The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 30 · 1 year ago

Hedberg, Giraldo, & O'Neal


Reflecting on the careers of Mitch Hedberg, Greg Giraldo, & Patrice O'Neal: three great comics that died far too young. How would their brand of comedy handled today's cancel culture & political climate?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • The talent of three comedy legends gone before their time
  • Being cancelled vs. facing consequences
  • Amy Schumer is bored

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You just got kicked off instagram. Yeah, I don't even know why. I don't even post bad stuff on Instagram, so I don't know like why I'm like band right now. If I just said something in the prove it was like me or something like that too, and I'm like, I wonder if maybe, like you got hacked and somebody reported it for spam or some's the only thing I can think of because, like they won't give me a ret rhyme or reason. Yeah, I sent them the Info and I haven't heard anything back. Right now, I'm band. My account does not exist. That happened to my my sisterin law does like like House plant consultation and has like a greenhouse in their backyard and everything and sells plants and all that. She has an instagram for it. It got shut down for like two, three months and she had to go through all kinds of appeals proving who she was. I don't know if it's just like people's accounts are getting hacked and I don't. I'm like what the fuck? Like somebody I was like, I hadn't on instagram and I trylog and I was like what the hell, that's weird. Meanwhile, I got, you know, thousand messages in my inbox of Hey, sexy, you want fuck, long time, I know it. textphone number. Like, it's bullshit, like I'm saying there. I'm like and I'd like the thing as I post tame stuff on instagram. Yeah, like you don't even post your most extreme twitter stuff on no sound was like, what the fuck, like, because it's just it's just facebook light, as all instagram is. Yeah, welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host, Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax x let's see where the time takes us. Enjoy. I saw him to the movie since Covid I. I took myself on a date last Tuesday. I saw that. Went and saw. First of all, I tried that new this new Taco place where EO Burger used to be. It's called CANDADO's tacos. I love that place. Oh My fucking God, those are some of the best Tacos of ever. You had a ships and chips and ques. I think. So that she's okay. So, Oh my God, I get that's come. That's Jesus. Plus, they're they do their chips are thicker. So they're not. They're not breaking off and you're fucking dip while you're eating them. They're good, so good. And then I got I got two of the brisket tacos and their Treso Taco. I can't what I usually I think I get the Lucy. Almost got. Almost got the juicy Lucy. Yeah, there's that sounds like a porn star name right there. That's you seem so fucking good. It was another. There's one that's really hot. That's really good too. I saw a couple of those and then I got one of their I got their Pineapple Express Margarita, HMM, which was so I love that. They do flights of Margarita's. Did they really? Yeah, you can do it's like fifteen bucks and you get like for Margarita's, and I was like fuck, yeah, we're. Thing is we only start going there during the pandemic, so we've never sat in there. Oh really, yeah, you can sit in there now. It's like it's a weightlist even to sit at the bar. And but it was packed. All this pride. Don't there mask cordonance lifted and it was at once. It was a gorgeous day. You can sit outside and I never went there when it was over Er. I heard it was pretty good, but I saw Bar Louise is closed. It's been close for...

...a but I'm thinking of right there in the green. Yeah, I didn't know the clothes. Yeah, they're close closed. I hate that place. I it's over priced and also you got that right next to beat beat's Mongo. Yeah, and I'M gonna go to Bet's every fucking time, like I don't. One time I walked in there and I felt so underdressed. Also was naked. It's now. I just I don't know. I don't like bars like I guess I like dive bars. Dude, like I want to do cocaine in the but I want to people leave me the fuck alone. Like people go to barlew did to try hook up. I feel like, oh, it's exactly what it feels like. It feels like the place you see, like the guy walks in with with it like his blazer on, but his tie is like let loose around his neck and he's got his blackberry sitting next to him and he's trying to sell cocaine to the twenty year old. I mean that's that. That's that blaze kind of reminds you IMS. Like the people come here to like blow off steam and try to fuck. Yeah, probably all married, Oh yeah, or have herpes. Yeah, if I'M gonna GO DRINK, I want to go to a place like shy, thinking one in town here, like even like like like hole in the wall. See, I don't even go to that. I got a place called, like, he's, a go place called Ganja's. Okay, he's. I used to go to phone booth a lot, or phone boothsetts on. It's on stroop. It's now one. Now it's called the one more tap, the one the yeah, the one more taverns. It's a fucking hole in the wall. This place is like they don't have draft. Oh No, this yeah, this place does. Yeah, and those are my favorite because I'm like yeah, I just want to can or bottom. Yeah, that's all the fucking want, man. We used to go there so often. It was my buddy's birthday and like we party there all day, from like to when they're open till like, I think, like zero in the morning when when close it out. It Tab was thirteen dollars. I love it because we will go there so much. They would just service beer then give a fuck. Fuck it. Yeah, I will go into those places, man, where it's like, because I don't want to go to a when I was in Columbus, like, yeah, we we went to that really nice rooftop bar that we definitely had no business being at, but like we closed it out at fucks the fucking dive that everything, everything was made of wood. Yeah, it's all looking for, man, a place it's quiet enough that I can hear myself fucking think. Yeah, I just want, like I want. They got a place where I feel like he gets stabbed. That's exactly what it is. It's like you feel a little uneasy being there. Yeah, like I like that acause I'm like, okay, like we all know that, like we all don't want to like be here, but we're here, but we're all want to be left alone. Is that makes sense? It's it makes a hundred percent, because I'll go those places. I sit by myself, away from everybody. Every once in a while, like I'll eavesdrop on a conversation, I'll inject myself into it and then I will just stop talking and we just move on with the rest of our night. And then the day I get fucking hammered and it cost me less than twenty bucks. Yeah, then you got a place like Bar...

Lewis. It's like our drinks are seventeen dollars for which? What's your what's your what's your well? Whiskey Jack Daniels get fucked. I'm always try a joke is like I like well Brown because well is a cinnamon of good. It's so stupid, so give me good rum. I had one of the other day. It was like buddy might ask me, like what would be the worst time for a laxative to kick in? Oh, and I said when you're getting a blowjob. Oh, that would and he said why that? I said because that would be the last blowjob you ever got, because word would spread fast. No, that's a fucking truth. Let me see if I have to move random jokes. I said someone says someone to get well soon. Card just in case it arrived on time. Also something mikendolence is card as a one time a girl asked me if I wanted to be on top. I said, honestly, I'm just happy to be involved with that's late to history my computer. I don't want I don't want people. They know I can't spell amateur. That's fucking funny. Oh Shit, I've been rewatching community late. Least I have a lot of community tweets. Let's see here. I my insurance card got declined. I guess my doctors don't take subway rewards cards. By three pills, get three pain men's free. And I bought a baby book, but my baby can't even read. I'll see. I was one of a took a shot at amy shoomer because I was having a bit of slow day. Aby Shoe was being a bitch the other day. Shocker, really was she? She went, she kept going on instagram and like taking because like a quiet place. Who came out, which, by the way, it is fucking incredible. You should go see it. But she was taking shots at John Krasinski and emily blunt, saying their marriage was a sham just for publicity. Really, she was taking shots at Shem, has been relevant for a little bit. Yeah, the fuck I should make. She was making fun of some fucking celebrity and saying it was m a stone because Kruella had come out, and she was going on and on about like what a terrible human being m a stwone is, and I'm like are you just bored, amy, like, are you bored? Do you need to go get a Nintendo switch or something like the fuck is wrong with you right now? She that's weird. Okay, I was fucking proud of this one. Is a fellows. If you want to keep your lady satisfied in bed, try to last at least as long as I gta get loading screen now. That was good. I like that tweet. That was mostly because I was sit your trying to play grant death. Thought of like, Oh my God, this fucking loading screen. I could go fuck somebody right now and come back and it's the wouldn't be loaded. I can't be a rather man. Whenever it's six nine degrees, I'd laugh. Was the other one. That's how I got tredish runs deep in my family.

My Dad was a doctor, my grandfather was doctor and just like them, I too went through a divorce, ha ha, overpaid for college. Let's see here. Oh yeah, then I wat then I wave tweeted the fucking IHEART awards because I had to run them for work and then nothing else better to do. So let's see, fucking Ush, you're saying the I heart awards where real music lives. Oh, okay, okay, I sure, okay. Well, my parents got divorced. It wasn't all that bad. We went from having one Christmas the two parents that hate each other, and that's the greatest s gift ever. Shit, that's funny. Let's see it. That was a lot. I didn't have really tie and bread is so delicious. Way, that doesn't make sense. I use I use a pogo stick when I wear a fan of packs. I know it's like to be a kangaroo. I make any either? Notes and pressing. If I had so many notes. A right down here. I'm a Scorpio. Well of people think I'm an asshole. I think. My best friend is half Asian, his dad is Caucasian and his mom isn't Ninja like and drive. Then I realize she was Muslim. Porn hub is started recommending th things to me based on what I've watched. What's fucked up is how accurate it is. Let's see, my uncle is a great Elvis and personally here. In fact, he's so great he also died from a drug over dose. I want to see a cotton candy field. That shit would look diabetic. Ha Ha. That's fucked up. I love it. The exact opposite. Mother's Day is Planned Parenthood Day. One time I ate a fortune cookie at Walmart and it said you will be here for a while. One cashier's on duty. This one I tried on stage. It never worked. The Food Pyramids lied. Is the Food Pyramid is lie. It wasn't built by the Egyptians. I just think that's funny, but nobody ever laughed on stage, so I was like, fuck you, guys. I think it's stairical mascot for dawn dis shop is an oil covered duck, which is the same mascot for Exxon Mobile. Yes, I want to tweet that one. Actually was funny. I like that one. tweeting that Africa. I thought I tweeted that, but I did it. Oh Shit, I heard. I haven't watched the but I've heard Bo Burnham's new special is fucking fire. That's why I like. I don't like Bo Burnham. Oh Really? Yeah, I don't know why that's I makes you a little surprised. Yeah, I don't know. Like, I don't it's I I will say it. Don't think it's not funny. Don't get me wrong, it's just like I'm like, okay, cool, like super not traditional. I think it's even that like I hate and I by hate him. Hold on, I gotta see if I spoke x on mobile right the x x Oen, the xo N T xes. Is it really? I think so find out right now, Burbo microphone.

He X X O and Yep, I think what it is is like, and I respect him for this, he's like I got lucky, like my parents were rich. Really, I think, because he said that in anyway, he's like, I think that's what he said. I can't remember, but that kind of respect him for that. I'm like gonna get it, like that's why I like. That's why. What's his face? Chris Dear Norfie? Is it Chris something? I've no idea. I don't think he's fucking funny either, but he has like a following. But his day you can find out his dad was like Chris d'elia. Chris d'elia is like, Oh, the guy the Ya will fuck Chris d'elia anyway. Yeah, but even before like everything that happened with that is like his dad's like a producer and all that Shit and Oh really, yeah, you're like, okay, I get that. Well, your people saying the same shit about Amy Schumer, because she was fucking Gele nick the time when he was doing the roasts, and that's how she got on. And I think it was sheen's. Oh Really? Yeah, because, well, because, like she'd been like on last comic standing, comic Remix, and like she was fucking funny. Yeah, back in the day, amy schoomer was fucking funny. I remember when she was this the because it was one of the last seasons of last comic standing. She was like she was on the same season as Josh Blue, the guy was three dalls. She was on the same season as him and Laura the Giovanni Big Talier. She's funny as fuck. But aim she was on she was funny as shit and I was remember thinking, like she's like she's gonna fucking go, and then she's kind of fell off the face of the earth. At one point I was like, oh, that's that's a shame, and then she shows up at the Chine Ros and I was like, well, the fuck is this girl done all this time? She hadn't had any specials or anything, but but she was dating Anthony Gezlnick I, even though they dated. Yeah, because he because at that point he was getting pucks. He kind of like because he came in after Girardo died. Yeah, when. Yeah, and like was was kind of filling in that kind of edgier spot, the Edgy your comic on the roast and show all those so fun. I Miss Great or all Tho so fucking much. And that there too, and I justin makes a good comic and he's like actually, not one of my man, he's probably a top ten comics. Like I love his material, but like Giraldo's just like that's so hard to fill because they're all in salts and edgy, but there's completely different styles. Well, and that that was the thing I remember because because when Gerraldo died, comedy central did a Onehour like documentary about him. They threw it's get him like a week. It was really fucking impressive. And like they had bill Burr on there. He's talked abouts like every all the articles go saying like in a roast comic dies and they're like that was like fucking one percent of what he did, but that's just what made him really fucking bopular was doing the roast. But I remember when I found on Grado died a fucking cried man. I was, I'm thinking, I cried. I was like God damn. Yeah, I remember in the in the in the in the documentary, that comment central did, like you had Louis Black crying, and...

I was like that that takes some doing. Holy Shit. I mean was like so smart. I mean he could have been a lawyer, he was. Yeah, that's say. He could have been like done that as a career. That's how that's how I'm in. Jeff Ross met. I didn't know that. Jeff Ross talks about how they were both doing some college show or something like that and it got out of hand and they charged Jeff Ross with deciding a riot and Gerraldo basically like went to court, asked his lawyer and got him off. That is amazing. Yeah, like he was because he went to like fucking Harvard. Yeah, I didn't know that. Yeah, because I guess the thing was to what I've heard about him. I can rememer where I saw it. They were like he was so smart that he should not have been a comic. Yeah, yeah, they were like why, you're wasting your talent. He talked about it. I think it was either on his special or when he did the INSOMNIAC tour with Dane Cook and Davitel and Sean Rouse. But he was like, I was like, I want the Harvard Law and I'm wearing jeans held together with duct tape. Yea, as he just, he just that's is what he wanted to fucking do. Jesus, he was so fucking good. Yeah, and but yeah, so smart. His jokes just so smart. Yeah, I think I think it was black was he said in the thing. He was like he would he would come up with jokes that were just like so in front of your face the whole time. Then when he'd say you'd go son of a bitch. He said he was like a coal minor. He'd hit it and then he hit it again and hit it again and hit it again until he had fucking diamonds. And you're sitting there going like why the fuck couldn't I? You got to be fucking kidding. And that's the thing is like couse, imagine where he would have been. Like. So the three grades that died young Hadburg. Yeah, they're all though, and fucking a. Why can I think of his name? Patrese o'neo. Yeah, Guy Does. are like all great sound, like like for the tree. I can imagine for trees and herral though. They're all though right now, like and the cancel call through. Holy Shit, neither one of them would have got I think. I don't think it would have been for like past transgressions. I think just their jokes would have got them in trouble, oh, for sure, but like I would love to see it because as they give no fucks, like well, that's what you know. The bummer about Patrese was the last thing of his that air was the Charlie Sheen rose. Yeah, and he was he was drunk or something at that roast, because he didn't even do as jokes. He was like one of the last guys to go up and he was the one. I'm sitner going like, Oh, I can't fucking wait, and he went up and like threw all his jokes out and just started getting pissed off at everybody for like being mean to Charlie Sheen or some shit, and it was it was like it was like he was fucking drunk or something like that, and it was such a bummer that that was the last thing of his to come out. Yeah, after he died. One the thing one of my favorite thing, my my favorite specials at first elephant in the room. Yeah, so fucking good, fucking spell restaurant and...

...the fucking the fucking neck and Natalie Holloway joke. Yeah, he blurs out audience and like what's that? Proven girl exactly, as she wasn't white. It's like, Oh my God, Damn. One of my favorite things he ever did was with Nick to Paolo and was called shorties watching shorties. It's on comedy central's late night show and it was just they voiced these two babies who were like at home with the babysitter watching TV at all. It was was just animated cartoons of people, of comics bits. Damn. It was some of the funniest shit ever, and that would be like the two of them like ripping on the bits and stuff like that as these two babies. I guess it's the best pipe about Patrestis he was on aunt Anthony and oping anything, helping Aunty so much that there's like a lot of material. It's so like I'm a Taro with some Interio with some of him, like look at unlike wants like both be rolls, stuff like. Yeah, that the other two's like there's not as much. Yeah, so it's like one of those things. It's like, God, I would have loved to seen those two. Like it is weird, like I'll always wonder what it happened to Hedberg, because I think over time, if you like watch this material, it was very I was always one liner ass but like his one liners end up becoming like longer. All Tell Stephen Right that. Yeah, Stephen Wright would do just a series of connected one line. Yeah, you know, I think. I think and he's that that's what we're makes me wonder about hedbird is because like like is funny and on top of the world, is Stephen Wright was and he still alive, but like, like you don't hear his name that much anymore. I feel like dbird would have kind of have the same problem, where I think sooner or later the gimmick might have worn off. I don't know, like they they thought like the his fame at the time was like unmad because they like they got they thought he was nixt sign felt like type thing, like they're giving all the stuff like I don't know, I don't know. I did one of the best jokes ever written, ever written, is by him and because it the best jokes are when you're telling you something about somebody, like audience, about yourself, without them knowing, and he goes, I'm a heroin addict. I'm addicted to women, that sex. Have have to have sex with women that save people's lives. Ha Ha. That's what killy died from, heroin, and I'm like God damn, like that is the best joke you ever wrote, because it's what killed you. You are blatantly telling the audience who you are, a heroin adding, yeah, you still found a way to put a twist on them. Yeah, yeah, man, that's like Girraldo all the time when talk about because Geraldo was in and out of Rehab and being sober and not his whole fucking life. I think he was one of those guys who just like the life on the road just always seem to get the better of him.

Oh yeah, but it always he would. You would always hear his friends and his family talk about like he hated what it did to him. I think. I think Gerraldo had a very love hate relationship with comedy because the time on the road would just kind of bring out the worst in him and then it would and then it would have this negative effect on his on his marriage. And Yeah, I guess what I heard, or I can't remember I was listening to but like, yeah, I'm cheating on his wife or something like that. I think I hadn't heard about that. But like he was like there's infidelity just because of the fact that he want from like nobody wanted to fuck this Geeky guy. Cause Geeky guy to like you're one of the best stand ups in the world and women are just throwing themselves at you because they know who you are. He did do, but he did do bits about that. He did. There was one where he was talking about his wife was liking, I don't understand it. He's like, you know, let's be honest. He's like, you know, I know you don't understand, but I don't understand. Your obsessed with shoes, but if you were out of the road three hundred days out of the year and every time you went back to your room there were ten pairs of free shoes, I guarantee you keep a pair once in a while. And she likes him saying that. Yeah, because she also she was she was like, Oh if I'd known just that. This is what our marriage is going to be like, I wouldn't have married you, and he's like yes, you would have. That's how we fucking met in the first place. But yeah, he just he was, because everyone he when he did the INSOMNIAC tour, he'd been sober for a while and then I think he started drinking again like after that, because I think it was. I think it was alcoholism was his big thing. I think he was doing a lot of drugs and he was just drinking a lot. I don't know, but I know. I just I know that when he mean, because he was in a coma for a few days before he died. But just yeah, and then was fucked up about that was mike the Stephano was, who was, I think, one of the last guys on again, like in that same realm of amy. SCHOOMER was one of the last last comic standing people. He was in the documentary and he died of a heart attack like a week after they filmed the fucking documentary. Really, yeah, he's, but I mean everybody talk people like people who fucking came up with Drawdo I mean Lewis Black was in that thing, Sarah Silverman, Tom poppa, I was in there, Jon Stewart, Cona O'Brian, Bob Saggett. I mean it was just like all these like big fucking comedy like it like people don't realize like how much flout fucking great Girando had. No, yeah, but he was the least known, yeah, of all in them, but he was probably the best of them all. Yeah, he was way better than Burg. Oh, yeah, and I I love Bill Burr, but Gerraldo could do circles around them. Yeah, he's even Dennis Leu. Dennis leary talked about when they were on, when they were on tough crowd this one time and the debate got a little fucking too heated between him and Gerraldo to the point where like Colin Quinn like put his leg up in between the two of them and he like, Oh, it got fucking scared, like they were fucking staring each other down. I think I know what you're talking about as in that, because it was talking about they were talking about like going to war versus, like diplomacy, and he's like, well, like you think there's a way for us have a diplomatic solution with somebody who's got who hates us and draw he...

...was like, yeah, like that whole Russian war that we had in the S. Yeah, now, that that big fucking Russian war. Yeah, that Dennis. Dennis leary was like this is the he's the guy who finishes his homework before class, gets out and asks if there's any more, because he was just that fucking smart. Yeah, I think the best comics of the smartest ones. I think dug stand hope, I think as one of the smartest people alive. Nobody talks about dug stand home. Yeah, because he got apparently he go and do shows and without his Dick and all. Yeah, could. Well, he would doug stand up was he hit him and was a him and Roguan that took over the man show. Yeah, and they both hated it and they both hated it and still standhope also was doing all the girls gone wild stuff and kind of stay an hope is a fucking was funny, as he's a fucking genius. If you heard his bit about killing his mom. Yeah, Oh shit, that's the darkest, but it's so funny. Oh, it's so fucking good. That's one of the darkest jokes I've ever heard my life. and He, like he said, I had to wait so many years to tell this joke. The statue of limitations is like, I'll tell you what, one of one of my favorite because because there's this documentary the Jamie Kennedy did called Hecklers, and it's about it's just about comics, like just about hecklers, and one of them has this clip of Doug stand hope doing a show and he's told a joke about like his girlfriend or whatever. So grow on my front and goes like I don't believe you, and he's like you don't believe me? What to unbelieve? You had a girlfriend. He's like you don't think I can get laid real quick? Rout of applause. Who In this room would fuck me? And everyone just starts rice. Oh Shit, I fucking love dug standout, man. He's so good. That whole bit about immigrants taking your jobs, about how like I just I can't remember the BIBBS. It's I haven't heard. I haven't heard stand up and so fucking long. It's my ass. Like he still performing. He didn't do I was on rogue in like like three or four months ago. Like he doesn't need to perform. He's had so much money. Yeah, because he's a look or close pretty much. So during covid what happened was he didn't want to do anything, and so he's like, and Joe actually brought up to me. It was just like Joe, no, he's a type of guy says all his money. Yea. So he does have to perform two or three years at a time if he doesn't want to. That's smart. Yeah, like smart. I wonder sometimes how the relationship between Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel is, and it's a good I don't know, because like they because I so for had the man show, had the man show and like I know, like I know because Kimla kill one saw an emmy or something a couple years back and I know Adam Carola was posting about it. But so there's there's a show, there's a there's a show my company produces. It's like a news political, it's very point of view show. I don't want to say the name of it is, but they they do. It's very conservative and they do segments about... they do this recurring segment called snowflake syndrome, which already kind of makes you just go, okay, whatever, but they have Adam Carol on there a lot and it kind of seems like we're Kimmel has gone a lot more left, Carol's gone a lot more right, and I kind of wonder what their relationship is still like, considering they both came from that doing the man show and coming up in the same sort which I love. Whenever somebody brings up the man show with Kimmel, he just egnis and laughs and ignored. Well, because I had a whole thing when, when Disney was buying Fox, they on one of these trying to cancel and much wasn't just that big because because family guy was now getting folded into this. So one point he's doing a show and they were CG eyeing Peter and Stewie in the audience of Kimmel show, giving him shit why he's and Kimel's like knocking him down. If only go peter goes again. Hey, you want to talk about the man show? Okay, we'll be right back. We're going to go a commercial. Can't blame somebody. The thing about cancer culture and I can't say it was on for five years for a fucking reason. People were watching it. Well, I think canceled calls there's like like you. They people will hold something against you did like fifteen, twenty years ago. YEA, as if you can't change as a person. Yeah, and my whole point about cancel cars is like we should all be canceled because we've all may not have said something, but we have thought something we should an APP or laughed at something we shouldn't have. And if you and if you say you've never done that, you're fucking liar, so full of Shit. Yeah, you're so fullishit. Technically should have all been canceled for something. There's there's not a personal live who, back in the S, wasn't calling something gay because I thought it was stupid. Yeah, yeah, exactly. There wasn't a person alive. There wasn't. There wasn't anybody who was old enough to watch the manager. That wasn't watching the fucking man show. Yeah, and the man show could not exist today. Now. I got a fucking chance of hell, but people went a whole like. That's why you like as why I hate canceled calls your show much. I get hold people accountable, but like at what point is like you have to realize people can change. It's different if it's a constant, like the same shit, but like what happens, like right now? Yeah, like if you do this thing right now, if you're if my if Michael Richards happened right now, yeah, fuck him. Yeah, I mean fuck him either way. That's that's still not good. But Yeah, well, James Gunn whole reason he initially got fired from Disney was for something he tweeted fifteen years ago working for a company, basically making a tweet that was on brand for the company he worked for. Was The tweeting bad taste? Yeah, but that's what he was working for. He had already publicly apologized once since then, like five years after. He got asked by it was glad asked him to apologize and he did. So is what it already been addressed. But I remember and Kevin Hart Got Screwed out of the Oscars. Yeahah, yes, and then the Oscars have been so much better since I got my k apologize. He did everything could.

And what more did you want him to do? Yeah, and then, and then they wondered why, and then suddenly it was Oh, we might not have a host because we can't find anybody who wants the job. No Shit, because they know that you're going to go all the way back to when they were in first fucking grade and and the time they pulled on the girl's pigtails and call him a sexist and a violent abuser? Yeah, like that, that's what that's great. I know there's a slippery slope, but like that's what it's turning into. Yeah, and I think the thing is, though, it too is like ninety nine percent of people will be like that's stupid. Yeah, but it's like that one scent that want to grasp onto that, and that's what makes the headlines. Oh, yeah, it's it because they're the ones were super they're shouting the loudest and and it's all usually twitter. HMM. It's like okay, like how many people like yeah, like get it, like most people like this is dumb, but like it's like one percent of people like wait, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, and it's and it's usually. It's usually the reason stuff gets pulled or people was. It's all reactionary. HMM. It's again with James Gunn fired them on the spot. Warner brothers was like, we don't see the big fucking deal is. YRE was so we se they hired him back up. Sure enough, cut two, three months later, Disney's like, we're sorry, James, can you please come back? Please? I wouldn't have is because he knew everybody was going to walk if he didn't. Yeah, because that's chatter basic said. They were like they had like all signed this letter, like Batista was. De Bautista went off, he said, he said, of James Gunn doesn't come back, I will not do this movie. And petissis like all about that. Yeah, but Ti's is all about loyalty. Yeah, he's he doesn't. He is not had a lot of acting opportunities. I think that was one of his first ones. James got took a big shot on him. He's getting Batista has gotten a lot of work since then. Yes, I him so. He said he's got a lot of loyalty to James Gunn. and I like Dave Bautista. I've seen him in some bit parts and Shit, I think he's actually a pretty fucking good actor, given the right opportunity. HMM. But also he's just so fucking good as drags Kellie, fantastic as tracks, so out and like everybody everybody else, like they all signed this letter. The basically said, like we understand raccoon, sign a letter. It was weird. Yeah, Bret Brett, Bradley fucking Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt, two of the biggest leading men in Hollywood at this at this point, because Bradley Cooper was doing a star is born. Chris Pratt's Chris fucking Pratt. It's like we're about to walk off your fucking movie. Tell me how you think that's going to go for you. And the thing they they try to cancel Chris Pratt because he was joined his church that was against gay really, but he's not against it. Yeah, but you know, realize he was going through a divorce that like tore him. Oh yeah, everybody thought him. Everyone thought him and on a Ferris, we're going to be like the next Ryan Reynolds and Blakelock. Yeah, because they're both just such goofy fucking people, like and like this guy's going to the one place he's getting help at. And like, I'm not religion, I don't believe in God. Yeah, but like just because like, and they'll get me wrong, like I get like, you know, like it's really fucked up that that church. But is that his...

...right personal thoughts? Know. Also, and again, as an atheist, I'm saying, find me a religion that isn't anti gay. That's also true. Find Me, find me a brand, a bit of Christianity that is not anti gay. It's really hard to fucking find one. You might be able to find one, very small set. That us that when he boiled down there, all religions are like anti that. Yeah, and it's like but like you learned to like ex not accept that, but you learned that it's fine. Like what's the point? Like why would be anti gay? But like it's again every fucking like I'm might be in the Quran. I don't know, I've never at the Quran God, but yeah, but like they went after him on that and you're like yeah, first of all, like okay, like I get, I understand, but like the guys seriously going through divorce, it's like like tore him up, like yeah, this is how he's getting through his divorce. is like yeah, he went to Church, okay, what? What didn't help him, though. You're literally, if you're practicing, practicing Catholic. Yeah, technically speaking, yeah, you're anti gay. Yeah, like you've ever gone to church as you should be canceled as what. He was born and raised aflic I mean because that's what they preach. But also, I will say, like what didn't help Chris Pratt was he did when him and on a ferris were married. He did say something like like he's like, I'm pro gay, but like he wasn't. He wasn't for gay marriage. HMM, it was. He's like I still believe marriage being a man and a woman. I'm like, that's not helping your case. Now what it help your case? But but either way, look at any just about almost any religion, or at least any former Christianity, is going to have some thing in their text about and that's kind of, you know, like is love? Is Love us? Like whatever. Yeah, Mary, who you want to marry? I honestly give a fuck. I don't give a fun. I'm never at gave a fuck. Yeah, it's that's the they're there too, things in life I just don't understand because they just don't make sense. That's homophobian racism. Brent brand, don't get it. Brand had this great fucking joke. He's like, you know, I can't and I'm butchering at me. He's like, you know about game are come on, game are as, you know. He's like, we call it marriage. Yeah, Oh shit, because that's gay marriage. It's literally just married. All Right, folks, that'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mr Mike Shay, on twitter and Instagram as well. You also follow this show on twitter instagram at tbl underscore pod, and we got a brand new website under construction for you guys, with some cool new stuff coming down the line as well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll cut you guys again the next week with another episode and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and Bubye.

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