The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 25 · 1 year ago

The Ma'Kiah Bryant Incident


Ma'Kiah Bryant was a teenage African-American girl who was shot and killed by police while responding to a call. The case has divided citizens due to the nature of the incident.

During our discussion of this incident, we watch & listen to the body cam footage. This may be disturbing to some viewers & listeners. Discression is advised.

The conversation about the incident begins at 26:56 and continues for the remaindern of the episode.

This week, Mike & Mike ALSO talk about:

  • Bill & Melinda Gates divorcing
  • Shea's late AF DoorDash delivery
  • The new Mortal Kombat movie sucks

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But yeah, well, I think what happened when she found his diary where he she found out he actually was having a secret gay relationship with Steve Jobs prior to his death. Jesus, I could see that happening. I could too. They were like the fucking best of friends, which is hilarious that everyone thinks Microsoft and apple we're trying to fuck each other over. It's like those guys fucking get drunken jerk each other off. When you talking about I mean like there's only two at that time. There's only two people that could they could only relate to each other. Yeah, Oh, yeah, nobody could relate to them at they're like, well, even even if Steve Jobs was alive to day, they would still be just these two guys have on a pedestal. Then what was the other the other guy that would it was Steve Chops. Can't think his name. Oh, the guy who was working with him. Yeah, wasn't he act? Why was the next? Only other guy that would be like yeah, I get like these guy, like I get every like I get it, and he's but he's he like like jobs was the showman. Wasn't act. was just the power behind the chair and he just likes to keep to himself. And so for that one every when he was dating Kathy Griffin. Yeah, which is really weird, so fucking weird. That was such a publicity stunt on her part. I don't know if it was. Well, because it was when she was doing that show my life on the deal is. But did you see her ex husband, her rex has, was a big guy too, was he? Yeah, and it kind of then that look alike. But you're right. Yeah, he was a he was kind of a big, Dorky guy. Yeah, so I kind of made sense. I was like, but wasn't. But their divorces, because he was like stealing money and Shit, wasn't? I honestly have no idea because I was I was watching my life on the deal is, because it was fucking funny. It was when it was when Cathy Griffin was was really hot, hot as in popular, not like that fucker. But you know, I got think redhead. I have a thing for redheads, but I could not have sex to there and that said voice. Man. I mean probably there was. I remember there was an old family guy joke where they joke that she was Peter's cousin and I was like, honestly, I could believe that. That's fucking fun. Yeah, so's a Bill Gates getting divorced. fucking mortal Kombat came out on bets. I sucks so bad I never watched it. Oh, so I'll say I'll say this, like the potential for a really good movie is there. I think it specially like four movies, though. That's what they're saying, and if now that I know that, but I get because it's just a huge set up for the next movie, Das everybody is saying, and like because I was like didn't even have a tournament. No, they mentioned it every ten seconds. But my bother the world combat tournament and Hey, the world combat tournament of the other world. I was like we gonna see it? Oh, it's in the next movie. Oh well then fuck, because everybody's like the One guy, Cole that like like was like a character, like why is he even in the movie? I actually I had a tweet not go viral, but I think it's up to like seven hundred retweets. I tweeted a picture of him and it just says like in the award for most pointless character in two thousand and twenty one goes that's fucking funny, because he he's not the whole. His whole thing, and I don't mind spoiling this, is because he's his whole thing, is that he's a descendant of Scorpion. Okay, so like the opening ten minutes, like Ja Damon, it's Scorpions sub zero going at it right, right, yeah, I seen that. They release that? Oh did they? They released that on Youtube. I want to say question. It was like the opening like seven or eight minutes or something like. Yeah, it's a killer fucking sequence. It like it reminded me of the Last Samurai a lot, which is actually funny because the guy playings Scorpion was in the last Samurai. But, Holly Fuck he was. Yeah, he was the guy who was like fucking with Tom Cruise the whole time. He has like like watching him the whole time. But if that opening sequence I was like shit at this is the movie I'm about to get. This is going to be great, then the rest of the movie is a big fucking joke. Are the acting wasn't great. Yeah, the acting wasn't great. They should have just like they should have made made the main character beat Sony and Jack's because, like he meets them and they're like, Oh, we've been investigating and trying to track down this thing for ages, and I'm like cool, show me that, I was already done. Okay, and then, like they get to the temple and they're like Oh, so, and you can't fight with this because she doesn't have the birth mark, and I'm like okay, well then show me, like show... her journey to look at she eventually gets the birth mark and I'm like cool, because when you kill somebody that has it, it transfers to you. Gosh, it. I'm like cool, well, if you sh if you make her the main character, when she gets it, I'll give a shit. But she gets it in like in, like in, like she like five seconds and then suddenly she's just now she's an equal, and I was like, I don't care, Huh, and I want everybody was saying it was like an origin story. Makes this like an avengers type feel the sense a that chr you everything at once. Yeah, they did. They try to introduce too much, all these characters, and it's like you've got my pose. I think too was the reason why I hated the fact they created this Cole character so much, is because it's like you've got a thousand characters in these games and you still had to just make up one for your movie. Well, it'd be fair. What the rest summers to be really good, I would be like I said, like I said, the the the pieces for a really good movie were there. I think if they had had cole turn into Scorpion at the end, I think it would have been a lot better, would have made a lot more sense. But Scorpion just then just appears and I was like so then, what the fuck was the point of this guy? Because throughout the whole movie he keeps having like visions of Scorpion burning in hell, and it kind of lays the ground like, oh, he's going to like become Scorpion and that he doesn't. HMM, I'm sure that they or something out the fight. It was his pie almost too much and one. How is the movies? I not even two hours. It's an hour and a half. It's really short. Yeah, and that's a lot to put in them. I want to see the Snyder cut of our it's an hour thirty five. US All makes so much more sensual. It just sun is backstory. But the fights are cool. I mean Kano's The coolest fucking character in the movie. I hate him and that's that's I feel weird saying that. It's like Kano's the best part of the movie. I don't know what that says about the movie, but Kano's fuck it. He's funny, he's got like actually like he's actually got like an arc and he's got really good scenes. I heard he got to play sub zero. He's such a fast fighter they had to slow down his filming the well and slow that. They told him to slow down, I believe because he's actually like a he's a martial artist. His his fight like, I mean you see, you seen the opening opening light with him in Scorpion. I mean it, the fights in the movie, especially his, are to fucking die for, like it was. They were so cool and it's gory as shit, like there's so much blood and fucking movie. I need to watch it still. I'll give you this. It is. It is a million times better than mortal Kombat annihilation, but that's not trying. Yeah, that's claymation. I don't annihilation clamation. Now now it's it's weird for me because I was never a moreal Kombat fan growing up. I never had the games. My Mom wouldn't let me play him because I was I was a kid, and and then like just the D side scroll fighter Type Games don't do anything for me. So I like there may have been like some cool Easter egg shit in this where I would have been like, oh, that means something, but to me it meant Dick. It's been forever since I fucking played any of those games. My favorites, Johnny cadge. I knew he wasn't in the movie, but at the same time it's like awesome. Never I also don't feel like you could ever introduce that character into like, like guess a movie start that fights. Yeah, yeah, like it's just like I don't know why I like to miss my favorite care in the game, but my it just doesn't make sense. Yeah, it's and and in the context of the cause he's going to be in the next one. They beat tease him in this one. Uh Huh, that he exists anyway. So in the context of the movies it makes sense because basically just people are born with this birthmark. That is the most detailed birth mark I've ever seen in my life because it's the mortal Kombat logo. It's a that's a that's a high deaf birthmark there, and so it's just kind of like randomly goes to people. So my guesses he was just born with this birthmark and that's how he's gonna get pulled in. Gotcha. That makes one. That's a whole...

...reason why they say sonic originally can't be in the tournament because she doesn't have the birth mark, and then she kills somebody who does and Shit transfers to her and Oh, cool, night to hang out with us. Now you're in the club. So I haven't seen it going to if you do, great, if you don't, you probably you're not missing out on I don't think you miss I was. I mean I don't expect good acting. I elation still. I hate like so I might expect anything great. It's just like one of the day. It's one will combat. I know it's can be blood. Yeah, it's a dumb concept. So like it. I give people all the time keep saying like, what do you do? Why do you care so much to dumb fight movie? I'm like, because it's obvious they were trying to make a good movie. That kind of fake. I wonder everything. It's because the time you get straights, I bet they put on ably. Yeah, Warner riffs, that's that's trademark. Warner brothers is you need to keep it. Sure else what happened to Justice League? That's true. I told him to keep it under two hours. I mean, that could be plus. It's plus. It's not like it's a property that movie want. It's a video game movie, which are never successful. When I was last video game, maybe that was good. I mean, technically detective be Kachi was pretty funny, but ever watched that it's pretty fucking funny, but ry, I think, like to the last Tumb Raider with Alicia VI candor was okay because it was based on those newer video games, and warcraft was okay. Assassin's creed was a pile of Shit. It's yeah, and there has a don't even get me started on blood rain. It's I know, they made him move. That's so bad. It's like it it's like in the conversation with catwoman. Is like one of the worst movies like ever fucking made. seriously. Yeah, well, because it was made by that Uva bowl guy who's like makes all those like pulpy comic book. Yeah, who would like fights his critics and boxing matches. Okay, so that one it is so, but like, try the other fucking Super Mario Brothers from fucking one thousand nine hundred and ninety two or what he I died on the hand side of it sucks. Oh, he's soap and it's so bad. Who Got Now? Because there was this supposed to the last of us. That's supposed to be a movie. Our TV show, I can't even working on that for a while. They're working on an uncharted movie supposed to have Tom Holland. Tom Holland. Yeah, but I feel like most untried. I'd never played in Chary or last of us, but from what I've watched a bunch of videos about the games. Yeah, and like I feel like most games don't have a good backstory, but those two games have a great backstory. I don't know how you fuck up assassin cree. Assassin creed has a great backstory my opinion, but I think it's just so crazy of a back story the way they did. You ever see assassin screen the movie? Yeah, I play the Games. The Games are like insane. The Games are in the way. The reason, the way they fucked up the movie was a was pg thirteen, MMM, and that kind of movies got to be our yeah, and the problem was whenever he would get whenever he'd be doing like cool assassin shit, they kept cutting back to him in the animus. Really because like it, because the Animus was different in the movie in the in the game it's he like lays in a bed like in the main yes, and in the movie he's like hooked up to this like gyroscope thing that he can kind of kind of like in ready player one you can kind of move freely, just is seeing. And so every time he would like get into an assassin fight or be doing to school assassin shit, it would just cut back to him in the animus. It's like he's fucking shadow boxing and I'm like, I don't find sell watch. They spend way more time in like the present day than they do like in the past, and I'm like it could have just made the movie about I don't need the future shit. Just make the movie about altierer or you know whoever. I don't need the Animus Shit. I care about the assassin stuff. I don't have a fuck about the present day stuff. That's what that's what they fucked up then. Yeah, Huh, it's just it's video game movies, man, and so I think that's what happ with moral Kombat is because it's just a they tried twice already and they didn't do well back in the S. it's been so fucking long. I know the Games are still coming out, but they're not as like crazy popular they're now. IDs. That's not I...

...had, oh my God, in new mortal Kombat as Cox, I'm running all time. At three came out about that game. Immi they probably why I'm fucked up. Every every arcade had every arcade, had mk three, every and there was always a line to play it, even for me, you, because that was when we were that was the one where, like they changed sub zero's costume and they introduce Cyrax and sector and small sell and babytality's fatalities, friendship. Yeah, it's great. I again. It was all fantastic. And then I that was the first game you kind of bought, like you're like, I need to know all the finishing moves and all that stuff. So you like buy cause you have to buy that stuff. There was notice they really didn't have the Internet then. I don't think there was. The online gaming wasn't a thing. There was no DLC, there wasn't expansions. You had to learn. I remember one time I had so pissed off at my brother because he wouldn't like I got so livid. He was Scorpack came, who I was playing with me. He would just like get over here, get over here, get over here, and like every time I was like I can't he da, that's it's like twenty matches in a row. Oh yeah, Scorpion was always any times when we played Scorpion. It's like, okay, so you're gonna be a Dick. Okay, if you played a Scorpion, you were a Dick because you just span same thing with sub zero, especially in three, because he could. I love how he said I wasn't a mortal Kombat Fan and now I'm learning out about the one fucking game I did playing. So see, you can create like the the ice statues of yourself and if somebody got too close, they got frozen. And you had all these delayed I could leave like an ice mine and somebody stepped on it, it fucking freeze. I was not the crazy shit. But you also had like one of my favorite fatalities was was smoke. His chest would open. It would just dump bombs everywhere, blow up the fucking earth. About that. God, there's so many. There's so many fucking characters. So characters. Yeah, I that game had like, I think I gave him like twenty five characters or something like. Jesus Christ, that was but yeah, that was back of the day where, like my brother had a had some of those scroller fighter games for like the Gundam wing and all that, and it was like if you wanted to unlock this Mex suit, you had to beat the game like on hard with this other one, like you had to earn Shit. Not. So what a fucking credit card? Yeah, I jumped on. I jumped on GTA online today for the first time in like two years. How did that feel? God, all these people who have like shelled out to see the post I made the other day about guys all. Yeah, fucking funny. I was proud of that one. But yeah, they fucking they get they they pay twenty bucks and get millions of dollars and in game and armor up there, fucking cars and shit. I'm like, what the fuck. Ever, man, it does say a lot to GTA online now, like people still in that game came out. How long ago? Gt Five, if you ta five came out, Oh my God, with the PS three? Yeah, and people still play this shit out of they're pouring it for the psfive in the end and whatever they new with the the xbox series X. I've never played it online. I've never played GTA five. GTA five is incredible, like the best GTA and and I have for the longest time said it was a vice city, but GTA five is so good. But it's just like one of those things that GCA online, like people still play that because that's how good. But online community it is. Well, and not only that, like if you go, if you want to go buy the game right now, it's still full price. It's still like sixty bucks, because usually they'll scale back game prices based on sales and the game still sells. I remember like two three years ago, a bunch of douchebags went on to steam and we're we're trolling the reviews, giving it all like negative, like one star reviews, trying to drive the price down, and then like steam caught on and like deleted all the dad's fucking funny. But because they because I want to play the game, they want to play sixty bucks for it. But I think it's worth the sixty bucks on and Shit, you could have saved ten dollars a year. Yeah, it's that game. Yeah, I don't...

...think it's in any other game like that. That's like been poured it over three gent three console generations now, and it's still selling. That just that hot. I mean it's crazy. I just never the thing is, like I thought about getting at the play it, but it's like I'm I would be so far behind me, pointless. That's just my friends, like it's my friends and I going there to play the like do the races and the missions and Shit, because you can, like with Gtfive, you can team up and do heists, yeah, which is really fucking fun. And but you get those guys who show up and they're like they're like level two thousand and I'm like, dude, go outside. Yeah, Holy Shit, go outside. I'm not going to fucking lie. I guess how big of a Nerd I was or Gamer I was at one point. So in Halo came out, Halo to came out for the xbox. It was the first halo ever to have like xbox on xbox. I number yeah, I took the week off work and I got the level. I got to number three in the entire world, but I had to go back to work. But it was just like, I don't know, I don't understand how professional gamers do it. I might get it, but, like I'm saying, I'm like I was I played this shit out of that game and did the same thing. I'm mad in one ear like I was like top fifty. I was like Shit, yeah, but I was like your door is here. Door finally show up, Jesus Christy, get it to okay, I ordered door like thirty minutes before we were suposed to start, before Mike even got here, and leave it at the door. I put in the instructions. Take it around back and drop it off in the box. And anyway she rings my doorbell again. I'm going to be so pissed, but, Mike, it's your eight o'clock and I'm like, it stills even fucking like confirmed my order yet now it's here. Anyway, I'll get it a sick. I don't think you left yet. Now he's definitely a car still hit awaiting. H was live on the I'm gonna go see what the fuck is going on. Who All's they to? fucking door is crazy sometimes I really figures to like I'm getting all these notificate because I drive for doors on the side. Yeah, I didn't know you did that. Yester doing a few weeks ago. Well, the last week's I've gone out, I've had no fucking orders. I've sat there in my car after like thirty five minutes. It would just log me out of the APP like it's not busy enough. We're gonna JUST gonna log you out. HMM, did make you some money at it? Well, bit, I go for like for like three hours, looking like seventy bucks about. Yeah, but the last thing was I got out. I got nothing. Then today I'm getting all these notifications on my phone, like we're super busy. If you go out and you can extra two dollars per order, we're there. Was this shit last two weeks. Fuck, I mean, I do it. I've done door to mean I've dealt drugs before, so that's my door. I call weed stash. Yeah, God, I can't wait. In Some Day, Huh, that'll be a thing, something, there will be a there will be a fucking door dash for weed. Door is so fucking expensive when you order it, though. Yeah, it's they make so much money off that shit. Well, what I've found is, like, if you're ordering from a place it's already kind of expensive, you don't notice it, HMM, but if you're ordering from like Taco Bell, it seems it's doubling your fucking order. It's like here, my original order from Taco Bell is five dollars. Now it's thirty five. Yeah, it's ridiculous, but like it's like it's in it with a INSTATCR because I get my groceries aluver, three INSTA cart. Well, if I'm ordering a hundred bucks worth of groceries, I'm not going to notice the extra fifteen bucks is adding on there. If I'm ordering an eight dollar Yeah Burger, and then I'm at a fucking notice. Yeah, so it's it is ridiculous, especially considering how little of that actually goes to the drivers. And I can say that for personal experience. Yeah, tip your door dress drivers, your door drivers. People say I got beat ups. The other day I got ten wings into two things, a ranch, because I was...

...lazy and I want to drive. Yeah, I don't want to drive. What's a ten of a tenth of a mile? A one hundredth of a mile? Like yeah, basically, I don't want to drive that. It cost me eighteen dollars at tip. fucking go. I was like fuck, I don't feel like doing any of this. That's I don't like. I think door is all about avoiding human contact because I'm social anxiety. That's a dorknet. Yeah, I will before I will say it before the pandemic. I would do it once in a blue moon. I just forgot to cook, or was having a busy day. Now it's now. I do it way too fucking am we I've honestly, I haven't, really I haven't ort ast for my own phone at work only twice because I wanted wings both times. Yeah, I don't want to wait, and it's always been on Sunday for whatever reason. I don't know why, but like we my wife, who met her at home door maybe once or twice a month. That's always like tacos. Fuck, yeah, where you getting from? Kadano's? CORDONO's? Yeah, you've got a rusty TACO. I don't know what that means. Is it's a sockets, a Taco place by TACO? Yes, I can get so far. I don't know. It's trying to like more. Ever gotten a rusty TACO? I mean, I've never blown a dude. I don't know which one I like more, rusty Taco or them. I love both a lot. I just talk as are fucking good. Yeah, I miss I'm so pissed off because Fuzzi's over there by the green closed. Did it really? Yeah, it's also a really bad name for Taco, Fuzzy Taco. I know I from the moment I walked in the door. I was. I remember asking the SIRT, the server. I was like, by the way, like the name of the place, like does the owner? Is the owner aware? She's like, oh, he's aware. I was like it was on purpose. She's like it was a conscious choice. That's so fuzzy. Tacos, and they were. They were. That was some those are some good fucking Tacos, man, and never had them and we US still have right. I mean I live right down the street. Or not, they're there. They had a really they're really good. Had A big menu. And don't you get breakfast Tacos? Like any time of day. Break Tiger is so good. Oh my God, scrambled eggs and ham and cheese on a Taco for some reason is just the best thing ever. The fucking is you can't go wrong with TACO. Taco said all, you really can't. There's no like. You're at me. I don't believe in God, but I'm pretty sure that's the closest God's ever come to my mouth. As a Taco Tacos are the best. The fucking are. Fuck, I'm hungry. Yea, I wish I that Wi I had ordered tacos. Is that a red robin be fucked up. It's fine, I'Mont make it tacots to Morrow night. Fuck it, alms coming over tomorrow. So I thought I'd make Benner Nice. I will make tacos. See. Fuck, I'm so thrown off by the fucking door. Now you're fine, man, I fine. I don't know. Did you watch that Michaela Bryant Video? No, I still have not. Why? Right, this is what happened. Okay, so I'm all about blm. Yeah, let's be about blm. Like and I do the cops. I've done the crazy things in the past, like the George Floyd thing. Yeah, that George Floyd thing, the Philip Castellini, Castellano, the guy, the cop that shot the guy in the car, and it was on facebook live, oh, like a while ago. The one were the one in kettering were a couple a couple of years back where he pulled over the people in the mini van. I don't remember that one. It was one where he was peo pulled over. These people want to me van. He was trying to pull him at the minivan. They were like resistant, they were like no, get off me, and he's just started shooting into the minivan. Hmm Oh, yes, yeah, then he had that one we were talking about the other time, the female officers. I thought I had my taser. blatanly, she yeah, that I mean. Yeah, I mean she's there's to be shot. All those people fucked up, but the MICAELA Bryant one, like I've watched the video bunch and I feel like the cop had no other choice, I guess. I say I still don't know the full story. I also like, if you watch the video pulled up here. So on the..., like it's a crazy fight breaking out, blah, blah, blah, and the minute he shoots the girl, yeah, like that second, he waits, last second before she stabbed the other girl. She was going to stab the other girl. And like I'm sitting there thinking in my head, I'm like mckilla Bryant, like Kia by. I am sorry, I was because of looking at Michaela Bryant. I was getting my cheerleader videos and I was that's not right. I Apologize. When you watch the video, like I'm like, I don't the only thing I could think of when I watch it is maybe he should have had his daser out, but everything was so escalated and I think he knew there's already knife on scene and there was a fight. I don't know what else he would have done. But, if you like, watch and watching her right now. The video like she's about. So he walks up, there's a fight, there's a bunch of people want to driveway. They're all fighting. Of the sound on, I can't hear doing. Oh, there is most there. It is. Okay, let's watch. It's pretty chaotic for Anys, I think is doing the best he possible. Can I think? Jesus, yeah, she's gonna yeah, like, did you? But did you see where she's about to stabber? Yeah, you see, she could. She knocks the girl down. I'm gonna rewind it. It's fucking like I don't know what else he could have done. So here's where he comes up. They get tackle, teshoot, the girl get tackle to the ground and then the other girl comes up on her. He knocks a look like that. She's got the knife right, I think here. No, she's he shot her already right there. Okay, isn't shot her yet. Harry shoots her, but like that knife was she was about to stabber. Yeah, and I don't my thing. Was My thing in the whole thing is if he, if he doesn't shoot her, the other got, the other kid dies. Yeah, two lines are ruined. Yeah, she's dead and the other ones going to jail. Yeah, it's a really fucked up situation. I have here too. The two things these shootings keep bringing up into my head. One, why are we not just using rubber plastic bullets? Totally agree with you to or just or just have the Taser. Yeah, so that's the only thing. I think they fucked he didn't have his Taser. But I don't, I don't. I don't know training that well, like I've never been there. It doesn't think their time, but it's like Columbus. I don't think they're taught to have the Taser. A hand first one. There's actually like actual weapon, weapon in there's a I guess. Yeah, I guess. That's my k. you're responding to it. It's just like they were responding to a domestic disturbance. HMM. Why go gun first if it's the domestic this, if you're responding two shots fired, go nuts. I mean at that point you already know it's as dangerous as it can get. But if you're responding to a domestic argument. But my thing is. I agree with you on that. I don't think he had any other choice right at that moment, in that exact moment, I'm inclined to agree because I feel like I don't i Taser when the stopped. That's the problem with that. A Taser like it would a hit her, but it wouldn't drop her immediately, not as fast as a gun would. It might have given the other person enough time to get clear. that. That's literally about it. Yeah, I agree with you on the rebel of thing, though. I totally agree with you. I don't know about that, but like and also a thing like that. That that's why there wasn't that many protest either, because I think what happened was they heard about it and then the video came out. First thing... the first thing you hear is cops, she's black top shoots teenage, black, black teenager, hum, you know, and then you hear that there was a fight, and then the thing with the knife. You know that granted, and that's I guess it's because, like, I'm not, despite the number of hours I've invested in grant that daughto. I typically not a violent person. So whenever I hear about one of these of a Melie, just kind of like what I could what could have been done to avoid this? Did? What? Why? Why did it, especially because I know from the time where I was studying law, it's like the police are not executioners, like like their job is like whenever somebody makes the argument of Oh, this person was committing a crime, was like right, but it's not up to the police to just killed them because they committed a crime. Here's saying that too. My arm on, that my not myryan blot. I've thought it to the girl I was about to get stabbed. I bet she was happy that the cop shot her, probably because she would have been dead. Yeah, and that's the fucked up thing. That is one situation. I'm like, I don't I get why he shot her. I don't. I think it's really fucked up, but I'm like I'll after watching the video, like I've watched a video ton of times, I'm like, I don't other than the rebel, I never thought it was rob with thing other than going in with like a Taser already. I don't think the Taser really stops anything. The only thing I could think of, and they can't do this right, taking the gun out and shooting it up in the air. Yeah, I know you that that's that is so against the a lot of people think. I bring that argument before. I'm like, they can't do that, can't. That's really illegal. Like everybody would have stopped. I guarantee every like what the fuck, but they can't do that. So I'm like, I'm saying I'm not defending. I mean it sounds like end of defending the COP, because I I don't understand any other you don't. You don't see any other way that could have happened. I don't. I don't write. I literally like and my thing was I was thinking about I thought about forever and I was like it's split second decision. But like she had a knife, for example, and the female officers that thought she had the Taser. The guy didn't have anything. Yeah, he was just, he was just, and the shooting him. They're being tackled with the ground and they're shooting up in Cleveland. The guy that threw the gun are the guys to put your hands up. You end up throwing a gun behind the thing. He put his Hay. I don't know if you saw this, Fay, I'm we talk. It was that the kid coming out from behind the fence. Yeah, and then it was the kid because it was like thirteen and the kind of he was thirteen. But he put his hands up in the kit. The COP. Yeah, I remember the way. Hands retally, some down an alley, some shit ran's blatantly up. Yeah, COP, cop, that's play. I mean to me that's just murder. Whatever. Doubted this neat. Yeah, but this one I was like that's that's the South Park. They're coming right for us, like literally on that video you see the kids hands up. Yeah, and they shot him and I might just freeze. Hands up and an he puts his hands up and he shoots him. He literally shoots him, and you're like what the Fuy? Did everything you told him to do and you still shot him. The fill up the filled Castellano cast some he's like I have my concealed carry the facebook. I whant. I have my can still carry, like I came here. If he said he had a gun on, I'm not. I can't remember that. The soldier, I don't know if he was soldier, but he is like and he reached, I think he reached the buckles belt or reaches out in the COP fucking shot him, like that's straight up. That one. I don't Reok it. That one, I don't remember. I'm like that's still the souldierum. To get to the one where the two cops pulled the guy over. Then, yeah, I haven't seen that. When I heard about that one. Ever seen that one now? If they's peppers, fade him, don't they? If peppers raided that? That video fucked me up because he liked because they pull it because a, he pulls over into a gas station and he, when they interviewed me, said I pulled over to a gas station because it knew it would be well lit. And I'm like that is a fucked up. That's fucked up that somebody has to have that line of thinking. Exactly the soldier was in. He was in his CAMO and they're pulling them over. They're pulling him over saying could be they're pulling him over for because he didn't have a it's saying his license plate wasn't displayed yet a tempt tag in his back window would, you can see in the video, to some stupid to pull somebody over for. And and...

...but they're saying shit like you're about to ride the lightning, motherfucker, because like they got one guy had his taser pulled. The soldier, I cannot remember his name. I Apologize. Like he's telling the cops. He's like, can you please explain what's going on? I'm really scared right now, and the cops like yeah, you should be. Oh really. Yeah, and they pepper speak, has his hands out the window and they pepper spraym in the face. Den S coops get fired. Oh, I know the one who'd said you're about to ride the lightning, the older one. He did. I don't know about the because was an older cop on thentis. Are they get to these are the throne in jail? First Sault? Oh, yeah, it was. It was. That was one of those. It was like he was so fucked up and just again, like the shit they were saying to this guy to like as like an intimidation tactic, was so fucked up. Like I remember watching the video just like clutching my pearls, like Jesus, my hope. My whole thing on the Bryant thing is like I don't think that all that Shit, all those people, I might yeah, that's platantly murdered. That's playing a salt. Yeah, that's what that is. The machayla brother Nikia rant thing. I'm like, I don't, I don't see. It's too it's too muddy, it is too money in the sense that if you ask that girl that was about to get stabbed, if she was like thank you Aus First, I guarantee you. Yeah, because that knife, you saw, that knife was going, it was going right in her stomach. She was she was trying to stab her. Yeah, I mean that was she was super be it was an aggressive mean she threw that chick on the ground. She was trying to fuck her up. So I I'm sitting there, I'm like, I watched it like a bunch. I don't know how many times I watched it. I'm just like, I don't I don't see any other other than there. Every bullet thing like else I never even thought about, which makes sense, or like shooting the gun off, which I know they can do. I don't, I don't know. It's and I thought in my head, I was like he kills her, like that's one life ruined. Yeah, he lets the girls stab her or tries to taize her and the girl gets stabbed. That's two lives ruined, not to mention the families, and one goes to prison the other ones dead. It's like, what the fuck do you even like? It's a very fucked up situation. Yeah, I mean, maybe he thought about that. I don't know. I don't think so. But it all happens in the span of like seven seconds. Yeah, so you like you're sitting there like I don't even know what to I like, I could, I get, I could and I couldn't pick the shit out of this thing. I could be like when we should only shot one, because he shoots like four times, three, four times. Yeah, no, when I agree with I because I won't, because I will, I will hmm, like he's saying that the chick that said I thought it was my taser. She at least only fired once. Hm. So, because I think we talked about this when Kyle was here, like she kind of laid the ground work to get off, to get off. So she should lose her job, but I don't think she'll go to prison because once you say once, you say an interview. I thought my gun was my taser. No, police department's going to fucking hire you that. Oh, absolutely not. But she only fired once. Just was the only one in need. So I said, and it getting mean not. It only takes one bullet to kill somebody, but I don't know, it's such a I completely, I completely see and understand your argument. And and again, I'm super pro BLM. So I am too. That's a so it so it feels weird kind of being like that's the things like I've seen, like I'm live, I'm mayor watching this video one time this cop that I came here with. The Guy had but the guy and I'm getting away right, and the COP, rather than fucking the guy was running any the cop just fucking shot him twice. Like I didn't even have anything on him, no weapons, but the guy got away and a fist fight, like not fist fight, the guy tap, a guy tackled and the cop tackled him and like he and I'm getting...

...up and running away in the cop shot him twice. She's and he tried to plant the gun as if wait, wait, I think I remember that in the backyard. And then the they watch on the cameras, they walk over and toss a gun down next. Yeah, I I was those like right when I was those like two thousand, two thousand and sixteen. I remember that. I'm thinking, like at the station. Yeah, so, Jesus Christ, yeah, that's that. I mean that. It's so that. I mean, I get that because that that point it wasn't just a cop to hut, because there was, because it was a there was other officers there that he's talking with and the other one goes over and drops the gun. I'm like, that's like major corruption right there. Yeah, and I can't like, I'm like that's mean that. When I watch that. Yeah, and I watched the the Brian Ay, I'm like, I don't even know. You're right, I get it, like I get it, but I think people are so quick to jump and judge on Shit because they hear, see a headline or whatever. And I get that and I think that's partially where there wasn't a lot of protests. Yeah, on that either, because because there's there wasn't. There was an end. Because especially because when it happened, it was right juge after George laws, right after George Floyd, the the Therek shoven conviction, or the same week whatever. Now I said day after, the day after. Yeah, fuck, but there was that quick initial I remember the initial outrage and then I kind of stopped. I started to hear less and less about it as time went on, as I feel like more people watch the video and more people are like, I don't. Yeah, yeah, it's a fucked up they to watch. Oh, it's yeah, it's I'm gonna will, if we have a just we'll put up a disclaimer prior to now. I mean because the the audio alone is is a lot. It's a that's a heavy at some heavy shit. Yeah, fuck, and I I people. Are you online about it? I'm like, and I don't jump in there because I don't think it's worth the arguing, but I can see their eye. I get both sides of everything and I'm just like sitting there like I don't, because then you can got because also I think work is like, because she was only sixteen and that's so shitty, so fucked up and push. You know that that cops career. Ay, that cops got to live with that now h the whole the whole situation. It's just completely fucked up. I just don't. I guess I like the more I five. I don't know what else other than the upper bullet thing. I don't think it tasor would have done anything, because a Taylor doesn't automatically like it props out, but like you have to be a certain distance as well to get a Taser and he key wasn't that disc I don't think he was that close and I don't know how long he was on the scene. I can't remember how long he was on the scene. I'M gonna I don't know. I don't read more about this as I go. I guessid I had this this this one. I just I haven't. And this is so fucked up to say, but because there's so manny of them happened. It's just like the female with the Taser thing. That's totally fucked. That person is there as go jail forever. The kid in the hid in the alley that got shot in the coining to cock that out. I was like, Jesus Christ, that COP. I was like and people trying to argue like, oh, he had every right. I like, you don't know, I don't even see. The cops don't have a yeah, judge yourry next Kationer. No, this isn't judge dread. Yeah, they don't have the right. They were everyone says, well, once you once they were committing a crime. That doesn't mean they deserve to die. Yeah, that's that's literally what we have the legal system for this. Why only certain crimes or can be sentence with the death penalty. Committing a crime is not a death sentence. That's the whole point of the police is to find out what went at, what went down, what happened. That's the whole point of the legal system. If we're going to say, well, they were committing crimes, it's okay, the cop shot and killed them. Fuck the legal system. That's fairly fucked up. Then the next time you're speeding, congratulations, you committed a civil offense, it's okay if...

...the cops shoots you. Like. What fucking slippery slope are we about to send ourselves down here it? I gets so tired of that argument. I tell you should on it and should place too big like like joyfully die because a counterfeit twenty dollar both, I guess, just a counterfeit twin dollar. Holy Shit. At the end of the day, when you think about how many millions of dollars and taxpayer dollars were spent dealing with the outcome of all this, over twenty bucks, does the punishment fit the crime? Sorry, yeah, cal rettenhouse, who fucking shot to people, and the cops are like you can go ahead, and then's who is the fucker from Dayton who rate that girl out in California? I can't think of his name. Then they send his ass back to Dayton because he spent like, he spent like three months, not even three months, in jail. Yeah, I can't think his name. Dylan. No, Dylan roof was the kid that shot up that church in South Carolina. Yeah, that one I remember because that was the week before I moved up here and I was living down there. Yeah, that piece of Shit. That but yeah, he's back here in Dayton. Out here, I remember Turner something, Turner. Yeah, but I remember the night that he because I was rock Turner, Rock Turner, Fos Brock Turner. Yeah, I remember the night that he was flying back to Dayton, like we were doing breaking news coverage and they he was having to get like a police escort back to his house because there were protesters by his house and Shit, and it was like wow, this kids getting a police escort and he's the one that raped somebody. What the fuck? Yeah, a kid should still be in jail. Oh, absolutely, that judge chose you. Money buys people out, because the judge Lye said, I don't want to ruin his life. He fucking ranked somebody piece. The show got dark. Yeah, it did. I mean it's that's how fucked up the justice system is. It is it's more inclined to help white people and his black people, or it just that's I mean that's obvious. Yeah, it's clearly obvious and it's really fucked up. So I whenever you see one of those things like Oh, they're talking about, you know, you know, legalizing pot, which I'm a fan of, but it's like, man, imagine being you know's there's black guys in jail for fifty years for selling pot. Who It's like, cool, that was going to be legalized. Well, we're gonna let them the fuck out of prison. Then you need to yeah, so fucking weed. It's just weed. You know, it was created because of weed. Star Wars, I guarantee, I promise you. George Lucas was high. Oh, hi, or on tramp's yeah, Oh, also hi, but either way high, I promise you he was. I promise you he was smoking to all right, folks, that'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mr Mike Shay, on twitter and Instagram as well. You also follow this show on twitter instagram at tbl underscore pod, and we got a brand new website under construction for you guys, with some cool new stuff coming down the line as well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll cut you guys again the next week with another episode and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bub bye.

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