The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 22 · 1 year ago

Worst Super Villains


Wells finally watched the #SnyderCut and he has some thoughts. Plus, who are the best & worst super villains? And are there people out there that are so revered that they can never be criticized?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Wells' thoughts on 'Zack Snyder's Justice League'.
  • The best & worst super villains.
  • Childhood heroes being above reproach.

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Is it Satan's birthday party? You go guy, when it comes in dressed. Yeah, he's like, and he's, Oh my God, that's whole like a guy comes in dress. It's like with the sting ray and Steve Irwin, or you know it is. It is Steve Rl. Yeah, and he's, Oh my God, that's where we can out on are. He's like, he's like, but Satan, it's actually me, Steve Veryway. He's like, Oh, we're not a lot of them because you're not wearing out costume. I remember is because it was like Satan's like super sweet sixteen or some shit. I remember that one and I was like, oh my fucking God, like how did you like? You took it that way and then you fucking went I net. But that's how you circumvent that Shit, as you're not taking a shot at the guy. Yeah, you're taking a shot at, honestly, the fucked up circumstances that got him kill. Really that is really like that's like a one in a million shot or some shit like that. I don't know, because it's like the number of deaths, because, first of all, everyone here is killed by a sting, right, like this wasn't one of those pancake sized ones that you see at the exit the town aquarium that you could pet in the waiting pool. Like this thing was the size of a fucking painters tarp. Yeah, so getting stung by its like getting stabbed by a javelin, which, yeah, it's. Yeah, God, I saw a picture of these things and I'm just like fuck that. But yeah, like they kill like two people a year and it's usually a freak accident because they get startled and so, but I guess what really did him in was it was either leave the Stinger in and let him get poisoned or pull it out and risking bleeding to death and fucking you know, blood out and got infected. So, but he's yeah, what for a guy who's known as the crocodile hunter that killed by a seeing what a fucking way to go. You got the guy who would play peekaboo with crocodiles and fucking yeah, that's so fucking crazy. Yeah, he did live a life, though. Oh, yeah, well, I mean his kids have still kept his shit going his which is awesome. His son is the spitting image of him. And yes, and still he does the Shit. He goes on the talk shows and handles the snakes and Shit and it's nice knowing that they're still doing that. I think his daughter just had a baby. They just had a baby. Yeah, girl, I girl I work with is like obsessed with Steve were one. So she was posting about that and well, she got married last year, I think. I think the Sun Walker down the aisle, which, but yeah, it's like that. It's again talk about a guy who left a huge fucking impact on people. Oh, yeah, you know, because he he was that he was the Mr Rodgers of the animal kingdom. Yeah, I mean, you're right. Yeah, I look like Jack Hannah. Fuck Jack. To check, I'll the Jackhann has forty five minutes away. He could come here kick our assy. He looks like he could still doing our ass. The what are you doing? I guess been around since before I was a kid. He looks like he could still kick somebody's ass. He's in surprisingly good shape for a guy his a is he yeah, we get we get his one of his, one of his kids, shows at work run on the weekend mornings and he still looks like he's, you know, kicking some ass and fighting bears and bears. I'll check the so I watched the sneider cut by the way, did you finally watch the Snyder Time? Yeah, I think it's great. Yeah, yeah, it was great. I never I saw, I don't seen the original. You don't need to now. Absolutely I want to watch it. But how is the original end? because apparent not like that. Not like that, not even close, not even fucking close. Really. Yeah, the stuff with the flash not in there. Seriously, not in there at all. None of that happens. None of that happens. Even the elusion, the allusion to it in the Superman Revival Scene, Uh Huh, doesn't happen in the in the original version. All of that was removed. He's what all of that was removed. It's a huge it's fucking huge. I'll remove that's why I was so pissed about it. All removed. And even the way he goes out,... a dark side. It's not in the original one at all. Okay, not in not one bit. The way that he goes out in the original is that superman shows up, so it's beating the shit out of him and then the parademons start eating him because he's afraid now and they're attracted to fear and he boomed him away. WHOA. That's the ending of the original. That is nothing, not even close. Did that is he fucked up, bad, bad, holy mother May Have God. Yeah, yeah, but Stephen Wolf, was he the same? Like was? This doesn't even look the same. Oh my God, so the design that you see of him in the Snyder cut? Yeah, there's a there's a deleted scene from bvs that was added into the ultimate addition. The director, the directors got the Snyder cut, if you will. I gotta Google this original. He looks like a poorly rendered video game character. I gotta do with it's just, yeah, it's it's not even again. It's damn, Joss, Damn. How you Stephen as a STEEPP steppenwolf and type in Steppenwolf. Two Thousand can pull up on the computer. Oh my God, yeah, that's not even the same fucking Dick. No, no, that is horrible. Yeah, man, and it's you don't know that one, right? Oh my God, yeah, not even fucking close compared compared to that. Yeah, no, and then also, he just that's like fucking like. Okay, first off, yeah, not. The first one is like it was waiting. Can keep most people before snapchat filter and then boom, snapchat the filter. It's like this looks like something that a fucking game of thrones. This is it's horrible. Could be a white walker. Yes, that's why I'm thinking. I was like okay, because I don't really like seeing like like I've seen part of the original, like I've caught it this like going through or whatever, like H and I've seen like I remember the trailers. Yeah, and I was like where is this? fucking well, the fucking metallic looking motherfucker. Yeah, that whole flashback sequence where it's all the agent people fighting. Yeah, our side. That's in the original, but it's not dark side. It's Steppenwolf and it's like half as long. Oh my God, I mean it is, it is. And it was funny. I was at my mom's for freasters. She was watching the avengers on fx and, you know, Joss whedon's NAM pops up and I just kind of went fuck joss Wheaton. She was like, yeah, that's not even the same fucking guy. It's not, man, it's it's on fucking canny like again, like there were things that I saw in the Snyder cut that were not in the original. That made me so mad they weren't in the original. Like all I mentioned that that one time is all the cyberwork stuff. Not In the original. But he's in it, but, but, but, like the stuff where he's in his own head figuring himself out, helps out the lady at the ATM, not in the original. I'm like that's such a fucking great moment. What about like what his dad lives in? The original thattle moment's not in there. All that stuff where he's just trying to like come to terms with who he is, not in there. He's just a background character, as it have him like rays holding that what's MC call it? And I was like the three and he's trying to separate them. Yeah, that's in there. It just ends differently. Well, it ends it and it still ends with Superman helping him rip them apart, but it ends with a joke because, like they're trying to pull them apart and Superman's going to kill me again, right, I don't want to die again. And then it knocks him both back. He's laying there. Superman goes okay, change my mind. I want to die again. I was like Yay, ending as horrible. Well then, because they removed dark side, all of Steppenwolf's motivation is fucking gone, because the whole thing with this is that he's trying to get back to apocalypse. He's trying to appease dark side and get back to apocalypse. All that's removed in this. He's just doing it because he just kind of has a hard on from the mother boxes. He's like he like his worshiping the mother boxes, like they're like their God. HMM. Yeah, so made no really no send. Like it wasn't it made no sense. It was just I just didn't care. Yeah, it was like, okay, cool, he's a it's kind of hard on for these. Yeah, it was one of those he's like he's evil for the sake of being evil, and I was like that's fucking boring. Hey. Yeah, and then just the CGI. There was a lot of times were like like the fight where we're superman first comes back and they're like kind of trying to control like that's in the original, but Joss whedon did weird color correction on everything to make it look brighter, kind of like more marvel he almost and it just looke fake because all that shot on a green screen.

Yeah, and it just looked really, really fake. Yeah, and and there was a lot of scenes like that where just they they did the CGI better and got the color correction better and just kind of like looked better. The wonder woman scene to the beginning is like half as long. That's a good, seemed too great fucking scene. It. It's just yeah, and then also there are so many just like gratuita shots of wonder woman's ass. Like there's so many times we're like there's a camera angle and like her butts just like right there, right there, which is why, because some of those scenes are still in Snyder's because he did the different aspect ratio, her ass isn't like right in the camera frame because his, instead of being wide, is taller. Yeah, so you actually get more of the stuff going on kind of around them, and it was able to him to wear like when him and barrier coming out of the plane and she stand there on the tarmac waiting for him. In Joss whedon's it's just right on her ass watching them come down and it's like wow, okay, Jos Damn, looking me wrong. It's a nice ass. But Dan, I don't even want to watch the I mean I do just to see how bad it is, but then I don't because it was guy. Guy was like this is actually good, like there's there are things in it that are really good, but those things are still in the snider cut because it stuffs Jack Zeck Snyder shot. Yeah, that's what I would where I was like, all the stuff that I really liked about the original is still in the snider cut because those were the good scenes. Joss wheat, the stuff Joss whedon did just sucked chess. Yeah, you know, Fuck Jesus. Yeah, Dam but leg. Finally, I'm glad you finally watched it, but I'm assuming the ending where the Bruce Wayne's dream is not in the that's not in there at all. I said that was great. I think Snyder shot that specif because he shot additional stuff for this as well. Yeah, and so that I think was new stuff. Because, nope, because lettos joker wasn't in yeah original one at all. That's a great fucking scene. And because you cause there's because there's a similar one to that in Batman, be Superman. Yeah, where he's like he got yeah, I have that Batman right there in the middle on the top, the nightmare Batman. That's that Batman, and what that's supposed to be is because that's part of the story he was going to tell with his three justice league movies, and it's supposed to be glimpses of the future, time collapsing in and Batman's getting glimpses of the actual future. So we were going to eventually see that that scene in a whole movie of that. Whether it happens or not, I doubt it is, because because right now a lot of people are trying to think that, like they think that what they should do is, can let Zack Snyder do his next two justice leagues and just put them on Hbo Max and then they continue, can continue to do whatever their other bullshit is in the theaters. I mean, he did. He obviously has a vision. His visions way better than anybody else's and he knows what he's doing, and which is which is hilarious, because for the longest time people were like what, we're tired of Zack Snyder, and then you see this and you're kind of like, oh, wait, no, his shits actually good. Yeah, because, like I went back and rewatched man of stealing BBS after watching the snyder cut, and I already like those movies, but now I have like a bigger appreciation for them because I can also see elements in those that pay off in in this in justice. So, as I was rade something the other day or watching a video about like we're like not we're standings, but shocking, as people don't like shocking things that people in like people, Hey, the fact that superman snapped what's his face? His neck? Oh, I know. I was like, it's like, what did you wanted to do? Yeah, it's and they want that friendly as Superman. He doesn't kill anybody. Won't Boy Scout Superman? Yeah, but my response that has always been will in, man of steel. He's been superman for a day. Yeah, that's also why he screams and cries at the end. He doesn't like that he did that either, but it was like, well, I do this or he's just going to keep fucking killing everybody, you know, and he obviously regrets it at the end. Yes, it's right there in the fucking movie. It's the same scene and I think it's funny. All the flashback, the flash for the future are because Lois is dead. It's why a lot of people thought they were going to do like an illusion to like the injustice games. MMM, because that's that's how those gets started. Is that joker basically tricks superman and accidentally killing lois and that's what makes him snap and I could become like overlord of the world or some shit. I was like, fuck, I watch that. I watch that in a movie. How would you beat him? No, Kryptonite, that's that's like it magic, the Sun. Yeah, magic. Actually, he's in he's not impervious to magic. This is actually so. DC actually did, because the way the video game works is that when you get to Superman's regime it's been five years. So they...

...basically did a five year comic book run of the five years leading up to where the video game starts off, and there's an entire year three is all about all the magic users, because you're quote because going into the game, if you're a super nerd, your big question is, why doesn't Batman just get all the magic users to fuck him up, because he can't stop them? Well, year three is all about like where they're at and why they're not involved and said, which is it's really it's it's really good shit. Those are some of the best comic books I read like the last ten years. HMM, but gard tricks. Yeah, it's as your cards dead because, like, because, like one of them was like where where the teen titans at when this is going on? Because they're not in the fucking video game. And there's an issue where they explain where the fuck they're all at. Why aren't these guys helping out? They kind of explain why all these characters weren't present the game to fight Superman, and it's really fucking cool. That's interesting. That's very interesting. Yeah, it's really good shit. That's that's what DC does really well. Is that that other world shit, the multiverse stuff. I was just I was really excited to watch it. I it to me like two days because I had to watch at night. Yeah, well, I like to they break it up into chapters so you kind of get some natural stopping points, because I had to watching like three parts because it's it's for hours. Really sit down watch a four our movie ever, but it does. It doesn't feel like it drags at any point. No, there's no dragging. I mean honestly, it doesn't feel like it's four hours either, because you're like, okay, it feels more like three. Yeah, it feels like it feels like end game. Yeah, but a lot of that's just good editing to that was a problem with people that with BBS. It's because the original cuts two and a half hours and then they said the director's cut was three. Everybody was like thirty more fucking minutes. But they they also like change the order some scenes happening. So like it just kind of makes more sense and it just make it just feels better, like a more cohesive movie. Now in to see Zack Snyder do and game. Now I'm just trying a right look at the snider cut of anything way to say maybe like yeah, I don't know if he'll come back and do it, though I think I think he said he's he's kind of just wants to be done, which, well, I don't mean, I don't mean he got like a bad experience. That happen? Well, yeah, it's all things considered, like if anybody's earned the right to say like no more, it's him. But the only that's the other like if warner brother says no more, fuck you. Let him if he wants to do it. with that. That so I may be weird if we never get any more justice league movies, though, even they're supposed to be asn't they're like, well, on the horizon. I don't know, because I don't think they know what the fuck they're doing now anymore. Because Ben Affleck doesn't want to come back as Batman, unless he said. He said he's open to it, but only if he's working with Zack Snyder, which, because the Pattentson movie, was supposed to be his movie. It was supposed to be him writing, directing and starring in it was going to be set in this current continuity. But because he's he walked, because he said he didn't want to do it anymore than they change it to okay, well, we'll just make it some some spin awesome other thing, and they got patents in and said it set it towards a younger Batman. Well, it looks good, it looks fucking great. That trailers awesome, but he lays out that dude for like thirty seconds straight. Yeah, Jesus, he asked who you are. I'm bet and I just say Batman. I'm vengeance, vengeance. Yeah, the movie looks because, like I like Robert Pattinson, but even I was like when they said he was playing I was just kind of like really, Dad, think it'd be great. I think he's gonna be awesome. Well, plus, the cast is insane. I mean fucking Paul Dano's the riddler and then what's his faces? The Penguin? Fucking Yeah, they're Colin Farrell, but the dude that looks cant like they do protects for Colin Farrell. Yeah, but that there's an actual looks like he could play. Yeah, you know, I can't think it a do's name. I'm like, you could have picked that guy to play the Pang throw. I know at one point there was there, because they were there were rumors that in the third dark night movie that they were going to have philpsie went off and play penguin and crazy cool. Wouldn't know? Well, because because so Nolan's original plan for the Third Dark Knight movie was totally different really because when he was work, because he because he did somebody to Batman begins, because he never does sequels. Yeah, and he said if I do too. If he said if I do a second one. I'm going to do a third one. He's like, it's either going to be one or a trilogy. So when he was working on dark night, Heath Ledger was so fucking into it that because like all the little scenes where Heath Ledger has like the reporters on hostage and he's got the video tapes, he's ledger wrote and all those scenes and self and actually just took took a camera and did all and shot them himself to like he did those himself and he was so involved and like in love with the world that Nolan had created. They had already started writing together the third movie and I know that, and it was going to be kind of...

...similar to hit, to what Arkham city was like. They were going to have Hugo strange, they were going to have, you know, all these villains in there. And actually he had they had reached out to Robin Williams to play Hugo strange. Oh Shit, which I'm like, that would have been incredible. But when he ledger died, Chris Nolan decided to throw all that out because he was like, I don't want to do it without heath, which is the right move, I thought. So too, and the movies not. The third one's not my favorite, but I don't hate it, like I don't like it's bad. It's just it's not. It's his second attempt at he had already invested in and I an idea and had to throw all that out. Yeah, so I liked it. It was fine. I didn't love the Joseph Gordon Levitt Shit. I predicted the ending. Did you? I've predictated. I was off. The only thing I was off on was I thought he was actually going to die. Oh, I see a lot of people were predicting that. As a Joseph Gordon love it's going to take over. So a lot see my idea was batman isn't a person, it's an idea. Yeah, so anybody can take over that at that point. Yeah. So my thing was he's going to die just in Gar love. It's going to find everything. Blah, blah, blah, right, and I was like God damn it, he didn't die. Close Yeah, and see if world for the longest time, because they hadn't confirmed it yet. When they first announced like man of steel and that, they said that Chris Nolan was attached as a producer, everybody assumed it was going to be part of that Nolan universe. Universe. So when they first announced they were going to do Batman and Superman, everyone thought they were going to bring back Christian Bale or a bail said he wouldn't do one without no one right. You said, yeah, Christian Bale's the one who kind of said he's like, I'm done, he doesn't want to do them anymore. And so they cats where they kind of decide. But he, but he's still he, I mean Chris Nolan stiles a producer on all this shit. But why wouldn't you want to have him around? Yeah, he kind of knows what he's fucking doing. fucking amazing filmmaker, even though he's even though he's was kind of a Dick about tenant, but whatever. That's seven seen tenant. It's so fucking weirds. Movies are weird. They are as I mean I realized saying a Christopher Nolan movies weird as like saying water as wet. And you know of his movies. I think it's the weirdest. I gotta Watch it and got a Momento Memento's great. I know I think a love of forget about memento because he's done so much bigger shit since then. You know, you got inception and of course, like the dark knight moves. She's fucking INS Shane crazy. What's that? What's the World War Two when he did? I haven't seen that on either. With fucking Shit, can't think of it all. It's on up. Took my fucking time on. Keth Braun is in it and am Google that Shit. Fuck me. Somebody listening to this is like screaming at their phone right now. We'll fuck. do some housekeeping here. So today as the day that we're tape recording this. On the fifth we had I had Michelle trainer on a zoom call for she's. She's this month's VIP interview. She is not the spoil to which interview, but she is pitching. She is pitching divorce diaries as a TV show. Really, she has an indiego go up right now and I've seen your post about it. Yeah, so she's, she's she is like full Steve a head on that and is making some she is making some power moves and so we talked about that and just kind of like how she got the show up and running, you know, with covid and all that going on, and then we spend like twenty minutes chewing out the guy she was talking to without naming him, and I at some point called at small Dick, to Pussy at one point. Small, yes, Small Dick, Pussy, motherfucker. I'm sorry. A woman, a woman that gorgeous, implies that she has, she might have, feelings for you and your responses and you live too far away. Oh that's fuck you, dude, that is shitty. Fuck, it's Jesus Christ. Let me see here. Hold on, Oh my God, okay, I didn't realize it. Did Insomnia? Yeah, insomnia was good. Shit, Prestige. I Love Prestige. She's amazing. Dunkirk, Don Kirk, that was one. Dunk kerks. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but it was pretty good. It's a lot of it's a lot of vignettes, like a lot of like it's not one big cohesive story so much as it is like here's some scenes about these characters, now here's some scenes about these characters, now here's some scenes about a third set of characters. Interstellar. Inter Stellar onellar was okay. I didn't love it. I like it lot. I don't know. It's great acting because there wasn't an think there's any CGI in it, and only they really didn't. My very here, little, very little, yeah, and made it like looks like so perfect. Are you like? Okay, shit it all most it's like kind like the Martian. It's like, is this based on true story? Yeah, no, it's not. Okay, the Martian is one of those. I have to remind myself it's not a true fucking stories again, maybe taking freight fucking movie that won the Golden...

Globe for Best Picture, musical or comedy, I know, which made no se fucking sense. Holy Shit, that's like the year. That's like the year they gave Lord Best Rock Album. Sure, okay, I won't point, I ad I'll I will remember that. Thanking my head, going what fuck? Matt Dame was like Net Damesa. Matt Damon just shows up randomly in interstellar and I was like fuck is he doing in this ember they go to the one planet and he's the scientist who's been waiting. Yeah, because I was like, think, I looks like Matt. They what the fuck is Matt Damon doing in this movie. A tamn's been some movies. It's really, really fucking bad, Damnon, but yeah, I know. Well. So, Michelle's interview will be up in the end of the month. This episode is powered by pod decks. Go to www dot podxcom and use the code tbl Ten to get ten percent off your purchase at checkout. Once again, that's www dot pod dexcom. Oh yeah, fucking pod deckx, man, they are. What was the giveaway this month? I forget, because last month was that was the was the microphone. This year, this month, this year, this month given away a pair of short headphones, which these headphones run for a lot of money. Eighteen billion dollars right on Amazon. These go for a hundred bucks, your hundred dollar, like a hundred dollar headphones. So if you join the POD DECKX APP or go to pod dexcom, but if you join the pod deckx APP, you guys can enter for the drawing to win the headphones, as well as use all the digital decks and Shit and go on the store on pod dexcom. Mus Go tbl Ten to get ten percent off and give us some fucking money. Do It, do it now. Give us some fucking money. Let's do. You know, it's something superhero cards. We've been talking about all these fucking superhero movies for so long here. Okay, who's the most overrated supervillain? I think right now mine's LEX luthor. Really, I hate lex. I Hatem as he overrated because he's sucking so smart shit. My my reason for hating lex Luthor is because he's such a boring villain, because all of his story shit is he either pays somebody else to go after superman or he builds something to go after Superman and his whole his whole story ARC is. I Hate Superman because it's while the coyote versus there really fucking yet I'm hating him and trying to kill him. I don't know, because I can was it I trying to think more? Maybe two face? I like to face to face. I mean there's stry thing like my personal who I don't like. I hate doc cock. I think he's just I hated DOC OC really. Yeah, I don't know why. What about one Andrew Molina, play at him, or Alfred Molina, and I didn't care for it. And care for I but try under under over God that's such a well, let's change is like, like what's the like the dumb fucking super villain that you know exists? That's not like condiment king or something like that. Condiment King, he's cannon folks. Fuckus is a tough I think bulls. I. Was it bulls I? The one from daredevil? Yeah, yeah, because he kind of just feels like a ripoff of dead shot. Yeah, without the sniper rifle, and its just like cool, you're accurate with everything. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's like I I liked what they did with him in in season three a daredevil because it was a little bit more than that. But like like in the comics and then when fucking Colin Farrell played him, when I guess he was on crack or some shit, the way he was acting in that. Fuck. Yeah, but yeah, no, okay, we'll get who's a WHO's who's your favorite super villain? Joker, really, because I relate to him the most time. That's that. That's rightening. I he's just I like villains that do that. Don't there's no rhyme or reason. Right, like one of my favorite things ever, and it's true, like and dark night, where he's like and he does that. Sorry about the rubies, where my monk. He's like he was it wasn't about he was just taking under the because he thought it was fun, right, he didn't want to sell them. Well, it's it's in the heat. And then he has that scene later where he burns the pile of money's like, it's not about the one up sending a message. Yeah, yeah, that was so full. That just that agent of fucking chaos. Yeah, just and that's kind of like, because I feel like a lot of a lot of the owns are driven by money or like there's some purpose. Yeah, with him, you're like what the fuck, like it's makes me so fucking scary. It's like he'll do shit for the sake of doing it. Well, even if in the injustice games, the whole reason he tricks...

...superman into killing lois is because he's like because it seems like a fucking fun at the time and the whole time the superhines beat the shit out of him's kind of like look, whatever, just don't be back to Arkham and then I can start working on I don't know, fuck with wonder woman some shit. I don't know. He was like he's like he supreme leg did not care. And even in the movie you see where he's like he doesn't care if he dies. No, he does. He doesn't give a shit. Like and like, I'm not gonna lie, I do this. I do do this when I walk, Uh Huh, and I see traffic and I hit me just fuck hiving. Wanted him, him and want hit me right. Like he does not care and like, well, you know, Jack Nicholson had a moment like that too in the eighty nine one, because Batman's flying down the plane and joker goes, yeah, you son of a bitch. Yeah, there it's that. It's just wild. It's just what they weren't Batman just beating the fuck out of him and dark night he's like, there's nothing you can do to me unless you break your one rule. And he only wants them to do that because he knows a little fucking piss him. Yeah, you just looking to get a right, that's you know what. Anyway, it's like it's like the end of seven. Yeah, okay, okay, because he knows he wins if Batman kills him, like an end the set. But Batman's like fuck, I can and a bad man doesn't kill him, he's gonna win because his other fucking place is gonna work. Or even even with when he tells them where to go find the people, it's like, I'm gonna tell you the wrong ones, because either because no matter what, you're gonna fucking lose. Yeah, as it's God right's like, Oh, that's great mine, Mr Freeze. Really. Yeah, because, and I'm talking Mr Freeze S on, because pre pre the animated series, he didn't have that backstory. HMM, that was created for that s animated series really just before that show changed. Shit like stuff that we think of as like a given, yeah, didn't exist, like Carley Quinn didn't exist before that show. Yeah, I didn't know that. But Mr Freeze is whole back story was created for or that show because partly that he was just the jewel thief. That was that was his whole thing. I think I do remember that to even shows up in a s Batman episode. All he does is he just he just likes freezing shit to steel jewels. That that's his whole thing. So, but I love it because I always equated him to a he's the only one of his villains that Batman like respects because, like he called it because you get you have to face. He always calls two face harvey because they were old friends. Yeah, but he calls joker joker. He calls scarecrow scarecrow. He always calls Mr Freeze Victor. He calls him by his first name because he knows he's just a guy who had I think he's he sees that a lot of himself reflected in Mr Freeze, because he knows that he could have gone the same direction Mr freeze did suffering that kind of tragedy. Mr Freeze suffered a tragedy and went down one path. He suffered a similar when and went down the others. I think he sees a lot of himself as like that could have been me. Shit there any you're right, it does. I never really thought about here. Does always referred him as Victor. Yeah, and then just whenever you see them like they're fighting. Is never like malt like like Mr Freeze. Never is like plotting to kill Batman. He's plotting to do shit to further his agenda, and the Batman's always kind of like I can help you if you would just stop being a Dick, but you being a Dick, so now I have to fight you. Yeah, and he's always trying to reason with him, talking, and so there's there's like this weird mutual respect and even even freeze like a lot of times will appeal to Batman's better nature, asking him for help with Shit. There's that, that one of the one animated movies, sub zero, like the whole like last chunk of that movie is just them trying to help each other escape from this place. It's burning blow because they're like it's not personal, yeah, all business. So I yeah, that's good and I think his I think he always has the most interesting like stories and stuff to reading. So other than Schwarzenegger. But that happened. Let's do let's do one more here. Let's see here. Some of these are. Do you prefer superheroes to wear capes? Don't really care either. I always got with default to the to the incredibles, no Capes, as I always you it as well. What I was in fucking watchman, where like somebody's Cape got caught in something, they died or I can't remember. They do that in the incredibles where she's like that's a US like wine, no capes. Well, this guy work but got sucked into a turbine and it's got work. CAPE got caught by an elevator. That's no taps. That's a great movie, fucking amazing movie. It's it's the best...

...fantastic four movie that ever pretty much the singles get. The sequels good too. Now see those. I the first one's way better, though, a hundred percent. The first one was a Goddamn Gem. This the second, the second one when the baby fights the raccoon, though. Yeah, it's so good. I want, I want, I want a whole movie in just that. The the original one. There's a there's a short film on the DVD of what was going on with the baby in the babysitter while everybody was gone, because Weber how like, she answers and she has like thirty voice mails from then. You're like what the fuck's been going on there? And it's all the shit the baby was doing. That was pit that was fucking with the babysitter. That's funny, to the point where she's just sitting there in front of him and like he hit ups to shoots lasers. She just has a mirror ready to reflect the laser and shit, he burst into flames. She already has the fire extinguisher ready to put him out. That's fucking crazy shit. Yeah, first ones fucking so fucking good. It's like, Oh, you married a last a girl and got busy. But I was love the scene where it's him and frozone sitting in the car and he's like so, this guy's got me strapped to a table, the laser pointed at mean. You know what he does? He starts monolog and he starts mom yeah, let me like how feeble I am and how the world will soon behave. That's as my like. So every tell you my dire tell you my scooby dooo thing. No, so here's my thing on Scooby Doo. Okay, because a monolocks and shit right. Thing about Scooby Dooo is obviously, in their world they would obviously be popular because they're catching all these TA gotta be on TV. If I was ever somebody caught and like and I saw them and I was doing something, I would just fucking kill them. I wouldn't fucking mess around. I'd be like, Oh, they've caught every person. You don't want to do the hallway door swamp. See you know what, like I would literally like this is just sound real fucked up. I really like if I'm doing something and I see that van come up, like also, I just walk up to pop, pop pop. Done. There's a fucking there's a family guy bit where they're like we now return to home alone with competent robbers, and he's like they these two guys get in the house and we're in. Cool. Yeah, the door KNOB was kind of hot, but I just let go of it. I didn't like sit there and hold on it like an idiot. Hey, Carl, some ice on the stairs. Okay, we just won't go down those stairs. The kids at the top of the stairs, Hey, you guys are come up here, I got a tarantula. They just shoot him and kill him. All right, cool, no witnesses there. Right. It's true, though. Will you ever see the the live action scooby Doo movies now, because it because in that one they're they're fucking world famous, like they stopped some criminal and they're on the fucking news, like they become celebrities. It's a whole thing and like the fame goes to Freddy's head and Shit. And, as I say, it's I could obviously be like, Oh shit, they're here, right an not think carrying body armor or weapons. And there's a lot of times I watch those and I'm like, you know, because they oh, they get a wrapt, the guy gets arrested at the end. I'm like, what the guy was doing was really a crime? Yeah, you just digging for the treasure. Its being a Dick. It wasn't. It didn't commit a crime. It's Oh no, he dressed up like a Zombie and scared some people and I hope, okay, that's just a maybe trespassing. Yeah, disturbing the piece. Okay, cool, you get a fine for that shit. Yeah, you don't get slapped and cuffs thrown in a fucking patty way. You imagine how many fucking people are in jail from that? He Hey, scave me. It's just one guy, just fucking card and fucking days out like I'm fucking kill. FRIEND ELMA, gets out of there. He's like all Jack from working out in the gym. fucking snap that dogs and head. We're having Korean barbecue kids. He left for me a dog person to a cat person. I immediately gets out of prison, gets home season gets to his wife. I bought a dog while you were gone. Get rid of it her just fucking kills it. Jesus, that's got dark. I'm sorry, I just want to kill this scooby. Do you gang fucking going back to family guy in one we're Peter was watching TV and they're like that returned to the murder files of Scooby Doo. They like, well, gang it looks like the killer gag the victim, ramped them and then cut their throat. We're dealing with one six son of a bitch. It's so like, it's so fuck it, like, you're so right. Never thought about that. Never really done anything back. Not really know. Maybe maybe they've, you know, destroyed some property, but like, yeah, they're not murdering anybody, they're just scaring some people who. Well, I was there was the s they were there wasn't a whole lot of crime, crimes, committe trial pedophiles. Yeah, it's true. Yeah, well, yeah, they're the original was was scooby dooo in the...

...pedophile hunters, but I felt like that was inappropriate because this was a kid. There is something I washed. It was a parody that were like they found that they were solving a crime where they were. Then they arrested them for impersonating police officers. Oh, like you, you just committed vigilantism. That's a crime. What about scooby? He's going to be euthanized. I mean, fucking Shit, run, scrappy to run. Also, we're gonna have you guys all do a drug test because they're all especially shaggy, smoking a lot of chronic as. I've always I thought that since I was like twelve. Yeah, Oh, yeah, like, no, I'm talking about the killing. Oh really, a lot about me. That's why I feel like the joker is my favorite. There's that the the the live action Scooby Doo. They allude the whole shaggy as a pot smoker thing because at one point, like they all like go their separate ways and they're like what was she? He's doing? Is Like, Oh, we all know what he's doing, and you see the back of the mystery machine and there's like smoke coming out of it, but then you find out you just grilling inside there. And then he meets a girl named Mary Jane. He's like that's the best name I've ever heard. Oh my God, and I'm in trying to hide it. Horrible common in house show. I know the guy, another guy who wrote it. Craig Titley. He was Mikes was this. He was best friends with my old professor growing up, and so when the film festival my Alma Water, he would come visit every year. And then he his last big GIG was he was the EP for agents a shield. Oh really, yeah, he was. He was the he did that. He did the SCOOBYDOO movies cheaper by the dozen. There was the shortlived Superhero show on NBC called The Cape that he did. I'm earned the Cape. Yeah, got half of her half of one season. It wasn't bad. It was just nobody knew what the fuck it was. Keith David was in it. But yeah, he was the show runner for agents of shield. So, like there was a couple times that he brought episodes of the show that hadn't aired yet to the film festival and we all had to sign and NDA's going in and he would show us the episode and then he put the script up on a projector and like workshop the episode. That's cool. It was really fucking cool. So I knew how like the once it one of the seasons was going to end before it fucking air and I was like, I can't tell tell anybody if I start to like a little red dot's going to show up all my fucking for like. I had, like I can't help, a joke and I forgot it. Oh Shit, fuck it born. It was a porn Joe Scooby Doo, porn parody. I don't know. I don't know. It's a gang bang everybody. There actually is one. Huh, I does not that I'm parody for it. Porn parody. I've seen it. It's not bad. There's no there's no dog in it. Well, I don't know. Whole time there's kind of like every seen scooby, like at the end of every at the end of every scene and intersex scene. There's after, after the Duke fucking, you know, paints the girl's face. You know. But was anybody seen scooby lately and just come all over a face? That's weird. I swear to God, though, at one point one of them says let's do it scooby style and I fucking had to turn it off. I was like Nope, I'm out too weird. Fuck. Oh my God, yes, of Elma says Jinky's when she comes it happens Jenky. Yeah, Shaggy says links. They leaned. I want to use this when I had made it out of my life. Likes. She like, what the fuck is your problem? Hell, I'll tell you what the there's a family guy porn parody. Okay, and I'm gonna tell you something right now. I think it was. I think it was shadow written by Seth McFarlane. See it is. It is fucking hilarious and I can see him to do it. Is like like they hit everything, they make. They do the chicken, one of the chicken fights. And what it's because he kiss like he's like, I'm a hot water at home. Low was caught me choking the chicken, because at one point he's fucking choking the chicken and then she walks and he's like what's going to Peter, what were you doing in here masturbating? It is it is he like Peter, like does his cutaways and like tears into like at one point he was tearing into fucking twilight and shit like. It is really funny and I was like, I think something farland wrote this parody. PORNS are fucking saying as like one something's popular, you know in two months or two hours just gonna be a parody. Porn of Oh yeah, there's a Bob's burgers one. I don't even Jesus Right, Hella, tubby's more like. Tell us Humpies, I tell of the wiggles. Oh my God, no, Oh my God, the way, especially because one of them's a girl. Now, the other ones a girl now, Oh God, you know that's a parody. Yeah, it's gotta be. Yeah, she's just gets fucking gang banged and all their all their chids color coordinates with their cheese. Cry. I didn't say any of that. Fucking Dad even get why am I single? Mike, Color Coordinated Jizz? It's Corny. Well, you gotta eat a...

...bunch of food. Coloring war. Travis Charles Posts about him being single on facebook. I'm like, you make tick tocks of you jerking off bicycles, dude, I think. Yeah, he's got band off, Tick Tock. He did, but he also hit it fucking big. Gone there to doing those. Yeah, I mean he was pulling a million views per video on a shit. Oh my God, he had like a hundred dozen jerk it off fucking icingle having a heart does and subscribers before he got fucking kicked off of there. But it's also, I will say it's really easy to kick off that talk as it because, like they'll, they take down like half the videos on tick tock are women posting videos saying I had a video where like they showed a little too much cleavage and they video got pulled down for nudity. M Michelle, when I have Michelle on ear the she one of those happened to her, and those I saw. I just want. I did a video my balls hanging out. I was called and they were cool with it. They're like, oh, those are just two grape to fucking grapes. It's making wine with those grapes. Why is he doing something with them? Rolling them Harry Grapes? That was a test note. Those are grapes. Those have gone bad. To get this from Kroger? Did He Bagnos himself? Let's get it all. They're in a bag. Interesting start. The kind of reatly are they turned into racings raising? I'll be damned. Those grays must just got the bathtub. Also, why are these on only fans? Yes, Shit, okay, so you know that. You know the cash me side girl. Yeah, I heard that she got like a million dollar. She did the day after she turned eighteen, she started, created an only fans and made a million bucks in the weekend, and I was like, how many fucking creepy want to be pedophiles? We're sitting there just counting down the days while she turned eighteen. Light like, first off, like she's not even attractive, not even a little bit. I don't like like not that that sounds really weird coming from like, I know we're too two dudes at you're fucking judge in the attractiveness one. No, I just like she's like kind of a piece of shit, shitty human being. I've got world famous because of up Dr Phil. Yeah, I met Dr Phil. Feels like crap Bob. I'm sure he wished he could take that whole episode back. Like I'd create a monster. Unless he gets royalties from her shit, like I should get pay. I should get a cut off all your record sales, because you wouldn't have them without like she's not, like, she's not, she has no talent. No, she's literally a meme. She is and made a million dollars on only fans over a weekend because she's legal. Now it's Bella Thorne did the same shit, barely. Well, she was well over ethen but she started an only fans and made like broke lay, like crash their servers. She's Christ yeah, and she is, from what I understand. I I don't know, because I don't understand only fans, but borns free. From what I understand, like she just posts like behind like the kind of Shit you see like on Instagram, like behind the scene shit, her hanging out with her friends, and I'm like people were paying a monthly fee plus whatever other fucking bonus. I somebody explained. Somebody explain only fans to me, please. It's literally chick supposed their nudes o other nudes or whatever. Is that what it's for? Or that's what's what it turned into? Yeah, that's what it turned into, because it kind of strikes me as like a patreon type and I think because I initially started one. I was going to start one specifically for like my channel and stuff like memes and a comedy and yeah, because I know some comics did that. Just I something has a way to make sextra money or whatever. But then I just because most of those sites I will see like so it's like patreonal that like don't let you post, Huh, like adult contents, you know, but only fans. Let's your post is all content. That's probably why one of my fucking favorite things as silarious. So it was in this comediate, this comics group I'm in right and these people are going off about like how fuck it, Oh guys, is so fucking funny to me, like how, like this one group, like this one area, hates women comm I see on do thing for women comics and all that type of stuff. It's like this thread there's like maybe like five hundred comments, like I'm like, Oh my God. And then no, joke, the next one and is about women's rights, treat some an equally and all this, all this stuff which you treat women equally and everything like that. When that's the next the next post was no, and this entire okay thing, okay, like and then the next post snack, and that group was like hey, so as during a pandemic. Hey, so we're doing this live comedy show where everybody's going to be naked, like for change. So much, the greatest, greatest thing, because you did I rea the last time, and you know, there's been a couple of those in the...

...last few years. There was one out in La a couple of comics I've had on the show once before. It was like doing stand up like in your underwear on stage. Oh the I've totally done stand up with my pants. Why? Yeah, you're telling me about that. But it was like both the theme of the show. Everyone performs in their underwear. It was supposed to be like some like getting comfortable exercise. I'm like, it kind of sounds to me like a show that somebody like this guy locally, whose name I'm not going to say because I don't him, assume, but it sounds like a show that he would start just to try and see if, like, you know in Olivia, Burns or something like that, would go up on stage naked or something like that. You know, like I just trying to check out checks. Yeah, I can see that. If it works, it works, you know. Yeah, I don't think it's about a comfortability that I mean. I mean, if you want to do it, do it doesn't really matter. I think they're I think what they were going for was it was a play on the whole picture of the crowd in your underwear thing. But to me it just seems like a fucking gimmick to try to fill seats pro easily, because people are going to do you know, some a bunch of assholes are going to pay to go see this shit. And Yeah, I wouldn't do it personally. I'd before. I don't care. Well, you have so, yeah, I just put my pass out on, said it's just personally for me. took the shirt off and I was like, I just taste take sure I was like that. I I could pull down my pants and did my jokes like that. Didn't give a shit near like, what the Fuck, Oh my God, they like ten minutes of joke my pants off. All Right, folks. That'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mr Mike Shay, on twitter and Instagram as well. You also follow this show on twitter instagram at tbl underscore pod, and we got a brand new website under construction for you guys, with some cool new stuff coming down the line as well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll cut you guys again next week with another episode and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and Bub bye.

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