The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 20 · 1 year ago

Paranormal Activity


Do you believe in g-g-g-g-ghosts? Should Leslie Jones do commentary for every movie? Are mass shootings back on the rise now that the COVID-19 restrictions are lessening?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Paranormal experiences
  • Leslie Jones does live tweet commentary for Zack Snyder's Justice League
  • Are the shootings in Atlanta & Boulder a sign of a return to normalcy?

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Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us. Enjoy. Fuck. I Bet Matt got where how it pronounced? His last name crowning, gronning, crowning, but he predicted all those. We got to watch all the simpsons. I know, you know I was because we are reruns at work. I never realized Danny Elfman did all the music for the Simpson really. Yeah, he did not know that. No, I never and now that I think about it, I'm like Shit, yeah, yeah, I hear it that that sounds like fucking I just never watched the credits. I was like, Danny fucking help, fuck off. One thing, I've always back to family guy. Remember there's that Cherry Kid, Dobta name? Oh, yeah, shove a problem about yeah, whose name is always in the credits? Yeah, I want if that's a real name or somebody messing with somebody, but every single time, like I'm my cap, same name. I do know. They make fun of that. In one clip they get a new news anchor and she's they're like like, your name's Joyce Kenny. Right. Well, now my actual last name is showed out of that, but that doesn't work on television. And then her name POPs up in the credits right there. Just fucking find that now I don't. I got in this rabbit hole about the fucking him predicting the future, though, again, like I get on it like once every six months and it blows my Goddamn mind. You put your put your headphones on. All this is fucking tonight. Okay, Tom Tucker. So it's where? This is the one where, basically where they the she becomes friends with the reporter and the reporter were released. That lowes did a Porn Allen College and she makes it part of the fucking new so low was goes the fucking yell adder. How could you tell that, Tim Joyce? Oh Hello, Louis, I told you that in condence you'll totally you melated me Woll then. I guess now we're even. What what are you talking about? I never did anything to you. You really don't remember me. Do you remember you? We went to high school together, Lois, chemistry class, freshman year. Joycey, Y'll choice, Chieva PROVA, dumb. Wrong. Yep, that's that's the that's the name, and try to say that five times, but I was like, the thing is on. That is like I always felt like that was such a fake fucking name. Oh, it's a barely, it's not. It's, Oh my God, Joyce wrong. Yeah, whatever, that. I don't even know how to fucking and I just thought of this. So you were you're talking about we were talking about Justice League earlier. Yeah, have you seen that Leslie Jones live? We did the heart about it. It is some of the funniest shit it I've ever like, I'm to find a scene. This not a fucking spoiler here, but shit that she's that. Holy Fuck. She like we she look through the whole fucking movie, the whole fucking movie. She's hysterical there. I Love Leslie Jones so much, except for when she got all pissed off about ghostbusters. That's some other shit, but I don't know what this one is. Let's see here, man, now, if you going to ask for Super Power, I think his is the super power I want. Man, I could do so much shit if I had that much power. You know, you can stop time to Shit, man, that could be really fucking useful. I need to ask the question this is a Mercedes. Wow, so wat people so fascinated with doors that do that. But that's it's just so inconvenient market because if you, if you fucking, that's just fucking doors out and here my car. Now I'm fighting you in the park of my motherfucker somewhere else. Race. That's all. Damn, that's cold. Let it, though, look like a bullet, like a can of Red Bull Shit.

Okay, back Jesus, I love her like a can of Red Bull Leslie Jones, she's still on us. An hour she done off. That's a I don't know. Actually, I keep telling myself to start watching San l again and I just can't do it. I just I can't. I can't do it, man. I wanted to do like a porn parody of us, and now there's gotta be one. If not, we put it out in the universe, so that could be rough. No, she's not on there anymore. Okay, last see. I think. I think last season was our last season. It looks like that's bummer. I was wondering because she's she means she's gotten popular. She's gotten really popular. Oh yeah, well again, especially after doing ghostbusters. I mean that was huge but also kate. I think king, because Kate McKinnon still there. Yeah, which is weird because now I'm thinking somebody else. Don't yeah, no, I'm, I think in the Kate. I can't fucking remember. I Love Kate mckennon. I think she is like she's hysterical. She is and and nobody should be allowed to be that attractive and that funny and Lesbian. It's like, oh, she's fucking hysterical. Yeah, I yeah, she an anything. Any seen she does is funny. I did. I re watched the Melissa McCarthy Shaan Spicer sketches the other day. Yeah, did you all fucking fuck. I would like to apologize to all, to apologize to myself on behalf all of you. When it she did one fuck what was it? On weekend update where they asked her this. She was literally okay, really, yeah, like Kate, like what's it? What's his face? To Die? You Marry Scarlett Johansson? Yeah, I was like, Kate, are you okay? I remember when when Hillary lost the election, the way they opened the next snl was her as hilary, playing piano, singing Hallelujah. Yeah, well, I loved how when, when trump lost. It was Alec Baldwin doing it, saying singing macho man. That's fucking funny. That's fucking funny. Oh Shit, he's trying to start up his own social media platform trump. I think that's what I saw on the twitter. None of the other ones won him, so he's got to do something. I wonder. What would you call that? HMM, trumper, and that trumpet? Maga, Maga, Maga, match, Mega, fuck, I don't know. I call it the I don't know. I'm still waiting for him to just fucking like Buyo an and just call it the trump networker. I mean, yeah, but this is why I don't think he has Piez and I have money to do it now, because he's a broke ass bitch. Yeah, that's right, I said it. I just my favorite part was when Fox kind of turned on trump and ever bere's like all his fans are like, what Fuck Fox, what the hell? And then like Oh, Oh, and tells the true my Oh, and it they don't even tell the truth about because the one guy, John olivercovered this, the one guy ends every episode with this episode of Oa and news is on its way to the national library or Congress and Shoun's John Oliver was like no, it's not. They don't take anything. He's like this shows in there, but you you're not. It's on the official record. Your show's not in there. Google what's in that. You can google what's in the library or Congress and Jesus, yeah, they're. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what's going to add up happening with with with that Shit. I don't was kind of hoping he would just fade off into obscurity, I guess. I mean he's still kind of because he doesn't have twitter, he can't really say anything right. So that's kind of a nice thing. I guess that's kind of sad. Pie about twitter too, is because you can't really bitch...

...about any about him on twitter. Me I don't know. This is this is point of other shit the bitch about on twitter. I guess I know. But every day on twitter was like why would he say now? And then it's not there anymore, I think. But honestly, I'm over it. Oh, I was totally over it too, but it's just weird because like you get on twitter like Oh, well, I wonder what he not means. Not There now. It's like Joe Biden fell down. He felt down some stairs, okay, and drump trump couldn't walk down a ramp, I mean one. He needed to fucking hands since water. Some at Don Junior tweeted out like you like this guy can't walk up stairs. Some underneath. I was like, yeah, your dad needs two hands for water, like people fall downstairs and nobody drinks two hands with water, glass of water. And it was so fucking funny. Going back to family guy, she would fail the guy that the two episode to trump episode. Now I saw that. I I've seen the clip of the chicken verse. Trump family guy found. Oh yeah, that's all right. You know what. You know the it's Peter Precise drop and in the Obama Fu kisses the picture. But my favorite part of that is always trump's going out with a golf club Milan. You throws onto Peter and goes in front of me and the sex. You. Yeah, he falls in the he falls in the pool outside the only memorial and he's no longer orange. Peter Gets Peter gets in his face and pushes his nose against trump's and he pulls it away. Got In response. But yeah, now episode is because it like Yes, yes, it's taking shots at trump, but like it's not. They're not political shots, they're just the guys a goofball. Yeah, yeah, none of it was. None of it was about as politics. It was all about just how fucking weird he was. Oh, well, is it? Because it all that in the part you get to the part where meg meets a Vanka and she's like, I can you do the president? He's kind of my boyfriend, kind of my boyfriend. That was so weird. Yeah, I remember getting argument some ass like trump said he'd want to fuck his daughter. Yeah, and then be like no, he did it, and I pull up the clip and a chutting like they didn't say that. Oh, that's what he said, literally what he said. Vanka wasn't my daughter, I'd be dating her. I'd be dating well. That's the other one where he's like where they're asking the like a Vanka, what are you and your father have in common? She's like probably business ethics and our love for golf and like Don he's like, well, I was going to say sex, but you know what, what? Yeah, I think it's part of the same interview. So that's so weird. Barbara Walters, she was like she's straight up. She was like that's weird. Like, yeah, it fucking is, that's fucking yeah, totally weird. Yeah, fuck well, I meant simpsons did protect him dying and it's still, as I have so close. We were so close. What might he might still die. I mean he will eventually. Yeah, well, I thought I was going to covid. I remember I got pissed that week because that was the week that he got covid, the week that Eddie van Halen Dine. Oh, yeah, it's right now, politely overlooked because of that. Yeah, and I was like, seriously, God, you took Van Halen. Trump literally has covid, literally had he's right there, he's at there, he's at the gate. Just take him, he said, I want to take over hell. Yeah, that's it's kind to deal with trumpet, because then it's not lucifer anywhere, it's Magga, country, Satan, knock on the door, can I can I come stay with you for a little bit? Yeah, that's full like men shit. Oh Man, real quick. So it were recording this on the twenty two. Weird getting close to the end of the month. So I want to take a moment to remind everybody. Our sponsor, pod decks. If you joined their mobile AP for seven ninety nine a month, you can be a part of their monthly equipment giveaway. I'm I'd have to set up last time. So we got we one last month. We won this...

...boom arm micstand. There's a review of it up on our youtube channel. But I mean this thing is this thing is so sexy. I so much because it's like a robot Dick. It's well, because this microphone is really fucking heavy and usually to get an arm that will like move like this, I have to put a lot of tension on the joints and nothing. This one. No, I've gotten pretty loose, still pretty loose, and it holds this heavy fucking microphone up. What I love the most that was it's got these grooves built into the arm so the cord is which is nice. Yeah, it's as the robot Dick Vein it is. It's the it's the vany part. But if you guys want to win this month, they are at the end of the month they are giving away a short MV fifty one microphone, which is a God. It's a sexy microphone. If you want to just get one for yourself. It's available on Amazon for a hundred and fifty bucks, or you can get one of these things in the drawing this month, but go to pod dexcom and use the COTBL ten to get ten percent off your total check out. Let's pull from one of these decks here, do you not? Fuckle's do the WTF deck, because it's got a guy on a Unicorn mask fucking front. So let's check this one out. It really if you ever lick the battery, yes, yeah, we were. Yeah, yeah, our generation, then I can like, I can like three more weeks out of these batteries and they have like a lot more than better, like the battery out of a pussy. What? What's the scariest sound you can hear in the middle of a night? I'm your child. I'll tell you what for me was. It was last night. I fell asleep with my with my phone on and my music playing, and usually what he is just set a time or for it to turn itself off, and I did and it ended up getting into an audio book, I hope. Oh, so I was hearing like fucking actual dialog from this book and I wasn't facing me and I thought somebody was in my fucking room talking to me, laid x, creepy dude. I was afraid to roll over us. If I don't roll over, they'll think I guess still get fucking here. And that was like, wait a minute, I know, I know, I've heard this. That's my book. Shit, okay, I'm fine. That's the point where you like, okay, I've been basically you when you said that there's a point where, like you, there's some reason my room. They're in my room. If I just don't pull out, if I don't roll over, I can survive this. That's what you thought in your head. To be fair, it was six o'clock in the morning and I was sleepy. Well, I've had this before too. That's we're like. I was like I at one point. I swear to God, I'll always remember. I don't know if it was a dream, what the fuck it was crease me out. To this day, two things are creep me out. One this is this just really bugs me. You. So one time in the middle of night, I literally wake up middle night, randomly wake up and I guess when I lived in my apartment and I walk through my and there's like this glowing blue light in my living room and I'm like, what the like I'm like it's not maybe it's my xbox. Turn on whatever. That's a right way different light. This is actually a blue glowing light. And like I'm like why the hell? And I literally walked through my hallway and as I get into my living room it shuts off. What the fuck? And like and it was coming from the corner, like yeah, this is where it gets kind of it just gets so weird. So it ranly just like in I you could tell walking what corners coming from. Because, let's say, if, like, I m like walking, there's there's a real way. There's no way this was like the TV on now, okay, now, and there's no way it was maxbox on right because, like my TV was on the other side on that wall. The light, like, if I'm walking down the hallway, that's way right. Right,...

...say I'm walking come and this is like the room. I'm coming into the room right. The light was literally coming from right. I have like a ledge, okay, where you could actually see. So completely different wall. Yeah, well, it's like my kitchen. There's like literally a kitchen right here. Yeah, and then right before you living room, you can turn to the kitchen. But the kitchens like has an open face to it, so where you can whatever. But like I get can see the lights coming from underneath the other side of the kitchen, like on the other like we're like I had like to bar stool sitting. Okay, bar stools and like a music stand. That's all that was there. I could tell the light was coming from there as I was like walking down the thing, because I get to the kitchen, I'm like the lights still there. What the fuck? And it was weird. And then as soon as I step into living room, because my TV and xboxer on the other side, like right, yeah, that lights coming from here, xbox and TV or that way. Yeah, like as soon as I want it, lights gone. What the fuck? Nothing there. You don't sleep the rest of the night after that, do you know? I slept, but I I to this day. It bugs me. Yeah, like I'm like I googled like blue ominous light, like I go like I googled everything I could possibly think of, like what could this be? It literally like walking in the it as soon and I was the creepiest part. As soon as I stepped in there, it's like something saw me and it's shut off. Zoo, motherfuckers, zoo. That was so fucking weird. That's fucking creepy. So gives me chills thinking of I will always remember that shit because I was like what the fuck, like, yeah, fuck that, like, what the fuck was that? Fuck that, that. That was sit with me until the day I died. Well, and I in my head, I was like it's got to be my xbox. But I in my head, when I'm walking down right the hallway, I know my xbox will turn on. Isn't this like blue, ominous color dream? Yeah, it's really different. fucking so I'm like what and then boom, like and another time, I'm not even kidding you, this has happened recently at my place. So while my place and my wife moved into I fucking to this day, I don't know if some sitting there and I swear to God like I'm laying in my bed sleep in the middle of the night. I'm laying in my bed and I swear like I opened up my eyes and I see something and then I close my eyes again because I just I was like what the fucking I close my eyes because I was like, if I don't see it, they're gone right and I feel it on top of me, whispering stuff in my ear. It's the weirdest fucking thing. It sounds like a night terror. That's why I was like a sleep paralysis monster, night terror whatever. But I'm sitting there and it's like whispering shit in my ear, like I'm like, what the fuck is this, and I don't want to I don't want to open up my eyes. I finally forced myself to open my eyes and nothing's there at all, but this has happened. How your wife Fucking with you? Well, no, that's weird. That was just so weird fucked. I have like other shit. I've had sleep aalysis. No, fucking scary that shit can be. and well, so this was gets even crazier. So I've been married once. Be For okay, me and my ex, when my ex wife stayed at my house, and I say it, you know, when I was living and like I told her, I was like, I remember one time when I told her. I was like you know what's weird? She said what I was like, every single time you stay the night over, I feel like somebody's watching me. And she's like do you know what's really weird. He's like she passed. Couple Nights I've stayed here. Your TV's ran. We turned on in the ole the night. What the fuck? Yeah, I was like what? She's like, yeah, I thought you turned it on, so I would never and she's like and it'll just be turned off. What the fuck? Yeah, fucking house man. Well,...

...that was that was the old place. Yeah, that was I mean that was the old place before that. I was gonna say some like said there. I'm like something fallen me or one of the fucks. You piss somebody off that died another two fucking with you, like I will always remember it. Like every single time she stayed the night, I was like something is watching me and I felt it. It was scary, like I would feel that shit like burning a hole in me. Jesus Christ, fuck scary. But then, like, like the thing that happened recently, I was like maybe it's sleep paralysis, you know, I know that happened, but with the whispering or whatever. Yeah, like if I can see that, I could see definitely, like that's why I put it off to but like, I don't know, it's very I don't know. I know it that I've had sleeper house. I felt like, like you feel that pressure on top of you, all that stuff. It just felt different this time. I don't know. But the Blue Light, I still have a fucking eyes. fucking that's fucked up. I got nothing. I literally Jesus correct. See. My next question was going to be of ever sleepwalked. No, that's I know of. No, I don't think I hadn't. My little brother has. I've never call myself sleeping. I mean lately with the Sleep Band, you think I've had the blackout. Yeah, I've never fucking eyes. My wife show I can't really say this, Oh shit. So roll over and sometimes, like she's in her sleep, and sometimes, like her hand will get on my dig and she'll start jerking. I was like and I got I went. I was like, wait, do you remember like playing with my Dick Lass that. She's like what it's like the old it's like the old joke. Three guys or in a hotel room sharing one bed. The guy in the left and wakes up and says me, I had a dream at the best hand job ever in the guy in the rights like, Oh man, I met too, and the guy in mills like really, I dreamt about skiing night. Literally she's like see, she's no, I was like you roll. She's done this on multiple occasions. She like roll over and like forever reason I be like this and all of a sudden like sleeps. She's Got Sleeps, lettiness, SLA, so fucking weird and she has no ideas doing it. I'm like it's kind of annoying. There was, I remember, and like the early S, there was like a story where like a woman had been sleepwalking into like her her ex lived like a couple floors below her apartment building and she was sleepwalking into his place to fuck him and then she ended up getting pregnant and like it was his kid. They couldn't figure out. She didn't know why. He thought that she was just coming down for like quickies or whatever. It's so weird. Did yeah, and like they just like this whole like cat do like all these weird fucking like sleep test and shit, and vently know she's sleep walking and didn't realize she was fucking doing it. Like that's great, fucked up, which I can get. Sleep fucked, I mean sleep fuck. That a great sleep fucking and sleep fucked. Yeah, Pretty Nice, that sleepy sex. That's the worst. Yeah, sleepy sex is when you're just kind of, like, kind of into it, but not, yeah, you rather go to bed. Yeah, Oh man, you're like still gonna finish, but I'm not going to enjoy it now. And like her Dick's kind of like half just it's like half hard. It's like a fucking ice cream cone, except half your Dick is the count the other half is just the ice cream. Not See over the side. That's what that Jesus. You got any any shows coming up my time soon? Yeah, bunch, I think. All right, shows coming out? What'd you got? Chill coffee on the twenty six march. That, guys. That's this Friday. So I'body...

...go check that out. Evansville in the Anna Twenty seven. Okay, I'm on the Sunday show, while you got a busy fucking weekend. Yeah, last week I was busy to April first, Aprils Day, have a show and Cincinnati legends bar and Bar. Oh Nice, Friday April second, featuring for Wendy Ferguson at while he's Oh nice, Yep, same thing on Sunday, featuring for her and then weekend after that, super dope weekend that while, yeah, that is coming up. So, yeah, kind of just sky and didn't realize I have like one too busy April. Three, four, ft, four weekends in the row of comedy. Dude, Holy Shit. which is really fucking weird. Is Given everything in the last they if you look at the way the last year is gone, I have four weekends booked in a row. It's fucking weird, Dude. I was like it's getting so much closer to normal. I know. I just realize that today to I was like fuck, I got four weekends row comed. Holy Shit. So I was like, Damn, have you mom? I made it. No idea. You guys. So your your wife's a teacher, right? Yeah, she got vaccinated. No, that I yet yet. Not yet. You guys on the list? Yeah, she's on the list. I don't know why she hadn't yet something. Well, I mean it's kind of supplying demand. Yeah, I can remember why, though. There's something that happened. Well, because it's available to everybody starting. Yeah, I'm getting one like ace episode as I possibly can. Both are yeah, my grandparents. My grandparents got their's because they're old. My Mom got hers when they opened up to above S. I got pissed off because I found out other states consider broadcasters essential workers, and so they get there's except Ohio. Damn, other states too, but I was like really, in Vegas broadcasters are considered essential. Well, what was it? April official, April first or something like that, or is at the end of this month? Thanks, twenty nine is it's available to everybody. Do only I don't know how you eating the sign up for it, but I know we have to sign up. There's a couple websites. There's one. I think it's just like the he's called as like Covid vaxcom or something like Gosha, but like good, like Myers website or like write AIDS website. It's on the front page and you just fill out a little questionnaire and they put him in the queue. That's a great don't the crazy part is is officially biden this rule. He wanted to get a hundred million shot dose is out before hundred days and he's got like it took him fifty eight days. There already had a hundred million. HMM. Yeah, crushing it, Dude. Holy Shit, is going a lot faster and he yeought it was. That's why I don't care if he falls up some stairs a lot faster. It's insane. I did. What's fucked up is I tendentally qualified weeks ago because of my because I'm fucking fat. Well, I qualified. I think my BMI was like fifty two. So that was like, Oh shit, I can get it now. I think I can get it now to if our B C D. I think so. Yeah, was it? I think last week? Yeah, but I figured I was like whatever fucking was going to wait either way. I gotta wait. So I the first thing I do is I'm taking a weekend. I'm one of those. My grandparents are you? I haven't seen him in two years, man, because last time I saw them was Christmas two thousand and nineteen. Oh Wow, yeah, because because of covid yeah, well, because I was normally want to go to concerts in Cleveland. I stay with them though the day after, that night after. But I didn't this laugh that last time. And yes, I haven't seen him since two thousand and nineteen. So like, yeah, it was my grandparents. I don't think my grandparents are going to get the vaccine? No, I don't think so. I don't. I haven't really talked to her. Don't my grandma's. She wants to wait until at least everybody's had it. Really, yeah, I don't know why. She also has some, like a lot of health issues. Okay, I don't know if that has anything to do with it right now, but is weird because the doctor told her that that she gets covid like she'll die. HMM, like, I haven't really seen them at all either. My GRANDPA's might I got it already.

I know my grandma's kind of like waiting for whatever reason. I saw a forget which which company it was, but they've got a new vaccine coming. It's supposed to be even better than the Jay and J one. Really now, now I'm going to wish I formember who it was. It just the one shot, a twohot, supposed to be a one shot, and it's supposed to have, like I think they said, like it had like the highest success right across like like younger. Really, yeah, I forget now that I wish I could fucking remember who who it was, but I just want to get it so bad I can't wait. I know I'm and because it because I'm still planning on we're still plan on taking a big family vacation in the Sun in June for my sister's high school graduation. So we're we're glad that it's the point where we're going to wear was going to be able to get vaccinated long before that. There's just a matter of time. At this point, I can't find the fucking article. Yeah, so that'll be for companies with vaccines. That's crazy, I know. Well, it's funny what happens when you just sit back and let the people whose job it is to handle this thing fucking handle it. Yeah, I feel like everything is like when my men trying to make this political, but one biden took over. Like we're having mass mounts death a day because, like we're in that they said, hey, this it's going to happen daily, you know, because it was so it was also peak winner. Yeah, it was going outside. But like the vaccine roll out like perfect, to a tea like it, everything is gotten much better. Well, and I mean it is something to be said. Yes, the ball got rolling under trump's absolutely, I'm not going to fucking deny that one little bit. But the actual roll out of it was a fucking shit show. Oh, absolutely. They were talking about how they were low they were throwing out doses. There weren't enough. They were either sending o out too much or not enough. There was no like, like any kind of guidelines for how to organize it, and they came in and just said look, do it like this, do it like this, do it like this. They did it. Ever since then it's been, it's been, it's been fucking taken off. Yeah, so smashed. If we had good leadership at the beginning of this fucking shit that believed in science. Jackson bleached. Yeah, maybe, see what. We'll see, we'll see. We'll see how next valentimes that goes and just how he's handled it. Well, yeah, not even like the guy I still have. I still have my fine Biden, but this is bullshit. Sign like whatever. Fine, but credit work, credits do yeah, I mean he did a how much? I I didn't. I didn't think it'd be possible get a hundred million out. No, I thought I thought he was aiming way too fucking high. I was like this is not going to work, against going to crash and burn and it's going to look fucking terrible. And then hundred million and fifty eight days. Jesus Christ. Yeah, it's not even April yet, because they weren't. When he took over. They were saying maybe April will start getting that out to everybody. This had maybe April, more lightly, mayor June. Yeah, it's we're going to have the pro by the end of March. It's it's insane to me. I is there still other shit that needs to get fucking fit APPS fucking lately, I mean, and we'd be remiss if we didn't at least mentioned what went down in Atlanta. Oh yeah, yeah, just being being from a city where a shooting happened and then to have this one be, as you know, gracially motivated as it was. The fucking cop, you just had a bad day. Letting you can see a good day. Oh Shit, God damn it. I've had I've had some bad fucking days, but he can't really spinning like that. He fucking murdered was six people, seventy eighty eight people. Six of them were Asian at these Asian owned businesses, and it's... the guy drove across like three counties. I think he got that gun that day. I think you did too. Yeah, it wasn't, it wasn't race, it was his sex. Addition, look I've been. I've been fucking horny man, but I never fucking killed anybody. David the coviny had sex addition, he didn't kill anybody. His career maybe, but it's yeah, I it's fucked up. Welcome to America. America is getting back. It's all fucking John Oliver on Sunday last night was he was talking about it and he showed part of Biden speech or he's like this kind of thing is on American, and John Alar was like, no, it's pretty fucking American. Like you look at the way agents have been treated in this country since day one, it's pretty fun an American. And rment camps, Oh my God, like yeah, fucking George de Kai was in an intern camp white, along with millions of other people, obviously, but like there is somebody right now who is a major, Major Hollywood actor, who's a major social influencer, who lived that. There are people alive today who experienced that shit like that and nobody fucking talks about no, no, they really don't do that. I didn't know about it until I was in my s, like really, like my mid to late S, and are other almost like yeah, there were, there were prison camps here in the stage for jaws, like I never fucking knew that. Yeah, I remembers. It's not taught in I don't remember how I learned about it. I think my grandparents told me about it because my grandparents are stationed in Japan because they're military. I think they told me about it for whatever reason because they never understood. They they never like they didn't grow well, my my mom, my grandma grapple put it in maybe fifteen sixteen of time. But they love to yeah, but they loved when one of the favorite places they have ever lived, to favorite places every lily, was Alaska and Japan. M I don't know where they live that in Japan, but on base over there, and they just love the culture so much. And that's how I think that's I remember correct. That's how they brought it up. They it's still blue their mind that we had there. Tell me that they had Japanese interment camps. Jesus blew their damn mind. They're like I just there's such a mean it's a it's a it's a perspective altering thing when you think about the fact that that was eighty years ago. Wasn't even a hut wasn't even a hundred years ago. Like there are people alive today who lived through that. Not many, just because of the way numbers work, but you know, we talked about all the time, like, you know, like how how recent, like how recent Martin, Luther King and all that was. Like yeah, and think about how recent World War Two was to yep it, I think. I think as I rewatched band of brothers with my mom before I before I moved into the House we were, we Shta went back and rewatch band of brothers because I hadn't seen that since it was on HBO. It's a good, serious, great fucking serious and I guess I had forgotten because I was young as fuck when I saw it. So there was so stuff I still didn't quite grasp. But the episode you get to towards the end where they find one of the interment camps, I never realized when I was younger that those were a secret. Yeah, like I was, I always kind of live and again, this is just kind of part of like how things are taught in America, but I had always kind of lived my life thinking we knew about the interment camps. That's why we were going there to fuck shit up. It's like, no, we that no idea things were that fucking bad. We knew there was this shitty guy in power, we knew that he was persecuting these people. We didn't know that he was fucking treating him... cattle. And I guess they had when they when they were get there, one thing. Obviously, they were all starving. Yeah, they couldn't feed him. They could have. Will know that they were afraid to overfeed them because, yeah, because their bodies have become so adapted to such a low calorie count, they would giving giving them a loaf of bread could have fucking killed them crazy. It's to be that? Fuck it, because, especially because when the Germans knew they were losing the war, they just fucked off out of those camps and just left them there to die. They didn't because they these camps were in the middle of fucking nowhere, in the woods. It was by happenstance that these soldiers like found these camps and were like, what the fuck is going on here? Is Most fucked up thing ever, one of the most fucked up things are. And we did that. Yeah, to do American fucking citizens who just happened to be Asian. And Yeah, we got a fucking serious here for a second, but like, it fucking happened and can't not acknowledge it. I know it is where. That's not really tall. Yeah, well, it's a lot of things aren't really fucking pot that. You know. I learned about him in college, when you know, professors have more kind of leeway over like what's taught, as opposed to like in public school, where it's all, you know, rigorously planned, like what you are and are not allowed to teach students. Well, I didn't know about the Tulsa massacre. Or was it also the Black Wall Street? I have no idea what that is. Almost think of something else, but basically what the beginning of fuck, can't think of the TV show on HBO that did one season, watchman, watchman. Think I have the watchman. Oh that, yeah, I don't even know. That wasn't. Yeah, no idea, because that was the same one. I don't know that. I could be think at two difference as a Tulsa Mascar I can't remember. I give you get two different scenarios. But because there was the one where googling in now, where there was the town because John I saw. I saw sort of John Oliver where there was a town that had blacks as part of like the the city magistrate and stuff like that, like part like the city council, and then these bunch of fucking racist Hicks basically overthrow the government and like like staged a coup and like had all the black members of the board like fucking like executed and established the news like fucking city government over that. And that was, you know, in like the S S, and I'm like, I'd never heard of that before. It's crazy. That's fuck. A successful governmental coups was staged in the states and I'd never heard about UN though I was in my fucking s and that it's fucked up, is it's it blows my mind shit that I'm learning as an adult, that I'm like, I probably should have learned about that a long fun time ago. See what fucking Narwhals, Nar Walls? I didn't know narwhals were real until I was like twenty seven. Or NARWALL's? Oh thank God I'm not the only one. NARWALL's are these fucking like seal looking motherfuckers with with horns command. Oh those are narwall's. Yeah, I mean I knew, I know, I I had heard of them because, like I knew, I knew, like the fucking flash video. No, our walls nor wall swim in, and that was like. And they look and sound like something out of a fucking Harry Potter and not Huh. And even the name Narwhal sounds like something out of like a fucking Lord of the rings with her. And then I'm ember making a joke about like them being fake. Everyone's like, Mike, narwhal's or fucking real. was like the fuck you talking about? Just no way, they're fucking real. Or Unicorn Seals, and they pulled up like an episode like National Geographic where they had fucking documentary footage and I was like get the fuck out of here. Twenty seven fucking years old, I live my my entire life thinking these animals don't fucking exist,...

...because it only ever seen them like in cartoon, for and I was like what's neck? The fucking JACKALOPE's real, like, Jeez, the fucking hell fish from now no, Hey, it's a butt ursture. The fucking hell fish from Simpson's real. Oh God, yeah, I didn't know that's what they were called. I've seen pictures of them before. I just called them seals with horns. Yeah, that was seal horn. Seal Horn. Isn't that what seal calls is Dick the Seal Horn? Oh, but yeah, it's amazing the things you will learn as an adult that you probably should learn when you were a fucking kid. Oh God, I still can't dress stick, say and drive his stick. Can't dress stick. I learned driving stick when I had to change oil. Oh really, yeah, I'm not great at it, but I never no, never kiss. But when by time I was learned to drive, everything was automatic and, and I mean it's going to be automatic, everything is going to be automating like twenty years ago, out of the drive. Yeah, it's so. Yeah, so learn like the close thing to driving stick I learn how to do was the was my grandpa's riding lawn mower. HMM, but that's basically, you know, clutch, choke and which is kind of the same thing, but it works differently in a fucking car, I guess. Yeah, no, never learned a drive stick. motherfucker. I dated a girl in college, a fucking like five foot, eighty pounds, soak and wet girl who drove a stick jeep. I was like, Jesus, my Pixie Elf girlfriends weren't man than I am. Fuck, I mean, I people like because I feel like I think a lot of car people like driving a stick. Yeah, I'm not a car person, like I get it, get you get the feel, like the switching of the gears and all that type of stuff. Oh, yeah, it's like it's like, I mean, I could do this podcast without all this shit. Yeah, I just like having all this shit. Yeah, so I get appreciate it. I just never learned. So, and that's par say. I like at home I have have a cold medicine instead of Methntheta means like what? And just chat. I don't know if I can go on any of this. Like wait, is going or rather, just take hold mess and do math. Bet means. Yeah, I don't do math. I got suit of close enough. I was fucking all right, folks, that'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mr Mike Shay, on twitter and Instagram as well. You also follow this show on twitter, in Instagram at tbl underscore pod, and we got a brand new website under construction for you guys, with some cool new stuff coming down the line as well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll cut you guys again the next week with another episode and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bub bye.

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