The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 28 · 7 months ago

The Most Drunk Ever


Shea spent the weekend drinking Columbus dry with friends. Time for some crazy drinking stories! Did you know Shea goes camping with pirates every summer? And what exactly is his problem with Joe Rogan, anyway? Plus, Shea has a bone to pick with his sister's cat.

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Their craziest drinking stories.
  • The reason Shea doesn't like Joe Rogan.
  • Cats.

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To Beg any fantasy football draft orpick the order. What happened is you had to do a shot, drinka beer, run around the bar, Oh God, another shot, thenkick a football, like one of those like paper football, Maple football,to you like a thank for like a goal posts and the fastest times.We got to choose what. Oh my God, that's how it started.And Dude, I remember roll a D twenty like a regular nerd. I'mdid it was. I was like this is way just my first year inthis league. To I was like what the fuck, and winning it.At one point I got so drunk I while like we stay at a hotel. I walked through the hotel just a wife Peter on. Oh Jesus,I kind of remember that I left my shoe at a Tiki bar. Youleft your shoe at a Tiq mof because I was like where am my shoegoing, and Keith is like it's a a Tiki bar. I was likewhy do the fucking nobody grab it? He's like here's what happened, mythat's funny. A couple turn away and you drank their entire Margarita and ran. Welcome to the Basement Lounge. podcast with your host Mike Shay and MikeWells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the timetakes. US enjoy our our your bb was on this strip and itwas that was just bars for like five miles. Yeah, went this onerooftop bar. That was it was also one of those areas where it waslike we we are too poor to be allowed to drink, like we shouldn'tbe here. Yeah it, they're gonna SMELL US walking around like middle class, little class people, but we've this rippler meadow class. Yeah, fuckyou. This roof top bar was so expensive. Was We were sitting likewhere's like the five dollar beers, like, Holy Shit, but they had thissome I'm a big Foodie, and so they had these wag you beefapathizers, which I don't know if you don't think anything about whagg you beef, but like it's super expensive because you can only get it imported from acertain area in Japan. Okay, it's the way they raise at the waythey feed it. So supposed to be... the single most like tender meltin your mouth cut of beef like known to mankind. So five bucks orthis appetizer was one piece of beef about that big on a stick in likea marinade with some sauce. Was Five Bucks. So we each got oneand we each took one bite and we all just kind of sat there andhave like a religious fucking experience, just like Oh my God, Oh myGod, this is we don't deserve to eat this, Holy Shit. Likewe left and I was like, I have a Ribbi steak in my fridgewaiting for me at home and now I don't want to eat it. See, you know steaks, Kuld say. You know, it makes steak lookslike pieces of she likes to say rare. By it did. I thought aboutmaking it for dinner. I looked as just kind of like, shameon you, you don't deserve you call yourself a steak, Daddy, holesteak. Go back to how yeah, whore. We drank until we drankourselves stupid. We woke up the next morning just, you know, boozepouring out of our pores, just desperate for like something to eat, andwe kind of we wound up stumbling around another three miles because everywhere was socrowded. Oh God, is it because we were we were at was rightby Osu's campus. Yeah, so it was just drunk. And also whilewe were there there was a huge protest going on about the whole on orof called protest, but demonstration, about the whole Israel Palestine thing. Yeah, which I got. Caught it at one point trying to get to theparking garage, and so I was like, I sort of got. I'm nota part of this. I don't know that's a good thing or abad thing, but so we finally, after three miles, stumbled upon afirst watch and I was like fuck it, we're going in there. First Watch, first watch. Good Shit. What's what's the craziest you've ever beendrunk? Oh Shit. Well, you gotta remember I go to a piratecamp out every summer. Oh, and I'm interest. I told you aboutpensic. I know you want to. I know you got to. Hedidn't tell me as pirate cap is. I know can't yea. So it'sall pirate made. Like elevenzero people go every year Jesus Christ Cooper's light campground. We take up the entire fucking property. They reserve the whole thing for us. Huh. And so half half...

...the property is campsites and the otherhalf is like markets, like shops. There are people, they are likerestaurants and food vendors who set up like huge, like restaurant sized dining tentswith kitchens and you can go, like, you know, get lunch there andit's like fucking medieval style meet potatoes, bread bulls with beef stew, thatkind of thing. And you can go buy like authentic handcrafted medieval styleinstruments or leather were her for I've got fucking furs like raccoon tails and shitup in a bin in my bed room. It's fucking a while. And soand then the campsites it becomes like a fucking town. We're right byan air force bace in Pennsylvania that actually will do flyovers and use the landmarksas tests for their trainees to see if they can, because they have touse landmarks to try and determine average population size of an area while they're doingflyovers. Yeah, and they'll check in with like the registration booth and andsee like how close their numbers got at the end of the day. Really. Yeah, so we dress up in like and and art. Our groupis a group of pirates so we like dress up in pirate garb are.My friend Chelsea is our is our captain. She's who I was within in Columbusover the weekend. She took a flatbed trailer and built a camper ontop of it. That's looks like a fucking pirate ship. That's fucking wild. It is the I'll show you some pictures later. It's the coolest Shitand we go to this thing every summer. It's for two weeks. The firstweekst family week, where, like, you're encouraged to bring your kids,there's a lot more family friendly stuff. There's a curfew and a noise ordinancein place, that kind of thing. The second week, which is theweek I go, was war week, which is like, if your kidsare still here, that's on you, Oh shit. And because it's alot of late night parties, a lot of heavy drinking, a lotof debauchery, there's a thing we do. There's a there's one night that's myfavorite night of the week. Is called swampfest because there's this there's thisseries of camps down along the lake where it gets kind of swamp and marshy, and they call that the swamp and as like one big community themselves.They set up just like almost like a lock party of just go to thiscamp and they are doing this activity.

Go to this camp and they're doingthis activity. This one's just handed out snacks, this one's got shots therehanding out this one's got a fucking fortune tell or a fire twirler, peopledoing ribbon dances from the fucking trees and shit like. It sounds like alot of east infection. That's some point. It sounds fucking awesome. What,though, are you? It'll be three am, you're stumbling back toyour tent, drunk as fucking line, and you'll hear somebody like you'll bewalking past someone's tent and here and fucking me. I mean, that makessense absolutely. I mean last last time I because we didn't have it inthe last two summers, obviously because of because of covid but the last timeI went, yeah, the guy on our camp two tense over from me. What I mean, Jesus Christ, she was a screamer. I can'tsleep, but like, good for you, man, for you. Damn.Yeah, it's fucking was. So I've I mean, yeah, sothat alone. I've had some fucking doozy experiences, but like the most fuckedup I've gotten. I don't remember that night because that's how fucked up Iwas. I woke up the next morning and because the way I met thesepeople was it was friends of mine den in South Carolina, who lived liketwo miles up the road for me, and a lot of more friends fromcollege and stuff like that and just kind of mutual friends, and they wouldhave parties every Friday, yeah, at one of our guys's apartments, becausehe was the he was the maintenance manager, so we could kind of just getaway with whatever the fuck you wanted. He like no rents, we hadextra money for these parties and he would they would just get together,just drink every fucking Friday and practice throwing knives. We would do leather workpractice and stuff like that. And there was one night I showed up lateand my dumb ass, I had to know these guys long my dumb asswas like, Oh, I'm late, I better try and catch up withthese professional fucking drinkers. I woke up the next morning in a strange bedroom, just kind of doing that checklist of like okay, am I alone?Yes, okay, thank God, all right, where the fuck am Iam? I naked? No, okay, we're good. All right. Sowhat the fuck happened? I still have no apparently I went in thebathroom at one point, just didn't come out and then like three of themhoisted my ass upstairs to the spare bedroom,...

...put a hot towel on my foreheada trash can next to the bed and just left me there, andI was like thank you Jesus. Yeah, the drunkest either two of them.I know if I told this story. Well, first I know I haven'ttold this story. So one time, I think I was like I justturned to my one or twenty two and I boddy had a party hisplace and the only reason I knew I got this drunk state told me.So apparently what happened was I woke up my pants down and somebody jard fantastic, like like at the zero am in the morning, like Shit, whichis weird. I don't know why. I know way the side the checkon me, but whatever. So apparently what happened was this guy was likemaking fun there, somebody or something like that, as I want to fuckingPiss on your car. On your car, I mean as in what the fuckas I know, I'm gonna fucking Piss on your car, and apparentlyI just started. I walked over his car, pull my pants down andthat's point he started chasing me. I just fucking fell over with my pantsdown to Piss on her. So I do. It was so dowy thatmorning I probably, I'm assuming I did, but I was like all my patme and it was just, Oh God, oh Jeez, that's doors. I was like. I was like what if I woke up buddy daywas like yeah, you said, and I quote, I'm gonna Piss onyour car. You went over there, pulled your pants down and he startedchasing you and you felt as you guys have bothered to pick, but she'slike no, you were gonna Piss on his car. We what's your Pisson us? And another time I so, I sorry, taught and one ofthe other drunker ones is like looking, my wife doesn't listen to this Um. So I talked to this girl on the stadium website like when Iwas like by like two thousand five hundred and twenty six. We talked.We never met at always. I don't know what happened. I think wewere like a Ma Matthew talked on match...

...if like a really long time andwe just never met. No, I did what happened to this day.This is where it gets weird. So, like I'm at King's table and beatfor cree Oh shit. Yeah, and because I you see my placeI go to all time, and also like Mike, Hey, is thatthat's like, is that Alison? And she's like yeah, so your mindis like yeah, I say hey, how's it going about? But westart talking like we're trying to figure out how we stopped talking. Is Neitherone of us was like start seeing anybody. It was just like we just stoppedtalking. Came to us, came to a halt. Yeah, andso me and her just gets super fucking drunk, like super fucking drunk,having a good time, and she's like hey, you want to stop overat my place and go buy to my place? And her place is literallylike if you leave kingstor you just literally go straight and she lives off theroad. Her house is right right off the road. Well, apparently endup fucking that night. Well, I know we have fucking that night becauseat some point I'm like going down hers like I can't do this anymore.I can't, like I'm like I got Whiskey Dick. I'm too drunk,teltic, like I'm gonna that owl from the fuck. How many licks I'Mgonna? I'm disappointed motherfucker right now. And so I'm sitting there. Imust start biting, like we just both pass out, like straight up,like pass out in her pussy, you just now, because like she's tryingto give me a blowjob. And Was it? We're just like, we'rejust like both done. Here's why, falsely with you Dick in her mouth. Well, was it was weird. So I wake up the next morning, right, okay, and I'm but ass naked and I look up gettingaround my her. I know where I'm at. You know she's right there. Whatever I go to, I'm Bud assing it. I go into theliving room and all the sudden there she is. She said, what wasit then? That's why I remember she had a twin sister. Shit,she'd led with her twin sister and her husband. Wait, her sister Susbanor her husband? Her sister says, okay, yeah, now I waslike Ah, because she was a cough,...

...but that she was kind of confusedat first, but I think she heard us that fucking drunk. Idon't think you were probably being in that quiet now and I was like.She's like hey, as I hey, and I was like I gotta wait. Oh, and it like hit me and then I went back into theroom. I was like hey, she's hey. I was like, Ijust met your sweet sister and I'm naked. She's like that's fucking funny. She'sa cool check man, I like. To this day, I still don'tknow why we did it. And after that we never talked like itwas just it was just weird. It was like it was no hard feelings, like we saw talking in the first time and we couldn't figure out why. And we just also started talking about our had a good time hooked up, and it wasn't like we one, is whatever get. I mean whatwas horrible sex both of our hearts, like it was not rememberable at all. I got, you know how many shots me and her did, butit was fun. We when you're that drunk, you can't really hold eachother responsible for how good or bad it is. I was bad man I'venever. I've never play. It was so drunk. I don't honestly likecause she really wanted to and I wanted to sleep as there's just so fuckingtired. We've all fucking been there. I still fucking I'm like sitting therebecause I think we watched a movie for a minute, because we close outthe bar. We're not almost close out the bar and yeah, I cameraon. So what movie watching? We might not watched the movie, butyou staring at the blank TV. In minds. He might have been likeget back to her room. I'm just like I should. We're waiting upand I'm wearing really had. That's probably the drunkest, one of the drunkest, I've ever been. I I will say on saying I cause I don'tget, because I mean, first of all, I will say this weekendin Columbus really showed like a my age is starting to catch up with me, because at one let zero am, we were all kind of like,Oh man, I can't we've been out. How late it must be. Theymust be getting close to clothes enough. Look my watching them like it's evena clock. Guys. We're just... AH, Shit, yeah,we're we're getting, we were going to, we're all in our s now,and but and also just how fucking hungover we were the next morning.I used to never get hangovers at all, depending on what I drank, buta St Patrick's Day I got I got a beer, drunk, beer, drunk. Mike is not it was an individual. Now I wound upspilling my heart out about some shit on snapchat that night. Look up thenext morning was like, why do I have five fi like fifty five fuckingnew stories posted on snapchat. I'm watching. It's like God and everybody is seeingthis. Oh Fuck, may bad as. One time I buddy posteda picture and any realizes Dick was in the picture. Blaze made Chris Evans. Now is literally like he took a picture something, but like there's areflection. He didn't say it was just as Dick. He said it tolike a lot of people and it was on a snapchat stars like Dude,Daniel, your Dick is. He's like, what are talking about? He's like, Oh fuck, I didn't have he had no fucking idea. Ihad one. I posted to it was on. It was on this I'mnot picture my Dick. It was on instagram one time and it got takendown and I was like why the fuck? Well, it turns out I wasdrunk when I posted it, but in the reflection of my glasses youcould see the porn I was watching, and I guess it was enough thateither somebody reported it or instagram caught it and fucking fuld the picture. Thoseheady it's Kady, okay, I don't be afraid than NIP anymore. That'sfucking funny. Yeah, we hope you guys are enjoying the show so far. Do you have any crazy drinking stories of your own? We'd love tohear them. Just go over to our website, tblpod dot in net andclicked a little blue microphone icon and you can leave us a voice message tellus one of your crazy drinking stories. We love to hear it and we'llshare it on next week's episode. I saw old episode of Fear Factory Today. fucking Joe Rogan with hair man and now he s got rid of ita long time ago. He's Shit. I'll tell on that for a while. Oh, all right, I remember.

I remember the first time I sawhim ball. That was like, why didn't he do this? Soonerlooks way better bold. Oh yeah, well, so to Steve Harvey.Yeah, that's true. To flattop that he had for God knows how long. True. Yeah, fucking Joe Rogan, man, I was watched that episode. was like wow, you could. I couldn't tell back then, butyou can really tell now. He was destined to be a douchebag.He hated that show, though. Did he really? Oh, he fuckinghated it, because there's all I got. There's a he talks about. Igot. I know you don't like am by listening to podcast. Yeah, he actually talks about like how I like he's like you can't make thesepeople do this, like Oh really, yeah, he's like this is thisis insane, like this is like I like he actually feared for like alot of the contestants stuff. You're like someone's afraid of the dark and you'rein you're locking them in a window lists room with no lights on. AndYeah, the weird thing is, like people think, because he is kindof he has a Douchebag, he can be, but he like he's likevery like mentally positive type person, and so like him like telling those thecontestants, they can do as I can be like I want them to win, like idea, because it made it changes their life for fucking ever.He's like, but I it's like I hate the show. He's like Ihated it so much I could never host that. Like, no, that'sso torturous. So he's like from day one he's like, I don't thinkJoe Rogan's a bad dude, I just think it's a douchebag. Oh,you can be a Douche but I'm sure he'll make he can be a douchebag. I think he has a lot of bad crap for because he's very centraland it's thinking the main of the main thing I don't like about him andhis show it because I know I make the joke all the time that ourshow is Joe Rogan without the douchefactor. Whatever. It makes me laugh.My thing is it is it with his show? Would always feels like he'sgoing for the sound bite. I don't think so really, and every timeI watch it I always feel like he's just he's trying to go for thesound bite, going a little too hard for the this will get me quoted, this will get me tweeted about. Like I feel like he tries alittle too hard. Sometimes I don't.

I don't get that vibe when he'swith his friend comics. Yeah, so if you listen to his once,like if you look into the ones comics like him and his buddies, that'sthem just fucking goofing off the entire time. Like he got shit for Bill Burrabout the mask thing. I he believes in mask like, but youlike, I listened to the episode live. Like he believes in masks. Healways thought it was a good idea to do masks, but they tookone exert out the whole thing. He's just trying to get billboard wild up, because Billbard wild up is like fucking the best things. It's hilarious.And I listened to the thing live and I was just like okay, andthen when there's this thing that came outs like he doesn't believe in mask andI was like, no, he does, like I Li if you listen tothe whole of interview like he says he does, he was literally tryingto get bill bird. I like that point. Then that's just you cantalk. That's someone just trying to fucking but his like shit on Bi shure. Yeah, I like listening to his interviews with just random people. Iwould never have known because he's surprised. He because he knows he's stupid andhe'll tell you tell them that during the interview and it just very they sometimeshe has the people break it down to like a somebody who hasn't done thatstuff before, and it's like really kind of cool. The thing that bugsme about him is just is I know like in general he's a good interviewer. My problem is when I watch his interviews, it's same thing that's sittingwith Mark Romarn. Honestly, is don't listen to mark Marin. I don'tlike but I have the same problem with both of them as like they'll aska question and then they'll ask five more before the person gets a chance toanswer the first. Yeah, because it's like Oh, because then they'll aska question and there's like I have a question about within your questions type.Think, yeah, why are you going this yet? No, and Iagree with that. Yeah, that's weird. That drives me, not because bothof them do it. It reminds me of a child like why,yeah, why can I get it now? I M G, I see whereyou're coming from. And maybe that maybe I'm just a little old schoolin that because, I mean, I did my interviews more more from likea journalism backgroundd I guess so that that...

...could be part of it as well, but it just it's like it's like nails on a chalkboard for me when, like he asks, you know, we'll learn it. When one ofthe like Mark Mayor, for example, was interviewing will Arnett, he askedhim a question and like just as well, aren't at starts to speak. MarkMarin hits him with like three more questions and I'm like, Dude,let him fucking answer the first one. Holy Shit. One thing I thoughtwas nice with Rogan that was like he got the interviews Bernie Sanders. Hedid the Baron Bernie Sanders. Yeah, and he did the ATULCA Gabbard,and I love both of them so much. I was like, because he's basicallyI don't like any of the other fucking he's like I don't want toview trumpet, I don't want to Ye abide in like these are the peoplelike, because people think he's like an extreme like rightist or whatever. Nowhe's like pretty left leaning and I think it's his energy yeah, because hegives off the kind of energy you'd you'd expect from like Alex Jones at InfoWars. Yeah, we's. He's also friends with Alex, but he's knownAlex for fucking like Oney plus years before Alex was like Alex now, yeah, and like and that's he's like an hum amazing. I stopped talking tohim because, like when he specially when count with the Sandy Hook Shit,he was Souk Shit. He was like I the yeah, it's kind offucked up. As part of the reason why he basically sponsors his own showsbecause he knows he can't get old auch Jones, not not joe. Nowshows he can't get. He can't get a third party backers with some ofthe show says, yeah, fuck no, he's lucky he's allowed on the airas much as he had. But I mean he does his more hisstraight podcast, though, because there's no Alex Jones isn't on TV, ison Youtube. They folded by everything. It's just podcast now. I thinkhe's not on Youtube, twitter, anything like that. Good News, Alexwill keep your cost down. But I think the biggest thing is, likewhat got hurt Rogan was the trans athletes. One. I don't know. I'veheard some people, piece of so many people refer to this and Iactually I don't know what that's about. The whole thing is like there isinteresting thing and it is kind of weird to talk about, but it's likethere's this lady transition mattress into a woman that was going in amateur MMA andbeating the shit out of so male the...

...female trans now I'm an M andfire competing as a female MMA fighter. Yeah, as they eating the femaleAPP yeah, and like and like the sitting there like just literally beating theshow these amateur women broke one of their skulls okaying a fight and almost killedher and one of the women's like I've never been hit like that before myentire life as amateur fighter. And his argument was like at some point youhave to say, I don't care if your trans or not, but likeyou have to say, yes, I was born a man at this point, because nobody knew she was trans either. MMM, they thought she was justthe woman. She shoft it. They she was and if you lookedat it, pictures like like that is a woman. No, and itwas. It was a mains woman. Now but like it was born malein transition to a female. Gotcha, and like, and I kind ofagree with the point as especially in like context, for it like that islike she could have killed somebody. So they're going there, there, they'regoing there, there, there. Angle is not angle. Sounds bad,but you know what I'm saying. They're about process of processes, because thisperson was born physically as a man. There's a there's like an inherent youhave to I don't know how the science works. Looking me wrong? No, and I know there's a thing with like when you go through the hormonetherapy and all that, it will change how your your body will, youknow, like develop muscle, like. I've heard all that explain to mea hell of a lot better than I just did. I mean, Iget the point of view. Yeah, that a percent do. If youhave these amateur fighters coming in like you like break a woman's skull, that'slike Whoa, like, yeah, very because they all, I mean acouple of Morle records, are saying like I've never been hit like that beforeever. Right, and like the thing wasn't they were like, I can'tremember. The thing wasn't they wish they would have known, so they couldhave liked may be prepared for it or...

...just want to known, because obviouslywhen she fought a real like, because she va, I mean crushed amateurlike one through the amate ranks, I. But when she actually fought like areal, I'm a fighter and got destroyed, sure, but you're fightingamateurs at this point. They're amateurs for reason, you know. Yeah,that's yeah, that's I've heard of you. People bring up the whole like shouldpeople like questioning if, like, someone who was once a man isnow a woman should be allowed to compete in women's sports because, well,they're born a man, have whatever. The only thing it bugs me isn'tlike and I don't care. Like, I don't care if anybody transitions whatever. Do you like Elliott page? You see Elliott pays released at you?Yeah, fucking ABS like a mother Holy Shit. Shit makes me look likeShit. Oh my God. Yeah, but with that I'm just like,I think with like combat sports in general, like it' just kind of like oneof those things where like, like, because muscle does develop different with testosterum. Yeah, I guess. I guess you, like I said,I know with you know, the hormone therapy and all that. I knowthings like that change. I don't know enough about it because it's not somethingthat really affects me whole lot. So I kid say I've done all theresearch on it, but just want to know from friends who have gone throughit. Yeah, I guess it would just depend on how far along inthat process they were. I don't know that this will. you start gettingto stuff like this, it's like there's so much, you know, shitabout them, just so much gray area of when you read this story aboutthat, you're like fuck, like, especially when when she cracked open awoman's skull, you're like God, take a break, damn, like shit. Yeah, but they'll do like weight class those people and share so wayclass them. Well, I say on that one, I don't. They'resupposed to. I don't know if they did on the yeah, and hebut he got shown that. They said he was anti trans because it wasDrano, Rebecca H and I was just... that's not trans, Anti Transat all, like he's you're marking on the fact that somebody crushed someone's skullin her hands. Yeah, it's fucked up no matter who it's. Like. I just think it was very weird because it even took the Bernie Sanderssegments and try to use Joe Rogans Bernie Sanders segments against Bernie Sanders. Ithink I saw some of that in like some of the Anti Bernie ads andwhen I was saying fuck, like yeah, whatever, I'm so glad we're ata fucking political seat long and we're never out of politics. Actually,reason why I listen to him as when I go out on road trips like, he usually has like the longest podcast listen to. Yeah, now,that's that's I do listen to longer podcasts and I think that's because I'm stillused to being on the road as much as I as I was pre codd. So, like I was talking to somebody today, I was like,you know, I don't listen to I haven't listened to as many podcast periodsince the pandemic, because I went from having three four trips a year orwhere I'd be on the road for nine hours at a time. Now it'slike going drive to fifteen minutes to work and that's it. But I wouldusually do that, like I would I would listen to shows that had,like you have, the two three hour episodes and I'd save up like fourof them and just fucking marathon the whole trip. Yeah, now now it'sjust other stuff like he did. He did that Bobos are interview and abable is are was the ideally in one right and captain favor as also thealien that tick tack videos and that type of stuff. Yeah, it kindof brought back that stuff back to like front and center, which is nice. So I did see one of his with Ron White. was really goodbecause, I mean, you asked Ron White to come on and tell storiesfor two hours and you're going to just gets fucking Oh my God, Ilove that guy so much. And so to compon Joe Rogan and then thecomplet Mark Marin, his interview with Barack Obama's incredible. I didn't know theinterview, Brock. You got to have you got to have Barack Obama,and when he was still in office. That's why. Yeah, and hewas thought. He talked about on the show like because he did the showin his garage. He'd converted his garage...

...and do it into a yeah,do a studio, and he talked about how secret service had to come inlike the day before the day of sweep the place and like yeah, itwas, but it was an amazing interview and you talk about one of themost I mean I everyone talks about how Chilton laid back ob I'm was tobegin with, but him on Marin show was just some next level shit.It's like I was surprised he wasn't sitting there like fucking smoking a joint withhim any wild day. I need to listen to and you cud I likethe Brock Obama's interview with favorite Letterman. Oh it was great. It's fantastics, just it was incredible. It was so good. I think Marin didwith did one with Michelle too. I'd have to double check. Somebody didone with Michelle Obama. That was really good and I came or who itwas. Now. Hey, we hope you guys are still enjoying the show. What are your thoughts on Joe Rogan and Mark Marin an interview podcasts thatlike that, the many favorite episode's favorite guests they've had? Let us knowwhat you think. Head on over to our website, TB alpod dotnet andclick that little blue microphone icon. Leave us a voice message. Tell uswhat you think. So, Barack or Michelle, if you want to beon the show, well, let's just by all means, just just asthe cat. Yeah, there's a cat here. Security might have a problemwith her, but we think it's because we're going on vacation in June.It took my my mom was saying, well, why don't you leave Rosieat our house while we're on vacation, so that that way, when becausemy Nimy and I'm cleren't going with us with this said, because they're goingto come over and feed, feed our cat. This way they can justgo to one places that are go into two places and all the problem ismy cat gets along great with other cats. My sister's cat not so much.That vel she she was. She's a little black cat with fangs andI call her a demon all the fucking time because she looks like, well, she's lost her house. She looks like toothless from how to train yourdragon. But but she's a bitch. I told me the five years andlither I'd say that Cat's a bitch and they'd be like, what are youtalking about? She's nice to us. I'm like, yeah, she's niceto you, because she's a bitch to... So the one I complainabout it. You guys don't fucking believe me. Well, they fucking believeme now because it took Rosie over today and the whole time twilight, mysister's cat just fucking hissed and spit and growled at her and Shit. Sothen my mom reached over to try to calm or down. She fucking swattedat my mom and hissed out her. My mom was like, Oh myGod, you are a bitch. I would tell you that for five fuckingyears this cat was I would because I used to live in my mom's basement. I'd go downstairs, she'd be on my bed. I go hay,twilight, and she just go like the fuck did I do to you,you bitch, through the finger, sure, off my bed. You'd hiss atme run away like the fucking Care Shit, nude, my fucking cats, the cough, fucking mouse in our house. Oh Shit. I waslike what the fuck? First of thought was a toy. Uh Huh.I was like, Huh, why? I say? I looks a littlereal. That's a fucking mouse. Well, the fuck this guy, and Idon't know idea how I got in the House and find a dropping oranything like that. I was like what the fuck? May wonder how longit also been sitting there because I thought it was a toy. Oh Shit, that's true. Fuck, I got a lot of mouth shaped toys inthis house, so Goddamn it, tailor. I'm like, that's so real looking. That sounds like I closer to us, like, wait a second, that's not as moon, that is a space station. She Rosie's beencleaning up the fucking bugs. I'll give her that. She keeps catching fliesand spiders and shit, so she's, you know, paying her rent lets. Is So weird, though, is just like no blood, just deadmouse. I then and just a suck the blood drive, but the fuckingStraw in it and just sat. I did by Straw, surprisingly a littlekitten Straw. We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the Basement Lounge.If you guys want to know more about the show or get more involved inany way, shape or form, head them over to our website, tblpoddotnet. That's tbl pod dotnet. Leave... a rating and review on thereviews page and click the little blue microphone to send us a voice message.Let us know what your thought of today's show and share your thoughts on whatwe talked about. We'll see you guys again and next week for a brandnew episode every Wednesday. Eight am is when they drop. Until then,as always, live well, rock on, take care and bu by.

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