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The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 2 · 11 months ago

Pre-Election Thoughts & Feelings


Who will win the popular vote? Who will win the electoral vote? Will we see a record high voter turnout?

This week Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The election
  • The election
  • ...and the election

Watch the third Obama & Romney debate from 2012:

Watch this 'Last Week Tonight' clip involving PTSD and pens:

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E guys is Mike Sha just wanted to givea small cavyacht as we go into this episode. First of all, thank you ersticking around with us. I know it's been a bit of a weird start to season two but covidthrough things for quite a loop and Mike, and I are working on gettingthings a bit more regular now, so so Theah, that's one so number two is thatwe are recorded this Monday night, oof November, second, so the night beforethe election. So obviously we have nothing to say in the episode regardingthe actual results. You know we give some speculations and our thoughts onthe on the election process as a whole and election numbers as they are at thetime of the recording. So obviously the numbers are going to be different bythe time, you're actually listening to the episode. So keep that in mind aswell. That being said, so we guys are going to hear one half of a two hourconversation Mike and I you know our jobs are whatthey are, and so we've decided to record kind of two episodes at once. We sit and talk for two hours and youknowwe'll split up, so you guys are going to hear part of it today and thenthe other half will be next week's episode. But don't worry you don't needto listen to one to listen to the other, because Mikeand I can talk about fucking anything, so you guys are in for a real treat ontoday's episode, so sit back and relax and welcome into another new episode ofthe Basement Lounge, but there will be civil war. Oh my God, we've already seen the was it the the trump trucks that surrounded thebiden, bus, Atso, stulike Holy Shit. I know the one try to knock the one off.I yeah like it s, it's Scizzord that other car and knock it out. The waylike that's some fucking Madmax Shit. I know we're in the road warrior now the road warrior God climate changesneeds to be hereand, then we're there where's the day after tomorrow. Whyhasn't that happened? Can it can that just happen now and just start overagain or what the fucking wo thousand an twelve movie Ogo you sackin the Limo. I saw dreams about that movie reallyyeah. I don't know why I'm always playing a plane, OKA and up being nineNleven, I'm just fucking. No, I'M NOT IT'S O. I always had dreams like I'm inthat movie and like I'm in the plan of my brother, my brothers, not my sister, who I don'tget along with so that all and N my mom and I were just flying an incident ofthe world. It's like T, O Thosand, a Twendy, twelve and then that's how thedream ends. Oh sheezand, I've had that deam. Like eight and nine times. I can't decide how I feel about that movie because,like C e, everyone dies like the only main characters that don't die are JohnHesecan and the ex wife like yeah her her new husband dies. His boss dies,his boss's girlfriend dies like all the main characters you follow throughoutthe whole movie I'll die. Do the kids die, the kids make it they should havekilled. The kids but like what's fucked up is his boss's kids survive, eventhough his boss and his boss's girlfriend Oh yeah, because they werelike the rich yeah, the twins or whatever, and then out ofnowhere, they're just nice at the end. But it's like okay. So now he went fromhaving his his ex wife and his two kids to also now having to guess raisehisbosses two little assholes, because theyre dicks throughout the whole maythey are and they like long right head like yeah, curly, right, yeah and thenlike we hav tickets to get on special plane, so we'll live and you will diefuck. These knock them overboard. Oh no put them in a cage as a they're, Russian, so yeah it waslike Russia fucking who care theyr, immigrants, fuck, Hem, Butwell, lendyHa Caua, because Lik ganny glover was the president, because this was twothousand and twelve. So every movie that had the president had a black guyhad a black guy, legendary black actor playing the president. That's true esorgan Freeman played the president in one one of the White House movies,because you had White House down and Olympus is Fallowon thim out the samefuckaneer. Was it why it's no Whyo, as it called White House down or something?That's, not White House ound, something else Olympus is falling. Is London oneright? No, that is the wayou there's lone that has London as fallen. Was thesequal Yeat Olympis as Faun as the White House, one right, but there wasalso one called White House down that came out the same year with Jamie Fox.I forgot about that. Yeah came out the same, it's back, Miaon Fox and thestripper yes yeah, you'r magic might...

...that's, who ever Ben now in the magicmy because channing tatum channings, because it was who was in the other, draw bottler drar Butler yeah he was,he was in Olympus has fallen and then Butit'slike we like yeah. We see you see that every few years, because I rememberwhen we had volcano and Dantes peak yeah and deep impact in Orm Mageddan. There isone it was like the M fuck. What was it? It was two twomagician movies. One had t e Guypla Hug Jackman oprar stege, the PRESTIGION.There was a Edward Norton one, Oh shit. What was that one? I can'tremember, but it was like. I was like all right, like clearly somebody's toldHo sa script to two different people and yeah as Messis up a little bitevery couple of years. You get you you get these movies that that are to Tosatothing. We just had one recently I cameoh it was. It was red, sparrow and atomic blonde, like they're, both o yeah, just twoaction movies about about four and spies one's a little more fucked upthan the other, but forgot about those yeah. I literallyforgot about those. It's I mean they're, not good, TAT's. That's why I probbly forgot it Thotfucking, Good Ama. All on natural disaster movies are pretty much awful.I feel like yeah, I mean none of them are really like great ut, the two thousand and twentynatural disaster movie a going to be a documentary. I cannot wait. I can'twait for the documentary about this flamiyear man. It's Goinna be eightit'll ben years long it'll be it'll, be out. In January I mean we're alreadyseeing TV shows about what it's like live during covid and it's weirdHollywood doesn't give it time to like there's a E. I saw there's a moviecoming out. Goi can't fucking, remember who isthere's a movie coming out where you're, basically like everybody's quarantine,and it's like now- it's covid twenty three, oh, my God yeah and like the newcovin like Eros Quartin, can get like scan yourself like your phone and like.If, if you have it like, you, get make sure they take you somewhere and theytake you away from everybody type thing and everybody's like quarantine withother infected people and like eat your brand stuff, like that, like it has'teven been nine months like like like what the fuck like. Why did youcome up with this? Already wherewas? There was a l even like, like the newseason of the Connors, is all about yeahall. The sitcoms are tackling it.There's this there's, this TV show on free form called like living inquarantine and it's about like one's a brand new couple just started datingand they decide to live together one's a couple that decizes to have theirfirst baby one's like an older couple, and it's like it's. This is us, butwith cort, but with covid. That's o! This is the. The new couple wontsurvive. No, they, I can imagine waning te Liv like someone. Oh wait, wertender date and then know because he's like utest positive, get the quarantinetogether. I I wl Hov, with this El, have with this girl last night. Youwant, as a date kind of yeah. We hung out at her place. She it it's, not Gointa, I'm never going totalk to her again because it was like, like she lived in a nice apartment thatwas filthy as fuck hic shes, one of those people who just like who justlike lives in filth, like other random container of butter, just Rali thecounter for days and whole place, just smells like cigarette smoke and it'sone of those places where it's like. You are not getting your deposit backThi on this plant. How old was she din? Thirty seven and she lives like that.Yeah lives like that four year, old kid and just little Annaci has a kid andjust lives like a fucking like like she was giving a Toro rer place and likelike her her daughter's room. You couldn't see the floor. There was justclothes and toys fucking everywhere her bedroom. She had like her entirewardrobe on one side of her bed and she just kind of like I guess, pill buggedon the other side, for what little amount of bed she had left to lay onand and like the kitchen was just like, you couldn't see the countertop. Oh,that's bad, like just yeah, just awful. It's just like this is no way tofucking live like I'm, not a I'm, not the cleanest person in the world, butlike Holy Shit, you have to clean ut. I Don t I mean Comina, kids, tough, but,like you do have to clean yeah it's every once in a while yeah like totoday I went to big lots and Botta fucking vacuum cleaner. I felt likesuch a Goddamn adult, but anyway so ere her placeis. She- and this is anotherreason why its note where she's she's, like I thought, weere he was supposedto be. I thought I was going to be a Netflix and chill turns into like Hey,let's watch keeping up with the Cardasians and watch mich Osa bonerreal fast, and it was the episode w where theydocumented. When, when I guess want one of them, I don't know whichone had fucking covid it was clot. Is it chloe? I don't know. Why know that? I honestly don't know I just R. I don'twatch that show. I don't know why I know I never seen like. I could have anasslike which one's that which one's...

...that WHO's that WHO's that guy at yeah.So it was like this whole shit of her, like just in her room like and thenlike her best friend goes into labor and she was supposed to be like themidwife because her husband, and so she couldn't go visit and, like Mr Kid'sbirthday, like it was kind of like it was fucked up like it's like, but it'salso kind of a it's a it's a knocking somebody down a peg moment where it'slike wow. I look at you having to actually face fucking reality for achange, the card Ashn that shows ending thisyear. This is Lacteson rist, well the world's ending this year, so it seemsfitting, I'm just I'm so glad at. I think there is a I'm atheist Bu. Ithink there is a God they don't know what he is. This is one of thosemoments of possible enlightenment sees. It's Fi saw an interview with her.She was on, she was on Ellen or something- and she was talking abouthow like Oh yeah, you know my business hit like you know this first billiondollars and Blah Blah Blah- and you know just you know, go out and buy theNice car and but you know, money doesn't buy happiness. It's only it'sjust so fleeting. It's like yeah, that's that's! Coming from somebody.Who's never had to fucking want for a thing, a a because her dad was a lawyer.Yeah you've, never known what it's like to go without a goddamn thing. So whydon't you shut the Fucku exactly s? She owes her career, though off a sex tape.She does she absolutely fucking. Does that hur like they were rich theyre?Okay, I want to say wer. They were probably well off. I me rich, I meanyeah, they weren't hurting by any yeah before that, but like her mom thatfamily built Ma career office, sex, TAT, yeah off somebody, who's well wasalready on the verge of having a career of his own yeah, because it was fucking,Ra, J, Tha Dude had the hisman trophy and that tanked his fucking career and hersshot the Fuck Up Man S. I love it want to get the San o power. Pusthafuckingathat's a power pusse right there, because it didn't, becausebecause I didn't do Shit for Paris Hilton's career, but it did wonders forKim Yeah. I know, but we V, I mean, we've all seen the parasiltan one. It'sit's fine night, as I called them night a night in Paris. It's fine an play on,I know. Well, you know they did the same thing with with China, the wrestler Ohr. Now I rememberher sex, I don't I never watch I've never seen it been. I got leak but ethe quote: UNQUOTE: Porno Company, who distributed the Parasoln onedistributed the one for China Calle it o night in China. I was like Nice.Copyright Frigemo Shit. Well, the difference is like you can always telllike when those things are quote: Unquote, leakued or not, because likePari, siltons got got released and like nobody gave her Shit Shi China's gotreleased and she fucking sued everybody. She was so pissed, so you can tell thatlike one was cool, unquote leaked and one was actually leaked, yeah, the Paris I I remember the parasol oneand we've all seen it tu it's up there with the with the pamanders and TomYole. One I'v Never seen that one really ha my big porn dude. It's it'san early s. You know Handycamporn, so it's not nowadays when the sex tapegets released, because you know your eyephone shoots and fucking fork. So itlooks amazing. My got that come shot. I gointo actually see each spermindividually, here's a billion spirm on that Lady'sface or gentlemen, whatever one you're watching, I on't Don'atever hear realjudge. It's fine, an I'll judge, never judge at all. So nowadays you wait forCathin America to accidentally tweat a Dick pick or someshit. That was fucking.Crazy people wet didn't even ask. Well, I feel badfor him because he was just crawling through his photos. A shows fans onyeah and it was just ther- is there, but also it was like you know what goodfor you man, but I w I loved his clapback Onit,where he was like. Oh Shit, by the way vote, wile everyone's paying attention to mevote. I guess Ilike an you cat Mar that's Catn Americas, Dick pick where's that porn parody, let's Py, somewhere fucking, you know be remiss. I guessyou know we touched on at the top, but we're recording the night before theelection. Yeah Fuy. No, it's crazy. So I was watchingnews out before came over here and don't really watch tha news that muchbi was watching, Obama speak and it was like so beautiful. Oh, evenwhen he's taking shots at trump, it's eloquent shot. Yeah, it's just likelike this guy can actually speak. This is a speaker like he's an amazing speaker, amazing, Ohyeah. I know people who hate President Obama that are like dode can speak yeah.He can absolutely like trump as orrible diarrhea eahei. Don'tunderstand. Where he's he's really good at cracking jokes, I guess and Trolmanbut like at the same time, it's like okay, like likethere, have been timeshe's taken a shot at somebody, and I've wanted to laugh because it's like youknow, objectively, that's pretty good. I was well written, but also you'resuch an Asole. He has a good way of trolling people,but like his just like he comes op, he's got diare of the mouth so hardlike he makes mean he made Bush look... a competent president. I knowactually he's made any present ICOM, it's n e makes Reagan. Look Awesome!Reagam thanks Reagan, look like yeah, let's O, whenever, whenever I see himand him and biting you know, fucking Stammrin off at each other, like Loikis like well at least Biden has a has a legit speech in pediment. I don't knowfuck trums problem is, I know, Wand. That was the first debate. That was thewhole like. That was why I kept on arguing with him to get him to stutteryeah. I guess I was coming out to make him look like he was Seenil, or was Ican't Emember Wtbecause, you know N, when you can't focus that's when thatstutter comes back yeah but and he just looked like a a Chinashop. Just I don't know. I remember we talked about this last time. Right, P,remember talking to my mom after after that debate, and she was like afterthat debate. I just I can't I can't vote for him again and I was like thiswas it. This was the thing everything o from the first time. I think so s. Shewon't tell me yes or no fan she's like, but I can't vote for him this time andI was like so this was the line everything else up to this was okay.This was what did it. I did the mock in disable reporter that I found an old video of remember,Howard Dean from like the two yeah yeah that destroyed his yeah. Like e gonna go to Ohio, the're Gonno go toPennsylvania, we're going to go to maid they're Goingna go o like he jusdestarted, naming as many states as he fucking good and ended with the yeahand it destroyed his entire nowadays he would have his own fucking Hash tag andhe'd be up. Thirty points in the polls. Ith makes no sense. I saw an old video of one of the Obama Ramnee debates and itwas just two of them sitting at the was two of them just sitting at a table,not much bigger than my desk with the moderator sitting, the crossroom, andthey were just having a conversation and I'm like. Can we go the fuck backto that? Please? I was talking by Buddy Jake on twitterand he was like emember one. We could just go on here and just bitch about,like you know football, and it wasn't just all the fucking end of the worldis coming. I wul. I miss that so much miss mypartisanship. I missed this course Miss Discourse. So much is, it doesn't existanymore and unfortunately, what I think did it and is, I think it was Obama gettingelected, because seeing at ened up happening was all thesecloseted fucking, racists in Washington, suddenly had to answer to a black guyand Ben brought out the worst in them it did they weren't allowed to pass any.They were told not to pass anything ov about wanted it, especially once theytook control of the Congress, and that's my favorite part about thesecond debate. Oh did you hear that and then yeah Mike drop that ShitRepublicans yeah like? Why didn't you guys pass anything? We had a RepublicanCongress, long pause, that's the answer. That was just one of those momentswhere I'm just like. Oh Shit, it's a hundred percentture. I mean wehave footage of. You know your IDL, the Turtle Mitchmcdonnall on MSNBC orwhatever saying we are going to block anything. He tries to pass fucking BollShit him- and I remember this. This clip from the daily show that keepcircling of Lindsay. Graham on there, when trump was first running, he wastelling him what a asshole Donald Trump bisn. He told Trevor No he's like yougot a green card. No, you might be out of here. Man Yeah, I reee and it'samazing how they well Linsy Gramms, I think, still hates him. He did a. Hedid. I I WNTO say like so to fuck. Stick. He is on y yeah. He did afucking video there's a video out for he put a videoo for Biden four five month three or four monthsago. I was the one of him like sitting in the back of the Carar Yeah. I washe's a good guy and all this stuff, and but th N. I don't understhed, does thatvideo. He released the video on his own twitter. If I remember correctly, andthen all Sudenes, I think so. I gotto go back and lookd a emember seeing thevideo, but I think somebody else shared it. I got to go back and see wherICTUALL, Migt, sitting there and like, but then he's also trying to backtrumpet the same thing yeah you can't play like you're. Either one or theother, I don't Winsy Grahmis, I mean he's such a fuck. As you know, as a guyfrom South Carolina he's such a flip, floppand, fucking, Nancy boy, yeah, John John Olliver's, impressionto him is the funniest fuck on Er Jon offers he's basically doesn't impressOm him in a bojangle R. Hes like these biscuits are dry. The sauce is salty,the chicken is soggy. This is the biggest sham which, if you haven't watched thisweek's John Oliver, he did an extra long episode. He did like twentyminutes just talking about William Barr and fucking ripped him a new one, Wian Barolooks,like Fri flen down a Fred funce and try to get a lol degree, aaalike Hejust,that's what he looks like af them. He called he said, he's a Meaad averseur. He Sai you. He said he was America'strying to poop face a Moji, that's fucking, fine, and then heshouwd ae Clippi him playing the...

...bagpipes and he's like anytime. We canfind a clip of somebody playing the bagpipes whose in Washington we willplay it. That's a bagpipe prominus, that's a bad pipe ECIS! Other twentyminutes were just about like like the coronavirus and like you know how likegoing back to W, like they set up what to do in thecase of a pandemic, and they showed a speech clip of WS. Talking about howthis could happen. Then it was. You know, Obamba's pandemic responseteam. Talking about how you know in four five years we might see some kindof new severe case of you know, and it's like wow that didn't age. Well, fortunately, and they dismantled it,the fuck the most fucked up clip was they showed was it was it was himhaving like a Bhad, a bunch of like nurse Practitioners and hospital headsand stuff in the Oval Office, and they were talking about like neating, Ppeand stuff like that, and he goes to this one guy. He goes not only thathe's telling the president. We also need to be worried about like the PTSDfor all of our staffers, because they're seeing people like die all dayevery day and trump just goes yeah yeah, oh by the way I have pens for everybodyjust cuts: The guy off isers handing out handing out pens which I'm likeokay. First of all, handing out random pens to people during a fuckingpandemic doesn't look not not a great idea and then also it's like heluterally just basically said like fuck your mental health thing, I don't care,here's a sin doesn't give a shit. He doesn't I mean I was lake hopit like Icould shit on him all fucking day. It's so easy! Well, it's just. How can younot care like how can you die? Like he's a Narcist, I mean obviously he's anarcister Rit. If you don't mean he's a definition of an artissist,absolutely oh thereis, a there's, a thing that Bruce R springsteam postedan puls Ofon, my phone, because it was so good. The only time o everythinghe's been genuine is when well. I think we talked about that whenEruth Bater Gins Briag down yeah, we a he was like completely like what yeahhe had ith. This one is a brief glimpse of that Hep. Usually he probably hasthose moments by himself and then says: WHOV got to get rid of that emotion.Before I go out there now Bruce Springsteam postof. This thing I guesshe went, he was on serious radio and he said quoting there's no art in thisWhite House. There's: No literature, no poetry, no music, there's no pets inthis White House, no loyal man's best friend. There are no images of thefirst family enjoying themselves together in a moment of relaxation noobamas on the beach in Hawaii moments, no bushes, fishing and Ka kind of can,I can't say the N W. I can't pronounce the name of that: okay, worder Seeword,yeah, Ka Ward, where that country go where all the fun the joy, theexpression of love and happiness, go bea basically just says. Like you know,you look at every past presidency for like the last fifty years and there'syou know shots of them at the park. You know there was the whole thing whereburock and Michelle went on a datenight, the Broadway, and you know W plang in hin the lawn with the dogs, and you don't have any of that. With with with this administration andthat's pobably porn tapes we had Milania go, got the got the KennedyGarden Yeah and I feel okay so that I will say this apparently that the if Iread it right, if I was reading everything correctly, they kind of hadto do that really because of the fact that the bushes have been around for solong that they need like they'd been around for, like, I think, seventy fiveyears. Okay, so it was like tit like Wyeah ECASS, because Jackieo, I guesslike was the one who planned that garden like after after John Died. Idon't know if it's, but that's why I was like the kind of he media kind ofspent it kind of weird way, but, like I think, that's why they took it out wasbecause, like it was almost to the end of its live Spandwich, I don't even nowwan a lifespan over rose bushes, or any of that is, I guess, B. I guess Ha'smake you wonder like well, why not just plant new ones? Exactly that's why I'mlike why the fuck wouldnit Yhou do that either, but remember her fucking, likered, hallway of horrors for the holiday from a couple years ago. No, she didthe h one of the hallways in in the White House for Christmas, and it wasall the trees were like red. It was red curtains. Red F, do remember. It waslike a fucking horror movie. You remember that Lokom hat a game offrones was the red wedding ye. I kind of hope this election ends like the redwedding y gonna, get me on some teilinks, butwhatever they're nocging on the door, Yeahi don't know us. I was watchingspeeches today. I was watching Biden speech by me. It was it was it was. Itwas good. It was okay lot. Some trump speeches I go. I was watching a bomb. Iwas AKE cad. Damn I have a hard on. I miss you, that's why I love the. I lovethe shit from family guy. Oh, when ta W, when drop like stops on the picture ofa bomb and Peter Hangs back up and kisses it and strokes. It gently that that fight against trump, myfavorite moment is still they're out in the garden. You hear Milania go pe Tar.She throws Shom a golf club, Kel him in front of me and Hiy sex you, yes,... what doest to he's like you are cash.Poor say that to me again you cash poy he's got the rorns make upMukoo Shit fuck, it's a while, like if you'reon facebook at all, like all these, like pages and stuff thing, go votelike all like the networks like shows. If you follow Shewas like go vote votea fucking marvel for the mcou put wone out with Captain America's shield asthe own. I wonder, like I think, as it like the NFL did it on their bannersyeah. It said your vote counts like the past, like three or four weeks sinceI've never seen the NFL do that I'v ever seen like any of the I've, neverseen this much of like a go vote just to go vote wave from all corners ofentertainment and media. So I'm wondering who side everybodyis likewhat terbuddy want? That's what makes me wonder like, but the one thing I'venoticed is the ones who get pissed off at those posts tend to be the ones withlike you know the trump two thousand and twenty, Oh yeah the. When marvelposted the one they were like. Oh look at you fucking. You know lip Tard,cucks Postinto, it's like all thes STU was go thou, they didn't say, voteBiden like so why is going to vote? Suddenly a fucking like politically correct, don't voteGod damning. We want a dictator, Shet whoas, the guy that was on Fox NewsTaday, who was kind of like Wyou, said the Democrats are going to try to curvethe election by having every single ballot countand. It's like way.Somebody said that yeah what I got ta I forget who the name of the Guy Rea- ohmy God, Tha Dumbis Sing Evermy, it's like Hav an x wife. That's like that's literally how it works. Ido now y dummising ive, that's my own mouth. I think George DECAP you're, notfollowing George Toca facebook like on'tthe fuck, you I follow him ontwitter, it's just as good Ian find it yeah trump advisor slammed for claimingthat I'm sorry he was on George defan novel is not Fox et's. What's his name, he id Jesus. Iknow I hate this thing with the ads loadlike while you're scrolling, and then you lose your fucking place, whileyou're reading the article trump campaign advisor Jason Miller,claiming that counting all the ballads amount to Democrats stealing theelection. Why? Because you're going to find out that all the Balles are forfucking Democrats, counting all ballot? If we count allthe ballance Guiwill, no shit whats what I loved Hen when hewas first getting investigated by the FBI and they were like they're justgoing to keep looking until they find evidence. It's like yeah, that's an investigation, that's whatthey do literally what happens Jesus. I can't believe Youso that Imean I can't actually believe they said that nothing. Nothing fucking surprisesme anymore. Basically, H that you hear he said h bite him an that by now trumpwas like joe dis or Wat, something like that. Joke et shot, Oh yeah like if, ifhe wins, but he gets shot before the before he sworn in, like who the footthe fuck yeah, he fuck says that Kat Kathy Griffinmade a joke like that and got your ot fucking. Remember when she did thatthat post with the with the fake trump had, and she fucking like lost tourdates for like the next year and a half over that shit. I don't know why,because, like I mean, if you think about it, their reasoning was it was.It was looking like she was threatening the president. I was like now youverSheard, anything, the president ever said. Then you Oy, all he does isthreatened. People Holy Shit, I'll, tell him wets. So my wife, I was justlike it'swere. Listening to the speech back, Mi was like listen to BommaStreet, the BOM, as speaking it s, like very, like hope, ask hope, listen totrump speech, it's very like they're, going to take everything from you. It'sall fearmonger yeah, it's all thoses! Why I love! I love the ads they havewhere it's like in. If you vote for Joe Byden, America will look like this andit's fires and riots, and I'm like so so that's jhut's happening right nowunder you well th. I think they took footage from at actually just had yeaha they took footage from what was going on yeah. It's like these riots arehappening because of you already. So how is this going to be any differentfrom what the fuck's already happening? My favorite thing is when people havemake it make America great again hm posters, I mean like signs in their ard,I'm Mike. So what you're saying his last fouryears, or did it make America Great? I thought yeah. That was but his currentslogan is, keep America Great, I'm like, but it's but but it's not it's so fun. It'salmost like he's trelling himself yeah, like he's, got like when he won the first time. I haveexpected him to be like Gotcha, just getting no seriously health care forall. That's ly everybody people were talking,abouteople were talking about like like...

...because the wine wasn't up for wasn'tup forvote this year. He still got another two years and they were likeman. If he was up for election. I wouldn't vote for him. It's like wellthe WHO would you vote for the Democratic candidate, because they'regoing to do the same shit that he's doing wel fuck, damn it fucking to Bago. I don't know Maga Mo Dack an my is hole. I was withthe big lots today. There was like three trucks in the parking lot thathad t e the trump flag, American flag, Ohio, flag, fucking roadwarror banners,and it's like Jesus people, it's just so stapin you're buying a sixty. Yourbig lots com h. What and the thing here's at bozs emind about those people.Is They e? They want you to nownt they're vroting for trump, but likethat's, why? I think people are afraid he'll get relected is because the factthey see that but people are like his people are like want you to fuckingknowmie people, don't give a shit n like yeah, I'm voting for Bidintrunspeople R, like II'm voting for trump like they want you to fucking,know they're voting for him yeah like okay, good for you Lik, I'm assumingyou also wear your favorite sports team, Jersey, Um and Jerkoff to Fox News. Alright atLeven PM at night, I don't my friend Katie was she was watching. Iguess some live stream, that h t comwell Harris is doing and and people ere getting Intho chat,going like Hashdag Drump, Wo Thousand and twenty Fran Kat Hes, like it's aweird way to tell people that your parents ore, brother and sister, that's fucking, one of my favoritetweets I've seen in a while. It's like some guys, like, Oh my God, to put mymask on. I literally can't breathe with in a second and somebody somelodyretweeted that and quoted the tweet saying that's a funny way of sayingyou've never had a woman sit on your face. That's the best fucking tweet handsdown. I've seen us. I've ever seen a lot of those like on Tick Tock andtwitter and Instagram, like all these guys, bitching about wearing masks, don't spend any time going down onwomen. It's like no! I was like Ho. That's amazing! That's I you see the I posted something about like the youngvote and like three of the outground states. So already in the young vote, it was likeforty, nine thousand or something like that in Florida. Butit last time, shitno last time around w thousand and sixteen now is like out o hundred andtwenty thousand do damn see if I can pull it of because I know I know,they've been talking that, like like early early voting inmail and voting for this election has already like or is on the verge ofbeing higher numbers than total votes cast for the last election period. Well,therare. Ninety eight million votes right, O early boats yeah, which is, Ithink, last it's like at seventy two percent. I was reading it Wuto ther. Inever they're saying like the highest the highest recorded because becauseyou gotta remember like a lot of elections, we don't have voter statsfor because it was the eighteen hundreds and that's true. They didn'ttrack that Shit, but like the highest recorded voter turnout, number one was Obama and macane. It was like a sixty fivepercent population. Voter turnout was it really yeah? Okay, I got the staff,sorry Aron, they're, good, two thusand and sixteen and Florida forty fourthousand voted right. Okay, this year already, this is ages. Eighteen, twentynine, this yea already two hundred and fifty seven thousand Holy Shit NorthCarolina, twenty five thousand in two thousand, and sixteen this year, twohundred n four thousand- Oh, my God, Michigan seven thousand five hundredAndti shirteen yeah teny siteen this year hundred and forty fivehousand. Ohmy God liked it. Oh wy! I did. I don't fucking, Remember Yeah! I like and share a lot of Shit onfacebook. I do a lot of shit posting, that's insane fucking, it is saneturnout and, like I was talling like like they're talking about, like I said,mccan McCain and an Obama sixty five percent of the population voted, and Ithink they said like just an early early voting alone were up to the werup to sixty percent. Already, seventy three. Seventy two. Seventy twopercent right now are you serious sorry of seventy percent Ahway from seventteefrom two thousand and sixteen okay. Now I'm talking like of the population?Okay Es, I think, were sixty percent of already voted. That's hoithe earlyvoting or Mailan Bet, I'm like Atsa fucking insane yeah, because when Iwent last week I was in and out in twenty minutes. I think we man, wifeWen, we were out you guys. You guys went to the building down on third yeahsuper easy. They made it really eas. Oh Yeah. They got signs like even asyou're pulling up to the building. Theyre lete go here park here. Parkingis free, one of one flight of stairs followd, the dots I spent more time onescalators than I did actually fucking voting Oh yeah, and was it? Why thinklike we got there? There's like it wasn't really busy when I walked inlike I me is like you want a Maga thing,...

...because you have those twew peopleoutside Oh yeah. So I look like I know. I look like I vote for him. I know thatfor a fact somewhere, like my car, heart, ll right, raggedy, Janes orwhatever, and I was like no I'm good and I walkedin and I come out a D. I come back out es like looking at me and th and thenthe guy was like. Do you want tos bide inside? I was like absolutely see theytrye h when I've got thet the people try to hand me the the the little pieceof the pamphlet with all the blue votes, and I was like no I'm good, so I meanithe Maga Gos like Oh, you want this. One was like. No, I don't want that oneeither. I'm good. I know the fuck. I'm voting for assholes no, I walked outthey bots kind of looked at me. There's kind of like fuck this guy just do yeahvoted for Joe Jorganson bitches Florida Man's voting for Jo Jorgan athat's. For sure I rode in I rode inChuch nors. I remember it was. It was at e twenty thousand eight to twothousand and twelve election shuck Noris actually got like a full percentof right in votes. Any really yeah T S Wy, fucking, weird fuck, Chuck Noris. Iknow Idi't life would be different if that check nors is presenent. I know,especially because Yo walk her Texas right threre on every channel he'sbecause he's a fucking antivactor, isn't he. I have no idea he's like he'snuts also dude like eighty years old, but seeson yeah, and I did see apictures from today and like the line to get into vote, was like into theparking girladge, which is good. I think I don't know what early votingsays. I don't know if early Voningis, meaning it's more Somi'm, trying tofigure out if it's more lean towards Bidin or trump. I have no idea. I feel like more people want to earlyvote because they don't have to do l with the long lines but like and they're afraid of butter,suppression or something like, but I will I will say, of the people I sawearly voting because I mean there were a lot of people there. They just I meanthey were moving it along really quickly. I just kind of why it took itwas so quick. It was mostly people like our age group.I didn't see a lot of like our older folks there. It was mostly people like in their esor younger. So I I don't know what that entails. Imean I know fucking eighteen year olds, who are voting for trump, but I know Ihad a fucking eighty year olds voting for Byden, but it did seem to all be kind of thatour age groum. So I know our age group tends to mostlylean left yeah. Oh for sure I don't understand how you could. I wast got anARY Misson, not Argu. I heard somebiy say some about college the other dayabout free college like tdiyd Ot. They want to Bot for viding, because I feellike college is just abs like no way should get calld or free, or somethinglike that was like, because, like they had to pay for theirs, I was like Iwant to turn Ip as like. Well, you know what like you're, selfish, yeah, of course, likeit sucks, you had to pay, for it totally agree with you, but for therest of e people. You know w much better. That could be for everybodyelse. You shouldjust, because you're pissed off you should want like thenext generation to have more opportunities than you, because youknow how much that sucks exact, like just much of my wife, pays and like steit lone like yeah. I would love for them to get it give away. Oh yeah, buts she's Goin, to Reconsinn. If she had to pay them out. If she had to Reddo itall over Aain, she would have not gone to college because of Stalind debt. Idon't know what I would have done. I honestly don't I think about that. Igot I have over seventy grand and college thatright now he's the same round. Yeah and I I don't know I don't know what I wouldhave done granted I'm you know I'm in a pretty good position right now in myjob I don't know if I wuld I in my field, I don't know if that's stillwhat happened. If I had gone back and finished the degreeyou're just you know, stayed working parttime at the radio station untilsomething else came along. I don't fucking know, but that that that amountof money that I'm paying out every fucking month certainly would be nice.If I didn't have that anymore, I know granted right now with everything withcovid. Like you know they they stopped everyone that are alone federal,federal yeah, so I still paid on it for the year, just because it was that thatpoint it was just going straight to the principal I stopped when I bought the house justbecause I wrote a big ass God damn check and wanted to recoup some of thatmoney. It's the worst. It's a nice feeling when you spend that much moneytowards the house down payment, but it's like the worst fucking feelings.Oh yeah, there goes that money I saved yeah. Iwhen I when I bought like when I bought the the mixer here. You know Tis sixhundred dollar mixer and, like I save for months, so I knew I had the money.But when I hit check out on Amazon, like it' still hurt, it's like how Tstigot delivered in twelve hours, because Amazon cause am was on. Prime, is kindof the shit. I Hate Jeff Bezos, but fuck s made so much money off hispenademic. He could, I think I remember seeing, whereas like somebody could hecould like pay off like all of the all, like all the studentdebt in the fucking country and still be sitting on like several billiondollars like it? Wouldn't it wouldn't it wouldn't even put a dent in hisfucking. If he did that, I'm just my...

...thing is that man has enough money tobe Batman. It isn't Batman, which is like sluther, let mee really fucking is fucking. Like sluther Di you ever watchthat we came out, this is stuff called crip to note Amazon cryptonote, it's a cool, gleak green glowing, rockit's green, it's good for the environment, allegedly legetly! You ever see thatnight er watch that Nin's dinosaurs Sitcom was like guys gon like the liveaction, one or whetever. It's been forever, the not the Mama baby and allthat yeah, so so the the main, the main guy, the dad he had had this boss thathe worked for in in whatever SFUCKING job was. I don't remember. It's beenthirty years. I bought H my mom one of the box et for Christmas every fuckingyear, one year I finally got it, for she still hasn't opened it up. Ohreally, I get re so much shit for it, but the guy had a boss. I was like abig fucking, try, Saratop or some shit who somebody on Youtube took a clip andbasically cut out like all the evil, hateful shit he would say and Putinnext to something Donald Trump wels say it's like the fucking same thing. Oh,my Godt is it's one of those. It's like okay, this is clearly a coincidence,but it's the best fucking coincidence, I've ever seen in my life forever. I can't remember, I rememberthe show I just don't remember like I think yeah I watched it when I was four.I was four years old when that show was on I'd. Watch it again now, if momwould open the damn, Dav Das, a botter? U The damn! DVDs mhes, not my momthey're, still red they're, still wrapped in the plastic thats funy. I saw my conums wrapped in PLASTC. I don't have any anymore. That's thepoint rcoming in some PUSS THEY GTA expirebefore they get used. Fuck Jesus that was jus today was I'm. I'minterest see what happens with the election tomorrow were actually I'mGoinna get super high yeah. If I wasn't working, then I'm gonna GE,cookie yeah gets super high. She doesn't drink, but she's gointo get abottle of wine was going to watch the results. That's what I did last time.Last time I didn't have to work. I was just sitting at home and just drinkingand eventually like two am a D. I was like well, I know what I'm wanking upto I'm going to bed. That was the worst feeling that was just yeah like Iremember, I can't remember what state he picked up and I was like this isover and I was like so like distraught. I think once you I think, NorthCarolina once you got North Carolina, I was like it's it. Hat's fucking it did you see. Texas is like maybe atosso yeah, that's fucking. How fuck is that? That's how fucking crazy texes wholeit's Goin to be the weirdest fucking election like ever hat, if you like,loses by like twenty five million boats, popular roates, but still ons alectoral. I mean that's fes, that's kind of my prediction. My predictionand I hate that it's so Bestimisic PESTIMISIC pessimistic, I'm not drunk,is, I think I think it's going to be a repeato two thousand and sixten. Ithink really, I think, he's I think he's I think he's going to lose thepopular vote by a landslide, but I think he's Goingto get, I think, he'sGoinna win by electoral. I don't think I think that's the fucking electoralsoltem is so stacked AE's. The thing, though, is like he won flord about likea hundred N, twelve thousand yeah, so he want some other states by reallylittle margins yeah, obviously because he lost by the three million votes orsomething like a popular boate. So, like a comic friend said, it said to me thebest he's like I don't. I don't see him winning like we're alltaling Abou, like tromp, maybe winning yeah then like I was even in the sameopression we started talking to me and Iwas, like I don't see him winning. Iwas like W guy ask why as Stewart Hoff, so that Tis to so Kay Thats Ouh and hewas like people vote out of hate, the left hates hates more than any time in our history,hates trump andit's, not because I tholght somebody thoday. I said PEP.The Democrats don't hate trunk as his a Republican yeah the hand e, becausehe's an the asshole yeah they hate he's like they hate we, thefirst time and on t e left its the first time. Hate yeah is playing a bigpart. That's true, and I was like Hollin Shit like I found myselfagreeing with Chuck Shumer the other day is left leaning as I am. I neveragree with Juck Schamer who, by the way, you might not know this is amySchumer's like fucking uncle or some shit like really yeah, and I know thatyeah N. I was randomly curiously Ealy ThetheDay I that up- and I was like son of a bitch. No, you know what that's that's a goodpoint I mean like in two thousand and sixteen and well, I think, in twothousand and sixteen the Democrats hated trump just because it was it was easy tobecause because at that point it was... he was just some asswhole making amockery of the system like it was this fucking asshole coming in here, tryingto run for president WHO's. Never who's never played the game before now. It'slike fuck that Dude Ell, I think, is people hated hilary here's anotherhere's another reason: People hate people hated Hilary. We still want thepopular boat people fucking hated Hilary Y, her emails, Bengazi. You don't really see people who hateBiden, no most people's feeling about biding is exactly what my lawn signsays: Yeah, it's like all right, fine, but fuck. You for making me havethe Vov. Yes, Guy Lot of people like there's, not really a lot of hatepeople, because, like hell, I man, Hiller Clinton like Ea. I don't thinkshe's a good person, no, not at all, but that was a that was nota vote. I liked casting at people hated her yeah despiseor, but like when youlook at biding you're like is Joe Bidan like what is there tha hate about theseold hes weird and like his his kids laptop? That may or may not be like areal thing, even though I'm not viting for I'm not voting for hunter. I so Idon't. I don't understand where this is going. Even even John Olver broughtthat up last night, like you blah blah blah ru, Jo, bringing up hundred bidenslaptop, who once again, is not running for president. It's UST so stupid, likeI lovshit with Tecker Carlson' file disappearing, and that was the fuckthatwas like the tweets and the memes that came out of that were like that. Ilaughed so hard that day just all day, Le Gout these files, but but theymysteriously disappeared and then even tand. The best part they didn't like. Ithink I can' t remember who said it, but they didn't even tell you like whowas sending the Fire Like what Comany a sind it like Ca. Don' fucking existexactly well tell e Carsos even been on record or saying that his he has noplat like if anybody were to follow him or believe it's stupid, something Ican't remember what he said it just like it's for entertainment value. Ithas nothing to do with political. That's how Fox News, one that fuckinglawsuit bag in like two thousand and six, fifty thousand and eight, wherethey basically Beo they were people were suing them for misinformation, andthey said well, no we're not news, we're entertaining it yeah and theyfucking won that somehow it'. You can't have Fox News and your fucking, then nodon't think news is in there. It is is in their name. Well now it is becausebecause the Disney buyout, so Fox News, isn't a part of Fox anymore, it's itsown entity. Now Gosh, it's called the Fox News Network that same thing, witha couple of other like like some stuff got folded into that, like TwentyaCentury Fox, got folded into that fs one got folded into that, but, likeFox Nek, because Disney was like hey we'll take this and take this. We don'twant that. We're good! We nowyis Bain dise's, like no yeah, we got ABC we'regoodwe got. We got George nough a Lop. I GUESS WE'RE FINE! Well also. How would it look if youwere the company that that paid paychecks at Tucker, Carlson and JimmyKemel? I mean and disams everything Itown me they doeverything except fucking, Charlie Brown, apparently fucking apple yeah.It was random. It's well hos. Here's Wy, I'm okay! For so I'm not Charlie BrownFan I'v! Never Hever Really Watch anything yeah. I don't know why I dodtwear childhood probably was Mo at I. Don't I don't. If I wasmolessed don'tremember it. I Love Charle Brown, but here's thething for me s because I want for somehow because of the way the calendarworks. I have had to work every Halloween since I got this job and sothe one thing I look forward to is that I get to go into work and watch CharlieBrown. I don't get to participate in any parties or anything but hes GottoWatch Charlie round. Well they took that from me this year, but then theyhad the balls to run ads on ABC Hey. If you want to watch the Charlie Brown,the Great Pumpkin go to Apple TV plus fuck you. I should be watching it rightnow on ABC Dicks, how much that cost IC! Well, here's the thing, probably not asmuch as you think, because the co the contract was up for purchase becausegoes in like three to five year cycles. You got to remember like, like Disney,took a hit this year, O yeah, whereas apple apples, not an entertainmentcompany, they're, a tech company, so they had cash to burn. Disney wasprobably looking for someone to take it offtheir hands and they could get some income- that's probably true, but buthe has so much money. I know I mean like I'm saying that in terms of likeagain we're talking like Jeff Baysa size dollars here, but also still fuck,you apple, that's they're, just trying to give peop what it is: they're tryingto get people to sign up for Apple TV plus, because nobody signed UN up rapitplus it doesn't look good. I think they have one like Tom, hanks movie, etomacsmovie thit S Uppose, to be pretty good. They've got some reboot. Remember theghost riter show that was on PBS in the Fucking S. Yeah they've got some newversion of that really yeah. As far as I know. That's all they fucking got. Icould give a shit. There's no reason.

No! I meanwhile, who was getting readyto crank out a bombass Eromakin, the animaniacs, so I saw that we justfinished them on that Flik we just finishd Coberkai, I still have. Is iton Netflix naats on NHETF, okay s? I wanted to watch it, but I wasn't aboutTho sign up for Youtube red, so o that's on that Flix. It's so good! I'veheard it's fucking Ama, it's so good! I just finished season two of the boys. Ineed o I'm on. Like episode, six of the Boys Oa. You go one left: okay, yeah,I'm talking about like FC someioh season, one! Oh Jesus! You are soseason episode. Seven! I believe now, you've already you've seen the dolphinscene. That's so funny! I was watching that episode. My mom had alreadyfinished the serie the season I was downstairs w still with my mom. I waswatching it when that happened. I'm in the basement going. Oh, my God, a d. mymom text me. I know right thin. She knew exactly what the fuck I wastalking about. Make Ey contacte Hes fucking finedofin fly your like, and atfirst you just like all H, because it lands on the Parkan Lot, you're like no,that fucking truck just ot nowhere so fucking funny that you're in for a treat with therest of the season one and season Seasonto. First of all, they top theDolphin I'll. Do the I'm not going to tell you where or how, but they top ofthe Dolphin scene. I Didn' hear they mocked the Avenger scene. They mockdthe shit out of the avengers and DC that the the female avenger scene. TheyI heard they mocked the shit out of they mock they nou yeah, Oh yeah, theygo season. Two Poles, no fucking punches how it should be, which Iabsolutely agree if you've never and also, if you've, never read the comicsof the boys. This is based off. You think the shows fucked up is ta, comics, really the comics arokay. So first episode, starlight joins the seven yeah and deep makes herfucking blow him. Yeah Yeah in the commens. It's a fucking gang train ofall the dudes. In the seven like it's fuck, it's fucked up, thecomic is fog up still going on. Oriit done. No, it was ait was j t a shortlimited as it yeah how many seasons I hink to'll get out of it. It depends on because, if they do likethe walking dead and kind of do their own thing, because e're already talkingabout spin ofsand shit like origin stories of the differentheroes and shit which I'd kind of be into, but I'd also rather just see thatplay out in the fucking show ecase what yeah they're doing the Tonof spinit thelucking walking dead, so which I could give a shit about. I stoppe watchingout a lot. I baile I bailed long before Negan and then I tried to come backwhen Nigan showed up and I build right after the season. After neg all theseason. Last upso watched the episode righty befor Kar Killed Himso, that's it Oh, the one where he got bitby Azambi, but had fo bout, forty eight hours to sort of shit out. That's thelast upsode I watche TAT's. All the at that point. If I had made it that far,I would have bound at that point because I did watch that episode. I waslike this is dumb yeah yeah an then and then mandalarian juststarted. So I new need to watch that. Have you watched first season I'll seethe ones great watching new episode? It's IT's good! It's really fucking goodfucking, Timothy Elephant! Isn't it and he's? Oh really, yeah he's! I loved himwit the elevant to begin with, if you've seen, Saan, Creeta, diet, yeahhe's so fucking good and then just ts good in anything, he is it's one of myfavorite movies. Ever I think it's the girl next door, the one with where the gut with what's the porn starliving next Os, my favorite fucking movies, great movie, but he's so goodin that million who's. Ho that to me, Oh he's the fucking gangster dude thatfucking R love that guy but bustin o the classroom Os get out stay at school. I fuck it for Arye's, that's one of myfavorite fucking movies. Ever it's a good fucking movie got. I think I getends like everybody kind of got what they want like needed: Ind One yeahbecause, like the one kid like they because they make their own sex headtape and everyone, the one kids wearing a mask and like the Dod Dick, is hugeand he's just sitting there in the back like yeah. It is it's like I'm like, because you neversee the sorcial that they made a sex, ed tape. You don't see that coming noat all, because you think theryou think they're going Ta make a fucking Por.Now that movie is underrated as Fuckandever,because it's a early twosan comedy about a poring star Yeah. So likenobody went to go, see it and everybody kind of wrote it off. It was the goodfucking movies of fantasticy Y, always figure yea. He was in thatmovie loved them in that God. I forgot that was him. Shit yeah, maybe came out e fucking years ago,though so he's yelling a shit in it. Well, Shit Pauldiannos in that moviehe's the Nerdy Kid with the fucking huge Alon Fuck and he's going to be theriddler, an the new Batman that is h Yeah I like call Dana, and then you got speed, racers the Raim car that boorfucking Kids II, guys dame...

...t'some, weird name: that's like a meal,a meal, Hersh Yeah you're right yeah, because because HEU did that into thewild movie, which is really good in Alfa Dogs Alpadog was he nophodox yeah.He was really gonough dogs and then then he did the speed racer movie,which honestl isn't it's not that bad John Godman playing POPs Razer? Howback Fucki, John Genmans, so fucking, good man and everything I'v En maning awatch the connors, because it it's good look Lik Dan was always the best partof Roseanne Yeah. No, and I agree like iy. Okay, so, like I think the original Roseanne series isprobably one the most underradio rosent. Oh yeah, it's okay keep mine. It wasstill really good and people loved it and like how it like still like. If you watch all episodes,it still relates to times now: Oh yeah, they you' like fucking, hey these guys.This is so good and hyoknow. The only issue we o Ba really had whis is thatfucked up last season, yeah, where, like you found it like the whole thing,was her book and like Dan, a died, which is all I will say. I love theydid the first episode of the reboot. We can't remember what I was A. I can'tremember what they did. The very first thing is he just wake up and she's. Shelooks over t Dan Hi's guy's, fucking Seapat, but she as okay she's likethought. You were dead. He just goes. Why does everybody was thinking deadand they just they? Basically just don't mention it and just move the Fuckon Sarah Chok comes back for that season because remember she replaced the actress that played the daughter atone point: Yeah, because it wasn't okay, so here'sZon concusin that so the dot the blond hair, wonder yeah. The blind was shealso in scrubs. Sarah Chalk was she's the onewho took over okay, so ser. So they had the original actor who played her. Sheleft got replaced by Sarah Chack Sarah Chalks, the one who was in scrubs allthat time, yeah so for the reboot they had. The original bode thats aayeah.Sarah Chak is there, but she plays another character. I can't remember, Isee how it's been she'Sthey, make up a character for the REBOT OIS yeah. It'sjust a made up character: Okay based basically Jus Start Marrin ie just seena couple of the episodes, I don't remember seeing her basically,basically the blonde daughter like, as had like a shit life and his trying tohave a kid she's trying to be like the Surgate or whatever for Sarah Chack AAnnow yeah. I do remember that now, but like ser, Sarah chalks not around likeshe left after that season and but the show still so fucking funny and the waythey did. I mean a I actually like the way they handled like writing offRosanne's character, like it wasn't just like a she was gone and theyforgot about her thing like it actually played into there wasn't oplylate itwas. It was an nopiid addiction and like there were several episodes whereit was like they were where they were finding out about it, finding out whereshe was getting them from like they dealt with it over like several, butthat's also again goes to like how good Roseanne always was. Was it dealt withreal shit? It was a it was a dark show yeah, it was a fucked up, show Oh yeah, but but again, that's why I like thatlast season, because it was like the whole thing e like they won the lottery,but their lives were still fucked up because they realized the problem.Wasn't they were broke the problems? They were all just kind of white trash,yeah yeah that was yeah hat's. I thoughtabout cheers. I still think cheers is the Best Sitcom Ever Mano. Think I'veever watched an episode of Cher Areyou. It's on Netflix. I know Ihave, neverwatched an episode of Cher, it's s as fuck, but, like a you, look at like howmany careers it fucking launched like Ted danceind. It had like one thingbefore that, and then that was his big thing. Shelly long fucking, KirstyAlley Fraser, fucking, Kelsea grammar becausethen frasers AE, spin off of Cheer Yeah Woodie Harrelson for Fuck, say God Ithat was his first big thing. I mean this thing waunched, so many fuckingcareers, fucking John Ratts en burger, who we knew now, who we now now is thevoice of something in every fucking Disney movie. But it's also one of those shows likeyou. Could you could mit? You could remake that or reboot that today,because the show took place on one set, every episode yeah just the Bar- and itwas like you know- theire episodes dealing with the fact that, like theowners, a recovering alcoholic and so him dealing with his alcoholism- and itwas the S- it was a progressive time. So, like you know, like you know, thatwas when, like women's rights was, was a really big deal and Shitt'n it'sstuff, that's still relatable to fucking theday and Ted Dancon's back ontop of the fucking world after the good place, so hear. That's really good!I've heard it's some. I don't have pet the peacock AP. If I'm not I'm notgetting every streaming ap out there, I don't know if yo cock charges or not- Idon't know. If Y, I thought they D TAT is, I don't know, but I just think it'sridiculous to like or Netflix had like everything yeah they had and then Hulucame out and who everyone was like. NETFLIX IS FOR MOVIES WHO LOSE FOR TV.I can live with that yeah. Now everyone has s. m Amazon was like we got our ownshit and apples like we bought charliey Brown amazons. I will say other than liketheir original shit, like like the boys or like marvels, misss Mazel, which iswhich is Great Amazon. Video can go to hell, yes, Orly,not because most of I you got like I...

...want to O. Like I mean Fi, most yeah,like I'm a huge micomolly fan, you got to get two ninety nine, an episode. Isit seriously yeah? So you know what I did. I went U and bought the bog at thebox set for Christmas. Now. Don't have to fucking worry about it anymore,Jesus to Nin, to Aaed episode, and that's not even to keep that's to rentit. You get it for like forty eight hours,how the fuck did they make money off. I ave no fucking idea. It's called Amazon,prime, but even with Amazon, prime, you stillgot to pay Phor Hist, so I'm paying for the service. It's like Napster, I'mpaying for the service, and then I got ta pay for the fuck. Get fucked getfucked get fucked. So it's o like ae ic the boys. You know Miss Mazel, theiroriginal shit. You can watch whenever but like he other stuff that they have on there,which also that's. Why that's? Why CBSALL access cracks me the fuck up,because they were like? Oh you can. If you pay for CBSLAXES, because becausecheers s the CBS sow, you can watch thears, you can watch it on Netflix. ILik it's Nhot exclusive to you for ant. I wonder how long they have that. Thankfor. I don't know right far, because that shit streaming contracts are soweird. Like E. I because, when I work for TDIRECTTVIS, actually I going tolearn to this so, like you know how ik can trurn on like show time or HBO andyou'll see like the same five movies for like three months, yeah its becauseat that point that, like HBO or show time has eclusive rights to that yea.So they're going to show it as much as fucking possible got you and then whenit goes away. It's because it's because everything Goe Ou go for goes intcycles. It goes from like national, worldwide distribution andthen nationlike, then nation. Only then it goes limited and then it goes toyour HBOS and then it goes to your re like actually there's actually aprocess to how stuff is released to the public which a lone of wh ch. I didn'teven know about. I figured it just came out when it came out, but that'sinteresting streaming has thrown everything off and especially now withfucking covid. Well, not everybody's Comouy, peacocksCBS. All access, tink Fox has no Fox. Is Hulu Yeah FoxFox, well Aoun. I now how that works. Fox has all their shit on Hulo, butDisney has Disney, doesn't own Hulu, but they have the controlling state,but then desney has Disney plus yeah and you're, like we pay for fucking waytoo much shit. I know we pay for Hulo plus Ers, and this is why fucked upokay, so we pay for the WHO Live Hulu. Ias. I want to like TATC your TV, soyou to watch TV yeah, because I want to watch res Games and I asked my wife Iwas like I was like I just you know: Do it for a few months, O cancsmutn she's,like that's fine. We normally don't watch TV yeah period at all like andnow she loves HTV. So I have to keep Oh shit soi' like well fuck all right, butthen we pay for Netflix and okay. So I will say this: The youcan get a package deal where it's Hulo, plus ESPN, plus and Disney plus- and Ithink it's all three for, like twelve tin, nine or something like t yeah. ButI don't you don't get live TV. Oh that's! Okay, so you want to lie. Okay,Gotcha see I I get I get, who I get Free Hulu through sprint, okay, butit's also huloo basics. Ot's, like I said, theyr fucing, comeals yeah, it'slike I don't get the live TV. That's the only thing! That's the only thingshe wants. Otherwise, we'll be all about it right. My Mom has an antennawhich is fine. You know for her locals and then She's trying ot that sling TVthing it's line for a little bit ats. Okay, I tried. I tried the the Pluto. Iget the Pluto TV AP on my playstat on playstation. That's pretty fucking coolan well because, like they'll, have because they have whole channelsdedicated to like a specific type program. So like there's, a gordn ramschannel, that's cool yeah, there's one there's one youlothere's, there's likethree or four comedy channels like one's a comedy central like RetroChannel. Like I tured on the other day, it was just showing crank Gangers, juston aloot. All Day, one day was just showing drawn together like on afucking loop, ewere drawn together, yeah love that fucking show, and thenthere was another one that was showing like all the the Mike the Mike APSStand up. Show cases were like fucking, Gary Owen shows up and Jesus funny.This is their star Trek. Chan was a DOTR HO channel like they've, got themfor fucking intin and it's free. I didnt AV plutit was free, yeah, plutosfree. You can get it on fucking anything and it's great tobe supposed to be pretty good too.They wer tri to be actually didtie it for two days, and I didn't like itdidn't like it now. I can't remember what it was that that's that I think isowned by Fox Natcha, because they because they show a lot of tube ads. Ican't remember remember what was the one that started and now just ended: qbOh Quiby, quippy yeah, or they show like two minute: fucking EPIs, yeah,Tik, whicsh, fucking, Grat idois that we're going to show you an episode,every three minutes yeah and like how's this going to last it. What pissed meoff was that's where the that's, where they stuck the red nine on one reboot,Oh yeah, you could have put that anywhere. You put it on fucking quimy.I wonder how it did on Qivy. I don't know, I wonder if somebody else wouldget it. I hope so because we had a fucking love. Riion one is fucking wo.I, as just like who's like we make episodes for people want totake poops and watch video.

That's WHA. It is hator yeah, I'm goingto take a shit watcs, my favorite episodeo. I want to watch same whith,the stars, but it's called dancing with that. fucking short Wen, O watch likethey like some Lawrence Fish Burn, show on there. So Shitt's like okay, I meancool, but that's also hat. I Have Youtube for yeah, THAT'S WHA! I havethat's why I have angry birds, all tee ben playing among us. No, whatthe fuck is among us. I hear and see everybody posting aboutthis show: Okay, an Lon us just like you guys are awl stuck on a fuck. Is ita mobile game? Yeah, okay, you're all stuck on like a like a spacecraft, anyou have like stuff to do: okay, like task one of Tyous, an impostor. So yourobjective is to go everybody's to go around finish their tasks right and H,n. The ampostle goes around killing people so but the impostring go through likevents and stuff like that. Okay and then somemake report, Thad Body andWonce, somebody finds reported t, but you have to vote whoever you think theimpostrs, you guys can talk about it, hey and then, like you know, the possie gets thrown out inspace and I'll tell you. This person is not the impostor. Also in Yau see thisperson like in the space running like flying through space like owful ly,fucked up, sometimes so may be thrown out, say: Oh, this is the impostorandle. You Win the game type thing, but the goal is you guys have to finish allyear: Objectives: okay or he, the amposter,kills everybody, and then you try to figure out who theIMPOSTOR is yeah. Okay see I've played like I played likeparty versions of that, like with friends or like it like cemaslike clue,yeah yeah, there's a there's a when I was camping. Last year we played thisgame called Warwolf was kind of like that, where, like everybody, got a cardand told you if you were a townsperson or if you were the Wearewolfer, if youwere the priest or if you were the guardian or and then but everybody toput their heads down an whoever was running the game. Woulh like selectlie.Three people like these three people like got, attacked or died, and HEU hadto figure out who was the fucking wear wolf, but every every day that youdidn't find the right, where Wolf more people die itits I can get into that I've. YetI've played it. Like probably like seventy five games, I've got to be theimpostor which JAS pissed me. I am IE. I don't and I don't playconstant. I like one or two times like a day, really takes it. Maybe five tenminutes play like okayfor at work. So it's not like something like where atlike it eats up a huge amount of your time unless you rn Plyeah, I'm SittirgI', like really like. I just want to like Pukifull a video yeah eall right guys, that'll. Do It forthis week's episode of the Basement Lounge. Thank you. So much for tuningin and listen to me and Mike Wells shoot the shit. If you guys want tohang out with US online nd get in touch with Tus. Tell us! What's going on, youcan find me t on twitter at Micao valches. You can find Mike on Twitterat Mike Wtflls, and you can follow this show at tbl underscore pod on twitterand instagram at all times and of course, go to our website basement.Lounge podcom can wearn more about this show and all the other cool shows thatwere turning out here in the basement. Large studio will be back again nextweek with more conversation, and you know we'll see what the hellhappens in the world between now and then until next time, guys as alwayslive well rock on take care and babba.

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