The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 31 · 1 year ago

So Funny We Hate It


Have you ever seen something so clever and creative that it makes you mad? Will the HOR make Juneteenth a federal holiday?* And why won't DC let Batman please his woman?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Comedy so good it makes you hate comedy.
  • Juneteenth on the road to becoming a federal holiday.*
  • Batman isn't allowed to go down on Catwoman.

*We recorded this episode on Tuesday, June 15th. Prior to this episode's release, the Juneteenth bill passed in the HOR. Please excuse our slightly outdated info in this episode...we can't see into the future.

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There's so many of them it's like seeming. Yeah, I was walking into work and because we have the big car port where all the news vans hang out, and they were just dive bombing all around me. But then also that we have birds that live there. So the birds were dive bomb in the CICADAS. So I like I'm dodging CICADAS and birds and like drones are coming in, like military drones. Were like the fuck is going on? And some fucking ice is guy jumped up on yes, imagine that's importantly. Welcome to the Basement Lounge podcast with your host Mike Shay and Mike Wells. Sit Back, grab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us enjoy. Imagine like joining Isis but not realizing it's actually isis. I'm at men. He's great groups of people that could really religious, like talking about talking about, you know, bringing peace to the world and and sounds a little milishy there, Dave, but overall I mean like we lost one last week, but they're big on not eating beef and taking care of cows and all. They really like nine hundred eleven like celebrated. It's weird. It's big with them real big. It's like their July fourth. Weird segue. But do you hear the news about Juneteenth? They got didn't get passes like a pot in the Senate. It is today get unanimously good and so now it's got to go to the house where all good things go to die. It will get past in the house, you would think. I mean that the you had a miss, McConnell's going to do have to do some fugin circd to so lea acrobatic shit. The find a reason to vote against that, like I can't remember. Is it as it just majority is like sixty percent or something like that. Well, first he's got to have it. Well, because he's not the House majority leader and there's no has majority leader. So now, because a Democrats own the house, and then it that's true. Well then, yeah, I forget. Have a house works. But juneteenth is this Saturday. Yeah, so I think they're trying to get it past by some before Saturday because it would be kind of Shitty if it passed on June twenty and then you got to wait an entire literally fucking year to actually it's like just missed it. I literally just saw that my facebook. I was actually kind of not shock me to Shu should happen. Surprise, it hasn't. Yeah, that's something that's early thought about. Yeah, well, because it I think that's one of it's one of those days too, that I feel like, up until recently get a lot of people still didn't really know what it was. Even me. I had heard and honestly I attributed a lot too. And I know this is weird, but that show, blackish, and never watch black issue. They did a whole episode just about like what Juneteenth was and what it meant, and it's a great show, real really funny, but you know, does does thoughtful stuff in a really good way. Like they talked about like the whole and it wasn't George Floyd but one of the other police these shootings in the black lives matter stuff and like they did a whole episode about that, and they didn't obviously when trump got elected. That a whole one about that and it's a cool show. But yeah, they did an episode about two teenth, which is where I learned mostly about it, because it's just it. That wasn't something that when I was in school that was being taught about. I really also, I don't know that much about it. It's been it's the from what I understand, it's the day that it was reached the southern states that slavery, slavery, had added. Yeah, it wasn't the day that slavery the slavery ended. It was a day that like everyone found out about it, I guess because, you know, news traveled slow back then. So imagine like back then, like finding out like somebody had aids, but you found out like months after they died and that was weird. It's weird fucking comparison. I know, I'm not trying to compare this too, but it's not any weirder than two pasty white guys talking about the importance of Juneteenth's. Yeah, fucking fucking like fucking sleepless. Sure's. We're off to a great...

...start out, but yeah, I know, I think that's I think that's cool. I'm I still I'm kind of like, like, it's cool that this one got past, but like making lynching a federal hate crime still hasn't passed. That posed my mind. Yeah, how's that not already a thing? Jane Lynch? Yeah, I guess I don't the fuck. Yeah, I don't know. I really don't know how that's on a fatal federal, a federal, federal and federal. I don't understand how that cannot you would fit. You would think like when, but like what's it ever between lynching and hanging somebody? Lynching is it's it when it's a mob, I believe. Okay, exit, I don't know. There's his twin two, but that's one thing I can think of because I've heard, I've heard the term used. Maybe I think. I think lynching is when it's like like by a mob, as opposed to being hanged, which is like a I don't know, somebody Google it. I don't want to feel like it at the man. It should be federal hay crime. I mean it's ABS ridiculous. It's a lot of things that should be a federal hay crime that are's a lot of things that are shouldn't be crimes that that are, when you think about like Marijuan incarcerations and stuff like that, stupid. It's. Yeah, yeah, okay, so that's that's the most fucked up thing is now that like companies can sell weed and there are people in for selling weed. Yeah, I can go by CBD at Speedway let me see, Med's a little bit different. Yeah, but I mean look, at the end of the day, same fucking thing, I mean. But now the fact that like there is doctors can prescribe, we companies can sell it. States it's illegal and there's still people like in a car and carcerated because of selling weed. It's for a long time, for decades, and it's realistically they should all be overturned at that point, you would. You would think like once it becomes like federally legalized. I mean I know there's I know there's like fancy legally these for why couldn't be? But I know because Obama community whole bunch of those, yeah, senses before he left office. I think trump did to somewhat. I he think did one. For was it Kanye's aunt or something like that? Or it was somebody that Kim and Kanye knew. He went to the White House and pleaded, pleaded on her knees and now, kidding, I'm not something like that, but but it was somebody that like was part of it, was like a member Kanye's family or something like that. And Hmm. So, I mean so yeah, he did, technically, but my thing is, like it it becomes legal, like like federally it there. You can't. What's the argument? Yeah, what's your well, you sold it in the past. What's legal now? Yeah, did he stab somebody when he's sold in the past too? At the same time right, like if he was selling weed and shot a guy, we can talk. Yeah, but at that point, if it's like that's all they're in there for, like what are they going to do? They'RE gonna get out of prison and open a weed store and get get their lives back on track and become a contributing member of society. Oh No, did you ever see the video where the sheriff's Department rated a CBD place? No, they rated a CBD place and they're like they got like warrants and everything the rating to and then the reports like you realize CBD is not weed, it's legal, and that the cop was like we did what? It was just so funny. Look on his face is like what, Oh, that's fucking funny, that's fucking fucking Guy Camera. How long ago that was? But its like he was like all proud and we we agree. We grabbed all these CBD Mossodas and candies and oils and no more of this stuff on our streets. And Dude, that's not weird. I'm sorry, what good he's in weird. But that's not the weird part about the THHC part. But this is one of the part three letters you just putting together. Lol. Ha,...

Cherci, the movie rocket man. Now, like in the ninety and they're they're doing the checklist before that's the shuttle launches. Oh right, yeah, it's like I'd see h t TNT, the TBS, USA TLC. I'm seeing that. Has a long time since I seen that movie. That's a good movie. The black widow trailer. Will Black Widows come out here? I haven't seen low key. Episode One's good and hard episode one's pretty good. It's trippy, it's it's funny as fuck, though, as a will so I would wilson. I've never seen him do like serious stuff and he's got he's got a pretty serious scene in this in this first episode, and I was like, Jesus, Dude, can I act? You can act. I am now. There's some dis some great it's a great episode, Great First Episode. Yeah, I watched that. I heard of it. Referenced T B Cooper. Yeah, and I heard why and I was like that's actually fucking funny because what it's happening. I was like what are they know? And when you let it plays out, you're just like, son of a bitch, that's only makes sense and everything. That's the best way to make that makes sense that universe. It does. And and I mean like it's funny because like they they quote unquote, like tie up some loose ends with endgame. Kind of. They weren't really loose ends, but it was just one of those lingering questions and they kind of just like they fix it like that, like look, guys, it's almost like they're tell him, the people who are bitching about it, like it's not that important. We fixed it. Let's move on. There's there's like a little tease for doctor strange too, but it's really fucking subtle. Okay, I may be the only one pick it up on it. I might be reading too much. I do it, but might because only like five or six episodes. I might Bene want on my bens watch it and binge it. Yeah, because it comes out tonight, I think, a second episode. Yeah, it's Wednesday's. I was it Ondesday. Wednesdays. I think blast one that's when the first one was. I don't know about episode two, but not need to watch that. Fuck, I've really done like last week. I haven't really watched a lot play a lot of video games. Yeah, I DEO Games a lot of only fans that I see. I just want to do that. I got done rewatching community. HMM, great, great, great fucking show. Season five socks, but everything else is really good. Fuck y chase. And then I watched this on Disney pluts, the mighty duck series. That's good. It's pretty fucking good. Actually, I'm I've finished it today. It's only the ten episodes long. It was good. It was it was cool. It's weird. They I think it's crazy that they brought that. I think it's where they're also the families from Dayton. What you didn't know that they are from Dayton? WHO The sheens? Oh that family. Yeah, well, I of Myname, Martin Sheen is. I think they lived here for a while. Did they like my exwise family was like friends with their family. Oh Really? Yeah, it was like really kind of weird. Yeah, because the one of the theaters in the neon his name, like the Martin Sheen Theater. Yeah, that I knew. I thought you met like the family, like in the show or something. I'm like, no, the show's in Minnesota. Day the Sheen's yeah, they are. Who the WHO the hells a lot of people from here. Bruce Banner is it? Oh, yeah, it's clear. Yeah, Tomics, the bulk is from. thinking, though, I fucking weird. Why did you Choose Day Ohio when the movie Super Eight They Reference Date Ohio in the movie Super Eight. Yeah, well, the boys season two. They Shit on Toledo, do they really? Because I still see I think no, season one. Season One, when when the deep gets sent off, like gets banished or whatever, and he's living in this shithole little apartment, say, I haven't seen it. Gotten that far yet. We got that far yet. I that's one show I need to start back out, because I Kara what episode I got to. I asked. He can't fucking remember, and you see the Dolphin. That's the last episode, the last episode. You see the Dolphin Fly by him. Okay, yeah, it's even better. Yeah, because after that he gets like the banished away...

...too. I want to sit either seeing Dusky or Toledo, but they just shit on Toledo. The whole time they shit on Toledo and Akron and its one big little finger to Ohio and I'm like, yeah, we deserve this. Now that's one I need a I need, I really need to catch up on that. Yeah, I don't know why I haven't, like I just have, like there's been so many good shows that come out lately. Well, they seem they just they just teas season three. Why they will happen is I'm watching Shit's creek. Me and my wife just got just so good. That's probably when the best written shows ever. So, my God, that shows amazing. Like David is by far my favorite care Oh, he's the Best David in minds. You if Robert Downey Jr? I Robert Downey Jr. Yeah, no, I get it. Yeah, like I was like if robe down it, because I don't know, I don't know if that if so, you not Eugene, but what's David's real name? Well, hit the actor's name. Yeah, I can't think his name. It's Eugene levies son. Yeah, they yeah, this is actually well, he also, he's the one who he writes the show. Yeah, I can't remember. Could what his name is now it's I can't. I don't know if how he identifies sexually, which it doesn't matter. Well, I think. I think, because they say he's like Pant Sexual and sexual. Well, because I you know what pans sexual is. It's not that it's the one word, because he's in there, there, he doesn't care what a because he's having that conversation about whine. He's like some people like white wine, so we would like read. I like all lines. So that's why. Yeah, I don't know what that means. I don't care. Honestly, I don't care if that means. But like his character in minds me Robert. If Robert Downey JR was that Daniel Levy, Daniel Levy's so fuck yeah, such a great fucking show. Really, on season three M is like, Holy Shit, like he's yeah, the show, because we started we started running the yayespn sexual, we started airing it syndicated as working sexual in our life, in real life. I don't know, I just know the character is. I don't know what Pan Sexual means, honestly, I you just means you just like I'm laxing this right now. Yeah, I've never liked, honestly cared. It's hard. There's so many of them. It's hard, for it's hard to keep track of Pan Sexual not limited in sexual choice with regard to so basically, just whatever's whatever. Everything's on the table. Yeah, yeah, but I don't know if he is in real life. That's actually a really good question. Pages reminds you so much Robert Downey Jr. I get it. He looks so much like his dad too. Oh God, it's Gret, much like Eugene Levy. That show kind of show, so fucking funny. It's so yeah, when we said when we got it, when we got it syndicated on fought Fox indicates it. Oh, I did not know that. Yeah, it's indicated. So you can watch reruns of it on Mon Fox like like at like eleven o'clock at night, because it's, you know, it's not a day time show and it's censored obviously, for broadcast whatever. When we start, when we got told we were going to start running it, I was like a show is too good for us. Yeah, usually when you get broadcast syndicated shows, it's like two broke girls. Yeah, you know, I was we're getting Shit's creek. Why? It's we don't deserve that. So well written. It's Oh, yeah, like, and now that I've walked, because I didn't watch it when it was was on, I bened in on Netflix. So we're done right now. Yeah, because because last the last emmy's at one fucking everything and I was like is this show really that fucking good? And I went watched and I was like yes, yes, it is. Holy Shit, like, I don't know who my face like. I feel like David's my favorite character, but they're all just stay play. So far, when I seen, every character's played so well. What's it? Moira, I can't think of her name. The playser, Catherine. Fuck, I love her. I can't think of her name right now. She's my favorite character. The MOM is my favorite character. David Mine, butter hair. Yeah, Catherine Hair, the mom from home alone. Yeah, she plays that so well. My favorite part is, like people always make fun of like why. They don't understand why her accent is from. Oh...

...really, yeah, oh, I just chalked it up to just she just is just super dramatic, like well, that's the thing in the show. They're like like they've well, I've noticed is like they've always liked reference a. You have no idea where her accents from. Here's your accent from but now it's just so the funny, funny stuff about that. Don't know if we to talk about this for so I think it's the end of season one or season two, I can't remember. They're all dancing in the barn together. I think it's the I think it's the end of season one. They're all dancing the barn. It was I think somebody surprised. I can't remember whose birthday it was, but they're all dance in the bay. Was for more? It might have been. They're all read. They thought that was going to be the last episode. Oh really, that's why everything was like all they look so like realistic, because they always thought like that was the last scene. Everybody's swimming together. Sure, that's what they had. Everybody there, okay, because I thought it was done after that. Then I got picked up for more seasons. Gotcha. But then you can kind of you kind of feel on there to you like man, this is a really good way to like yeah, because it because it was the season one finale, I think it was. It was like a proper way to end a show because they're like like they finally like realized they were a part of the town. MMM, and then you're like okay, cool, and then like apparently got renewed when it should up. But yeah, so you've never seen it before. No, man, you were, like I said, season three so fucking worse. We just finished the episode where they got the portrait, they found that portion of them. That's the episode. I love that show, that show because that's set. Its sets the bar so early on for like like this is what the kind of thing you can expect. Yeah, like when looking at the the sign for the town, fucking early ass. Oh, it's nice. Then when they put the picture, it's Nice, sister's where. It's not his sister, it's is there, it's it's not his wife, it's a sister. Sirr. Yeah, it's got. That show makes you want to be a better writer. Oh, RIS, I'm like, Oh, what the fuck, that's that's how that's how community was making me feel, like and you know, that's that's Dan Harmon's baby. It's funny. He's like you can tell the season Dan Harmon wasn't a part of the show. Really he's he was gone for like one season and it's sucked that shit and he comes back and it just is so much better and it's like wow, so you guys really didn't know how to handle this show without him. And obviously he goes on to do, you know, Rick and Morty, and that's all great, but we keep the writing on. Community is so and I don't think you could do it without the right cast either, because you've got, you know, Joel mccale, Ken John, you know Donald Glover before anybody who the fuck he was. Chevy chase is good while he's on there. You know, I know Chevy chase be and Chevy Chase and all that. But yeah, it's one things like I'm watching them like I wish I could write something this fucking clever. It's it's almost insulting. It's like I am so shitty compared to the show. Yeah, and makes you good. That makes you feel like I can't. Yeah, it's like what the fuck am I doing? Yeah, and makes as, especially as a comic, like fuck, like you see that. I wish I was that. Get a writer and they there's like comedians. I'm like, I'll never reach that potential. Yeah, ever, yeah, I like that. Just don't make you want to cook. Like there's Comedians that make me want to quick comedy, not because like I hate them, because there's just not Mike. This is this is pinnacle. Yeah, I'm never going to be able to do this. Yeah, it, yeah, there's there's a couple of those and you're just like fuck, what's this part? That's partially why I stopped watching comedy specials and listening to albums, because it was like I listened to and watch this shit and I want to give up. See watching specialist and made me do it. When I see some alive, I'm like, yeah, I'm like, that was I was one of the ones off Brad Williams. I love there. I was like that was fucking funny. I got nothing, like I ain't shit. I have not, I have nothing. is done as many as many good sets as I've had. They've never been that fucking good. It makes you yeah, it makes you go, fuck, what the Hell am I doing? Why?...

Why? I? Well, I started watching. I have avoided it for years. I started watching new girl today, apparent. That's funny. I'm four episodes in. That's so adatione and and that's the reason I've of wedded. I don't like Zoey de Chanel. Huh, she looks like her feet stink. I don't I don't know. I don't know why there's there's a type. There's a type of people, made or woman. You can look at me. That person's feet stink. I dude, like people who wear moccasins, fucking feet stink. Well, yeah, because they're walking around in untreated animal high while I I'm talking about those like here, what those slippers? As those brown slippers that have like the white stuff in it? Oh, hugs, not even ugs now, no, no, I know you're talking about those things, that those. For sure, everybody wears those feet stick, because all they do is just retain is retaining sweat and your body. What. Yeah, it's to me, though, they should now looks like your feet stick. I'm four episodes in. It's I don't hate it yet, like the fact that I usually give everything three episodes and then I'll jump. I'm on episode four, so it's kept me so far. I'm hoping someone becomes likable, because right now the four main characters are just really annoying and unlikable. Apparently, of you like Schmidt, see, I hate him most of all. Yeah, but like that's that's what the apparently it's like a love Oh hey. Yeah, in terms of like how because like they have a running gag where they have a douchebag jar. Yeah, whenever he does something Douchey he's got to like go put a dollar in the jar or something like that. So, like in terms of like how well he's written as a douchebag and portrays it. Yeah, no, spot on. I still hate him. That's a yeah, it's like I if it's you, I knew you in real life, I would kick you in the Dick. Like. That's and I feel bad for those actors dress your character are so hated. You're such a nice person. Like, fucking watch his face. That played in game of thrones, the the guy played jofering, joffre. Yeah, he will never I don't I think he said you'll never quit acting. Yeah, because he did. That was his second his he had done bit part and Batman begins. Yeah, and then he did game of thrones and Jeoffrey was so hated, understandably so, but people were giving him shit, and this is kids twelve site not his fault. Yeah, so he said he's he's done acting, which, yeah, totally get Chatt. Who are other actors that like are so that so weather job that people hate them in real life like other characters. I guess that's a good well, I don't even who she is, but Janette mccurdy, she was on that show, I carly on the yeah body, and she says she's not going to act again because, I mean the character that she played was just kind of just really unpleasant. But she was really good at playing the character and I guess you just was only getting type cast into those kinds of roles. So she just she I think she does. She think she's a podcast now. But yeah, she doesn't. She doesn't want to act anymore. But I mean I also you can put Robert Pattinson there just because of a fucking everybody hated twilight. Oh yeah, he just moved over to indies. Yeah, I'm Batman will be the first like big budget movie he's done. And I don't even know how long I'm trying to other. Well, I mean people, I remember the so the Harry Potter movies, the actors who played because aunt and uncle, you know who grant, had been acting for for decade. So it wasn't like they were going anywhere. But I mean like they were told constantly that like people like kids would be able. When they would go to like conventions, people would be afraid to come up and talk to them because they they Akam like, oh, they're these mean, nasty people, but it's like it's like they're actually like very nice and real life. And but they had been acting for, you know, twenty, thirty, forty years at that point, so it didn't affect them a whole. One apparently, to dude from and the original karate kid movies and the and...

Cobra Kaid, the old master, the Asian Guy, not the Asian guy. Oh the the kid played Daniel, not Daniel. Now the You Watch Cobra Kai. I haven't watched Cobra come you motherfucker. It's on Youtube. Youtube, no, mean what, I'm on Netflix. Did it move to Netflix? Yeah, fuck, that's why I never watched it. I never watched it because I thought it was on the Youtube thing. Yeah, that's that's on Netflix. That's so good. Okay, well, the No fucking watch. Yeah, God, I can. I thought you've watched it. Now the guy and then remember the karate kid. Yeah, I was a member Krowdy g right. So the head of the head of the other day that had a Cobra Head of Cobra Ka, that guy. Yeah, apparently Nice Guy in the world. Oh Really? Yeah, because he's still look as he's does Cobra Kai really like? Okay, same character, place, same character. appairly the nicest guy in the world, though I believe it. Yeah, just he's so good at that, believe Nursing Cobra Kai. If I known it was on Netflix, would watch them, because the whole reason I didn't watch it, like yeah, that's the reason why I did a free subscription to youtube life or whatever it was, for like a second. Fuck that. I caught the first two episodes and I was like all right, and then like, I didn't I obviously ended. So I didn't do that. And then it want to Netflix. Me and my wife bingshed like it. Like when did it go to Netflix? Like two or two years ago? To sobibly bitch, I can't remember. Like to two years ago. How had it been? Shit, I'm so excited for season four and there's been a fuck. I gotta get caught up. This such it. Oh my God, like I got. I've heard it's dope, I've heard it's great. When I get back from vacation I'm going to watch it. My thing. Okay, so I have a theory of why they came out with this show. So remember, there is that that video with a guy made about how Daniels actually the villain. Yeah, I'm pretty sure somebody saw that and was like, wait a second, let's make let's make like Johnny Lawrence, like almost like the good guy, because it follows johnny. Yeah, the other is all, but Goya's name day also in it. Is it Ralph Mancia? Yeah, Oh, no, shit, really. Oh yeah, Shit, dude, has I mean, obviously I can't think it. Why can I think of the agent actors name? He's such a famous actor to and I can't think his name. Oh, the good play, Mr Miyagi. Yeah, I it's I'm literally blanking, drawn a blank. Not to shit. He's not in it because he passed away. He's pat more, Pat Morita. Yeah, yeah, but they have what's your face? The girls and the girlfriend that was in it, because she's a big name actor to. She's in season through two or three. So bad here. Why can I think of it? Say? It's the same girl. Right. Yeah, she played in that one lusting the shoe, Liza, but she ask and she played on Vegas movie with Nicolas Cage, Oh, weaving Wash Vegas. Yeah, that movie. She's in it for like on season three, like she was like a big actor for like a really long time. Oh cool. So you're like they, I mean they got everybody to come back and like apparently it was on. I want to say it was Ralph Mascio's idea, but by my theory is always been they solve that videol and then they're like, I think we can do this, I'm gonna do it. Okay, yeah, I've heard. I've heard the show is so good waiting. He gets so much backstory that you're like, okay, okay, all right, that's awesome. Well, now that notes on Netflix, Jesus. Oh Yeah, well, you be from vacations and watch it. So my favorite fight scenes ever recorded are the daredevil fight scenes in the series, the one and nonstop one. Yeah, the single camp. So they yeah, they kind of did. They have like each season has like one of those. Also. Oh yeah, and it's like kid and my kids in their teens fighting. No Shit, yeah, it's not like adults are like. So they've sixteen seventeen year olds fighting in these one take fight. Oh, that's cool. And you're like, what the fuck? Because they did that in creed. They had that single take and theyre sing...

...creed, my nursing creed. There's at one point he's doing there's a whole single take of him in a boxing match fighting. You don't like, that's fucking impressive. Yeah, that's cool. Well, the thing is, what one reason why my want, actually one of my favorite fighting scenes ever is an EPO is the is daredevil season one in the hallway. Oh, yeah, because the end of it he is exhausted. Yeah, because he is exhausted in real what he just had to yeah, and do. Because you're like God, because, I mean, that was like and that's how like being a superhero would be like, if you're a bad man or whoever, you would be tired as fuck after that. Yeah, and Batman, and you were like, you know, the Batman who apparently isn't allowed to eat, postly run. Talk about that in a second. What the fuck, we'll talk about that a second. Yeah, you know, trained with fucking Ninja's and Shit and over in Japan, daredevil, the blind guy who just taught himself out of fight. Yeah, like Boz Dad was a boxer. Yeah, no, but like by the end of that fight and that fight scene, you're like. I'm like, that's a fucking fight scene, because you're like, yeah, you could see it on he's just like, well, you get to season two, is the one of the stairwell, Yeh, which is also just fucking like more though, see. But then you get season three. I care. Season Season Three's in the prison, when it's the prison riot and it's eleven minutes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I forget. Oh yeah, I always and things. I always forget about that one because I also think the fight in the punisher. Oh yeah, and the punished, because I like the punisher so much that I always forget the daredevil one. Yeah, the DAREDEL ones. It's a life timed. It's eleven minutes long, one take and I a whole prison. Ryan's like, so you know, if somebody fucks up, they got us set that shit all back up again. That's going to take all fucking day if they did it on one take like it's did in the first take. Yeah, guys, we got it shit all right, cool, that's one. Charlo was a Charlie Cox. Yeah, Trusiak, well, it ends with him climbing into a cab just fucking done spent. Yeah, that was that is a great fight. I forgot it, like I always think about dare dot not but punishers fight scene in the and the president. Yeah, I forget about their devil's well, that's what makes that's what made me hate iron fist even more, is because iron fist that none of that. Yeah, I here's to me the iron fist serious was them just trying to get what's McCall together, trying to try to do him in Luke cage or the or the whole defenders, the whole defenders. Yeah, that's what Ir Fist to me reminded me of what thor was. Their first store was that last is, that last piece and we have to do this just to get this going. Well, and the other thing with with Iron Fist was, you know, they hired the kid from game of thrones, who I think was just really miscast, and then he'd but unlike we're Charlie Cox, like went into like fight camp, yeah, and learned. They this this guy, I'll forget his fucking name. He didn't do any of that. He's not fighting in any of those fights. It's all a stunt guy or it's so quick shot edited that you can't actually see what the fuck's going on, and it's like so the street brawler has the most impressive fucking fight choreography at all these shows and the professional godlike Marshall Artist Has Jack Shit it. And also I thought that the writing was piss poor every time you introduced him. So hig, I'm Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, but the you don't tell that to the guy making your latte. It start by yeah, that's that does a very good point. Yeah, was it fucking camera? I was gonna go with that. I don't know, it just it did feel phillery. Yeah, it did. It really did. And the defenders today even do a season of they did. They did in NATO in eight episode season of the defenders. Yeah, but they do a season of daredevil after that. Season three, the season three of three was after that because it season so...

...long, because at the end of the defenders nobody knows what happened to Matt Yeah, in season three picks up with him waking up in the fucking nunnery, because I didn't really like to defenders that much either. It was okay, it was just a onenight type thing. That was once it was one season. It was over the course of like a week or something. Was it a week? Yeah, I need to watch season two. Jessica Jans One, never watch that. I like the first season. It's okay. It was when never was a good season two. Luke Cage. Luke Cage. I heard it sucked, so I didn't get it. I love season one up until they killed what's his face? Oh Yeah, when they when they kill off Mamershal Ali. You're like that is the dumbest fucking thing. Well, because also the biggest probably I love of all these search of iron fists. I love all those shows. They all suffer from like being too long because they're all like thirteen episodes. I'm like if you would just make it ten, because all of them, when they get to like episode eight, they start doing a lot of like filler and kind of dragging the plot out a bit, and it's like all right, I like is like the one without with with Luke Cage. He spends like three episodes incapacitated and I was I was like, I don't you could skip all this shit. I don't need this shit. The only one I do love. I forgot I came here. If I seen season two or three. I don't know if they did a third one punisher, punisher. So they didn't do a season two a season three. But season two is fucking great. I can't remember it's been I want to row. It's not as good as season one. Season One. What a season one again? Season one is like just him with with fighting his buddy. was fighting his buddy and who hang out with the Tech Guy? And Yeah, I think I've seen season two. Season two is good. It's not as good as season one. I mean it's hard because that's why I also get fucked up on punishers, because punch show is also parted daredevil season. Yeah, so it's like which that season two of daredevil's so fucking good. I think it's probably the band. I love season three by still thinks season two is like the best. Fuck. I am still pissed beyond belief that season two didn't win an emmy. Yeah, I really should have, because I thought, I thought there were two moments I thought, especially John Burnth all should have one emmy. One was like episode three or four where he's got matt hide to the chimney and they're just like fucking just debating shit. I thought that was really good, and also after daredevil rescues him and he just has a breakdown in the fucking cemetery, and then when he's talking to Karen and the diner about his wife, I'm like, how is this dude not getting nominated for a fucking Emmy for this? Then you remember it's comic book show and will never fucking happen. That's true, but apparently he used to have big anger issues to John Burnt all. Yeah, I believe it. Yeah, which is weird because, like, you watch interviews with him now, like after marveled, he seems like the the just the nicest dorky is dude ever. Apparently like a bunch of like anger issues. He almost got like he almost killed a dude. Well, he kind of. He strikes me as like frank and Grillo, as like those are the only roles he ever seems to get offered. Yeah, the two of them always seemed to play the same fucking characters in it, which is not their fault. Obviously it's with they're getting offered, but that's e. That goddamn season to is fucking fantastic, so good, even just the courtroom shit, the little bit of it also, let's take a moment to members the measure, the buy over three seasons of daredevil. VINZENDNAFREA was never nominated for an emmy. It's also any the fucking great, fucking job, fucking criminal. Yeah, I feel like he can't be there. Can never be another King Pin. Yeah, it was so good. Never happened. He's I don't think it did be another. They're like Charlie. I mean, what's his face? Is supposed to be in the new Spiderman? Maybe that's what they're saying. He's on the fucking thing. So it's like maybe that's the way they finally game bring, like I think, I think what it's going to be. I don't think it's going to be Sara Devil. I think Matt Murdock is going to be Peter Parker's lawyer. No, that's what that's what I keep on hearing. Oh, really, will think it. You'RE NOT gonna get daredell. We're going to be yeah, Murdoch, but then murdock will be. Now that's that end for them to bring. Like we can finally bring the TV shows well, because season three ended with them. Want to start the law firm up again. And also end game. End Game was the first one to really acknowledge any of the TV...

...shows because it had the guy playing Jarvis who was in agent Carter. Yeah, that was the first time. I was like, oh well, that's cool. They also mentioned and then they mentioned like Luke Cage and end game or something. I can't remember. There's a there's a mention of something about Brooklyn, I think an end game. I have to go back and watch it again. It's been a minute, but I'm feeling I could be way off. But yes, speaking of Weird Comic Book Shit, yeah, Batman Pussy thing. Yeah, apparently so I so. Okay. So, if you watch the Harley Quinn cartoon yet now it's you talk about good fucking comedic writing. It's one of the funniest fucking shows I've ever seen in my life. It's total satire. Like even the stuff with Batman as funny as fuck. Okay, like he there's a scene where, like he's hanging out with Robin, who's his it's Damian Wayne, robin, his son. He's like twelve years old and he's all pissed off, so he brings him a sandwich, because I'm a big your favorite sandwich and Robin's like, no, Alfred made that sandwich and Batman's like, well, I told him to make it, so it's like I made it. But I guess there was supposed to be a scene they were going to do in season three. We're like Batman and cat when we're going to hook up, and Batman was going to be going down on catwoman and DC told them they weren't allowed to do that and he's like why, you like what you they're like, well, heroes don't do that, and he was like they were like the fuck are you touch? You've got you've got Harley Quinn and pant and Poison Ivy Hooking up in this show. Like like, I mean doesn't plessy? Way, what are you fucking kidding me right now? Heroes don't eat. But no, DJ Khalid, he doesn't he any plessy. But I will say the best thing to come of this has been twitters reaction, because the twitter jokes about bat me at eating pussy have been the funniest shit I see ever seen. All life trending on twitter, but I did not know what was going on. I said one of those sayings like Oh, why is this trending? But I coick on something else I forgot about. That's that's DC told him they weren't allowed to have Batman going down on catwoman and I was like, are you fucking kidding me? You Act like Batman has a choice. Catwoman has a whip. Trust me, he calls her mam in the bed room. His motherfuckers, it's cat, it's cat, mistress you. But yeah, like, Madam, what a fuck, the considering you cut the light. Like three years ago there was a comic where like Batman gets the shit kicked out of him and he goes back to the bat cave and as this whole series of panels of him like, you know, tearing his armor off in the bat cave and there's like the vague shadow of his schlong in the comic, which, by the way, dudes packing. But it was like so that's okay, yeah, but we can't have him, you know, eating some pussy, Pussy. Are you kidding me? Really, they can't literally eat pussy? Yeah, it's so. It's I tweeted. I think what I tweeted was like, like Batman doesn't just eat pussy, he gets justice for that Pussy Justice. It's been the funniest shit. It made doesn't eat pussy. Maybe has like the batter ring do it for it's got bad vibrator. See, while we it's here's one that's a while. We debate. If Batman does, we can all agree and it can. Skywalker definitely did. That's still she met him as a kid. It's been yeah, there's the whole here's one from a comic where, I guess, Green Arrow went down on black canary. So they're like, Oh, green arrows, they hero we deserve. Yeah, I'm not. Lack Canary. Careful, she's a screamer. That means something. That's actually so. Yes, somebody said so. Batman was told I can't eat, can't, can't eat pussy. So here's a quote from under the Red Hood where he says, but if I do that, if I allow myself to go down into that place, I'll never come back. That's fucking funny. It's fucking weird, but the...

...results have been fantastic. Wow, are here on not eat pussy. That's like that's what heroes do. To quote thor in in Thor Ragnar Rock, it's what heroes do. EATA. Heroes Eat. Let's get that trending. Heroes eat pussy. Hashtag here has eat pussy. Yeah, they do, all right, folks. That'll do it for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to follow US Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and instagram at Mike WTF Wells, and you can follow me, Mike Shay, at Mr Mike Shay, on twitter and Instagram as well. You also follow this show on twitter instagram at tbl underscore pod, and we got a brand new website under construction for you guys, with some cool new stuff coming down the line as well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, we'll cut you guys again next week with another episode and until then, as always, live well, rock on, take care and bu bye.

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