The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 19 · 1 year ago

Raunchy Cartoons, Part 1


What's your favorite moment from Family Guy? What about South Park? Have you ever seen Big Mouth?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Their favorite raunchy cartoon moments.
  • How different from the original is Zack Snyder's Justice League?
  • Do people realize That 70's Show only took place over 3 years?

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Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us. Enjoy. I'm about a Zack Snyder fan boy. Like I think sucker punch sucks three hundreds. Okay, his dawn of the dead's not bad, but but like, I really, I really Doug, really dug. What do you do? I mean, I know it's four hours, but like it doesn't feel like for hours. But it make everything makes sense. But it's way way is it a way different movie? Oh, considerably. Like the ending is different, for Fuck's sake, oh my God, you know. Yeah, like the ending is different. CYBORG is like that's the one everyone's been talking about. Is I haven't all seen any of it yet. Right, all I can really say. I'll say is just in the original one cyborg is maybe a supporting character. Maybe. Yeah, I heard it. A lot of stuff with him. He's like the main fucking character. And in the new Jesus and I'm like, I don't like and because there's been all this drama in the news that with ray fish or the guy who played him saying that like Weeden was a dick on set and I'm looking at it like I'd be pissed too if I find out they took me from being like the lead of the movie to like twenty minutes the screen time, saying with flash and it's just it's crazy. Yeah, it's it's it is like there's still a lot of stuff that's in there that was in the even the scenes that are in there that are from the first one are they're like different takes where it's like it's the same scene but the dialogs different or the DU different or like just the color correction like just looks better and it's like, Holy Shit. I wonder how long did they say? How long it took him there re Doo it do everything? I don't know. I know that. I know that Warner Brothers gave him a budget of seventy million, but a lot of that was because there was like unfinished CGI and you can even tell them the original that some of the CGI was rushed because like sidebarrel looked like shit. Shit, the bad guy stepping wolf look like shit, and this one it looks low, its better. Shit. Yeah, I feel like it is this the first time that any way he's ever done. And this is like this is such a fucking like no, nothing like this has ever happened before. Oh how it makes Josh we didn't feel well considering he's like he's already because he's getting all kinds of shit for, like there's been stuff coming out about like when he was doing buffy, like she'll tractonburg saying like she wouldn't be alone in a room with him, and kind of makes you wonder, like, what was it like like on the Avenger set? What was it like? You know, firefly, he got a but yet a bunch of shit for that wonder woman series that never went anywhere that he tried to make. He tried to do a wonder woman TV show and that with Adrian Pelecky as wonder woman. She look fucking hot, but that was like it was a pilot that never went to air and it because everyone's like this is a pilot garbage, and it was super sexist and just really...

...gross and like every other shot was ever tits and it's just step. Yeah, like not superhero movie. Yeah, we're like Bay Watch. Yeah, it was like Baywatch with wonder woman. It's like yeah, and he's been he's been accused of Shit like all kinds of over the years. Now I think everyone just kind of like and fucked US weet. I think it's hilarious that, like, your movie was so bad. Well not. I've never seen the original, but I'll see you have. You haven't seen the original one at all because it, I heard it was horrible. I got no like this. So I was just like, all right, I got it. If you want to borrow it, well I want. And then Whoa, I was going to watch and I heard the rumor was Snyder was going to do they're going to let her side to do that thing, and I was like, you know, I re wall watch his and and then I want to watch, and then you want to and I was like, I said, I just just watching the for our cut. I was at there were times I got vehumanly pissed off because I was just like, you guys made the conscious decision to cut this shit and it's so good. What the Fuck is wrong with you? Anything? It is sand one. It for our movie probably, and that's that. I will say that somebody asked me if there was a way that like this for hour one could ever have liked made it to theaters and I was like I could, maybe. The problem is, now that I've seen it and it's completed glory, it's hard for me to imagine it with any of the stuff in it. Yeah, I could maybe trim have an hour off this thing and have it still like work. Yeah, but I mean if you say maybe, yeah, and that's me being like like really nitpicky, yeah, because they probably wouldn't better out to making it too. Like that was an idea I think they had had where it was going to be like a twopart movie, because he had originally he hadn't signed on for it, but he his original plan was to do five movies. He was going to do Mani Steal, BBS and three Justice Leagues, and he had this he had this idea for how the Justice League are going to play out and you get allusions to that in this and also in BBS, and it's like Shit, I wish he could have made it because it would have been so cool, but he said he's like, I'm done. He's like good, considering like what he had to go through with the first one. For why he left and Glis women, he left because his his daughter died. Yeah, that's why. I thought daughter. His daughter killed herself and his wife is his producer. So they both. Yeah, they left and weed and was there because of the time he was signed on to do. It was either nightwing or back girl. He was going to do one of those movies, and so they had had him on there and they're like and also because he had done the avengers, and they were like can you just like Dave, I just think you sounding. Yeah, basically all he had to do was just do the reshoots in the final like post production, but he ended up like doing a shitload of reshoots and cut all these characters out and totally change the tone of the film. And it's but because of how much Zack Snyder stuff was still in it, he didn't get director credit, which is kind of fucked up. But Oh really,...

...yeah, because that the the directors guild requires, like if to get director credit, you have to have fifty one percent of things you've shot in the movie, and his wasn't. So he only gotta go. You got a writer producer credit. I think that is hilarious, the fact that like everybody hated what you did so much. Yeah, but it's still has Zack Snyder's name on it, like you can't. That's crazy. Well, because there was a story where, I guess. So. I Guess Zack Snyder never watched the one that went to theaters. Yeah, but his wife and Christopher Nolan, because christpher old's a producer on all this. Yeahs saulted on all this shit. He they went and watched it and I guess they went and told Zach like don't watch this movie, like it's going to make you cry, like it's not even close to what you my God. So and get all Nolan telling you like yes, it's good, old looks like, Dude, trust me, you don't want to. This was I've done Batman. This wasn't, and I will say like as a major Batman Fan, like in the original one there's there's two Batman scenes that I fucking hate because they're they're just garbage and they're not in the for our Cutt and I'm like thank God. Yeah, now, YEA, of all the I don't watch all the DC ones. I mean I liked there, hit or miss. I like man to steal. I thought that's my favorite one. I I think that's everyone's, that one's it's a fucking masterpiece. Batman. Our Superman's okay, and see it, but as he again again with that one, it's the director's cuts infinitely better, is it? Yeah, it's thirty minutes longer, but it's it just, it just it makes more sense and they also put like some of the scenes and like a different order, so it just kind of flows better. Gosho. I got to see that one at a press screening and Columbus and it was like I walt came out of the kind of going like shit, why wasn't this theaters? I haven't seen any of the wonder woman's. I heard eighty four. Wasn't that great? Eighty four is eighty four's man like. I've wanted to see the original, original ones. Shazam, you will love Shazam if you get around a watch and Shazam you will fucking love. I hate suicide squad. Everyone hates yeah, I like that was their version of Guardians, like let's do stuffing. It tried so hard, like well, now James Gunn's doing the next one. Oh Wow, it's so he might Jesus Christ like day's directors should not be able to do both the universes. Well, so there will read the reason he got he's. The reason he got suicide squad is because it was when Disney had fired him off of Guardians Three. Yeah, so Disney, so DC was like give me your buddy, we got you, we got you, and he was like fuck. So then once he went and took over that, Disney was like, Oh shit, yeah, so he's going to do the next guardians, but they have but DC's has to wait until he's done with suicide squad. That's so fucking crazy, because it fucking that was so good. Yeah, guardians is like one of my think might one of my favorite, my favorite marvel just since then said so like it's different. Yeah,...

...but you're like, yeah, it's so. It was the one that you like. How is this in the Marvel Universe? But you're like, yeah, good. How does the how does the talking raccoon in the Tree Monster? How is this so good? Yeah, exactly, exactly. Rather, the Cooper has a dos. A talking raccoon shouldn't work opening scenes. fucking Chris Pratt dancing, fucking Batista shouldn't work in that movie as well as he does and and funtastic and he's so goddamn funny in the movie. Oh my God, he's gotten so much work out of doing guardians, like it's in serious work, to where I'm like, Holy Shit, he can actually act, but fuck he's so good as draft. Yeah, you're like. I'm like what the fuck, like what? Oh my God, and Jesus they had. They had John C Riley as a serious fucking character. Is the one of those? One of those was like, what the good? The fuck are is gonna forget John C Riley is in the Marvel Universe? When close, because Gwen close, she's in us, the head of the novacorps. Look at the fuck out of here. I wonder. People want to act in the Marvel universe. I don't know, because because you hear about, like you here different stories, and I think it. I think it depends on who you're working with, because, like Hugo Weaving, who I fucking love, is Red Skull in the first Captain America? Yeah, and he but he didn't and he didn't like doing it. He didn't have a good time. So when red skull comes back in Infinity Wars, it's dude from from walking dead. Natalie Portman hated doing it. That's why she quit after thor the dark world. But now apparently it's coming back. That's gonna be weird. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, it's just weird how they have like you have all these like big name actors, actresses, and like they have at these tiny parts. You had a fucking Jeff Gold Bloom and fucking Ragnar Rock, like you're like, what the fuck is this shit? My favorite part of the fucking so fucking funny. I'm waiting just be like it's almost I'm waiting to be like there's Cameos, a people like just playing other people dress up in that same fucking movie. You had Matt Damon, yeah, I forgot, hibout the other Ham's worth and Sam fucking Neil playing Odin in that little play they were doing. You're right, SAM fucking it's Darter grant from Jurassic Park. I mean fucking much. A paid Matt and wasn't even paid Matt Damon. That damn was by like just did it. Yeah, I still I still think it should have been Jimmy Kimmel as fake thor in that scene. That'd be fun. I have Kimmel and Damon just that would have been because he works for ABC. That is funny. But yeah, I yeah, you got what look, look what Brad Pitt did for his one scene in deadpool too. Yeah, not even one scene. His quick frame on screen for you, like was that Brad Pitt?...

That's we're literally like I remember seeing that live. I was like that was that Brad Yeah, second time I went to see I went just for that fucking scene. It's coming, it's coming. Holy Shit, that's bring it. Pay Him in coffee he want. Probably, I think I read something. He's like, I just wanted to cup a coffee, right, or like all right, well, how the fuck? Why are you? Like, you know, I want to be in debt. Like my thing is today, like did Brad Pitt reach out to them or they reach out the Brad Pitt? Because I can see Brad pitty like, you know, I want to be in the movie. Yeah, but I'll see Ryan Roland's being like I want Brad Pitt in the movie for a second. Yeah, not even a second. Well, yeah, as long as it doesn't speak, he doesn't get paid. Yeah, so well, because that's what that's what Steth McFarland did with Ryan Reynolds. If you watched Ted, Tedtoo, and he wants to die in the West. Yeah, he's always in like one or two scenes and he never speaks. That's true. That's a true. Well, that's another guy. Look at you, know you look at you get Charlie starron in a million ways to die in the way you Liam Neeson. Yeah, and a million ways to die in the West. It does. He gets everybody. Yeah, Ted Ted, you had fucking Sam Guy Play Flash Gordon, I can't think of but she had him Mealo Mela, fucking coon, and Patrick Stewart's narrating the damn thing. Yeah, I'll leave you put. I'm just fucking with Oh sure, yeah, I love those movies. Fuck Ted, Ted Tattoo. I like the original one more. Yeah, Tattoo's fine, like it's funny, but the first head is hysterical. FUCKING GIOVANNI RABC is the Creepy Guy Sucking, dancing with the with the drink doing the fucking. But I'd like the scene to where they go after Brady never throws him out the window, perfect spiral. He goddamn so fucking funny. It's just Dick when it's at rest, as weird as like he does. Says my farm does get anybody he wants, just about, I feel like, just for family guy or whatever. Patrick Patrick Stewart's been on family guy. He's he's got a regular spot on American dad is as dudes boss. Yeah, I mean the crate. I mean he's had rush limball on there to play rush limbaugh and they probably hate each other. Oh So, I'm sure, I'm guarantee they fucking do. How do you get that was a really good episode that I'll run. Yeah, it seems like something you do like is I how much want to do we actually get rush law to do this? How you fucking agrees and you're like, Oh shit, I like family guy, so I'll do it. He probably I ought to rush. Probably it's it was probably one things like you appreciates it for, like not pulling punches. Yeah, yeah, because because they don't now they don't right all the what I do like? My favorite episode of the...

...current season was on repeat last night and Peter's arms get ripped off and he's getting them growing backs a little tiny like fucking baby arms, whole episode. And so like the whole episode he's like trying to do shit, like he tries to slam his fist on the table. He misses the first time's gotta try again. Tries to go for a hug and can't get he's like low as. You want to do a little bit of the old yeah, that's funny. It looks great. Fucking I've watched like whenever I watched my hats, always old episodes. I'n't watching the new episode and fucking forever. But just my one of my see, I don't. Let's do a couple favorite scenes. Well, my whint from favorite scene. That very, so so the Asian, old Asian drivers, like good luck everybody, and just said how many? How much does saying I need to cut across a lanes? None, okay. I knock at bay body and it is fucking and there's a crashes. M The other one where peters in like Rehab and he's trying to make up a name. Oh yeah, he's like my name is pe A. looks at a pan. It's a PP and somebody crying tear and then a grimy Oh shit, I I re every like every year, like once a year, I go back and rewatch the old episodes on Hulu like in a binge. Fuck those old epis, those old seasons are so funny, they're so good, like the current season, and I get to watch it at work. The current seasons really fucking good, but those first like five, six years are like untouchable. How many times do they get canceled? Twice. Then they made then they made fun of being canceled. Guys, you got canceled and he just look at our time slot back. Only if and the list listen, like twenty shows that alter time slot and got canceled. I guess if all those shows get canceled, was it they? I think they did. They bring it back, because I don't know if this real or not. Ours maybe something right or somebody told me they brought it back because when it was like when they've released it on DVD, it was like the number one selling season ever of any it was that and they were they had licensed adult swim to show the repeats. HMM, and it was like their highest rated. So fucking good, I know. So they're like fuck are I guess we fucked up. You'd fucking twice to get Fox to admit that is insane. Then you're like and then and they says get sethm far on whatever he wants now. Oh yeah, well, it's like it's like South Park with comedy central. Yeah, you give them whatever the fuck they want there. What's keeping your channel alive? Yeah, yeah, and now you can watch them all on HBO Max, which the Pandemic special was really fucking funny. I haven't watched it. I haven't watched the new because they have the new one, the I think it's called. I think it's called the vaccine special or something. That one I haven't watched. With the pandemic specials really fucking funny shit, because it's because it's really Meta. They get really met about it too. It's because South Park's good at that Shit. South remember a South Park made fun a family guy. Yeah, that got ugly. I know because because after not longly have that dateline did... an episode about about Seth McFarland, which I didn't realize this. He's one of the like the lead composers of all the music to you didn't know that? No, Oh, yeah, yeah, I knew he did like fucking everything, but I didn't know he did fucking everything. Yeah, but they were asking about like you know. He's like, you know, you're this pocket put people come after you. So they asked him about like when Simpsons and made fun of family guy and he was like me and Matt Grinning or friends. It's cool, you know. He's like, what about South Park guys? He's like, they can go fuck themselves. He's he's like, he's like we we don't get along. Huh. I'm out there. Why? I wonder why? I don't know, but apparently that's why they did that. Hole. Two, three part are going after him and he was not not happy about it. They both really good for different things, though. I know well. He all he had a he had a feud with Sothere, had a few with Jon Stewart for a little while. I don't know if there's I don't know if they've ever made up for it was during the Writers Strike and I guess John Offered to because a lot of other shows went on hiatus until until the writers guild got their shit together. Yeah, John, I guess, was paying his people out of pocket so we can keep doing his show, and I guess seth had a big problem with that and I guess he liked like railed him on Pierce Morgan or something back when. That fuckers a lot of show. Yeah, but like and then I guess Johnson didn't take too kindly to that and it kind of spiraled from there. All right, John Plied don't want his people to go without money. Loo's yeah, because Cecil thing was like he should have, you should have gone on Hayaison solidarity, and John was like, or I could pay my people and everybody could just keep working. And it was a fucking election year, like stupid shit. Yeah, it's weird. I don't know. Family got. They're so different, so manly has out barkers, so different, but they're both so good. Yeah, like if you like one, you will like the other. There's so yeah, there's there's so much to like about. There's so much they have in common, and yet there's so much they do differently. Yeah, like not just the animation style, like we're the few areas were we're. Family guy like won't and go. South Park will always go. Oh, yeah as well, South Park. South Park will go wherever, but then family guy will go where it can go on public TV. Yeah, well, we talked about we talked about this last time where it was like how network TV tries to do, yeah, what cable does, but for a waiter, and that's kind of like what family guy does for South Park. Is it take or any of those like Super Raunchy animated shows. They is they take that kind of humor and they just they water it down a little bit. Never work for the Cleveland show. But that was kind of wasn't great. Now I do love American Dad, though. Think I think what happened was they were like, I don't know why. Never, I got nothing from Clim no, I have no. I've tried to figure it out, like it was like I can't figure out. Like why would you want to do because it's that time you had family guy, he a family I Cleveland Show, an American Dad. Like...'d want to get rid of one of them? Not Do all? I feel like, not do all three. Yeah, plus it just it just wasn't great. No, it wasn't. But also what I love is he knows it wasn't great because when ever Cleveland had a cameo and then when he came back on the show, they just do relentless jokes about how awful the show was. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there's the one where they go back to visit and the wife is like we're still waiting on your wedding gift and Peter's like the gift was the showy shit they do. You know, they try. I also it's kind of weird that you've got a show about all these black characters and like every fucking voice actors alike. That's also true, like the Guy Wh's the the guy used the voice of Cleveland and his sons is the white guy who's also the voice of the bear. I don't know, it's weird. Now, great, completely agree. Was I don't about three years. For years look like five. That was it real. I think I got five seasons, Jesus, but I mean, I couldn't. I didn't pay attention to it. It didn't like it, you know, it was bad. It was bad by bad. That's horrible. Yeah, but then they got the simpsons. It's been on for a hundred fucking years. Yeah, I stopped watching that a long time ago and I don't know why. I just think it's because I fell in love a family guy so much. I kind of you know what, I kind of think you're right. At some point I consciously stopped watching the simpsons, and I don't know when, but I just felt like, if its South Park, I felt like South Park was family. I was a water down version of like, would you know, I we're just talking about like South Park there. will go there and family guy. Would you like a water down version of it? And I also I felt like Simpson would do it even more water down virgin because, for because when simpsons first came out with us, for for it's time, the simpsons was the Raunchy car are too. Absolutely my parents are on. They watch it for a while. No mine either, and then family guy came around. They're like, you're sure shit and not watching family guy, but now you look at Simpsons and it's so tame. Oh, it's so tame. Come at anything on an adult swim to. Yeah, Oh my God. Well, unlost, we also live in a world where things like big mouth exist. That's also true. I fucking love that Shit. I've never, I've never watched it. Oh my God, it's it's not for everyone because, like you think, South Park like, won't we'll these day. There's no fucking like because it's on Netflix. So things of the thinking one and it's Nick Crol and and John Mullaney, so no fucks are given whatsoever. And it is. I mean it's a show that I think has a lot more heart than people give it give it because it it's pointing at the fact that, like like the puberty times of your life suck. Yeah, they fucking suck. And like they do episodes that... with like consent, you know, sex education, things like that, just then a really fucked up indirect way, but I think that's also the best way to handle those issues right now. Yeah, I think on that does have an issues should take it and really fucked up angle. Yeah, because you're fucked up. It's they're fucked up things talk about exactly, like the Eton. Why would your boils down something so fucked up to make it seemed not fucked up? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, like it's fucked up up. What I look one of the the sex set episode. They cover like abortions and things like that. At one point one of the characters literally like we're going to get so many fucking emails about that, like it's really it's really fucking Meta and I love that about it. But also the hormone monsters just the best character. I've heard about that. He's, Oh my God, like the first season especially, he is the most quotaal fucking character. He's like like fuck it, duck, you know what I'm gonna do on a like a fucking duck. Fucking I've heard about that every tell me to watch it the first the heat, the first episode. You'd be like what the fuck am I watching? I mean it's about one kid who just can't stop jerking off. It's been one kid who has any puberty and it's driving him nuts. That is Dick so small. It's about one girl who's going through all the bullshit of what the women go through puberty. One girl that's that's not. One girl that's dealing with being mixed race and all this shit, like because that was the one that missy pyle was voicing. Okay, who was the the little mixed race girl, and then they made her leave because she's a white Jewish lady. Yeah, but she but I think she has. I think she left voluntarily, but they actually they found a way to right off her voice actor changing in a way that was actually really fucking creative. Gone through puberty, not even going through puberty, because, because they make a couple jokes in the season about where she's like, but what do I know? I'm just a little black girl voiced by a like girl also, but Um, at one point she has like a she's like an identity crisis, like like kids have at that age. Yeah, she's seeing like these different facets of her personality, like in like a like a fun House House of hall mirrors kind of thing, and she kind of like smashes the mirrors and kind of puts them together and like this new, well rounded personality and that's the new voice comes from. Oh Shit. I was like, that's actually really fucking creative. Yeah, the show doesn't it could because it's so fucking Raunchy it. You don't, you don't look how it's easy to overlook like kind of some of the deeper shit that they actually kind of dress on the show. Because you've also got an episode where these kids are being bullied by their friends, older brother and their play and they're making them plate just kit. Yeah, Oh, teeth's great. Have to watch this. Yes, fucking fuck, I think it's fucking brilliant. Now here's my thing. Only give back to the simpsons. Okay, have you watched his videos how they predict the future? What does that make you think?...

Does that make you think that Granny's the fucking time travelers and make you really think he's a fucking eye? It's scary, reepy, dude, like I remember in two thousand and seventeen. They had. It was. It was star wars episode seven was coming out and that chipmunks movie moved there the least date to the same day as fucking Star Wars. It was dumb to begin with, and somebody pulled up an episode of the simpsons where somebody was going into Fox movie studios. There was a poster that says coming this Christmas Star Wars seven and Alvin and the chipmunks. He fucking kidding me, not even fucking kidding, and I was like our get the fuck out of here. See One where heat they pre basically predicted the ending of game of thrones. Yeah, and I was like how the fuck did as some scary otherworldly shit going on in those studios. Man. I it does make you think if he is a time I can like he's a time traveler, what a what have use of your hours? He has show called Future Rama. Oh I know. Oh my God, I fucking love that show. Well, even that one. He had the with Future Rama. He had the foresight, like, because you get into like the third and fourth seasons and they're doing time travel episodes and there's shit in the where they go back to the first episode yeah, if you go back and watch that first episode, those things are fucking in the episode. You don't notice them until you see the time travel episodes and then the way they don't have. You see how the show end at the show ends the final episode Anna. Basically it ends in such a way that it makes the fact that the show is ending but will then start over with the first episode, Meta and part of the show. Oh Shit, I don't you care if I fucking tell you now go. So it basically like time freezes and only fry and Leela are immune to it because they were a part in this like in this like bubble or whatever. So they just live out the rest of their lives just like as a couple, until they are getting old and they're about to die, and then they're basically what happens is the professor had found a way to break free of being frozen in time and created basically this alternate time loop where they had to go back to a certain point, and that certain point is when the show starts. Oh, they're like and they was a you were going to go through and kind of just relive our whole I was again almost like a tea, almost like a like a series starting over at the beginning or something like that. I was like that is fucking brilliant. Yeah, Holy Shit, that's a good way. And Yeah, that was what you know, futtrauma was one of those shows kind of in that same vein of scrubs, that really did the whole like it was funny, but it would fucking tug it your heart to yeah, no, like you never simpsons never did that. Simpsons was always about the joke. But then fut dramas got, you know, the episode with the dog, which is fucking cruel answering, where fry finds his...

...fossilized dog and he's thinking about reviving him and you find out the reason that his dog like was like fossilizes is because fry left to go deliver that pizza and never came home. As dog waited out outside the pizza place every day for Friday. Come home and you're like all you Dick's, Damn, that's fun. Yeah, Damn. Now I'm damn. Yeah, that does tig at you. Yeah, well, it's and it's like it's like scrubs. Every time they use the song how to save a life and you're like no, fuck, fuck, yeah, Shit, and that brought back scrubs and it wasn't as good. Sucked. Well, they move because he moved. They moved it from what, though, was what ABC, to CBS, and it was like they got rid of everybody except, I think the janitor and Turt were the only ones that stayed. Everybody else was gone. Really, yeah, because what's almost Turk, Turk was. Was this the black guys? Or Yeah, but he but what's his face is on it? To Zach, they had, they had cameos, but they weren't main roles in this. And Gus. It was so bad I watched like two of us. It's yeah, because it because it was about like the like new the new students or whatever, and it just it wasn't it wasn't good. It lasted like a season. They tried that with that seventy show. They tried to do with that add show. Yeah, lasted like, I think, like six episode. Everybody knew that wasn't going to work. How, Oh my God. Well, think about that seventy show, that seventy show, if you really get into the fucking like this is nerdy, if you really think about it, that seventy show, which is like twelve seasons, only covers like three years because in the first season they go see star wars for the first time. That comes out in nineteen seventy seven. Oh Fuck, that was my Goddamn my right. I remember the day I realized I was Oh cool, so I tried to do the Mat. I was fucking curious and I was like wait, the show was on for how long? Wait a minute, fucking hey. Yeah, they go see stay, go see star wars in the first season and that's nineteen seventy seven. That show was on for an I mean about twelve years, but it was on for like eight, nine seasons. Shit. Yeah, that's fucking kind of cod almost kind of amazed. You want to go back and rewatch that seventy show and see just how much, like how many Christmases do they have? Just one? It's ends up being like Future Rama. Yeah, wait a second. Well, because I know that. I know where it when it got close to the end. was when? Because when Tofur grace left the show was because his character was supposed to be going to like do like a like a work exchange program to get money for college. Then his girlfriend leave then to I can't fuck know. She was there all the way to the endless...

...she was. He was the only one that ever left get old, Eric. Yeah, I think. I think Ash Noa, I think like Ashton coocher left at one point, but his was more closer to the actual end. is also so big at the time. But yeah, he was. He'd become a huge because do where's my car? came out and punked and yeah, Holy Shit, God, it's early two. Yeah, makes you feeled no shit. All Right, folks. That'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mr Mike Shay, on twitter and Instagram as well. He also followed this show on twitter instagram at tbl underscore pod. And we got a brand new website under construction for you guys, with some cool new stuff coming down the line as well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll cut you guys again next week with another episode and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and Bub by.

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