The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 23 · 7 months ago

Chauvin is Guilty AF


Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of all charges. What does this mean for the case of Daunte Wright's killer? Is it possible to seperate the artist from their art?

Plus special guest Kyle Steele of THE MOVIE REVIEW HOUR is in the studio!

This week, Mike & Mike (and Kyle) talk about:

  • Derek Chauvin found guilty.
  • Daunte Wright's killer is an idiot.
  • Separating art from artist when the artist is a piece of s**t.

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...talked it was just you breathing intoMicrophoe Really Owe da Question S. I was actually talking to my wife aboutthat. Zandely movie do and she was like that's the worst fucking movie yea. Iforgot okay, so you were dating her at the time, yeah, Thot C yeah. It's ashock that she want up. Marrye ever watch that movie H, fucking idea whatthis movie is Ha. You need to go. Watch sandalake when you watch e, the lips ofNicholas Cage for Himan yeah they'll show like his craziest freak outs. Ohyeah, couple of them are from that movie. There's one he'se like covers,but hey it's a hin. I've seen that. Well, that's yeah! It's a bad movie!It's a bad movie that wets I meanits Nicholas Casen. Maybe six and oneandhalf a dozen in the other that they're going to be bad movies. I mean yeah,but it was lik bad like it wasn't. Even all that enjoy even the freak outs. Idon't know if it was worth it man it just wasn't. Was it was it running withthe devil, bad or it's a lot worse than that? No, Oh Shnofor sure. Wa Doubil wasn't the worst cage move I've ever seen, but it wasdefinitely underwhelming. The worst nickolas cage, movieis fire birds, andit's really not aious argue with that. Rindis Kylos are resident. Nicolas kgxpert is for the longest time his show. The Movie Review Hour was called theNicholas Cage Movie Er few hour, every nick cage movie yeah, I'm the onlyperson in the circle. That's seen him because, even like my wife was guesthost, she didn't fuck a stick around for half of those things and then we'have rotating comics, and then we had another guest host were the first guest.The first cohost quit the second co host. That's e knother movie s basically quit and then we finallygot our regular rotation guy towards the end, or I guess halfway through Isay towards the end, because we're fifty movies in that's halfway sothat's like, but but I'm the only one in that circle,that's seen emall and it's like it's fucking crive, seen every single one.It's bizarre! It's a weird world! God, and now I've seen every Singa bulletmovie to God bless you well, but yeah, but more hers are worth watching.Here's a quite a few stinkers in there, though WHOs Sandra bullock. Now I'msaying ye ever heard of the she was. She was in all of the Mornymovies she have. It was like forty two forty three wow, an now're doing Leo anTe Capa Yeah and he is not Ou Takaus we're doing relete like the DickolasCage, who bounced all over the place right with Sandra bullock. We went andrelease order and we did the same thing for for Leo we're doing the same thing.Relio right and his first movie was critters three,that's a stinker. He did that before Gilbert grape yeah he had I he hadanother moving for a goplegrab which was called this boy's life, oh, whichwas pretty good. That's actually a pretty good movie he. So besidescritter's three, I that's like an anomaly. So besides critters three,which is the first movie, He has not ho he hasta sinker, yeahwokaoater way. Take his oscaway E has a stinker. I mean it's crazy. I minutes,but it's one. That's why everybody else. WEVEA look O Qite a few stinkers andI'm looking at what's coming up, I'm like well fucking. No, those arestinkers. What ar they o Yo said Leo, and I was kid of think O my head islike. I can't think of a bad movie. He's made my least favorite one so farAS Roma on Jiuliett. I just really is I don't like how tat shit was like afever dream, yeah y? Why alsopas IT'S A BAS! Lerman pick is the same guy, whodid Mulon Rugan, simply ballroom, whith you're, all just acid tru have like. Ifeveren don't they fight wat guns and so yeah, it's been forever, but they D,but they fight with guns, as if Thei'R sords, it's really Weirdso. So they go.What's the what's the Christian Bale movie for a libry living with a gunKata, it is Ittif. You haven't seen that movie. Itis. It is an acid trip that you are watching and it is a mushroom trip thatyou are listening to yeahand when those two worlds collide. It's not great.It's IT'S NOT IRIP YEAH! It's too much! It's too much! That's why everybodysaid the wares time that Leo was overdue for an Oscer, because it's likeNAM name, one bad movie. He only has... should have fucking wont it forwhat's Eating Gilbert Grape, I thought he was literally Autisticwad. Wanted to eat it want todrop a hard arm. I didn't want to drop a hard Ar O. I was Lik close thoughYeahatisticyo MNK, I didn't know who he was when I watched that movie yeah andthen I was like okay, guys, autistic yeah or the hard are that guys, thehard are not the n Word Dude there's a great te called Joe. You haven't seenJoe with Nicholas Kich, a great movie, the one of the main characters in themovie. Is this like dad or stepd out on RMEMBER, which one but he's plays likethis alcoholic that is kind of evil, but like not evil N, likea more of like a binal type evil like at one point, he does kill like ahomeless person to take their alcohol but like, but but he's evils on likeevil. He just kills homeless people for Bisitseven the way ithappens. It's likea kind of a bunality of evil kind of thing, but apparently that guy was a homeless guy and they he was likeeither around said, I don't know, he's dead now he died of an overdose but hamet like they killed him on set like it was a sow like he died later of anoverdose, but he was not an actor. He was a guy and he was so good in thatmovie and it's because I don't think he was acting. That's just who he was like.He was this outgis kind of Grungy, looking OL alcoholic. If he's homeless,I'm sure at one point he was an actor because that's usually how O efor comic.It's like R Ros, like Robert Downy juior playing Tony Stark, like course,is going to be good because that's fucking Robert, that Watyou live yeah.Tony Stark is literally Robert Down Toer. Well, that's why you've got youknow Cardib an that movie about the strippers that drug dudes and robbedthem, because I mean you know she was a pro with that and then going back inLeo is pretty dumb. You know so just kind of like full circle with it itjust not the smartest Great Tan, the graping, the bunch there Wi Kilbert like I brought that around a long was along way to get to that punchline. It was all for that. That's all theweird to building up this is what we do. Our wine tasting fucking. I had no idea what I planned on us eventalking about today, but then some big fucking news dropped a couple hours ago,Dick at civen time that we're recording this Derek Chabin is guilty. As sin youknow a I was. I was thinking, there's that Anthony Justlinic jokehe's talking about kind of like how he tweets after that,it's at the end of that special he's talking about it, how it took you and,and one an thet kind of one of the Little Punch lines in that joke is. Hesees something to goes great now. How am I going to make this funny right,and I was thinking that on the way over here Ecause, I knew we're going to talkabout that, and I was like i Bet Mike is just sitting around going all right.I don't how I' Goingto make this funny, although I did see a good one, so I wro,I saw a really good run. I cannot repeat it, but it was fantastic.Somebody is like, if you suppor, if you're, if you're for Derek Shaban yourshavanist, no tht, that was good bthat. I likethat, because it works on two levels: Yeah, the one that I saw is a buddy ofmine and him- and I have this group- chat now shit. Anyone ever came acrossit. I would, I would lose my job, I wouldlose probably my wife, I would lose custod of my children. It is a threadthat is next iphone hack, dude tack me because you could ruin my life. I meanit is really really awful, but the whole point of the thread with him, andI is that work trying to just one up so whatever's the WR. I'm telling you whenI S, I'm not being sarcastic, it's the worst shit I can think of. I gotta see this Ni'll shor, the one heposts a DA, because now he will do on...

...his personal page Heus, going to getMike's reaction. He's not going to read this. I'm not going to read thatbecause if he reads it aloud, your he's Gointa get in trouble, but this is whathe posted on his personal facebook. As soon as the Verdit came out. Okay, that's actually good Thait's, reallygood yeah, it's really good, but it's awful yeah, BUT COOLLY SHIT! That's good! That'sgood! Riht me wish. I wrote that I know it's good. It's really really good.You'll have something eventually, though shit there it goes. I got a yeah,I hav. I never try to write a joke about it. Yet yeah I was going to sayyou're, given Thogh Timle, I'm sure you will come up with something I did. Ijust ruin it by showing that to you. Now, that's AK Goo what happened! Thisis why I didn't write a joke about it. I was so it's been like I've been wantingroad, forthe road to the show, and I be US twenty Goo to the twenty one road tothe show to come out for Xbox and came out today in that most of the day today,I gue specifically took today off from work just to just to play that game andI was like Oh, the verdict is today. I didn't know it was going to be todayand then I just I got the BLOIP my phone. This is the jury had come backand I was like Shit. I was listening to it. I pulled it up. I was on my way tothe office and I sat in the parking lot and I wills. Listen to it. Announce isSuper Piks Aser the day off there I was like. Maybe I have the DRIV UT theCleveland today I was like fuck, I my mom's in Cleveland. I ask you this dayoff for this fucking video game. I can't fuksthe first time, they'vereleased it on Xbox ever I've waiting for like eight to ten years for thisfucking video game to come out. My Dick was hard like t's, that's uhuh there. It is no butlike Ni, like my od, my a to P my mom and mom's, like yeah fike up Thi, Morro,Mike okay, cool but and thend. That's why I honestlydidn't have anything for ITBECAUSE'M. Usually all about that, like I'm, likeBos is too busy point video games. I Don, I don't want to say his namebecause he took it down and he got a bunch of heat for it, but there was acomic that right out of the tornadoes he posted about. I think it wastrotwood and it was fucking hilarious and he got so much shit by all thelocal commics and he finally took it down. It sounds familiar and I was likeI was like. Why would you take that? That's fucking Hilarious, like cay? IOn't I feel like I remember that, but I'm not I mean not enough to thinkabout who it was yeah, that's good an then another COMEC had areally good one for Ralphie make to and he got a bunch of Shit for it. But theonly thing I wrote about Deik Shob and he deserves be fucked in the ASS andmouth for nine minutes and time. I do remember that on gt on Buti forthe Verdictn you're not really going to get pushed back on that yeah I meanthat's. You you're toing, a pretty good line. Yeah you're, fine! Your Fam wasput down like my comedy, like facebook page just to Piss. People off to Roemis yeah, see what they do. How I'm not like. I was thinking no hit'sreally fucked up about that verdict is like of everything that happened like we're,shocked that he got found guilty. Oh absolutely, that's the must fucked uppart. Is that so obvious, so obviousl y should be guilty, but yeah we'reshocked that he was found guilty because of it's Histu. It's a reallyweird, like line there, where you like, look at it, Ijus like it's like I'm try I want toCeme White Er. You look at it from like a black, a obecause. I don't want I'm avery like kind of like, like I like, a sophist on, if you for that, turmbefore the LID. Now I like you like Sofas, I like fuck couches. I don't. Idon't view things through like this really intense lins through oneangle, like I I'm very much so like when things happen like I can. I cansee it from both sides. Always now there ae some things. You they're notmeant to be seen from both sides, and- and this could be one of those things Idon't know but like from my perspective, just understanding being objective fora second and understanding the job that... enforcement is doing. There are protections that are builtinto their job for a reason yeah. If you're going to have lon now whether weshould have lawn enforcement whet, you should do with the rats. A wholedifferent conversation would require a lot of great minds that I don't havepeople smarter than us. Exactly I disagree. Hinkwe can do this, but if you look at it objectively, you canunderstand why police officers there has to be a level of there has to be amargin of error where they cannot be found criminally liable for somethinghappening. If you're, given the wrong address to a house- and you go intothat house and someone pulls a gun on you and you shoot them, you can't be help trinaliable for that,because you're going you're acting on the information that you've received,someone says: There's domestic disturbance at this address you go tothat address we'R. Even if you go to the wrong address, because you read thewrong number, you are in the middle of doing your job as a as a police officerand if you hold every single one of those things crimly liable, you're notgoing to have a police force left. So there has to be a level ofunderstanding that mistakes happen and that these are humans, performing thesejobs, but again with he dereck shob an thing this wholed, and this is why theBlue Line his kind of fallen, because throughout this trial, anybody thatmattered in that police department turned on him. The chief testifiedagainst them. Paramedics were testifying against him,like no one was on his side in that Fike, his mom testfiting Ome. That ishow ife divorced I divorce. She was hot as fuck their hail marry defense waswas things like? Oh well, he was down the ground by the exhaust of the carbonmonoxide, but what I love today was reporter was like yeah, but that wasalso a police vehicle, so it's still kout of their fault well, but es whatYouhave to remember, though, that's a really good thing. It wouldn't matteranyway, but that is a good tou process. PESUR TIP Tou. Remember that theprosecutions job is, they have one story and they have to prove that story.A defensis job is to offer like the case. Anthony case is a prime examplewhere, if you can, if you can input another thing, that's possible,you can still say yeah. She basically killed her baby, but it wasn't in theway that they're saying and it wasn't therefore didn't qualify for thischarge that they're doing, which is why she's found innocent exso that therrChob is stuff. Their whole job is yeah. Maybe he did die because of DerekShavin, however, or maybe it Wasnat his hand, so to speak, but it was actuallyhas hard. He was actually this. It was actually this I could be. This could bethat could be the you just have to have one thing be plausible and you win yeah,because that's B beyondreasonable doubt correct. Yep and prosecution only hasone story of how it happened and they have to stick to that. Well, they don'tget any variance. I think they did a good enough job to, because I mean theyhave medical lexers comeg up and saying like well sure all that mayor may notbe true, but let's be honest, kneeling on someone's neck for ten minutes,correct, probably going to kill him yeah. Don't need that other stuff,that's the issue with this whole thing, it's like, let's just say his artery.Instead of being ninety percent. Clog was ninety nine percent clock. Itdoesn't matter because he didn't have a heart attack because of that he had aheart attack, because someone's fucking me was in his Goddamn neck yeah tin yea be like. Listen you her. It NIOU IPE you're reaching at this point your guysr like well, if it was on a Sunday, because the weather right and there's alittle cold outside and the constriction of the veins be like whatthe Fuck Itas is. This is a college math quiz Lis, an Hasa Nomal Amout ofpeople that die in the birthdays. So you know, maybe it was that less os notcelebrate birthdays anymore. They kill people everyone. I know that's gottenway. Don' die in their birthday. That's a real thing. There's like an abnormalamount of Benhatolee leven out on eleven. Am Your Fuck. I know. Soi gonnadie eleven eleven at eeven eleven on on your birthday. If you three thousandand eleven, if it is a natural, Il make...

...sure it happens, O no that's far yeah I wantedt everybody be like OhMik was important. I just fucking tolast to had randomly like you have togo down. Yeah 's, it's the NERVONA Tan like W. Well, what's so interesting tomeet Tou is because they're one of the Becauseminnesota or Milwaukee, wherethis happen, Aani Minnsa they're, one of the states that allows for theinclusion of lesser charges in e in the docket, because not notevery state does that yeah. I don't know if Ohio does or not, but they'vgot him guilty of fucking everything. Well thinkways. What made me mad ispeople are trying to get him like. Why woren't you charge your first degree,murder, and I'm like do you know, hat first to re murder, yeah, haven tenisexactly there was, you can't prove INTA degree, isn't measured by like howfucked up the murder is it's measure. Is it's just call it's why a lot ofstates have moved away from calling it like first like South Carolina, theydon't call it it's like murder, voluntary, manslaughter, involuntarymanslaughter, because the degree system well the depending where you are you apelonious murder, which is just murder, committed, wile, committing a felonyyeah, which is gen if casee anthon had been charged with pelonious murderright because again, caal me, like the replay rule in NFL yeah, we shoul justreac you it right, Yeah Fuck, double jeopardy. Let's just go yeah bi allright! Well, I mean itll be on a reasonable doubt. Her hands are aroundthe baby and put the baby in the car. Right is yeah. She did that right,Yeahcan, no, she did yeah and they admitted it in court yeah, it's yeah! That's why that's why I gotout a law. That's why I switched from law of broadcasting, because I wasprelaw for a while, and I just when you get into all that red tape and all theit just. It was one of the things where it was like wow, the legal system kindof sucks welland. They didn't even charge her with like they could havecharged it with like definaling a corpse or like moving the body whichthey h she admitted to in trial and literall. Had they justcharged her withthat she would have gotten quite a bit of time, but because et didn't chargeher with it there's nothing, they can do yeah. That's what, because you seesometimes where these these prosecutors will. Some proscurs will like try toget as many charges as possible and some just go for the one big one theywanted. They wanted the death penalty yeah. So they knew that in order to dothat hat, you couldn't bog down with all these other charges. You had to goall in on this and then go for the death pelalty and that fucked him yeahso weird that she's still alive he figured somebody would kill her. By nowI mean for Real Y, a n and, like nonjoking ally, like I know, likshocked, yeah. Somebody would literally kill her. That's why the when Ouwhenver they talk about you know sex offenders, shop, reditors, getting youknow! Five. Ten years, I'm like yeah thit's going to be the if they, if theysurvive those five ten years, they're going to be the worst five to ten yearsof their one yeah. I wonder what it's Gonta have ith darn shopin. Now I thinkhe last Thirtythi just killed in jail. Yeah Yea, I mean I don't probably Jeffrey Epstein Alive you're, notkeeping that onhthinit depends on the Ik im in solitaire. Do have aot tospend the rehis entire time and also depends on how much time he gets,because because you got convicted of the of the the highest one get up toforty years. But why rout hell? Do it necessarily that they were saying thatit's more lis probably get like fifteen? Because it's like first offense? Ithink it's just lesso oppiser thror the book at like that's Goingtoit's an todepend on the judge and of course you know, sentencing hearings. Everyonegets to come in and make in impassion statement both the fan, both likeGeorge Floyd's family and then like Shevin's family. I'm sure his xe willcome in and be like lock his assop highly doubt. It Shoud by stayout of itI'm sure but like you'll, have George Floyd's family there. You know andasking the judge for the maximum and don't I'll tell you what when't they,because today, when they threw down the verdate that he g t. The first thing hedid was asked the prosecutors any motions and they were like motion tohave bail revoke and he didn't fucking hestate. He was like no bail put him injail like didn't even like take the time to listen to counter argument. Thedefense he's like fuck him and I was telling Kylle before HEU got here mycause the whole time they were just zoomed in on Shovin's face. I just Lan.You just look like what yeah I'm not...

...getting away with this Yep. You said Iwas getting away with the Fu really his an. I first did everything they coulddo. I mean there was really not much more, they could have done.Unfortunately, we have ten minutes of video of this guy kneeling on the dudesneck. Fortunately, unfortunately, for himfortunately foreverybody else yeah, it's sorry guys, but we got ten minutes of video of you.Just imagine being his lawyer no be like hey and laws. If I ki of want totake this, I'm sure I can't this is getting al. I wo on ths becauseespecially et like OL public defenders and stuff, like that, it's like well,Hey! That's why most cases just get plet out before going to trial, buthaving to h being assigned as the attorney to defend like something likethat like? How do you do that? I mean your job is just to like the the course system in our country isfragile and it's been held together because people are willing to do thosethings woalling. To put this aside and say, I'm going to do the best job. Ican getting this at the very least they're, getting a fair trial yea,whether I think they did it or not, is irrelevant they if they did do it. Thatneeds to be proven. So my job is to go up against you and do my best to showthat you haven't proven it. So in and by doing that, you know you preserve the court system, I meanit's like that. You need people that you know. I hate when you haveespecially racially charged cases where we want, like Nowe, Ust a witch hut,but you want, like you, don't want them to defend it. It's like you need that.You need them to have nomly that, but you need to end o the bestrepresentation possible. So t way it doesn't get a mistrial later you knowor have you know getting win an appeal or something like he needs to have thebest possible defense imaginable so that he stays in fucking jail. He Jisneed Fanos, that's o Ao my little brother daybecause he was he was watching the verdic drop with this and t a tellighim. You know yeat he's like they're, not going to send them for a few weeks,there's going to be appeals and his lawyers are going to file motions, I'msure, although they didn't seem to be objecting to a whole lot. Once the VERDIC came down. You knowthey didn't. They did all boiler playe. At this point they know they're fucked,so they're just going to hope for the best in terms of senencing and it'll be about six weeks. You thinkthat long yeah, really, I figured be like two now, maybe about six weeks. Ithink he's Auaso doesn't e matter. I mean he might very well. I mean I don'tknow where I mean obviously he's going to to jailwll. That might be a thing towhor. They might iall his layers, wile, probably like request protection. Well,it's a lot harder to keep you safe in jail than I, this Pas e Namne, thesecure, not not as a sad but like the cops and like the like, the fucking can't think of whatno like prison guards. Present guards aren't going to want to put up withthat either. No, because you like you, make us all look really bad yeah, soit's like Wak ope. I left your door open. You should start walking that way. Boba in here now he's gonna get fucked. Oh yeah he'sgonna, get he's Goinna do the hardest time like ever and I don't mean hesiinyterms of Saen thing, but his time in prison's going to be miserable. Here'sa question. Okay. I know this isn't like whatever Oy wants to talk about,but but again I like to have objective conversation. Yeah sure. Do you thinkhe did it on purpose the kill an he didn't ot. I don't thinkhe meant to kill him. No, I don't think and again that's where the the firstdegree murder think comes in O. I don't think he went out. I don't think he waslike that. Guy Right there I'm going to go, kill that motherfucker yeah. Ithink he intended to be as rough as possible. Okay, he wanted to hurt thim.He wanted t hur. He wanted. He wanted to estab an at the in at the end of theday. If that's what your angle is, I remember watching when I was goingthrough school, because I wast paralegal umber going through school,and we were watching this video about these kids that were moved to stopsignand they were like on the side of the road watching people, UN Thi, stopsideand theeust. Couple Lik close calls. Well, eventually somebody got. No caraccident died right. They crossed in...

...the intersection somewhereas coming andthe whole argument was. You removed the sign because youthought it was funny that people were almost getting hurt. So when someonegot hurt and died, you are that is intent, yeah. That is murder becausethet the whole reason. Why was funny in the first Placeis, because that couldhappen yeah, so just based off of that Er. It is a murder, they were and theywere kid kids, they wernt kid kids. They were like older teams. I thinkthey're, like eighteen, INETA, they're young enough, because then you canarcue that they would understand the yeahthees Gioh. When we, when I wasfucking fourteen years old, we would put Saran rap across the road. Oh jesusthatpeople drive through it and would make a roal out popping sound, so we putthat over and we were pretty young, it's not an excuse, but we were prettyyoung and we put it across in a fucking. Motorcycle came down the road, and Iremember that moment because I was like only fuck and he went through it andnothing happened and I was like never again well, I do anything or mote likethis. Thank God it didn't end in like tragedy because he could have beenthrown off that correct. Like I, thankfully I learned the lesson withoutanything bad happening, yeah some people ere in that lesson and they goto prison for the rest of our lives yeah. I learned the lesson t at nothinghappened so and that's what sucks? I that's why you can't do that shit atall, but try telling a fucking dumbass fourteen yearol about forty years. NoGOO! Good Luck! I gonta eat my migh, you ever almost kill somebody on amotorcycle. Now Mi do honestly wat the shobin thing. I also do think he wantedto show ecause. He was training that COP. He wach Yo, and I think thatthat's the that's kind of the the a really good response to that questionwhich is like did he try to kill him? No, but he tried to fucking, hurt himyeah try to her. Anyone was trying to make him as uncomfortable as humanlypossible, and it just wound up killing them and well sorry about your luck, soto speak, why he was training that copy wanted to show the copee was traininglike this is what we do. This is lor bad assin yeah were I'm John Wane weGONTO. Speaking of you know training. I mean that kind of brings up whathappened with Dante right. Kimberley Potter was the officer who, U claims to have thought she had pulledher tayser instead of her gun, Aand Shot Dante right. I have verystrong feelings about how stupid of an excuse that is fi she's, only liketwenty two years or something Weny six years on the for she was h. She was oneof t, the ofviors in charge of training, rookies, there's there's so many things.It's like okay, other side of the hip different shape, weighs differentlybright, yellow color. It's did you see Pat Robertsan, get on yeah and, like Idon't understand how you could get these mixed up like and it my God TaaPat Robbers. Oesn is on your side, like the God Isnan Onyoursin, to wear realfucke yeah. It also has me going like, like the MEM, where it's like right,but that's worse right. You understand why that's worse, yeah at you didn'tknow the difference. After Twenty Six fucking years on the force, just youfucked up you fucked up you killed. Somebody like I don't it's on you not oh, my Godhat's crazyis that she had the wherewithal yeah to immediately go like on on the on thebody camp. To immediately lay the foundation. Sje T shot him animmediaely Wat. Oh Oh, I thought that was the Tane. You see her like, like wego ideo and e video she's like got the gun, Er and shes go in it like ohlike,like she's all like whole turning it around like. She can't believe it's agun, but then she points it back out in I'm like well. No at that point yeahyou wan to got away yeah and grab your paery factional tater or go render some type of aid, which wasobviously the big thing. The DERR shobin case too that nobody w renderedany type of aid once they realized what was going on yeah it it just enteragain it's just in terms of like you like. I thought I was antanter right,but that's not better yeah. If anything...

...that makes you look grosslyandcompetent N, it calls thim to question anything. You want again,depending on what I, depending on what state, that's in yeah, that level ofincompetence can be considered. Neglect and neglect could be depending on whatlevel could be a felony and then go al committing a felony, ou murder takesplace or death happens. Then boom. You have a whole different charge thatcarries the same same sentesas murder. Even if it's not a murder charge,specifically yeah, because you you can get, you can get a non murder charge.Elevated to murder, based on extenuting or casses, are mitigating whenever thedifferent yea do you think, because Chovin didn't geta hate crime, do you think, do you think she gets it with a Hayd crime? No,I also don't that's again. That's going to be a real, tough one, because she gotta have him. I think saying theN word. We, you Br, you pretty much. You like a diary entry, that's going tobe a hard one, just to even get a conviction! Yeah I mean if you thinkthat der the Derik Shavin thing really wasn't that complicated. That one isbecause she she did a she made. It look like it was anaccident. Now she didn't re, respond necessarily to the extent of someonethat made that level of mistake, but no she covered a basis, but shecovered her basis enough to where it's trying to make it tough. She laid thegroundwork for a defense whether or not buthe buys the defense. Yes and again, almost thirty year veteran of the shorssaying, Oh, I didn't know most most juries, I think, are going to be comreasonable enough to go. Yeah, that's not that doesn't fly like they shouldhave. They should have every police officer, subpoenevery, suplice police officer.have him go on the stand, blindfold them and then pick up a gun and pick upa Taser and say which was which yeah ea? No, I hundred percent. I also thinkthat's what they, because you could have you could thinking about like theOjcase, you could have had a seventh grade. Science teacher talk, talk away, the the glove thingyeah with Cockeran and Oh, the glove shrank, hi mismrs cipewitz from fromEast East side Middle School. What the leather glove was kacked in wet blood.What happens to a leather when it's kacked in a liquid and sat on a ShelfoThay? It shrinks. Thank you Kno for ther questions. You're on Yeaand, thenwhat happens? We have a glove underneath t e glove, exactly yeah it but yeah with the Dante, the Dante right thing. Assoon as I heard he hat that excuse er first ye, because I work at a newstation. So I hear every day it's somebody got shotsomething else and to the point where nowadays it's not even it's not evenlike. Oh my God, it's a fuck another one, really that's how massshootingswere thet mean not not not jus Maschus, but schoolshooting somemean. There wasa really well there's been like twelve mash shootings. I feel like yea ellan,you mass, but I mean she's e Lo shootings have slowed down. If youremember it was like because Hoan is for fi is not was in fucking schoolanymore. That's real valide did not think aboutothink about that. Didn'tthink about Mei read about that and twitter like last year, O yeah goodthing is school shetings down because nobody's there yeah se V, ttheshootings we've had just in the last couple of weeks e, suddenly everybody'sgetting vaccinated and going out in public again and the shootings okayyeah. I see a pattern. Well, the one. I don't think the one was GOINGTO. Threepeople did die, but I think it was that the the fedix building, not TOFEDEX,there's one different messurting, the different one they're calling abashshooting. I think they're calling him as shooting anways, but I thinkeverything was related like it was, like a scorn, lover type thing Gotcho,so I don't. I have to read into that more, but I was like yeah. I don'treally what consiy mean hat's Sol fucked up but yeah, but no yeah, thelike the fucking, Fedex, building or whatever, and then, like probably likeseven others. We didn't hear about yeah. There was the one at the massageparlors with the Dude Yep kill all the Asian people and yeah again everybody got avaccinated.Oh Man, I can go out. N Public now shoot some people I mean honestly. Itdoesn't surprise me it's happening. I'm...

...not shocked is more just kind of likejust Fuin, weird Y, like I'm at like I'm at work. Sometimes I'm thinking isThist Guy Goingta come n shoot a place which is weird right but, like I thinkabout that, because everybody has been so locked up for like ever to where,like people want to get shit out, they added a whole bunch of newsecurity stuff at the building. I work at and my first reaction. Whic t shoulhave ben was Oh yeah. That makes sense yeah. I hate that it makes sense, itshouldn't make sense, but it does and that's the fucked uppart yeah. Now there was like three mathshootings last week or some shitlike. That was a ridiculous to point F. I was like what's near, welcome toAmerica, the ony thing we like more than Mashshooting as viguals. That's good o! I missed the days whenour biggest pain in the ASS was the Westborough Baptist Church. Justprotesting riples funerals like IPAs. If Mi shoot them, fron helps died. Yeah, I didn't knowthat have really been heard from ever. Since my favorite was when was whenSteve Jobs died and the daughters tweeted will be protesting. Steve Jobs,funeral Aninseid, tweeted from an iphone I's. Like that's fantastic rohall through college, it was just e.every time a celebrity would die was you were just waiting for theinevitable indown? They were like the Internet troll before the Internat Rolthey were. I mean they were like trolling on, like VHS tape, sending them out. God Yeah. I rememberbecause they were protesting. I mean they protest, the SE jobsfuneral. They protested. I remember Tha. When guy used to playfor slayer the Guitar Two die. They went to protest, his everybody. There was Mon OES ELIBOR.They also used to do these weird covers on now. If you guys saw those theywould do. These weird covers when they would take like a popular song. Ou belike hit me baby, one more time but it'd be like save America Jesus onemore time. Oh my God. They would do these ridiculous songs, andd be like,like God, Hey like, and they would do their whole oltheir slogans. I'm notgoing to jrump an Eison O besporrowtes rbatsand. It's like the west side story like really au Wy, scientology, that'sWen oog! I remember when I was when I went to go. It was in Chicago onvacation a couple years ago was driving through downtown and just in the littleshopping mall there was a bookstore. A bar in between them was a center forthe Center for Scientology, and I was like at a shopping center. Oh yeah,that's that's all ti yeah. I thought you guys brought in rich people. Okay,I'M NOT DOING THAT! Well, all right! Yeah! It's not in that area. I meanthat's the Chicago Dude. There's a there's, a really good document, Aounscintelogy on Hbo Po Going Cla Me Tell me that I still haven't Wan do Youv dyeah. If you have blood pressure issues, doubleop o medication today, a it isyou'r just like. How is that a always this? The thing isthat the one that Leiar remenies behind yes yeah dying to watch that, because Iin sheep, do when she was on. Was it Rogan or I don't remember where she wason Mighhave Been Rogan but fuck? Is it fascinating, like all this shit is justAl Tnough? It was. She was on on two thousand and twenty, which kind ofsparked it she was on. How did this get made? That's what it was the Paul Sheer. Itwas a special episode that was just her. It was like just her show or justsomething she was doing. Tataronsi guest just had her ons a guest and it'sa really good episode where they taugh her and the guy that the other guy thatdefected from the church with her Mike something I can't remember, but is me alot of Mikes but dude? It's fucking you just you're like I don't you watchgoing clear. It's like watching. Did you watch funny, never land when itwhen it well Youst San? How? How? How is this a thing that fighting Neverlandchanged a lot of people's minds who weren't already on the fuck MichaelJackson, t yeah like people who have been up to that point like defendingMichael Jackson, early saying that,..., Oh, it didn't happen, weresuddenly like thughk. We were wrong EA, I dot! No, not the best. One is the RKelly documentary, because that got ar tale in Ja, yeah, rl arrested. That wasa great way and Oh yeah the when he wenon Myen on that top aniner everyonesomebody's like yeah. We need to arrest this sky. Like immediately D, have youheard the jarred car Michael Joke about about Michael Jackson, this this pasein heaven? You need to listen to that jokea it', some fucking, a fabulouschesus crrist. I yeah. I remember like I had a buddy O my news, like theworlds bigges Michael Jackson Fan and that per Finnin Lit Neverylane came out,he's like if I go to a bar and a Michael Jackson, song comes on, I askethem to change it or I leave Thatwas like holy Jesh, Yeah Jaryd carMichael's joke is I'm pull it up. It's really good. Hetalks about how basically, like I can't even say itlike. I don't want to say because I want to so like it's going for me. It'sfucking hilarious though you need. I you need to watch that. Well, I getwile I get this pulled up Mike you got any hany shows come ouantams, forme yeah show cdude. Thank I show tomorrow in Anderson Indiana. Iplayed a show there when we're on tour, no shit yeah, but I cannot for the lifeof Mer and the VENU. I highlight dot stoll around this was pipe who thiswho's, the Guy Whos Clippo Youyoure Mu, Jerry car, Michael Yeah. I got TA LERA DRIVE UP TOCLEVELAND TOMORROW, pick up my mom drive back home, drop her off and driveit and her Anderson Indiana. So you a car for ten hours tomorrow, Yeah Po,possibly more man, was that eleven and a half to twelve, probably more nlikely. So there was a ban for Manerson Indiana called sover screen sleeper. Idon't know why. I remember that asss yeah, I guess yeah silver screen sleeper. I can't find it okay, I'll find it inshoot e door to that'sit's good though I I love a good its Wat's the same as Iwas ever huge, Michael Jackson Fan to begin with, like music wise. Justwasn't my thing, but I love Michael Jackson covers it's like the beetles,not a big beetles fan, but their covers of beetle songs are awesome s tha era,Michael Jackson, Fan Hover. I don't that's why I'm like ing like yeah, hefucked, kids or whatever, like got always thought that so Fuckim, it's fine people a well his music's good, yourMusis Gotto, be damn good. You can fuck, kids is to oay on it, because I was theworld's biggest lost profits fan until I found out their singer was fucking,kids and I'll, never listen to loss profits. Ever again, oh my gosh, thatis Songo last summer, that was like one of my favorite songs, great dude, thatwas Ha. They were my jam in middle school and high school, and then, whenthat shit came out, I was I leavi off my phone. I have a fucking buddy thathas lost profit, lyrics tattooed on both of his forearms at poor Besho likethe World Dudein, not only if Hewas, what's crazy about the lad singer lostprofits. Is that not only was he like, you know had like childpor yeah were marring. He had like a Tera bite.He was Hutal Po. He was running like a arantile pornography, rink because itwas him and like these two, these two women or something like that werebecause it was like their kids and they were getting all these other kids andthey were trading stuff off and he was sound like it was. It was like it waslike a fucking like what you think of in terms of like drug dealers like itwas that kind of thing, W H with Kitty Porn, and it is so disgusting and fuckthat I'd looked at one of their music videos on youtube the other day andthey all have like comments to stable, like like they're like we're, not etNOP, not even gonna. Let this shit no Fucki, can't I cin' F, listen that shitagain ever there's certain bands like like, as I lay dying when, when theirsinger tried to put a head out on his wife. I was like. I don't fear. It was one of these guysanymore. It is hardma because it's like sometimes you it's like on one hand, I don't want the person to like fuck up the art.It's like I want to connect. I want to. I want to disconnect the two realitiesit's hard and be able to like...

...appreciate something as art and asbeing like from a creative part of this person's brain and I'm cool with itverse. The other part of the brain- that's like Didlim, kids and like justbe like I'm, going ta I'll separate from that piece of it and just focus onthe art. But it's like you can youre lily difficult and your allowd, thelife, the art you are- and I do can hate the person Didi'll listen to someman in the Miror in the car. I'M NOT gonna lie. You can hate the person, butI mean you. I mean Arts, art, that's really fucking wer mixed to agnition. Iwant to go put ro like roller skits on right now, good. I mean it's weirdthing to say, but it's I somebody can be like all right. Likea safe like fucking Hitler, yeah Ro fucking, his paitin use. Pandings weretalk, Shit Wellwhatif. We wrote Hay Jude what if he came out with that youknow Hiin like you' like fuck, that's a great song, but it's Hitler. Yeah Yeah,well Kevin Spacy, one of my favorite actors ever yeah, that's Mat's,watching his movies is hard, especially because I e I try to watch Americanbeauty the other day, and I was like this. One is a little too close thisswhy tin, watchit, weird yeah but yeah Li odamn he's such a good act O on no,because he was living his life in American beauty yeah. He was, but Ialso loved that they had him digitally replaced by Christopher plummer. Inthat last movie he did as for plumber, wended up getting anominated for afucking Oscar for it really. The last move e came in space. He did. I cannotremember the name of it for the wife of me. He was supposed to come out and afterall, that Shit came out at voice club or something like that because t I waslast, maybe I thought was supposed to come out the make any money orsomething I canas I doteme, but it was a couple years ago it was lik two HOSDand Ndhteen Tandand nineteen and they had him digitally replaced withChristopher plummer. They just replaced his Hade Christopher flommers head andhe ended up with getting nominated for an Oscar the next year. That's so weird,which is just like, because Chrispher plumber, I got lot Chrisper, flumberand so like knowing that, like he died and one of the last act, the lastacting Gig he had was basically a fuck you to Cavin spacy, I'm Loik. That isfantastic, all right, folks, that I'll do it for this week's episode of thebasement. Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells ontwitter and instagram at Mike WTF ells. You can follow me Mike Shay at Mr MikeShay on twitter and Instagram as well. He also followed this show ontwitterand instagram at tbl under score pod, and we got a brand new websiteunder construction for you guys with some cool new stuff coming down theline as well so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll catch you guysagain and next week with another episode until then, has always livewell rock on take care and by Bye.

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