The Basement Lounge
The Basement Lounge

Season 2, Episode 31 · 5 months ago

So Funny We Hate It


Have you ever seen something so clever and creative that it makes you mad? Will the HOR make Juneteenth a federal holiday?* And why won't DC let Batman please his woman?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Comedy so good it makes you hate comedy.
  • Juneteenth on the road to becoming a federal holiday.*
  • Batman isn't allowed to go down on Catwoman.

*We recorded this episode on Tuesday, June 15th. Prior to this episode's release, the Juneteenth bill passed in the HOR. Please excuse our slightly outdated info in this episode...we can't see into the future.

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There's so many of them it's like SamaYeah, I I was walking into work and because wehave the big car port where all the news vans hang out and they were just dive bombing all aroundme, but then also that we have birds that live there. So the birds were divebombing, the Sakata so like I'm dodging so Katas and birds like drones, werecoming in like a military drones or like the fuck is going on and somefucking ices guy jumped up well ones. Imagine that's important. Welcome tothe basement. Lound podcast, with your host Mike Shay and Mike Walls, sit backgrab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us enjoy an like joiningisis, but not realizing. It's actually. Isis o Man Mike these great groups ofpeople that could really religious like talking about talking about you, knowbringing peace to the world and sounds a little militia either dave. But overall I mean like we lost onelast week, but like they're, big, on not eating beefand taking care of cows and all that they really like nine eleven likecelebrate it. It's weird. It's big with them a real big, it's like there July.Fourth, Weird Segue, but do you hear the newsabout June teenth? They got denige passes like a pot in the Senate. It istoday a unanimously good, and so now it's got to go to the house where allgood things go to die, he will get past in the house. You would think I meanthat the o MIS MC conal's going to do have to do some fucking circus, soleacrobatic shit. The finder reason to vote against that I, like I can'tremember, is it is it just majority is like sixty percent or something likethat? Well, first, he's got to have it because he's not the House majorityleader and there's no has majority later so now, because the Democrats ownthe house- and I on it, that's true. Well then yeah I forget how the Houseworks, but June tenth. Is this Saturday yeah? So I think they're trying to getit past by some before Saturday, because it would be kind of Shitty ifit passed on June twenty, and then you got to wait an entire literal fuckingyear to actually like just missed it. I literally just saw that my face book. Iwas likely kind of not shock me to should it should happen. Surprise ithasn't yeah. It is something to boys really thought about yeah. Well,because it, I think it's one of the it's one ofthose days to that. I feel like up until recently. A lot of people stilldidn't really know what it was e h v even me. I had heard that and honestlyI tribute a lot to- and this is weird but that show blackish. I never watchedblack as u. They did a whole episode just about like what June teenth wasand what it meant, and it's a great show real, really funny. But you know itdoes, does thoughtful stuff in a really good way like they talked about likethe whole and that wasn't George Floyd, but one of the other police shootings inthe black lives matter stuff and like they did a whole episode about that andthey didn T. Obviously, when trump God elected did a whole one about that andit's a cool show but yeah they didn't episode about Jude Teeth, which iswhere I learned mostly about it, because it's just that wasn't somethingthat when I was in school that was being taught about. I really I said Idon't know that much about it. It's been it's the from what I understandit's the day that names reached the southern states that slavery we hadended, yeah. It wasn't the day that slavery, this lary ended. It was theday that, like everyone found out about it, I guess because you news travel,slow back then, so she imagine like back then like finding out likesomebody had aids, but you found out like months after they died, and that was God. Weird fucking compares I'm not trying to compare this to, butit's not any weirder than two pasty white guys. Talking about theimportance of June teenie, fucking sleepless shite off to a great startout, but yeah. I know I think, that's I...

...think, that's cool. I still am kind oflike, like it's cool that this one got past,but like making lynching, a federal hate crime still hasn't passed, notpost my mind yeah. How is that not already a thing Jane Lynch Yeah? I get, I don't fuck. Idon't know. I really don't know how that's on a fatal,federal, federal, Veneral Federal Y. I don't understand how that cannot. Youwould think you would think like when, but like. What's the in betweenlynching and hanging, somebody lynching is it's when it's a mob. I believe.Okay, because I do I don't know they're in twenty two, but that's one thing Ican think of because I I've heard the term used. Maybe I think I think lynching is whenit's like, like by a mob as opposed to being hanged, which is like a I don't know somebody Google it. I don't want to feel like a they mean.It should be federal, hey crime. I mean it's absoly, ridiculous E S, a lot ofthings that should be a federal hate crime that are e's a lot of things thatare shouldn't be crimes that that are when you think about like marijuana, incarcerations and stuff.Like that stupid. It's yeah, yeah, okay, so that's that's! The most fucked upthing is now that like companies can sell weed and there are people in forselling weed yeah, I can go by CD at speedway. I mean C M D's a little bitdifferent yeah, but I mean look at the end of the day. Same fucking thing I mean, but to thefact that, like there is, doctors can prescribe, we companies can sell itstates, it's legal and there's still people like in in car incarceratebecause of selling. We D is for a long time for decades and it's realisticallythey should all be overturned. At that point, you would, you would think likeonce it becomes like federally legalized you I mean I know there's. I know there's like fancy legal leesfor why it couldn't be, but I know because, because Obama community awhole bunch of those yeah sentences before he left office, I think trumpdid to some wet he they did one for was it Kane's ant or something likethat or it was somebody that Kim and Kanye knew he went to the White Houseand pleaded played in on her knees now kidding. I'm not something like that, but it wassomebody that, like was part of the was like a member cones family, orsomething like that. So I mean so yeah he did technically.But the thing is I like: it becomes legal like like federally at it, the you can't.What's the argument yeah, what's your well, you sold it in the past. What'slegal now, yeah did he stab somebody when he stole it in the past two at thesame time, right like if he was selling weed and shot a guy, we can talk yea. But at that point, ifit's like- that's all they're in there for like what are they going to do,they're going to get out of prison and open a weed store and get get theirlives back on track and become a contributing member of society? Oh No,did you ever see the video where the sheriff's department rated a Cvan, theyrated a CD place and they're like they got like warrants and everything therating, and then the reporters like you realize Cem is not weed. It's legal and the COP was like we did what it was just so fun. Look athis paces like what? Oh, that's, fucking, funny, that's fucking, fucking.I can't remember how long ago that was, but I like he was like all proud andthe we we agree. We grabbed all these C B D M, sodas and candies and oils andthe more of this stuff on our straits. And do that's not wait, I'm sorry what computes in weed, but that's not theweird part, is about the THC part. But this is one of the part three lettershe is putting together. Lol Are the... rocket man and I in the ninetyand they're they're doing the check list before the shuttle launches rightyeah. It's like it see ht tt at vs, USA, tls a yet has a long time, since I seenthat movie, that's a good movie, the black widow trailer. Will Black Widowscoming out here. I haven't seen Loki episode, one's Good Yeah Harry episode,one's pretty good, it's trippy! It's it's funny as fuck bell as I o wils. IWant Wilson. I've never seen him do like serious stuff and he's got he'sgot a pretty serious scene in this. In this first episode and I was like JesusDude can at you can act an I am that there's some this some great, it's agreat EPIs, great first episode, Yeah. I watched that I heard of a referenceDB, Cooper yeah, and I heard why I like that's, actually fucking fun euneuswhat it's happening. I was like what are they now and when you, when itplays out you're, just like son of a bitch that only makes sense and everthe best way to make that make sense in that universe it does, and- and I meanlike it's funny because like they, they quote unquote like tieup some loose ends with end game kind of they weren't really loose ends, butit was just one of those lingering questions and they kind of just likethey fix it like that, like what guys I it's almost like, they tell him thepeople who are bitching about it like it's, not that important. We fixed it.Let's move on, there's there's like a little teas forDr Strange to, but it's really fucking subtle Kai may be the only one pickingup on it. I might be reading too much into it, but I min is only like five orsix episodes. I might Benci my bins watchin an venged yeah because it comes out tonight. I think asecond episode yeah it's Wednesdays. I was at one day and Wednesdays. I thinklass one! That's when the first one was. I don't know about episode to, but noneed to watch that fuck. I really done like I last week Ihaven't really watched a lot. I play a lot of video games yeah. I VEO Games a lot of only fans. A Lot Isee I just want. I got done Reatchin Community M. greatgreat great fucking show season five sucks, but everything else is reallygood, fuck ey chase, and then I watched thiso Disney plus the mighty duck series e. that's good! It's pretty fucking good!Actually I finished it today. It's only ten episodes long, it was good it was.It was cool weird they. I think it's crazy that they brought. That, I think,is where they're also the families from Dayton. What you didn't know that they are fromDayton who the sheens, oh, that family, yea yeah. Well, O. Why the Martin Chineis, I t N. I think they lived here for a while. Did they, like my ex wife'sfamily, was like friends with their family? Oh really! Yes, it was likereally kind of weird yeah, because the one of the theaters in the neon o thename like the Martin Machine, theater yeah- that that I knew I thought youmeant like the family like in the show or something I'm like. No, the shows inMinnesota data the sheen yeah they are, who the hell. I mean a lot of peoplefrom here Bruce Banner. Is it Oh yeah, vic the alas, from thing? No, I thatfucking weird, why you choose Dan Ohio when the movie Super Eight, theyreference Dayton, Ohio in the movie super eight yeah. Well, the boy seasonto they shit on Toledo. Did they really because I start see, I think, no seasonon its season, one when the deep gets sent off like its gets banished or whatever andhe's living in this shit whole little apartment? Se, I haven't seen gottenthat far. Yet we got that far yet I asked one show. I need to start back obecause I I can't o what episode I got to Este. Can't fucking. Remember justsee the Dolfin. That's the last episode that last episode, you see Dolphin Flyby him: okay, yeah, it's even better...

...yeah. I because, after that he getslike like banished away to. I want to sit either Sam, Dusky orToledo, but they just shit on Toledo the whole time this shit on Toledo andAkron, and one big little finger Ohio and I'm like yeah. We deserve this Ye. Now, that's one I need a I need. Ireally need o o catch up on that yeah. I don't know why I haven't like I justhave like there's been so many good shows that come out lately. There seethey just they just tease season three. What I e? What happen is I'm watchingShits Creek me, my wife just got just pret good, that's probably one of thebest written shows I ever saw my God. This show is amazing. I David is by farmy favorite character he's the Best David reminds you of if Robert DowneyJunior, like Robert down a junior yeah, no, I get it yeah like I was like ifrobe dont, because I don't know, I don't know if that, if I you not Eugene but what's David'sreal name, elohe the actor's name yeah, I can'tthink his name. It's Eugene, Levy's son Yeah, the yeah is actually well. Healso he's the one who he write. I show yeah. I can't remember I colde what hisname is now I can't I don't know if how he identifies sexually, which itdoesn't matter. Well, I think I think, because they say he's he's like PanSexual or an act. Well, because you know what Pan Sexual is it's not thatit's the one wore because he's in there the he doesn't care what a cause he's.Having that conversation about wine he's like some people like white wine,so people like red, I like all lines, so that's hy yeah. I don't know whatthat means. I don't care honestly, don't care it. That means, but like hischaracter in minds me of Robert, if Robert Downey junior was that DanielLevy, Daniel Ebbie, so fucking yeah, it's such a great fucking show reallyon season three and his like Holy Shit. Like he's yeah the show, because we started,we started running the Yes pan sexual. We started airing itsyndicated. I spin sexual in our life in real life. I don't know, I just knowthe character. Is You know a pan sexual means honestly? I you just means you just we got mo all on this right now. I've never like goes like care. It'shard, there's. So many of them it's hard for it's hard to keep track of PanSexual, not limited in sexual choice. With regard to so, basically, just whatever is whatever everything's onthe table. Yeah yeah, but I don't know if he is in reallife. That's actually a really good question. He just reminds me so much a rotterdown a junior. I I get it. He looks so much like his dad too. Oh God, it'spretty much like Eugene Levy that show God it so fucking funny it's yeah whenwe still when we got it when we got it syndicated on fo Fox indicates it oh. Idid not know that yeah, it's indicated, so you can watch reruns of it on MonFox like like at like eleven o'clock at night, because it's you know it's not adaytime show it's censored, obviously, for broadcast whutever. When we startwhen we got told we were going to start running it. I was like that show is toogood for US yeah. I usually when you get broadcast syndicated shows it'slike two broke girls yeah. You know so we're getting Shits Creek. Why? That's? We don't deserve that. Iso well written it's! Oh Yeah like now that I've walked cause. I didn't watchit when it was was on I binged in on net flo. That's what we're down rightnow, yea, because because last the last emmy's at one fucking, everything and Iwas like- is this- show really that fucking good and I went watching. I waslike yes. Yes, it is Holy Shit. I E. I don't know who my fat like, I feel likeDavid's my favorite character, but they're all just stay play so far forwhen I seen every characters played so well. What's IT Moira, I can't think ofher name, the Plazer, Oh Catherine Fuck. I love her. I can't think of her nameright. I now she's my favorite character. The MOM is my favoritecharacter. Dave is mine, be Hara Yeah Katina Har, the mom from hole aloneyeah. She plays that so well, and my favorite part is like people alwaysmake fun of like why they don't understand. Where accent is from...

Oh really yeah, I just cracked it up tojust. She just is just super dramatic like well. That's the thing in the showthey're like like they've well, I've noticed is like they've, always likereference. He of no idea where her accents from there's your accent from, but now itjust so the funny funny stuff about that. I don't know if we talk aboutthis, for so I think at the end of season, one or season to I can'tremember W e they're all dancing in the barn together. I think it's, I thinkit's the end of season, one they're all dancing the barm. It was, I thinksomebody surprise. I can't remember whose birthday it was, but they're alldance and the I was for Mora. It might have been there all read. I thoughtthat was going to be the last episode. Oh really, that's why everything waslike a they in looks so like realistic, because they always thought like thatwas a last scene, everybody as filling together, sure that's where they hadeverybody there, okay, because they thought I was done after that, and thenI got picked up for more seasons Gotcha. But then you can kind of you kind offeel in there to you're like man. This is a really good way to like yeah,because because it was the season one finale, I think it was. It was like aproper way to end a show because it like like they. Finally like realized, theywere a part of the town m and then you like, okay, cool and then likeapparently got renewed, went. It should have but yeah so you've never seen itbefore. No Man, you were, I said, season three, so fucking were we justfinished the episode where they got the portrait. They found that portion of them that'sthe episode. I love that show that show, because that set it sets the bar soearly on for like like this is what the kind of thing you can expect. Yeah likewhen looking at the sign for the town fucking early as Oh, it's not, thenwhen they put the picture, it's nice sister, it's a or it's not as sisters.I here it's not as it's not a wife, it's his sister that show makes youwant to be a better writer, oh o, R, O y. WHAT THE FUCK! That's! That's, howthat's how community was making me feel like, and you know that's Dan Harmon'sbaby. It's funny is like you can tell the season Dan Harmon wasn't a part ofthe show. Yeah he's he was gone for like one season and it's sucked thatshit and he comes back and it just is so much better and it's like wow, soyou guys really didn't know how to handle this show without him andobviously he goes on to do you know Rick and Morty, and then that's allgreat, but the writing on community is so, and Idon't think you could do it without the right cast either because you've gotyou know Joe McCall, Ken John. You Know Dona Glover before anybody knew thefuck he was you know. Jeb Chase is good while he'son there. You know, I know Javasan all that but yeah it's it's one of he things like. Iwant t a I m like I wish I could write something this fucking clever. It'sit's almost insulting. It's like I am so shitty compared to this show yeah.That makes you good that makes you feel like. I can't yeah is like what thefuck am I doing yeah it makes as especially as a comic like fuck. Likeyou see they like. I wish I was that good, a writer and then there's likeComedians, I'm like I'll, never reach that potential yeah ever yeah. I likethat. Just don't make you want to quit like there's Comedians that make mewant to quit comedy not because, like I hate them, because there's just so likethis is this is pinnacle yeah, I'm never going to be able to do this andit yeah. There's there's a couple of those and you're just like fuck. Let'sthis part, that's partially, why I stopped watching comedy specials andlistening to albums, because it was like. I listened to and watch this shitand I want to give up, see watching specialists and make me doit. When I see somebody alive, I'm like yeah, I'm like that was, I was the one on sow BradWilliams, I left there. I was like that was fucking. Funny I got nothing like. No, I have nothing is, is done as manyas many good sets as I've had they've, never been fat fucking. It makes youyeah. It makes you go fuck. What the Hell am I doing by why I well. Istarted watching I've avoided it for...

...years. I started watching new girltoday, pare, that's funny, I'm four episodesin that's a a a tion Al, rational and then that's the reason. I've of weddedI don't like Zoi de Chanel. She looks like her feet stink. I don't I don'tknow. I don't know why. There's there's a type there's a type of people, Manorwoman. You can look at me o that person's feet sting. I dude, I peoplewho wear moccasins, fucking feet, stink, well, yeah, because they're walkingaround in untreated animal high. Well, like I'm talking about those like here,what the slippers, the those brown slippers that have like the white stuffin it. I oh bugs not even hugs. No, no, no o you're talking about those things,those for sure everybody wears those feet stink because all they do is justretain is retain on your sweat and your body. And what yeah t to me. I zoedonelike our feet: Sick, I'm, four episodes in it's. I don't hate it yet like the factthat I usually give everything three episodes and then I'll jump, I'm onepisode. For so it's kept me so far, I'm hoping it's someone becomes likablebecause right now the four main characters are just really annoying andunlikable apparently be. Like Schmidt See. I hate him most of all yeah, but,like that's, that's what the apparently it's like a love. Oh hate, yea in termsof like how, because like they have a running gag where they have a Ducha jar yeah, whenever he doessomething, do she he's got to like go put a dollar in the jar or somethinglike that so like in terms of like how well he's written as a duch bag andportrays it ah no spot on? I still hate him, that's a AH! It's like I! I You! Iknew you in real life. I would kick you in the deck it and I feel bad for thoseactors. I s your character are so hated. I think you're such a nice person likefucking. What's his face that played and Game Otros the the guy player Jafeyeah, he will never. I don't, I think he said he'll, never quit acting yeah.He that was his second as he had done. It part in bad man begins yeah, andthen he did game of thrones and Joffrey was so hated. Understandably so, butpeople were giving him shit, and this is kids, twelve saint, no, his fault yeah, so he saidhe's he's done, acting which yeah totally get try. Who are other actorsthat bike are so did so wether job that people hate them in real life. Like other characters, I guess that's a good!Well, I don't know n who she is, but Janet Mc curdy. She was on that show Icarley on the Adan. She said she's not going to act again, because I mean thecharacter that she played was just kind of just really unpleasant, but she wasreally good at playing the character and I guess she just was only gettingtight cast into those kinds of roles. So she just S. I think she does. She, Ithink she's a podcast now but yeah she doesn't. She doesn't want to act anymore, but I mean like also you C N put RobertPattison then are just because of a fucking. Everybody hated twilight, Ohyeah. He just moved over to indies. Yeah Batman will be the first like bigbudget movie he's done, and I don't even know how long I'mtrying to think of other. Well, I mean people, I remember the so.The Harry Potter movies, the actors who played his aunt and uncle you know whogrant had been acting for it for decades. It wasn't like they were goinganywhere, but I mean like they were told constantly that, like people likekids, would be when they would go to like conventions, people would beafraid to come up and talk to them because they think it like. Oh they're,these mean nasty people, but it's like it's like they're, actually like verynice in real life, and but they had been acting for. You Know Twenty thirtyforty years at that point, so it didn't affect them a whole lot, apparently adude from an the original Crotian...

...movies and the and Cobey the old master,the Asian Guy, not the Asian guy. Oh the the kid that played the Aniele, notDaniel. Now that you watch co Berki, I haven't watched to overcome you, mother,fuck, her it's on you tube you tube on you wore flax. Did it move the net FlixYeah Fuck? That's why I never watched it. I never watched it because Ithought it was on the yout thing. Yeah that W S that's on Netlik, so good, awell the new fucking watch, Yeah God I cam. I thought you've watched it now,the guy and then remember the Crati kid ye. I was remember, crowd eight. So thehead of the head of the other do the had a cover head of Cobra, Kan that GuyYeah painly Nice Sky in the world- oh really yeah, because he still becausehe does cobeck okay same caracter place an character, apparently the nicest guyin the world, though I believe it yeah. I just he's so good at that KokebeMersin, Cober Kay. If I know it was on Netlik, I would have watched him. It'sthe whole reason didn't watch it that that's the reason why I did a freesubscrition to oute life or whatever it was like a second fuck that it caughtthe first two episodes and I was like all right and then like I didn't, likeobviously ended. So I didn't do that and then I want to net flex me and mywife vinished, like a when did it go to Netlik, oh, like two or two years agoto so. I can't remember me like two two years ago, had I been shit, I'm soexcited for season for and there's n Fuck I got to get caughtup a such oh, my God, what I got. I I've heard it's dope. I've heard it'sgreat when you back from vacation, I'm going to watch it. I think okay, so Ihave a theory of why they came out with this show. So remember there is that that video, with a guy made about howDaniel was actually the villain yeah, I'm pretty sure somebody saw that andwas like wait. A second, let's make let's make like JohnnyLawrence, like almost like the good guy. As Johnny the other is all but got a DA.Also in it is it Ralph, Macha Yeah, Oh no shit! Really Oh yeah shit s I mean. Obviously I can't think it.Why can I think of the agent actor's name he's such a famous Acuto? I can'tthink his name. Oh e Goo play Mer Medagasho, I'm literally blanking dohnablank now to shit, he's nine because he passed away he's pat more of Pat MoritaYeah Rati Yeah, but they have what's your face. The girls sitting,the girlfriend that was in it be she's a big name actor to she's inseason to two or three so bad. Here. Why can I think of it? I say it's thesame girl right yeah. She played in that one Mosshoe Liza sheas a she playing a vegas movie with Nicholas Cage, O leaving Wass VegasYeah that movie she's in it for like on season. Threelike she was like a big actor for like a really long time. Oh cool so you'relike the man. They got everybody to come back and likeapparently it was on. I want to say it was Ralph. Machias idea, but my mytheory, s always been. They saw that video and then they're like. I think wecan do this, I'm into it. Okay, yeah I've heard I've heard the shows so goodway. He gets so much back story that you're like okay. Okay, all right,that's awesome! Well now they know it's on net Flix, Jesus I'll yeah! Well, youbet from vacation an watch us so my favorite fight scenes ever recorded orthe dare devil fight scenes in the series.The one in non stop one e h: The single came: they yeah, they kind of did theyhave like he season has like one of those also yeah, and it's like kid andthen like kids in their teens, fighting, no shit yeah. It's not like adults arelike they's sixteen seventeen year olds fighting in these one take fight. Ohthat's, cool and you're like what the fuck, because they did that in creedthey had that single take and there...

...saying create a nursing creed. There'sat one point he's doing, there's a whole single take of him in a boxingmatch fin. Do I'm, like that's fucking, impressive, yeah that well, the thingis what one reason why my one, actually one of my favorite fighting seems everis an episode is the is: Dare Devil Season One in the Hallway, Oh yeah,because the end of it he is exhausted because he is exhausted in real o. Whathe just had to Wakan do because you're like G, because I mean that was likeand that's how like being a superhero, would be like if you're a man orwhoever you would be tired as fuck after that, yeah and Batan ever likeyou know, Batman who apparently isn't allowed to eat pussy. We N talk aboutthat in its fact. What the fuck we'll talk about that a second yeah you knowtrained with fucking INJA and shit over in Japan, their devil, the blind guy,who just taught himself out of fight yeah like Bos. Dad was a boxer yeah, no,but like by the end of that fight in that fight. Seen your like I'm, likethat's a fucking fight scene, because you'relike you, get to see it on he's just like. Well, you get to season to is the oneof the stairwell, which is also just fucking really like more though see,but then you get season three. I can't reseen the season. Three is in theprison when it's the prison riot and it's eleven minutes. Oh Yeah, yeah yeah,I free Oh yeah. I always and thing is. I always forget about that one, becauseI also think the fight in the Punisher, Oh yeah, and the punish, because I,like the punisher so much that I can always forget the dare devil one yeahbut they're the ones. It's A. I timed. It's eleven minutes long one take andit's a whole prison Ryan's like so you know if somebody fucks up, they got to set that shit all back upagain, that's going to take all fucking day if they did it on one take like Idid in the first Tay Yeah guys we got it shit all right, cool, it's that'sone star! I wis in Charley, Coxyeah tryatic Sake. Well, it has with himclimbing into a cab, just fucking done spent yeah that, as that is a great fit. Iforgot it like, I always think about their D, Not but punishers fight. Seenin the the prison yeah, I forget about their devil. So that's what makesthat's what made me hate iron fist. Even more is because iron fist had noneof that yeah. I des here's to me the Iron Fist, serious was them just trying to get watch, Macalester Tryin to try to dohim and Luke Cage, or he or the whole defenders the whole. The fenders I fist me reminded me of what thor wastheir first store. was that as just that last Paslov to do this just to getthis going well and the the other thing with with Iron Fist was you know theyhired the kid from game of thrones, who, I think was just really missas, andthen he, but, unlike where Charlie Cox like went into like fight Camp Yeah andlearned they this this guy, I forget his fucking name. He didn't do any ofthat, he's not fighting in any of those fights. It's all a stunned guy or it'sso quick shot, edited that you can'tactually see what the fuck's going on and it's like. So the street brawlerhas the most impressive fucking fight chorography at all. These shows and theprofessional God, like martial artist, has Jack Shit yea and also I thought the writing waspissot every time he introduced him. So Hi, I'm Danny ran the immortal ironfist. The you don't tell that to the guy making your late at star Botha is avery good point. Yeah H was it. Fuckin was going to go with that. Idon't know I just it did feel fillery yeah it did. It really did and thedefenders did they even do a season of they did. They did Anata and ad episodeseason of the defender Yeah, but they do a season of dare devil after thatseason. Three, the season three three...

...was after that, because I can see solong because at the end of the defenders, nobody knows what happenedto Matt Yeah in season three picks up with him. Waking up in the fucking nona ring, because I didn't really like to defenders that much either it was okay.It was just a one night type thing that was the one. It was one season. It wasover the course of like a week or something like it. A week yeah I needto WATCH SEASON TO JESSICA, Jan Seven. One never watch that I like the firstseason, it's okay! I E season to the cage, a cage I heard it sucked. SoI didn't Sir. I love season one up until they killed once his face: Ohyeah, when they, when they kill off Hersha Ali you're, like that is thedumbest fucking thing well, because also the biggest product. I love allthe sertion of iron fist. I love all those shows they all suffer from likebeing too long because they're all like thirteen episodes, I'm like, if youwould just make it ten because all of them when they get tolike episode eight, they start doing a lot of like filler and kind of draggingthe plot out a bit. And it's like all right. I because, like the one withwith with Luke cage, he spends like three episodes incapacitated and I wasI was like I don't you could skip all this shit. I don'tneed this shit, the only one I do love. I forgot. I can't remember if I've seenseason two or three, then it they do. The third one punisher punish Er. So Ididn't do a season to a season three, but season to is fucking great. I can'tremember it's been. I want to row it's not as good as season one season. Whata season one again season. One is like just him with withing his buddy he'sfighting his buddy and hanging out with the Tet guy and yeah. I I seen seasonto season sees good, it's not as good a season one to me it's hard, becausethat's why I also get fucked up on punishers, because penetrare also partof dare devil season yeah, so it's like which that season to a their devils, sofucking good. I think it's probably the bend. I love season three, but I stillthink season to is like the best fuck. I am still pissed beyond belief thatseason to didn't win an Emmy Yeah. I really should have, because I thought Ithought there were two moments I thought especially John Burth allshould have won emmy one was t s like episode, three or four, where he's got mat tied to the chimney and they'rejust like fucking just debating shit. I thought that was really good and also,after dare devil, rescues him and he just has a breakdown in the fuckingcemetery. And then, when he's talking to Karen and the dying her about hiswife, I'm like how is this due not getting nominated for a fucking emmyfor this, and then you remember, it's a comic book show and it'll never fuckinghappen. That's true, but apparently he used to have big anger issues to JohnBurnton yeah. I believe it yeah, which is weird because, like you watchinterviews with them now like after marvel, he seems like the the just thenicest Dorky dude ever apparently like a bunch of like anger issues like healmost got like he almost killed a dude. He kind of he strikes me as like FrankGrillo as like those are the only roles he ever seems to get offered. Yeah twoof them always seem to play the same fucking characters in e, which is nottheir fault. Obviously it's hat they're etting offered, but that's in that God,damn season to is fucking fantastic, so good, even just the courtroom shitthe little bit of also, let's take a moment to members the MED o by overthree seasons of Dare Devil Vinson de Nafra, was never nominated for an emi.It's also any fucking great fuck, a fucking criminal yeah. I feel like you can't be. There can neverbe another king, ten yeah it was so good, neverhappened you! I don't think it to be another there like Charlie, I meanwhat's his face, is supposed to be in the new spider ram movie. That's whatthey're saying he's on the fucking thing. So it's like! Maybe that's theway they finally Gan bring like. I think I think what it's going to be. Idon't think it's going to be Taradevi. I think Matt Murdock is going to be PeterParker's lawyer. Now, that's what that's what I keep on hearing? Ohreally, I take it you're not going to get Darda we're going to be yeahmurdock, but then murdock will be now. That's the end for them to bring like.We can finally bring the TV shows well because, because season three endedwith them wanted to start the law firm up again and also n game and game wasthe first one to really acknowledge any...

...of the TV shows because it had the guyplaying Jarvis. who was in agent Carter Yeah. That was the first time I waslike. Oh well, that's cool anything else. So mentioning an didn't. Theymentioned, like Luke Cage and on game or something I can't remember. There isa. There is a mention of something about Brooklyn, I think in a game. Ihave to go back and watch it again. It's been a minute, but I feel like an I could be way off.But yes, speaking of weird comic, Look Shit, yeah, bad man,pussy thing yeah, apparently so so, okay, so you have you watched theHarley Quinn cartoon. Yet now it's you talk about good fucking, comedic!Writing! It's one of the funniest fucking shows I've ever seen in mywhole life. It's total satire, like even the stuff, with Batman as funny asfuck. Okay, like he here's a scene where, like he's hanging out with Robinwho's, it's Damian Wayne Robin his son, he's like twelve years old, he's allpissed off. So he brings him a sandwich. I goes a go, a bag, you, your favoritesandwich and robins like no Alfred made that Sandwich and Bat Mans like well. Itold him to make it so it's like I made it, but I guess there was supposed to be ascene. They were going to do in season three, where, like Batman and cat, onewere going to hook up and Batman was going to be going down on cat woman andDese told them they weren't allowed to do that. He's like why, like what youthey're like well heroes, don't do that and he was like they were like thefucker you talk, you've got you've, got Harley Quinn on Pant and poison. IvyHooking up in this show like like I'm in there's a fussy way. What are youfucking kidding me right now, heroes, don't eat, put no D, J callid doesn'tan let's see, but I will say the best thing to come of. This has beentwitter's reaction because the twitter jokes about badminton pussy, have beenthe funniest shit. I see ever saw a live trending on twitter, but I did notknow what was going on. I said one of these things is like. Oh, why is thistraining? But I cook on something else. I forgot him yea, that's that's DC, told him they weren'tallowed to have bad man going down on cat woman, and I was like. Are Youfucking kidding me? You Act like Badman has a choice. Cat Woman has a whip.Trust me. He calls her Mam in the bedroom, his mother fuckers, it's cat, it's cat, mistress you but yeah. I Madame what Fuke,considering you got to like like three years ago. There was a comic where likeBadman gets, the shit kicked out of him and he goes back to the Batave andhere's. This whole series of panels of him, like you, know, tearing his armoroff in the back cave and there's like the vague shadow of his slong in thecomic I which, by the way dudes pack in, but it was like so that's, okay, yeah,but we can't hit him. You know eating some Pussy Pussy. Are you kidding mereally? They can't literally eat pussy yeah, it's so it's I tweeted out. Ithink what I tweeted was like. Like badman doesn't just eat pussy hegets justice for that PUSS justice. It's been the funniest shit itmade doesn't eat. Puzzy maybe has like the batter ring. Do it for it's got abad vibrator. So while we it's here's one, that's while we debate, if thatman does, we can all agree in IC and skywalker definitely did that's so she as a kid. It's been yeah, there's the whole here's one from acomic where I guess green era went down on black canaries, so they're like Ohgreen, arrows, the hero we deserve my lack canary, careful she's, a screamer. That meanssomething that's actually so somebody said so Batman was told hecan't eat, can't can't eat pussy. So here's a quote from under the Red Hoodwhere he says, but if I do that, if I allow myself to go down into that place,I'll never come back that fucking funit's, it's fucking weird, but theresults have been fantastic. How was I... on that eat? Pussy, that's likethat's what heroes do ye to quote thor in in Thor Ragna Rock? It's! Whatheroes do eat US heroes? Let's get that trending heroes, eat.Pussy, has tag heroes, eat, use yeah. They do all right. Folks, that'll! DoIt for this week's episode of the Basement Lounge. If you want to followUS Online, you can follow Mike Wells on twitter and Instar at Mike W T, F wells.You can follow me Mike Shay at r Mike Shay on twitter and Instar as well. Healso followed this show on twitter and Instar at t bl underscore pod, and wegot a brand new website under construction for you guys with somecool new stuff coming down the line as well so stay tuned for that. In themeantime, we'll catch you guys again and next week with another episodeuntil then, as always live well rock on take care and by bye t.

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