watched so many about like that. One point they thought it was a woman because they had found a couple of the letters and they had been able to get like trace amounts of DNA from the stamp. But they also thought like could have been the postal worker who did the stamp forum, but you know, it's hard to say. Yeah, now that's definitely him and I don't know why. I hear about checking the ripper that makes you want to Google show when I get home him, and I'm says with Jack The ripper and J tolms was so fucked up to DiCaprio was talking about doing an jholmes movie at one point. Really almost like I will watch that now. Yeah, he would be really good at it. It would be really fucking got of that. All Right, folks, that'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mr Mike Shay, on twitter and Instagram as well. He also followed this show on twitter instagram at tbl underscore pod. And we got a brand new website under construction for you guys, with some cool new stuff coming down the line as well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll cut you guys again next week with another episode and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and Bub bye.

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