The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 1 · 1 year ago

Mike & Mike in the New Studio - Episode #1 (Season 2)


Sitting together for the first time in the new podcast studio, Mike Shea & Mike Wells sit down for a chat over pizza, discussing the issues of the times: iPhones, politics, & zombies.

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E guys it's Mike thanks for tune an in.I just wanted to let you know. This is kind of a an impromptu test session that MikeWells and I had together as we get ready to come back withseason two with the podcast. This is us just you know we were sitting around.We had a couple of drinks, we had some pizza and we were just sitting and justhaving a conversation, and you know these are the kind of conversations heand I have is the kind of conversations we love to have on the show, and theseare the kind of conversations we look forward to having, as the new show comes back, an it's newform and it's new forman and it's new season, so we're still working out thekinks, we're in a brand new studio brand new studio, still getting used tothe aestetics and the Acoustics of the place. It's a bit bigger. It's still alittle echoe as we work on getting it finished. The ceiling fan is noisy asall get out, but we need it to stay cool in here, so and and obviouslyworking on our Mike Levels and Mike Positioning you'll notice. The audiosounds a little off on this test run. We had to get a little creative with hhow how the Mikes were going to sound after the facts, because I have a veryloud deep voice and Mike does not so as we go forward well, work on making surewe get the Mike placement correct and getting the levels just right, but asfar as a it ust a fun, testable conversation. Ithink this one was pretty good, so sit back and enjoy the. I guess you couldsay a special sneak preview of what's to come with the basement. Lounge like IFOUND, like the're they're. Evennumbered models always seem to be the better version of whatever thepredecessor was. You had the five and it was okay, but the six was better.Then you had t e seven and it was okay and then the eight was better and thenwe had, but then we fced waswhe. We got the ten ND, the ten was cool, but theeleventh matter yeah. Like I love my eleven well, the fucking n. Then theone came out today. They said t Aden today for an ie oun, oh did theyyeah. I came out today and I was like, like l, the new ones available today orthe like, looked Ito, the announcement of GSICUS last. They usually do itSeptember for September. They just announced theIPAD and and weere like that's weird. So I was like well is octave rob allthey announced t today. It's so fucking it ta the same phone Watfi Ye s, five Secae D, an like I'm, notGongto Y. I like my eleven and if the only difference is, is dad in five g Imean I'm fine, I'm going to keep on in so on t tine, she's, not yon, going tobe anywhere yeah T it's like it's like four K, everybody freaked out aboutgetting four ktvs, there's no forcae content. Yeah. I got my PS for Paro itout puts in Fourq and that's great. I got it 'cause. It was the one that wason sale. I don't eat a for KTV 'cause. What am Igo n? What am I going t wath, I'm going Na Wanh who reruns a Fugurama and fourkit's? What do you DOTHEROWS CRIGHTER AE? Amazing? On thing I didn't knowtisa diferene. It was T. wasn't the video games Um, it was when I got it. I wasplaying fractured, but hole was out part game,Frehar, buttle and h. When I switche to I use an actual four Khdmy cord, thevideo games. Noticeably looked, I different, but, like my Blueraisin ShidI' Aneflix, I I couldn't tell a Haons, as I think only one they had Insk for awhile netflices iing bad as coming toote. They grevirly, like I, don'tknow her's on very few ones. You Wi Watch emthat fist ils an fork and don't know how they dig. I wasn't te said right. IOni mean I don't know upscaling and rendering, and all that is a little OL past me. Ok, at this Ifon welvething,...

...five gin ut iave ever shed s Ivan IasPont on a Rightsh et' seee fought Erisin. So sorry CookRising Er an daily they they they expent. I likesprint, that's fine Um. They are expensive because I work ther,my mis Um. I mean it looks a little boxer.Looking looking at S, Lik the Ey fom five, it does. I yeah it looks like theIone five smallest thinnest lightest fives, youphon, okay, cool Wat's, a screen Sisis, I'm trying t the website is weird okay,so the mini is five point four inches that the the regular twelve is sixpoint, one, a TAT's about t's about the size of theeleven tatisis at the Soni. Don't eat a Minti greenfinish good Um, a Roda joke about Aslain, as it pigesme off. APPLA still hasn't come out with every night on the name ofdegrania seriously the dransman, that's fucking great um SI mean likecool like the nightmode, the The low light. I mean this this eleven. Iremember. Last last winter 'cause I got my eleven last year and um I took wadedsnow all night. I took a picture at one o'clock in the morning. In my backyard,like it was like midafternoon Hese, a little lake cameras, Isaing Um, whom you own a film's Dudo. You record four KHDR video with Dolbivision. I mean that's cool but film, Forca n your phone yeah, but it's notDOLBI vision. Vision is it's just it's like like cinematic quality, which Idon't need that on my fucking phone Althoh Grat, an hothe Disney's talkingabout putting everything on fucking streaming m, maybe Elo Tas, it's MAG,safe 'cause! Now 'cause people keep putting the magnetic shit on the backof their phones and the wonder why their phones get fucked up, I'm first of you're an idiot. If you dothat, yeah ths, like that. That's going back to the nineties, folks,electronics and magnets. Don't fucking work, don't don't do it! TOMP YEAH! I mean that's cool, I'm good wor on Hisoo Imaybe, not pendenic, wiseolotf people shopping online, but I've never been one of those guys thatneeded to get the newest phone. I just you know I I had a six. I had a sixplus forever. Only reason I switched over toan Ght plus was because we were switching carriers and I was like wellfug it. If I'geting t the new found, I sold my sold my six plus to titus,which ecause, if anybody needs a gigantic fucking phone, it's his tinylittle hands Um and the ohey reason I Swische, O from the a plus to to theeleven. was S ecause. They were offering a deal where we liven came outther, he coult switch to it and I won't Change Hor bill and I was like buck it. I deserve something nice and I als. I also want to the camera sothe best way to take selfies or pictures on this with your foque videoandt, take a screen chop. Oh ship yeah. I never thought of that. NEVER THOUGHTABOUT THAT! Other fucking E, Oh game, changer, an I'm going to look sexy St Cat Telo, these balls dik pit game just fucking SCA. I mightactually start having start sendindictines, never sent one beforethis might be now that I know they're going to look photogenic as fucking. What happened the other night on thatdate? What I saw you posed, never fucking, sheshust, ever fucking showedup. She ever caught, t okay, so wee. So...

...we me o Memountn bumble Hich, you don'tknow W at how bumble works. It's they have t the women have to make the firstmove. If you match they got twenty four hoursto make the first move and then, if they, if they send you a message, youhave twenty four hours to respond. So we were talking for like two fuckingweeks and then one day I blue shes, just like hey do you want my fluckingphone number, O no talking bos APP anymore and I was like, Oh Shit, sure,Oh damn, I'm doing good, all right cool, so we talked for like another fucking aweek and finally I was like Sh'caus. She hadn't lived here verylong. She, like I just moved to Dattin like threor four months ago, and I waslike we were talking about Mexican food. Shewas like. I want to try some ofh the TACO place. I Ay Hat's Goo to fuckingfuzzies 'cause they're, like some of the best tacos in Dayton, not a sponsor, but you know Tey't want to be Um. She was at cool teher the night before, like hey, we still want for to Morro nd. I H as likeyeah to they can't wait. I'l get cool well speaking to Ey phones. I know homegirl has an iphone because I'd get the little. You know the be blue messagesand it was so red and delivered and all that she read every fucking tex message.I read her saying: Like Hey werethe lucky at I know she was reading themessages. 'cause the phone was television, so she knew full well. Iwas texting her. She just didn't. fucking show up her call or Texant oranything. It's fucked up man, but I got I got. My drinks fore freak thebartender caught me, my my my boozy slushys, so so man, first dat in three years, she's,never sad. He never said a fucking word, Ma'an Yeah, even to his dat 'cause. It's been likeit's bee like a week a week or two now and still nothing whatever man suck heryeah seriously. Fuck her like that like to consciously make thedecision to do that, to say I'm not going to goout with this guy who I already said I was going to go out with and I'm notGoin to tell him, I'm not going to go out with him. What, if she's in thehospital right so Hou's the thing and I thought about it: B'cause she's, caus e,she's, cuseshe's, a nurse, oh! So at first I thought. Maybe she like hadsome shit come up we're in a fucking pandemic. I wonderif the nurse got busy at the hospital. I was like cool, but I figured within aday or two I'd fucking hear something like hey sorry, my patient coated, andyou know something like that. But you know I didn't hear about any MASSOFEspikes in Ohio's, covit numbers. That's e fucking lie that governor came downand told us all, shame on you, but we're actually having spike we're,actually not tooing great. That was a Gr. That was a great day atwork when, like hey w e, when 'cause tit was right. After the MichiganGovernor almost got fucking kidnapped, so we got T, we got a notice for a left,tasid problem. I know I know Yeh, you left US hate America we're going toKIDNPAP. Some politicians we're fine, but H, so they sent us anotice or our news. sthat should be saying, like the governor 's going tobe here at this time. Do not, and they told US explicitly do not publicly sayanything about him being there until he starts speaking 'cause. They didn'twant to take any chance of somebody like that. Kindo makes yeah wichwhic to.I totally got it, but in the five years and working it news, I've never been ina situation where I've been handed like confidential information. So I feltkind of fucking important cause. A lot of people, hate, himt'SSO,fucked, O h the thing as it pisses me off. We all just didn't do anything forsix weeks we shut down everything for six weeks. This is all wee en over. It's all and- and you know, God blesshim because he he tried to avoid making it an order. He tried to appeal toohioans humanity saying like. Please just do this without me having to makeyou, and I think we made it maybe a week, maybe too, and then everyone saidBok this I want to go, get nachos and and beer, my friends and it's like, butyou can't do that right now. If I an do it like, I see the post online all thetime. These are. The people who would like in the zombiapoclups would likeargue for their right to get infected likeois. I demand to get bet. We are nonsexuable man, I av...

Ama, hide it from y family they're, theassoles who wait until they're on the boat off to the safety of the island tobe like by the way I got bit back in the mall like twenty minutes ago. Whyhaven't you changed already, I'm the main character. I get to wait a littlebit longer. It's in my contract, its UCKS avanty, five of the script. Doyou watch? Do you watch the walking den at all yeah I used o? Haven't I stoppedwatching it after stoppe watching it? How far are you I stopped watching it two seasons ago,Oh yeah stopp, watching an the episode before Carl Tax, okay, so so theepisode where were Carl, I did see that one and it just cracked me the fuck up,because it's like everyone else on this show gets bit by his obby there. Izabilike right away. He got bit by Izambi, had an entire episode to get hisfucking affairs in order then- and I was like cou get the fuck out of here- he cut off Hershel's arm immediatelywhen it ait was a armor leg. I can't remember I' had been La. He was his leg hit washis leg in the shell thining, my nams armind th Aa yeah, my brother read thebooks more than I did t ask him, but uh yeah V, even even even rick, had a morelike m. That makes sense like like send offon the show or, like you think, he's dead, Orhtua fucking not but be likecoral got the most UN unreal rl horroor. I said Coral Eman, eaoi C I cant I. Ican't not do it now. When Carl fucking died yeah he gets a hole, I mean they say they say it wasn't thatlong of a time it's just it's Cinematicaly, it looks longer wheneverhe got a whole flucking episode to write everybody Letters Hell upset ittwenty four yeah. He really did he got t. He got thefucking Jacke Owr that shit and it just it also. It was just dumb. I also G gotreally. You know you gotta M, be tap out when I find out thereis like a cultand ho how they work as they they kill. Zombis carve their faces off and wearthem like masks and act. LEXOMBIZIG BN I'm like that's a scene from Shon ofthe dead R fucking kitting e right now, thewhistors yeah. It's got one sea. I think this the next seasons so lastseason, that's he ersain SPEEC, spin off Wen to their S. b'cause, there'sAin' like Rick's, going to get a spin off well they're, supposed to film it Ehanat cancer, not tril Everyingeverythig EAN. They canceled glow for crying Rou,loud and everything's up in the air right now. It's like not cancelled, butlike loss on hold on hold, because I don't see them not doing that. I did'tsee glow back canceled. I watched the first seasona low. I like Mark Marrin'spest. I wouldn't EARKMARRI super best he's trying to get somebody to pick itback up. WOR ON Y O o hope. I hope they do IADDVIEU it. If I AERB talks aboutlike D, they were, they were Gn. They were like about to start shootingseason for when, when cove had hit and Itwas like well, obviously you werecommitted to the show. Why would you just like Oud be Jesus? I don't know everithink feel like Nat. Flix did not suffer rom a pendemic. Oh No! Oh! No! Not at allYo kid e for T, firt of all they've got so much animated shit, that's carryingthem right now, like between Efpis for family and a bigmouth a lot of the stuff they they revivedlike Lucifer. They revived and gave it a couple more seasons and people wentto it and drove a lot of folks thought that afer they got rid of e Marble Shitthat they were going to tank, but they hung in there. Ganhou was that evenstill onte o hve to have it it's. I think it's on there, but um they're.Not No one knows what the plan is as far as as they're going to like 'causeDisney said that they're not going to put any of like their adult shit onDisney plus Swith, which which I get but like they they own Houlo. Soeveryone's kindo wondering, like maybe they'll, put it on Holoo 'cause Ithasgot some flocke up shit on there yeah. But the thing is like that's twodifferent enities too: Isn't it as far as what, as far as like 'cause,they have two different. They had. The T V show Enity, Oh Yoa and n e had theyeah hate each other yeah. So I it's...'s it's. So if you ever get a chanceto read t e reat upon the politics of t the marble cinematic, universe's,fucking, hilarious Gaes, you had Kabin figgy, who everybody knows is the guythat runs on the movie shit, and you know I I have friends who out inCalifornia who were like film critics and Shit, and they would talk about howthey'd go to like a press event like on the set and if and if Kevin Figgy was running it likethey had like they were, they got catering, they g put up in hotels andthey got taken care of and if, like Pearl Mutter, the other guy who were onthe T v should if he was running cause, he was the head of Marveleentertainment. If he was running shit like they were just on there fucking on,he was like a hardcore penny pinching like really cheap low budget kind ofguy, whereas Cevin foggy was like puck it right. The check we'll make it uplater on and then, when Disney bought, Marvel Disney. Mad Kevin Figgy, thehead of marble studios, so that he no longer had to answer to like Pearlmatter, so he became his own boss and then that pissed off Pearl Mutter. Soeven though the stuff with like daredevil and all that is consideredpart of the mcu like a watch it like they mention it as little as fuckingpossible 'cause, they just yeah. So I don't know I don't know Ho. What'sgoing to happen with that, nobody's really sure I hope they at least bring back there oon Punisher 'cause, those those were. I Never Watch lasses and e Ponh. It'sseason ones better, but seasons he's pretty fucking good. It's a littleslower, shesing, two Wa. Maybe I have watch season to Lhet's season tooseason too there's like there's like the weird fucking, Zelot Christian Guy,he's a preacher and then he's hiding out with the girl. Now I've never seenthat one I always get like. I always feel like season one TA punishers, thewonmers and Dare Devil Esfar OAS like Yesberr 'cause, he's so important inthat 's. So good too yeah o always forget that that's not dare doubl. Iknow I mean that's, not that's not punishorseason, one, that's Stair Devil! Might as well T it's a little bit. Obo Bit's,almost like Yo, punish your season too proper uh. It's fine season one's better, though not text, oh, but uh, but theire devil. All threeseasons were good. Oh, I mean sure. Fuckin see, lie HatouEnzo, Wy, hatou Um. What was it the other one? They did. The defenders,the Fenders Hae the ener makes up is just that's. That's where youstopped. The entire thing it felt like to me always felt likedefenders was like season two point: five of Dare Devil. 'cause. All themost interesting shit in this show happened involved Dardebil, even thoughthe plot was mostly ironfist wasvery third season. Okay, there's threeseasons. There three seasons are der dobl ther it, the defender, thefenranersin between season to and thre yeah 'case Seasond, three picks up right,where th defenders left off esiated my shits oposes, an everything they everwatchd season, two of lhe page, which I' anted to, and I rersall season tooJusta Jones season to a loot cage. I heard is okay M. I like season wone up untilthey killed off Merchel Ali Yeah. That was the dumbest thing I was like he'he's, like the only reason I'm watching his fucking show he' so go I mean Iliked my culture a lot but like Mercha Ali was the best fucking thing ever onthat show Sogai'm glad theyre, bringing him backas Blade Yeah, which I'm so sighkt for, but God knows when we're getting thatthats tru to but like Jesica Jones. I don't know I liked season one. I thought SEONSI was kind of boring,but I also felt like again like David tendant and e season. One was prettymuch the reason I was watching that show 'cause. He was just so fuckingcreepy and then ironfish, just socses ironfist reminded me. So is I look. Arifis was like the onlyded ironfist that they could do, defenders...

...its like they only did they only did umor so theyu. Do The adventager pretty much 'cause if the original Thar wasnnot good. In my opinion, I, like it better than most people but like whenyou compare B, anyother ones yeah. Well, I think thortwo sucks Doggie Nick butthort Ragerok is the shit. Iraq is lay the best on really it's like one of thebest movies in the NS C. U, if not, if for nothing else than for Jeff Golban,who was fucking, treating that movie yeah Um and an and you know hulkfigting thor, I mean that's just Lu but yeah. No, it's yeah, O d you could tell especiallybecause, like thor was the first one they made when they knew the avengerswas happening like they did: Iron Man, they had the little Singas Sam Jackson,but, like everyone was j, St kind of likewhenever it might happen, it might not nothing like that had ever been donebefore, and then you had the incredible hulk which no one really knew whereit'd fit. And then you got ironman too, which wasn't great, but it kind of setup for four and then thor is thor is the first one that ends with the whole,like four will return in the avengers, and that was the one we on a you knewit was going to fucking happen. Um The we got CAP, EEAN AV Americapersonall. I like winter soldier, an Mor most people do when Er soldier. Ithings probably Li. I think Riesotis, the best one they've done. I Will Watch that movie a million times whenever it's on, butthe first one's good, most ecause you get. You got fucking Hu, go wevenplaying red skull and he's the Shit. It's weird that the Matrix he's been. I morbe ings he'sV and befor Bendeta Yeah Hes Megaron Inthe, Michael Batrons, oners movie,Hes Megato know what Elsie is every er a Babe Peng yeah. He was Rek the sheepdog yeah, but these an fucking everything Ilove hugoyeling made so much Munti love his face, the guy who plays the pirate,I'm dodgeball. I can't think of as something Oh. Ah, shit he's like a character AC. Imean like a Boyso yeah he's been in a I'm Blankin 'cause. He was in fucking,Star Wars and Maana fuck. Is it chicken in Alan? I know Shit what Osa e ewas the chicken and s Om, fuckinegfirefly come on and Alentude Shit isn't t waseanrug one. Is it Raguon Yeah? Hewas K ts. He was the draw. He was fucking great as the Droy. Again H, h,he's a guy he's like you put him in fuckigin anything and I M I'm gonnaWatch it. I love him in fireflawstart. CACK, don't think he did star Trek. UmLet'SSee go hooking out too kid, I'm thinking of the kid that died. Oh Um, Antonyelshon. Yes, yeah man, that'sthat was a bumber. I liked him. I did too Um. It was a freak fucking accident too t acar crash, so it was his g. He was getting ready to go t ve, some friendsand his geep was parked up on top of his driveway and he was going down toget his mail and the parking break gave out and it crushed him O and hes. Theflocked up thing is in his mail was a recall order for the breaks andtransmission for that, jeep that how fucked up is that? How fucked up is that that's like remeber that part we'rejust talking about dodgeball, where he gets killed by the lucky that'sxactly?What that ISTHAT's twilight own shitn yeah, it's fucked up, it's reallyfucked up, Um and h. You know I remember seeing an interview with SimonPeg, because Imon peg wrote. I was one of the writers on the last Ar Trekmovie and he was IEBA hwas like he was like we. I don't even know how the Fuclwe're going to go forward from this yeah. Think 'cause he's good. He wasgreat in it as as a hardcore star Trek ner. Theonly thing I could think of is like there is a. There is a point in startre, not the show bun in the movies.

Where he's just on another ship. Aslike the first officer- and I was like- I guess you could write, write itaround that way. I guess, but at this point it seems like they all kind offuck and hate each other. Now, Oh really yeah and I G 'cause. I guessthere'd been like a big thing where they weren't sure. If quinto and pinewere going to return 'cause, they both wanted a shit load more money, I'm like guys it's star, treck they're,struggling as it is just fucking. thisthese movies are the reason youguys are fucking megastars just take whatever they give you and wrung withit. Og Shi'cause his Chris Tine even done lately that ov an wonderwoman Um.No nothing I mean did that that movie with Tom Hardy H that this means war,that fucking Weirdass spya movie with reace Witherspoon Xnaki, wash tat anditsucks not and insults yeah other than wonderwoman and onerwomen too, which we're never going to fucking, see I feel like a it keeps getting pushed bad after. Ihad that guy coing n eeps giving to come as ust come out what thisell hewas really supposed to comeout last year, and then they pushed it to thisyear. 'cause. It was like Goingta release on like some specialanniversary of wonderwoman and then cove it hit, and now they don't knowwhat the Fufk to do with it. They don't want to put it out on streaming becausethey want to make the fucking money from it, but we jus is Gong to make ap boo well,ucking 'm Disney fucked up hey it made no money, ofnlong none! I think they fucked up because o the fact they said they weregoing to release it a month or two later yeah, that's where they sucked upthey should't. They should have just said it's thirty bucks. Thirty Bucksand which is already cheaper than what you're going to spend to go, see at themovie theater anyway, and then you get to watch I for fucking ever, but thenthey want to say e're we're going to realease to everybody againg threemonths later. Well, then, I'm going to wait three fucking months you idiots who fucked that up for everybody wasuniversal with troles World Tor they mad. Didn't they make I money, Ithink they broke, even but still you to figure it's. It's a kid's movie beingreleased at the beginning of of this pandamag everyone's at home. Lookingfor Shit to do, yeah no kidding it made fucking money like, but then theystarted doing that whole shit. We're like well now we're never going to putmovies out in theaters or we're going to do hem in theater we're going torelease them on on Vod the same day and ver all the theaters were like Wa YuYeah. Now the theaters are all threatened to fucking clothes,'cause they're, all known BROPE S, says ilov movie, Thee, ssance, it'sbut again. A lot of that goes back to 'cause studios. You know, like tenyears ago, started taking a hundred percent of ticket sales. They used tosplit Hem, tifty fift yeah movie, theaters used to split their ticketsales, fifty fifty with studios and then like early two thousands. So henot Tan en I, twenty years o the early two thousands studios started taking ahundred percent and that's why, like snack prices, flucking skyrocketed andthat's why ticket prices skyrocketed 'cause, the studios wanted to get moreof the money out and that's why theaters are always struggling sohut.That's why drivinkeep flucking closing, because people can bring their own shitto drive, ends peoll bring coolers and shit the drivings all the time, butthey dont GE to keep any of the box offhic money. No! That's Pon e pop uponthefox office. It is a lot a lot of people, don't know until Y anoss youwork or or like ar me and just super plugged in the movie shit. It's allthat money goes back to sto theaters, don't see a dime from ticket sales. That's why I lot em now you'll see likea lot of those like special, like Fathima Ben Screenings and Shit. HeyCon', pay, twenty bucks and watch Rath of con on the big screen which fuckyeah highly recommend it. I did that two years ago with they it wasiplentyof the anniversary of Durassic Park when washed Dashit on the big screen.It Shit Still Looks Good Im share it. Wasi ere was was two times where I waslike a CGI, but this was made in like ninety five. So it's okay away, eryjust got a hood of it. What's the ship frof South Warker, it'slike t now re releasing saving private Ryame, but all the guns have beenreplaced by Waki Talkingshsh... it's. It's fucking everybody. It'sit. I don't know how, like the world economy is going to staythe same after those Aay ad pass another fucking Xstendi wo, not World Bo just strictly in he UnitedStates. They Dodo something because people are running out like I'm luckyenough. My you're lucky enough that w our jobs are still doing e, but but even even then, we're still we'rein like nobody from Mike Job has gotten laidoff, but nobody has been into the office sis March, like almosteveryone's working from homd, except for my department and then the actualnews daye everybody else works shirtly from home. Even our bosses are barelythere and it's it's. It's caused some fluckups as far aslike onair stuff goes like stuff's, not getting done as quickly as it needs toit takes longer to get a whold of stuff, but ees. A lot of people just have afFuckat work noeven, my Mo my mom was was Furloa for like three months. Luckily, likeily we had a bi, you knowthe unemployment bone as helped, but you know as far as y we we got that twelve hundred dollarstimule's check in April or whatever the fucket was tha, barely got that barely got peoplethrough the month. I know hewould pass something else. The problem run. IntouH, that is, is everybody both left and right. They keep trying to pass thesebills Er. They keep sneaking other little shit in there tootas, where bypartisanship needs to like I jus make m for the people and theresno shit yet 'cause 'cause. What's going to happen, is you know what guys it's afucking election year we're all going to remember this shit, so every singleone of you left and right- that's tried to Dick everybody around for the lastsix months. You're all going to get fucking voted out or, what's worse, is there not that that's the thing that scares theshit out of as how many people are still going to be fucking around alotoh as want to see each other much mconllout, yeah him and Linsy, Graham somebody from South Carolina. I amashamed. He is still in office. Hi's been in office as long as I've knownwhat beting in office is Oram is in the closet. He Ou hear about that story that gotreleased about a they call. Hem Lady Butterfly Buaa, like the guy was I madethis up right. It was all fakefuckingsomonslike yeah, like hehe's gay. He Hays all these malprositutes to come in and all theselike, loking, like I can't Mo what he say was on his asshole lady butterflieson a rous ass. It was so fucking funny there's none of that. That would shockme, though. Well you look at some of the scandals that have come out of thatcome out of fucking Washington in the last twenty years. None of that Woutdflucking shock. Now that's up there with the guy t the airport, bathroomtapping. You know, taping mors coat on the fucking floor to get blow drows andthe thestalls. Remember that Shit. It was like. It was like two thousand olike two thousand five, two thousand and six and now senator was like goingto airport bathrooms, and there was like this weird, like Morse CodeFoottap, and you would do like next to the next tall to stayover the personthat you were. You were there for like a bathroom blowy and if they tappedback and you fucking Gore hold that shit or what the fuck ever bee reallySaidshi. If you just accidentally, did that Lea your Ta Dancerg, all of a sudden,all of a sudden, you're fucking toil the paper moves away and thedic justcomes theoom Hoh to Nooo at in the lane, I'm not upwhere an Azi graams Dick, probably has a list. Sorry, I love every time. John OliverTalks about him. John Oliver's impression of Linsey gram is like thefunnest look at the Neber and everhes...

Al. He talk about like he's the kind ofguy who would throw this kind of fit like a flucking bow. JANGLES. L Excuseme. I order this with with six chicken tenders and three biscuits. This is theworst Bo Jangles I've ever been to in my life. This is a sham that isshtheysee where he had to do that. Fuckin debate and the it guy had the plexyGlap, O Ewen, Imas C Oynthe, Guy fucked raked them over the colds to Hol ShtMechmaco messmarconals Cat Regga. Was it last night or Thiso. I can'tremember what I heard of laughed. I I don't know the context of the questionnor, but I've seen the like manthat clipper he's laughing about. Like youknow, what's going on with the pendemic and stuff I no cause he was beingattacked or whatever I'm not trying to defend S, I'm not trying to defendmetocoom either, but you're, not you're, not aware ofthe contexts, but on paper it looks bad Tey Realo Pad. I I just don't know thecontact th context, an what sit was said: anmrt the Turtle Iam. I I don't thinkthere's other than other than you know elchido. I think I think I hate himmore than anybody else in flugking. Washing on right now is mcdonall he'sjust he's such an Asshole, and he knows it. He fucking knows it. He knows he'sbeing a Dick. He thinks it's the funniest Shu ever. I think he might. I don't think hi'llget reelected. I hope not. I I wonder if the wine'sgoing to get reelected, I don't think so. That's the part that kind of scares me cause. I I'm seeing I'm seeing so manyliberals saying like go, go mike the line. Even I'm, like fuckhe handledwhen this pandaic Fersian I was like he is handling this so well. I might haveto vote for him. You know Y Caus, you listened to scientists 'cause, youlistened to a and then she got fucking bullied out of office. It bleed her outof her job o Badat, an ackins Actin actingn. I Wa forward to that. EveryThursday was the was the t. The MIK and amy show yocome. On every Thursday twoPM owagthey fought him threatend to killher stead outside o her house gone. He tried to give her a job working in hisoffice and I think she took it an the gin up resigning 'cause it just itwasn't Stobin it's fucked up again. That's that's where we're fucking atnow is the lady WHO's trying to make sure weall don't die from a from a flucking virus y. let's loo threat the killerand that's the thing it's it Piss me outf the most. It's like Extremi Se,just like don't cluck an take, my atondes and pos from all away teboy like that. That's how pathetic it is ben the doctor, because you wan to goout to an all y. You always kind of think, like oh it'll, take like somebig fucking, national or global catastrophe to bring everyone togetherand it tat didn't een word an honestly, I think, brought out the absolute worsethan everybody, a lot of people asiin Jesus Lik, two or three weeks agoat work inese somebody came in and uh it was like. Luckily, I wasn't dealingwith it seen back ace, but she comes in she'slike yeah all might have been exposed to coven. I came into our work fuckare you nonhere and the guy where I was like whoa like backed away a then my boss was like. Why are youhere? No Shit she's like what she's like you're supposed to be quarantining.She, like I, haven't, got my test results back yet then you tats thepoist just Fok. Lady. That's the whole point. My my kid brother is up at Kent StateRight now, and I say he's up at Kent...

State because one fucking professordidn't want to do was class Vergil. So we have to be living on campus to takethis one Cunin class s yeah, which my bro My brother is he's veryhealth. Conscious, like we stopped using regular top poware at my mom'shouse, are using the glass kind 'cause. You know, Yo read the articles aboutLek, the shit to coul be in the plastic ones, which also I let now it's grownon me. I like the glassware but he's very health conscious and being stuckin a dorm room with somebody he doesn't know who you know having Tho r when they'vecut back on like the cleaning staff 'cause. That makes luck in sense theyclose all but one dining halls. Now all the kids were fucking folloling Ino theone space to go, get something to eat and during the spucking Pandamac andhe's like. If he wasn't getting a full ride, he's a smart Fuckin. He he's going NAfoll ride a can't state. I think if you wasn't gin that Thoril t y, he wouldhave not that M. I think Yeu would have dropped out or switched to go somewhereelse, but O, I think e is andiversal. Yeah it'sthat', that's a science class too,so the guy justified as it is like. Oh they gotta be here bb, it's like efucking, cant Ome man like I, I is your- is fucking bio one.Oh one really worth this shit. Are you kidding me it'? It it's a flucking joke, but lady,like people like that, lady we're talking about like that's the reasonwhy my brother's so fluckd in paranoid, because there's so many people who arejust so cavalier about this work o and the the thing is. I felt BA t becausethe person we dealing with Scottlike underline the person that was helpingher has underlying issues. So I was J st like e Iwas, like you need the leavshe's like why I haven't tested I'm waiting to my resorts. She's like yeahyou're, waiting an result you're in to quarantine yourself. So my doctor nevertold me to do that. I'm like having N Thinkin my head, like wraping, likehaven'tg, you fucked and listend, to the news, O Shit asked ever Sipe feelfine, like, oh, my God, my dogter didn't Um me to quarantine and get anew fucking doctor sure he just weren't, paying it Tanche she wo n. She was N AP.It was like a business account too, and apparently she was at a nurse orsomething and we're like Io' know the only people that don'twant to wear mask at my job. I Lot Pisse and B. I got a Astha, my favorite one is: Igot asthma issue. I can't I don' no joke so we got afte wor. Well. If Ipass out, you gos falls that we're going a to wear on on e inside heres onas Thesi I I'm going to go outside and take a smoke. I'm Likeoh you fuckingassold, no fuck, you fuck! You like Ou fi, like you're bored about Haing. Howabout You'R smoking? No wonder you got fucking at asthma quit smoking. I betyour sashma goes away. Oh my God, like that's! why Pe people people turned onme hard 'cause when so when, when trunk got diagnosed, I you know I was Kindalike you know that sucks. You know, I wouldn't don't wish jus kind of Shit onpeople hope he gets over it. You know fine Wi, don't like the guy, but I want hem to go to jail. I don't wanthim to fucking die in office. I want to be a fucking martyr. Well, then, cut totwo days later, when he's inside his airtight SUVs, with all the SecretService, guys not wearing a mass doing drive by ways oeverybody. That's when Iwas like fuck him. If he dies, he dies Yehi'm, sorry. But to me that is theequivalent of somebody who knows they have AIDS going around fucking peoplewithout condoms. It's, like you, know what you have going on and you arewillingly putting other people at risk for your own fucking Yeu, go your ownsatisfaction, fuck, you! What happens to you happens to you. I don't carepeople turnd on me so hard like wishing death on on somebody. It was like h. Heput the Secre serse people and, as I said, he put six people at risk of thatpoint. All those all those secret service agents now have to be quarantiis ad. Is that placethat artanstanagae the suvs those those presidentialeshubes are air fucking tight? I mean they can they. They could probably survive likegoing under water like a fucking submarine, it's insane the fucking, thefucking presidential limo can survive getting shot by a tank. It gets like, Iguess, like two miles to the gallon on...

...gas, but it's like yeah, you you justlike and if any of those guys gets it and they die like that's on you, like Y,you fucking killd, those people ou see her that where you finally gotreleasing Wa stairs yeah, you almost fucking passed out e'e trying to actlike gaes everything, Thas cool, he looks like Shi, don't think he's. Idon't think he's actually been cleared. He looks fucking Herhe'sort wo and handthey as filming everything on the Green Screen, a Shit e green screen by theway Mi Est. Lo Te Mon. No that's terrible, fucking zoom does bettergreen screen. Work than that it, it was bad. He and the the thingthat really kind of flucks me up is how's Milania doing 'cause she testedpositive too. We haven't heard one flucking word about her. It isnok likedid she, I wonder like? Did she get the same fucking round the clock,experimental treatment that he didn't know she probabl CA, 'cause. She sureshe didn't get in the helicopter with him to go to the fucking hospital. Iwas at work watching it happen. She wasn't on Tha, helecopter, UCA, yeah. That's why I I keep telling people. Itold somebody the day I said there is a huge 'cause. Theye they're, like I talesaid, floc Cro go youe J, St Aingthat B'cause you're, a Democrat, its aCripanot Democrat. I'm O realist, real trust me. I don't Li e T, I don't likebuy Iti either, but the difference is one person is ob is clearly a proventerrible person. The other one is a suspected terrible person I'll take theone who was suspected but not provin, hom the one who's proving any Goy DamneDay, I'm not voting against trump 'cause he's a fucking republic and poonagainst trunk B'cause he's a Dick Acar. Se n the ROCKECON OUP he's likecan't ener wh. It was a talking o somebode and they were like yeah. Idon't I he's Li. I I don't think trumpowin. I think trump has no way ofwinning s like you, Wan know why 'cause peopleusually vote out of hate and it's the first time I the left, hates somebody absolutely ate somebodyand they will vote for the other person just out of hate. I was like how canaat o mean, especially with the with the mal and ballot, and I mean they'vealready said that, like the numbers of early voting are higher than the peoplethat actually voted to the entire election really last time around. I didnot know that yeah, don't remember where I read that fromso. If I'm wrong, I can see that though 'cause everybody's Ling, enugh alreadyvoting the votes and stuff like that 'cause you can go down downtown datingright. Now, I'm voting, I got my. I have my absent tea balance. I, after O,send it on w Mi vote our places right, my buildingpoles right next to ourhouse, that', that's mine! 'CAUSE! I haven't changed my address yet Tisponde waiting til after the election 'cause. I don't ee like fucking, of thewhole system, because it'v already up theartizbu IAS with my mom that was atFairmont High School, which is in my mom's back yard yeah. So ours likecattering middle school, or something like that right by the Green, Oh yeah,it's right! There Yeah A M! That's where ours at litter, ises like rightdown at Mi, well, cattering, kettering, midtl and farmontr right next to eachother s, Syeu might be a fair Mantin, no, no Famasi or no I'm sorry! That'snot! That's fan beer in this Likar. I always get the scucod fuser for somereason, but they're theyre within a couple of miles yeah. So it's so we'regoing to get up like five thirty in Mrin Y 'causeeven, my wife, my wife,hates politics. She hates she's, like she fo AAn RP. She like doesn't liketalking boutnever, been about that at all she's like his this guyshe. Does him curse, she's married he oi just say ast. I mean thi its. It'sbizarre to me that that that 'cause, I've seen you on stage so many Goddantowns and I'm like, and this man's wife doesn't curse like her systeric Sax and it's fucking waitit's like thetravelsothe old family guy bit, where...'s like. That's like it's like a NewEngland girl during sex, Oh Gad, y cramp or crap arap, Oh yeah, that she' she's so like againstpolitics mean like she doesn't like ar what site she's on or ain't thattalking about it. She res s one of those trump trains, oh shit, liht onthe highway, and she calls me absoluty I' es H, Lik. You Ha that I don't en. Idon't like Joe bying by fucking Ro, the thrump igtbut she's. Like do you havethat bid an Harris poster yet sign? I was Likno that she's, like put it andget it put in the bucking yard. Amireally SHS IE fuck these people- I Ididn't used to be super poetical really until trumk got elected like Iwas usually very like I was into politics, but I was quiet about it.'causeup until trump got elected, you could kind of be quiet about I, and itreally wasn't that big of a flucking deal because back then the worst thingwe'd seen at that point was was ronme and he was just kind of Du. She wasn'treally like a he wasn't what we have now. He was just kind of Dick wasn'treally ad. It was a terrible purse and he JS the Dush. I never really waspolitical until SRUNK Cila. It was like tr. I I wasmore political. Okay. I was PLOON bombing. I liked it, but I'd get hissedoff 'cause like you'd, see all these people like 's, making the most raciousyeah remark: Some facebook Si'm, like Wi yeah, I word get you want to makefun of somebody totally fine, but you not no. What you're doin I used to bemy only I. I never do political humor on stage ever, but the one time I I didwas whenswhen Obamma got elected and I was like I usually don't do politicalhumor. I thought about trying it out, but the thing with Obama is he's notfunny e. They O th their black jokes and it's whatever, but I will say 'cause. Ihad a job working at a at an IRS call center. I was one of those assoles fora little bit and H. I'd get people calling in about theirtack should having problems and I'd get fuck an old redneck, Wak UN. I HinThatas all cause of that bucking enwor Obama, and it's like okay, whateverthank for your times or Click. If you got hung up on by the IRS, ask yourselfthat at any point, did you call Obamba the n Word Probaly why you got hung up? I think that's partia why I've gone sohard on trump Yo la just making fun of Hem because, like I even said, one PosiI lest to listen to you, guys, drop the most raciist buck in like making fun ofhis wife, ing his wife's a May and making fine of his children, callinghim av a racis slur in the book. Like I mean the whole birthar thing, yeah eonly reason that happened is because Hewas, a black guy, yeah l, plain andfucking simple H. nobody was bringing that up with Ted cruize and Mararubiawho were both of Latino Dec. Nobody said we'll see if they were Axta, Bor,N, fucking E. U S O we staded about Hermon cane either! That's the weirdflucking thing: He did fom cove a he o for fucking C ofit and he's stilltweating at'Sfikin daughters Ar twenty yearssit's fucked up, I its your first tweit when you're dead it'd be like I like Geralda's wife,something t got Ta hold like this Bucan Tlitter and started tweeing shit andceses it'sniny, first ofeat from after being dead, an it's Ke. It's reallywarm down here too warm. It's Ficke that man I can Y fonderstand. I think that's the weird thing ispeople talk about cancel culture and saying O can cancel culutures runningaround, but you can't say that you want anymore. I'm, like I don't know, president got elected and he said somepretty fucked up shit that anybody else had said it cancel culture would aeswooped in pretty quick, so it can't be running that fucking, rampant Kinda, like n. This is going to sound,really fucked up. I kindo wants to grab a Trumpputa Oanby the Plos Sea.

I just grab her see what happens towhat happens a mecond. You can't you said, t t this was fine. You Guysaid you were cool wit. The a you see. The one us is women for TROMP. Have a bumper sticks home for DAS ones,Dou that like like it. You know you're not supposed to do that, but I want toyou said this: Is this is perfectly fine right at a pipe dream? It woul egreat. You Know Shit that you'd like to be able to do,but you know realistically Stil probably shouldn't do it, but I gaus- Oh, my God, I would just belike. I still can't believe you said that Ican't believe Ye Mont, a the sable reporter. That's the one I I feel likethat should have been the one that we never should have got into the grabingby the plussy thing like it should have already been a dun flucking deal withthat. One AH and I haven't watched any of thes shipright now with the supreme port, lady Um, I don't think she's, I Daven't watche a lot of either, butit's just a feeling. I don't think she'll overturn anything that wealready have. I think she's since she's a judge. I Ithink she'll keep Aboyr Sleep Rey way, you knowheranywayknow married Lbigiti, 'cause guause. That was one ha.We were worried about too. I es I feel like it's to the point to where it'sbeen so long. No, but again it's W wewere talking earlier.Nothing surprises me anymore. You it's just a gut feeling: I'V, don't reallywatchd anything! It just a Literaly, I I know her hearings or whatever hadbeen going on in the last couple of days I haven't, I haven't, read up onanything just its like thers Thir's, just one Supreme Court, just sepanqorjust is a long time ago. I D n't. I don't know who it was. I can't rememberUm somebody to tell me about I read about, but he was actually part of theK. KK no sh finally got to a supreme court and he voted H to sy that bringschools together, really yeah bechis reasoning. I can't remember theexact reason: Ame But hewas from Alabama and like Magine, Parthe K, k, K andthen finally, like you get one of your guys in the Supreme Court, he votes tobring four or four integration for integration 'cause. He said it's notabout wh. I think ITWAS Poorland I's not what I believe in about. What's right, that's and that'swhere I think people have have our right to be worried. ECAUSE when,when Kavernaw got in, you know cab, you know you look for judges to be unbiased.You look for judges they're there. The point of a judge is to uphold the letter of the law. Not not the therre meant to be non. It'sit's the most political non political position. There is you're, not meant tobe political, but it is. But you know there are politics involved with it andit's weird 'cause. You hope that the person you get in there can separatethe two and Ecabinau was the first one. I A long time everybody where he was.He was over overtly. You know, conservative right, leaning, didn'tdidn't make any attempt to to hide it. You know when he was goingthrough his whole here and he kept spouting. You Know Anti Anti Clintonstuff and all that Um this lady. I can't even remember her Fuckin nameUm, it's cony or something like that. A I've heard it a thousand times. Iwork at a oddamn new station. I contenduen the name haven't gottenquite that much of a vibe fror her. She hasn't she's, not like as big apersonality as cabin all was, but she cabine also had you know: Sexual Salt allocations against him andshit with calendars and all that crap. I just have that feelingthat show uphold. I see her, I don't know andthat's thisway. I feel, and I haven't listened to any of it at all. I just it's just agod feeling. That's all it is plus you got ta wonder you gotta figure ifyou're smart, you'll look at the optics of the situation. If you get this position and the first thingyou do is start undoing...

...decades of legislature, like you're re,Lik, you've Lost Hem, you've lost a lot now granted they're appointed for life,ecause t e, the president can't even terminate them Kenny. I have no ideacause, I know they're basically appointed until they retire or die. Idon't know I mean I'm sure like if they commit a fucking crime, they go to jailand they e Don. But I don't know if a president can terminate them ot a how it works. I don't eitherbecause it seems like the roles, keep flucking changing every time we have asupreme cort candidate because last time they said, president can't nominate anybody. Inhis last year and th n this year, they're like O. No, it's fucking cool,it's I I can do it immediately. I be greatlooking for a nomination afterroof died, yeah the next day, the next even the nextday. I think it was the next minute yeah ome mcconell. That night wasalready Sago back to the fucking URL. You know was saying that night, likeyeah, that sucks but WAT'. Looking for a replacement right away, DIG wather. Did you see where they told H, trompthers Ada Wer? Theytold one trop find out about ruth. He was in Ohio when it happened. Thank'cause E was 'cause. He was up in Toledo. I was at I when the ear wh hewas fuck. He was fucking cal, ofk Gar think I was first O anyady seenanything genuine from him. He for, for a brief moment, showed some genuine e,a genuine human emotion. Yeah like he was genuinely shocked and like thrownoff kilter. He was like. Oh my God, like that sucks yeah like 'cause it', it'sit it's RBG, I mean everybode loves, Arbj, H, everybody. Everybody lovesthat video of her where she went and worked out with Stephen Colbert fluckinJim. Like that was the coolest shit ever the woman had a movie Anta documentarymade about her in the same flocking year and like I just watched B, Rewatchi Futurama andthere was a joke about her being the the Tra the track team coach on on thefucking Marg University E. I knew the cancer came back. I DidnTha. It was like that, like Ias, like her six cancer, diagnose yeah, but likean then like that came back she just kind of disappeaed. I fel like whenthat came back, that dinosishe accounte she kind of disappeared, but you're soused to her being like getting through it. That you're, just like I think thatwas that was whateverboy. Hadeverybody saw off guardas like she'd, beat it somany times, and it was finally finally e caught up with her yeah, but also youknow you look at look at her age, no elike it W s. It was a matter of time.No, she wasn't gonna she w a. If she made it to the end of this presidentialcycle. She wasn't going to make it to the NEXI. Oh No! No! She had other fouryears left in. I say that, with all the respect in the world love withThatigans, we one of my favorite bitch John Olver- does has an old dog SupremeCourt and he had this little flucking, Chihuahua or Mater Kisburg, and he wastalking about Ir. He was going to lie. Yeah good dog don't die, sit stay,don't tack. She was a bad ass. I twaited I found my wife's magic. Onehad no idea. She was a Wilard SSTUPI. Does she ever when you, when you tweetand tell jokes about her? Does she give you shit Assou tell her I sa. I posted that oneon my face. Let page o Gos she'll be like se. How much I rolling happens. She gets Sh. She fuckened, though shedid tell me one time. She was just like Uh Shegoeny. If he took me out to me to acomedy showas like one of our first dates. Sheas like I probably would nothave STA, and I knew that 'cause like Gotto, know'cause. I I'm so brash on stage nat leg. If you think that's, my realpersonality is just how I think I mean it is it was always even you know, I'veknown you for five years and I still have time wher, I'm like...

...same guy that I saw like a fluckingwilis like two weeks ago, wy O it is a night. It is a night Anday thing with.You is if I a Toati Nogin it that's works. I fuckin loing to I've been likethis. Since I was ten and now I'd never got touched, I probably did I'd block it out evercome out sometime there. It is it's peaking through turtle, headpost E, I had a child es I'll get every fetty, fark Mers, t har, tell me a get it right. I I don't know why. She'switme I've taken so few girlfriends to comedyshows especially ones that I've been on on with them like on a date like we got.When I was I the downsouth, I got like free tickets, O the comed clubs. Iwasn't still wat as far as shows I'm doing I never. I never rell, mostly'cause, it's one of those. It's just like. Like this it it's it's a side ofmy world that I kindo like just being mine, Um and Kindo. Like my parents, myparents used to never come to my shows because she was when I was a teenager.I would talk shit about my parents. 'cause, that's IA life lucking new. Itwould piss my dad off. He hated being the butt of my jokes. So I would likedo bits about my parents and then I'd be groundid. The next three weeks likeat it was fucked. U Yeah Cause started in high school, it's for art man, EA,I'm trying to make a fucking career here. You keep me in a Dick. I'm goingtkeep having something to talk about so it's kind of a double edged sword, butyeah. He used to hate it whenever anything with my family comcell them onmy best, but I usually just did it anyway ecause. I also like fuck thismonny. She h. She comes see me every now andthen, like I e she went to to watch my host,but Shesi Asher favorite comic is actually Stewar, O no Shi she's like Sistuwarts in tow, I'm like ashes coming Seno. She not Wul a come te and I don'tplay ars on my fuck out. Oteria like she was just really Interesti what hehad to talk about. TPENAA US. What was going on 'cause. She like loves comedy, but I SHU see sh'll come watch me everynow and then yeah she'll tell me. If I saw it, I was you K, ow, it's weird for me,'cause now, wh now, since I've lived here anytime, I do while he 's, like mymom, my aunt and my uncle. They all come and it's weird because growing up no any time if I was doing a show, if Icursed like my parents, would get really outtight about it. Now I go upon stage and I'm telling jokes about my Dick size and you know getting laid andstuff like that and my mom's laughing Er ass off and I'm kindof like okay. Dowe have boundaries anymore, like what there is that little part of the backof my head, that doesn't care she's there, but there's a other part. That'sKinda, like I'm, telling jokes about my Dick in front of my mother and she'slaughing, and I don't know how to feel about his right now. Lucky enough. No, my family's alwaysaother how I speak on stages. I tell my family, like Ijust, O dooff, a it's like this is normal all right,like cameher one time, grandma asked meabout something: Byke grandma I have it et and SA sticis anel ICAn'tth e Ganmal, a Chessir and Wa.Would you say that I have no reason? ASEIT was funny FUC, wit of a Joke Ein Fut of the joke, IAM IAM. I am well known about myfriends, for I will do anything for the sake of the bit I would Sii will playalong with whatever the fuck's going on like we're joking about me and me andDave, you know, but fucking, you know what, if it's going to be people laughI'm into it ands it. The other night hen a after show after whilee like own,on the street aus they're, trying to get more people to come out. Okay. Soit's like an in wiless park, Lin and so Ian. Actually look at L, Ke anothershow k another show, oh elike, seven or eight of us. We did like seven an eightminutes, each ucker and Sol cabin ru...

...roun. If nocaane's loval comic, hestarts doing it. An e Startsin, HANECOC, you're shure shirt, hag off your shirt,so he takes off a Shirsas yo econmic for like literally sutas Ot. He does itfor like thirty seconds. It's like well Il on ge any better than that. So my had I'm thinking. If they tell meto take off anything anything at all, I'm taking off man, then ten seconds take od for shirt. ANS COME DOWN! It's all my facebos someody tosts, likea postabout O my facebook and somebody like post the picture, and I didn't een, acknowledge it. I just did my ob to my pants off yeahas the best the last time I was at Wyle's back in January, fucking, Aron, pilsn up Tristis Gumby, yes, and he ju t didn't acknowledge iteven once and it wasn't the funniest yt ever so fin. I did, although I did like a petiphilejoke jokess literally, like pedal fowl jogus.Well, that's Kinda is I don't know the joke is like I'm a formal trialstar, including our roles in Pourn, O ats, Joke Ot, Talk. Anybody just wrote:Thi Andsa Theyre, like they're Li E. I lihtwait a second I'm up here with my pants down all these really fucked up jokes, a dyou're GOINGTA, a about that Yo're right like where's, the fucking line,Yaannel furst off. I didn't fuck anybody in the joke right. I just wrotethe strenth. The guy just heard t rchild born stokright, Ote, pice shit. I sum my favorite jokes.I wrote of the pen demic. I had ritten ship t back the othernight. I was like wandring around the flucking house. It was like lateatnight and I'd been drinkiint and I came up. It seems like all my bits haveto do with fucking online dating B'cause. It's all my life is anymore,is working online dating, but I wrote like fucking five minutes and I wrotethank God. I wrote it all flucking down on my phone, but I was like this is thefirst Shat I've written in six months and I was actually pretty fucking proudof it too. It's it's hard to fit Aa right now, tjes, not lik, going on like well, I was I was getting to a pointlike like so I I had made big plans for o twent and twenty Twentyn. Twenty wasgoing to be a big stand up here. For me, my plan was 'cause. Coming up here in aweek is my fifteenth anniversary and my big plan was by then to was Gonto.HEADL M Lan was to headline Sunday night, wileys cove, I hit all myfucking plans were theear like like I was Goingna like take home. I was goingto use all my time off or doing shows and Shit and 'cause. I have I've gotlike e solid twenty minutes. If material and my goal was to spend therest of the year, just twiking it and getting it just flucking Rihtin Covinit and all that Shit went at the fucking window. So so.

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