The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 22 · 7 months ago

Worst Super Villains


Wells finally watched the #SnyderCut and he has some thoughts. Plus, who are the best & worst super villains? And are there people out there that are so revered that they can never be criticized?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Wells' thoughts on 'Zack Snyder's Justice League'.
  • The best & worst super villains.
  • Childhood heroes being above reproach.

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...way he goes out like a dark sides, notin the original one at all. Okay, not in not one bit the way that he goes outin the original is that Superman shows up, starts beatingthe shit out of him and then the parademons start eating him becausehe's afraid now and they're attracted to fear and he boomed Hims Away Whoa. That's the ending of the originaltat is nothing not even close. Dude thats he fucked up an Baomother, MayaGod yeah yeah, but Stephenwolf was he the samelike was this? Doesn't even look the same? Oh my God, so the design that you seeof him in the snider cut yeah, there's a there's, a deleted scene from bvsthat was added into the ultimate adition the director. The directors gotthe Snider Cut. If you Weli gotta go wit, this everyinl, he looks like apoorly rendered video game character. I got I go BO, thesit yeah! It's not evenagain. It's Damn, Jos! Damn how you Stephen? Is itste, PP, stepen, Wolf, EA, type and step in off to thousandandseventeen see? Would you get well here fuck? I can pull t up on the computer. Oh my God! Yeah! That's not even the same fucking day.No, no, that is horrible. Yeah Man e Yo non mythat one right, oh my God, yeah, not even fucking closecompared compared to that yeah. No, and then also he just that's like fuckinglike okay, first off yeah, now the first one is like it was jus Wai, Minno, N Ge, mostpeople before snapchat, filter aaaand. Then Boseit's like this o ixotheat a fucking game of throncs. This is horrible, could be a white walkeryeah see that's what I was thinking. I was like okay, because I am really likeseeing like, like I've, seen part of the originallike I've caught it. This like going through or whatever Yike and I've. Seenlike. I remember the trailers yeah and I was like, where isthis fucking Wenl, the fucking metallic looking motherfucker yeah that whole flashback sequence, whereit's all the agent people fighting yeahorkside, that's in the original,but it's not dark side, it's stepen wolf and it's like half as long. Oh, my God I mean it is it is andit was funny, is- was 't my mom'sforfreeaster. She was watching the avengers on fx and you know Joss weednsname POPs up and I just gon went Fuck Jos Weetn. She was like yeah, that's not even the same fucking guy,not man. It's it's on fucking canny, like again likethere were things that I saw in the snider cut that were not in theoriginal that made me so mad. They weren't in the original, like AlliguessIE. I mentioned lat that one time all the sydework stuff, not in the originallit he's in it bubutthat but like the stuff, where he's in his own head figuring himself out,helps out the lady at the ATM, not in the original, and I'm like. That's sucha fucking great moment. What about like what his dad lives in the original thatold moment's? Not In there all that stuff, where he's just tryingto like come to terms with who he is not in there he's just a backgroundcharacter dos. It have him like when he's holding Ahout, what's Goin ta callit and there's like the three and he's trying to separate hem yeah, that's inthere. It just ends differently. Well, it ends it and it still ends withSuperman, helping him rip them apart, but it ends with a joke because, like they're trying to pullthm apart n supermans like okay, but I just came back to life, so this isn'tGoin to kill me again right. I don't want to die again and then it knockshem, both back he's laying there sufor mangoes, okay, change my mind. I wantto die again. I was like yea ending that is horrible Oll, then, becausethey removed dark side. All stepen Wolf's motivation is fucking gonebecause the whole thing with this is that he's trying to get back toapocalypse he's trying t o appease dark side and get back to tha pocalypse. All that's removed in this he's justdoing it because he just kind of has a hard on from the mother boxes. He's like he like is worshipping themother boxes like they're, like their God, myeasoi made no really no seselike it. Wasn't it made no sense, it was just. I just didn't care yeah. Itwas like okay coolhe's, a it's got a hard on for these yeah. It is one ofthose Hese like he's evil for the sake of being evil, and I was like that'sfucking, boring, H, yeah and then just the CG. There was a lot of times where,like like the fight where Superman first comes back and they're like kindof trying to control like that's in the original, but Jos Weden did weird colorcorrection on everything to make it look brighter kind of like more marvelyalmost and it just look fake, because...

...all that shot on a green screen yeahand it just look really really fake, yeah and- and there was a lot of scenes like that,where just they they did the CGI better and got the color correction better andjust kind of like looked better. That wonderwoman seen athe beginning is like half as long. That's a get scene to gre fucking scene,it's just yeah, and then also there are so many just like gratutous shots. Awonder. Woman's ASS, like there's so many times where, likethere's a camera angle and like her butts just like right there right there,which is why? Because some of those scenes are still in snyders because hedid the different aspect ratio. Her ass isn't like right in the camera framebecause his instead of being wide, is taller yeah. So you actually get moreof the stuff going on kind of around them and it was able to him to whearlike like when him and Barr er coming out of the plane and she's standingthere on the tarmack waiting for him and Jos weedens. It's just right on aRas watching them come down and it's like wow, okay, Jos, damn don't e be wrong! It's a nice ass,but Dan. I don't even want to watch the Imean I do just to see how bad it is. But then I don't becase it was Guyguywas like this is actually good like there's. There are things in it thatare really good, but those things are still in the snider cut because itstuffs Jack, Zack, niter, shot yeah. That's what I where I was like all thestuff that I really liked about. The original is still in the snider cut,because those were the good scenes, Jo, sweet. The stuff Jo Weeden, did justsucked Ez yeah, you know fuck Jesus Yeah Tamn, but WEC Foy, I'm glad you Fonalywatchd. It t I'm assuming the ending where the Bruce Waynes dream is not andthe SAT's not in there at all. I that was great. I think Snider shot thatSpecic because he shot additinal stuff for this as well yeah, and so that Ithink, was new stuff because nope, because letto's joker wasn't inyeah he original one at all, that's a great fucking scene, and because youbecause there's because there's a similar one to that in Batmanbe,Superman yeah. Where he's like yougotk yeah, I have that Batman right there inthe middle on the top the nightmare Batman. That's that Batman and whatthat's supposed to be is because that's part of the story. He was going to tellwith his three justice league movies and it's supposed to be glimpses of thefuture time collapsing in and Batman's getting glimpses of the actual future.So we were going to eventually see that that scene in a whole movie of that, whether it happens or not. I doubt isbecause, because right now, a lot of people are trying to sthink that, likethey think that what they should do is can let zacks later do as next tojustice, leagues and just put them on Hbmx, and then they continue ancontinue to do whatever their other bullshit is in the Theaters II mean he. He obviously has a vision,his visions way better than anybody else's, and he knows what he's doing n,which is which is hilarious, because for the longest time people were likefut were tired of Zack Snigter, and then you see this and you're kind oflike Oh wait. No, his shit's, actually good yeah because, like I went back andrewatched man a Stealin BBS after watching the Snider Cut, and I alreadyliked those movies. But now I have like a bigger appreciation for them, becauseI can also see elements in those that pay off in in this in justice soias. I wasrealing something the other day or watching a video about, like worst,like not worse, tandings but shocking as people didn't Lok shocking things. Apeople ind like people hate the fact that Superman snapped what's his faceis neck.Oh, I know I was like I was like: What did you want Hem to do? Yeah, it's andthiy want that friendly, a superman. He doesn't coulybod one boy ScoutSupermana, but my response that has always been well in man of steel he'sbeen superman for a day yeah. That's also why he screams and cries atthe end. He doesn't like that. He did that either, but it was like. Will I dothis or he's just going to keep fucking killing everybody? You know, and he obviously regrets itat the end. Yes, it's right there in the fucking movie, it's the same scene. I think it's funny all the flashback.The flash for the future are because Lois is dead. That's why a lot ofpeople thought they were going to do like an allusion to like the injusticegames, because that's that's how those get started is that joker basicallytrick Superman Anto accidentally killing lowis n? That's what makes himsnap and like become like overlord of the world or some shit I was like fuck.I watch that worse that NA movie, How would you beat him cryptte night t at's, that's like it.Mank The Sun Yeah Magic actually he's in Pes, not im pervious to magic,there's actually so DC actually did because the way the video game works isthat when you get to supermans regime,...'s been five years, so they basicallydid a five year. Comic Book Run of the five years leading up to where thevideo game starts off and there's an entire year. Three is all about all themagic users, because you're Qui, because going into the game, if you'rea super iner. Your big question is: Why doesn't Batman just get all the magicusers to fuck him up, because he can't stop them Wen year. Three is all aboutlike where they're at and why they're not involved and so which S it's really,it's really good shit. Those were some of the best comic looks I've read inlike the last ten years. Mbut good tricks, yeah your car dead, ecause Ik ECAUSE, likeone of them, was like where the team tightens at when this is going onbecause they're not in the fucking video game and there's an issue wherethey explain where the fuck they're all at. Why aren't these guys helping anthey kind of explain why all these characters weren't present on the gameto Fight Superman? It's really fucking cool! That's interesting! That's veryinteresting! Yea! It's really good shit! That's that's! What DC does really wellis that that other world shit, the multiverse stuff I I was just- I was really excited towatch it. It took me like two days because I had to watch it at night yeah.Well, I like they breag it up Intho chapters, so you kind of get somenatural stopping points because I had to watch it like three parts, becauseit's it's four hours, d't really sit down an watch, a forou movie ever, butit does, it doesn't feel like it drags at any point. No there's no dragging Imean honestly. It doesn't feel like it's four hours either because you'relike okay, it feels more like three yeah. It feels like it feels like endgame yeah, but a lot of that's just good. Editingtoo. That was a problem with people with bvs is because the original cutstwo and a half hours, and then they sai the directors cut, was three. Everybodywas like thirty more fucking minutes, but they they also like change theorder. Some scenes happening so like it just kind of makes more sense and itjust make it just feels better, like a more cohesive movie. Now I want to see Zacksnader do endgame. Now'mjust, tain, OL right, look at the Snyder cut of Edici way to SaDaby thank yeah, N Ow. I don't know if he'll come back and do it Thoug, Ithink he said he's he's kind of just wants to be done, which why do mean omean you got like a bad experience that happen well, yeah. It's all thingsconsidered like if anybody's earned the right to say like no more it's him, but the only that's the O, like if wanterbrother says no more fuck you let him do if he wansn't to do it. Let him doit if he says he's done. I can live with that yeah. So I mabe weird, though,if we never get any more justice, leaguin movies, though even theughesupposed to be Isand they're like well, I'm the horizon. I don't know because Idon't think they know what the fuck they're doing now anymore, because BenAffleck doesn't want to come back as Batman unless he said he he said he'sopen to it, but only if he's working with Zacks Niner Buch, because thePatenson movie was supposed to be his movie. It was supposed to be himwriting directing and starring in. It was going to be set in this currentcontinuity, but because e he walked because he said he didn't want to do itanymore. Then they changed it to okay, Wel wetl just make it some. Some spinawesome other thing and they got pattens in and said. It said I towardsa younger bat. Well at looks good. I looks fuckitg great that trailer'sawesome whene lays out that dude for, like thirty seconds straight yeah Jesus, he asked who you Ares, I'm badand I jus say bad man, I'm vengance, Vengance Yeah at movie, looks thatbecause, like I like Robert Pattinson, but even I was like when they said hewas playing. I was just kind of like really. I think it'll be great. Thisgonna be awesome. Well, plus the cast is insane meanfucking, Paul, Danos, the riddler and then what's his faces, the Penguinfucking yeah, R, Allin feral t, but the dude that looks calt like they doprostects for Coln, Ferrel yeah, but thet, there's Nan Actua looks like hecould play yeah. You know I can't think of as Du's name inm like you could havepicked that guy that playd, the Pangchrou and at one point there wasthere, were because there were. There were rumors that in the third darknight movie that they were going to have Philp so wore offand play penguin,I'm and crazy. Cool nos well because because so Nolan's original plan forthe third dartnight movie was totally different. Really because when he waswork because he because he hadn seven hy did Batman begins because he neverdoes sequels yeah, and he said, if I do to if he said. If I do a second one,I'm going to do a third one he's like it's either going to be one or atrilogy. So when he was working on Dark Night,keyt ledger was so fucking into it. That, because, like all the littlescenes where Heath Ledger has like the reporters, an hostage and he's gotthise video tapes, he's Leder, wrote in all those scenes and himself andactually just took, took a camera in and did all and shot them himself tolike. He did those himself and he was so involved and like in love with the world that noone had created. They had alreadystarted writing together, the third..., and I know that it was going tobe kind of similar to to what Arcam city was like. They were going to haveHugo strange. They were going to have you know all these villains in there, and actually he had. They had reachedout to Robin Williams, to play Hugo Strange, Oh shit, which I'm like thatwould have been incredible, but when he ledger died, Chris and Ollan decided tothrow all that out because he was like. I don't want to do it without heath, which is e right move. I thought so too,and the movie's not the third one's, not my favorite, but I don't hate itlike. I don't Tlin is bad. Just it's not it's. His second attempt that hehad already invested in an I n in an idea and had to throw all that out yeah.So I liked it it was fine. I didn't lovethe Joseph Gordon Levitt Shit. I predicted the ending did you Ipredicted. I was off. The only thing I was off on was. I thought he wasactually going to die. See a lot of people were predictingthat I was like Josingoran Lov it's going to take over Owat. My idea wasBadman, isn't a person, it's an idea yeah. So anybody can take over that atthat point. So my thing was: he's Goingto die just in Gir love, it'sgoing to find everything, Blah Blah Blah right and I was like God damn. Hedidn't o close yeah at's Se for for the longest time, because they hadn'tconfirmed it. Yet when they first announced, like man, a steel and that they saidthat Chris, an Allen was attachas a producer, everybody assumed it wasgoing to be part of that nollan universe universe. So when they firstannounced they were going to do Batman and Superman. Everyone thought theywere going to bring back cristen, bail or Bale said he wouldn't do one withoutnoone right. You said he yeah Christian bails, the one who kind of said he'slike I'm done. He doesn't want to do him anymore, andso they cats, where they kind of decibe he but he's still. He I mean Chrisnaland stills a producer on all this shit but y a. Why? Wouldn't you want to havehim around yeah? He Guy knows what he's fucking doing. fucking amazing filmMaer, even though he's even though he's was kind of a Dick about tenant. Butwhatever that's haven't seen Tennan, that's fus movies are weird. They areit's mean. I realized saying a Chris rrnnol MOV's weird is like saying:water is wet an yea of his movies. I think it's the weirdest I gotto watchit ain't got a Momento. MEMANTO is great.I know I think a lot of people forget aboutMemao, because he's done so much bigger shit since then. You know you gotinception and of course, like the dark night, tassions fucking and Shane Razywhat' s h. what's the World War Two, when he did, I haven't seen that oneeither with fucking Shit, can't think of it otontook my fuckingTebron. Is it it go to that shit? Fuck me. Somebody listening to this is likescreaming at their phone right now, O fuck whill. You look that up. Let melet me let me do some housekeeping here so today, as the day that we're takerecording this on the fifth we had, I had Michelle Traina on a zoom call forShshe's this months, VIP interview. She is not the swell too much interview,but she is pitching. She is pitching divorce diaries, as a TV show. Really. She has an indigogo up rightnow and I've seen her post about yea yeah, so she's she's. She is like fullsteam ahead on that and is making some she's making some power moves, and sowe talked about that and just kind of like how she got the show up andrunning. You know with Covid and all that going on, and then we spend liketwenty minutes chewing out the guy she she was talkingto without naming him and at some Point Call Im a small Dick pusty at one point:Sm, you small big twist Im mothe fuck, I'msorry, a woman, a woman that gorgeous implies that she has. She might havefeelings for you and your responseis and you live too far away. Oh, that'ssuck you dude! That is Shitty! Fuck Jesus Christ. Let me see here hold on.Oh my God. Okay, I didn't realize he didn't Sameya yeah, insomia, good shitprestige. I love prestigeieis amazing Dunkark, Don Kirk. That was one dunker.It wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but it was pretty good. It's alot of it's a lot of vinettes like a lot of like it's, not one big coesivestory. So much as it is like here's some scenes about these characters. Nowhere's some scenes about these characters. Naer some scenes about athird set of character, inner steller iner stella on Ti Oller was okay. Ididn't love it. I like it. I don't know it's great acting because there wasn'taround thing: There's any CGI in it. I don't think they really didn't y ver,your little very little yeah n. It made it like, looks like so perfect Oryoulike okay shit, it almost it's like kind of like the Martian it's like isis based on the true story: Yeah! No, it's not okay! The Martian is one ofthose like. I have to remind myself: it's not a true fucking storeis agaimovie. Taking Freight fucking movie...

...that won the Golden Blobe for bestpicture, musical or comedy, I know which made no so fucking sense, lowlyshit! That's like the year! That's like the year. They gave Lord Best Rockalbum sure. Okay, a won point like. I will remember that think in my eGoong, what Thoso maddame was like Mit dam. A Mat Daman just shows up randomlyan Inter stellard. I was like fuck. Is He doing in this? Ever they go to the one planet and he'sthe scientist who's been waiting yeah because I was like Tik. I looks likeMatdat what the fuck is. Matt Damon Doing in this movie Dimas Been SomeMovies Really Fucking, Pat Damon, but yeah I know well, soMichelle's interview will be up in the end of the month. This episode ispowered by poddecks, go to wwwdot poddexcom and use the Code Tblten toget ten percent off your purchase at checkout. Once again, that'swwwtpoddecom, Oh yeah, fucking pod deck man. They are what was the giveaway this month. Iforget, because last month was that was the was the microphavt this year this monththis year. This month, ae given a way a pair of short headphones, which theseheadphones run for a lot of money. Eighteen billion dollars ight on Amazon. These go for a hundredbuckes Ou hundrdollar bike, a hundreddolar headphones. So if you jointhe POD decks out or go to poddecom UFF, you joing the poddecks APP you guys canenter for the draing to win the headphuneds as well as use all thedigital decks and Shit and go on the store on pod. Dexcom US Cotbll, ten Oget ten percent off and give us some fucking money. Do it and do it now giveus some blocking money? Let's do you know it seem to be superhear cars.We've been talking about all these fucking superher movies. For so longhere, okay, who's, the most overratedsupervillain tiy right now, Mine's likes LutherReally Hate Lexli Hahim. Is He overrate it because he sin Smart Shit? My myreason for hating lex luther is because he's such a boring villain because allof his story shit is. He either pays somebody else to goafter siscer man or he builds something to go afterSuperman and his whole. His whole story, arch, is, I hate superman because it's widly coyote versus therereally fucking yeah, I'm hating himend trying to kill him. I don't know because I can was it tryg to eat more, maybe two face.I like Tou thing too fait. I mean there's trying o thing like my personalwho I don't like I hate Docok, I think he's just I hated docok really yeah. Idon't know why? What about when Andre, Molina, playat them or Alfred Milina,diid did' care for In't care for Wul, try under underor God? That's such awatlet's change is like like. What's the like the DUB fucking supervillainthat you know exists, that's not like condiment king or something like that.Condiment can yeah he's canning. Folks, Figu is tough. I think bulls eye whos. It Bulls Ey the onefrom Dare Devil Yeah Yeah, because he kind of just feels like a rip off ofdeadshot yeah without the sniper rifle and ATS. Just like cool you're,accurate with everything yeah yeah that yeah. It's like I, I liked what theydid with him in season three: a dare devil, because it was a little bit morethan that, but like like in the comics and then when fucking Collin Farrellplayed him, but I guess he was on crack or someshit the way he was acting on that fuck yeah, but yeah. No okay well get who'sa WHO's WHO's, your favorite superbillin joker. Really because Irelate to him the most that's thatthat's frightening. I just I likevillains that do that, don't there's no rhyme orreason right, like one of my favorite things ever and it's true like in darknight, where he's like, and he does that storry about the rubies where myoonkhe's like he was it, wasn't about Hewas, just taking hun er the becausehe thought it was fun right. He didn't want to sell them well in the heat, andthen he has that scene later, where he burns the pile of money's like it's,not a bout H, one ot sending a message: Yeah Yeah that was so fu thet just thatagent of fucking chaos yeah, just and that's kind of like, because I feellike a lot of ov. All of the owns are driven by money or like there's somepurpose yeah with him. You're like what the fuck like its amaze me so fuckingscary is like he'll. Do Shit for the sake of doing it, lik well, even in theinjustice games. The whole reason he...

...tricks superman into killing. Loas isbecause he's like because it seems like fucking fun at the time and the wholetime the superene's beating the shit out of he's kind of like look whateverjust urn me back to Arcum, and then I can start working on. I don't know Ifuck with wonder woman or smom Shit. I don't know he was like he's a Hehsupremely did not care, and even in the movie you see where he's like. Hedoesn't care if he dies; no, he does. He doesn't give a shit like and likeI'm not GOINNA lie. I do the I do do this. When I walk UHAND, I see traffic,I'm. I kit me just fuck hit meon watched Iman Wat. You give I what doyou Mak? What y at me right like? He does not care and like well. You know.Jack Nicholson had a moment like that too, in the eighty, nine one, becausebatmiis flying down t the plane and joker goes Yeahn, you son of a bitchyeah, there's that it just whild it just what the Batman just beating the fuckout of him in dark night he's Lik, there's nothing! You can do to meunless you break your one rule, and he only wants him to do that because heknows a Itlle fucking piss him yeah he's just looking to get Herrou. That'syou know what Anhe went. It's like it's like the end of seven yeah, okay, okay, because he knows hewins. If Batman kills him like an the end, the sit but Badman's like fuck, Ican't and if baby in doesn't kill him he's gonna win, because his otherfucking plans going to work or even even with when he tells them where togo, find the people. It's like. I'm Goinnao tell you the wrong ones,because either because no matter what you're, gonna fucking lose yeah a Jist,it's h, God Ri Siy. No, that's great m mine', Mr Frieze really yeah, because- and I'm talking,Mr Freez S on, because pre pre the animated series he didn't have thatbackstory. That was created for that S. AnimatedSeries Really Jaust before that show changed shit like stuff that we thinkof is like a Gibven. Yeah didn't exist, like Carly Quinn didn't exist beforethat show yeah. I didn't know that, but Mr Freeze's whole back story wascreated for that show, because probably that he was j t the jewel thief. That was that was his whole thing. Ithink I do remember that Ta Ike even shows up in a s Batmaan episode. All hedoes. Is he just he just likes freezing shit. The steel jewels that that's hiswhole thing so, but I love it because I always acquaited him to a he's. Theonly one of his villains that Batman like respectsbecause, like he calld,because you got you have two face. He always casse two face harvey becausethey were old, friends yeah, but he calls joker joker. He callsscarecrow scarecrow. He always calls Mr Freez Victor. He calls him by his firstname because he knows he's just a guy who had, I think, because he sees a lot ofhimself reflected in Mr Frieze, because he knows that he could have gone thesame direction. Mr Frieze did suffering that kind of tragedy. Mr Freez suffereda tragedy and went down one path. He suffered a similar wont and went downthe others. I think he sees a lot of himself as like that could have been meshit. I never an you're right it does. I never really thought about Hea Thosallways refer to him as Victor Yeah, and then just whenever you see themlike their fighting is never like. Maliflik, like Mr Freez. Never islike plotting to kill. Batman he's plotting to do shit to further hisagenda and then Batmans always kind of like I can help you if you would juststop being a Dick, but you Bein a Dick. So now I have to fight you yeah andhe's always trying to reason with him talking and so. There's there's likethis weird mutual respect and even even freese, like a lot of times, will appeal to Batman's better nature,asking him for help with Shit. There's that the one of the one animated moviessubzero like the whole, like last chunk of thatmovie, is just them trying to help each other escape from this place. That'sburning, boling Thos, to like it's, not personal, Yeahal business, so I yea that's and I think his. Ithink he always hays the most interesting like stories and stuff toread so other other than Schwarzenegger, but that happened. Elet's! Do let's do onemore here? Let's see here Sooafen do you preferSuper Hereus to wear capes? I don't really care either. I alwaysgot to fall to Heto the incredibles nocapes Nong, as, like, I always heardas what what was in fucking, the watchman, where, like somebody's Cape,got caught in something they died, or I can't remember they do that in theincredibles, where she's like yeanoats, like wine, no caves. Well, this GuyWore Akay but got sucked into a turbine. Aain s got were a cabe got caught by anelepator. THAT'S NO DAPES! That's a...

...great movie! FUCKING AMAZING MOVIE!It's the best fantastic for movie. Thateverhappens pretty much. The sigals goot thesequels good too. Now ses iy, the first ones way better than O hundred percent.The first one was a god. Damn JEM this, the seond, the second one whenthe baby fights the raccoon Thateso good. I want I want. I want a wholemovie ind, just that the original one there's a there's, a short film on theDVD of what was going on with the baby in the babysitter. While everybody wasgone because remember Howlly, she answers and she has like thirty voice.Mal Fron t an you're like what the fuck's been going on there and it's allthe shit the baby was doing. That was that was fucking with the babysitter.That's fun to the point where she's just sittingthere in front of him and like he hik ups to shoots lazes. She just has a Merready to reflect the laser and shit he burst into flame. She already has thefire extinguisher ready to put him out. That's fucking, Crazyo, theyeah, firstonefucking, so fucking go you married a Lasta girl and got busy. I ways Lon the scene where it's him andfrozen sitting. The car D he's like so this guy's got me strapped to a tablewith a lazer point. If that Yau, you know what he does. He Starts Monologuand he starts mot me like how feeble I hame and how the world will soon be.Have that's whatas er, my like so every told you might Dere tell you my scoobydo thing? No, so here's my thing on scooby do: Okay, because I' monolocksand Shit right aunt thing about Scoby do is obviously in their world. Theywould obviously be popular because they're catching all this isthiy got tobe on TV. If I was ever somebody caught in like and I saw them- and I was doingsomething I would just fucking kill them, I wouldn't fucking mess around Tha'd,be like Oh they've caught every person. You don't want to do the hallway door,swaoe seene, you like. I would literally like this just sound realfucked up ile like if I'm doing something- and I see that van come uplike also I just walk up to boppop. There's a Fucki thers, a family guy bitwhere they're like we now return to home alone, with competent robbers andthe's like they. These two guys get in the house, Ey we're in cool yeah. Thedoorknot was kind of hot, but I just let O of it. I didn't like sit thereand hold on. I it like an idiot, make careowus some ice on the stairs. Okay,alwaas want to go down those stairs the kids at the top of the stairs hey, youguys are come up here. I got a tarantula. They just shoot him and killthim. All right cool, no witness is ther rigtit's. True, will you ever see? The live? Actionscould be do movies now because, because in that one they're fucking worldfamous, like they stop some criminal and they're on the fucking news, likethey become celebrities, it's a whole thing and, like the fame, goes toFreddy's, head and Shit. As I say, it's Li Obviousyo be like Oh shit, they'rehere right. No, they carrying body armor or weaponsor that Ma there's a lot of times. I watch thos and I'm like you knowbecause, like Oh, they get a ret. The guy gets arrested at the end, I'm likewhat the guy was doing. Wasn't really a crime yeah you just digging for histreasure bet a dik. He wasn't. He didn't commit a crime, it's Oh! No! He dressed up like a Zombie andscared, some people that I hope, O Okay Ik. That's just a maybe trespassing,yeah disturbing the piece. Okay, cool! You get a fine for that shit! Yeah! Youdon't get slapped ind cuffs thrown in a fucking, Patty Wag. You imagine howmany fucking people are in jail from that. A SCA ME ER: that's this one guy,just fucking carving, uckdays ouii'Ma, fucking kill Fre withhem gets out ofthere, he's like all Jack from working out in the gym. FUCKITG STA, a dog for having Korean barbecue kids et forbeing a dog person to a cat person immediately gets out of Presen getshome, sees it gets, gets to his wife. I bought a dog while you were gone, getrid of it or just LIKK. It kills it Jesus! That's guy, dark! I'm sorry! I just want to kill thisKubido gang fucking at going back to family guy ahead, one were Peter waswatching TV and they're like that, return to the murder files of scooby,Doo and they're like well gang. It looks like the killer, gag t victim,ripped them and then cut their throat. We're dealing with one six son of abitch. It's so like it's so fuckit like you're,so right never thought about that. Neverve really done anything BAT, notreally! No, maybe maybe they've. You know destroyed some property, but likeyeah they're, not murdering anybody and just scaring some people, Wei was it was the s they were. There wasn't a whole lot of crimecrimes, Comie Pril, pedophile yeah, it's true yeah...

...weyeah there. The original was wasscooby doin, the pedalfile hunters, but I felt like that was appropriate. There is something I watched. It was aparody that were like they found that they were solve ind crime where theywere then they arrested them for impersating police officers. Noh Wow,like Yoyou, just committed vigilantism, that's a crime. What about Scobi he's Han to beeuthanized mean fucking shit run scrappy to ran also we're going Ta.Have you guys all do a drug test, because here all especially shaggy smoking alot of chronic? I just I've. Always I thought that since I was like twelveyeah, Oh yeah, like no I'm talking about the killing. Oh really s a lotabout me. That's why I feel like the joker is my favorite. There's at the live actions can be, do they eludethe whole? Shaggy is a pot smoker thing because at one point like they all likego their separate ways and they're like won ar what Shagghe's doing is like. Oh,we all know what he's doing and you see the back of the mystery machine N.there's like smoke coming out of it. Then you find out HEU just grillinginside there and then he meets a girl named Mary,Jane He's, like that's the best name. I've ever heard, oh my God and I'mbeentrying to hide it horrible commenting how s I know theguy. I know the guy who wrote him Craig Titley he was Mike was he was best friends withmy old professor growing up, and so when the film festival M Alma Motor, hewould come visit every year m and then he his last big Gig was he was the EPfor agents of shield. Oh really yeah, he was, he was th. He did that he did.The scooby do movies cheaper. By the dozen there was the short livedSuperhero show on NBC called The Cape that he did IMERIN. The came yeah gothalf of for half of one season. It wasn't bad, it was just nobody knewwhat the fuck it was. Keeth David was in it, but yeah he was the showrunner forAgentso Shield so like there was a couple times that he brought episodesof the show that hadn't aired yet to the film festival and we all had tosign and ndas going in and he would show us the episode and then he put thescript up on a projector and like workshop, the episode h, that's cool.It was really fucking cool. So I knew how like the one sat. One of theseasons was going to end before it fucking aired. I was like. I can't tothtell anybody if I start to like a little red dots going to show up on myfucking floor like I had like, I came out with a joke and I forgot it.Oh Shit fuck it oo born. It was a poring job. o Us Gon me to a pornparody. I don't know, oh no, it's a gang bag. Everybody there actually isone. I does not DAP iorn Paridy for porgn parody. I've seen it it's not bad.There's! No! There's! No dog in it, Oh, I know notimther's kind of like Amoyseen scooby like at the end of every at the end of Everix Se and enery sexenethere'safter after the Duke fucking, you know paints the girls face, Youobyway anybody seen scooby lately and just come all over a pace. THAT'S WEIRD! I swear to God, though,at one point one of them says: Let's do it scooby style and I fuckit had toturn it off. I was like Nope I'm out to weird fuck. Oh my God. Yes, if Elma saysJinkies, when she comes, it happens, Chinki Yeah Shaggy says zoynks. They lean. I want to use thes when I hamake io my life like she like what the fuck is. Your problem I'll, tell you what the there's afamily guy porn, parody. Okay, I gonta tell you something right now. I thinkit was. I think it was shadow written by Stethmcfarlan, see it is fuckinghilarious and I can see him. It is like like they hit everythingthey make. They do the chicken or the chicken fights and what it's dbecausehe kins it like he's like I'm. A hot water at home, lowis caught me chokingthe chicken because at one point he's fucking choking the chicken and thenshe walks and he's like. What's Goin Beter, what were you doing in here? Master Banen, it is it is he like Peter, like does his cutawaysand like tears into like at one point he was tearing into fucking twilightand Shit like it is really funny- and I was like, I think something: Carlinwrote this parody. PORNS are fucking. Thi Saing is like one SOMN's popular.You know in two months or two hours, jus going to be a paroty pornaoh yeah,there's a bobs burgers one. I don't even Jesus, I tella tubbis more, likeTello humpes. I Don' El The wiggols. Oh my God. I know. Ohmy God Wai especially becaus one of them's, a girl. Now he elther one's agirl. Now, Oh God, you know, that's a parody Ye. It's got to be yeah. Shejust gets fucking gang banged and all ther all their jids color coordinateswith their sheas US cry. I didn't say any of that N. Why am I single MI,...

...color CORDNATO JIZ SK? Well, you got toeat a bunch of food, coloring, Wa Trimis, Charles Post, about him beingsingle on facebook. I'm, like you, make tick tolks of you jerking off ICICLES. I think he eah he's got a band off ticktock. He did, but he also hit it fucking big. On there too doing thoseyeah. I mean he was pulling a million views per video Onesi Shit. Oh my God.He had like a hundred Os Cherk it off fucking ice. He Ha likea hard thousandsubscribers before he got. fucking kicked off of there, but it's also wasit's really easy to kick off Deck Tock? Is it juse like Lthey, take tdown likehalf the videos on tick? Tock are women posting video, saying I had a videowhere, like they showed a little too much cleavage and they video got pulleddown for Nudity Michelle Wen ham, Michelle Oner, the she one of thosehappened to her Halos, I saw Iwon. I did a video of my balls hanging out. Ijus called they were cool with it. They're like Oh, those are just toogreap to fucking grapes, making wine withthose grapes. Why is he doing something with em rolling them Harry Grape? Those a test now to Os ave gone bad. To get this from Croer Wen. He bagtosehimself, the's Gott Ol there in a bag interesting star kind of rigly, theyturn into rases right, Ni'l be danced thase. Gay must have scowt the bathtup also. Why are these on? Only fans? Yes, shit? Okay, so you know that you knowthe cashmy outside girl yeah. I heard that she got like a million job sh theday after she turned eighteen. She started created an only fans and made amillion bucks in the weekend, and I was like how many fucking creepy want to bepediphiles were sitting there just counting down the dails. You turnedeighteen lighe like first sun likes just not even attractive, not even alittle bit. I don't like, like tthat, sounds really weird coming from,like, I know we're STU to dudes tat your fucking judge in the attractivethis one. No, I just like, but she's, like kind of a piece of shit, Sho Shit,a human beae got world famous because of that Dr Phil Yeah Iw about Dr Philifeels like crap, I'm sure he wished Ted. Take that whole episode back. I I'dcreate a monster unless he gets royalties from her shit like I shouldget paid. I should get a cut off of all your record sales because you wouldn'thave thim without lik she's, not like she's Se'St. not she has no talent, noshe's, literally a meame. She is and made a million dollars on only fansover a weekend. Ae She's legal. Now, because Bella Thorn did the same shitbarely well. She was well over eighteen, but she started in only fans and madelike brokelay like crash their servers, JS crish yeah, and she from what Iunderstand. I don't know because I don't understand only fans but porns free from what I understand like she justposed like behind, like the kind of should you see like on Instar Tram,like behind the scene, shit and her hanging out with her friends, hand, I'mlike people are paying a monthly fee, plus whatever other fucking Bonas. Isomebody explain. Somebody explain only vans to me, please ITUs literally chicks, suppost, their nudes, thellernews or whatever. Is that what it's for? That's that's, what t turned into yeah?That's what it turned into, because it kind of strikes me as like a patreontype, and I think because I initially started one. I was going to start onespecifically for like my channel and Sto like Mani, comedyand yeah, becauseI know some comics to that, just a something as a way to make some extramoney or whatever. But then just because most of those sites, I will saylike sit's like Patreiono, that, like don't let you post like adult content y but only vans, let Yo posteds allcontent. So, that's probably, why t one of my fucking favorite things ahalarious, so it was in this comediat. This comics group, I'm in right and these people are going off aboutlike how Hol Fuckid, okay, its just so fuckit. Funny to me like how, like thisone group like this one area, hates women com, I see don't do thing forwomen, comics and all that type of stuff. It's like this thread there's likemaybe like five hundred comments like I'm, like, Oh, my God and then no joke.I the next one and is about women's right, treat some in equalty and allthis all this stuff, which you know treat women, ecly and everything likethat N. that's w t the next. The next post was no and this entire okayokaylike and then the next post neckt in that group was like hey so as duringapennemic, hey, so we're doing. This live comedy show where everybody'sgoing to be naked, like for Tho Mratetth, atest thingbecause, youdidn't read the last...

...and you know, there's been a couple ofthose in the last few years. There was one out in La a couple of comics I'vehad on the show once before it was like doing standup like in your underwear onstage. Oh Tyeah, I'v totally done stand up with my pants. Why yeah you'retelling me about that Butwa, like o the theme of so everyone performs in theirunderwear. It was supposed to be like some like getting comfortable exercisninm, like it kind of sounds to me, like a show that somebody like this guy locally, whose name I'm notgoing to say S. I don't want to assume me, but it sounds like a show that hewould start just to try and see if, like you know and Olivia Burns or something like that,would go up on stage naked or something like that. You know like he's, tryingto check out checks yeah. I can see that just if it works it works. You know yeah onThint's, about a comfortability thing. I mean I mean if you want to do it, doit doesn't really matter? I think I think what they were going for was. Itwas a play on the whole picture of the crowd ind, your underwear thing, but tome it just seems like a fucking gimmick to try to fill seats pro easily becausepeople are going to you know so, a bunch of assholes ere going to pay togo, see this shit and yeah. I wouldn't do it personally ID befor, Idon't Care Wat, you have so yeah. I just pull my pants down on SAG jusperson me for me. tookd her shirt off and I was like helikes take, take sureI was like hat. I fucki pull down my pants and did my jokes like to ID een,Givea Shit Er like what the fuck? Oh, my Godthey, like ten minutes joke mypants off all right folks, THATI'LL! Do It forthis week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online,you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells. Youcan follow me Mike Shay at Mr Mike Shay on twitter and Ninstagram as well. Healso followd this show on twitter nd Instagram at tbl under score pod, andwe got a brand new website under construction for you guys with somecool new stuff coming down the line as well so stay tuned for that in themeantime, we'll catch you guys again d next week with another episode untilthen has always live well rock on take care and by Bye.

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