The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 27 · 1 year ago

Blue Balls & Purple P*ssies (with Jesse Nutt)


Special guest Jesse Nutt is in the studio! Dave Chappelle is charging HOW MUCH for tickets? What will come first when the pandemic is over: babies or divorces? And who the hell cheats on Halle Berry?

This week, Mike & Mike (and Jesse) talk about:

  • Dave Chappelle is charging over $150 for tickets.
  • The next baby boom vs. the next divorce boom.
  • Beautiful women whose husbands blow it.

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This episode is powered by pod decks. Go to www dot poscom and use the code tbl Ten to get ten percent off your purchase at checkout. Once again, that's www dot poscom. Little Metal Jacket is one of the best movies ever made. Watch that again for the first time in like ten years and, Oh my God, fucking Vincent. Then Afrey O man, Oh awf the chain, good everything he look that was the movie that basically made me say, if he's in it, I'll watch it because, yeah, he's one of those people that I don't care what it is, I want to see what he's doing because he's that good. I've never seen it. Never seen it's God, I've seen parts of never sing like all the way through. They pretty much everybody has seen the drill instructor intro. I've never seen that. Oh my where he's wres chewing everybody never saying, Oh, dude, I know, I know that, I know all the words. I've never is one of the most everybody quotes sonic. Well, it's so brea. For the longest time there was a clip of it circulating the Internet where because he and the other guys never liked talk over each other and there's no music playing, so all of his dialog they had the pitch cranked up so he sounded like a chipmunk. Yeah, so you got this guy going like I beg you could suck somebody off so hard he'll suck a gop out through a darned house. My favorite. You seem like the kind of guy what fuck a man in an ass and not have the common decency to give them a reach around. Welcome to the Basement Lounge pod cast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us. Enjoy. It was like, Damn, I think the best part of you slipped down the crack. Your Mom's ass landed on the bed sheet. I think you've been cheated. Okay, never seen it. You are not shit. You are nothing but grab astic pieces of empathy and shared. Just the whole, the whole first like like thirty minutes of the movie is just in. Then in basic and it's just this guy. I mean he's he is the stereotype of drill. You know what's funny? Heard from over the years he was not cast in that role. Now, Harle emery was supposed to be a consultant on the movie. You've watched the movie, the guy in the helicopter who's doing the shooting animal. Yeah, good, dumb get some. He was cast to be the drill instructor. After like two takes Kubrick hated him. Oh Shit, Harley emery said, let me show you how this is supposed to go, and once he did, that was it. That was it. Kubrick basically rewrote the entire first couple of scenes and put our Li emory in the movie and started his whole career, because after that it was Mississippi burning. Yep, a couple other movies he did and yeah, he was off to the racist and yeah, some weird bit part in saving Silverman really be weird where he plays the Gay Jim Teacher. They can eat, Oh God, yeah, and the Condo fees and then, yeah, well, also, I love his I love his his guy co commercial where he's the the therapist and the guys like he's like, Oh yeah, maybe we can take it out over to the Manby Pambul and get some self stand for you and get Jack Wagon throws the box of tissues at him. Mike has no fucking idea. We're tired. I play called duty once and call of duty is full douchebags that watch that movie and are trying to be that guy now and Mike, hey, maybe I'm just wives get fucked at home. O. We're playing the game. That's true. What. So we got? We Got Jesse nut in the room with us today. Yeah, Jesse Nut, not to be confused with this porn porno named Jesse nut. Jesse BUSTON. Jesse is a like bust of rhymes, a busted busts. Yeah, Jesse's here. He's hanging out because he got having seen him in forever, for fucking ever, and I saw him the other day. You saw me other than you.

I never see anybody else in the comedy scene anymore. So they're still seen, sorry, whatever's left of it, and seen and seeing. Yeah, and we're talking to somebody because they were talking about like how funny about might be closed, and they're like what's that going to do to the local comedy see, and how was like nothing, know. Well, never even want there anything. Now, what are they going to do? Not Book us? Yeah, now they're the rumor is they're going to reopen. Oh Really? Yeah, I guess we'll see what, you know, happens after that? Yeah, I mean I hope it reopens. Yeah, well, now that Chappelle's opening his club here by the end of this year, I think. Yeah, but unless he lowers them ticket prices, I just don't think what the fuck is going to be that much competition if you're charging a hundred and fifty plus a fucking ticket? Yeah, METALLICA doesn't charge those kinds of ticket prices. He just knows what you can get her way with. Oh Yeah, power me, he knows I'll sell it. So it doesn't want absolutely set. All the dates are sold out. Yeah, all the all the yellow springs dates are sold out. So they're also now, because it because when when I saw Ray Jackson posted, they were like two hundred something bucks, bullshit. So I want to go look at it. They were all all sold out. Now people are going to people are going to fly here from all over the country to get their brag points. Okay, and I was in yellow spraggs and I saw Dave and Blair, but blare but bear, well, good for you. Yeah, you know, if you got that kind of money to burn, good. That's why, when I heard he was opening a club. My first reaction was, okay, cool, is this is going to be another club that locals can't perform at, pretty much as you already got one of those, we don't need to. Yeah, I'd be fair. Yellow Springs is like forty, thirty minutes away. Still, I mean sure locos eventually would be able to form there. That's adorable. That's not I'm talking like five, ten years down the road when they're not locals anymore and then, yeah, I don't know what'll happen the places. You got to get one person in there and when one person shows they can do something, than at that point, because what's going to happen is he'll hire, they'll hire somebody that wants to be a comic, and that's how I'll start. I think that you got way, way long down the road. I don't think that's that plays can charge that much, though, like I get the whole yellow springs like outdoor th off or whatever, but, like, can you imagine having that club like two hundred dollars a ticket? Like a club for two hundred? It's a sure. I mean if they know, if they know chapels, they're okay. Here's something probably going to want to put himself on every fucking Shit. Right, if you knew it, okay, if you're a real legit comedy fan and you know Dave Chappelle's going to host, Chris Rock is the opening act, that's true. You're going to see Tiffany Hatish next, and closing the show is going to be Eddie Murphy practicing for his HBO special. Yeah, it's worth two hundred fucking bucks now, I mean and anybody he's bought, he's brought. It's worth the money. Yeah, absolutely worth the money, because who what you're getting. But it's like one of this thing. I don't have a problem pay him like a hundred fifty bucks to go like an Allstar show. It's on. It's a hundred fifty bucks for a person. I have to do it basically relative to a percentage of my income. Yeah, so when I look at it like that, Dave, all I can give you is about a buck. Seventy five. No, no, I. Yeah, yeah, I don't know. It's I mean, obviously I'm open to being proven wrong, but the thing isn't that because they can't sell out every weekend now all years, I think I said, it only seems like a hundred and fifty people because it's an old it's a one like an old firehouse that they're cutting or something like that. I think is that you couldn't run that all year. What I mean, there's no way you could run that and expect to. I could be selled out every single show. Yeah, that's the way I'm looking at it. Is like maybe it's like a seasonal type thing. Made me look if if it, like Dave said, on...

San Nol I think that was some of the truest part of his monolog ones. And Hell is for him he was trying to do something not just for his comedy friends, was trying to do something for the town that he loves, trying to bring some money in there in the middle of a pandemic which is all but all but crushed them. Yeah, you know. So I think that's still I hope that still his motivation because I mean seriously, you got to figure most of the people that he's going to have at his club could make more money in about six months going anywhere else. HMM. Yeah, because, yeah, it least for the next ninety days they might not get booked, but by Christmas they're all going to be booked. Everyone, Chris Rod, tiffany had, they're all Dave's going to be booked. I just hope it's not just a listers, like it doesn't has to be necessarily be locals, but like, let me see someone who's maybe not, not on him a Chris Rock level, but or at least like on TV. Everyone could do it like the stones, all right, the stones would routinely have act open for them that they liked, that they thought the public needed to see. Now it's which which led to the booing of Bob Marley Prince. It's quiet. I think he's also booking the people he likes. He's not really bringing in it. He's booking all his friends that are his booking his friends. Yeah, and you know, hey, we've all done that. Yeah, well, this point Chapelle's got some some popular friends. So, I mean, look what you pulled off with the gem city shine thing in the matter of also less than a week. Yeah, also, that's John Stewart, Jon Stewart, stevie wonder chants, the rapper chance to. What a great what a great where you would I always want to see chance to rapper alive. was like, Holy Shit, I don't see chance to rapper. Yeah, stevie wonder allow. I mean when I I because firth, I was like, yeah, I'd like to go down I could, But then there was like Stevie wonders there and I'm like, oh mmmh shit, was crazy. We're sure he's gonna make it. That's a blind joke. But yeah, so I've no doubt that, like the plut the venue itself will be a cool place to go see comedy. Huh. I just as a as a local, I'm not, I don't know. I mean yellow springs is still you fellow springs? Okay, yeah, I mean you know, blow away the the the fragrant smell of Pachuli and you got a few Nazis in Birken stocks out there. Yeah. So I'm curious is to see what kind of operating hours. It's good point, and what kind of interaction will be expected when these wonderful patrons leave this club and are traveling out of the Yellow Springs area. Are they going to be introduced to yellow springs finest? Because they were going thirty seven in at thirty five. I almost wondered they're gonna to treat this place kind of like the phrase over and kettering, where it's going to have they're going to have to be like, like it's not a club so much as it is like an event venue, right, and everything's got to be over by a certain time because you because the freight. My mother lives across the street from the phrase. Yeah, freaking Mumford and charter or Charlie, Charlie Daniels Band was there a couple of years ago. I sat on my back patio and listen to the and, which was great to because I did to buy a ticket, but it was like I was still there. So it will be something like that. Like you said, we're it'll be like seasonal. They can't be open all the time. They'll have to be just like when stuffs booked, I guess, because it with the tickets. You gotta figure that expense of the tickets. Like you'll pay for like you can pay the run that the building that have the build in the entire year and you can run as an event center to private event center also, like yeah, keep in mind also to he really likes he really likes music. Like yeah, you could also see like, like Juke joint type stuff into as well. So it's a good point. It's like one of those things. I don't know. This says that that's is going to be like the end of two thousand and twenty one before I think...

...they even get started on it. So it might be a will got we get. They got a while to figure it out. Plus, now that everything's changing and starting to be able to reopen again. Yeah, which that's that's changed a lot since last week. Holy Shit. You know, we can do it like like. Well, because now, I mean I was at work when they were when the wine came on the air and was talking about dropping the mask mandate and all that starting in June, and then the next day the CDC had their whole thing and well, I think it's on the mass mandate. Is like he drops the mask mandate, but then it's up to the businesses they were do whatever they want. So it's kind of like it didn't mattered. Well, at that point, it take it takes it off of him, though. No, I totally, which is of what I part, I think part of him is just tired of being the the the bullet catcher here. Yeah, and I think he's saying, okay, well, now it's up to the businesses. No sweat off my sack and and now. But, but some of you, the business, are still going to durse. Going to tell you. But what I'm what I can already anticipate, is they're going to want to be able to wear masks. People are going to say, well, the man date's been lifted. You can't make me work. Remember, don't put them gonna go put gas at a laundry basket and I'm ten. You're not allowed in and I don't know. Well, we we want to their last night buffalo wild wings, and they were already people who like we're getting turned away because they didn't want to wear a mask. And it's like really, yeah, but they don't. You only have to wear it inside to you get to your table, once you're yeah, once we set down, my mask was off. If they just it's not. It's not that fucking hard people. Yeah, it's people think they're rights are being fucking I wish I could shoot all them in the face, every single fucking you know, if you wear a mask, a bullet proof from ask, you wouldn't be dead right now. But it's annoying to me like at my job, that he that rhymes with horizon. You've already had like five or six people. I can playing like we don't have to wear I'm the governor, that we did it. I was like, sir, that's not till June. Second run. Secondly, it's May and Third Sur private business. We can do what we want. Yeah, like, but, and this is I'm going to go somewhere else. Everywhere else is gonna be exact and the fuck it's, especially in my line of work. I'm nine, nine percent pause of everybody else can be exactly the same. There's no where you're going to go where you're not going to be required to wear a mask, except maybe a clan meeting, and even then they wear hoods. Yeah, you got Walmart. I can see Walmart being like, you can wear them if you want. Well, it's I don't want to wear the mask. Cool, go get vaccinated. I don't want to get vaccinated. That's your choices. Man. You know trader Joe's lift theirs, but everybody, we want the trader Joe's this weekend because I can't afford trader Joe's. That doesn't really bother me. What any was everybody still wear their masks. So it's like one of the same as ads. Like I wasn't surprised that people were their massive trader Joe's all part of us. Probably because, because, I think, I think, because you threw about over there and cattering. Yeah, well, I think you have to wear a math to even go through those main front doors anyway. So, and what's amazing, and I heard this this morning and I didn't even think about it until I heard it, but evidently because of mask wearing, or at least this is what they think, there were much lower incidences, not just had nothing to do with Covid of flu and other communicable diseases that they pretty much a certain the numbers are down because, oh, yeah, of mask wearing. I was talking about that at work the other day. Like so, when my dad had leukemia, like I went Super Germaphobic, always cleaning everything, wiping everything down, especially with where I work at, and so we were already like wiping down consoles and and keeping separate and stuff like that. And I'm a I burned my sick time by the end of the year every year because if I get a sneeze, I'm not coming into work and whatever I burned no sick time last year because between all the wiping down and cleaning and wearing the mask and just stepping up the staying hygienic and separated,...

I didn't get sick last year. Gets it. According to my job. I did get sick. I took a mental health here and there, but other than that, like yeahs like I didn't like I didn't get my usual like summertime coughing battle. I usually get like huge, huge flu like sometime in the summer. Didn't happen last year and it's like, okay, cool. Well, not only do masks seem to prevent covid but they seem to just work in general. They do. Watch like herpies go on the rise like after try. Everybody was fucking last year because they're stuck at home. Like all you don't know is actually everybody has herpies on their lips now, but we have a mail see them for like the entire past year and a half because of the masks. So when everybody thinks I was like God damned, a lot of heartpies. Sorry, so many babies being I've seen so many people announcing that they're having kids now. Oh, there's I would say that you're going to see a double number of the number of people getting divorced. Oh Yeah, Oh, a lot of people now that the now that it's pretty much lifting and and they can actually move and relocate and go find that side piece they lost twelve months ago. Oh yes, so, especially after you have to spend like your marriage is already on the rocks, when you were only seeing each other for like eight to ten hours out of the day. Now you had to spend all day, every day together at all. Here here's what I always I thought about this from the beginning. If you're one of those guys, or females, to be fair, and you've set up your side piece in an apartment all laid out everything and you just sugar daddy, you just sugar Mama. You laid out so much money over the last sixteen months and got nothing, none of it. Don't get balls both overs. I don't know how the Purple Pussy, whatever they call pussy that is, he podcasts name ball, blue balls and Purple Pussy. I should be MC Mike, come to Mike Mike. But yeah, I mean I think that's probably going to be the most interesting thing about the next year is we get to see, for lack of better term, the collateral damage of covid and how it's going to play out, I think, in a lot of babies, a lot of divorces. I still think there's going to be some change in general that none of us expect. I just think there's going to be some cultural shifts that nobody sees coming, that are just at and I think it's going to boil down to just basically people saying fuck it to the past. Well, they're we're already seeing that with there's a lot of places who have had people, you know, working remotely from home, who were talking about making that permanent, an ongoing thing, with limited people in the office, HMM, or working from home, saying with like what we've seen with people quitting their jobs because they were just tired of working for nothing. Yeah, now that's the big thing. That's the big thing right now. Everyone's every one's hiring, because I know nobody wants to go back to well and a lot of people moved, a lot of people left la they left New York, and it cracks me up when I'm watching these news stories. Will we just can't find people to work, motherfucker, please where do you think these people? What do you think they were doing? Okay, if you're in New York City or you're in La and you've got yourself set up nicely, you're working three, four different restaurant jobs. Okay, you're waiting tables, you're one of the best service there is. You're pulling down two, three GE's a week in tips. Okay, Covid shut that down. Okay, what the fuck do you people think they were doing for twelve months? Even if they are the most responsible food service worker I've ever heard of, they've burned through all that savings. Okay. So, unless some New York landlord got a concussion and wave the rent for the last sixteen months, they had to leave the fucking town. Yeah, that's why you...

...can find people to work for you. They had to leave, you know. And then there's so many other people like you. Guys said look, they've been running on that treadmill and covid gave them a chance to look and see. Okay, what have I really been doing for the past ten, Fifteen, twenty years? Nothing, getting taken advantage of. Yeah, we talked about that last week. It's people are just they're tired of just all surdvize and just surronty of life. This, the the unemploy boyment bonus, gave them a chance. It gave you the opportunity to to no longer have to decide between paying a bill and having a meal. I read something. It was like a tweet that said, like boomers like made like eleven percent, have eleven percent wealth or something like that. Like millennials have like less than two percent. And you're like it, but we did everything you told us to do, so it's like, and we put when we let to school. I didn't. Clearly, it's look at, did all that just to put us in debt and our just running with that head. I have that argue with my dad all the time. He just never seemed to fully grasp how different the going to college experience was, the getting a job experience was, compared to when he did it. Yeah, because when he did it you could work a part time job washing dishes and pay for college and pay for college and Yeah, you know, me it was, it was. You know, I had to take out seventy thous and student loans to be able to go and then work at Walmart for five years. And, yeah, after graduating because there were no jobs, and it's like we did everything we were that you guys did, but the world changed. Yeah, no, I that just like when they hire you, if you do find a job in your area and they hire you and they don't really pay you. Okay, yeah, look, yeah, I have a lot of friends. They go to law school, all right, they they get out of law school because they want to be lawyers, they want to be big shots. All right, they get a law school. They've got six figures of student loans, MMM, that they've got to pay back, can't get rid of. If they're at the top of their class, best of the best of the best. Probably maybe their first couple of years they'll get a job where they're making about eighty ninety thousand a year and they're working easily a hundred, hundred and twenty hours a week. M because you get into the office seven am, eight am, and you leave when they tell you UK and exactly that sun is down, there are no more buses running. Yeah, you are, no wonders. You said rate ups really high. Oh Shit, this is your life for the at probably for the next five six years, and they're they're going to dangle that. Well, you could get partner in ten years. You're not going to make fucking partner. Yeah, they're going to wear you out until you are burnt to a crisp. I want a lot of people fuck people at work where. That's where your work all that, that's where you are all the time. Exactly. Yeah, yeah, just everyone thinks just because you get the law degree or the medical degree, suddenly the the the paycheck just starts coming. Well, what's got to come from? fucking someone? That's the other thing. Yeah, if you go to bed school, you're coming out with six, maybe even seven figures, yeah, of student loan debt, and the first thing you're going to have to do is pay your mouthpractice rider, yeah, which is going to put you so deep in the fucking hole. You can't do any of those great doctors without Borders things, or you can't go donate your time at the Free Clinic. You've got to go make the most money you can. Okay, basically because you don't have a choice. That, to me, is the biggest problem between the boomer generation and now. Is Back then. Yeah, you could get out of law school. You might owe a few thousand dollars and you could. You know, you wanted to go, you know, help Appellachian people or somebody, you know whatever. You could do that. Yeah, you can't do that now. Now. That's why we created only fans. It's well, Hey, every fucking week we come back to...

...only this one is correct. It's kind of genius, Oh God, to do it. We we sided last week. We need to get somebody who who hasn't only fans on here at the fucking explain it to us. Come on. Did any may reach out about that? I haven't posted it yet. He's side. It's been a busy week. It's one of those I get how it works, right, I don't get how it's sustainable in a world war. Porn is free. Get the fuck out of here. I know you send me that clip and I think I explain. We kind of explain that. We kind of did get the same thing. I think. Yeah, but okay, but this is bespoke porn. Yeah, well, I think the way we will. We called it the the DLC of porn, the video game DLC of foreign because, okay, now, I think it's brilliant in the sense that, because I did wonder at the beginning of Covid what were all these stripper is going to do with all this spare time? I mean, there's only so much crystal meth you can smoke it. I gotta pay for it somehow. Yeah, so I kept one. Okay. How are they going to make money, especially the girls, in places like Atlanta or land, where you're used to making serious money? Yeah, and I mean all jokes aside, you know, exotic dancers. It's a legal, legit way for a lot of women who do not have the ability, by time, education or whatever, to have a normal, quote unquote, normal job, to make enough money to sustain themselves, sustain their kids, okay, in a decent manner, and they're not, you know, on welfare whatever. So Kudos to you girls for shaking your titties in my face. I have no problem with that. But yeah, I mean only fans probably gave a lot of those girls freedom that they never had, and I'll bet you there are a lot of them that are never coming back to the club. Oh, I'm sure, because now they've got a they've got a fan base on only fans. And you know, probably some guy says I'll give you five hundred bucks if you wear well, it's, you know, because they're paying them, you know, ten bucks a month or whatever, Oh, twenty, and then I guess there's like a they guess they can do. I don't use that, so I guess they can do I'm cheap. I go with just pornub but tips, probably, it's probably and exclusive content. I mean, oh, yeah, yeah, I because the guys on there's this there's a show called the stiff socks podcast, which is a great fucking name. First of all, and I sent you that clip and it was the's they were talking about only fans. That way. We were in. The Guy was like, I don't go on. They're looking for like the porn star types. I can go on Pornhum. I want there because I want to see like the ups girl on there. She delivers me my she delivers me a box and then I get to see her box. Now, have you guys heard the stories of different people like getting fired from job? Yeah, it because there's and yeah, only fans page and somebody busting them. Yeah, yeah, I don't think that's I don't think that's right. Snick culture can't stand it. You can't fire somebody if he showing nudes on like, but you can. You shouldn't be able to like. It's not like and it's not illegal. I guess it's some league. It's what it is. It's some bullshit in whatever employment contract people's side. If you have a morals or ethics clause, yeah, they can get you. Yeah, but ethically can't work me to death. Yeah, it's like get trust what it comes to corporate fine print. I'm not the biggest fan right now, but it's yeah, you see a lot of that. That's why we we talked about people like they don't show their faces or they wear masks or they blur it out or that's shit like that. Use fake names so that we they can be like, no, that's not me, that's that's that's lexi comes a lot. Thanks. I don't have the same tattoo. But then you also get into like, you know, Bella Thorne and the cash me out of side. I'd girl who, yeah, utter only bands and made a million dollars on a weekend. HMM, whatever. That sounds about society. We just like memes, man, just like me. Well, we like memes and we have money to burn. Yeah, we... We have money to burn. And and if I can burn money on titties, I mean I just burn it on. AMC stuffed, and I honestly do think that's going to be one of the things that we see out of Covid I think a lot of people are really going to start once this is over, as and I hate the saying, but I think you're going to see a lot of people living their best life now. You know the sense that I really think a lot of people are going to look at the way they've been living before, planning ahead and doing this and that, and how it didn't mean Shit to how they had to deal with the past year. Because I was telling somebody the other day they were like, well, this really affect the super rich. I'm like, bullshit, it didn't. I heard about people that some of the super rich they got on these huge yachts and there's logic, they were just going to cruise around the ocean until the whole thing ended. Right. What they figured out is eventually they were going to run out of supplies and then when they tried to go into port at sorry covid yeah, help you. It affected everybody and I think a lot of people are going to change the way they live. I think it will affect the super rich to further on down the road post pandemic, when suddenly they don't have the workforces they used to. You know, this whole this whole stock thing has opened. A lot of it is to shit. This is this is love my head. It's Mike's Bread and butter. That sh all day love. It was our whole St our whole show last week was just talking about that kind of thing. The whole the super richer about to get a shake of the lights which they were seen because for the first time in a very long time, all their peons had a lot of free time. Yeah, time. We had a ton of free time because sudden they weren't having to work themselves to death to live in section eight housing anymore. Lot of free time, a lot of time to learn new things, study new things and get a fucking clues and to notice what trends that they were too busy to notice before. That's probably been one of the things I've loved about Covid is its slowed everything down enough to where you can now, you can notice things that just kind of passed you by before. Yeah, and especially this kind of the kind of manipulation that the super rich have been doing for decades in the stock market and in the options market, and you finally got a taste of what it's like to be on the business. Ended that hard Dick. Now I'll know it. They're going to get a taste. It's gonna get worse, look worse. I'm so happy, I really I think. Number One, I think that we're we're definitely going to see a bubble burst within the next twelve months. Stock Market is going to take ink Elon Musk and all the rest of the Dogecoin, bitcoin. I'll take my prediction. I hope I'm wrong. Actually I hope I'm right. I see bitcoin losing seven hundred percent of value in eighteen months. Oh why, Mike, your a bubble. Follow Bitcoin that much. Honestly, I think all digital currency is going to lose value, and I'm not saying lose value in the sense I think it's going to be recalibrated to something earthly rather than the same way, because I look at bitcoins and all this digital currency the same way I looked at Internet stocks in the S. There's the valuations do not match what's really going on and so eventually all those stocks, those Internet stocks, the Yahoo's, the Alta Vista's bottom dropped out and then they got priced where they should have been priced all along, and that's what I expect to happen in Bitcoin. But yeah, I think a lot of companies. I don't know, I think there's going to be some, you know, because what was I yeah, I was. I was toying with this idea. I would have loved to have a time machine and go back twenty five years, walk into the headquarters of blockbuster and tell them you will not...

...exist in thirty years and watch them laugh at me with derision. They would ha, we just bought a sports team, we've got this, we've got that, we own America. That's paramount. Calling US now about their latest release. What do you mean? WE'RE GOING TO BE GONE? Yeah, you're going to be gone, you will cease to exist. They had that, the opportunity that by Netflix. Yeah, remember that. Yes, they had the opportunity and they passed. Pass, because we're blockbuster. And it wasn't long after that. I mean it was maybe like three years after that. Gone, gone, spend them, and then I remember the day Netflix started streaming, because I rememberhen Netflix first started and it was her just DVD delivery. Yeah, because the commercial was hilarious because it was a guy in like a conference room and there's like all these stereotypical movie characters. Okay, romcom couple to people making out. You guys are going to stacy in. Yeah, yeah, and it was like this is, this is, and for the longest time Netflix even there were certain titles that you couldn't stream. Now they were DVD, owned DVD only. Now now there are they're a fucking production. Come now it's the reverse. Now there are some you can only get on dvd because they never stream. Yeah, I have been looking. I've been trying to get a copy of white man's burden. Harry Belafonte, John Travolta. I think everyone in America should watch this movie. No, it's not a great movie, but the concept, yeah, especial, actually the first ten minutes. Everybody should have to watch this movie because that was one of my favorite scenes. was there's a dinner table scene where the camera comes in but you only hear the voices. You don't know who's saying one and you hear the conversation and you assume, at least I did. Like most people, you assue all this is white people talking shit about black folk. Camera pulls over. It's black folk talking shit about white people. White Man's burden turns everything upside down. It's the black folk who are elitist, rich and running things. It's the white folk who are poor, underserved, under advantage and living in public housing. John Travolta plays that. It's yeah, White Man's bird. Will See this movie, you will learn. I love this movie. Now how old that movie? Probably three plus years old. I can't even get on Netflix. DVD's. I can buy it, but yeah, right to see it. Yet tricky traldos is some interesting movies lately. Yeah, it does. I Will Never Watch that John gotty movie. Just the the No, think Glenn was in that movie go Ahad Shell Dress Children's he really? Yeah, Oh wow, yeah, yeah, I think it'd get naked for it. Yeah, some point. I mean he hadn't he asked, but I think he had like something like a thing they cover your dicks. Glan only fans we exactly that one is here, that one, because he's also in the library. Yeah, I thought, I'm worry yeah, I did hear about that. Yeah, good for Glenn. Yeah, then there's as down doing it, because Don hasn't done a movie in a while Don Smith. Yeah, he's always in a movie here there. It's some slasher movie or hope that that's another thing that since covid, not a lot of indie films getting the local slashers and all that. There's usually remember the guy there's like local guy who's always direct and one I know, the grey something, is the guy you did, the guy who did Black Mamba, R court. He's something like that, because I don't know. But yeah, like just nothing getting made. But now hopefully indy movie central and you can go back here there, because there was always the least three or four getting made around here somewhere. Oh, I think by...

...summer, once everything opens back up. Yeah, I think there's going to be, and that's what I'm hoping. I'm hoping covid leads to a renaissance. Like most historically, most big plagues, afterwards there's like this creative explosition. The Oscars this year was Didney the all create explosion? They're a shooting. Hey was well, a literally explode. The Oscars itself was a shit show, but like every movie that was nominated was independent. Yeah, minority driven, you know, and then the show itself ended with a big fat turn at the end. But because everybody was counting on Chadwick winning this Postumius award like that was so so they even change the order of the awards so the best actor would be last, and then he didn't win. Anthony Hopkins one who wasn't there. So the last moment of the whole night was we accept this award on his behalf. Thank you, and good night credits. And I was just like what, Oh, what a showick nominate for my Raine's black bottom. Is What Chad we got Numb, I think. Yeah, yeah, which that one quite a few awards. This good movie. It's great movie. I know when they gave him crap, when the picture came out of him and he's like they're like, what the Hell's wrong with you, because you're not because he was so think oh when he was yeah, as he wasn't telling anybody, didn't tell soul. I remember when that news broke. Yeah, I like I was I was at work and I was just like like starprush, what I was doing. I could not believe. I called I called my our engineer at work, as he was a big marvel fan to and I was like, dude, Chuck Boseman just fucking died. He's like, no, he didn't. You're full of Shit. No, no way, and yeah, like Ryan Kugler was talking about, like he's like no idea. Nobody knew. Nobody knew. I think it's just family and doctor, a close family. Well, he was doing all though. He was doing all those movies the whole time he was going through treatment, and I'm like, man to keep that a secret. Keep that a secret from Disney. Yeah, from Disney, because he knows everything. Do you think? Do you think they found out? They probably weren't allowed to say anything. Do you think they found it? Because obviously when you do a movie for them, when you movies, you have to take a physical. Oh, yeah, you think that he found out because he took a physical? Probably, if want, I think. I think his wife had said he knew prior to like everything, like civil war. Wow, already already? Maybe. I mean I could I could be he knew prior civil where he fought for a long time. Yeah, you did, because he I mean you'd beat your being the odds of there to five year expectations. It was colon cancer. Was, yeah, P cancer, that's Colin cancers from key cancer in general. Sucks, but Colin cancer is just unrelenting. I mean and it's so hard to catch too, because it can look like so many different things. So I loved his James Brown Movie Has Jackie Robinson movie I always Forgett See. I always remember Jackie Robinson. I always forget that he played James Brown. He did a I thought he did a fine job as james when he played third good Marshall to did here did yeah, fuck, he was a guy. I love him his James Because I just love the scene and Mick Jagger says it didn't happen like this and him and James are cool and all this. But I just love the way in the James Brown movie Chadwick Boseman how when he finds out he has to open for the rolling stones and it pisses him off so much he goes out and just torches the stay and then as he's walking by him coming off, he was welcome to America. Boys like that. James Brown. Oh Shit, that's funny, because he learned how to dance and everything. Oh Yeah, Oh, had to head to tea. That is you know, I was great. That's up there with we were talking about Rommy Mallick and being yeah, absolute last week. That's up there with my wife was just watching that and she was she is not a big like those kind of movie Fan. It got her. Yeah, Gemian rhapsody did. She loved it and I did not even notice until I was sitting there w watched it with her, that that's Mike Myers. You we talked about the exactly. Yeah, I...

...didn't realize that was him at first. Think about that. You Got Mike Myers telling Queen nobody will ever be banging their heads in a car listening to Bohemian raps at a I was like, come on, I want to see the outtakes from that scene. Oh my God, that is got to be crazy. Yeah, that's up. That one, the James Brown one. They're working because they're working on this new I think it's Amazon or who's doing this series about Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson. Yeah, that they lie, I don't know, but they got they got lily James Playing Pam Anderson. It looks like she looks like Pam and ersking and Sebastian stand winter soldiers playing Tommy Lee. Motherfucker, is Tommy Lee. And okay, holy I like Sebastian stay, like I watch that. They put that picture out and they had like a sidebyside and I was like, I don't know which one's the real one. That's crazy. I Know Courtney Love was making some big stink about it, but I could give a fucking Cotyla. She's like best friends with Pam and Anderson. Yeah, but I could give a fuck with Courtney love things. Honestly, I have been best friends with fucking what's his face or to be alive while she killed him. Yeah, corn, just just keep in mind there's no statute limitations on a murder. We exact. Okay, so you keep that in mind. Either she gotch either she killed him, or Dave groldd but I think Dave grold did it just because he wanted he wanted his own band, not man courtney. Courtney killed or drove or drove to roll. If a day croll really did it. I want the FOO fighters, I want to sing, I want to play guitars. Bullshit. That be epic, like heel turn of all time when it comes to like, Oh my God, that'd be up there with who was the wrestler? Chris Ben Wah? Yeah, Oh, yes, Jesus, dark side of the ring. Yeah, and then there was somebody gotten a bunch of trouble recently. is or no, people we're asking we're shitting on the wwe or something, because I think they were still selling like Crispin Wa merge or something like that, and they were like cold, you maybe not do that. Hey, who gets that money? Yeah, because killed his way, Emile Dad. Yeah, and that's weird. Yeah, it was. It was either them or like something somebody was selling, still selling the licensed merge. Well, like that. I will say my impression of wwe change once I watched dark side of the ring reallyly, oh to. I mean I knew, but I didn't really know until I watched, like when I watched the one about macho man, savage and islet. That broke my heart. I had no idea any of that shit went down. I know, I hap it, Dude. Yeah, it's deep. Have you ever watched? I your seen John Oliver Talk about the wwe? I mean now I was like bits a piece of dark side of the ring. Okay, it's really good. The Macho man said, I get Elizabeth, got hooked on drugs and left Randy for some other rest. I can't remember who it was, basically odd in his room. Oh Jesus, yeah, it's real tragic. And then the story about the road warriors. That one I love, the Bret Hart Montreal screw job. It's the one that was the one because, you know, I'd always thought, okay, I know wrestling scripted and Blah Blah, blah, blah blah, but to know that they fuck their own like that as like Vince mcmain, you're going to rotten steroid hill. Ye annything about Manto man used to be in the red minor league system. I did. Yeah. Well, then you got Jay lethal and ring of honor. For a while there was doing like a like a spoof on the macho man character because he had like a brief stint in the wwe or something like that, and he was like a like a like a like a super black version of the macho man, something like that. She lethals a weird fucking guy. I Love Ring of honor. Ring of honor is like what everyone like. When you watch like the first spider man movie and he goes to that wrestling match, that fucking Bacho Man is, Oh yeah, and it's like that's what ring of honor actually is. It's like that scene come to fucking life and I love every minute of it. is a guy wrestling named...

...cheeseburger and he is the man, she's she's gas actually really good. Is the thing. It's I think the reason he goes by cheeseburger is like he had made some comment or something like when he was going by his regular name that he like love cheeseburger. So we were always bringing him cheeseburger, so it just kind of stuck, I guess. I don't know, that's funny, but that's funny. I remember when when Hogan Hogan, when whole Hogan's life fell apart and like two thousand and eleven, like when the wife left him. But I love sponge. Yeah, he he talked about a guy who who got who got fucked by the system, who, you know, his wife left him for a fucking nineteen year old. took him for every fucking pen. He had to sell all of his member billy, so every time sold his house, moved in with his daughter and ended up having a still go back to like TNA wrestling, because what the fuck else was he going to do? So a lot of these guys are as what joy made his money back in that sex tape thing, though. He made some back. I think he got. Yeah, because basically what he basically got enough back to where he wasn't like hurting anymore, but like he got fucked in the divorce. Oh, yeah, hardcore. And what. She'd been with him forever. Yeah, like they've been. Yeah, they were married for like thirty, forty year or something like that. I mean, their kids were grown and but his life fell apart, and John too, because like his also, like his son was still, I think his son still in jail. But like the sun was at he was able to pay us on the legal fees because of that car wreck he had. And then, you know, he was still like on a light, like a producer licensing, because his daughter got her own spinoff reality show. But then it was a family fell apart. The show got canceled and just yeah, so he was, like he still does like all kinds of behind the scene shit and training stuff for for WWe, because he can't do anything else. Yeah, that's how a lot of those guys are. They get stuck wrestling until they fucking die. Yeah, atticted the pain killers because, I mean fucking see him punk talks about when he like had that concussion, but he was supposed to go oversee so they basically just jacked them up on so many pain killers and put them on a plane and put them on a plane and then in that next match he gets the I think it was our randy, Randy Orton puts him in a headlock and he fucking shit his pants in the ring because he was so jacked up on pain killers and shit that he just lost him. He got put in this headlock and you see his face just like it's shit. He Shit himself in the ring. It's just I never honestly watch wressling other than wrestling is better than everything else. You like, never the fear and yeah, it's wrastling and it's great. It's the manliest soap opera on the face of the yeah, it's literally it's like watching a soap opera because you can walk away for five years and turn it back on and you good. Yeah, you got two heroes. You got to Villit a way. I'm never watched on TV, but I've watched like with there's clips of them like on facebook. I'll watch two clips for whatever reasons. I think, man, that's crazy. Athletic right there. The clips are great. Yeah, like it's fake in that, like it's scripted, but like you can't fake jumping off that top rope. I mean like there's enough of its real that like these. Will also love the movie the wrestler. That's great movie making work. Yeah, it's a fantastic movie. All Right, folks, that'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mr Mike Shay, on twitter and Instagram as well. You also follow this show on twitter instagram at tbl underscore pod, and we got a brand new website under construction for you guys, with some cool new stuff coming down the line as well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll cut you guys again the next week with another episode and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bu bye.

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