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Season 2, Episode 2 · 2 years ago

Pre-Election Thoughts & Feelings


Who will win the popular vote? Who will win the electoral vote? Will we see a record high voter turnout?

This week Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The election
  • The election
  • ...and the election

Watch the third Obama & Romney debate from 2012:

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Hey guys, as Mike Shay just wanted to give a small caveat as we go into this episode. First of all, thank you for sticking around with us. I know it's been a bit of a weird start the season two, but covid through things for quite a loop and Mike and I are working on getting things a bit more regular now. So so yeah, that's one. So number two is that we are recorded this Monday night of November two, so the night before the election. So obviously we have nothing to say in the episode regarding the actual results. You know, we give some speculations and our thoughts on the on the election process as a whole and election numbers as they are at the time of the recording. So obviously the numbers are going to be different by the time you're actually listening to the episode, so keep that in mind as well. That being said, so we guys are going to hear one half of a twohour conversation Mike and I. You know, our jobs are what they are, and so we've decided to record kind of two episodes at once. We sit and talk for two hours and you know we'll split it up. So you guys are going to hear part of it today and then the other half will be next week's episode. But don't worry, you don't need to listen to one to listen to the other, because Mike and I can talk about fucking anything. So you guys are in for a real treat on today's episode. So sit back and relax and welcome into another a new episode of the Basement Lounge. But there will be civil war. Oh my God, we've already seen the was it the the trump trucks that surrounded the biden bus? That was so stupid, like, Holy Shit, I know the one. Try to knock the one off. I see, yeah, like it. It's scissored that other car and knocked it out the way like that. Some fucking Mad Max Shit. I know. We're in the road warrior now, the Road Warrior. God, climate change is needs to be here and then we're there. Where's the day after tomorrow? Why hasn't that happened? Can it? Can that just happen now and just start over again? Or what the fucking two thousand and twelve movie? Oh God, cusack in the Limo. I saw dreams about that movie. Really. Yeah, I don't know why I'm always flying a plane ends up being one hundred eleven and I'm just fucking no, I'm not. It's so I always had dreams like I'm in that movie and like I'm in the planet, my brother, my brother's not my sister, who I don't get along with. So that all and my mom and I was just flying and then stead in the world. It's like twenty, two thousand and twelve, and then that's how the dream ends. Oh, she said. I've had that dream like eight, nine times. I can't decide how I feel about that movie because, like everyone dies, like the only main characters that don't die are John Qusac and the ex wife. Like yeah, her hush, her new husband dies, his boss dies, is boss's girlfriend dies, like all the main characters you follow throughout the whole movie all die. The kids die. The kids make it. They should have killed the kids. But like what's fucked up is is his bosses kids survive, even though his boss and his boss's girlfriended. Oh yeah, because they were like the rich. He's that. Yeah, the twins are whatever, and then Adam nowhere. They're just nice at the end. But it's like okay, so now he went from having his his ex wife and his two kids to also now having, I guess, raises bosses too, little assholes, because there dicks throughout the whole movie. They aren't they like long red head, like yeah, currently ready, yeah, and the like. We have tickets to get on special plane, so we will live and you will die, like fuck these. Knock him overboard. Oh No, well, put him in a cage, because of they're Russian. So yeah, it was like Russian, fuck it. Okay, you're immigrants. Fuck them. But lydy had because who was? Because, like Danny Glover was the president, because this was two thousand and twelve. So every movie that had the president had a black guy. Had A black guy, legendary black actor playing the president. That's true. You, Oregon Freeman, played the president in one of the White House movies, because you had White House down, and Olympus has follow him out the same fucking year, was it? Why? It's not. Why how is it called White House down or something that's not White House sound something else? Well, Olympus has following is a London one. Right now that it's the White House, there's one that has. London has fallen. Was the sequel? Yeah, Olympus has fallen, as the White House one, right, but there was also one cold White House down that came out the same year with Jamie Fox. Oh, I forgot about the yeah, came out the same it's back Fox and the stripper. Yes, yeah, sure, Magic...

Mike. That's who ever being down in magic my because channing, tatum, channing is because it was who was in the other draw butler, Dard, Butler, yeah, he was, he was in Olympus has fallen. And then but it's like like yet we see. You see that every few years, because I remember when we had volcano and Dante's peak. Yeah, and deep impact in Armageddon. There is one. It was like the fuck, what was it? It was to two magician movies. One had the Guy Played Hugh Jackman, Oh, prestige, the Prestigi, and there was an Edward Norton one. Oh Shit, what was that one? I can't remember, but it was like I was like all right, like clearly somebody's told script to two different people and well, yeah, hasn't mess it up a little bit. Every couple of years you get, you get, you get these movies that that are too to a thing. We just had one recently. A camera. It was it was red sparrow and atomic blond, like they're both. Yeah, just to action movies about about four and spies. One's a little more fucked up than the other, but I forgot about those. Yeah, I literally forgot about those. That's I mean, they're not good. That's why I forgot. It not fucking good, man, all on natural disaster movies are pretty much awful. I feel like. Yeah, I mean none of them are really like great, but the two thousand and twenty natural disaster movie, man's kind of be a documentary. I cannot wait. I can't wait for the documentary about this fucking year. Man. It's gonna be eight. It'll been years long. It'll be it'll be out in January. I mean, we're already seeing TV shows about what it's like lived during covid and it's weird. Hollywood doesn't give it time to like there's some I saw there's a movie coming out. I can't fucking remember who is. There's a movie coming out where you're basically like everybody's quarantine and it's like now it's Covid twenty three, oh my God. Yeah, and and like the new covid like everyways quarantine and get like scan yourself, like your phone, and like if you if you have it, like you could. Basically, they take you somewhere and they take you away from everybody type thing, and everybody's like quarantine with other infected people and like eat your brain stuff like that. Mike, it has even been nine months, like like like what the fuck, like, why did you come up with this already? Where was? There was a even like the new season the conners is all about. Yeah, the sitcoms with tackling it. There's this there's this TV show on free form called like living in quarantine, and it's about like one's a brand new couple just started dating and they decide to live together, one's a couple that's decides to have their first baby, ones like an older couple, and it's like it's this is us, but with court, but with covid that's horrible. This is that the new couple won't survived. Know, they can imagine whening to live with like somewhere. Oh wait, the we're tender date and then I know she's like, if you test positive, get the quarantine together. I with this girl last night. You want to as a date Kinda. Yeah, we hung out of her place. She it. It's not going to I'm never going to talk to her again, because it was like like she lived in a nice apartment that was filthy as fuck. She's one of those people who just like who just like lives in filth, like, oh, this random container of butter just been really the counter for days and whole place just smells like cigarette smoke and it's one of those places where it's like you are not getting your deposit back on this plant. How old was she doing? Thirty seven? She lives like that. Yeah, lives like that four year old kid and just, Oh, and it Chy has a kid and just lives like a fucking like like she was giving a tour of replace and like like her her daughter's room. You couldn't see the floor. There was just clothes and toys fucking everywhere. Her bedroom, she had like her entire wardrobe on one side of her bed and she just kind of like, I guess, pill bugged on the other side for what little amount of bed she had left to lay on. And and like the kitchen was just like you couldn't see the countertop. Oh, that's bad, like just, yeah, just awful. Is it's just like this is no way to fucking live. Like I'm not a I'm not the cleanest person in the world, but like, Holy Shit, you have to clean. I don't mean cabint kids tough, but like you do have to clean. Yes, it's every once in a while. Yeah, like today I went the big lots and body fucking vacuum cleaner. I felt like such a Goddamn adult. But anyway, so we're her places. She and this is another reason why I wish it's she's like I thought we were. She was supposed to be. I thought was going to be a Netflix and chill. It turned into like Hey, let's watch keeping up with the KARDASHIANS and watch Mike lose a bone or real fast. And it was the episode where where they documented when I guess want one of them. I don't know which one had fucking covid Ellis Chloe? Is it chloe? I don't know why. I know that I honestly downt now. I just I don't watch that show. I don't know why. I know I never see like I cou have an ass like which...'s that? Which one's that? WHO's that? WHO's that guy? Yeah, so it was like this whole shit of her, like just in her room, like and then like her best friend goes into labor and she was supposed to be like the midwife because her husband and so she couldn't go visit and like Mr Kids Birthday, like it was kind of like it was fucked up, like it's like, but it's also kind of a it's a it's a knocking somebody down a peg moment where it's like wow, I look at you, having to actually face fucking reality for a change. The KARDASHIANS that that shows ending this year. This is last season rice. Well, the world's ending this year, so it seems fitting. I'm just I'm so glad. I think there is a I'm atheist. I think there is a God. They don't know what he is. This is one of those moments of possible enlightenment. She's it's I saw an interview with her. She was on she was on Ellen or something, and she was talking about how, like Oh, yeah, you know, my business hit like you know this first billion dollars and blah, Blah Blah, and you know, just a know, go out and buy the Nice Card. But you know, money doesn't buy happiness. It's only it's just so fleeting. It's like, yeah, that's that's coming from somebody who's never had to fucking want for a thing, and that because her dad was a lawyer. Yeah, you've never known what it's like to go without a Goddamn thing, so why don't you shut the fuck up? Exactly. She owes her career, though, off a sex tape. She does. She absolutely fucking does. That hurt. Like they were rich. They're okay, I want to say we're they were probably well off, I mean rich. Yeah, they weren't hurting by any before that. But, like her mom, that family built my career office sex tape. Yeah, off somebody WHO's will. I was already on the verge of having a career of his own. Yeah, because it was fucking rage at the dude had the heisman trophy and that tank his fucking career and hers shot the Fuck Up. Man. So I love want to get the Sea Power Pussy. That's fucking Bat Everybo. That's a power pussy right there. Because it didn't, because that, because I didn't do Shit for Paris Hilton's career, but it did wonders for Kim, I know. But we've, I mean we've all seen the Paras Hulton want. It's it's fine night as it called him Knight and a Knight in Paris. It's fine, I'm play on. I know. Well, you know they did the same thing with with China, the Wrestler, Oh, right now, I remember her sex. I don't. I'm never why. I've never seen it, but it got leaked. But the the the quote Unquote Porno Company who distributed the Paris Hulton one, distributed the one for China, called it a knight in China. It's like Nice Copyright, a ridgement if shit. Well, the difference is, like you can always tell, like when those things are quote unquote leaked or not, because, like Paris Hulton's got got released and like nobody gave a shit. China. China's got released and she fucking sued everybody she was so pissed. So you can tell that, like one was quote unquote leaked and one was actually elated. Yeah, the Paris, like I remember the Paras Olt one and we've all seen it. It's up there with the with the pamanders and Tommy Lee one. I've never seen that one early. That's my big porn dude. It's it's an early s you know Handicam Porn. So it's not nowadays when a sex tape gets released, because you know your iphone shoots and fucking K so it looks amazing. I got that come shot. I can actually see eat sperm individually. Yes, a billion of sperm on that Lady's face. Or Gentleman, whatever one you're watching. I don't know. Whatever you're real judge. It's fine, you don't judge. Never judge it as nowadays you wait for Captain America accidentally tweeted Dick Pick or some shit. That was fun. Crazy people would you even ask? Well, I feel bad for him because he was just scrolling through his photos. It shows fans, yeah, and it was just there. Is there, but also those like you know what, good for you, man. But I loved his clap back on it where he was like, Oh shit, by the way, vote while everyone's playing attention to me. Vote. I guess it's like, can you cat mary? That's Captain America's Dick Pick. America, where's that porn parody? Let's probably somewhere fucking you know, be your Amiss. I guess you know. We touched on at the top, but it's we're recording the night before the election. Yeah, fuck, you know, it's crazy. So I was watching news out for it. Came over here and don't really watch as that much, but I was watching Obama speak and it was like so beautiful. Even when he's taking shots at trump, it's eloquent shots. Yeah, it's just like I like, this guy can actually speak, this is a speaker, like he's an amazing speaker, amazing. Oh yeah, I know people who hate President Obama that are like dude, can speak. Yeah, he can absolutely like trumps horrible diarrhea. Yeah, he's I don't understand where he's he's really good at cracking jokes, I guess, and Trollan but like, at the same time it's like, okay, like there have been times he's taking a shot at somebody and I've wanted to laugh because it's like, you know, objectively, that's pretty good. I was well written, but also you're such an asshole. He has a good way of trolling people, but like his is like he comes out he's got diarrhea of the mouth so hard, like he makes me. He made Bush look like a competent president. I know. Actually he's made any present.

I con it's it makes Reagan look awesome, regular thanks. Reagan look like yeah, let's look whenever, whenever I see him and him and bide, you know, fucking stammering off at each other, like I like, it's like, well, at least Biden has a has a legit speech impediment. I don't know the fuck trump's problem is. I know, and that was the first debate. That was the whole like that was why I kep on arguing with him, to get him to stutter. Yeah, I guess I just come out to make him look like he was senile. Or was I can't remember, because you know, you when when you can't focus, that's when that stutter comes back. Yeah, but and then he just looks like a woman China shop just I don't know. I remember we talked about this last time. I'm remember talking to my mom after, after that debate, and she was like, after that debate, I just I can't, I can't vote for him again. And I was like this was it, this was the thing everything mom would from the first time. I think so she she won't tell me yes or no. Fact, she's like, but I can't vote for him this time, and I was like so this was the line. Everything else up to this was okay. This was what did it. I did mock and disabled reporter that I found an old video of, remember Howard Dean from like the toothing yeah. That destroyed is yeah, like he first we're gonna go to Ohio, they're gonna go to Pennsylvania, we're gonna go to main they're gonna go all like he just started name in as many states as he fucking could and ended with the yeah, and that destroyed his entire nowadays he would have his own fucking Hashtag and he'd be up thirty points in the polls. It makes no sense. As I saw an old video of one of the Obama Romney debates and it was just two of them sitting at those two of them just sitting at a table not much bigger than my desk with the moderator sitting the Cross Room, and they were just having a conversation and I'm like can we go the fuck back to that please? I was talking my buddy jake on twitter and he was like remember, one week could just go on here and just bitch about like, you know, football, and it wasn't just all the fucking end of the world is coming. I would. I miss that so much. Miss bipartisanship, I miss discourse. I Miss Discourse so much. There's it doesn't exist anymore. And unfortunately, what I think did it and is I think it was Obama getting elected because seeing wanted up happening was all these closeted fucking racists in Washington suddenly had to answer to a black guy and a bit brought out the worst in them. It did. They weren't allowed to pass any they were told not to pass anything. Of a bottom one of it, especially once they took control of the Congress. And that's my favorite part about the second debate. Oh did you hear that? And then, yeah, Mike, drop that Shit. Republicans. Yeah, it's like, why didn't you guys pass anything? We had a Republican Congress. Long Pause. That's the answer. And that was just one of those moments where I was just like, Oh shit, it's a hundred percent sure. I mean we have footage of you know, your little the turtle, Mitch McConnell, on MSNBC or whatever, saying we are going to block anything he tries to pass. fucking bullshit him, and I remember this this clip from the daily show that keeps circling of Lindsay Graham on there when trump was first run and he was telling him what a asshole Donald Trump is and he told Trevor No. He's like you got a green card? No, you might be out of here, man. Yeah, I remember and it's amazing how they well, Lindsay Grahams I think, still hates him because he did a he did. I want to say like such a fuck stick he is, I'm not gonna. Yeah, he did a fucking video. There's a video out for he put a video out for Biden for five month. Three or four months ago, I was the one of him like sitting in the back of the car. Yeah, I was like he's a good guy and all this stuff, and then, I don't Hounderste does that video. He released the video on his own twitter, if I remember correctly, and then all SUDDI's, I think. So I gotta go back and looked. I remember seeing the video, but I think somebody else shared it. I gotta go back and see where it actually I'm I sitting there Mike, but he's also trying to back trumpet the same thing. Yeah, you can't play like you're either one or the other. I don't Lindsay Grahams. I mean he's such a fuck, as you know as a guy from South Carolina. He's such a flip flopping fucking Nancy boy. Yeah, John Oliver's impression of him is the funniest fucking here John Offers. He's basically doesn't. Impression of him at a bojangles reads like these biscuits are dry, the sauce is salty, the chicken is saga. This is the biggest sham which, if you haven't watched this week's John Oliver, he did an extra long episode. He did like twenty minutes just talking about William Barr and fucking ripped him a new one. Lambar looks like Fred Flens. Down at Fred Flens and try to get a law degree, like it's that's what he looks like. I've he called. He said he's a man. I've a DAB A sue. He could said you. He said he was America's trying to poop face emoji. That's fucking Fune. And then he showed a...

...clip of him playing the bagpipes and he's like, anytime we can find a clip of somebody playing the bagpipes. WHO's in Washington? We will play it. That's a bagpipe, promise. That's a bag pipe. Is other twenty minutes we're just about like like the coronavirus and like you know, how, like going back to w like they set up what to do in the case of a pandemic and they showed a speech clip of w's talking about how this could happen. Then that was, you know, Obama's pandemic response team talking about how, you know, and for five years we might see some kind of new severe case of you know, and it's like wow, that didn't age well, unfortunately, and they dismantled it. The fucking the most fucked up clip was they showed was it was. It was him having like a hit a bunch of like nurse Practitioners and hospital heads and stuff in the Oval Office and they were talking about like needing Ppe and stuff like that, and he goes this one guy, he goes not only that, he's telling the president, we also need to be worried about like the PTSD for all of our staffers, because they're seeing people like die all day, every day, and trump just goes yeah, yeah, oh, by the way, I have pens for everybody. Just cuts the guy off as or was handing out, handing out pens, which I'm like, okay, first of all, handing out random pens to people during a fucking pandemic don't look good. Not, not a great idea. And then also it's like he literally just basically said, like fuck your mental health thing, I don't care. Here's a pin. Doesn't give a shit. He doesn't. I mean I was like hoping, like I get shit on him all fucking day. It's so easy. Well, it's just how can you not care, like, how can you not like he's a Narciss I mean, obviously he's a narcisst ever, but if you don't mean he's a definition of an narcissist. Absolutely, there's a there's a thing that Bruce, bruce springsteam posted. I'm also of my phone because it was so good. The only time I've everythink he's been genuine is when, well, I think we talked about that one. We're Ruth Bader gins bring down. Yeah, we have. He was like completely like what? Yeah, he had with this one was the brief glimpse of that he usually he probably has those moments by himself and then says, who've got to get rid of that emotion before I go out there. Now, Bruce Springstein post of this thing. I guess he went. He was on serious radio and he said, quoting, there's no art in this White House. There's no literature, no poetry, no music. There's no pets in this White House, no loyal man's best friend. There are no images of the first family enjoying themselves together in a moment of relaxation, no obamas on the beach in Hawaii moments, no bushes, fishing and can kind of can. I can't say the name. I can't pronounce the name of that Kayward or see word. Yeah, Kyword. Where that country go? Where all the fun, the joy, the expression of love and happiness go? But yeah, basically just says like, you know, you look at every past presidency for like the last fifty years and there's, you know, shots of them at the park. You know, there was the whole thing. We're Barack and Michelle went on a date night to Broadway and you know, dub you playing in the lawn with the dogs and you don't have any of that with with with with this administration. That's probably porn tapes. We had Milani ago gut the gout the Kennedy Garden. Yeah, and I feel okay so that I will say this. Apparently that, if I read it right, if I was reading everything correctly, they kind of had to do that really because of the fact that the bushes have been around for so long that they need like they'd been around for like, I think, seventy five years. Okay, that so it was like time, like yeah, I guess, because Jackie, Oh, I guess like was the one who planted that garden like after after John Died, and I don't know if that's but that's why I was like the kind of immediate kind of spin it kind of weird way. But like I think that's why they took it out. was because like it was almost to the end of its life span, which I don't even want to life span of a rose bushes or any of that is I guess it. I guess as make you wonder like, well, the why not just plant new ones? Exactly. That's why I'm like, why the fuck wouldn't you do that either? But remember her fucking like Red Hallway of horrors for the holidays from a couple of years ago. No, she did the one of the hallways and in the White House for Christmas and it was all the trees were like red. It was red curtains, red flight to remember, it look like a fucking horror movie. Do you remember? That looks I had a game of thrones. Was the red wedding. I kind of hope this election ends like the red wedding. I gonna get me on some the eyelinks, but whatever, they're not going on the door. Yeah, I don't know. As I was watching speeches today, I was watching Biden's speech by me. It was, it was, it was, it was good, it was okay, Awstin trump speeches, I go I was watching a bomb. I was like, God damn it, I have a heart on. Can Miss You. So I love the love the shit from family guy. He Oh, when they we went trump like stomps on the picture of Obamba and Peter Hangs back up and kisses it and strokes it gently. That that fight against trump. My favorite moment is still they're out in the garden. You hear Milania go, Peter, she throws some a golf club. Can't even in front of me, and I sets you yes, so what...

...does do. He's like, you want cash poor? Say That to me again, you cash poor. He's got the orange make up so much shit. Fuck, it's a while, like if you're on facebook at all, like all these like pages and stuff saying go vote, like all like the networks, like shows. If you fall shows like go vote. Yeah, vote a fucking marvel for the mcu, but went out with Captain America Shield. Is the own. I wonder, like, I think, is it like the NFL did it on their banners? Yeah, it said your vote counts, like the past like three or four weeks. Since I've never seen the NFL do that. I ever seen like any of the you. I've never seen this much of a go vote, just to go vote wave from all corners of entertainment and media. So I'm wondering whose side everybody is like what? Yeah, buddy, want that's what makes me wonder. Like, but the one thing I've noticed the ones who get pissed off at those posts tend to be the ones with like, you know, the trump two thousand and twenty. Oh yeah, the one when marvel posted, the one. They were like, Oh, look at you fucking you know Lipptard Cups Post into its all this. It was go vote. They didn't say vote Biden, like. So why is going to vote? Suddenly a fucking like politically correct, don't vote. God Damn it, we want to dictator. She got who was the guy that was on Fox News the day who was kind of like who said the the Democrats are going to try to curve the election by having every single ballot counted. It's like, way, somebody said that. Yeah, what I gotta? I forget who the name of the guy? Many real oh my God, this is the dumbesting it ever. In mind is it's like happenn x white. That's like. That's literally how it works. I do know you're dumbasting at them. That's my own mouth. I think. George de Kaypo, if you have, you got a fall in George Kay on facebook, like the fuck you. I follow him on twitter. It's just as good. Can Find It. Yeah, trump advisor slammed for claiming that. I'm sorry, he was on. George Stephan obloi is not Fox. Let's what's his name? He said Jesus. I know. I hate this thing with the ads load like while you're scrolling and then you lose your fucking place. While you're reading the article trump campaign advisor Jason Miller claiming that counting all the ballots amount to Democrats stealing the election. Why? Because you're going to find out that all the ballots are for fucking Democrats counting all ballot. If we count all the ballots, Guy will lose no shit what. So I loved when he was first getting investigated by the FBI and they were like they're just going to keep looking until they find evidence. It's like, yeah, that's an investigation. That's what they do. Literally what happens. Jesus, I can't believe you said I mean, I can't actually believe they said that. Nothing's nothing fucking surprises me anymore. Basically, did did you hear? He said he bid him and not buying it, trump was like joe dies or something like that. Joe Gets Shot. Oh yeah, like if he if he wins, but he gets shot before the before he sworn in. Like who the foot the fuck? Yeah, who the fuck says that? Cave? Kathy Griffin made a joke like that and got your got fucking remember what she did that that post with the with the fake trump had, and she fucking like lost tour dates for like the next year and a half over that shit. I don't know why because, like, I mean, you think about it, their reasoning was it was it was looking like she was threatening the president. I was like, no ever saard anything the presidents ever said anybody. All he does is threatened people. Holy Shit, I'll tell him what's sen my wife I was just like, so we're listening to the speeches back when. I was like, listen to Obama speech, Obama speaking, it's like very like hope, ask hope. Listen to trump speech. It's very like they're gonna take everything from you. It's all fear mongering. Yeah, it's all those so I love I love the ads they have where it's like in if you vote for Joe Biden, America will look like this, and it's fires and riots, and I'm like so, so, that shit's happening right now under you. Well, that I think they took footage from. My actually just had yeah happen. They took footage from what was going on. Yeah, it's like these riots are happening because of you already. So how is this going to be any different from what the fuck's already happening? My favorite thing is when people have make it make America great again. HMM, posters, I mean, and like signed in their yard. I'm like, so what you're saying? He's last four years or then it make America Great. I thought, yeah, that was but his current slogan is keep America Great. I'm like, but it's but, but it's not. It's so funny. It's almost like he's trolling himself. Yeah, like he's got like I when he won the first time, I have expected him to be like Gotcha, okay, just getting no, seriously, health care for all. That's like everybody. People were talking about like like because the wine wasn't up for wasn't up for a vote this...

...year, he still got another two years and they were like, man, if he was up for election, I wouldn't vote for him. It's like, well then, who would you vote for? The Democratic candidate, because they're going to do the same shit that he's doing. Well, Fuck Damn it. Fuck Maga, I don't know. Magam on. Derek my asshole was one of the big loss today. There was like three trucks in the parking lot that had the trump flag, American flag, Ohio Flag, Fucking Road Warrior Banners, and it's like, Jesus people, it's just so stupid. You're buying a sixty doll your your big lots come the foot. And the thing here's a boss of mind about those people, is they let they want you to. Now they're voting for trump. But, like I say, I think people are afraid he'll get reelected. It's because the fact they see that. But people are like his people are like want you to fucking know. Why did people don't give a shit. Ye, like, yeah, I'm voting for Biden trumps. People are like, I'm voting for trump, like they want you to fucking know their voting for him. Yeah, like, okay, good for you. I'm assuming you also wear your favorite Sports Team Jersey and jerk off to Fox News, all right, at zero PM at night. I don't. My friend Katie was. She was watching, I guess, some live stream that Kamala Harris is doing, and and people were getting in the chat goingm like Hashtag Trump, two thousand and twenty and Franka. He's like, it's a weird way to tell people that your parents are brother and sister. That's that's fucking one of my favorite tweets I've seen in a while. It's like some guys like, Oh my God, to put my mask on, I literally can't breathe with in the second and somebody and some like retweeted that, quoted the tweet saying that's a funny way saying you've never had a woman sit on your face. That was that's the best fucking tweet, hands down, I've seen. I've ever seen a lot of those, like on Tick Tock and twitter and Instagram, like all these guys bitching about wearing masks don't spend any time going down on women. It's like nope. I was like hole, that's amazing. That's did you see the I posted something about like the young vote and like three of the battleground states m so already in the young vote. It was like forty nine Tho or something like that. In Florida. Voted last time. Shit, no, last time around two thousand and sixteen. Now is I got two hundred and twenty thousand. Damn. And see if I can pull it, because I know they've been talking that like like early, early voting in mail and voting for this election has already like, or is on the verge of being, higher numbers than total votes cast for the last election period. Well, there are ninety eight million votes right now, early votes. Yeah, which is I think last it's like at seventy two percent. I was reading it, but other I never they're saying like the highest, the highest recorded, because you got to remember, like a lot of elections we don't have voter stats for, because it was the eighteen hundreds, and that's true. They didn't track that Shit. But like the highest recorded voter turnout. Number one was Obama and McCain. It was like a sixty five percent population voter turnout. Was It really? Yeah, okay, I got the staffs. Sorry. Okay, you're good. Two Thousand and sixteen in Florida. Forty four thousand voted. Right, okay, this year already. This is ages eighteen to twenty nine. This year already two hundred and fifty seven thousand. Holy Shit. North Carolina, twenty five thousand and two thousand and sixteen. This year, two hundred and four thousand, Oh my God, Michigan, seven thousand, five hundred and ten fifteen. Yeah, twice a seen this year. A hundred and forty five thousand. Oh my God. Liked it. Oh my I did. I don't fucking remember. Yeah, I like and share a lot of Shit on facebook, do a lot of shit posting. That's insane fucking I just think sane turnout and that I was tind like they're talking about, like I said, McCain, McCain and Obama. Sixty five percent of the population voted, and I think they said like just an early, early voting alone. We're up to were up to sixty percent already. Seventy three, seventy two, seventy two percent right now, are you serious? Or You have seventy percent? Oh wait, from seventy two, from two thousand and sixteen. Okay, now I'm talking like of the population. Okay, yeah, got I think we're sixty percent have already voted. That's why the early voting or mail and vote. I'm my God's fucking insane. Yeah, because when I when I went last week, I was in and out in twenty minutes. I think we mean my point. We were out. You guys. You guys went to the building down on third. Yes, super easy. They made it really easy. Oh Yeah, you they got signs like even as you're pulling up to the building, they're let go here, Park here. Parking is free. One Up, one flight of stairs, follow the dots. I spent more time on escalators than I did actually fucking voting. Oh yeah, and was it. But I think like we got there. There's like it wasn't really busy when I walked in,... I mean is like you want to mag I think, because you have this you people outside. Oh yeah, and I look like. I know, I look like I vote for him. I know that for a fact. Somewhere like my car heart, all right, a raggedy jeans or whatever. Yeah, and I was like now, I'm good, and I walked in, I come out, and I come back out. He's like looking at me and I and then the guy was like do you want this bite inside? I was like absolutely. See, they tried that. When I've got that, the people try to hand me the the the the little piece of the pamphlet of all the blue votes, and I was like no, I'm good. So I meeting the magages are Oh, you want this one? I was like no, I don't want that one either. I'm good. I know who the fuck I'm voting for. assholes. What I walked out. They votes kind of looked at me. There's kind of like fuck this guy just do yeah, vote for Joe Jorgans and bitches. Florida man's voting for Joe Jorgans, that's for sure. I wrote in. I wrote in Chuck Norris, I remember it was. It was at the eight of two thousand and twelve election. Chuck Norris actually got like a full percent of rite in votes. Any really. Yeah, why, fucking Weird Fuck Chuck Norris. I know I didn't. Life would be different if hat chuck Norris is president. I know, especially because Walker Texas ranger on every channel. He's well, cause he's a fucking antivactor, isn't he? I have no idea. He's like he's nuts. Also, dude like eighty years old. The yeah, and I did see a pictures from today and like the line to get into vote was like into the parking girl m which is guy, I think. I don't know what early voting says. I don't know if early votings meaning it's more some trying to figure out if it's more lean towards Biden or trump. I have no idea. I feel like more people want to early vote because they don't want to do with the long lines. But like and they're afraid of butter suppression or something like but I will I will say of the people I saw early voting, because there, I mean there were a lot of people there. They just they mean, they were moving in along really quickly. Just kind of why it took it was so quick. It was mostly people like our age group. I didn't see a lot of like our older folks. They're it was mostly people like in their s or younger. So I'm I don't know what that entails. I mean, I know fucking eighteen year olds were voting for trump, but I know I fucking eighty year olds vote for Biden. But it did seem to all be kind of the our age group, and so I know our age group tends to mostly lean left. Yeah, for sure, I don't understand how you could. I was got an arms not, are you? I heard some of my say, I'm about college, they about Free College, like they're not. They want to vote for riding because I feel like college just upset, like no way she get college or free or something. I do was like because like they had to pay for theirs. I was like almost turn I was like, well, you know what, like you're selfish. Yeah, I'll course like it sucks. You had to pay for it. Totally agree with you, but for the rest of people, you know much better that could be for everybody else. You should just because you're pissed off, you should want like the next generation to have more opportunities than you, because you know how much that sucks. Like just much of my wife pays and like student loans. It's like, yeah, I would love for them to get it all give away. Oh yeah, but she's gonna recond send if she had to pay them out, if she had to Redo it all over, and she would have not on a college because of student debt. I don't know what I would have done. I honestly don't. I think about that. I got I have over seventy grand in college that right now. He's the same route. Yeah, and I I don't know. I don't know what I would have done. Granted I'm you know, I'm in a pretty good position right now in my job. I don't know if I would in my field. I don't know if that's still what happened if I had gone back and finished the degree or just, you know, stayed working part time at the radio station until something else came along. I don't fucking know. But that that that amount of money that I'm paying out every fucking month certainly would be nice if I didn't have that anymore. I know, granted right now with everything with Covid, like you know, they they stopped everyone's that are alone at federal, federal. Yeah, so I still paid on it for the year just because it was at that point it was just going straight to the principal. I stopped when I bought the house, just because I wrote a big ass goddamn check and wanted to recoup some of that money. So it's the worst. It's a nice feeling when you spend that much money towards at the house down payment, but it's like the worst fucking feelings. Oh yeah, well, there goes that money I saved. Yeah, I want, I want. I bought one, like when I bought the the mixer here, you know, six hundred mixer and like I saved four months. So I knew I had the money. But when I hit check out on Amazon, like it's still hurt. It's like wow, it's I got delivered in twelve hours because Amazon, Amazon prime, is kind of the shit. I Hate Jeff Bezos, but fuck this made so much money off as pending. The man he could, I think I remember seeing was like somebody could. He could like pay off like all the all, like all the student net in the fucking country and still be sitting on like several billion dollars, like it wouldn't it wouldn't. It wouldn't even put a dent in his fucking if he did that. I'm just my thing is that man has...

...enough money to be Batman and isn't Batman. This is LEX luthor. Looks Really fucking is. Yeah, I can LEX Luthor. Jimmer. Watch that. We came out this stuff called cryptoe note, Amazon, Krypton Note. It's a cool, clean, green, glowing rock. It's green, it's good for the environment, allegedly. allegedly. You're see that night air watch, that s dinosaurs Sitcom was like God's gonna like the live action one or whatever. It's been forever. The not the Mama Baby and all that. Yeah, so so the the main the main guy, the dad. He had a had this boss that he worked for in whatever's fucking job was. I don't remember, it's been thirty years. I bought my mom one of the box set for Christmas. Every fucking year one year I finally got it for she still hasn't opened it up. Oh really, I give her so much shit for it. But the guy had a boss was like a big fucking try. Sarah toop or some shit who, somebody on Youtube took a clip and basically cut out like all the evil, hateful shit he would say and put next to something Donald Trump would say. It's like the fucking same thing. Oh my God, is it's one those? It's like, okay, this is clearly a coincidence, but it's the best fucking coincidence I've ever seen it. Well, that's forever. I can't remember. I remember the show. I still remember like I think. Yeah, I guess I watched it when I was for it was four years old. In that show is on. I'd watch it again now. Mom would open the damn DVD's. I botter the Dan DVD's. He's not my mom. They're still radios. They're still wrapped in the plastic. That's funny. I saw my condoms wrapped in plastic. I don't have any anymore. That's the point. They're coming in some PUSS. They're gonna get expire before they get used. Fuck Jesus. That was just today was I'm interest see what happens with the election tomorrow. We're actually I'M gonna get Super High. Yeah, if I wasn't working, man, I'm going to eat a cookie. Yeah, get super high. She doesn't drink, but she's going to get a bowl wine. Just going to watch the results. That's what I did last time. Last time I didn't have to work. I was just sitting at home and just drinking and eventually like two am and I was like, well, I know what I'm waking up to. I'm going to bed. That was the worst feeling. That was just yeah, like I remember, I Karen what Stadi picked up and I was like this is over, and I was like so, like the straught. I think once you, I think North Carolina. Once he got North Carolina, I was like it's a let's fucking it. Did you see? Texas is like maybe a toss up. Yeah, that's fucking. How fuck does that? And that's how fucking crazy to Texas whole. It's gonna be the weirdest fucking action like ever. What if you like loses by like twenty five million votes popular votes, but still ons e electoral I even that's he that's kind of my prediction. My prediction and I hate it's so PESTIMISIC, pestimisic pessimistic. I'm not drunk, is I think. I think it's going to be a repeat of two thousand and sixteen. I think really, I think he's. I think he's I think he's going to lose the popular vote by a landslide, but I think he's going to get I think he's going to win by electorial I don't think so. I think that's the fucking electoral system is so stacked. Here's the thing, though, is like he won Florida by like a hundred twelve thousand. Yeah, so I guess he wants some other states by really little margins. Yeah, obviously, because he lost by the three million votes or something like a popular vote. So, like a comic friend said, it said to me the best he's like, I don't I don't see him winning, like we're all talking about like trump maybe winning. Yeah, and then, like I was even on the same impression. May Start talking to me and I was like, I don't see him winning. I was like guy asked why, as Stewart huff. So that's this two. So okay, that's huff and he has. Like people vote out of hate. The left hates, hates more than any time in our history. Hates trump. And it's not because I thought somebody the day I said, Pete, the Democrats don't hate trump because he's a republican. Yeah, I hate him because he's an asshole. Yeah, they hate he's like they hate. We the first time, and on left it's the first time. Hate. Yeah, is playing a big part. That's true. And I was like, Holy Shit, like I found myself agreeing with Chuck Schumer the other day. As left leaning as I am, might never agree with Chuck Shumer who, by the way, you might not know, this is amy Schumer's like fucking uncle or some shit. I really yeah, and I know that. Yeah, I was randomly curiously the other day and that up and I was like, son of a bitch, no, you know what that's that's a good point. I mean, like in two thousand and sixteen, and well, I think in two thousand and sixteen the Democrats hated trump just because it was it was easy too, because because at...

...that point it was like he was just some asshole making a mockery of the system. Like yeah, who's this fucking asshole coming in? You're trying to run for president, who's never who's never played the game before? Now it's like fuck that, dude. Well, I think it's people hated hilary. Here's another here's another reason people hate. People hated Hilary. We still want the popular vote. People fucking hated Hilary. Yeah, her emails, Benghazi. You don't really see people who hate Biden. No, most people's feeling about Biden is exactly what my lawn sign says. Yeah, it's like, all right, fine, but fuck you for making me have the vocuses guy. Love of people, like there's not really a lot of hate people because, like hell, I mean Hillary Clinton, like I don't think she's a good person. Yeah, not at all, but that was a that was not a vote. I liked casting that. People hated her. Yeah, the spy as her, but like when you look at biding her, like this is Joe Biden, like what is there they hate about these old the's weird and like his kids laptop. That may or may not be like a real thing. Even though I'm not biting for I'm not voting for hunter, I know I don't. I don't understand where this is going. Even even John Oliver brought that up last night, like your babble, rudinally bringing up hundred Biden's laptop, who, once again it's not running for president. This is so stupid, like that Shit with tecker Carlson's files disappearing, and that was the fucking beast. That was like. The tweets and the memes that came out of that were like that. I laughed so hard that day, just all day. We got these files, but but they mysteriously disappeared and then even tell in the best part, they didn't like I think I can remember who said it, but they even tell you, like who was sending the file, like what company was sent it, like, because I don't fucking exist exactly it. Well tell the Carson's even been on record of saying that hit his he has no plate, like if anybody work to follow him or believe it's stupid something. I can't remember what he said. It's just like it's for entertainment value. It has nothing to do with politicals. That's how Fox News one that fucking lawsuit back in like two thousand and six or two thousand and eight, where they basically they were. People were suing them for misinformation and they said well, no, we're not news, we're entertaining it. Yeah, and they fucking won that somehow. You can't have Fox News in your fucking then I don't think news is in there. It is is in their name. Well, now it is, because because the Disney buy out. So Fox News isn't a part of Fox anymore. It's its own entity. Now got it's called the Fox News Network. That's same thing with a couple of other like like some stuff got folded into that, like Twenty Century Fox got folded into that. Fs One got folded into that, but like Fox nuke, because Disney was like hey, will take this and take this, we don't want that, we're good. Well, yeah, it's bad one. Disney's like now, yeah, we got ABC, we're good. We got we got George snuffle up. I guess we're fun. We also, how would it look if you were the company that that paid paychecks the Tucker Carlson and Jimmy Kimmel, I mean and does? He owns everything, I do, own me. They do everything except fucking Charlie Brown, apparently, fucking apple. Yeah, that was a random it's well, here's here's what I'm I'm okay for. So I'm not Charlie Brown Fan. I've never, never really watched anything. Yeah, I don't know why. I don't wear childhood. Probably wasn't molestaid, I don't know. I don't fils molested. Don't remember it. I Love Charlie Brown. But here's the thing. For is because I wok for somehow, because of the way the calendar works, I have had to work every Halloween since I got this job, and so the one thing I look forward to is that I get to go into work and watch Charlie Brown. I don't get to participate in any parties or anything, but he's got the watch Charlie Brown. Well, they took that from me this year, but then they had the balls to run ads on ABC. Hey, if you want to watch the Charlie Brown the Great Pumpkin, go to Apple TV plus. Fuck you, I should be watching it right now on ABC. Dicks. How much that cost Iq? Well, here's the thing. Probably not as much as you think, because the cop the contract was up for purchase, because it goes in like three to five year cycles. You got to remember, like Disney took a hit this year. Oh yeah, whereas apple, Apple's not an entertainment company, they're a tech company, so they had cash to burn. Disney was probably looking for someone to take it off their hands and they could get us some in gum. That's probably true, but he has so much money. I know. I mean like. I'm saying that in terms of like again, we're talking like Jeff bezos sized dollars here, but also still, fuck you, apple. That's they're just trying to get people what it is. They're trying to get people to sign up for Apple TV plus, because nobody signed enough for Apple TV plus. It doesn't look good. I think they have one like Tom Hanks movie, the Tom Hanks movie. This supposed to be pretty good. They've got some reboot. Remember that ghostwriter show that was on PBS and the fucking s? Yeah, they've got some new version of that. Really. Yeah, as far as I know, that's all they fucking got. I could give a shit. There's no reason. No. Meanwhile, Hulo is getting ready to crank out a bomb ass remake in the animaniacs.

So I saw that we just finished on Netflick. Would you finish Cobra Ki? I still have is it on? Netflix and as on that flick. Okay, guys, I wanted to watch it, but I wasn't about the sign up for Youtube. Read. So on. That's on Netflix. It's so good. I've heard it's fucking amaze. It's so good. I just finished season two of the boys. I need to I'm on like episode six of the boys. See A one left. Okay, now I'm talking about like I've seen some season one. Oh Jesus, you are so seasons episode seven, I believe now you've alread. You've seen the dolphins scene. That's so funny. I was watching that episode. My mom had already finished the series the season. I was down stairs. It was still with my mom. I was watching it when that happened. I'm in the basement going, Oh my God, I'm my mom texts me. I know right like she knew exactly what the fuck I was talking about. Make eye contacted. fucking fly. Dolphins fly, like what? And at first you just like Oh, because it lands on the parking lot. You're like no, the fucking truck just I don't know where. So fucking funny that the you're in for a treat with the rest of the season one in season season two. First of all, they topped the Dolphin. I'll do they I'm not going to tell you where or how, but they top the dolphins scene. I did hear they mock the Avenger scene. They mock the shit out of the avengers and DC. That the the female avenger scene. They I heard they mock the shit out of they mock. They know. Yeah, Oh, yeah, they go. Season two pulls no fucking punches. How should be, which I absolutely agree, which if you've never and also if you've never read the comics of the boys this is based off, you think the show's fucked up as as a comics. Really, the comics are okay. So first episode starlight joins the seven. Yeah, and deep makes her fucking blow him. Yeah, yeah, in the comics it's a fucking gang train of all the dudes in the seven. It's like it's fuck, it's fucked up. The comic is fucked up. Its still going on? Or don't know. It was a it was a short limited the yeah, I mean seasons only t'll get out of it. That depends on because if they do like the walking dead and kind of do their own thing, because already talking about spin offs and Shit like origin stories of the different heroes and shit, which I'd kind of be into, but I'd also rather just see that play out in the fucking show. Except they're doing a ton of spins with the fucking walking dead, which I could give a shit about. Stopped watching that long. I biled. So I bailed long before Nigan and then I try to come back when Nigan showed up and I built right after the season, after me all the season. Last episode watched where the episode right before Carl killed himself. That's it. Oh, the one where he got bit by a Zombie but had bad forty eight hours to sort of shit out. That's the last episode I watched. It's all the at that point. If I had made it that far, I would have bailed at that point, because I did watch that episode. I was like this is dumb. Yeah, yeah, now the then and then Mandalorian just started, so I knew need to watch that. Have you watched first season? I'll see the ones great watching you episode. It's it's good. It's really fucking good. Fucking Timothy Elephant, isn't it? And he's Oh really, yeah, he's. I Love Timothy Oliphant. To begin with, if you've seen San crew to diet. Yeah, he's so fucking good and then just the good in anything, and he is. It's one of my favorite movies ever. I think it's the girl next door, the one with where the guy with a what's the porn star living next door? It's when my favorite fucking movies, a great movie, but he's so good in that, Mollie. WHO's him that? Tell me. Oh, he's the fucking gangster dude. That's fucking head. Love that guy, but bust in the classroom, bulls, get out, stay it's cool. I fuck it. FRARI's that's one of my favorite fucking movies ever. It's a good fucking Moviecah, I think I get ends. Like everybody kind of got what they want, like needed in one. Yeah, because like the one kid like they because they make their own sex head tape, and everyone that one kids wearing a mask and like the two Dick is huge and he's just sitting there in the back like yeah, it is. It's like I'm like, cause you never see the socially that they made a sex head tape. You don't see that coming, no at all. Oh, because you think they're you think they're gonna make a fucking porno. HMM, that movie is underrated as fuck. It every because it's a early comedy about a porn star. Yeah, so, like nobody went to go see it. Everybody kind of wrote it off. It was the good fucking movies, fantasty. Always forget he was in that movie. Love them in that. God, I forgot that was him. Shit. Yeah, the movie came out eat fucking years ago, though, so as shit and it yeah, well, Shit, Paul Dano's in that movie. He's the nerdy kid with the fucking huge as swan fuck and he's going to be the riddler in the new Batman. That is him. Yeah, I like called Dana All then you got speed racers. The fucking care that poor fucking kids. I like Guy's name. It's some weird name that's like a meal, Emil Hirsh.

Yeah, you're right. Yeah, because, because he did that into the wild movie, which is really good. Alpha dogs, Alpha Dog was Hen Alpha dogs. Yeah, he was really good enough dogs. And then he did the speed racer movie, which, honest, isn't. It's not that bad. John Goodman playing POPs racer. How about the fuck John Goodman, so fucking good man and everything i'ven mean in a watch the connors, because it get it's good. It's look, look, Dan was always the best part of Roseanne. Yeah, no, no, I agree, like guy. Okay, so, like, I think the the original Roseanne series is probably when the most underrated Roseanne. Oh yeah, it's okay, keep mind. It was still really good and people loved it and like how it like still like if you watch old episodes, it's still relates to times now. Oh yeah, that you're like, fucking hey, these guys, this is so good and we're, you know, the only issue when baby really had, which is that fucked up last season. Yeah, we're like you found like the whole thing was her book and, like Dann, it died, which is all I will say. I love they did the first episode of the reboot. We can't remember what was that. I can't remember what they did. The very first thing is that they just wake up and she's she looks over a Daniel. Guys, Fucking Sea Pat but yes, okay, she's like thought she were dead. He's goes, why is? Everybody was thinking dead and they just they basically just don't mention it and just move the fuck on. Sarah Chalk comes back for that season because remember, she replaced the actress that played the daughter at one point. Yeah, because it wasn't okay. So here's on confusing that. Okay. So the DOT, the blond hair one. Right, yeah, the blond was she also in scrubs. Sarah Chalk was. She's the one who took over. Okay. So, Sarah. So they had the original actor who played her. She left got replaced by Sarah Chalk. Sarah Chok's the one who was in scrubs all that time. Yeah, so for the reboot they had the original daughter. That's okay. Yeah, Sarah Chalk is there, but she plays another character. I can't remember. I see how it's been. She's they make up a character for the reboot is yeah, it's just a made up character. Okaya. Basically, just start. Mary has seen a couple of the episodes. I don't remember seeing her. Basically, basically, the blond daughter like has had like a shit life and is trying to have a kid and she's trying to be like the Surguet or whatever for Sarah Chock, and I now, yeah, I do remember that now. But like Sarah, Sarah Chok's not around, like she left after that season and but the show still so fucking funny and the way they did, and I actually like the way they handled like writing off rose ane's character, like it wasn't just like a she was gone and they forgot about her thing, like it actually played into there wasn't an open late it was it was an opioided day action and like there were several episodes or it was like they were where they were finding out about it, finding out where she was getting them from, like they dealt with it over like several but that's also again goes to like how good Rose Anne always was. Was it dealt with real shit. It was a baby. Was a dark show. Yeah, it was a fucked up show. Yeah, but but again, that's why I like that last season, because it was like the whole thing, like they won the lottery but their lives were still fucked up because they realize the problem wasn't they were broke, the problems, they were all just kind of white trash. Yeah, that was let's. I fought about cheers. I still think cheers is the best Sitcom ever. Matter. Don't think I've ever watched the episode of cheers. Are you it's on Netflix. I know, I have never watched that set of cheers. It's s as fuck, but like a you look at like how many careers it fucking launched, like Ted Dance, and it had like one thing before that and then that was his big thing. Shelly Long, fucking Christy Alley, Frasier, fucking Kelsey Grammar, because then frasier's a spin off of cheers. Woody Harrelson, for fuck say, got it. That was his first big thing. I mean this thing launched so many fucking careers. fucking John Ratzenburger, who he knew? That who we now and that was the voice of something and every fucking Disney movie. But it's also one of those shows like you could, you could make, you could remake that or reboot that today, because the show took place on one set every episode. Yeah, just the bar, and it was like, you know, their episodes dealing with the fact like the owners are recovering alcoholic and so him dealing with his alcoholism. And it was the s. It was a progressive time. So, like you know, like you know, that was one like women's rights was a was a really big deal and shit, and it's stuff that's still relatable to fucking to day and Ted Danson's back on top of the fucking world after the good place. So that's really good. I've heard it's a I don't have pete the peacock APP as I'm not. I'm not getting every streaming APP out there. Peacock charges or not. I don't know if they'd. I thought they did. It is I don't know, but I just think it's ridiculous that, like her, Netflix had like everything. Yeah, they had lit and then Hulu came out and who everyone was like Netflix is for movies. WHO LOSE FOR TV? I can live with that. Yeah, now everyone has some. Amazon was like we got our own shit and apples, like we bought Charlie Brown. Amazon's I will say, other than like their original shit, like like the boys are like Marvel's Miss Mazel, which is which is great. Amazon video can go to hell. Yes, early not, because most of it you got to like, like I wanted to, like I can buy most of yeah, like, I'm a...

...huge Mike and Molly Fan. You got to get to nine and episode. Is it? Seriously? Yeah, so you know what I did? I went and bought the bog at the box set for Christmas. Now I have to fucking worry about it anymore. She's just too nine episode and that's not even to keep, that's to rent it. You get it for like forty eight hours. How the fuck did they make money off? I've no fucking idea. It's called Amazon prime, but even with Amazon prime you still gotta pay for this. So I'm paying for the service. It's like Napster. I'm paying for the service and then I got to pay for the fuck. Get fucked, get fucked, you get fucked. So, so, like a it's like the boys, you know, Miss Masal, their original shit, you can watch whenever, but like the other stuff that they have on there, which also that's why. That's why CBS all access cracks me the fuck up, because they were like, Oh, you can if you pay for CBS all access, because because cheers is the CBS show, you can watch cheers, but you can watch it on Netflix. It's not exclusive to you. F I want, I want to how long they have that. Thank far. I don't know right first because that shit. Streaming contracts are so weird, like because when I worked for direct TV is actually when I learned this. So, like, you know how, like you'll turn on like showtime or HBO and you'll see like the same five movies for like three months. Yeah, it's because at that point that like HBO or Showtime Has Exclusive Rights to that, so they're going to show it as much as fucking possible. Got You, and then when it goes away, it's because it's because everything go, you go for you ghosts and cycles. It goes from like nation worldwide distribution and then nationwide and then nation only. Then it goes limited and then it goes to your HBOS and then it goes to your rented like actually there's actually a process to how stuff is released to the public, HMM, which a lot of which I didn't even know about. I figured it just came out when it came out, but that's interesting. Streaming is thrown everything off and then, especially now with fucking covid. Well, not EVERYBA's come on, like peacocks, CBS all access. I think Fox has no, Foxes Hulu. Yeah, Fox, Fox. Well, I don't know how that works. Fox has all their shit on Hulu, but Disney has Disney doesn't own Hulu, but they have the controlling stay. But then desney has Disney plus. Yeah, and you're like we pay for fucking way too much it. I know. We pay for Hulu plus omras and as. Why? fucked up. Okay, so we pay for the Hu live Hulu. I was I want to like that your TV. So you to watch TV? Yeah, because I want to watch Rezz Games. And I asked my wife. I was like, I was like, I just, you know, do it for a few months when cancel, and she's like, yeah, that's fine, we normally don't watch TV. Yeah, Herei at all like and now she loves a she TV, so I have to keep Oh shit. So I'm like, well, fuck all right, but then we pay for Netflix and okay, so I will say this. Do you can get a package deal where it's Hulu plus, ESPN plus and Disney plus and it's all three for like twelve ninety nine or something like. Yeah, but I don't. You don't get live TV. Oh, that's okay. So you want to lie. Okay, I got you. See, I get, I get who? I get? Who? I get Free Hulu through sprint. Okay, but it's also Hulu basics. was like, I see this flat coals. Yeah, it's like I don't get the live TV. That's the only thing. That's the only thing she wants. Otherwise would be all about it. Right. My mom has an antenna, which is fine, you know, for her locals, and then She's trying out that sling TV thing. It's lank for a little bit things. Okay, I tried. I tried the the Pluto. I got the Pluto TV APP on my place. They on play station. That's pretty fucking cool. It well, because, like they'll have because they have whole channels dedicated to like a specific type of program so there's a Gordon Ramsey channel. See, it's cool. Yeah, there's one. There's one, you'll look, there's there's like three or four comedy channels, like ones, a comedy central, like Retro Channel. M Look, it turned on the other day it was just showing crank anchors just on a loop all day. One day it was just showing drawn together like on a fucking loop. We're drawn together. Yeah, love that fucking show. And then it was another one that was showing like all the the mic at the MIC APPS, stand up showcases. We're like, fucking Gary Owen shows up and Jesus funny. There's their star trek channel was a doctor who channel like they've got him for fucking I and it's free. I Know Pluto was free. Yeah, Plutos for you can get it on fucking anything and it's great to be supposed to be pretty good too. Never try to be actually did it. Tad It for two days and I didn't like it then. Like it now. I can remember what it was that. That's that, I think is owned by Fox. Gotcha, because they because they show a lot of to be ads. I can't remember remember what was the one that started in now just ended qb oh, quimby, quimby. Yeah, or they show like two minute fucking episode. Yeah, like this is fucking great idea is that. We're gonna show you an episode every three minutes. Yeah, and like how's this going to last? And what Piss me off was that's where they that's where they stuck the ree reboot. Oh, yeah, you could have put that anywhere. You put it on fucking quimby. I wonder how it did on Quimby. I don't know. I wonder if somebody else would get it. I hope so, because we had a fucking love one. That's fucking why. I was just like who's like we make episodes for people want to take poops and watch video.

That's all that more. Yeah, I'm going to take a shit and watch my favorite episode of I want to watch to see what the stars but it's called dancing with the like. That fucking short want to watch, like they like some Lawrence Fishburn show on there or some shit. It's like, okay, I mean cool, but that's also what I have youtube for. Yeah, that's why I have that's why I have angry birds. I'll do you playing among us. Know what the Fuck is among us? I hear and see everybody posting about this show. Okay, Mong us is like you guys are all stuck on a fuck is in a mobile game. Yeah, okay, you're all stuck on like a like a spacecraft. You have like stuff to do, okay, like tasks. One of the use an impost so your objective is to go, everybody's to go around finish our tasks, right, and then the impostle goes around killing people. So but the imposter and go through like vents and stuff like that. Okay, and then some make report dead body and once semi finds are reported. That, but you have to vote whoever you think the imposter is you guys can talk about it. Hey, and then, like you know, the apostle gets thrown out in space and I'll tell you this person is not the impostor. Also, you see this person like in the space running, like flying through space, I go if we fucked up, or sometimes so may be thrown out. Say Oh, this is the imposter and you win the game, type saying, but the goal was you guys have to finish all your objectives, okay, or he, the imposter, kills everybody and then you try to figure out who the IMPOSTOR is. Okay, see, I've played, like I played like party versions of that, like with friends or like a like a came was like clue. Yeah, yeah, there's a there's a when I was camping last year we played this game called Werewolf. was kind of like that. We're like everybody got a card and told you if you were a townsperson or if you were the Werewolf or if you were the priest or, if you were the Guardian or and then, but everybody put their heads down and whoever was running the game would like selectly three people, like these three people like got attacked or died and he had to figure out who was the fucking Werewolf, but every every day that you didn't find the right Werewolf, more people died. It's I can get into that. I've yet. I've played like probably like seventy five games. I've get to be the IMPOSTOR, which is pissed me. I am I I don't and I don't play constantly. I play like when it's two times, like a day. Right, taste it, maybe five ten minutes play, like. Okay, we're at work, so it's not like something like we're at like it eats up a huge amount of your time, unless you're run a play time. Okay, I'm sitting there. I'm like really, like I just want to like put king football video. Yeah, US video. All right, guys. That'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. Thank you so much for tuning in and listen to me and Mike Wells shoot the shit. If you guys want to hang out with US online and get in touch with us, tell us what's going on, you can find me. It's on twitter at Michael all shades. You can find Mike on Twitter at my WTF wells, and you can follow this show at tbl underscore pod on twitter and instagram at all times and, of course, go to our website, Basement Lounge podcom, you can learn more about this show and all the other cool shows that we're churning out here in the basement lounge studio. Will be back again next week with more conversation and you know, we'll see what the hell happens in the world between now and then. Until next time, guys, as always, live well, rock on, take care and Bubbie.

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