The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 25 · 7 months ago

The Ma'Kiah Bryant Incident


Ma'Kiah Bryant was a teenage African-American girl who was shot and killed by police while responding to a call. The case has divided citizens due to the nature of the incident.

During our discussion of this incident, we watch & listen to the body cam footage. This may be disturbing to some viewers & listeners. Discression is advised.

The conversation about the incident begins at 26:56 and continues for the remaindern of the episode.

This week, Mike & Mike ALSO talk about:

  • Bill & Melinda Gates divorcing
  • Shea's late AF DoorDash delivery
  • The new Mortal Kombat movie sucks

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...cheating with a robot but yeah. Well, Ithink what happened when she found his diary where she found out. He actuallywas having a secret gay relationship with Steve Jobs prior to his deathJesus. I could see that happening I o to they were like the fucking best offriends, which is a Hilarious, that everyone thinks Microsoft and applewere trying to fuck each other over and it's like those guys, fucking get drunkand jerk each other off a y. talking about. I mean like there's only two atthat time. There's only two people that could they could only relate to eachother yeah, Oh yeah, no boy could relate to them at there like. Well,even even if Steve Jobs was alive to day, they would still be just these twoguys up on a pedestal, the what was the other, the the other guy. That was whatSteve Jobs can't think his name, oh the guy, who was working with them.Yeah, was Ye who, as the next only other guy that would be like yeah. Iget like these guys like I get every like. I get it and he's, but he's helike, like jobs was the show man was. The AC was just the power behind thechair. He just likes to keep to himself and except for that, one everyone. Hewasdating Kathy Riffa Yeah, which is really weird so fucking weird. That was such a publicity stunt on herpart. I hadn't know if it was all because it was when she was doing that.Show my life on the Deli. But did you see her ex husband Rex hus was a bigguy too? was He yeah and it kind of did not look like a year right yeah? He was.He was kind of a big Dorky guy yeah, so it kind of made sense. I was like, butwasn't t their divorce is because he was like stealing money in Shit. Wasn'tI honestly have no idea. I because I was I was watching my life on the Delisbecause it was fucking funny. It was when gits when Kathy Griffin was wasreally hot hot, as in popular not like that fucker. But you know I I got torent. I have a thing for red heads, but I could not have sex with her. It'sthat voice. Man. Probably there was. I remember there- was an old family guyjob where they joked that she was Peter's cousin, and I was like honestly.I could believe that that's fucking, so so bill gates getting divorced, Fuckin mortal combat came out. I bet itsucks so bad. I never watched it so I'll, say I'll, say this, like thepotential for a really good movie is there? I think I suppose to be likefour movies, though that's what they're saying and if now that I know that, butI get because it's just a huge set up for the next movie yeahs Er boy sayingand like because I was like they don't even have a tournament. No, theymentioned it every ten seconds on a ball. The word will combat tournamentand hey the world combat tournament in the world, and I was like we goin tosee it. Oh It's in the next movie. Oh well, then fuck, because everybody's,like the one guy coal at like like, was like a care to you like. Why is he evenin the movie? I actually, I had a tweet not go viral, but I think it's up tolike seven hundred re tweets. I tweeted a picture of him and it just says likein the award for most pointless character in two thousand and twentyone goes a that's fucking funny because he's not the hole. His whole thing- andI don't mind spoiling this- is because he's his whole thing. Is that he's adescendant of Scorpion? Okay so, like the opening ten minutes, like justdemand its Scorpion sub zero going at it right right, yeah, I seen that theyreleased that Oh did that they released that on Youtte. I want to say you watch.It was like the opening like seven or eight minutes or something like yeahyeah. It's a killer, fucking sequence. I like it, reminded me of the LastSamurai a lot which is actually funny because the Guy Plans Scorpion was inthe last Samurai, but holly fuck. He was yeah. He was the guy. He was likefucking with Tom Cries, the all time he is like, like watching him the wholetime, the that opening sequence I was likeshit at this is the movie I'm about to get. This is going to be great and thenthe rest of the movie is just a big fucking, Joe, hardly acting withingreat yeah. The acting wasn't great. They should have just like they shouldhas man made the main character beat Sonya Jacks because, like he meets them and they'relike oh we've, been investigating and trying to track down those thing forages, and I'm like cool, show me that Oh, it's already done, okay and thenlike they get to the temple and they're like. Oh, so, and you can't fight withthis, because she doesn't have the birth mark and I'm like okay. Well,then show me like show me her journey... look as she eventually gets thebirth mark and I'm like cool, because when you kill somebody that has it ittransfers to you, gosh like cool. Well, if you, if she make her the maincharacter when she gets it I'll give a shit, but she gets it in like in likein, like she gin like five seconds and then suddenly she's just now now she'san equal, and I was like I don't care a and I want everybody was saying itwas like an organ story. Mix with like an Avenger's type, feel the sense thatyou do everything at once: Yeah they did. They tried to introduce too muchall these characters and it's like you've got my epose. I think too, wasthe reason why I hated the fact they created this coal character. So much isbecause it's like you've got a thousand characters in these games and you stillhad to just make up one for your movie. Well, it'd be fair one of the restemers to be really good. I would be like I said, like I said, the thepieces for a really good movie. Were there I think if they had had coal turninto Scorpion at the end, I think it would have been a lot better would havemade a lot more sense, but Scorpion just then just appears- and I was like so then what the fuck was. The point ofthis guy, because we're at the whole movie keeps having like visions ofScorpion burning in hell and it kind of lays the ground, like oh he's, gonnalike become Scorpion and that he doesn't hmm, I'm sure they figuresomething out, but finiss, probably almost too much and on how a to themovies like not even two hours, it's an hour and a half, it's really short yeahand that's a lot to put in me. I want to see the Snyder cut of it's an hour. Thirty five s all make so much more sense. I justSanis back story, but the fights are cool. I mean a cano. Is The coolestfucking character in the movie? I hate him and that's that's. I feel weirdsaying that it's like Keno's, the best part of the movie. I don't know whatthat says about the movie, but Cano's fucking he's funny. He's got likeactually like he's actually got like a panarchhe's he's got really good scenes. I heard guy who plays sub zero, he'ssuch a fast fighter. They had to slow down as filming they well in so at theytold him to slow down. I believe, because he's actually like he's amartial artist is his fight. Like I mean you've, seen the opening opening alight with him and Scorpion. I mean the fights in the movie, especially his art,to fucking thigh for like it was they were so cool and its gory is shit likethere's so much blood to fucking movie. I need to watch it so I'll. Give youthis it is. It is a million times better than mortal combat annihilation,but that's not trying yeah, that's clamation. I don't annihilationclamation. No! No! They not it's weird for me, because I was never a moralcombat fan growing up like I never had the games, my mom, wouldn't let me playhim because I was I was a kid and I and then like just the tod side, girlfighter Type Games. Don't do anything for me so I like there may have beenlike some cool Easter egg shit in this, where I would have been like. Oh thatmeans something, but to me it meant Dick. It's been for ever since Ifucking played any of those games. My favorites Johnny Kid ry knew he wasn'tin the movie, but at the same time it's like also. Never, I also don't feel like youcould ever introduce that character into like, like is a movie star thatfight yeah yeah like it's just like. I don't knowwhy I like to miss my favorite carater in the game, but might it just doesn'tmake sense, yeah that it's a D and in the context of the cause he's going tobe in the next one? They tease him in this one that he exists anyway. So, in the context of the movies, it makes sense becausebasically just people are born with this birth mark, that is the mostdetailed birth mark. I've ever seen in my life, because it's the mortal combatlogos, that's a that's! A high deaf birth mark there, and so it's just kindof like randomly goes to people. So my guess is: He was just born with hisbirth mark and that's how he's going to get pulled in Gotcha that make that'sone reason why this say: Sonya...

...originally can't be in the tournament,because she doesn't have the birth mark and then she kills somebody who doesand she transfers to her- and I oh cool an I you can hang out with us nowyou're in the club, so I haven't seen it going tea. If you do great, if you don't youprobably you're not missing out on I don't Thames, I mean I don't expectgood acting a ilation's. Still I hate like so I'm not expecting anythinggreat. It's just like one of these is motl combat. Now it's Goin to be bloodyeah, it's a dumb concept so like, and I give people all the time keep sayinglike. What do you do? Why do you care so much a dumb fight movie, I'm likebecause it's obvious they were trying to make a good movie. That kind ofthing. I wonder if they it's because of the time it straits. I bet they put onit ably Yeah Warner with. That's that's Trademark Warner, brothers. I you needto keep it sure else that happened to justice leg. That's true! I told themto keep it under two hours. I mean that could be plus it's plus. It's not likeit's a property that movie what it's a video game movie, which are neversuccessful. When I was last video game movie, that was good, I meantechnically detective. Bekase was pretty funny ever watched. That haspretty fucking funny, but I think, like to the last tomb raider with ElishaBaccano was okay because it was based on those newer, video game. Warcraft was okay. Assassins cream wasa pile of shit, it's yeah, and there has. I don't even get me started onblond rain. It's you know they made a move. That is so bad. It's like it'slike in the conversation with cat woman is like one of the worst movies likeever fucking made seriously yeah well because it was made by that Uva Bol guywho's like makes all those like Poulpe comic book, a yeah who, like fights hiscritics and boxing matches okay, so an ant. It is so but like trying tothink of other fucking Super Mario Brothers from fuckingthousand nine hundred and ninety two or what yea I died on hand side a little.It sucks, ah be so bad, so bad who do now, because the well there supposed tobe last of us that's supposed to be a movie. Our TV show. I can't he've beenworking on that for a while they're working on an uncharted movie. Isupposed to have Tom Holland, hom, Holland yeah, but I feel like most in charged. I never played in that orlast of us, but from what I've watched a bunch of videos about the games. Youand like I feel like most games. Don't have a good back sway, but those twogames have a great back story. I don't know how you fuck up assassin, creeSassin Crete, has a great back tore in my opinion by. I think it's just socrazy of a back stole way that did you ever see seasons green, the movie yeah.I play the Games. The Games are like insane. The Games are the wait, thereason the way they fucked up the movie was a was pg thirteen m and that kindof movies got to be our yeah and the problem was whenever he would get anwhenever he'd be doing like cool assassin shit they kept cutting back tohim in the animus really because, like because the Animus was different in themovie in the in the game it he like lays in a bed like in the main, yes andin the movie he's like hooked up to this, like gyroscope thing that he cankind of kind of like in ready player one you can kind of move freely. Justas seeing and so every time you would like get into an assassin fight or bedoing just cool assassin shit, it would just cut back to him in the ANIMAS. Soit's like he's fucking shadow boxing and I'm like I don't but o watch. Theyspend way more time in like the present day than they do like in the past andI'm like could have just made the movie about. I don't need the future Shitjust make the movie about, alter or or you know, whoever I don't need theAnimus Shit. I care about the assassin stuff. I don't have a fuck about thepresent day stuff, that's a that's what they fucked up, then yeah. It's just it's video game movies, man,and so I think that's what happened with moral combat is because it's justhey, they tried twice already and they didn't do well back in the S it's beenso fucking long. I know the Games are still coming out, but they're not aslike crazy, popular and now is that's...

...not like. Oh my God, the new moral comegames cock. I ever in the MORCOM three came out. I bought that game. I me thepobby why I'm fucked up every every arcade had every arcade had mk threeevery and there was always a line to play it even for me. You know I s,because that was one were Er. That was the one where, like they changed tozero's costume and they introduce SIRAC and sector and snaring baby talty'sfatalities, friendship, yeah is great to and it was all fantastic and thenlike that was the first game you kind of bought like you were like. I need toknow all the finishing moves and all that stuff, so you like by because youhave to buy that stuff. There was no such they really didn't have theInternet. Then I don't think there was the online gaming wasn't a thing. Therewas no delcher wasn't expansions as you had to learn. I remember one time I hadso pissed off at my brother because he would like I got so livid. He wasScorpa Emer, who I was playing with me. He was like get over here, get overhere get over here and like every time I was like. I can't at like twenty matches in a row. OhYeah Scorpion was always any time, so we played score pate, it's like Oh okay,so you're going to be a dick. Oh okay, if you played a Scorpion, you were aDick because you just span. The same thing was with sub zero, especially inthree, because he could. I live how I said I wasn't a moral combat fan andnow I'm learning out about the one fucking game I did play so sure you could create like the theice statues of yourself and if somebody got too close, they got frozen and youhad all these delayed cleve like an ice mine and somebodystepped on it. It fucking freeze, I the crazy shit, but you also had like one of my favorite fatalities was wassmoke. His chest would open and it would just dump bombs everywhere andblow up the fucking earth go about that. Yahte are so many Gere, so many fuckingcharacters, so no characters yeah. Okay. That game had like. I thinkI gave me like twenty five characters or something like Jesus Christ. Thatwas, but I yeah that was back in the day where, like my brother, had hadsome of those scrolleries games for, like I gundomar all that, and it waslike, if you wanted to unlock this Mex suit, you had to beat the game like onhard with this other one, like you had to earn Shit, not set a fucking creditcard, a yeah I jumped on I jumped on GT online today for the first time in liketwo years. How did that feel? God All these people who have like shelled outdid you see the post? I made the other day about Guy Ellye fucking funny. Iwas proud of that one, but yeah they fucking they get. They pay twenty bucksand get millions of dollars and in game and armor up their fucking cars and shit.I'm like what the fuck ever man, it does say a lot to gt online, though,like people stand, that game came out. How long ago, GGA G five came out. Oh,my God, with the PS three yeah and people still play the shit out, they'reporting it for the PS five and the A D and whatever the new, the X box seriesX. I've never played it online. I've never be GGA. Five GT. Five isincredible. Like the best Ta and I and I have for the longest time said it wasa vice city. But GTAN is so good, but it's just like one of those things thats online, like people still play that, because that's how good but the onlinecommunity it is well, and not only that like if you go, if you want to go, buythe game right now, it's still full price. It's still like sixty bucksbecause usually they'll scale back game prices based on I sales in the gamestill sells. I remember like two or three years ago a bunch of Ducha wenton to steam and were were trolling the reviews giving it alllike negative, like one star reviews trying to drive the price down and thenlike steam cot on and like deleted all the room, that's fucking funny, butbecause they they want to play the game. They want to pay sixty bucks for it,but I think it's worth sixty bucks on sit. You could have saved ten dollars ayear riyehh! It's that game yeah. I...

...don't think it's any other game likethat. That's like been ported over three gen three consul generations and still selling that. Just that hot Imean it's crazy. I I just never. The thing is like I'vethought about getting it to play it, but it's like I'm. I would be so farbehind me pointless. That's just my friends like because my friends and Igo in there to play like do the races and the missions and shit because youcan like with give you, can team up and do heist yeah, which is really fuckingfun, and but you get those guys who show up and they're like they're likelevel two thousand and I'm like dude go outside Yeah Holy Shit O outside I'mnot going to fucking lie okays how big of a Nerd I was or Gamer. I was at onepoint so when Halo came out halo to came out for the x box, it was thefirst halo ever to have taxborn Nex box. I remember yeah. I took the week offwork and I got the level I got to number three in the entire world, but Ihad to go back to work, but I was just like. Oh I don't know, Idon't understand professional gamers do it. I may get it, but like I'm sittinghere, I'm like I was. I played the shit out that game and I did the same thingwith Madden. One year like I was like top fifty. I was like yeah yeah, but Iwas like your door dashes here. Jordas finally show up Jesus Christ, I get in the say, okay, I ordered door dash like thirty minutesbefore we were supposed o tart before Mi, even got here and leave it at the door I put in the instructions, take itaround back and drop it off in the box and anyway she ees my door bell a anI'm Goin to be so pissed, but Mike as here at eight o'clock, and I'm like ittill as even fucking, like confirmed my order yet now it's here anyway I'll getit a second. I don't think he left yet now he's definitely scar still herewaiting, I'm gonna do this lie on her. I'm going to go see what the fucksgoing on to as lay to door dash is crazy. Sometimes I don't really figures too, like I'm getting all these,not kate, because I drive for door dash on the side yeah, I didn't know you didthat yeah. I started doing a few weeks ago. Well, the last weeks I've gone out had no fucking orders of sat there. Inmy car, after, like thirty five minutes, it would just log me out of the APPlike it's not busy enough we're gonna just going to log you out. Mmy May dosome money at it. A little bit I go for, like I go for like three hours, I canbe like seventy bucks, not bad yeah, but the last year I got out. I gotnothing and then today I'm getting l these notifications on my phone, likewe're super busy. If you go out and you get next two dollars per order, wherethe is this ship the last two weeks back, I mean I do it. I've done Dorita,I mean I've dealt drugs before that's my door dash. I call Weed StashYeah God. I can't wait in some day. That'll be a thing. Some there therewill be. There will be a fucking thords for weed door. Dash is so fuckingexpensive. When you order it though yeah it's, they make so much money offthat shit. Well, what I've found is like if you're ordering from a place, that's already kind of expensive-you don't notice it, but if you're ordering from like Taco Bell, it seemsit's doubling your fucking order. It's like here. My original order from Taco Bell wasfive dollars. Now, it's thirty five yeah, it's ridiculous, but like it'slike it's an I with like Instar, because I get my groceries deliverthree Instigat. Well, if I'm ordering a hundred bucks worth of groceries, I'mnot going to notice the extra ten fifteen bucks is adding on there if I'mordering an eight dollar Yeah Burger and then I'm at a fucking notice, yeah.So it's it is ridiculous, especially Consederin. How little of that actuallygoes to the drivers, and I can say that for personal experience, yeah tip yourdoor dress drivers your door after avers people say I got beat up s e e T.I got ten wings into two things: a...

...ranch because I was lazy. I didn't wantto drive yeah. I didn't want to drive. What's a tenth of a tenth of Il one hundred of a mile, I basically I don't want to drive that itcost me eighteen at tip, fucking go. I was like Ci, don't feel like doing anyof this. That's I don't think I think dooras is all about avoiding humancontact, because I've social anxiety, that's a dory. I will before I will saybefore the pandemic. I would do it once in a blue moon. I just forgot the cookor was having a busy day now. It's now. Ido it wait to fucking ten, we I've. Honestly, I haven't really. Ihaven't doored after my own phone at work only twice because I wanted wingsboth times yeah. I don't want to wait and it's always been on Sunday forwhatever reason I don't know why, but like we, my wife, we mean her at homedoor Ashman, maybe once or twice a month a O. It's always like tacos fuckyeah. Where are you getting from cadones Cardono yeah, you ergon a rustyTako. I don't know what that means. It's a sock! It's a talk to place bytalk! Yes talking. I don't know is trying to like more ever gotten a rustyTACO. I mean I've, never blown a dude. I don't know which one I like morerusty talker. Then I love both a lot. I just talk as her fucking good yeah. IMiss I'm so pissed off because fuzzies over there by the green closed theydidn't really yeah. It's also a really bad name for Taco Fussy Tako. I know Ifrom the moment I walked in the door. I was, I remember, asking the Ser theserver. I was like by the way like the name of the place like does the owner?Is the owner aware she's? Like oh he's aware I was like it was on purpose. She'slike it was a conscious choice. That's so fuzzy tack Os ever they were.They were. That was those were some good fucking doos man. We never hadthem and we used to live right. I mean I live right down the street from thatthey were there. They had a really o. They really good. They had a big menuyeah. You can get breakfast Tacos like any time o day I take. Is So good, oh,my God scrambled eggs and ham and cheese on a Taco for somereason is just the best thing ever the fucking. Is You can't go wrong withTaco too said all you really can't there's! No! Like your remy. I don't believe in God pretty sure that's the closest God'sever come to my mouth as the best the fucking or fuck. I'm Hongri wish that wish. Iordered Tacos instead of Red Robin Fuck Up, it's fine. I make in pokes toMorrow night fuck it Lomas coming over to morrow. So I thought I'd make dinnerNice. I will make Tacos, let see fuck, I'm so thrown off by the fucking door.Nash. Now you're, fine in the fine, I don't know, did you watch that MachayaBryant Video? No, I still have not a this. What happened? Okay, so I'm allabout B, Lm yeah. It was be about bom like and I think the COPS I've done.Crazy things in the past, like George Fortin Yeah, that George Floyd thing,the Philip Catilini Casiana, the guy, the cop that shot the guy in the carand it was on Facebo live, oh, like a wily, the one or the one in kettering acouple a couple years back where he hold over the people in the mini van. Idon't remember that one. It was one where he was peopled over these thispeople. In a me van. He was trying to pull them at the minivan. They werelike resist and they were like no get off manes to start shooting into theMinivan M. Oh yes, yeah! Then you had the one. We were talkabout the other time, the female officers. I I thought I am a tasorlately Hyeah Dat I mean. Ah I mean she deserves, be shot all those peoplefucked out, but the mackillya one like I watched the video bunch and I feellike the cop- had no other choice. I because I say I still don't know thefull story and I so like, if you watch...

...the video pulled up here so on thevideo like it's a crazy fight, breaking out Blah Blah Blah and the minute he shoots, the girl yea,like that. Second, he waited a last second before she stabbed the othergirl like she was going to stab the othergirl and, like I'm sitting there thinking of my head, I'm like my Kia,Brian, my kit. I am sorry I was. I was because I looking at Mickayly N, I wasgetting my cheer leader videos and I was that's not right apologize when you watch the video like I'm like,I don't the only thing I could think of when Iwatch it is maybe he should have had his days orout, but everything was so escalated and I think he knew there's alreadyknife on scene and there was a fight. I don't know what else he would have done,but if you like, watch and watching it right now, the video like she's aboutsay so he walks up there's a fight. There's a bunch of people want to driveway all fighting of the sound on. I can't hear anything: Oh there is no there. It is okay watch, it's pretty chaotic for any, I think isdoing the best. He possibly can. I think s yeah, like did you, but did you seewhere she's going to stammer yeah, because she because she knocks the girldown, I'm gonna rewind it it's fucking, like I, don't know what else he couldhave done. So here's where he comes up. They get tackle tech, the girl get tageof the ground and then the other girl comes up on her noko's got the knife right. I thinkhere no she's he shot her already right. There isn't strater, yet there he shoots her, but like thatknife was, she was about to stab her yeah and I don't my thing was my thing in the wholething is: If he, if he doesn't shoot her, the other guy, the other kid dies.Yeah two lives are ruined, yeah she's dead and the other one's going to jail. Yeah, it's a really fucked up situation.I have here's to the two things these shootings keep bring it up into my head one. Why are we not just using rubberplastic bullet totally agree with you to or just or just have the DASER yeaht t? That's the only thing I think they fucked. He didn't have his tase, but Idon't I don't. I don't know training that well, like I was ive never beenthrough. I don't think there time t is in Columbus. I don't think they'retaught to have the tasor a hand first whenthere's actually like actual weapon weapon in there. So I guess yeah. Iguess that's my and like your responding to it. This is like they reresponding to a domestic disturbance M. Why go gun first, if it's to domestic,this lie. If you're responding to shots fired doughnuts I mean at that point. Youalready know it's as dangerous as it can get, but if you're responding to adomestic argument, but my thing is, I agree with you on that. I don't thinkhe had any other choice right at that moment. In that exact moment, I'minclined to agree because I feel like I don't tasorwouldn't have stopped that's a problem with that. Daser like they would a hit her, but it wouldn'tdrop her immediately, not as fast as a gun would no. It might have, given theother person enough time to get clear that that's literally about yeah. Iagree with you on the robling, though I totally agree with you any to tie aboutthat, but like and also a thing ike that that's why there was that manyprotest either, because I think what happened was...

...they heard about it and then the video came man. The firstthing. The first thing you hear is cop she's, black top shoots teenage blackblack teenager. You know, and then you hear that there was a fight and thethen the thing with the knife. You know that granted and it's. I guess usbecause, like I'm, not I, despite the number of hours I've invested in GrantTef Dodo, I tilly not a violent person. So whenever I hear about one of these,I'm mealy just kind of like what what could have been done to avoid this didwhat why, because, especially because I know from the time where I was studyinglaw, it's like the police are not executioners likelike their job is like whenever somebody makes the argument of. Oh,this person was committing, a crime is like right, but the it's not up to thepolice to just kill them because they committed a crime. Her saying that tomy Aramon that when not marry in both I thought of too the girl is about to getstabbed. I bet she was happy that the cop shot her, probably because she would have beendead yeah and that's the fucked up thing. That is one situation I like I don't Iget white shot or I don't. I think it's really fucked up, but I'm like I afterwatching the video like I've, watched a video a ton of time, so I'm like, Idon't thin the rebel. I never had a throw of a thing other than going inwith like a daser already. I don't think the TAE really stops anything.The only thing I could think of and they can't do this right, taking thegun out and shooting it up in the air yeah. I know you that that's that is soagainst the a lot of people think I hope will bring that argument beforeand I'm like they can't do. They can't that's really illegal, but everybodywould have stopped. I guarantee ran like what duff fuck, but they can't dothat. So I'm like I'm saying I'm not defending it. I mean it sounds likeended defending the COP, because I I don't understand any other you don't you don't see any other waythat could have happened. I don't I don't right. I lie like, and my thingwas I was thinking about. I thought about forever. I was like it's PLA second decision but like she had a knife, for example in the female officer that thought she hadthe tater that I didn't have anything yeah. He was just he was just and theshooting and they're being tackled to the ground and they're shooting up inCleveland, the guy that threw the gun or the guysto put your hands up. He's t end up, throwing a gun behind the thing he puthis hand. I don't know if you saw this sad. We like it was at the kid comingout for behind the fence yeah, and then it was the CABECAS. It was likethirteen and the co tar team, but he put his hands up in the kit that copyeah, I remember the Andean down an alley- re Shit as blatantly up yeah copcop. That's play I mean to me: That's just murder, whatever got o o this netyeah, but this one I was like. That's that's the South Park they're comingright for us, like literally on that video, you see the kid's hands up yeahand they got it. Man O his freeze, hands up and he puts his hands up andhe shoots him. He literally shoots him and you're like what the fee did,everything you told him to do and you still shot him the pill up. t thePhilip Castellano Cassim he's like I have my concealed: carry the face booklive when I have my concealed carry like. I can't meme if he said he had agun on him. Not. I can't remember that the soldier, I don't know if he was soer, but he is like and he reached, I think he reached on buckles belt orreach yourself and the COP fucking shot him like that's straight up that one Odon't Roko that one. I don't remember, I'm like Dad just till the soldier onto get of the one where the two cops pulled, the guy over a yeah. I haven'tseen that when I heard about that one ive seen that one now they pepperspademan they. He peppers that that video fucked me up because he like,because they pull it because a he pulls over into a gas station and when theyinterviewed me said I pulled over to a gas station because it knew it would bewell lit, and I'm like that is a fucked up. That's fucked up that somebody hasto have that line of thinking exactly the soldier was in. He was in his CAMOand they're pulling them over they're pulling them over saying could bethey're pulling them over for because he didn't have his saying his license.Plate wasn't displayed. He had a temp tag in his back window, which you cansee in the video to some stupid to pull...

...somebody over for and and but they'resaying shit like you're about to ride the lightning motherfucker, because,like the got one guy had his hazer pulled the soldier, I cannot rememberhis name. I apologize like he's telling the cops he's like. Can you pleaseexplain? What's going on? I'm really scared right now and the cops like yeah.You should be: Oh really, yeah. They peppers pee has his hands out thewindow and they pepper spray in the face. DIS COPS get fired. Oh, I knowthe one who said you're about to ride the lightning the older one he did. Idon't know about the cause. It was a older copy on the tsar they get to theO to be Thrun in jail. First, all Oh yeah, it was it was that was one ofthose it was like. He was so fucked up and just again like the shit they weresaying to this guy to like, as I at intimidation tactic, was so fucked up,like. I remember watching that video, just like clutching my pearls likeJesus my whole. My whole thing on the briant thing is like. I don't like that.All that Shit, all those people, I'm like yeah, that's blatantly murdered.That's pat an I sal yeah, that's what that is the Machaya Mikia right thing.I'm like I don't I don't see it's too it's too muddy. Itis too many in the sense that if you ask that girl that was about to getstabbed if she was like, thank you off. First, I guarantee you yeah, because that knife you saw that knifewas going, it was going right in her stomach. She was. She was trying tostab her yeah. I mean that was she was superb. It was an aggressive mean shethrew that chick on the ground. She was trying to fuck her up, so I camesitting there and, like I watched it like a bunch, I don't know how manytimes I watched it, I'm just like I don't I don't see any other other thanever bull of thing like us. I never even thought about which makes sense orlike shooting the gun off, which I know they can do. I don't know, I don't know it's an I thought in my head. I was like hekills her, like that's one life ruined yeah. He lets the girl stab her or tries totas her and the girl gets stabbed. That's two lives ruined, not to mentionthe families and one goes a prison, the other one's dead.It's like what what the fuck do you even like it's, a very fucked upsituation. I mean, maybe he thought about that. I don't know, I don't thinkso, but it'll happens in the span of like seven seconds yeah, so you like you're sitting here like Ido. I don't even know what to I. Like I mean I could get. I could and I couldnit pick the shit out of this thing I could be like when we should only shotone, because he shoots like four times three or four times yeah. No, and Iagree with I s because I will, because I will I will M, I hate, saying t t ethe check. That said, I thought it was my tasor. She lies only fired once so because I think we talked about thiswhen Kyle was here like she kind of laid the ground work to get off to getoff, so she she'll lose her job, but I don't thinkshe'll go to prison because once you say once you say an aninterview, I thought my gun was my tays or no police department is going tofucking hire you that, oh absolutely not, but she only fired once just was theonly one in, and so I I and I I mean not, it only takes one bullet to killsomebody, but I don't know it's such A. I completely. I completely see andunderstand your argument and and again I'm super problem, so I am too that's it it. So it feelsweird kind of being like a that's the thing it's like I've. Seenlike. I remember watching his video one time this cop, that I can't remer what theguy had, but the guy and I'm getting away right and the cop rather thanfucking the guy was running he think of just fucking shot him twice like. Ididn't even have anything on him: No weapons, but the guy got away and a fist fight like not fish, fight egot Tak a guy tackled in the cop tackled him and like he and I'm gettingup and running away in the cop shot him...

...twice and he tried to plant the gun as if waywait. I think I remember that on the back yard and then the they watch onthe cameras they walk over and toss a gun down there yeah I e. I was thoselike right when I was that was like tousand fifteen thousand and sixteen Iremember that I m thinking like in at the station Yeah said: Jesus ChristYeah. That's that I mean that Sol an I get that because at that point itwasn't just the cop the she, because there was because there was. There wasother officers there that he's talking with and then the other one goes overand drops the gun. I'm like that's like major corruption right there, and Ican't like I'm like that's main at when I watch that yeah and I watched the thebride. I I'm like. I don't even know right, I get it like, I get it, but Ithink people are so quick to jump and judge on Shit because they hear see aheadlight or whatever, and I get that and I think that's partially why therewasn't a lot of protests yea on that either, because because there's therewas there was an end because, especially because when it happened, Iwas right, Jo after George Lines, right afterGeorge Floy, the door, the their shovin conviction or that same week, whateverno is a day after their day after yeah fuck. But there was that quick initial. Iremember the initial outrage and then I kind of stopped. I startedto hear less and less about it. As time went on, I feel like more people watchthe video and more people are like. I don't yeats, a fuck up biddy to watch. Oh,it's yeah! It's I'M gonna! Well! If we have a just we'll put up atdisclaimer prior to out, I mean because the the audio alone is a lot. It's aheavy. It's some heavy shit, yeah fuck and I, like I people, argue onlineabout it, I'm like and I don't jump in there because I don't think it's worththe arguing, but I can see their eye. I get both sides of everything and I'mjust like sitting there like. I don't because any because get because also, Ithink work is like because she was only sixteen and that's so shitty fucked upand plus. You know that that cops career ata that cops got to live with that now m. The othe whole situation is justcompletely fucked up. I just don't. I guess I like the more I to A. U, Idon't know what else other than the rapper bull thing. I don't think atasor would have done anything because e Taylor doesn't automatically like itprops out, but, like you have to be a certain distance as well to get a baser and K. wasn't that Tis?I don't think he was that close, and I don't know how long he was on thescene. I can't remember how long he was on the scene. I'm Goin, I don't know, Idon't have to read more about this as I go, because I had this this this one Ijust I haven't, and this is so fucked up to say, but because there's so manyan then ye and it's just like I did the female with the tater thing- that'stotally fuck that persons or s go to jail forever the kid and the no idinthe alley that got shot on the CINITO. I was like Jesus. Why a cop I was like,and people trying to argue, like Oh yeah, had every right. I, like you,don't know, I don't even see cops, don't have a you, not judge Jerry, an executioner.No, this isn't just dread yeah. They don't have the right everyone. Everyonesays well, once you once they were committing a crime that doesn't meanthey deserve to die yeah. That's that's literally. What we have the legalsystem for is why only certain crimes or can be sentenced with the deathpenalty. Committing a crime is not a death sentence. That's the whole pointof the police is to find out what went at what went down. What happened?That's the whole point of the legalism. If we're going to say well, they werecommitting. Crimes is okay, that the cop shot and killed them fuck the legalsystem, yeats, fairly fucked up, then the next time you're speeding.Congratulations! You committed a civil...

...offense, it's okay! If the COP shootsyou like what fucking slippery slop are we about to send ourselves down here? I get so tired of that argument. I tolyou. You should know if you jim play stupid, like like Dorfield of acounterfeit twenty dollar bill like it just a counterfeit twenty dollar OllyShit at the end of the day. What do you think about how many millions ofdollars and taxpayer dollars were spent dealing with the outcome of all this over twenty bucks? Does the punishment fit the crime?Sorry, you have call right now to fucking shot two people and the cops are like you can go ahead and then who's? Who is the fucker fromDayton who rape that girl out in California? Ican't think of his name. Then they sent his ass back to Dayton because he spentlike he spent like three months, not even three months in jail yeah. I can'tthink of his name. Stilling no dillin roof was the kid that shot up thatchurch in South Carolina that one. I remember, because that wasthe week before I moved up here and I was living down there, yeah that piece of Shit that I but yeahhe's back here in Dayton now, and I remember Harner something Turner Yeah, but I remember the night that hebecause I was rock tarring Brock Turner, Fano, Brock, Turner, yeah. I rememberthe night that he was flying back to Dayton, like we were doing breakingnews coverage and he he was having to get like a police escort back to hishouse, because there were protesters by his house and Shit and it was like wow this kid's getting a police escort andhe's the one that raped somebody. What the fuck yeah a kid should still be injail. Oh absolutely that judge chols! You money buys people out because thejudge Le said I don't want to ruin his life. He fucking ricked somebody pethe show got dark yeah. I did, but Imean it's that's how fucked up the justice system is. It is it's moreinclined to help white people and his black people or it just that's t I meanit's obvious yeah, it's completely obvious and it's really fucked up. Sowhy, whenever you see one of the things like oh they're, talking about you know, you know legalizing pot which I'm a fanof, but it's like man. Imagine being you know the there's black guys in jailfor fifty years for selling pot who it's like cool. Now it's going to belegalized. Well, we goin to let them the fuck out of prison. Then you needto yeah just fucking weed. It's just wed. You know it was created because of WeedStar Wars. I guarantee I promise you George Lucas was high, oh hi, or onTRIMs Yeah, Oh also high, but either way I promise you he was promising. Hewas smoking, Dusna right folks that I'll do it for this week's episode ofthe basement. Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow MikeWells on twitter and Instar at Mike W T, F wells. You can follow me Mike Shay atR, Mike Shay on twitter and Instar as well. He also followed this show ontwitter in Instar at t bl underscore pod, and we got a brand new websiteunder construction for you guys with some cool new stuff coming down theline as well so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll catch you guysagain next week with another episode until then, as always live well rock ontake care and by bye t t.

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