The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 21 · 1 year ago

Shots! Shots! Shots!


Mike & Mike are taking shots...of the COVID-19 vaccine! But Wells hasn't seen 'Blade Runner' and that does NOT sit well with Shea. Plus, the national debt is ridiculously high.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Getting their first dose of the COVID vaccine.
  • The national debt & the hedge fund stock shortage.
  • Why 'Blade Runner' is the greatest sci-fi movie of all time.

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This episode is powered by pod decks. Go to www dot podxcom and use the code tbl Ten to get ten percent off your purchase at checkout. Once again, that's www dot pod dexcom. Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us enjoy. It knows it. It's able to measure like how much breathing resistance it's getting, so it knows like if there's a leak or if I'm not breathing and I was, so used the pump more air. But it can also detect when it's been like removed. So it'll turn itself off. Huh, and it'll tell me and I feed to a feat to an APP on my phone and it's like, okay, so you actually used it for its okay, well, I slept nine hours, but I used it for five and a half. So at some point it came off. Shit. Yeah, fuck, it's super glue. That Shit. What was the only it was the only, the only mask would fit my giant fucking head. You do you have a fuck backed idea. Have a big flucking at wearing hats as a bitch. How I wear hats? I wear tubs. I had to it and it's one that just only goes under my nose because not not the ones that fitter on my face I can wear because I have facial hair so I won't seal. And then I had to try five different masks and then five different nose pieces, the fine one that would actually fit. So they like when you try those on? Did they like said to like put you in like a like a dressing room. Okay, try this one on, I come out. She did like, she leaves, she bring one inch, put on the hedge just it's like, okay, how do you think? How does it feel? Fun? It is. No, okay, take that one off and it was look at s movehe it's like in the musical montage, shaking the head. Yeah, and then one comes out and everybody thumbs up. Yeah, and you like what the fuck? And then, Oh, wait a second, walking on sunshine. But if that was like not even that was somebody orgasm and that song ago. Oh I think that's how the song goes. I don't fucking any but everybody knows walking on it's one of those songs. Everybody knows the walking on Sunshine. Nobody knows the other lyrics to that fucking song. It's like caught my Joe. Everybody knows where you'd come from, where age go, where you come from, captain a Joe. What are the other words of that song? Anybody know? Because it Bob Shit. That's a good fucking point. Yeah, fuck so. Yeah, so you had a you had a good weekend. You were you hosting? Where you were? You just feature trains. Did you drink for wit, for Wendy Ferguson? Yeah, Wendy, when he is like a really good friend of mine. She's fucking hilarious and doesn't give like a credit she deserves. Asked. Yeah, she's fucking great. She's like to eight at war, and it's so funny because my grandma, Huh, it's a great gimmick. Oh yeah, well, it's so funny because my great grandma's like for eight right, yeah, and my my grandma can't to me. She's like, so you're hosting. If Wendy Bob I was, I guess she's. I will tell grandma that, you know, tell her that your great grandma's for it. And I was like, okay, was like boy, like, okay, why does that were do you? My grandma's wife as tall as you. He's actually as A. Well, she's too eight. So a my grandma's like Oh, I was like yeah, she I remember her and Joe Young and I forget who else was involved in some videos at the ATV of you years back. Probably look CAPACA. Probably it was probably going to shit. It was like Wendy travel. Yeah, and that was some funny shit. God, she's so fucking funny. I always used to because we when we did that, that that Christmas toy drive show. I you think you'd be funny as fuck if in that giant present box, like if we got Wendy to be on the show and then like she just jumped out of the box, because they ever Wendy Ferguson and just the box just opens and you just fucking comes out of it. I won't tell you her open. Her opens like the best fucking opener. I think. I'm ever and everstes show. I wish I could tell it, but since it's her joke, I'm not. Yeah, but she has like the best fucking over opener for her size. Like how tall she is? Yeah, and I'm just like ha ha, God damn, that's good. You know what pisses me off? I've never actually met her in person really in six years of living here. I've we've never been at at while he's at the same time. That's crazy to yeah, I completely. I was thinking about that when when I saw the post about the show of the weekend and I was like I've never actually fucking like met wet son of a bit more. She had her headline while he's. She's never actually had mine. Wiley's for weekend. Really she's headline like like one night shows or whatever, but she's never done the whole weekend and I was yeah, it was weird. So I was like, all right, I've never been there at the same time as her. That's fucking and it's it just hit me that that was true and I was like six years, it is weird. Like I you like no comics, but you've never met them. Yeah. Well, because, especially because there's such a it's such a trend on facebook for guys in our circle. It's like we see a name pop up as as you have thirty mutual friends who, oh all the date and comics. Yeah, you just add them anyway because fuck it my favorite. One of my favorite ones are like the hot the... chicks that send you a facebook things and like you like, Oh yeah, thirteen. I was like, cause you know it's a fake profile. I'm like what? One of my friends fell for this, and every single time I'm like, Yep, I kind of figured it would be you, you usually luke to boss every time I like Huh, all right, huh, or Dawn, because dawn will just add everybody you know, and I think all of them are Russian spies, every single one of them. I don't know why. I just feel like they're other trying to get my credit card information. But I like fucking with them too. I was great, well, my thing was like, Kyle Steel's been doing that. They use yeah, it fucks with them. They fuck on my my comedy page, my comedian, that my personal page, but my comedy page, they messed me on there too, no shit. And so one girls like hey baby, and I was like, I'm a a man. She's like, well, I was just a greeting. I was like, like, I said, I'm a man, and she was like and nothing ever Sa. So I wonder sometimes, like just how automated those things are. But also like that AI technology the days has gotten so fucking smart that, you know, with the with the predictive, predictive answers and shit like that. They know what kind of like, how kind of had a respond, but you can get them stuck in a loop and that's the funniest shit. Lar goes crazy where you're like no, you give me your credit card. That I fucking hilarious. Trapped in a paradox and and here a fucking explosion somewhere in town. But the show, the shows went well this weekend. Well, Fridays was like everybody did up and down, but it's like one of those shows. I don't like blame me audience on everything, but like host is like I would mysel. I was like a like, and then when he's the same way, and like it's like when you especially when they because she's so funny, but when she does a joke that I know that kills like I've never seen it not kill, and then they go yeah, I'm like, Oh yeah, this isn't even our for this is just the audience. It's just whatever funk is in the room. It was really weird that you could feel like the next day I talk to us, like did like the root the show? Feel the room feel tense before the show? She's like yeah, and I was like that's what I got that feeling too. I sometimes think you can also judge that just based on the enthusiasm in like the clapping at the start of the show. Yeah, if the clapping feels polite, it's probably going to be a rough room. Yeah, I agreed. If it feels like loud and enthusiastic and fast paced, probably going to do pretty good, unless you just suck. Oh absolutely. But yeah, you can usually whenever the whenever you know Karen Whoever, goes on the MIC and you know here's your host, you know, and they're like yeah, you're kind of you kind of get golf claps. You're just kind of like it's gonna be a rough night. Yeah, Oh, yeah, yeah, man, I will Friday and well, Friday. That's what kind of felt like the golf clap. Yeah, Saturday night fucking show was amazing, like everybody. Keith Urvan hosted a great I featured like mysels great when you keep keep was hosting. Yeah, WE'LL Keith Gary Henry host a first shows at Friday. Okay, for show Friday, but I was something Brett happened personal thing and he literally couldn't make it, like it was just like out of the blue. So I had keith host and Keith had a great site set up perfectly. I'd had a great set. I don't know, good, great, I don't know what it was. A good, great set whatever, like nowherely any laws or anything like that. But I love about my set was two people complain to any street my material. I was like, yes, comedies back baby, I just didn't like my material. Like after they were offended and I'm like, you're fucking A. I mean, don't get me wrong, I talked about shit that you're not sorry. Was Luck, like it's it's not out of the realm of possibility that you're one of your one or two of your jokes offended somebody. Yeah, I know, and I totally get that. Like I've been waiting for it. Yeah, I've been totally waiting for it. But you know, that happened. But now that mean like I'm sitting there like I thought was a good, great set and got off stage. We were like yeah, when I got off, but boy, this and that. Then I go out out on the thing. I was like so how to like, you know, Blah Blah Blah has it, and this is the first time I've ever been like. So is it? Was? Anybody ever been a like somebody offended by my jokes? Right, I don't know why. I've never asked that, but I had a fee. I just had a feeling for whatever reason, like yeah, there's actually a couple that came out. They had hated your material. They were super offended by one of your jokes, and I think that would I think it was the abortion joke, which one. Okay, my abortion jokes go like this. I was like, I'm atheist, but I do pray. When I don't pull out on time, I pray she gets an abortion and usually that gets last. And someone who. I was like, if you don't like that joke, you're going a fucking love the next. And so I go. I get more aggressive with it and I have a birthmark. It's a scar on my stomach from the hangar my mom used. Oh, I know that one. You don't like that joke, blame my mom.

She was succeeded. You would have never heard it. And I get them right there and if anybody's not on board at that point and this is where I crack. com so you guys know how hard it is tell to abortion jokes in a row, really fucking hard, because nobody wants you to keep them, ha ha, ha ha. And if at that point, if no way, everybody is on board. Yeah, there is. I I've even had personal like fucking hates abortion jokes to go. Goddamn it, you got me. You l counts like you got me in that last one. I fucking laughed hysterically. That's that's great. But they gave her, they gave the couple free tickets, like a new show, and I'll show should be hilarious if I was also all my God, I hope so. Me Too, like track the reservations and see you, like, if that couple reserves you to yeah, be like book Mike on that show. Let him headline. I like thirty thirty five Miss First Time I've ever done that. Like a club that's found. Wow, it's real good. Yeah, so now when he killed it, crushed it. They couple even came up to Wenday after the shows, like you need to get like every liked every way, but that Middle Guy. You need to get rid of them. And she's she was like no, he's my dude. That's great. That's great. And then who was? Who was there? was there a because it was Easter with the then I have a well, he's Sunday. Know why they sign? It is because the eastern right. Okay, that so. Yeah, it was. I mean it was a fun weekend, like good, good times. You do anything for your family, do anything for Eastern and whatever. To my aunt's. Every else pretty much vaccinated. Oh cool, I me and my wife warm masks the entire time. You guys love and Gotten Yours. Were both half vaccinated. Okay, yeah, I got my first one. So I got my did you get fiser? Johnson visor, so when I'm starting to learn is the fiser the second shot is not as bad as did that. Mordana, Mordam, Mordena, more Dan, Maderna, Madarna. Yeah, so I'm from what I've understand Moderna like the second shot, people get really sick on like they haven't really bad side effect, like right, like normal part typical butter visor. It's not nearly as bad. Yeah, I got the shot. You know, they have you just sit there for fifteen minutes and I'm just kind of like shaking my arm. I was like I felt. It felt a little heavy, little heavy, yeah, but nothing bad. And then I was fine for a few hours and then about halfway through my shift at work my arm just felt Achy, especially like right there in the spot. Couldn't sleep on that arm at night and then kind of all day yesterday. But by the time I went to bed it felt fine and now it's yeah, it might had the arm pain for like a little bit, really asleep on the arm. That's really about it. I mean I felt like I couldn't tell if I was lethargic just because I was just tired in general. Like yeah, it, but I was just like yeah, I was. I was yawning a bit more yesterday, but I was also one of those like a side of the shot, or I'm like the getting the sleep thing unfucked. But why? I like the way thing I got it on like I can wrote day. I got like I got on Thursday and I think like Fridays, like I just felt kind of like blow all day. Yeah, it's that that was a shower. I just felt blow all day. But now I get my second shot. What twenty four? That's what I'm getting mine. So super where'd you go? There's a place dag down by more I live, like cattering medical center, like Oh, I'm like this, yeah, because I want on their website and they have like the five places you can sign up on. Yeah, minds. I went to the one over in Beaber Creek. Okay, yeah, that was I didn't like literally ones like not even like a mile from my house as a go oh cool. So, yeah, I'm literally like because they have one over right there in kettering, but I'm literally like at the halfway point between the cattering one of the Baber Creek and I was just like well, fucking who's got the FRUS got the earliest appointment areas. It was kind of weird, like I think it's really cool, but I don't know, like it was so organized like how they had it. There's like a machine that was just like home. My appointment, was it one? I was in my car by one hundred and twenty. Yeah, I felt like my mine was at my point was at two. I got there at my plant was at two hundred and twenty out there to hmm, I got out like two hundred and twenty five, no, to thirty one. Yeah, yeah, it was. It was so weird. Yeah, because they got in, they had me double mask, which I was like cool, whenever they check me in, got the shot, went and sat for fifteen minutes and then I was at the door. There wasn't super crowded or anything, but they were moving people out of there like, you know, Taco Bell Shits. So it was crazy. Yeah, it's like, damn, this is like put together super fast, and first I was like a the at least put a TV on, but then I was out of there so quick I was like yeah, fuck, like I was expecting the wait like an hour or two, like latching shit. That's why I I schedule mine is early as I did, because I was like I'm going to need like a threehour window before work to make sure I'm I'm good, and I like it, packed my lunch and how all my shit, my car ready to go to work. And then I was out of there in twenty minutes and I was like, oh well, well, never mind, and it just going to work early. How was wild. I thought I was crazy, like it was very impressive how fast they got it going. Yeah, as can't get wait to get to set once I can go out and do hero when again. Yeah, I I was actually I was going to go up the week of the twenty four. My Mom's going to get my fro my brother home from Kent State because they're bringing them over spring...

...break and then just have him stay home the rest of the semester. So we were going to go up and like spend it with my grandparents. But then that's what my second shot is and I was like, well, fuck, never mind. But they're also already already completely vaccinated. Ill Parts are oh yeah, well, they're, yeah, old. So yeah. And then my little brother Kent state just set up their vaccination center, but they're only doing the two shots and so he could get his first shot there, but then they wouldn't he wouldn't be able to get a second shot there any kind of he wants to do them at the same place. He's just waitingsie gets back in town. Gotcha. My sister's being paranoid about it that she isn't. She's like she's not sure she wants to get it or not, and my entire family is just kind of looking at her like really, I get the only thing I don't like about because me and my wife are trying to have kids. Obviously right they there's not enough study on what it does to women that are pregnant. Gotcha, that's literally it. So if you guys put a pause on that for the time being. Or yeah, so that's literally like you're like, like if I get the vaccine, like because it's they haven't had enough time to study that, right. Yeah, so it's silly, like because that's such a that's such a niche group to do studies on. Like literally, like what if you're pregnant? Like if you get pregnant while because you have to get a bunch of pregnant women who are willing to take the right yeah, fuck up their kid or them in. That's yeah, that's a hard but everything, like I've researched to Shab everything and I seen that issue with that was the only that's literally the only group that doesn't have like a my sister's problem is she's just she's a little bit of a hypochondriac and she's she's got like stress and anxiety issues, and so she kind of she kind of stresses herself out about Shit. So I think that's probably got a lot to do with it. Is just she's just like Bu Blaba, unknown side effects of that just sense her spiraling. So I'm just kind of like whatever, fine, I'll wait to this a single dose in their pill form. I'm just going to fucking drug your food or some shit. I think what's going to happen as R have to take the shot every single year. I was gonna it's going to be the new flu shot. Yeah, which, okay, as long as my sure it's covered. I don't really yeah, and they'll figure out down the road how to make it better and better. Well, because they've been studying the the there's a reason that right away they were like, Hey, ls all wipes kill the coronavirus, because this shit's been around a long time. It's just this strain as different. Is fucking different, but it's still a coronavirus. So they're able to like they didn't have to create special lace all wipes was already a thing. Yeah, good Jo. I just lie all our bodies. It's it cracks me up, for as much googling as some of the fucking antivactors do. It's like, but you didn't Google this shit. Yeah, you were, you were there. You'd just kept reading. Yeah, it was the next story, but now they google it and then skipped the page. Twenty. We're because maybe we get the page twenty on Google's where you get the obscure Shit like if you know, if you vaccinated kids, they become elephants, if you use a condom, you are automatically in al Qaida. Know, that doesn't make any sense at all. You killing Americans, you're killing possible American souls. John Oliver this week was talking about the national look how fucking high the national deficit is, and just think ten trillion of it is just our national debt and then the other, because it's over, twenty eight trillion. Oh God, yeah, so ten, ten to ten of that is just national debt. The other eighteen is what we owed to fucking China and all that China, though. Yeah, there was this, there was this commercial for like the people, these like promost promotional ads about, you know, being like, you know, trying to solve the debt, and it was these kids when the pledge of the leaves, they're like, I pledge allegiance to the American debt and the and the country of China that owns us. It's a means, fucking jared, they do they lea know them so much fucking money. Oh Yeah, well, a lot of folks like because, and you know, because I was still a kid when this shit got started. But it wasn't like, because people like to blame it on just the military spending that we had post line eleven. But it wasn't just the military spend. It was a fact that the increased military spending and cut taxes. So you're increasing something we need tax money for and you're reducing how much tax money is coming in. That really fuck. And then they had that stimulus. Remember that? I don't know you if you were camera. What was called back then, the one where they build out the the banks and shit. Yeah, it was a two thousand and eight. Yeah, because Americans got it too. I was at the radio station when that happen. Camera once I got but we also got but we barred all that money from China. Yoh Yeah, yeah, because they bailed out like all the big banks fall and fucking I think there were the airlines a part of that too, but I'm now fuck big banks. So I'm going to say that. Everybody used to chase mobile APP getting a go PNC nwics, that bag of money under the mattress. That's what they're afraid of. Like seven with the the game stop and the fucking AMC and like the like. They're...

...afraid that's going to happen again. Well, they're going to bank, bank and they're going to cause head funds to fucking completely. Get A blitter. It's already a documentary about that on Hulu. Is are that the game stop? Should I haven't wanted it is fucking you're more. You read into that Shit. fucked up well, and then you read and they actually had funds, is ones that cause toys r us to go bankrupt. Oh Yeah, yeah, Oh, I remember that Shit it because I I was pissed. They are the whole they wanted, because the part, the point is any shortest stock. They short so much, if you bankrupt the company, you don't have to pay any taxes. Exactly. It's the producers. It's what happened in the producers. You overborrow, over borrow money and then you just have no profits. So fuck it, you don't have to keep you know, you don't have to give any of that money back. As far as they're concerned, the thing was a flaw part, but it's also one of the things. It's companies like toys R us being and granted, I didn't know about this at the time, but that's what made me so afraid to play the stocks for so long. It's because I saw companies like toys r us and because, when I got out of college, as when hostess went under, Oh yeah, and I was like Shit, if a company like hostess can go on or now, granted, it was because a labor strikes, but but when they came but then they eventually came back and I was run the grocery store, a Walmart, but I remember like they've been cutting corners ever since they came back, because they changed all their recipes. Their shit got smaller. I've noticed that. But that's what made me so afraid to play stocks to the longest time. was seeing these huge companies like hostess go belly up and I was like, well, fuck, if you invested in hostess, that company should should have lasted. fucking twinkies, man, come on. Well, here's the wild thing. I don't know how long I want to talk about this for. Here's while that. So movies our show. Yeah, so here's the thing. Movies are a thing right now, like movies are really bad last year. Yeah, it's because covid and any movie was like a it. Basically, right now in the stocks you pick things you think are going to be recovery play. Yeah, okay, they're this bad. They're only going to little cinemark as, a Cinem Mark, Sin Mark, which one I just it's a comp it's a movie company, sinmarcosine marks, one of the theater Chang yes, cine mark, Imax Day've gradually gone up over. Yeah, no negative articles about them at all, AMC, because the heads funds have been shorting them so much. Completely utterly negative article, act negative art. Yeah, I'll say this. It was it was two things. It was that and it was also the fact that they were that they were the ones who were who had set who, because universal had said they were going to start doing the thing where we're going to drop our movies on streaming the same day they go to theaters. And Amcs that find we're not going to carry your movies anymore. Yeah, and then that started to Piss people off. And but you have hedge fun thing especially. Well, one guy wrote it should be a penny stock. Oh yeah, he works our hedge funds, and you're like yeah, like how? Like my whole thing was like how are Imax and cinemark or whatever. Yeah, they've gone from this, since a pandemic, all the way to where they're at and like to s High S. and because AMC, because it was short, it's so much that it's like they saw no hope, basically because they were talking about to they were talking about how AMC was probably not going to survive, which, because it was, should they short orders? Just shit out of it? Yeah, because I just wanted their money. Want a lot. A lot of people were also thinking that, post pandemic, that theaters would be fucked anyway, because everybody gets so used to streaming everything. They would want to go back to the theater, I think. But well, but here's the thing is is theaters are back to like, I think, like forty percent capacity right now, depending where where you're at. Well, God's Godzilla versus calm came out over the weekend. They dropped it on Hbo Max and released it in theaters. It made a fuck load of money in theaters, I know it, which just makes me realize people still want to go to the theater thing. Ultimately, you still want to see that big screen. I do. Yeah, so I haven't watched it yet. Gonna but yeah, I want to see Godzilla versus call on a big fucking screen. Well, I think what's going to happen. I think because Disney and Tiszi plus talk about doing a black widow, but now they're thinking about on just on streaming. Yeah, I think now they're going to do both because like, if fucking Guy Zilla versus Kong, yeah, did that. Well, black widow definitely. Well, yeah, it's the mark. Well, Adam, Adam Aaron is the CEO of AMC, and now they call people. I'd guess. I would say me, because I'm so invested in Amac right and the meme sucks to call us apes, HA, ha ha. And so he's like, you know, and then he knows if it wasn't for like the Reddit, Wall Street bets and like that community, AMC what he knows that. Yeah, he's flat out and they're enery. He's like, I'm I'm more of an ape the Guy Myself, like I'm not a Lizard Guy, like I'm a I'm like an ape Jesus. He's alway this, you know, scab. Yeah, he's all about like fucking like about support. It's weird because like he makes a boot came...

...out of money, but he knows that ultimately, like, his business would be completely under if it wasn't for Oh yeah, that. And he's all like he knew. He's been gone on record since last year. It's like, yeah, they're sorting the shit out of was so trying to bankrupt us, and now I can he's kind of guessing my mental finger, like fuck you, hedge funds, like this shit, this is all I'm gonna do. And you literally he's like, I'm more of an APE guy. I don't like lizards. I think he's I think it's kind of ironic and the and the time of meme stocks. The first movie that come out to do would be calm verds got in Congressus, Godzilla. I'm an ape guy and I was just like, Oh shit. I was like Daddy, Daddy, Aaron those what's going on? It's a very interesting community. I'm really curious to see what's going to happen between with AMC, center mark and Regal, because those are the big three, you know, getting to like next year, because you know, because I don't, Warner Bros already said there's going to drop everything this year on on Hbo Max. Yeah, black widows going to be telling, because they're going to do that. They're going to do that thing where they drop it on the streaming but you got to like pay the third day but watch, which everyone's bitching about, and I'm like, it's thirty bucks for a movie that you now have. Yeah, I'm supposed to going to the theater where you're going to spend around a hundred bucks for everybody to get tickets and snacks and you get to watch it once. I think is on that too. Is this like all those? Maybe is like I feel like I want to see those movies like for real. Oh yeah, I want to see on the big screen itself. Yeah, I want to see black widow in a big fucking screen. But I also wanted to see black widow like ten years ago, I think. I think because it's because the movie means nothing. Yeah, because you know what happens at the end, unless it's unless this like a fucking the only thing I can think of, unless it's like a weird like alternate universe, or that's what I'm hoping for. I don't know. I'm watched like, well, they just drop them a trailer for local, well, for will, for Loki. Yeah, also for for black widow on like Thursday or Friday, and so, like we know, it takes place before, I think, pre infinity war. It's either PRE INFINITY WAR PRE end game. Obviously it's not after endgame. That would be crazy. This is my ghost well, but with the Loki, Loki's dealing with the fact that there's like timelines fragment, because so I'm like, Shit can happen? I don't know. That's why I'm saying I because one of those black widow come out lie, I think, is when they're dry. I think low key. I wonder if Loki comes out before that. I looked that up. It's because if low key finishes before that, that means they could go alternate universe. See how I'm saying that that's true. Oakey drops. Does it have a release date yet? June eleven. Black widow drops July, not the same weekend. Now Juno Eleven, surely nine? That's him. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. June the story. So Loki drops a month before black widow. They couldn't pound. But I don't know how many shows it's going to be if it's a lie. I don't know, because that I because I mean they have said that that all the Disney stuff is the Disney plus stuff, is going to play into the INN, into the universe, which we've seen swiler or, if you haven't seen already, one division and even the first three of Falcon Winter Soldier. I've only seen half of the first episode of valc winners older. I kind of want to bench it, I will say, because I'm three into it now, so I've kind of already started. So I kind of have to just keep going. It's very mcu like. It feels like an mcu Ma. Maybe that's what I felt like. I think one division was just like so different. Yeah, we just kind of it was cool. It's like one division is almost directed like Quentin Tarantino. That's what I felt like. One Division, one, I know what. You're not wrong yet. It did kind of feel like because it was it was it was a different genre every week and yes, I had had that that Tarantino feel to it. But now winners, I mean the Falcon of winter soldier, fucking George St Pierre, Oh, I know is in the first episode. I know. That's as far as I know. I don't know if he's anymore. So I'm like wait, is that George say mom and they call him George, I think in the will because he was in winter soldier was he don't remember him in winter sets the very beginning that first mission on the boat that they that cap and black widow were on, the guy that he fights at the end of that, that's George saying, you're right, same character. You're fucking right. I forgot about that. How the fuck did he hit and the M see you? I forgot. He's an MC something about because I think was just the the the coincidence of the character he's playing as this French Canadian fist fighter, and they were like, well, we know a guy and he, because I figure'll fugets for two scenes. So doesn't lay an. I guess I feel like you know it's gonna be like seven, seven degrees of mcu, but you take any any actor, and seven for Lincoln to an actor in the fucking MC universe. Of course it,...

...especially because, like now we've got Owen Wilson as I didn't lit. I was like, are you fucking kidding me? How much they paint everybody? Oh my God, the because they're these, these the shit cannot have a big budget. I mean wow. Well, winter soldier looks like it fucking does from what I seen in the first episode. Looks like is like Legit, like movie quaw, I will say, because it definitely feels really I mean it's the first episode. I was like, this is a scene out of you could told me this is a scene at a civil war and I would fucking believed you. Yeah, so, like the actually saw a war? Not. Yeah, he's got a musket man, like fucking I'm gonna fucking shoot you again. Yet Damn it, I'm going back and watching, watching Star Trek next generation from the beginning right now, and there's an episode where they like get thrown to some multidimensional shit and there's these aliens, but they have Musket Musket guns, but they shoot. They have the still load them, but they shoot lasers and and data's just kind of like what, this makes no sense, this is dumb. But yeah, so, so, look, he's gonna be its just six episodes and it's five weeks separating it from black widow. And if they do, if they do what they I don't know. Sometimes with these shows they'll drop like the first two on the same day. Yeah, so I don't know, maybe I doubt honestly, I doubt it. I kind of feel like Scarlett Johnson's moved on just trying to play every race in every movie. That's true. Your watch college umers videos. Long time ago I found one. Is something one of them got, one of the old ones got recommended to me. How's like fuck, I forgot about collegeamer. I went back. They're still putting shit out. Apparently. That's impressive. Yeah, and it was still pretty funny. And one of them was a guy pretending to be Scarlett, who's Scarlett Johanson's agent? Like and she he was like, Hey, got this one. You're playing. You're playing Mary Todd Lincoln. She's like, I'll only do it if if it's a R if it's a race. REVEREARSAL, where a B Lincoln and Mary Totterre both black and I have a Chinese baby. And she's like, because I'm an actor, I need to spread my wing. Because she play. What did she play? She played ghosts in the shows and ghosts the show. I never saw that. I never. I I know it was based on an anime, so I never watched the anime. So I was I never didn't really give a shit, but she did well, she did that, which pissed a lot of people off, and then she was supposed to be she got cast in this one movie where she was she was supposed to play like a postop male to female transgender, and everybody was like no, and she ended up backing out of it because she caught a want of shit for it. But, like, I guess my thing is like, can you really give an actor shit for Theay, like hey, we want you to play this role if they accept it, because, I mean, she could have said No. That's true, but it's like but at the same time, like my thing is on this. For example, that could have been an Oscar. Yeah, that's straight up. Yeah, we like. It's true. Well, didn't work for heavy writ Freddie Redmain. That's true too. Did Danish girl. He was a great as great as he was, and that he was nominated. He was. But also you look at Jeffrey Tambor, who won for transparent. Yeah, and Louis Anderson, who want to go. He want to, he want an emmy for what was that? As gets baskets. Yeah, he wanted me for baskets and people were like it wasn't that. They were saying that they weren't good, but they were kind of like yeah, but you know, I got a transactor. I just want to know how my are there a lot of transactors? I don't know. I don't know. I kind of Cuz, like my thing is like they'll people like to trying to act. Some people might be trans I don't want you to know they're trying. Really you know what I mean? Well, because you have, like you know then Allen, now Elliott page, yeah, and that you have. So you know Laverne, cos she's great, cause is amazing. Yeah, so great, although that that that rocky horror thing, she did suck where eyes. I know, I I love. I love her, though, so much. She's fantastic. She guess she can. You can cast her as Batman and I'll watch it. That'd be great movie. I'm maybe fucking funny. I'm never, I was never a big orangs to do black fan, but I mean she was heard. Kate Mulgar were the two best parts of that phone. Yeah, I agree, I wasn't big. I try to get into it, but they are the only ones that kind of made me want to watch it, because I was like this is because I hate the main I hate what's her name? The Blonde who's the main character, couldn't stand heard the story. Stupid, was stories, dumb, everything with more and prep on the Dawna naked great, cool, awesome. That's the one. Two better show. Yeah, you know, the just love it. Yeah, yeah, because it ran't for like what like eight seasons or something like that, something like that. But well, Vernet, I mean...

...yeah, we ver and COP. I mean that's what made her a fucking star. was everybody was like, Holy Shit, she's amazing. And talk about a career resurgence for Kate mulgrew hadn't done anything since Star Trek Voyager. So that's true. I mean, I mean, yeah, you're right. And I didn't even recognize her when I saw her. I was like, couldn't place her, and then I was like the fuck out of here. will us really fucking good in it? Yeah, she was. She was a great why don't Lori Petty was in there at one point. I know, hey, that is tank girl, fucking a. She was in there at some point. Goddamn, tank girl. Holy Shit, is that a reference? That's a fact. I hate. I hate how much all that again. This is why I play movie Trivia. It's the talk about a movie that like POPs up on basic cable or broadcast every once in a while. I'm kind of like, I haven't seen this in a while. Does it still suck? Like tank go or girl should be a porn guy. Sounds like what? Yeah, and honestly, at times watching it, it looks like one. Yeah, fucking Nice Tea. anyways, you guys never seen Tang garrows. Watched it. It is an experience. Yes, ten girls, one of those movies that's like so bad it's good fucking iced tea, is the fucking kangaroo, dude, and you very young Naomi Watts. Michael McDonald signed on for this shit, or Malcolm McDonald rather, Michael McDonald, that hilarious mountain that girl. Hey, God damn, that would have made the fucking movie. Holy Shit, that's also a riot. That's also one of those movies that's very much from that era of s pulpy comic book movies like Judge Dread and fuck judge dread kind that was still like I knew you'd say that such a bad mam my favorite, my favorite moment in that movie, though. It also also fucking Rob Schneider's in it. My favorite moment in that movie is. Oh Yeah, Rob Sneer had a thing about for you. A yeah, it is Armando son that you plays his brother. At one point he's like you portrayed the law and I'm not a sign. They just goes. I was like, I don't get it, but I fucking love that moment. Was it? I like the the other one better? Oh, the Karl urban one. Yeah, drow I movie was fucking great, fantastic. Dad fucking bombed at the box off and it really did. It made like no, but everyone was like, well, he's also he was a no name actives, no name actor. It was based on a movie that was like universally loathed. Yeah, and it was. It was. It came out during that big like d help with the d hype was really going on, because there's a lot of like like the slowmos scenes and shit that, which I'm sure look great and d but See, you never see his face in that movie. No, you never do that. Probably also heard it. Yeah, can imagine, like, but people are what people were all so pissed about still loans, because in the comics you never see his face. That's true too, because on the in Stallone's movie. He never wears the fucking hell met you. Where is it? Like the opening scene, and that's it, because it's still lone and you got to see all that. I Guess Stallone rhymes I alone. which he's going to be fucking King Shark in this new suicide squad movie. He's King Shark. He's King Shark. Oh Shit, yeah, he plays King Shark Place King she yea. Now doesn't that look like? What's his face? Directed it? It absolutely fucking does. I love in the trailer from the horribly twisted mind of James Gunn and I'm like, yeah, Holy Shit, that looks exactly like James Gunn directed that movie. If you have a vanity license plate, we will kill you. No, no, we won't. If you cough without a covering your mouth, now we won't. But that is not an invitation to his clock over in your mouth. Well, that dude. What's his face? Can't think his name. The actor. Yeah, I joke in them. Yeah, so he was in one of my favorite shows. It was on I don't I watch it on Netflix. I'm on Netflix. I where it wasn't a Netflix original on Netflix Bott and did like the last season called the killing. Oh, I've heard of that. It's good. The first two seasons a great the third season's like okay, but like I loved him in that show and I never watched altered carbon either. I I tried to watch altered carbon because I'm such a big blade runner fan and everybody told me I would like it and to me it just kind of felt like that is my cat, what is your problem? It kind of just kind of going off the conversation we had last week, it kind of felt like like like network TV blade runner. Yeah, it's kind of watered down blade runner, but I know he supposed. I know he's in it. Everybody, anybody I know who doesn't like blade runner likes alter carbon. Gotcha. I'm sad. Never liked blade for I try to get blade runner so many times. I love lad runner. I don't know why. I like it's a top like movie of all time. It's and I just can't like. I don't know what it is. I have tried to watch it's so many times. I was like I don't couple of Guy, a couple guys at work we're asking me about about it over the weekend and the way I describe the to them was. It's so part of the problem is...

...when you watch it it seems Super Cliche in terms of like sci fi cliches, but that's because it was the film that kind of got a lot of those going. Yeah, but now they're cliches because of that movie. It's really it's thinking man's Sci fi and I agree with that. Also think it needs to be seen in a theater. Yeah, it does, and it also helps that there's seven different versions of it. I did not know that. Yeah, because because really skill was a really Scott. Yeah, so, but there's one that's called the final cut, which is kind of like known as like the definitive, like that's the version you should watch because like the theatrical version had this weird voiceover by Harrison Ford kind of going off because it's a, you know, a noir style film, so he had that kind of hard boiled detective narraw ration. You get lying at that, the damns will show it up in my office, but you could tell Harrison Ford didn't give a shit. Yeah, and just some weird scenes of kind of and it's so there's like there's been a lot of readdits, but the one that's called like the final cut is kind of the one that everybody says, which I agree with, is the one that's kind of the best version of it. And, like most s movies, it has it has Daryl Hannah and it because she's in, like she's like every fucking eighties movie. But and then the sequel's really good. The sequel's just really fucking long. That's what Ryan Goslins hazling. I thought he should have gotten a fucking Oscar nomination for the relusly he was. He Ryan Gosling. When those actors, I tell people I was like that man can act with his eyes better than anybody. Yeah, you're right, he really not like I can't remember, like an maybe he's actually batting. It took me a long time to come around on Ryan Gosling just because for the longest time he was like one of those other Hollywood pretty boys, like in the realm of like at DiCaprio or something like that, and he kept making shit like the notebook, where I just wasn't my cup of tea. Although here's the thing about the notebook. There's a time of my life every sometime I watch notebook I got laid. Well, yeah, no shit, because even if I watch it like by myself that night. It was really weird. It was bizarre as I give and then got laid. Turns out was the form of version the note. Fuck that. Fuck, yeah, but I thought really blame runners. Not for everybody. I don't put up his IMDB now. It's because I liked him in that that first man movie from a couple of years ago, replaceing Neil Armstrong. I haven't seen that one. It's good. It's it's slow because it's and it's long, but it's not like a lot of people didn't like it because it wasn't like Apollo Thirteen, which was like a like it almost like an action movie because it was really fast paced and had a lot of like heavy drama and explosions and stuff like that. It was it was none of that. You actually very rarely see the spaceship from the outside. The most of it actually just inside to kind of get that kind of more realistic experience of what it was like for them. But again, going to like what I was saying with him acting with his eyes because, like Neil Armstrong was a very kind of just kind of cold, almost like not like emotionless, but just he wasn't very emotional and so, but he does a lot of there's a lot of moments in the movie where you can just see what he's thinking and feeling based on like what he's how he's moving his eyes, and he does that and blade run in two thousand and forty nine, because he's playing an Android, so you kind of have to see him process. He's Andrei. He's an Android the movie who works for the police. So yeah, it's I I now love Ryan Gosling, although Fuck Lala land, Helly Blal. I hated Lala Land and trying nice guys. I haven't seen I heard his great nice guys is amazing. Nobody saw it all short, he was getting the big short. Everybody was good. The big short the place beyond the pines. He is good and he wasn't it for a long no, it was not. The eydes and March. Haven't seen it. Great, crazy, stupid love, just good. That's all. With them a stone right. Yeah, that's good movie. Drive. Drive is fucking great. Drive is FANTASTICIC. I forgot he was in. Remember the titans? Yeah, Lars and the real girl. Hell, Oh, yeah, forgot about that one. Then notebook murder by now I remember and murder by numbers. Yeah, young Hercules, I remember that show, and that mean that's kind of yeah, there were talks about him being Batman at one point. No, yeah, I didn't happen. I would never was one of me. It was one of those shortlist names being tossed around, about the same time as Ben Affleck was. It was like him, Ben Affleck an army hammer were the three. Name is getting bossed around. Army all right. Imagine if Army Hammer was on happening his career host to be. Yeah, there was a the the there was supposed to be a George Miller Justice League movie back in like two thousand and three and he was an Army Hammer. had been cast as Batman. That would have blown up in their face and absolutely fucking well. That's the reason I didn't get made. The script was shit. And then all this shit that he said about Stanley and about comic book movies and Shit. What did he say? Well, he first of all, he was he was like talking Shit about people when Stan Lee...

...died. was talking shit about people posting pictures with Stanley, saying like they were like fake fans, using a dead man the like get notoriety on line. I'm like, they're fucking celebrating like a life of life of a great man. The changed a lot out of actors lives. Steeley changed entertainments. Yeah, we'll get gap. Pretty much. Stanley basically did more then what star wars did. Oh, cool there. I you could say that I'm driving about the timelines here of which game first, Star Wars or marvel? But even from a movie perspective, Stanley Change, like they his ideas change the game of movies. Because what, how many movies was it for infinity? Infinity, walk to again or yeah, twenty something movies. Like to make twenty something movies relevant? Yeah, and a show up at literally at any game, if there is any game after twenty, like literally, yeah, we mean with the creation of spider man or fantastic four was the first one you did? Yeah, like, what if there was just a family of superheroes and then he created spider man? And then the idea of the using characters like the xmen the tackle, you know, to tackle like the the race, the race issues that were still going on. Yeah, that's why I love when people get pissed off about politic social issues in Comic Book Shit I'm like Jell readex, mom, yeah, that's but that is there's reason that, you know, because because Magneto was Malcolm X, professor x has is Martin, Luther King, yeah, stuff like that. Yeah, it was. But I will say army hmmer wasn't in a shot at Stanley. He was taking a shot at the people that China bowls. So Bill Mars one took a shot at Stanley, but del Mar say, Oh, you don't know about that. No, when Bill Mart when Stanley died, I wish bill mare died. I fucking hate bill mare before this. He's a great interviewer, though he basically is part of his opening monolog on real time just shit on Stanley about what for? Because, because he call he kept saying he's the guy who made comic books. Real it. We're all sad because the guy that made spider man died. Great, cool, we have a guy whose whole careers at now adults think comic books are cool, like, go fuck yourself. Then everybody gave him shit and then on his next episode he fucking doubled down to monologs in a row just shit. And this is the week he fucking died and it's like fuck you. Do you know he's made his entire career off shitting on things. You're not supposed to like that as but this one, this one, I think just it just push people too far. It's like I kind of cried when Stanley died. He can fucking did, because I was like Holy Shit, like that's like part of my childhood. And then and then, God, fuck, fuck, Fuck Kevin Smith for making me cry because him and him and Stanley were I mean he tight like Titan. He was like a second father to Kevin Smith, favorite Kevin Smith Stories. He's talking about how they were doing like some some writing of it or something at his house and Stanley was going to be a surprise guest and Stanley got the days mixed up and he showed up a day early. And he's like I was in bed having sex with my wife and all sudden my Intercom Doorbell rings stopped and I'm like hello. It's like he's like the Cavin stay and I'm here for the thing. He's like stay, and that's tomorrow. Now he's like, Oh, oh my bad, my bad. He's like yeah, listen, stand, I gotta let you go. I'm kind of in my wife right now. Stanley was like, okay, I'm Tiger God, but yeah, that was the one, I think, like everyone, because it was always a thing with bill mar like, Oh, what's he gonna fucking talk about? But this was this was like somebody that was like universally love. Did nobody a fucking hated? Yeah, Stanley, like he was. It was kind of like when, you know, like when I went and watched the the Mr Rogers documentary, like you always kind of hope that like nothing has ever going to come out that he was like doing some seedy shit or whatever behind the scenes, like Mr Rodgers into this at this point, that man is that you can't touch that man, and you kind of can. Stanley was kind of the same way, like it was married to his wife for like seventy fucking years and you know, and was just so, so in love with her and just everything that he did in his comics for, you know, touching on real life issues and up to the day he died he would always comment about stuff like that. Oh my God, rosy, that's why I shut you in the other room when I do this usually. So it was one of those like it was just Stanley was one of those guys. It was like, don't, don't fucking talk about Stanley. I don't there's no reason to bash the man the Eknit. I think maybe he just, you know, didn't draw a line correctly at the one of the original epide I don't know, I don't then also double down the next week. I that's just built mare being a fucking cunt. Yeah, which is what he's fucking thing. All Right, folks, that'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge.

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